Is a water pump covered under warranty?

Good news: Most warranties provide coverage

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Your car’s water pump is a vital part of its cooling system, moving coolant through the system from the radiator to the engine and back again. The coolant absorbs heat from the engine, dissipates it through the radiator and remains in the system unless there is a leak. As part of the engine and cooling system, water pumps are generally covered under most factory and extended auto warranties.

There’s more good news in that water pumps are usually covered with the most basic powertrain plans since they’re considered part of the engine system. However, many warranties offer separate plans with cooling system protection, so it’s important to determine which plan is best for you and if the water pump is covered with powertrain components or a separate option.

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Water pumps are typically covered with a basic powertrain warranty

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Most extended warranties cover water pumps under powertrain protection

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Replacing a water pump can cost up to $1,000 or more without a warranty

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Water pump warranty coverage

Unlike some automotive components that warranty providers exclude, water pumps are generally included with basic powertrain coverage. For example, Endurance offers powertrain coverage through its least expensive Secure Plus plan and its documentation states that water pumps are protected under engine components. Similarly, CarShield’s most basic Silver plan covers water pumps, but unlike Endurance, it’s classified under the cooling system. CarChex also classifies the water pump as a cooling component, and its cheapest plan covers it.

While these parts are included in the coverages we mentioned, it’s important to note that a water pump failure caused by a noncovered component might not be paid for under the warranty. CarChex’s basic plan does not cover the thermostat, heater cores, hoses, pipes or valves, so if one of those components fails and damages your water pump, it might not be covered. That said, it can sometimes be challenging to determine which component failed first, causing the pump’s issues, so a thorough diagnostic will be required to find out the cause.

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What types of warranties cover water pumps?

Most extended warranty providers include water pumps with basic powertrain coverage options, which are often the least expensive. But, while that’s a general rule, some companies separate water pumps individually or as part of another parts group. Olive covers the water pump in its basic powertrain plan, but it’s listed separately as a stand-alone item in its list of covered components. Again, remember that water pump coverage could depend on how it failed and on the causes of the failure, so if another component, such as the thermostat or hosing, fails and is not included in the coverage, you might be on the hook to pay for the water pump repair.

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Does your extended warranty cover water pumps?

Most warranties cover water pumps in their most basic tier of protection, so you’ll likely be covered without spending extra money. Some limit water pump protection for specific vehicles, including those with higher mileage.

How much does it cost to fix your water pump?

Some water pump repairs are simple and can be completed for a few hundred dollars, while others are more complex and significantly more expensive. Depending on the job, you can expect to pay between $400 and $1,000, but remember that there’s always the “while we’re in there” tax, which could add to your total if other issues arise during the repair.

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Is a water pump a wear-and-tear item?

Unlike tires, brake pads and windshield wipers, water pumps are not considered wear-and-tear items, and as such, they are included under most warranties’ powertrain or cooling system protection plans.

Is a water pump part of an engine?

Water pumps are not technically part of the engine, but they form a crucial part of the engine cooling system and are generally wrapped into powertrain plans, which cover the engine and related components.

Is your water pump covered under a powertrain warranty?

Most extended warranty companies cover the water pump under powertrain protection, though some split the pumps into different coverage areas while still including it with the basic tier plan.

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