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Reviewed March 15, 2022

I’m terribly disappointed that a payment cannot be made by debit or credit card. An organization this large should have that availability for its customers. I feel it’s very prehistoric that the only option is checking or savings account.

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Reviewed July 29, 2021

Had an accident, Lexus sent settlement info to incorrect address; 100% their error. I discovered the issue because a flag came up on my credit reporting derogatory. When I contact Lexus, they will not even speak to me to resolve it. They sent it to collections...and that company is really pathetic. Now that they know it is a Lexus error, they will not work with me to resolve the error with Lexus - they just want to collect. So now I sit with a bad credit marker after paying every payment on time for several years...and I have a total number they state I owe, with no documentation to review. No one will help correct the error from Lexus Financial. And the same with their collection agency. I would advise not tying yourself into Lexus/Toyota Financial.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2021

This is my third year of the lease, and multiple issues. Let's start with yearly Personal Property... My county charges Lexus, who in turn charges me.. I can pay it at once or in monthly increments. EACH year they mismanage my funds, and do not pay the tax, but to my lease... When I correct them they try to charge me a late fee, and have even reported me to a credit bureau.

This year I mailed in my payment and they never received it, and I called at least 7 times. Finally when of the reps said do not pay over phone(and she would take off late fee.) She never called me back so I did and reached a person to pay over phone, and received a notification of payment. Trouble is he may have put in the wrong account info because I then got a text payment not received, with the late charge!!! I called my credit union and there was NO RECORD of any payment!!!! Either this person used some other account number or made a mistake.. NOT even a phone call from the. I will call later today when they open, since this company not open on weekends!!!! At end of lease I will buy the vehicle but use my Credit Union.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

I see that I am not the only person who was treated terribly by Lexus Financial Services. This is an astonishingly bad company that provides the worst customer service and support in financial services. DO NOT LEASE A LEXUS OR WORK WITH THIS COMPANY. They let a little $5 adjustment to my auto-pay lease payment accumulate and reported me to the credit bureaus without any notification. It's criminal how poorly they treat their customers. As you can see with all of the complaints they are a terrible company. Unethical borderline criminal.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2020

I returned my 2017 Lexus lease to the dealer and had prepaid for minor scratches to the car when I got the lease. To make a long story short this car was in the Lexus shop 9 times in 3 years because the tires were all losing air. Finally they found the problem to be the rims so they had been driving the car all the time during the 9 service visits. Then I get a 350$ over mileage charge which happened because the dealer drove the car so much. I spoke with Lexus Financial and they were of no help. All they said was, "It’s not our problem." I won’t argue over 350$ but they lost a customer. I just bought my 21 year old daughter a BMW so Lexus lost a customer due to their terrible service.

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Reviewed July 1, 2020

I have purchased several vehicles from Lexus and Lexus Financial held the note. In 10 years, I have never missed a payment and never been late. I am self employed and when COVID-19 hit, my business suffered badly causing me to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in order to save my company. I did not include Lexus in my plan and was continuing to pay them as I always had. Then Lexus would no longer accept my payments, and I spent 2 months trying to contact them. Lexus then sent me a notice that they would take my car (2010 Lexus RS450H) for a $5000 credit but I would have to pay off the difference. I asked about the virus situation and offered to pay it off for the KBB value of $7000.00 and they refused to work with me. Now they are not accepting my payments at all, and my last payment they accepted was February 2020, and no one can take any payments from me.

This is the most crooked and greedy company I have ever dealt with and they hide behind the fact that no one can make any decisions on anything. It is worse than passing a bill in Congress. Whatever you do, do not finance with them. Get an outside finance company or bank because Lexus people are crooks. They lie and pass you around like trash.

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Reviewed June 18, 2020

Due to Covid-19 I was granted a deferral for 2 months. Lexus is charging their customers $78. 26 per month. As a customer, I feel Lexus is taking advantage of their customers through this difficult time. I live in Maryland and the State is not fully open and my small business depends on providing services to the community but if our clients are all teleworking this prevents us from providing such service which decreases our revenue. Instead of Lexus trying to bleed their customers they should be more understanding and waive such fees especially since they only charge $25.72 for late payments. Why would I pay $156.52 to defer a payment when I can just pay late for $51.44.

