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I was driving on the highway when my 2015 Sonata se came to a complete stall without warning. I was almost rear-ended by a semi. I've only had the car for 24 hours. Now it's at a Hyundai service center where they say they don't know what the codes mean. However they stated they had 10 new engines for same complaint.

Just received my 10th recall on this piece of junk. And I expect more. I was actually given a phoney long-winded dissertation of the recall by the east coast Hyundai regional representative who called me to placate me after the 9th recall. He said sometimes the "robots" do get it wrong. Wtf kind of response is that? Hyundai should declare this car a lemon and offer some kind of compensation to us victims of their horrendous quality control issues.

I have a 2012 Genesis with 42,000 miles on it and it blew an engine. A piston rod broke in half. Hyundai refuses to cover it under the warranty because they claim it was out of oil. I just had it serviced, but not by Hyundai, and there was oil in it. In fact when the rod broke the engine spilled oil all over the road and the tow truck. Even the dealer confirms that. But no the supreme judge at America Hyundai says "no oil, no pay." The warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on!!! Never, ever buy a Hyundai! The experience is bitter beyond description.

I've been leasing this car for about 2 months and the brand new car shut off on me randomly twice! First time it shut off I had to pick my toddler up from daycare that is 40 min away and they told me they will come in about an hour and half to tow my car. And they will not give me a loaner or anything to replace the vehicle while being looked at while my toddlers school closed and they are waiting for me to grab him. I kept trying to start the car in a panic and 2 hours later before the tow truck got to me the car started and I rushed to get him.

The next day took the car to get looked at Paramus Hyundai service center and spent the whole day there with my baby for them to tell me my car is fine and told me I gotta go that they are closing. Meanwhile I tell them I do not feel safe driving with my baby in a car that shuts off with no warnings in middle of the road and I want a loaner and this car looked at more to find the problem. They said no and that's not their problem. Following week sure enough the car shuts off again at 8pm in middle of the road with my dogs and baby in the car and this time it never went back on. Cops stopped the traffic moved the car off road and when I called the sos they told me they cannot tow the car because the service center is closed and they can't get permission to park the car there...

So we walked home from that area about a 15-20 min walk at around 10pm. I had to drag the baby back with me early morning to tow the car and sit at the service center all day with my poor son crying. And eventually that place brought me to tears, having me there all day not telling me anything until the very end of the day giving me a lot of problems about giving me a loaner car and only pulling some string and giving me a car seeing that I'm stuck there with a fed up toddler.

No one helping me, no one cared the first time it broke, now I do not feel safe in this car. I also want money back from the time I spent without a working car. I pay so much money for my time lost sitting on the phone and being transferred from person to person to tell me they cannot help me, calling corporate for them to transfer me from person to person for an hour me explains my issues over and over again to different people for them to tell me someone will call me that can help me in 3-5 business days!!! Are they crazy?!

I don't want this car. I don't want to deal with anyone from Hyundai anymore!!! I'm fed up, my family is fed up. I have never had so many problems with a car or with customer service as I do with this Hyundai Tucson limited! I'm disgusted with the way I have been treated and I cannot believe I'm still in this unsafe car that supposedly was fixed. A car that ** off like this after 2 months of driving it brand new is not a safe car and is not worth $466 a month! PS. There is a lot more to all this but I wanted to make it as short as possible. Bottom line me and my baby were put in unsafe position twice and no one does anything about it!

On Feb. 22, 2017, we leased a BRAND new Hyundai Santa Fe. We had asked for a 2016 and were forced into a 2017 then we were bait and switched into a high lease amount (but that's not what this complaint is about). On April 15th, 2017, the car was in what would be called a minor rear end accident. The total repair cost $7500 and an estimated 9 day repair. 28 days later, our rental company told us our rental was over AND we still had no date for our back ordered parts. We started calling Hyundai right away. After that it took over 4 weeks for Hyundai to admit fault in the delay of parts. Then once they agree to compensate us they make us jump through hoops and then deny our claims and documentation (even though it's everything they asked for).

