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I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT new, and have driven it for four years, putting about 70K miles on it. Based on my multiple bad experiences with this car, I will never again purchase another Hyundai vehicle. First - as is well known, the true MPG is nowhere near the marketing claims made by Hyundai (and there is an unresolved class action lawsuit underway to address that). Then I had a problem where the rear quarter-panel window trim fell off - fortunately I found a TSB published on the internet about that, so Hyundai fixed it under warranty. If I hadn't researched the problem and printed out the TSB, the dealer would have charged me $$$ for the repair.

Then most recently I had a problem where the clutch started chattering/slipping. My mechanic discovered that the transmission input shaft seal was defective/leaking. Even though this is covered by the Hyundai 10 year/100K warranty - Hyundai refused to honor the warranty and pay for the repair. I can't wait to trade in this car, and kiss Hyundai goodbye forever. If you are considering buying a Hyundai vehicle, I would recommend purchasing instead a vehicle with higher quality/reliability and from a manufacturer who stands behind their product and their warranty commitments (think Honda, Toyota, Mazda). And definitely don't count on the Hyundai 10 year/100K warranty actually providing you any protection from product defects.

I purchased a used Santa Fe in 2014, it was a 2013 with 18,400 miles. It ran fine for me until June of this year. The headlights go off and stay off until I have it serviced. The back windshield wiper doesn't work now either. I took car into local Hyundai dealer. They have tried everything from changing fuse to changing computer box to saying that batch of boxes was defected, they tried it again. This the fifth time in the shop, this time it's been 3 weeks with no word from Hyundai despite at least 15 calls from me. They just tell me the techs are looking at it via "skyping" telling mechanics what to try next. I do not want this car back. It has been in the shop a total of 7 weeks since June. This SUV is still under the original warranty.

The last time the lights went out it was 1 am on a very dark road in an area I don't know well. I was actually crying I was so scared of hitting someone. I put my flashers on the rest of the way home and drove very slow. It did help. I know it was dangerous to do, but believe me, if I thought I would have put anyone's life in danger I wouldn't have done it. Consumer Affairs is now involved, but no solution. A letter to the State Attorney General is next. My house burned down in a fire on August 5, I lost everything. Now, I have no house and no car through no fault of my own. My house will be rebuilt eventually, right now I feel empty.

I have just learned do to mine failing that Hyundai has an issue with the Electric Assist Power Steering Drive Motor and Drive Coupling degrading. This Problem afflicts a large number of Models and Years Of age. I Have an 2012 Sonata Limited 2.0 which is the wife's car with 70k on it. It has been pretty much trouble free except for the High Pressure Fuel Pump that failed this Year which was under warranty.

The Drive Coupling being an essential aid in steering when it starts to degrade to have a slight bump like that can be felt when turning the steering wheel with a slight left to right turn. You can also have a loud knocking noise that sound like something has came loose under your vehicle when driving over rough road areas. The noises are all coming from the electric drive assist on the steering column under the Dash. From others who have had this issue it can cost you up to $500 to repair or you can fix it yourself with a few hours labor and the Part cost of under $10. Nonetheless it is a mass issue that Hyundai should cover fix No matter the Age or Mileage.

Hyundai's look great. But they are like a beautiful apple that is rotten inside. This is concerning a 2012 Hyundai Sonata SE Turbo. I have owned Hondas all my life, and have been extremely happy with their reliability. I had a Honda Civic that I sold at 115000 miles and the only maintenance I had to do was change the oil, muffler, and brakes. I then had an Acura RSX which I traded in with 92000 miles where I only had to change the oil and brakes. My next vehicle was a Honda Accord which I sold with 184000 miles on it. Again, the only maintenance I had to do was oil and brakes.

I was going to purchase another Honda, but I fell in love with the styling and the horsepower of the Hyundai Sonata Turbo. I had reservations about purchasing a Hyundai because I remembered the poor quality of Hyundai vehicles throughout the 90s. I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a certified pre-owned which came with the 60k bumper to bumper and 100k powertrain warranty. I figured if Hyundai offered this type of warranty, they must build quality vehicles. My vehicle had 41k miles on it when I purchased it. I have had the car 2 years now and have had nothing but problems with it. The Carfax report showed this vehicle had the Lower control arms replaced (before I purchased it). Since I have purchased it I have had the following problems.

46771 miles - Transmission Sensor failure caused the transmission to jump between 2nd and 4th gear and also cause the engine to shift very hard with a big thud. 48619 miles - The Engine failed and the motor long block was replaced. 48886 miles - Coolant was leaking. Replaced hose clamp. 49216 miles - Check engine light came on. Code p0076. Pin 1 was not connecting to solenoid so this was corrected.

Somewhere around this time, I called Hyundai to complain about the poor quality of this vehicle. I was assigned to a specialist who was going to help assess why my vehicle was constantly in the repair shop. I do not recall his name. He called me to tell me he had spoken with the service Manager at AutoFair Hyundai in Manchester, NH where I purchased the vehicle. The specialist was unapologetic about my problems and treated me like I was wasting his time. In fact he ranks as possible the worst company representative I have dealt with in my lifetime. He said everything checked out and they did their due diligence with the vehicle.