We are all trying to manage our mental, finances, and safety through this pandemic and the last thing we need is companies taking advantage of consumers/customers. Lexus Do Better!!! I will no longer be your customer after my lease comes to term. Mercedes and BMW are looking a whole lot better to me right about now!!!

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Reviewed June 12, 2020

I'm very disappointed on how Lexus is handling the recall on my RX 2019. The Corporate Satisfaction Office is not trying to Financially help with a rebate... Currently they providing a $35 a day rental car to replace my RX 2019 until Lexus figure out the problem and find the resolutions. I brought a Lexus because of the quality.. Currently I have to settle to drive a Camy which has no navigation or cd player while paying for a Lexus car (750.00 Monthly; I have been calling the corporate office asking for some kind of restitution for the distress. I call several time and they told me "While we are giving you a car to drive" You cant compare Apples with Oranges. Help me with that car note that I have been paying but not driving. Its been over a months... To the finance department, please issue me a check for my carnote for my 2019 Lexus RX350 that I have not driven in over a month and now they are telling me the end of June... Not Fair...

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Reviewed June 11, 2020

I called to go over an extremely big problem with my account. Called waited on hold for 20 mins! System just disconnected. Called again. Waited 25 mins. Spoke to a representative, when she couldnt get me any results I asked for a manager. Waited 20 mins, representative came back on the line and gave me a number to scion to call for help with my issue. Called the number. Waited 20 more mins to be told they have nothing to do with my issue. Called back original customer care number. OFFICE is closed!! Do better Lexus!!!

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Reviewed May 30, 2020

Doesn’t matter to LFS how many cars you’ve leased or if you’ve paid on time every month. If you don’t double pay property taxes which they charge when you re-lease another car at the end of the prior lease. THEY DO THIS TO EVERY CUSTOMER WHETHER YOU NOTICE IT OR NOT. I’ve paid my property tax every year. But when I leased another car at the end of my present lease, they want me to pay the full property tax on the one I turned in and the full property tax on the new car I leased. So they want over $430 for property taxes!!! Their side of this ** is that Texas doesn’t pro-rate. I don’t care about Texas. I didn’t lease the car from Texas. That extra property tax is LFS cost of doing business. Why do they think that a customer should pay 2 property taxes to lease another car from them?

The only way to avoid their double taxation is to lease every car on January 1 of every year but they aren’t open on January 1 of ANY year! Plus they always send out renewal lease discounts at least 3 months prior to the end of your current lease. So they end up charging you 24 months of property taxes although you only had 1 car in your possession for the entire 12 months. You may not know you paid 2 property taxes in the year you leased another car from them because they've added it to your current lease and it may not show up under the new lease for sometimes 2 years after you’ve turned in the prior leased car. Beware these thieves (LFS) are ripping you off.

Currently they have reported me to TRANSWORLD FOR the 2015 Lexus PROPERTY TAX WHEN I LEASED MY CURRENT 2017 Lexus in 2017. Although I did pay my property tax on the 2017 Lexus for that years property tax. I PAID $229.34. I only had the 2017 Lexus for 4 months but paid property tax on it for 12 months. See they want 12 months of property tax on the 2015 Lexus I turned in after having it for 8 months. They want an additional $217 for the 2015 Lexus I turned in.

This is on top of the $445 LFS/TFS service fee the salesman added to my 2015 lease and nobody from Park Place Lexus to LFS/TFS can explain what the service fee is for. The sales person assistant told me they use to build in this double taxation in prior leases. I'm going to arbitration to find out if these thieves can legally screw their customers like they have been doing for years. Until then LFS has Transworld calling me everyday.

I’ll never do business again at Park Place Lexus or LFS again!! Both organizations are totally stupid to run off a customer over $217 but there you have it. After 5 cars and no late payments I’d say they’ve ** in their mess kit. Lexus financial is one hateful company. Get this- I have been dealing with the CEO’s executive’s office the entire time. The CEO is having Transworld to call me everyday!!!!