We are now at 12 weeks without our brand new car. We are now in debt because Hyundai is refusing to pay the rental of a car they said they would. On top of it after research there appears to be major defaults in the car that may have led to the accident. The main office and our case worker does not return our calls. We are on the hook for another 2 and a half years of a lease for a car we don't even feel safe putting our children in.

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As a loyal customer of Hyundai Vehicles that currently owns 4 Hyundai Cars I am extremely disappointed in the service received from the service department. My daughter is a college student in the area away from home. When purchasing her vehicle I added all the Hyundai Warranties offered to me in order to secure her safety at all times. Her vehicle was taken in April 2016 for repairs and replacement of a few items. She left there with not 1 item corrected. I called several times and was given several excuses. One weekend in May 2016 I drove 5 hours to address the issue in person. I was told by Curvin (Advisor) and Mike (Manager) that the issue would be resolved. Well June rolled around no action. I called the GM of this location to assist in the matter. Well he never returned my call. The only thing he did was send my message back to the service manager

After contacting the warranty department myself I learned that Hyundai never requested the approval until June 30, 2016. Well here we are in July 2016. Still waiting on the items to be ordered. This will be my last Hyundai and I would not recommend anyone take their vehicle here. Since they were not making extra money off of me, my daughter service was not a priority at all. In 37 years this is the worst experience I have ever had...

I am writing to bring to you attention a serious dissociation between the Hyundai customer value mantra. Starting my family and myself have been very loyal customers to Hyundai brand, group and dealerships in North America and abroad. That is why it pain me that my trust in the words of your dealers at the Miami Gardens Lehman Hyundai was abused during my September 14, 2014 purchase of a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013. I expressed one of the major problems during the test drive.

I asked clearly about the water droplets from the back window and was told it was condensation, which I now know to be a prevalent defect in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe architecture after being told there was no leak found on September 20, after take a picture and sending to the dealer that sold me the car. Part of the deal included tinted windows which took three days and continued broken schedules. When asked about the light scratched I was told it would be taken care of which took a week of my car being left in the auto body parking lot having to be completely repainted.

On the Friday when picking up the car the key were nowhere to be found where I had to use the spare. I recently went back to the dealership to speak directly with Paul, the dealer that sold me the car, and was told he was terminated from the dealership based on conduct. I am at a breaking point, I have let so many negative aspects to the sale pass because I loved the car, but the more I think of the time and pure disrespect it leaves a bad taste. I would like a processed investigation into my sale to be implemented and will be waiting for a conclusive resolution.

Bad smells, like engine compartment smells almost all the time. Worst when stopped at intersection, you smell every car exhaust next to you. With cabin only air it stinks badly and cannot use. Brought car to dealer 5 times for this and they keep saying new car smell!! Car is 10 months old.

Our second & last Hyundai. Car hesitates & bucks very bad from a full stop. Fuel gage not accurate at all. According to brochure car has a 16.4 gallon fuel tank, but when you go to fill it only takes about 9-10 gallons after low fuel indicator reads 30 miles or so to empty. Took car to O'brien Hyundai of Fort Myers shortly after purchase & given a runaround about problem. Told by service writer that there was no code displayed.

Talked to 2 independent mechanics who both said it sounds like the fuel pick up or sending unit is either bad or loose in fuel tank. Filled out complaint form with Hyundai USA, called back a week later & was told someone would contact me. No one ever contacted me. After another 2 weeks called Hyundai & was told issue was not escalated because problem did not sound serious enough. Finally contacted Hyundai USA customer service who agreed to escalate case.

In July 2015, I bought 2015 Hyundai Sonata limited edition. It comes with 5 year road side assistance. Yesterday June 25, 2016, I went to Twin Lakes State Park for small picnic with my wife and 10 months old son. When I was about to return home around 6:30 PM, I realized that I left my keys in the trunk and the car locked out. My mobile doesn't have any network signal, luckily I have called the Hyundai road side assistance by using my friend's mobile. The customer care professional took all my details and said, somebody is going to call me.

