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Whether you are moving permanently or find yourself in an unexpected extended stay situation, King of the Road Transport can help get you mobile again.

King of the Road Transport provides automotive shipping services door-to-door all across the country. Not only do we ship just cars, we can also arrange for shipment of your prized motorcycle or beloved boat. No move is too large or too small. Contact us today to get your next auto transport moving quote.

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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

We were getting re-assigned for work across the country so we needed to ship one of the vehicles. King of the Road Transport was personally recommended by a friend, and we used them last June. The quote was reasonable and competitive. Also, their customer service was outstanding. When we had an incident and the timing was not going to work out, they're very good about finding me a replacement as well as working with my timeline. I had a really good experience and I have since recommended them to a couple of people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

I'm in active duty in the Army and we needed to get my wife's vehicle over here to New York from California. There were a lot of other companies that were real difficult but with King of the Road Transport, it seemed like there would be a lot less of pulling teeth. They weren't as pushy either. I was planning to move the vehicle in two months and every time I would ask for a quote, I'd get calls everyday for a couple of weeks straight to ask me when I would be ready to do it.

King of the Road had a better price too and the reps were friendly and knowledgeable. When I asked them if they could get me exact time and date when the vehicle would be in, other companies were like, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe it'll be here this day. Maybe it will be there that day." King of the Roads rule. I also talked to the driver right when he left, the day before he got here and on the day he got here, and the vehicle got here real quick. They were also very helpful and I'll use them again when I move in a couple of years. I would also tell others to definitely use them as well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

I dealt with other companies but King of the Road is the best. The quote given was practical enough and they never jump high on the price. Also, their customer reps were helpful and friendly. They're perfect.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

I've used a lot of car transport services over the years and what got me with King of the Road was the customer service. The rep was really helpful and she made me feel comfortable in answering my questions. The quote was also good compared to others that I received and I booked right then and there with her. I was doing a job transfer and working with a tight deadline to make sure things happen when I needed them to and they were able to fulfill that. The service was exceptional and what they quoted was the amount that I paid in the end.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

I was moving for a relocation. I did an internet search and all of King of the Road Transport's Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews were favorable. I got a free quote from their website and it worked very well. We had some time delays but they kept it on file until I was ready. In the end, they also made very few modifications on the original quote. I got in touch with the carrier to get the timing and delivery nailed down, as well as to coordinate a few day changes, and our interactions were all favorable, too. King of the Road Transport was very well organized, very good and very dependable. Things worked like they said it would.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

We used the broker King of the Road Auto Transport to move our sedan from northern California to Long Island, New York in October 2017. King of the Road advertises "no upfront payment" and "premium protection plan (AFta)," which are two of the main reasons I chose them from the nearly 50 responses I had. I really liked that I did not pay their commission until the car was actually picked up and on a carrier. The agent did ask for my credit card info right away, but I refused to give it to her, saying I would do that once the car was picked up and she did not ask for it again until the right time. Their fee is $150. The balance gets paid to the driver in cash, M.O. or cashier's check upon delivery. My car was sent to a central station in New Jersey and then switched to a smaller carrier to come out to Long Island. I don't know if that's the only time the car switched trucks.

I really did not like that I was told that there would be a $75 cancellation fee if I changed my mind. They neglect to mention that on their website but they inform you of that when it's time for the contract. I did like that they accommodated my son's work schedule when it came time to pick up the car. I really liked that they seemed to try hard to meet my budget and they did find a carrier very quickly for me (Starway Logistic LLC). Their communication was pretty good. I never had to call them at all, and they called me periodically with progress updates. Yes, they have that AFta insurance available but it's not included. We would have had to pay $78 extra for it, which it did not say on the website. We chose to decline it because of the added cost. That meant that we would have to fully inspect the car before the truck driver pulls away or else we would have no recourse.

So I arranged for the car to be dropped off at my mechanic's shop instead of my home so that they could look under the car and check for any damage that wouldn't be obvious to me (a previous car transport several years ago with another company caused damage to the underside of the car, resulting in all the oil leaking out and could have seized the engine if we hadn't noticed it in time).