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Reviewed May 26, 2020

I recently sent a request to Lexus Financial for a negative credit rating to be removed from my credit report. My family have been loyal Lexus customers for the past 8 years with either a lease or purchase and have never missed a payment. During the initial COVID-19 situation in mid March I missed a payment but discovered it shortly after. I then paid the current month and next month online however I came to find out that there was a malfunction with payment online system and the payment never went through. I immediately sent the required payment and called customer service who waived the late fee. However Lexus Financial declined my written request not once but 3 times. They just lost a loyal family.

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Reviewed May 2, 2020

I've had my Lexus IS350 F-Sport for 2 out of the 3 years, my second Lexus lease by the way. And I wanted something new, I was interested in the Tesla Model 3 but they do not accept trade ins. So I needed to get out of my lease. I listed my car on and have had about 6 interested buyers, every single time I called LFS and requested an Application I got a different answer, first they would email it to me, then I got a email saying they would mail it to me, month later I call back, they said they would get back to me. I emailed support 2-3 more times and they just told me to call the dealer, called local dealer 3 times, nobody there had ever heard of a "Lease Transfer"... Yea right. They tell me to call LFS back. I've requested it at least a half a dozen times now by both Phone and email and they REFUSE to issue me an application to get out of my lease. I'll never buy a Lexus again. Garbage company.

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Reviewed April 27, 2020

I have had numerous issues with the app and with my account payment, that were of no fault of my own. When I call to get help with these things, I am told they will create a ticket to have the problem solved, and then nothing. I have not been able to resolve a single issue through Lexus Financial. I love my car, but will never buy another Lexus because the customer service is basically nonexistent.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

Lexus makes great cars. Unfortunately their LFS financial "services" is horrible. I recently decided to buy out my lease for an LX-570. I don't live near a dealer so I was told I could do this my calling LFS. There is no option on the LFS phone tree for someone who just wants to buy out a lease. You are told your information will be sent to a dealer who will help. So you just work your way through the phone tree to "other".

I was told to mail in a cashier's check along with a form they would send via email. I mailed in the check and two weeks later I received a title that was not signed and notarized by the Seller - as required in plain English on the title. A useless title. So I called LFS and they told me to send a form in for them to sign and notarize and I could then give the form to my county clerk. They gave me a fax number to send the form - which I then faxed to them.

Two weeks later I had not received the form back so I called. The person on the phone said they did receive the form but "did not know what to do with it". The person then said I should have sent the title back so they could sign and notarize it. The person said I could FedEx it to them and they would sign and notarize it and FedEx it back.

So I sent the title back via FedEx and waited a week with no title returned. I called to see what was going on. The person this time said they did receive my title but it takes them up to 10 business days to process. I told this person that I was told to FedEx to them and they would Fedex it back. The person seemed insulted that I said this and repeated it would take up to 10 business day. So I waited another three weeks and finally my title came in the US Mail, not FedEx. Don't lease a car through Lexus.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2020

Our lease term was up on October 10, 2019 on our NX200T. In mid-September my husband called LFS to confirm all payments were current and to get instructions on how to turn in the vehicle. The LFS representative confirmed our contract was fully paid. He said our contract was up on October 10th and we had until October 20th, 2019 to turn the car in and to simply contact a local dealer for instructions. My husband called the local dealer twice to confirm and to find out how to check in the car. The dealer told us the same info (that we had until the 20th to bring the car in) and that the person who handles lease turn ins was available M – F, 9 am - 5 pm. When it came time to turn in the car we noticed that the 20th fell on a Sunday (we were out of town thru that Friday), a day that no one would be at the dealer to check in our car, so we brought the car in on Monday morning the 21st, the next logical business day.