After 5 mins I got a call from someone and they reviewed my details and said, the warranty on my VIN number is not showing up, and they are going to call the dealer and update me. I didn't get any after 30 mins so I called them back again. The story started from scratch again, they took all my details again and said they are going to send a text message, a driver details and approximate arrival time. I waited for some more time and called again, this time the automatic answering machine was telling that, my request was put on hold and asked me to un-hold. I have opted for un-hold, the story started again, they verified all the details again, but luckily this time the customer care professional was nice and told that, he will take it personally and try to reach the driver right away and update.

He kept me on-hold for 10 mins and said, he tried to reach around 10 drivers and none of them are not available right now. He continued and said, he will try to reach more drivers personally and call me back once he gets the driver. All this story lasted for about 2 hours, but I haven't got any assurance for any help. No assurance on somebody coming, when...etc. I really felt sad about this, because Hyundai made lots of promises for road side assistance when I bought my car. More importantly I was at the lake almost alone with my friends and 10 months old son waiting for this road side assistance.

On Memorial Day, I purchased a Hyundai Tucson Sport AWD 1.6L Turbo. This is my first time purchasing a Hyundai and I really made the purchase because of the warranty. Now I am having buyer's remorse. The vehicle I purchased drives great on the highway, but is not easy to drive in city traffic. I experience a lot of hesitation and jerkiness when pressing on the gas pedal to accelerate from a complete stop. I have complained about this to the dealer and was told I need to get used to the gas pedal because that is the nature of the turbo engine.

I have also experienced a lot of static on FM radio stations. The owner's manual mentions that static does not mean there is anything wrong with the radio, it is just a poor signal coming to the car due to distance from the tower or perhaps trees or buildings blocking the signal. I have even experienced outages when I tune into XM stations using Sirius. I will get silence for up to three minutes. The dealer told me to bring it in at my convenience and they will check out the radio, but I have a feeling if it does not act up while they have it, they will just re-iterate what the owner's manual says. I have never had these issues with any of my previous vehicles, so I think these are design issues with this model. I am not a happy Hyundai owner to say the least.

I own a 2013 Hyundai Veloster, first new car I've ever purchased. My vehicle roof corroding due to poor manufacturing. Long story short I've done the whole process for approval with the dealer (Ron **) and "Hyundai" claims the corrosion coverage is only 3/36. This is not what my owner's manual says. It states 7/unlimited miles. I've contacted Hyundai "so-called" customer care on now 5 different occasions. NONE of the people I have spoke with have ever contacted me back with resolution. The customer care line is a huge waste of time. No one there is capable of answering any question. They don't know their own manufacturer's policy and procedures. It is appalling that Hyundai even claims them as "customer care."

Furthermore my 3-year-old vehicle should not have a roof that is corroding. It's super frustrating to be told that you cannot talk to anyone who can help. All I wanted was the time of day and someone to assist me with my concern. Instead I got the runaround for a month. A huge headache, super frustrated, no call back from anyone ever, and worst of all no answers. Do not buy any Hyundai product as they do not honor or even know their warranty policy. I will be heard on this concern as no one deserves to be treated like this.

My husband bought me the 2012 Hyundai Azera for my 50th birthday. Every year the battery dies. It is going on it 5th battery!! Last year I threw a fit over the same thing every year. They said it is because when I stop the car, forget to put it in park. This did not make any sense because of the fact it dies around the same time each year. They keep it for weeks without a loaner car!! I wrote Hyundai and told them my problem, they were complete no help. I had no problems with my last car. This car has been a complete nightmare. From the service department, all the way up to the Hyundai company. It is in the shop again for another battery!! I will never buy another Hyundai again. Just the worst customer service I have ever seen!!

I've been a loyal Hyundai owner of the years - owned more than a dozen of them. From the Hyundai Excel I owned back in the early 1990s until I bought my 2016 Tucson, I have had virtually no problems with the car. The long warranty was great, but the fact I never had to use it was even greater. Now, along comes the Tucson with its "dual clutch transmission" (DCT). If you do a search on the Internet, you can find hundreds of complaints related to this. I am suffering the hesitation problem. As I explained to my dealer (twice now), it's like driving a car with the transmission going out. At a stop, you press on the accelerator, the engines revs, and you go nowhere. In my case, it eventually smoothly catches and starts going. But there is typically a 3-5 second hesitation. Enough to get you killed in an intersection.

