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I bought a brand new 2013 Nissan Sentra with 25 miles. I've had this car for 3 years with 71,000 miles and now the transmission is hard shifting, sometime no shifting, racing, hesitation when accelerating. Took it to Nissan dealership and now they are telling me the transmission needs replacing at my expense ($3,200.00). Nissan should totally be responsible for this repair. I've never heard of a 3 year old car needing a new transmission.

Well I bought my 2015 Nissan Sentra in Jan 2016 brand new and ever since I got it it has been giving me problems. First the transmission started acting weird like it would start idling at stop lights so West Covina Nissan where I purchased it at fixed it. Then it happened again. They didn't fix it, they said it was normal. I could keep going with the problems I've been having with my Sentra but it's too much to type. lol. I just don't recommend no one to buy a Nissan... seriously???

Purchased the 2015 Sentra in April of 2015. Right off the bat started having problems with RPMs and losing power on steep hill climbing. Once you start the climb and then slow down and accelerate again the RPMs start bouncing from 2 to 4 and the car loses power and it takes a while to get back up to speed again. I took it to the dealer and they said they couldn't replicate the problem sooo... just like everyone else I am getting nowhere with the dealership and am afraid I will be in the same boat as all the other reviews with a no care and no fix attitude. It now has 36000 miles on it and I do have an extended warranty to 100000 miles, but what is the point if they replace it with the same crappy transmission it originally had. I don't know!!!

I didn't like the high pressure sales pitch when I went in in the first place. No wonder - they knew they had to cause they were selling a crappy product and if I left w/o buying I might just go home and review it and never come back! I had a Corolla for 165000 miles and finally sold it cause of the transmission but it still started and ran like a trooper. I now wish I had spent the 2k to replace it and kept it. Never again will I sway from a Toyota. Don't know what is going to happen now with this new car??? Probably just sell it, take the loss and be done with cause it sure looks like neither Nissan or Consumer Affairs will do nothing about it!

It was purchased thru Metro Nissan in Montclair, CA. You can verify the purchase by using my name and calling the dealership. So sad because it is a nice car and rides nice. I think I will look into the Lemon Law. I hate getting ripped off! Hopefully something will come along and make Nissan accountable. Hopefully not a death!

I bought my 2012 Nissan Sentra in 2013 with 8,000 miles on it. Now 3 years later, February 2016, i have had my fuse block replaced at NIssan. And now I have been told that I have thrown a rod, engine blown, and that it was catastrophic failure. How can this be? I have had regular oil changes and my most recent one was only 3 weeks ago. I had no warning, no noise, no warning lights. Last Monday, I was driving on the highway 9 p.m. by myself when all of a sudden my car RPM shot up, my engine started losing power, then I heard a weird "puff, puff, puff" noise and I barely made it off the highway before the radiator started spewing, and then I felt a big thud in the front of my car. I was sitting along the highway, at night with semi-trucks and cars flying by. I only had my hazard lights. I was scared and angry, sitting by the highway hating Nissan for making such a piece of junk.

I see so many complaints about Nissan Sentra transmissions and engines. What the hell is going on and why hasn't NIssan done anything about all of these failures? We are all being put in danger. I now wish I would have never bought this car. NIssan made a bunch of crappy cars and will not own up to it. I will never buy NIssan ever again. Please Consumer Affairs, do something to make this right.

I got my Nissan Sentra sl 2013 with 9,000 miles on it. Kept it well maintained. At 25,000 my battery went out. I went to autozone to get it check they told me the battery that was on my car was not the original battery. At 30,000 miles I would hear a squeaking sound coming from my brakes. Took it to les schwab for a free brake check. The whole rear brake was falling apart. I got it replaced my brakes are good. At 50,000 miles my Sentra would not accelerate when I would step on the gas. My rpms were up to 7 going no more than 60 mph.My best friend has a nissan sentra sr 2013 so I thought to call her to see if she has had the same problem. She said yes. She recommended me not to drive your car and get a transmission flush. So I did.