LFS is now attempting to collect an entire extra month's lease payment because we brought the car in on Monday the 21st instead of Sunday the 20th (despite the fact that there was no one at the dealer on Sunday the 20th). We have attempted to get someone reasonable to discuss the situation, we have offered a compromise, to pay a prorated 1 day or 10 days and every rep we have spoken to simply says they are not authorized to do anything except collect the full extra lease payment. They call every single week with no one ever seeming to know the previous conversations we have had and, despite numerous phone calls, emails and actual letters via USPS, we have been waiting for almost 2 months for anyone in a higher level position to call or email to discuss a resolution.

We have owned 4 different Lexus cars over the years including this NX200T and believe our request is more than reasonable in light of the above circumstances. LFS representatives have been rude, condescending ("read your contract" one told us) and unhelpful. Supervisors are no different than the the people they supervise. For a supposed luxury brand this is the worst customer experience I have ever had in my lifetime for any product! If I could give them -5 stars I would. Final note, we just received a semi-form letter response with a stamped signature today, January 16, 2020, to a formal letter we wrote to the President of LFS on November 29, 2019. The letter is from customer service person (they couldn't even pretend it was from the president or have a simulated real signature) stating that they would not prorate any payment and that the full extra $408 is due and payable.

Not that I think Lexus cares but I have already, in 2 months influenced and steered 4 car purchases away from Lexus due to this experience -- we just bought an Audi and a Lincoln, my mother in-law was going to look at Lexus and instead went with Volvo and my sister's Lexus lease is up this month and she said she won't lease another one based on how we have been treated in this situation.

Ana **

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2020

I had a previous Lexus lease through LFS in which I was paying off the balance on my mileage overage. I set up an automatic monthly payment to pay this off. In November of 2019, I called LFS to see how much was remaining on my balance, so I could pay of the remaining amount. I learned through this call that my account had been satisfied, paid in full and closed as of September. Not only was I never notified that it was paid off, but LFS continued to collect 4 payments worth of over payments from me (I was paying $75 twice monthly).

After months of trying to get my money refunded to me - having to submit evidence via back statements, copies of checks and notarized documents, and waiting for all this to be reviewed by several different departments - I called yesterday to find out through the customer service rep I spoke too that the money I was due in a refund was applied to my current lease with LFS back in September and October. Not a single person I spoke to over the last 3 months was able to tell me that. LFS wasted my time and effort asking me for evidence for a refund I was never going to receive because it was already applied to my current lease. Meanwhile, with them applying this money to my current lease, I was now overpaying there. I will never, ever - ever - lease with LFS again.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2019

I leased a vehicle from Lindsay Lexus through Lexus Financial Services back in 2015. After three and half years of use, I decided to return the vehicle as I wanted an upgrade. Before making the arrangement when to give in the vehicle, I called Lexus Financial to understand my liabilities. They confirmed I'd have to return the vehicle anytime before the next payment cycle which happened to be the 5th of the month. So, having gotten the confirmation from them, I made arrangements to return the car on April 4th, 2019. By that time, I'd already paid my March payment which would have made it okay for me to drive the car until the 5th of April.

But the incompetent Lexus Financial Services folks sent me a closing invoice for wear and tear and excess mileage which I was expecting but also $523 for the month of April. I immediately got ahold of someone at LFS and explained I shouldn't pay for the month I have not used the car. The representative I spoke to understood and said that they would send me a new bill. I never got a bill from LFS and today (November) I got a letter from a collection agency for the exact amount they billed me in April. First, I find it aggravating that they sent my account to collections without attempting—even once—with a corrected invoice themselves. Secondly, Why wasn't the bill corrected? Thirdly, the radius collection agency they use probably have high school dropouts who don't even understand simple dispute that I don't owe the lease portion of the bill.

I had no option but to call back LFS who, apparently, blamed me for not following up on the bill. With countless bills flying everywhere, I don't see how I'm supposed to call every vendor to remind them to send me a bill (had that been the expectation). The people who get to office to work and make sure their company collects money by following up and making corrections where need be are unfortunately expecting the customer to follow up. Unbelievable! Why not get rid of all the employees and have the customers do everything then? Incompetent is an understatement!