What really frustrates me is the service department at my dealer acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. They tried to say this is just how the DCT works. After reviewing the comments on the Internet, I found this is a known problem that Hyundai has tried to fix (unsuccessfully) with a software patch. Based on my vehicle manufacturing date, I suspect I don't have this patch (and I don't have the new problem created by the patch). But, my dealer never even mentioned there was a patch.

I will go back to them on Monday, now armed with the many reports I've read. After seeing just how widespread this is, I'm thinking about starting to gather folks who would like to participate in a Class Action suit against Hyundai and our dealerships. I believe we have grounds. I would suspect research will show that people have been killed or injured due to the problem and it just hasn't come to the surface yet. Additionally, I will be contacting the National Transportation Safety Board. I have loved my prior Hyundais and had nothing but great experience with them through literally millions of miles. I even love this Tucson (though there does seem to be other buggy software on board). But I won't put up with one that might get me or my family killed.

After an engine recall of our Sonata, we had to use our own money to rent a car to replace the car for over 90 days. We have been promised our $800 plus many times but every time we call to inquire where money is, we are getting the run around that corporate needs more doc??? Total crooks who have made our experience so bitter, that would never recommend buying or dealing with low life company.

2012 Hyundai Tucson. Bought my Hyundai late in 2012. My car has 86,000 miles on it (I commute for work) and the motor is shot. No noise. No lights. No warnings at all. I was traveling and engine light came on and thirty SECONDS later I was on the side of the road. I have had to argue through all of this with the dealer and Hyundai in order for my car to be repaired. I have (thankfully) kept all maintenance records through my mechanic. Needs new motor and there are none available because Sonatas were all recalled for the engine design issue. Same issue as the design flaw in mine but Hyundai gambled with lives and warranty that the engines wouldn't go until after warranty's were up.

This has been a nightmare!!! They are telling me it is going to be 8 plus weeks before my vehicle is repaired. In the meantime the dealer has given a loaner car that is NOT comparable to my vehicle what so ever and it is the Sonata you know the one that has been recalled for motor!! Are you kidding me. Husband and I are speaking to a lawyer... Can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

I have a 2013 Santa Fe and this is my second time the radio stop working since I owned the car. Very frustrated with the service or lack of customer service I received from Hyundai as I tried to get them to stand behind a clear issue they have with them as I see a recall with my car not included. So once again I have to pay for something that I should not be having any issues with. Then the same with the backup camera which 98% of the time will not work which I also see issues with and Hyundai does not seem to value their customers so I will never buy another one or suggest them to anyone I know.

I was surprised by my father when he got me a brand new Hyundai Tucson last May of 2011. My old car prior to this one was a Toyota Vios - manual transmission, so this is definitely something more special as it is bigger and it has an automatic transmission making the drive easier for me. I used my Hyundai going to work and it really did not disappoint me especially during rush hour. The handling of my Hyundai is very good. It is very fuel efficient and it accelerates smoothly - very zippy. It is very easy to drive and it doesn't seem to be too big especially for a girl like me who is not tall.

The leg room at the back is also very spacious and could definitely accommodate tall people. The compartment at the back is also very big. I did not encounter any problems with my Hyundai up until the time that I sold it. I was really saddened when I have to say goodbye to it earlier this year because it was my favorite but my husband got a brand new Mitsubishi so we have to let go of our old Hyundai. Hyundai is definitely recommended!

Purchased a 2014 Hyundai Equus with 71 miles on odometer and Hyundai Motor America said I not entitled to 10 year/100,000 powertrain warranty as a second owner. Car purchased on Aug 1, 2015, and although manual provides for mandatory arbitration through Auto Line at BBB, I have been systematically denied an opportunity to argue my warranty rights. It has now been 11 months and despite countless calls to customer care office and a detailed letter to new CEO of Hyundai, he has not responded at all! Never! The manager at customer care, known only as Steve, said my case warranted an exception and he would send all my paperwork to legal dept. of Hyundai in California. Said in February, 2016 a decision would be prompt.