I informed the gentleman that I wanted a new vehicle. He scoffed at the notion. He stated that I had a warranty to cover anything wrong with the car. This was not satisfactory to me because my time was valuable and if the vehicle was malfunctioning at 46k miles, what would happen as the parts aged? The vehicle I purchased was clearly not manufactured properly. He basically told me again that the warranty was in place and that is all I would get. I informed the specialist that I am a recruiter who speaks with over 100 people per week and I would make sure to tell everyone about the poor quality and poor customer service that Hyundai provided. He said, that's fine and the call ended. Clearly this gentleman did not care about me or my situation and didn't care that Hyundai made a very poor quality vehicle.

Continuing on with the repairs made to this vehicle. 51670 miles - Rattling when traveling in the city. Stabilizer end link replaced. 58285 creaking when turning. Axle joints replaced. This was all performed under warranty. It didn't cost me anything monetarily, but it did cost me a lot of time taking the car to the dealer and having to get rides to and from the dealership. Sometimes I waited for the vehicle if it was only going to be a couple hours.

Since the warranty expired, I have had to replace the sway bar links at 74000 miles due to rattling when driving over bumps. The creaking that was supposed to be fixed by the replacement of the axle joints has gotten worse. I believe the strut mounts are the culprit. In addition, when I start the vehicle in the morning, the engine is having a bit of trouble turning over and is shaking for the first 10 seconds or so. Also, when I start the engine, there is a rush of liquid in the dashboard. I would venture to guess this is due to a failing heater core. Another issue is the transmission is downshifting into 4th gear very hard. The vehicle now has 80500 miles. It is acting like a vehicle with 180500 miles.

More repairs at 80500 miles. Housing around the thermostat was replaced due to leaking coolant. Tube leading to oil filter was cracked and leaking oil. Engine head warped. Hyundai doesn't care about its customers. The warranty is bogus. The technicians diagnosing the issues at the dealerships have very little knowledge of the vehicles and take forever to diagnose issues - at the cost of $125 per hour. Beautiful design, very poor quality.

I purchased my new Sonata Hybrid in April 2015. I want to complain about the front shroud or fairing. The clearance of the fairing to regular parking block is "0" inches. These are standard parking blocks, that a car has to pull up to in any parking space. My front fairing has now been severely damaged and is hanging off the car because the clearance does not match the standard height for a parking block. I want to know why I have this expensive repair because of poor design of the front end. If I repair the damage, the next block will, of course, rip the new one off too!!! Parking away from the block creates a safety hazard to me and other cars and drivers in a parking lot because of improper parking space allocations.

Safe parking is part of safe operation of my vehicle, and I can be fined because of improper parking in a designated space. The tires are the original factory ones, so the profile should be Hyundai's responsibility of design. I want to know what you (Hyundai) suggests to do to fix this design problem for now and the future of my expensive hybrid car???

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I purchased two years ago a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited certified used from a local Hyundai dealership in Waterloo iowa. At the time had done it to replaced another Sonata that had electrical issues. Last September I was made aware via the Internet that my car had a major recall with the motor. At the time, I thought about trading the car in, but no dealership would touch the car because had a knocking noise which lower value of the car. So fast forward today, I eventually had the engine replace.

When I picked up my car the dealership they not only replaced the engine but done the recalled for the brake stopper pad. Soon after my current nightmare started. The motor sound like it was whistling sound every time I drove it. At first I thought it was because it was braking in so I didn't let it worry me. Then a few months later it stop this when the knocking sound came back. Also car didn't want to shift right and one time it would not start at all. Last straw was the check engine light came on and stay on. I had taken the car into a local repair shop who put it on the computer. This is when he informed me that three of the four valves were gone. That should not happen if a complete engine was replaced.

So I contact Hyundai to informed them that my engine was gone again and they need to buy back this piece of junk. They took their sweet you known what time to respond to my request or even find another solution to my problem. They can't be trusted. I should mention, on September 27 about 400 pm CST I almost in serious car accident with this piece of junk. As I pulled into the parking lot of daughters dance studio, I had applied my brakes. Was putting the car into park, when the car suddenly speed up and jump the curb coming within inches hitting the building. I was completely in shock when it happen. So, asked if she seen me put my foot brake on the brake. She told me yes.

So right away I called Hyundai about this event and got told have my car tow to a local Hyundai dealership which would had been the one who had done the original recall work. I done it as told and when I did not hear back from Hyundai or the dealership where the car was tow to, I got a big song and dance from them that it went to some regional Manager I should hear back soon. As of yesterday did not hear back from them, so I had my car tow outed the dealerships parking lot and sent to another reliable automotive repair shop to have the car inspect for engine damage and the brakes fix.

I was lucky I had not been killed driving this piece of junk. I am now 10,000 dollars under water with this car, and can't even drive it. My advice to all who are thinking about buying a certified used Hyundai Sonatas or any other hyundai product that matter is don't. You will get burn and hurt. Take it from me. They make a beautiful product for great value, but being cheap is the being not worth at the end.