For the first couple of days it ran smoothly. THEN AGAIN. When I stopped at a light or anywhere and I tried to accelerate it takes up to 20 seconds to catch speed and when it does it takes off a lil too fast. My check engine light keeps coming on and when I take it in to get it check nothing comes up. It's so sad and frustrating that I (23 year old) have to make payment on a car I thought would get me around or last me while and now I have to spend more money on it when I haven't even payed it off completely. Worst ** investment ever. Thanks nissan now me and my 1 year old don't have a form of transportation. I think we should all sue nissan for selling ** cars.

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We recently purchased a 2015 Nissan Sentra with 1900 miles. We had to return the vehicle three times for service. We had to replace the brakes after it has only been driven 2000 miles. The car was brought back by the previous owner which we do not have any knowledge of why, and the owner returned the vehicle at some point in time. The dealership does not care about how many hours we have spent and wasted of our time. They offer no compensation for the horrible purchasing experience we have had and the lemon they have sold us. Nissan is making a horrible product and needs to be held accountable for the defective cars they are selling to people.

My 2013 Nissan Sentra hit 62,000 miles and my transmission is failing and needs to be replaced. I have seen so many dissatisfied people with this same issue. Is there a recall started? How many of us have to suffer before it is recalled?

I have a 2013 Nissan Sentra SV that I bought with 17k miles. Right now it has 66k miles on it and now I got the famed p0846 and p0965 code on it, which means that it needs a new transmission. If anybody would ask me for advice on buying a vehicle, I would first point out nissan as a brand to avoid. My quote for replacing cvt is no less than $3000 at the moment. And I am out of warranty. I have ever been doing a lot of research and found out that there are many other people going through the same thing as me. Why hasn't nissan done a recall for complete cvt replacement. Not just some little duct tape patch job reprogramming of the cvt. Many who have gotten the reprogramming performed on their vehicles still needed the transmission replaced shortly after.

I bought my 2015 Sentra SV in late July 2016. It was used, with 32,000 miles. Two weeks after I got the car, the check engine light came on. I was also having a problem with the car acting as if it were going to die. Didn't matter if I was driving or stopped. It had no power whatsoever. I took it in, the dealer said that the engine light was on because a filter needed cleaning in the engine. And the resistance I was feeling while driving was due to the CVT. I thought he was wrong, but I am not a mechanic. Fast forward one month, which is now. The car literally almost died while I was driving. I can't even merge onto a road until there are NO cars in sight because the car takes what feels like 5 minutes to get to 30mph. I took it to dealer, they called me late afternoon and said I needed a new transmission. How does this happen to a car that is one year old! Unacceptable. DO NOT BUY A NISSAN.

I purchased a 2016 Nissan Sentra and less than 2 weeks the car is giving me problems. The first storm came and my window won't go down. Salesman told me to call service and make an appointment. Later the same day the car begin to stall when trying to accelerate on a highway and up steep hills. At this point I want a refund or a different car. For this to be a brand new car and under two weeks of having it but no. I was told no. I can trade but that would cost even more. I once again called the salesman only this time no answer. Left a message and a text message and got no response. So I decided to go to the dealership only to be passed around from person to person. I was told to bring the car in on that Monday. End result the window was fixed, no codes came on the computer and the air bag needed to be reset. Overall the worst customer service ever and still stuck with the car.