This short delay annoyed the driver and he made his unhappiness very obvious. He complained that he had other cars to pick up and in all the years he had been delivering cars, this had never happened before. I had already waited almost three hours past the delivery time for him and felt that he could wait an extra 15 minutes for my mechanic to check the underside of the car. But he was still fairly restrained and there was no problem in the end. It was just very uncomfortable. So overall, a good experience. The car was delivered without a scratch and on time for a competitive price and that's the bottom line.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

The reps got a hold of me soon after I put in for a quote and asked for information. And then, once I told them I was interested, they started sending me all the information to get everything filled out. Once I got that in, it was only a matter of 24 to 48 hours before they had the contract set up. They were able to point me in the right direction. The driver picked the vehicle up in El Paso, Texas when I wanted them to and they got it moved quickly to Columbia, South Carolina within about six days. The driver also got a hold of me on the day of the delivery to let me know that he was in the area and that he would be there so it worked out really well. I was able to take advantage of the online quote beforehand and it was about the same as what I paid, and it was appropriate. The experience was successful and I would definitely employ King of the Road Transport again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

We had taken a temporary job that's out of state and wanted our own vehicle out here, so we had King of the Road Transport ship it out. They had better reviews and I called them and got an estimate. It was a little bit higher than a couple of others but it was our first time using any sort of shipping company, so I decided to just go with them. We communicated with them mostly via email and everything was fine. It took about for days from pickup to drop off which is one day ahead of schedule. They did everything that they said they were going to do and our car arrived perfectly. They are good to work with and I will use them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

I read reviews about King of the Road Transport online and they looked solid. They also gave me a fair quote. King of the Road itself was professional, very efficient, effective and thorough in the instructions they gave me. Their rep helped me and the driver was excellent. My 2002 Mercedes Benz was delivered on time two days after the pick-up. I moved from California to Colorado and it got there before I did. I'll recommend them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

I'm in the military and I had orders to travel from North Carolina to San Diego, California. They only pay for one so having me, my wife and a three-year-old at the time, it's hard to drive two vehicles across the country. I talked to three different transport companies and King of the Road Transport was the one that worked with me and explained things the best. I submitted something online and I got a phone call immediately following that plus an email. I also felt that the quote that they gave was more than reasonable.

I spoke to the same guy the whole way through. He was awesome and he constantly called me because it took a couple of weeks to get everything set up. Maryland, where I was doing my pick up from, wasn't a common route that the trucks went through. So, he spent a lot of time trying to coordinate that and he called me weekly to keep me updated on it. It was great. The driver who delivered it was amazing, too. He was very polite and very nice. He dropped off the car and we spent 15 minutes of normal conversation. I would recommend King of the Road to anybody else in the military that's trying to move across the country.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

King of the Road Transport was referred to me by a friend and I saw their reviews online. They seem to be pretty good so I chose them to ship my BMW from California to Ohio. I was recommending my mom to use them since she's going to do the same transportation route in about six months. The hell I will. I'm actually going to sue them.

The gentleman they sent came to pick up my vehicle. He did walk over with me, which was cool. They do that for the scratches or dings, or whatever they might be responsible for on the other end. Then he showed up four days later. So far, everything with the timing of the vehicle being transported was good. I got the vehicle and drove it from the lot where I met him, which was an open field two blocks from my house. I didn't drive my car for two days but when I finally did, there's something wrong with the suspension.

At first, I thought I needed a new tire. So I drove it unsafely to the first and closest tire replacement place. They replaced not one but two tires, which I did not need to replace but I did because I thought that was the problem. Before I drove off, the guy there said there was something wrong with the suspension. So I thought I'd get it looked by a mechanic. By then, I couldn't even drive it back home. I drove a block and a half distance and pulled over at the safest location which was a Lowe's.

I then went back home, contacted the mechanic, and he said that his shop was three blocks from there. When I got to the mechanic, I told him there's something wrong and I have no idea what it is. Three days later, he called back after finally getting a chance to look at my vehicle. The arm that connected the body of my car to my wheel was snapped in half. In fact, it snapped in half so much the mechanic said he's never seen anything like it. It looked like somebody took a saw and cut it in half.

In the meantime, I had to come up with the money to pay for the mechanic to do the work. When I finally got it, the mechanic did the job and the vehicle runs nice. But now, I have a $2,800 bill on my invoice. I called King of the Road and told them what happened. They said there's nothing they can do. It's a cosmetic issue that the driver's responsible for. It's not under the carriage. I told them that their driver had apparently done this, I've been driving my car easily for two years.

The problem with this whole situation is when the gentleman came to pick my car and put it in that big old transporter, it was the last vehicle on there. I asked him if my vehicle will be the first one to be dropped off. He said it's the last getting dropped off. So, why did he load me on the last if he's taking me off the last? And so a couple of days later, he showed up and sure enough, there was one other vehicle on the whole load. There were about 12 vehicles before it. When I got it off, that's when these problems happened.