I called them this morning because of a flat tire in my driveway. I was off the phone in less than 5 minutes. The estimated time of arrival was 9:21 am. They actually got there 10 minutes early. Everyone was wonderful and helpful. Fast and courteous. Not one complaint. Definitely would use them again any day of the week.

My Hyundai Elantra's battery died in a parking deck. I called Hyundai's roadside assistance, and they refused to help me because I was parked in a parking deck. My insurance company reimbursed me a small amount, but not what I had to pay to get my car out of the deck. When I called roadside assistance to ask for a reimbursement, I spoke with someone named Myrna in Phoenix, AZ. She was very nice and gave me all the information I needed to send to Medford, MA. I sent it certified mail, and never heard from them again. I called them numerous times with a claim number, that they claim doesn't exist. I have a certified mail return receipt, but Hyundai Roadside assistance still refuses to address my issue.

I built a 2017 Hyundai Tucson 2.0 SE AWD online and I got the quote $331.11 a month. Now, when I physically visited one of your Hyundai branches, I got a different monthly payment for the exact same vehicle. The monthly payment is $421.66 a month!!! I accepted winter package ($1600 value) to be added to the car original price. However, I don't think this will have a difference of almost a $90 a month for 24 months! How come this is happening? Why is that difference for? Can you explain.

Saturday, August 13th, I purchased a 2016 New Hyundai Tucson Sport from Empire Hyundai, Inc. in the Fall River, MA branch. The vehicle had 19 miles. I did a lot of research on this car, dealing with Kasey **, the internet manager of Empire Hyundai. We had a very lengthy phone call and email conversation, where she gave us the final price, everything included. My husband and I wanted the purchase to be hassle-free, considering the drive to pick up the car was 40 miles from my house round-trip. We asked Kasey to start the paperwork for us, which she gladly said yes to. She assigned us to the sales person Rob **, who then brought us to Tyler **, the vice president and financial manager to get all the paperwork signed. Within 20 minutes we were able to see the vehicle.

However, before we looked inside, Rob ** informed us that there were three cigarette burns on the passenger seat, but reassured us that it would be fixed and that they would provide us with a rental car at no cost to us while they do so. My husband and I left after, and on that Monday morning I called and asked if the rental car was ready because I had to work that afternoon. When I arrived, Rob greeted me and brought me to the receptionist, who said there was no reservation for a rental car for me, so she called to get one.

About fifteen minutes later, Kevin ** from Enterprise came to pick me up and bring me to their branch to get the rental. It was not brought to me. Kevin apologized that they did not have a reservation for me for a rental. The only car available due to the lack of reservation was a 7-passenger Grand Caravan. Three days passed and I did not receive any calls to inform me of the progress of my vehicle. I called once with no answer.

I called once more and asked to speak to the owner, but he was not in that day. I then asked to speak to the vice president Tyler **, the son of the owner. He told me he did not know anything about the progress of my vehicle because he works for the financial department. I demanded he do something, considering he was the vice president of the company. He then transferred me to Rob, who informed me that the car was not ready yet because they had to purchase a whole new seat, and the workers had to install it.

I told him I was getting impatient and displeased, considering I was forced into driving around a huge caravan, and told him if I did not get more answers on the progress of my car by 4 pm, I would consider returning the vehicle altogether. By 4:30, Rob called and said that the vehicle was ready to come pick up. I got there and looked at the car, and it was filthy, both outside and inside. I told him that the least they could have done was to wash the car after all my troubles. He told me to sit inside and wait, as he was dealing with other customers. I waited for about a half hour before I spoke to anyone else. No one would come speak with me, especially the manager, Paul **, who I had asked for.

Finally, the lease specialist, Donald **, came over to me and asked if I would be happy if they cleaned the car and put gas in the tank. I thought it was quite unprofessional that that was all they could do for me after the trouble I'd gone through. As I was about to leave, I asked them why the manager, Paul, was not on that night, and they informed me that he in fact was the entire time, and he did not bother to come speak to me the whole time I was waiting to talk with someone.

They got Paul to come speak with me, and he offered to install a remote starter. They also said they would put covers on the front two seats. When I got the car back again, the seat covers were still in the process of being shipped, and the remote starter was not working correctly. It started by itself five times in one day in fact. Therefore, I have to bring the car to the shop to get that fixed, while still waiting for the seat covers, and on top of all of that, there is a hole in the flooring below the passenger seat; a flap that looks as though it should have been glued down.

Needless to say, I had an awful experience at the Empire Hyundai car dealership and would not recommend anyone to buy a car there, especially at the Fall River branch. These situations should not be occurring when you're involving the purchase of a $31,000 vehicle, a brand new one at that. My boss, the Operations Director at 99 Restaurants, also shared with me a similar, awful experience he had had at Empire Hyundai. I hope that this will bring attention to this dealership, warning others to steer clear and pursue other dealerships when purchasing a car, and hopefully enhance the performance of the way this business is run. Thank you.

I got a brand new 2013 Hyundai Accent from a dealership in Burlington, Ontario, in late December of 2013 (almost January of 2014). The car started falling apart in September 2016. Not worth the money, folks!