I purchased my 2013 Nissan Sentra brand new with only 8 miles on the odometer. I took my car in for a recall on a needed software update to the CVT Transmission in May of 2016 and it's now September 2016 and just got a quote to replace the entire transmission. I am highly disturbed that a 3yr old car would have problems but I am even more bothered that Nissan would allow this to continue to happen if it's a known issue. I am a diehard Nissan supporter and even now have faith that Nissan will step up to the plate and keep their brand 5 star. I think Nissan needs to go back to their R&D department and figure this CVT issue out and in the meantime take care of their owners. - Nissan Owner/Supporter on the edge

I am back on this for the 3rd time, I have had three new transmissions replaced on my 2013 Nissan Sentra within 10 months!!!! First 2 covered under warranty 3rd covered under extended warranty. Now problems again!! I have lost complete power while going 65 on the highway, trucks flying by me etc. I can't drive in traffic that is bumper to bumper, my car will jerk or stall. I bring it in and they say they can't replicate the problem then a week later it dies on the highway so I have to go through the ordeal of a tow each time. Maybe when someone dies they will acknowledge the problem!!!

I purchased my 2013 Sentra new. After my first month's service I told the service people that the transmission seemed to be louder than other vehicles that I've had. The service guy told me that all the Sentras have that sound and I took him for his word. The car drove fine until I reached 59,000 miles. I noticed the car would lose power even when I accelerated. That was scary because one time I was on the beltway during rush hour. Fortunately, there was a median that I pulled to. I put the car in park and waited a while and the car drove normally.

Once I got off of the beltway I noticed the car wasn't shifting normal. It appeared to be slipping when it shifted to 2nd gear. When I would approach a stop sign or stop light the transmission would slip at 2nd gear. If I accelerated up a steep hill the car would not go out of 2nd gear. When I decelerate down a hill the vehicle transmission would feel like it was not in the proper gear and sputter. I also smelled a metallic smell.

I reported the vehicle issues to the dealer and scheduled a service check. They told me the problem was my rear tail light. They said somehow condensation was coming into the light assembly which has a green circuit board like in an electronic device which was causing the malfunction. Of course the tail light was out of warranty and they said they could replace the tail light for $400+. I declined their service and went online to research it myself. I found out there were a lot of customers who have the same issue with the transmission and tail light that I have. However, Nissan will not address their tail light issue.

Being that the tail light was not under warranty, I went online and purchased a brand new tail light and installed it myself. Since then the vehicle hasn't lost any power while driving but the CVT transmission is still malfunctioning. It still slips while shifting to 2nd gear. It still shifts rough while decelerating down hills. It still gets stuck in 2nd gear when going up steep hills. I now have over 60,500 miles which takes it out of warranty. I have scheduled a service for the vehicle and hope that they can fix the issue.

Being that the transmission issues were brought to their attention at 59,000 miles I hope that they honor this as a continued issue. In my research they extended the transmission warranty to earlier models from 60,000 to 100,000 due to issues. Nissan Sentras are great on gas and spacious for their size. If they would just address the CVT transmission the vehicle would be great. I mean come on!!! The vehicle is only 3 years old!!! No one should be going through this!!! Hopefully they will take our complaints serious, purchasing a vehicle is a major investment and the customers feel violated right now. If a dealer tries to sell you a vehicle and uses the word "CVT Transmission" I recommend to leave the dealer immediately.

2013 Nissan Sentra - I've owned this car for 3 years & the transmission has gone out. I used to love Nissan's but this CVT transmission is junk. We need Consumer Affairs to speak up for us & get rid of these Nissan transmissions.

I purchased my new Nissan Sentra SR 2014 in Sept. of 2014. I now have 14000 miles at almost 2 years old. I have transmission problems already. I sat at dealership over 5 hours, took it in for airbag passenger light recall, oil change and tire rotation and noise infront. Nothing got done but was told it was transmission and I'd get a new one next week. It was safe to drive. They would give me a loaner car. I'm thinking out of all the cars I have had a new car with 14000 miles in 2 years shouldn't have transmission issues. Frustrated as I thought I was buying a reliable car. Am a senior citizen and thought I'd have this car till I couldn't drive anymore. I have one more year left on warranty 3 year extended warranty and lifetime powertrain. Should I trade it in on a Toyota???