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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2019

Started a lease transfer on 10/19 after brother in law passed away... It's now 11/15 and not even through the credit process yet! They made a mistake which cost us valuable time, sending unnecessary information back & forth through snail mail (I paid to have it expedited) and everything seems to move in 3-5-7 business day increments, so time keeps ticking while they take their sweet time and my sister pays for a car and insurance that she isn’t using and simply can’t afford. Shameful!

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2019

I recently turned my Lexus ES350 in early due to going over my lease miles and not wanting to continue accumulating excess miles. I turned it in August 2019 and it wasn't due until May 2020. The other car company that I went with paid the remaining 9 month lease payments. On the day that I turned it in everything was fine. But then I start getting phone calls stating that I owe $2500 for wear and tear, broken windshield and taxes.

Now I know I had to cover the excess miles but these other charges and taxes were never disclosed or discussed. Also, it's very interesting that I still haven't received anything in the mail on paper about these charges and I have asked several times. I called today to make the final payment and I asked if they would mail me a receipt and I was told by the young lady on the phone, that the payment has to be on file for 30 days. She never stated that after the 30 days if they were going to send a receipt out or not. Lexus has truly lost a valuable customer.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2019

LFS is a shell of the reputation for customer service the brand portrays in their marketing and dealerships. I’m on my fourth lease through Lexus Financial. After turning in my 3rd vehicle, I bought a new home and had a change of address as a result. Several months after turning in my 3rd Lexus to the dealership, I got a call from a # claiming LFS had sold my delinquent debt to them for unpaid lease-end mileage charges. This debt collector was incredibly aggressive & rude like I’d committed some sort of crime. I thought it was a prank call, as no one from LFS ever called me directly or emailed regarding lease-end charges. When I called LFS to ask about the call, they told me they have “no visibility” but the call is legitimate.

Apparently, LFS has send a statement for lease-end fees to my old address. I was still a customer of theirs making payments on my new lease. I never got the statement and never once received an email or voicemail message letting me know I had unpaid charges. It had to get to the point of being sent as a bad debt to a 3rd party before I even found out. LFS acted like they couldn’t have cared less. With technology today, LFS needs to take ownership of trying to reach folks via email and leave voice messages when they have a bill versus relying on paper mail. The entire experience made me feel nickled & dimed with zero value as a repeat customer. This is NOT #customerobsession. Sad because the product is good, but you have to treat people right & make things right for your loyal customers and LFA has proven they will not do that.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

At the expiration of my 3-yr lease for a Lexus is-300, I returned the car with 8,500 miles. I returned it at the dealers's location, as I was advised, thinking that a visual inspection would be performed in my presence. the individual who took over the car told me "your car is like brand new, etc., etc.".. And I thought that was the end of it. He also told me I will get a bill later for $374.50 -the fee for not renewing the lease (also a rip-off, but I was told about it at the beginning). After 3- 4 weeks, I received an invoice for $816 - 374.50 penalty for not renewing the lease and $442 for "excess wear."

1) How can a car with 8500 miles on it have excess wear?

2 ) When I called the finance co.- leasing services - they were adamant in their position that the car had several bumps and a scratch on the front bumper. They inspect the car after you leave it - not in your presence; therefore, there is no arguing. Mind you - I was told at the beginning of the lease that for normal wear there would be no charges.

3) Their profit on the resale of a lexus with 8500 miles is enormous. It was just logical to compensate whatever work they had to do to bring it in tip-top condition from the substantial gain they make on the sale. Instead, their greed and daring make them pass the cost of the work for putting the car back on the market on the consumer.

I am in the process of discussing the matter with an attorney. I advise all those being ripped-off like me to seek legal advice. It's not the amount only, it's the dishonesty of it all. Unparalleled charlatans!

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

Having leased a total of four Lexus vehicles over 12 years in our household, I was told that each subsequent lease would have the same terms. This was not true for the Lease Disposition Fee, which increased each time. So beware on your subsequent lease contracts. Also Lexus Financial Services keeps giving different answers as to how they can "courtesy" waive the Lease Disposition fee. They will not provide anything in writing but their guideline is someone in your household leasing another Lexus within 30 days (but after this experience, I won't be doing that again). The second having 3 (or 4 depending on which representative you speak to) Lexus or Toyota leases yourself (or within your household again depending on which representative you speak to).