April of 2016 my vehicle was making a loud knocking noise then finally cut off. I had AAA to tow it to my mechanics which he stated that I was having engine problems. I then towed it to Hyundai dealership and they informed me that I would need a new engine. They gave me the runaround saying that I had to come up with documentation showing that I had been getting oil changes. I asked how many do they need and they informed me that I need to come up with as many as possible, and that I wouldn't be able to receive a rental car until I was approved.

Two weeks after having my vehicle I called and they told me that I was approved for a rental. On a regular basis (at least twice a week} I called to get an update with my car. All that I could get from the conversation was, "Just keep driving the rental until I tell you to stop." I was given a Nissan Frontier, which was a nice truck but mpg 19 city / 23 highway which we all know that Hyundai 28 city / 36 highway. So it was killing me in gas because I drive 1 hour and 30 to and from work.

So I took it back after having it for a little over 2 months and got a Kia Optima for maybe 5 days then my car was ready. I was called at 1:30 and was told that I had to pick my car up that same day, which put me in an inconvenience because I was scheduled to work a late shift and there was no preparation for that. Hyundai informed me that the billing for the rental car ended that day and after that I would be responsible. That put me in a bind because I had to get off work and drive hour and a half to pick up my vehicle. They had my vehicle from April to June.

Two days after my vehicle was returned to me my check engine light came on. I took my vehicle back to Hyundai to find out if it was related to the engine block and I was told that it was the high pressure fuel pump $748, transmission sensor $710, and clock spring $398. I was charged $99.95 to do this diagnostic testing. Of course I don't have this kind of money so I declined other than paying for the diagnostic testing.

In August I starting experiencing shaking and popping in my steering wheel, so again, I took it to Hyundai to find out the problem and at this time I was told that it was the steering coupler $404. All of this in one year. This car is a lemon and something needs to be done about this. It makes no sense to have to pay for the car and $2260 worth of repairs all in 2 months' time. Personally I think everyone that owns one of these vehicle should get a refund.

I visited the Larry H Miller Hyundai dealership on Aug 26, 2016. Through their website I applied for financing to purchase a used vehicle. Shortly afterwards I received a call from someone claiming to be in their finance department. This person told me I was approved for financing and rattled off a range of payment amounts. Now, at this point I had not told them what vehicle I wanted so there was no way they could tell me what my supposed payment was. I told him great, I will keep looking at your inventory and when I find something I will contact you.

In the meantime I requested information regarding their financing offer. I made this request in writing via email 8 times, over the phone several times and through their chat system twice. And yet, after 10 days I couldn't get ANYONE with this dealership to even tell me the name of the company who wants to sell me a loan. I certainly never received the lawfully required WRITTEN finance offer with all the appropriate legal information as required by State and Federal Law.

Finally, I made one more attempt to resolve this issue without going through all this. I contacted Larry H Miller Hyundai, explained I had an issue that I needed help with and I asked to speak to their Finance department head. Not only did they not let me speak to this person, they REFUSED to even tell me this person's name. All they would do is take down my email, which they already had for over a week.

Now that I have to start a vehicle search over again, I am still going to suffer a financial penalty when I apply for financing from another dealer/bank. You only get so many credit bureau hits during a two year period and now I am going to be penalized with a higher interest rate because I will have another hit on my credit report. And of course I still don't have the vehicle I was trying to buy originally.

I have a 2013 Sonata and I have to say the service has been terrible. The service staff is always rude and they do not honor warranty or recalls (always blaming the customer). I had the pleasure of witnessing the service provided to a friend by Volkswagen and was floored at the concern, the detail, and the prompt repair.

Bought a Santa Fe Online for over 17k and was promised new winter tires, studded on new rims and was told tires on car were 70% tread life as well as no body damage! What I received was used winter tires on rusty rims, tires on car that are 20% tread life and scratches, dings, dents & scuffs all over front of car! They also overcharged us $1100 more than online price! The salesman I talked to said it wasn't up to him but the managers who decided! Next time I will get everything in writing and this will be our last Hyundai purchase ever! Totally disappointed and stressed out with the experience! Hyundai Canada won't return call and Northlands Hyundai in Prince George ignoring us!

Worthless Warranty. My 2012 Hyundai Genesis engine broke a piston rod and punched a hole in the block. I had just had the oil changed and the engine was full of oil. But because I didn't have the oil changed at a Hyundai dealership, Hyundai America claimed I didn't have any oil in the engine and denied my warranty claim. This was with 45,000 miles on the engine. Nothing I could do would change their mind. If they say no, that's it regardless of their warranty. What a lousy company!!!

In June of this year (2016) I went to motor vehicle to get the necessary paperwork to register my car in my new location. I called Hyundai Motors to find out what I need to do get the title transfer. I was told to fax all my information to them including the paperwork from DMV. I faxed everything down to them in June and I was told it would be a couple of days, to get it to the mvc. As of today I still do not have my title. I have called almost everyday and I've been hung up on. I've talked to 4 different supervisors and gotten stone walled on every phone call. Their favorite answer is "The title dept isn't available at this moment." Hyundai Motor has the world's worst customer service and support.