I understand that King of the Road only refers the driver. But somebody should be responsible for what happened to my vehicle. When the driver first put it on the truck, I told him it was rough as my vehicle was kind of low. He said he knows. And now, that's how I felt him doing it several different times as he transported all the other vehicles where they had to go. And my car had to come off every time. Though I can't prove it in court that he did it, the mechanic said that my vehicle has been dropped.

And I had to buy the arm from BMW. I couldn't even get an aftermarket part. If the driver were an honest guy, what he should do is take the hit, learn from it, and not bang everybody else’s cars around. He should give back the $2,800 that I paid because I don't have that money just to throw around. I didn't even have it. I had to borrow from friends and family. I was dealing with a lot when I moved to a new home and the last thing I needed is someone breaking my car on the way out here from California. Overall, I know that accidents happen, but when it happens, someone should own it. I don't care that they did it, I'm not even mad. What I'm mad about is paying $2,800 that I shouldn't have to pay and King of the Road should give back my money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

We were moving from California to Maryland, but we only have a Mini Cooper, so we and the pets and everything we needed couldn't fit in that to get all the way across the country, so we needed to ship our car. A friend of mine had used King of the Road Transport before and they had such a good experience, and they recommended this transport company to us for moving our car cross country. We initially contacted King of the Road online and we were able to use the online quote calculator. At first, I clicked on the wrong item and got a high quote and the rep, Mark, immediately called me. We worked things out and I felt very good with the quote that we then got.

Mark was in constant contact with me from the day I first contacted him to the day everything was scheduled. He was very easy to work with and he was always on the ball with an answer. I had a few questions about the day of pickup and I texted him, and he immediately got back with me. We were flexible on our end and I gave them the option of picking up early if they needed to. We needed the car on the back-end, so we shipped it a little early so we’d make sure it was here when we got here. I met the driver briefly and he was courteous, polite, and very business-like. We shipped the car on the 10th of October and we picked it up on the 30th of October. On the whole, we had a great experience with King of the Road. They were a great group of people to work with and we will use them again. In fact, we've already recommended them to a friend who will be shipping some cars to Washington in April.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

We went online and found King of the Road Transport. We got a hold of them and they contacted us back via email quickly. We went over all the information, such as where I needed the vehicle to go and when I needed it there. I felt good about the quote I got and thought it was fair. The rep I spoke with over the phone answered all my questions and everything went well. When they came out to pick up the vehicle, the guy was nice and courteous. Then when the vehicle got dropped off in Houston, the guy was nice as well. He already had it off the truck and ready to go when I came outside. The service was excellent all around.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I had to get my Camaro from the place I purchased it from in Iowa to my house in New Hampshire. I spoke with a number of transport companies, but I didn't feel comfortable with the other ones that I dealt with. I spoke to someone from King of the Road Transport on the phone and we talked well. The team set the transport service up and they were very helpful. The guy that delivered the car was nice and he delivered on time. After the delivery, I got an email from the customer service rep asking how things went, and she was very good. Everything worked out great with King of the Road Transport.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

I had a big move from Orange County to Florida and I used King of the Road to transport my vehicle. The quote they gave was the same as what I paid for. But the interaction when the driver came to pick up the vehicle was poor. He wouldn't answer and then when he answered he was always late. He said he was going to arrive on a Saturday before six but he didn't. He was too optimistic and due to him being late, it forced me to fly back from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Monday to give the vehicle to him. Even though it took three days from the time my vehicle was picked up to when it was dropped off, which was quick, everything else was bad. Yet my overall experience with King of the Road was okay.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I didn't have a way of getting a vehicle from A to B and the vehicle wasn't running. I needed a trucking service to be able to pick up the car and drop it off. I researched and sought a place that had the best overall reviews and had the best pricing. I went with that combination and got King of the Road Transport. Their rep was friendly, polite, and professional. He worked with me and gave me a quote. However, when I called back a couple of weeks later, I had to speak to another guy. He was also professional, kind, and helpful. He tried to go with what the original guy had quoted me, but he felt like it wasn't going to be as easy to find a carrier. He got back in touch with me and indicated that if we could raise the amount that I'm willing to go, then maybe it will be quicker and easier to find a carrier. I was so disappointed in the process. Still, because of his professionalism, I decided to continue with it.