I have had problems with the transmission after driving for an hour my car will lose power and not accelerate over 60 mph. I can have the pedal pushed to the floor and it still won't go. I've had my car checked and they say nothing is wrong and there are no recalls.This is extremely dangerous when driving on the highway and youre car just won't accelerate on you and you have 18 wheelers behind you. I'm very concerned about this for not only my safety but my children's also. Nissan will not do anything about this and now the better business bureau will be involved on this issue. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER NISSAN AND WILL MAKE SURE NONE OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS DO NOT EITHER!!!! It's sad that they are not concerned with their customers and the danger this can cause.

Well, I guess it's my turn. I bought my Nissan Sentra 2014 in 2015 with 7,000 miles give or take on it. At 20,000 the transmission blew!!! HUH! I took it to Nissan where they said they were giving me a "new" transmission. I pick the car up but still does not work properly. At this point, I do not feel safe in the car. Nissan Northeast also informed me that there was a recall on my seat belts R1608, so please be mindful of that recall because I did not even receive notification until I called Consumer Affairs about my transmission. I am very disappointed in Nissan. I will never buy another. I should have stayed with Toyota... Oh by the way I am still in a Loaner Car.

Brand new 2016 Sentra SV. As of today I have had the car for 6 days. When I test drove it Wed June 17 it had 12k. I got what I thought was amazing deal. 0% interest, 0 down, open ended loan. Great for a brand new car. Tuesday June 21 on my way home from work first stoplight I came to foot on the brake and car was shaking badly. I had it in eco mode so I popped that out. Took a few seconds to get through light but for the rest of the way home I would put it in eco mode when coming to a stop to see if it did it again. It didn't. Wed June 22 get in car to leave for gym. Car wouldn't start. Second attempt it started but shook badly. In park. (Now I had 647km on it as Sat night I drove it to London to try out the different modes. Sport, eco and regular. Tried the cruise control too. Seemed fine.)

I did not feel safe driving it so called roadside assist. They took to Cambridge dealership. I've only had the car in my possession 5 days. They take it in right away. First made me feel like I couldn't get a loaner but once results came back they put me in rental. They had to replace 2 valve timing control solenoids. WTF. I build cars for a living... Pretty sure this is not supposed to happen especially right now. Called and left a message of what has happened and how I'm unhappy with the situation. I haven't even made first payment yet. Still waiting to hear back from someone.

I bought a 2015 Nissan Sentra in October 2015 with only 7 miles. In Feb. my car ended up in the shop with "computer problems" after stalling and dying 3 different time styles at red lights. In the middle of very high traffic areas trying to take it to the dealer. In May my car died on the road and the torque converter was shot. Going down a mountain in weed California. Causing me to miss my first grandbaby's baby shower. With a big rig right behind me. I was stranded for 3 hours on the side of the road as they told me towing was not a part of my warranty. My husband finally went through our private insurance. They replaced my transmission. 2 weeks later we were back in the shop because a grommet fell from the AC onto the transmission. The day after I got it back I was going up a hill to go to the movies with a few friends and my car bogged down. She noticed how the AC slowed as well as the car.

We have not had the time to go back to the shop, because of our family trip that's been planned before we bought the car. We told Nissan each time the possible accidents and they said they don't deal with hypotheticals. We told them we were going on a cross country trip, Nissan did not care. Due to my "fuel efficient" car having so many issues we had to take my husband's gas guzzling truck. We have expressed all our concerns and Nissan corp. does not plan to do anything but continue to have me putting my car in the shop till the warranty runs out. It seems like my car has more test run mileage on it from the shop than I put on it. 11,000 miles today. I highly advise anyone to avoid Nissan if you expect anything more to be done.

I bought a Nissan Sentra, drove it for work, put 45000 miles on it and the struts and shocks are leaking. I've changed the synthetic oil every 3.000 miles, put high octane gas in it, pampered it and just drove it for a living. Haven't hit any bumps, pot holes or other potentially damaging obstructions. Now, per Brakes Plus, and I saw it for myself, my struts are leaking which can cause my tires to wear out quickly. If an automobile is of good quality, the mileage shouldn't make a difference. You can rack up the miles on a Honda and it keeps on running flawlessly... not so the Nissan. Now I'm feeling a wobbling in the front end upon acceleration and have had the tires rotated. I'm worried that the automobile that I paid so much for and still owe an arm and a leg for, will turn craps on me before paying it off.