Over 30 days my 2014 model i30 with 25.000 km EPS unit couldn't be replaced and it's still in the service. I basically can't drive a car which I paid to. Moreover I wouldn't like to discuss about the security issue of this part as I was driving, the wheel went off, wouldn't even turn. Thank god that I was driving in an easy road with a low speed so I had chance to park my car within a safe zone. I even wouldn't like to imagine what would happen if this problem would occur on the highway. Hyundai Turkey is behaving premature to handle the case. In this century I am not able to understand why the required part can not be delivered within 30 days while there are people touring around the world with bicycles or on foot less than 30 days. As a result of all, I don't have any other chances but to go to legal court to claim my rights and never ever touch anything called Hyundai.

GC 2013 3.8 Track (Love Car can't say the same for Company) - On Saturday, April 16th, 2016 I went to Balise Hyundai to have my vehicle serviced and to address my concerns about the paint peeling on the front bumper near the hood of the car. I showed the peeling paint to the service advisor Phil ** who took pictures of my front bumper and stated that he would pass them along to the person who handles warranty claims. Phil explained that I would need to come back to Balise Hyundai during the week to have my concerns addressed. It is important to note taking time off during the week was not feasible during that time due to the structure of my current role and the responsibilities it entails.

On Wednesday May 11th, 2016 I brought my vehicle to Balise Hyundai and showed the bumper to Bob ** (Service Director) who immediately began to tell me that my warranty didn't cover the damage and that it appeared as if the bumper was painted over or that something had spilled on it and therefore was not Hyundai's responsibility to cover. Bob proceeded to take pictures while he instructed his co-worker Stephanie to gather some info on my vehicle. After a few minutes of both Bob and Stephanie examining my vehicle, I asked Stephanie to update me on what was being discussed. She stated that I was not under warranty for paint as my car was three years old.

I told her that while my car was a 2013, I did not begin my lease until September of 2013. She then asked me about the mileage which I told her was less than 36,000 miles. Another 5 to 10 minutes of conversation with Bob yielded a plethora of biased assumptions that I found to be quite concerning. Bob ** insinuated I caused the damage to my vehicle. I left Balise Hyundai and then called Hyundai Motor America to report my warranty claim and ask questions. At that point, the integrity of Bob ** was in question and I was concerned that Bob would intentionally fail to submit the warranty claim and tell me it was not covered or submit the claim filled with biased narrative and minimal facts.

I spoke with a Genesis representative named Christina (case #**) and she explained to me that she would look into it and contact Balise Hyundai to follow-up. Christina said she would call me back that day to update me however I never received a call. Later that day I was set to travel out of the country for two weeks. On Thursday, May 26th, 2016 I contacted Hyundai Motor America to follow up regarding my warranty claim. I explained that I had not heard from Bob or Stephanie about next steps.

On Friday, May 27th, 2016 I received a call from Stephanie who left a voicemail stating that Hyundai wanted me to take my vehicle to the Balise repair shop to get an estimate of the damage. Upon hearing the message left by Stephanie I called her back and was unable to speak to her directly. I left a detailed voicemail inquiring about the arrangement of a specific date/time to bring the car for an estimate. Stephanie never responded to my message.

On Saturday, June 4th, 2016 I brought the vehicle to Balise to get the estimate and was told that the repair shop is only open during the week. I spoke with General Manager Brian ** who told me to email him pictures of the paint concerns and that he would get an estimate for me on Monday and send me the quote. (See attached photos) On Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 Brian emailed me stating that a rep is coming today and will see if he approves the work. Estimate is $1,300.

On Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 I emailed Brian back and ask him if the rep would be calling me directly to let me know the decision concerning my car. Brian emailed me back informing me that it was decided that my hood would not be covered but that the decision to repaint the bumper hadn't been made yet. On Friday, June 10th, 2016 I emailed Brian to find out how long it would be to determine if my bumper was going to be covered under warranty. He replied back confirming it would be 7 to 10 business days. On Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 I emailed Brian seeking an update on the pending situation. I received no reply.

On Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 I receive a voicemail from Bob ** stating that he wanted me to return his call because Consumer Affairs wanted a factory rep to look at my vehicle. He also stated the rep would be at Balise on Thursday (the very next day). I called Bob back to arrange the time for the factory rep to see my vehicle. I explained to Bob that I worked and that he was giving me very short notice. I asked if I could schedule something for Friday or the week after and Bob told me that the Factory rep only comes once a month and that if I didn't come tomorrow (Thursday) it would be next month before another meeting could be arranged.

On Thursday, June 30th, 2016 I arrived at Balise at approximately 7:30 am which was the agreed time slot. This time was chosen as it was early enough for business to be handled and ensured I'd make it to work on time. The factory rep showed up after 7:30 am and while I sat in the waiting area Bob failed to inform me that the factory rep arrived. At around 7:50 am I went to find Bob to inquire about the factory rep. That is when I was informed that Loi **, Eastern Region District Parts & Service Manager was already looking at my car.