The guy who got my car was supposed to come by on a given day, but unfortunately, something happened to his truck. He had to find means of getting the car from his location to my location. He kept communications open and explained the situation. He then worked out a good day and time that he could come by. When he got here, he was very nice, helpful, and careful. He didn't rush and took his time. I appreciated that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

I was going to have the vehicle shipped from Virginia to Texas because I got a new job and had to move back. When I was initially trying to poke around for prices, King of the Road was the first people to get back to me. They weren’t the lowest price that I came across, but when I was ready to commit to someone and move the car, the person with the lowest price took too long to get back to me. King of the Road was really quick and because I needed to get everything done on the deadline that was very helpful.

Their price was on par with all the companies I looked at. Everyone was pretty much within $100 or $200 dollars from each other. But, King of the Road had a lot of other extra, like certifications that made me feel more comforted. Like Better Business Bureau and there was something else that I know was a really reputable organization that stood behind them. I talked to two different people via email and via phone. They were very responsive generally and very polite when it came to explaining to me how the whole process worked, the timing, when I would need to give the money and to who. They were very helpful and I liked them.

The transporters were great. My dad was with the car when it was picked up because I had already moved. There was sort of a funky timing situation that worked out. The window they gave me when they were going to pick up the car and the car arriving at the last day of the window, but they still made it, which was a relief. The transporters brought the car down from Virginia to Texas and did it in a day and a half so it was a ridiculous amount of time. They were very careful and I saw them unloading it off of the truck and they were super polite to me that day. The payment was really easy and they were fantastic.

I would encourage King of the Road to continue being as upfront as possible about how long it actually takes to get a car shipped from initially calling to actually seeing it in a new state. As I talked to other companies, I found out that for a distance that long, a week is pretty standard. But even though it only took the transporter a day and a half to get there, there was still probably five days between asking for them to bring it down and then actually finding a sub-contractor, which was fine, because they let me know about that in advance. But I think that if I hadn’t found out about that until later in the process, I would have been very worried.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

I was moving from one place to another and working with King of the Road Transport was a very good experience. My friend had already used them and have had a good experience. The car came on time and on the said date. We had put some light stuff inside and everything works well in there. There were no issues at all. I called them and got a quote. The quote was okay and I went with them. Their rep was very good and I was briefed on everything. I called before and after and they were cooperative. Plus, they are very reliable. I would definitely recommend them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I purchased a vehicle and I looked into companies to ship it. I researched online and looked at the recommendations which were favorable. There were some companies that reached out to me and they were higher in price but King of the Road's price was fair so I went with them. I told them what the distance was and they got back to me. They operate out of Florida and they told me what the terms where and how long it was going to take. Once they had a green light that the car was ready to be picked up, they adhered to that schedule. They picked up my vehicle in Cincinnati, kept me posted and delivered it a few days later as per schedule. I got a call from the carrier, he showed up at my house and I gave him a nice tip. I was really pleased with King of the Road. They didn’t suggest to me one thing and then did something else. What they told me was what happened. It was a simple experience and I’d use them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

We were moving from Murrieta, California to Virginia and chose King of the Road Transport to move my car considering their record with the Better Business Bureau. I did a lot of research prior and as soon as I got online, the broker start calling and it’s about two months of everybody wanting to move the car. It’s very difficult to choose somebody because you really don’t know who you’re dealing with in most cases. Financial information will have to be passed on to people that you do not know and that is always scary. So I looked at who had the better BBB ratings and King of the Road was very good. Also, I had seen prices for that move from $850 up as high as $1500. And it came in a $1050, which is where I thought it would fall.

My dealings with King of the Road were very short. I was passed off to the transport company and then, the transport company passed me to the driver. So, I was dealing directly with the driver most of the time. A cross-country move is tough, especially with cars because of complexities like the size of the transport vehicles as well as timing. My biggest concern was lining up so that my son could be on this end and pick it up. People are going to have to take out a day off work and I want to make sure that at least within a day, I knew that it would be coming in. And when I got in touch with the driver, he told me when he was going to be coming in and that’s when he came in. And since I’m in a rural area, they couldn’t drop off in front of my house so we had to arrange to meet in a covered parking lot right out of Mini Mall where he could get his rig in. The car got here with no problems, and it was inspected before and after the delivery. And everything went pretty decent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