Have 2013 Nissan Sentra that we bought new. Car has 29,000 miles on it as wife's trip to work is short. She heard some crunching sound in the transmission and the car started to die when put into gear. I actually took a car stethoscope and listened to the trans down by the back firewall and it sounded like gears grinding. I tried to look for trans dip stick, but manual basically says "owner no touch" and I couldn't find the dip stick anywhere. Took it to dealer. A few days later he calls and says -- "cars all set!" I said "Well... What did you do to fix it?" "Oh, we put a remanufactured transmission into it." You think they would call and ask your permission first? When I get ready to sell it, do I have to tell the person I sell it to that it has a remanufactured trans? Will they buy it? Is my resale shot now? Did I just lose $12,000 resale value? Sorry, but Nissan should give us a new car and let them sell this one with a remanufactured trans in it.

I got my 2013 Nissan Sentra in July 2015 with 100,000 mile extended warranty. It had 60,000 miles on it. After about 2-3 weeks of driving the car I noticed the RPM was running around 3-4 and sometimes hesitant. I took it to Nissan and they told me that it was a recall on the CVT and that should fix the problem. Well it didn't! The car got worse. I took it back to Nissan for them to tell me the transmission fluid needed to flushed and the warranty wouldn't cover the transmission because the fluids were dirty. Why am I responsible for dirty transmission fluid???

I was frustrated with the car because I haven't had it 90 days. So I contacted consumer affairs and ask them to buy the car back and they told me that per their investigation they were unable to repurchase the car. UGHHH. I got the fluids changed and filters changed and it seem to be better for a few weeks then the car began to be hesitant when taking off and RPM running on 3-5 @ 60 mph. Jerking and acting as if it may quit. I took it to Nissan and they told me that it was a brake light sensor switch that cost me over $200. 2 weeks later the RPM was on 5-8 when driving and bouncing between 4-5 when going down hill. I took it back to Nissan and they told me that my transmission control had to be reset which cost me $201.89.

I called to check on my car and I was told that my transmission needed to be replaced. UGH!!! I have been telling everyone since I got the car that the transmission was going out. I contacted consumer affairs again and tried to get them to rebuy back their crappy car so that I can get me a reliable car. But once again they tell me they are unable to rebuy my car. Nissan fixed the problem but here it is not even a week later and the car is still acting like it make quit and seems to not be getting power and jerking when changing gears.

I am very dissatisfied with Nissan not standing behind their word. I've always like Nissan but this incident has caused me to never want another Nissan ever!!! I know that the 2013 Nissan Sentra has had lots of transmission issues but they do not want to admit it. Nissan keeps selling these lemons to people and make us deal with the crap!!!! So FRUSTRATED!!! I have to take my car back this week to see what's going on now.

I bought a brand new 2010 Nissan Sentra from Brampton North Nissan for $33,200.00 including extended warranty up to 80,000KM or until April 2017. At 64000KM the car began to stall, check engine light and traction signal continually come on. The car won't start when it is cold, hard start, shudders when I am driving, sometimes smell of gasoline when it's started and a host of other problems. When this problem began in 2014, I took the car back to Brampton North Nissan where I bought it. They did a diagnostic test and told me that nothing was wrong with the car. Then when I went to pick it up from their parking lot the car did not start.

They did another diagnostic test and then told me that the problem was the timing chain and blamed me for not maintaining the car. Although it was still under warranty Brampton North Nissan failed to honor it and I still had to pay $118.00 diagnostic fee. I contacted Nissan Canada and they too refused to fix the car under the warranty. I took it to a private mechanic who diagnosed the car with faulty cam sensors. Brampton North Nissan did not detect this. I paid to have the cam sensors changed; these should have been covered under the warranty.