When I approached Loi he informed me that he was checking to see if there was any report of an accident concerning my car. After a few minutes, Loi approached me and told me that the bumper damage was going to be covered but not the chipped paint on the hood of the car. I was then instructed to go to the Balise repair shop and schedule a date to have my car brought in for repair. I followed those instructions and spoke with the Collision Repair Manager, Tim **. We agreed to have the bumper painted on July 11th, 2016 and he told me that it would take two days.

On Monday, July 11th, 2016 I brought my car to Balise repair. To my surprise, I then had to rent a car from Enterprise because Balise Hyundai stated that they didn't have any loaners. They also informed me that even if they did have loaners, it would cost me. Over the course of two days, it cost me $60 to rent the car from Enterprise. On July 13th, 2016 I returned to Balise to pick up my car but was told that it was not ready. I was then left to rent a vehicle for another day. For my inconvenience, Jim ** who works for Balise Collision Repair agreed to cover the rental cost for that day.

On July 14th, 2016 I returned to Balise to pick-up my car and was astonished by what I saw. I spoke with Balise Collision Repair Appraiser, Jesse ** about the fact that the color of the bumper that was painted did not match the color of the rest of the vehicle! During my conversation with Jesse, he informed me that prior to beginning the paint job he called over to Bob ** and asked about blending the paint into the hood and the fender to prevent the noticeable color difference. He was told by Bob to only paint the bumper. Jesse explained to me that the color difference was typical with the type of paint on my car and that during most repairs to assure that the color matches the other parts of the car they blend into the other areas. (See attached photos)

I haven't yet heard about whether or not I will be reimbursed or receive credit towards my monthly payment. When I followed-up with Hyundai Motor Finance about my situation was I essential told "sorry for your troubles. You still must pay your monthly bill and if we don't receive payment we will repo your car. It will be auctioned and all accrued expenses will be your responsibility." Moral of this story: Don't buy Hyundai as their Customer Service is horrible and they don't care about loyal customers.

2014 ix35 R/H door mirror indicator lens. The cost of these indicator lenses are over expensive compared with other makers of cars. There is no excuse for this as many are exactly the same make up and the same materials. WHY?

The front panels forming the front end is opening up and the whole front seems loose. If I push on the fog light area it closes back up. This has happened to both sides. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my Hyundai Sonata for 3 years now and I've been a loyal customer, having a Sonata for 3 more years prior to that (6 years total). With the end of my lease, I drove my car up to the dealership I had got it from and they refused to take it, saying that they didn't have anymore space in their lot. They referred me to a different dealership who I then called and told me that they only take cars back that have been leased from them originally. They told me that my original dealership should be obligated to take it back.

So we called my original dealership again and they again said they could not take it because of space issues. We then proceeded to call the headquarters, boggled at how Hyundai wouldn't take in their own vehicle... What are we supposed to do? We can't keep it cause it's illegal, but no one wants to take it? I'm baffled.

Then I proceeded to call customer service to talk about my lease end deals and the woman was completely rude for no reason whatsoever. I was not notified of a payment that hadn't gone through and could not make debut payments because you can't do so online (which is so archaic that your only online option is to pay by check). As a once loyal customer of Hyundai, I don't think I'll ever return to this unprofessional mess.

Over a month ago I contacted Hyundai Consumer Affairs and Hyundai National Consumer Affairs regarding my 2016 Elantra Value Edition. My car was manufactured at the Alabama plant and I have had problems with the car since I purchased it. The problems began with the dealer not prepping the car for delivery and also not documenting all my trips back to the service department beginning the day after I purchased. The manager of the dealership titled my car in the wrong state, refused to listen to me and then also refused to honor the dealer's price guarantee and return policy. It took a year for the dealer to check the alignment and I still have a steering problem.

Within 10 months and 7000 miles, my interior began falling apart. Panel covers detaching and rattles and squeaks. Exterior items also detaching. The hood misaligned/warped. I made 5 trips to the dealer in Florida to get 1 panel cover repaired, 2 visits they refused to document: 1 visit I had an appointment and the system was down, the other trip the adviser refused to document and made an appointment for the following week. The parts were ordered in Ohio and it was a struggled to have them installed.

The screws/connectors that hold the wheel well liner, front bumper cover and the engine splash guard came loose and came off while I traveled from Florida to Ohio. The splash guard and wheel liner came down and dragged under the car. I got off the highway and pulled them back in place and secured them temporarily. The mechanic said I am lying and that I hit something. I did not, but most certainly dragged something from the road as I exited the highway.

Hyundai sent their district rep to the dealer. He did an inspection, however did not look at the interior as he claimed all the detaching panels are to OEM specs. I have photos that show otherwise. He also claimed to have checked my wipers and that there was no clunk nor the blade hitting the frame. I have a video that shows it does. Hyundai refuses to acknowledge the fact that their cars manufactured in the USA require different replacement parts and the cars are different. They refuse to repair my car. They kept my car 5 days for paperwork leaving me stranded and unable to travel.

I just bought a 2016 Tucson. From I bought that Car I have been going back and forth to the shop with different issues. The AC or heat was not working. The latch of hood needed to be replace and now the cruise would stop with me stopping the car. I was in the middle of traffic when car stop. I had my young kids in the car when the car would not move. I had to turn off car then turn on for the car to move. The car kept on doing it. I took it to the shop. Now I have to wait 4 weeks to get my car back cause Hyundai don't know what's the problem. But yet still I was told several people complaining about same issue. If you have a 2016 Tucson please be careful. It's not safe.