I was moving back to Nevada so I needed to ship my vehicle and the high ratings of King of the Road Transport on ConsumerAffairs and the good reviews made the decision for me. The quote was right in line with where I wanted to spend. I got a couple other quotes, but they were bad in the middle. The customer service reps were very efficient, everything went very smoothly and I was very happy. The fellow picked up the car early, so all of it worked out well. The service was excellent from the first response to the first email to the gentleman picking up the vehicle from me and the two gals that I spoke to. Everybody was very professional, to the point, there was no quibbling and they were on the mark. I shipped my car several times and this was the easiest of all. They did a great job and I was very pleased so everything worked out well.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

The service I got from King of the Road Transport has been very good. I was shipping a car from Chicago to Florida and the quote I got from them was in the ballpark of what I was getting elsewhere, but the individual I worked with was reputable that’s why I went with them. He was responsive and got back to me after hours to let me know the status of what's going on.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

My cousin gifted me a car and I needed it shipped from his house to mine. When I did my research on transport companies, nothing really came up until my friend recommended King of the Road Transport and everything worked out great. I got a reasonable quote and their rep was really helpful in the beginning. This was the first time that I shipped a car and I had no idea how it worked but the rep had a lot of patience and explained everything that I needed to know. She also followed-up on me on the time that my car would get picked and made arrangements. During the pickup, she called me and asked me if I was ready for it and she also called back to see if I got my car and if I needed anything else. Everything came off perfectly and I highly recommend King of the Road Transport.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

I had to have my vehicles shipped on a PCS move in the military. I filled out the quote online and got a couple of quotes back and I did some research. The reviews for King of the Road sounded a lot better than everybody else and they kind of helped me with making that decision. The quote was right and King of the Road was one of the first ones to call me and asked what I needed. I was a little late on sending back the document required because I didn't realize it went to my email. When I made a phone call, they told me not to worry about it and they would still take care of it. The service was professional and the vehicles are here and not damaged at all, and I appreciate that.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

King of the Road Transport seemed a little more reputable and although their quote was not the lowest I received when I had gotten some estimates earlier in the summer, it was pretty much in the ballpark range. I also liked that I could also pay by Visa. A lot of these companies want you to pay by cash or certified check which I really was not comfortable with. The communication was there too. It was a difficult move from Vermont to Colorado because at certain points, we didn't have cell service so we couldn't communicate, but I was very pleased with how everything worked out. The people showed up when they said they would. The two young men who picked up the car were very nice and dependable. They showed up at six in the morning and in the middle of Vermont and they showed up at six in the evening on the day we bought the house. Overall, King of the Road Transport was adequate to do the job and the whole thing went as smoothly as it could.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

My daughter is in college in California and I had to get the car down to her. King of the Road's price was competitive with other quotes I got and within $75 -$100. They were persistent with online checking back email. Their reps were great and made sure I knew all the steps. They followed up afterwards, and were very responsive. It worked out well and if I have to ship the car back, I will use them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

I needed to transport my vehicle to the relocation and being able to get a quote online was a big factor in my choice of company because sites that didn’t allow that got weeded out. When I got quotes from a few different companies, I realized that King of the Road was competitive and they had a lot of good reviews too. From the communications with the website, they also seemed to be professional and that goes a long way with me. I would be willing to pay a little bit more for a professional response and I got that.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

King of the Road Transport was excellent. Their quote was fine. They weren't the cheapest but I'm still satisfied. The customer service reps were very informative. I talked to a few people and they were very reassuring. They got here in a timely manner and it was perfect. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful and the level of service was A-plus. I've already recommended King of the Road Transport to somebody.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

My husband couldn’t find a car in the neighborhood, so he got the car he wanted in Austin, Texas and we need to ship it over. So we checked online, and since King of the Road Transport had good customer reviews, we went with them. I spoke to their representative named Mark and he was awesome. Their contractor was super good too. Overall, they were communicative, reliable and it was reasonably priced, so all good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

King of the Road gave me a quote and there were two higher and two lower so it was upside and in the middle. Initially, I chose the other companies but King of the Road was confident they could get me a carrier. I was a skeptic but they came through so I was really pleased. The guy was so nice when he picked the car up and the transport went smoothly until the end. But they goofed up and told me that the car was going to be delivered four days later than it was. I told that to my daughter, who was getting the car, and she said that a guy had told her that the car was coming that day. I think they confused me with somebody else but it wasn’t a big problem, just a miscalculation on their part. It came within the range they said so somebody may have gotten their messages crossed up a little bit there.

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