Within a few months, the same problem returned and I changed the cam sensors again. My car left me stranded several times on the road days and nights. The only real help I got from Nissan Canada was the roadside assistance they sent to tow my car to the nearest dealership. The problem continues since 2014 and every time the dealership assured me that the car was fixed the same problem returned within a couple of days. In December 2015 High Park Nissan replaced the timing chain, starter, fusible link battery terminal, battery, spark plugs, sensors and several other parts. High Park Nissan assured me that the problem was finally solved and that the car should not give any more problem.

I picked up the car on January 11, 2016 and by January 22nd the check engine light came back on again. Usually when this happens, the car begins to stall. I took it back to High Park Nissan and I was told it was fixed. By January 25th the check engine light came on again. I took it back on January 27th and was scheduled to bring it back for repairs again on January 28th.

On January 28, 2016 while warming up my car I smelled something burning like rubber/plastic. I had no idea that this smell was coming from my car as there were other cars warming up in the underground parking lot. As I proceeded to reverse my car, the burning smell became overwhelming. Suddenly I saw smoke coming from inside the car vents. My work colleagues who were with me panicked and quickly jump out of the car. When I tried to drive it back into the parking space it stalled and the engine died. We had to manually push the car back into a parking space because it was blocking the exit driveway.

Since then, I refused to drive the car because after this last incident, I strongly believe that my car is unsafe and a danger not only to my life but also to the lives of others. Nissan Canada has refused to take my complaint seriously and take responsibility for this defective car. Since my car was towed to High Park Nissan on January 28, 2016 by Nissan roadside assistance I did not pick it up because every time they told me that the car was fixed and assured me that the problem was resolved within a few days the problem returned.

One such occasion was In December 2015 after my car stalled and was towed to High Park Nissan. I paid them $1106.00 which they said was not covered under the extended warranty and when I went to pick it up from their parking lot the car did not start. While I was communicating with Nissan Canada about the car problem, High Park Nissan put my car in storage without my knowledge and is now demanding that I pay over $9,000.00 in storage fees. High Park Nissan has threatened me via a letter from a bailiff's office that they are going to sell my car on April 21, 2016 if I do not pay the storage cost.

This is very upsetting and I believe this treatment is unfair and unjust. To all those who are seeking to purchase cars... stay away from Nissan cars. They are loaded with problems. I did extensive research and have found many similar complaints from other Nissan car owners. I wish I had done my research before spending so much money on what I believe to be a defective car. I believe the problem will continue to exist for the life of the car. This is such an injustice from Nissan Canada, High Park Nissan and Brampton North Nissan. After paying $33,000 for a car that never gave me peace of mind, now High park Nissan wants me to pay $9,000.00 for storage fees for a car I still don't know even works. This is so wrong. What do you think?

I purchased my Sentra 16 brand new 2015, had 13 miles on it. I'm at 6000 and I already need a new transmission. Really Nissan?!

I purchased my Nissan Sentra new, 10 miles on it and I decided this time to buy all the toys in it. First I started getting vibration problem and low gas mileage. I had a recall to fix that problem but then started getting more vibrations in the car which loosen the hood latch and heat shield. Then my wife and I drove to Myrtle Beach from Massachusetts. After the first night in Myrtle Beach I went down to start up my car and the engine was making a loud noise and the engine rpm was over six which I could not stop. We took it to a local Nissan dealership who could not find anything on the computer.

I then had a problem with the airbag on the passenger seat. Would like continue to come often on. They told me my wife must be sitting in the wrong position. I continued to go back for the vibration problem for the past three years which is still not been fixed. Another problem. Once backing up I would have a squeaking sound in my brakes which they could not locate the problem. I think continued to go back to the dealership complaining about a problem with the transmission which they said there was nothing wrong with it. Once again I returned to the dealership with 59,900 miles on the vehicle, this time they discovered that I had a problem with the transmission and replace the transmission.