We bought our daughter this brand new 2016 Hyundai Tuscon 1.6 T AWD Limited on July 6th. It has left her stranded twice. The engine revs, but the car does not move. We have researched this online and there are over 950 people complaining about the same exact issue. My daughter was at a stoplight the first time this happened, and the car would just not go. The second time was after she got off work at 10:00 PM and her car started and then would not go at all. This is a brand new 2016, and we bought it for her because we wanted her to have a dependable car for college.

After less than a month, it has left her stranded twice. This is a MAJOR safety concern. The dealership we took it to already has several Tucson waiting for the same issue and we are told there is no fix for it yet. This is unacceptable. The car should never have been sold with this issue and no fix for it. The dealership stated they will keep the car and give a loaner. Problem is she can't drive the loaner, so this puts the whole family out now juggling cars, because she isn't 25 to drive the loaner. BUYER BEWARE!!!

I must say that Hyundai of Metairie went out of their way to make things right. Mike Dugas not only fixed my car, but it was free of charge. One person in the service department dropped the ball and it had a domino effect. Just proves that businesses must have everyone on the same page to make things work. We spend so much money on our cars. They are a huge investment! Thank you, Mike and Hyundai of Metairie for fixing this.

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I’ve been a loyal Hyundai of Metairie customer since 2008. I’ve always been happy with the professionalism & service. I’ve never had trouble with my car until now. It seems the 100,000 miles/10 year warranty is not what it pretends to be. Everything is cool with Hyundai of Metairie until something breaks. My 2014 Elantra (less than 2 years old & less than 38,000 miles) died Saturday afternoon. I drove the car at about 6 mph in the parking lot, the steering wheel seized, then the car went dead. Roadside service came by, gave me a jump. I got the car to Hyundai of Metairie just before they closed. The customer service person explained they could not diagnose it until Monday morning. He said they would fix me up with a loaner if need be. Fair enough.

Monday morning I make my first call to Hyundai of Metairie service department at 8 am (they open at 7 am). I asked if they had a chance to look at my car. "No," they said. I asked them to please call me once they found out what was wrong. They said the car would be diagnosed soon, not to worry. At 12 noon I still had not heard from the service department. I call again at 12:30 pm. I was told that my car was on the racks and the mechanic would call me soon with news. 1 hour passes. 2 hours pass.

This is not my idea of “soon.” I call back at 2:30 pm. The service rep tells me that the mechanic had not had the chance to look at the car. I said it was supposed to be on the rack two hours ago. The rep said he didn’t know about that. I asked to speak to the mechanic. "Oh he’s in a meeting and I can’t talk to him." "Can I speak to a manager?" "Oh he’s not here. We will call you later." I told him that if I did not get a call within the hour, I would go to Hyundai myself & find out what is going on.

Within the hour I get a call from the mechanic. He apologizes and says he was at lunch. "Funny, I thought you were in an important meeting." "Oh" he said, "that too." Right okay whatever. He says he will get me a loaner car. I asked if my car was diagnosed. He said he wanted to look at it very carefully before he made a judgement. I asked him again "had it been diagnosed?" He never answered me. His silence pretty much confirmed the lie that my car was just sitting there. My car was not on the rack at 12:30 and no one from Hyundai of Metairie bothered to call me once to keep me updated. I had to keep calling and pestering them.

The mechanic ordered a loaner for me. Should be free of charge, right? Wrong! I get to Enterprise, I’m getting ready to sign off on this car, then they hit me with an insurance fee! I explained that I have full coverage on my Hyundai. Why would I pay for insurance on a rental when Hyundai should be picking up the tab? After all, Hyundai service is keeping my car for 4 days now for a battery change! They can’t pick up the tab? The Enterprise guy said "oh instead of $45 it will only be $19!" I refused to pay, nor did I take the car.

I called Hyundai. Mike said my Elantra has a dead battery. This is when I am thinking the warranty should kick in, right? Wrong again! This battery is not even 2 years old. It should not be burned out! So here I am at Enterprise being scammed for insurance money. Mike from Hyundai of Metairie is scamming me on the phone for $200 for a car battery. Mike then tells me he will work out a deal for me & call me back in a few minutes. I wait and wait and wait for him to call back. Mike did nothing. I did not hear back from anyone at Hyundai. Not Mike, not the mechanic. I called Hyundai of Metairie to ask for him. "Oh he’s gone for the day."

I am going on day 4 without a car. Mike and the mechanic kept my car there all day. Mike did nothing except tell me what I wanted to hear. I will never buy another Hyundai again. The warranty is nonsense. This dealership and the people in charge are incompetent & very unprofessional. I will pay this car off and be done with it. Still without a car because Hyundai of Metairie avoids communication and honesty. I feel very ripped off by the service department of Hyundai of Metairie. The battery in the Elantra model seems to be faulty. Many complaints say so. I believe this could be a possible recall.