The representatives are varying levels of helpful (from not at all to possibly competent but just want to transfer you to somebody else) and spent most of their time blaming the dealer or saying I was wrong. Even after providing the information requested, they denied the waiver with no additional information and seem affronted when you ask for additional information, so you can provide them the information required. Terrible experiences with Lexus Financial Services.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2019

At the end of my first lease on an RX350 I leased another RX350. Shortly after taking delivery of the new 350 I received an end of lease claim on the first for $720, $600 for "bad vehicle repair for a minor accident and the balance for a scratch on a seat. The seat scratch was fair but the $600 was a "let's see what we can screw this customer for". I called to dispute the $600 saying it was fixed through an insurance company and suddenly it was dropped.

Then we got to the end of the second lease and I decided not to release until I see what happens with the end of lease assessment and it was "here we go again". Claiming a damaged tire and $200 + for a new tire. When I took it to a tire dealership they were shocked with the claim. Glad I didn't release, went back to Honda. I have lease from BMW, Acura, Honda and Mini and every time I have turned in the vehicle with no issue; not Lexus! I wrote to Lexus at the end of both leases and guess what? NO REPLY. Let the buyer beware!

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

I was in a partnership business with my brother in law. Unfortunately he passed away in April. In June I was notified that my credit rating went all the way down. We had 30 days to pay the bill, while attending services and everything else that followed we forgot to pay for one month on my Lexus bill. I was basically just told to bad on you by a Lexus financial supervisor. We had been Lexus customers for years and never missed a payment. I am a older senior citizen who never had one mark against me in over 70 years. They are disgusting and I will never lease another Lexus.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2019

Customer services is very bad!!!! Tel number 800-874-7050 not answer during 67 min!!?? Today is 9/5/2019. I am customer from 2003 start GX470 and LX470 2013 and 2016..!! Rep. from cost. services talk to you like you're nothing!!!! Pay monthly 1211.32 for 39 months and no respect!!! My decision; this is the last month of payment and I'm close lease - never -again -Lexus!!!! Head office, say thanks to Lexus Financial Services!!!! My PH. is **, name Mark, acc. number: **. If you have any questions I am ready to answer.

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Reviewed July 22, 2019

Let’s see, I’ve bought many different brands of vehicles from VW, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and recently Lexus. From the moment you are contacted on the internet and then most impressively when you walk into their showroom, they treat you like you are the only one there. Their service departments are second to none. I would highly recommend Lexus and their finance as they are very competitive and fair. Thank you, John

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Reviewed July 17, 2019

I have dealt with LFS before on another vehicle and now for the second vehicle. Service is always quick and staff personnel easy to work with. Not hard to obtain and never really had any problems with their service.

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Reviewed July 11, 2019

Was push by salesman for a car that doesn’t meet my needs, try to return the car to get a SUV instead. Was told needed to wait for the lease to be up. Scott was aware I needed to fit two baby seats for my grandchildren, but when they came they didn’t fit that type a car. Me and my daughter were both sitting too close to the dash and made it a very dangerous situation.

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Reviewed June 25, 2019

A repeat customer who bought a 2008 GX 470 and leased a 2016 GX 460 ripped off with a bogus $350 disposition fee by Lexus Financial Services. I contacted them asked to waive the fee since I am a repeat customer and I was not told about this disposition fee. They refused.

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Reviewed May 21, 2019

I would like to express how upset I am with services provided by billing department. When I leased the Lexus, I tried to set up automatic payments and mailed all required information to Lexus Financial Services. After waiting for a few months and making calls, I was finally informed that they did not receive all papers. I was not able to pay with my credit card and I don’t receive statements every month. I called and asked to remove late charges, and was told that they could not do it because it was done before already. So, you have only responsibilities and no rights. It is shame for such company like Lexus to have so BAD services which work against customers. You need to think if you want to be with Lexus or just lease or buy different car.

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