On April 9, 2016 I arrived at the dealership to tell them that my radio and GPS was not working properly. I could not change the volume the channels or use my GPS. I was told that it would cost over $1000 to fix the problem that it was something in the computer. With all these problems with this car I have not been able to do anything in regards to file it with the lemon law which I don't understand. Can somebody help me and guide me in the right direction?

I filed a complaint with Nissan because my Nissan Sentra's transmission went out on it. I've read reviews and this is very common. I believe it's unfair to sell cars that will break down on you with low mileage. I am going to surrender the car even if it ruins my credit. I've always bought from Toyota and those cars last me forever. Like I told Nissan, I have a 32-year-old car that has not given me a problem until a month ago and it only needs the radiator, other than that the car is fine. So I don't understand why a two-year-old car would break down so fast. I am very disappointed with Nissan. I am also contacting the news so they can give warning to consumers that are or might be victims of Nissan's crappy products.

Bought a 2013 Sentra SV from Metro Nissan of Redlands. From the beginning I noticed that the car shuttered on acceleration. This led to loss of acceleration at various times and car had NO POWER. Took into Redlands Nissan dealership. They claim the computer needed to be reset and was completed by them under warranty. Over the next few months the same problem would occur again at various times. Finally took it back to Redlands Nissan and wouldn't you know it, I'm out of warranty! So this time they tell me that I needed a new transmission (quoted on paperwork $3675.00 for a remanufactured transmission).

As the service guy hands me back my keys he gives me his card and a number on the back to Nissan North America to file a complaint. He also tells me to contact ConsumerAffairs! (Why would he lead me straight to this site where I find complaint after complaint about Nissan Sentra Transmission Problems?)

So regardless of their Senior Technicians finding that I need a new transmission because my belt is slipping, THEY KNOW THIS IS A PROBLEM! Yet their sales staff continues to sell Nissan Sentras at the front of their dealership with no concern for the customer or future problems they already know will occur! Now I am stuck with a car that has a BAD transmission and I still have car payments. The salesman received his commission, I'm sure. But their customer received a bad 2013 Nissan Sentra with a bad transmission from Metro Nissan of Redlands, Ca.

Purchase the 2013 Nissan Sentra last month February 2016 with 31,000 miles. It's the worst car I have ever owned, don't know where to start. The side panel on the floor came off when I was stepping out, the passenger side rubber is coming off. The air bag light comes on and off as it pleases, and now when I turn on the air conditioner or heat it vibrates like crazy. I will never buy a Nissan again, never had this problem with a car and I owned a Ford for 11 years.

Bought my 2013 Nissan Sentra SV in Sept. 2014. CVT transmission broken at 124,000 miles. What a rip off! Had Hondas at 300,000 miles with no train problem. Outside my warranty and they want $3800 for a remanufactured train. 12,000 mile warranty.

I got my 2014 Sentra May 2014. In December 2015, a year and a half later with only 15,000 miles on the car, I started to hear a clinking sound when turning the wheel. And with a road trip to Nashville coming up I knew I needed to take my car in. I took it to the dealership I bought it from and they come back to tell me the front suspension and strut bearings need replaced!!! WHAT?? The car has 15,000 miles on it how is this possible!!! Luckily this was under warranty.

When I went to pick my car up I talked to the sales manager about trading my car in because I didn't feel safe in it anymore. They basically told me there's nothing they can do for me. They would be happy to help me get into a new car... if I pay the remainder of my lease... Ummm no thanks buddy. I am now stuck with a car I do not feel safe in for another year and a half!!! I will NEVER EVER buy another Nissan. Not to mention my car is going back to the shop this week for a thumping noise I hear when I press the breaks! And a clinking noise in the rear end! So thank you Nissan for inconveniencing me with car issues when I relied on your company to keep me safe while going from point a to point b.

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