I’ve read tons of reviews on the Elantra 2012, 2013, 2014. Many say the same thing: the power shuts off and the battery needs to be replaced. I feel Hyundai put in a faulty battery and wants their customers to pay for it. It’s a good thing I was only driving in the parking lot when the battery went out. Had I been going at a higher speed on the freeway, a horrible accident could have resulted. Paying on a car I do not have and I am not happy about. Not happy about paying on a faulty battery that Hyundai put in a new car. I feel very ripped off by Hyundai and Hyundai of Metairie.

Since purchasing a used 2011 sonata I have dealt with a few recalls. One for metal debris may not have been fully removed from the crankshaft area during manufacturing causing knocking noise. My Sonata sounds like dozens of marbles flying around in the engine yet it was given a clean bill of health on this recall. They did however recommend replacing my front brakes prior to me leaving but I declined since I just got new tires and already knew I had quite some time left on the brakes. By the way it was 18 months before needing the front brakes. Totally bad reflection on the dealer service manager at Suntrup Hyundai in st. louis.

Second recall was for powertrain -- the transmission shift cable may detach from the shift lever pin. This happened to me at a supermarket only I had no idea about the recall. Tried to start car but it would not turn over at all. I noticed the dash board showed the car in Drive but it was in park. That seemed strange. Got a tow truck to take car to dealer after trying to jump it. Dealer called and told me it needed a new battery which I could not believe since the tow truck tried to jump it and failed.

So, I went ahead and replaced the battery and When I picked the car up the dealer told me they also fixed a recall with the transmission cable shift lever pin. I pointed out that was what happened to me at the supermarket. Car showed it was in drive but it was really in park and it would not start. They basically lied and replaced the battery that did not need replacing and it was the recall all along that caused the car not to start. Once again this is a dealer service manager problem. Clearly a big problem with Suntrup Hyundai in St Louis.

Third was today. MDPS ECU replacement. Electric Power assist causes power steering to go out without notice. They fixed mine today but informed me that I needed a Steering coupler which would cost 350.00. I told Tim that nothing about the steering was broke so why would I need to do that. I left but as soon as I started the car and pulled out, I had to go back into the service counter. I told Tim the steering was screwed up bad. He said that he already explained to me that it was a separate issue and the computer was just compensating for the loose steering. How about that it was fine when I brought it in for the recall and it was given back to me broken. The steering is so loose that you can blow on it to make it turn. It must be twice as dangerous now as before. So unbelievable of a story that it seems made up.

I purchased my 2016 Tucson on 1/18/2016. For the first few weeks it was a dream. It did not take it long 'til my car would not back out of my garage even though it was in reverse. I finally got it to move backwards after being in reverse for 15 minutes. I called the service department and they told me to bring it in and let them check it out. I did as I was asked and they said they had put it on the computer and there were no problems found. They had a service rep. drive it and it shifted just fine.

Fast forward to 2/4/2016, I was sitting at a traffic light and when the light turned green, I gave the car gas and it just sat there. I was stuck for about 20 minutes before it started moving forward. (The people behind me were not nice.) When it did move forward, it just crept. Then it lunged forward almost making me hit the car in front of me. I once again took my car into the dealership and they gave me a rental so they could once again “check out my problem.” Once again, they could not make my car duplicate what it did with me. They said they had not heard of this problem before.

I am handicapped and not able to drive myself very often. In the next four months, the same problem appeared when 4 other people were driving my car. I had to make 2 trips to the doctor in New Orleans and prayed that we would not have any trouble. Too much to ask!! Had the same problems in New Orleans. I have over 5,000 miles on my car of which are about 3,000 mine. The rest were put on with the Service Department driving it.

I left my car again on 7/14/2016. Today is 7/31/2016 and they still have my car. I told them I did not want it back until it was fixed. They gave me a rental car that I can hardly get out of due to my disability. I am to pick up a SUV tomorrow. Corporate called me and asked me to explain to them what was happening and I did. This was on 7/20/2016 and they told me they would get back in touch with me within 3-4 working days. I have not heard from them. I have to have to make notes each month and have no car. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Three years ago, I purchased a new Hyundai Genesis. Unfortunately, the car veered to the right which make driving difficult and dangerous. When I first brought the car in, the dealer denied a problem. When I returned shortly thereafter, they reluctantly agreed that the car lurched to the right. After a series of trips back and forth to the dealer, the tires were replaced, the alignment was redone, the electronics were revised and the problem persisted. After my 6th or 7th visit, I gave them the car and told them that I would not take it back till the problem was solved. They kept the car for months and were never able to sort it out.

Meanwhile, I communicated with corporate Hyundai and they were rude. I finally invoked the lemon law and my money was returned (not the interest that I had been paying Hyundai as they held the loan on the car). Needless to say, whenever I see a Hyundai on the road, I think to myself what a poor sucker is driving that car. I will never buy a Hyundai again.

I bought a 2010 Hyundai Sonata new. The first piece of plastic to break was the sunglasses holder. Then the cover for the mirror on the driver's side, the center console clip broke, 4 door handles. The last one I bought 1 month ago, and it broke today. I paid $154 for this one. My husband and I are retired so we are not rough on this vehicle.

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