After following up several times due to no response, Steve has settled upon a course of action to not speak to me or share legal department's evaluation. Nobody should buy a Hyundai and probably a Kia for reasons that an honest dispute will not even be considered and Hyundai refuses to authorize the Better Business Bureau to arbitrate a warranty matter it believes it has no jurisdiction over. The BBB representative said “Just ask Hyundai to approve.” and Susanne said she would not. And Dave Duchowski, the CEO refused to intercede or reply to my fully particularized letter dated March 10, 2016. My intention is to publish a series of editorials nationally and to pursue a criminal complaint with Brian Frosh, the Attorney General for Maryland.

I purchased my first brand new car with Hyundai in January 2015, a Hyundai Elantra. My car is now a year and almost 5 months old and 6 days ago my engine began revving and I immediately removed myself and car from the road. Once I parked, my car started releasing all its transmission fluid. I had no warnings, no indications of anything wrong at all. They towed the car to the dealership and I was given a rental car that I was told was going to be covered because since the car is so new. Needless to say, I received a phone call later that day telling me that this fix won't be covered under my warranty because it's been deemed an "impact crack" in my transmission and it's an "incidental".

My car is a year old and they're trying to tell me that I've caused a crack in my own transmission... I'm sorry that just doesn't happen. I live on Long Island which is basically all highways, no rough terrain whatsoever. A transmission is a tough piece of machinery, they just don't crack and I'm telling you I did absolutely nothing wrong. I use this car for my commute to work and pleasure on weekends. Mind you also, before I even drove it off the lot upon purchase back in Jan. 2015, I had the dealer repair not one but two dents as well as multiple scratches on the car. I didn't know I had to bring a mechanic with me to purchase a new car from a Hyundai Dealer... Clearly the conditions in which this car were kept were nothing close to ideal. How can they honestly and with good faith point the finger at me and tell me that a car that's a year old will not be covered under warranty? "AMERICA'S BEST WARRANTY", that is. Go scratch, Hyundai.

I've reached out to Hyundai Motor America via Email, Mail, Fax and Phone. I've opened a case and the case manager I spoke with was BEYOND useless. I'm currently awaiting an adjuster from my insurance company to go look at my car and they're going to fight on my behalf as well. Additionally, now the rental car they ever so kindly set me up with, they're telling me I must pay for. That car got returned after day 5 and now I have a hefty bill for a rental on top of all of this now. To say I'm beyond infuriated is an understatement. The customer service and lack of consideration I've been receiving from Hyundai is atrocious. Shame on you, Hyundai. Once this is said and done I will NOT be a returning consumer of anything Hyundai related and I'll make sure everyone else knows what JUNK this company truly produces.

This car is very dangerous on the road. When resuming speed after a stop sign or making any turns, the car stalls and then when the gas pedal is pressed it takes off like a jackrabbit. I was told that a 1.6 litre on a crossover doesn't have enough horsepower.

Bought a loaded $35000 2010 Sonata in the spring of 2011. Loads of minor things wrong that were never resolved. In Jan 2013, timing belt blew through three sections of the engine. I had a rental for a month and got my car back with a new engine - an engine which they said had to come from Korea which is why the repairs took so long. An engine which the dealership refused to warranty.

Forward to spring 2016, the 3 year old engine is now leaking - who knew that Hyundai engines have what the staff called a "liquid seal which breaks down over time and cars don't last like they used to." A liquid seal? So every Hyundai owner can expect a $1000 repair around the three year mark to repair a leaking "liquid seal." Now that does not sound quite right. We have calls and emails in to the elusive owner of the dealership. I had a Toyota for 16 years and it never gave me a stitch of trouble. Hyundai - never again. Ball joints are wearing, needs all new hoses and brakes all around. Might get rid of it.

In March, we had an engine issue with our 2015 Sonata that has less than 8000 miles... It started with the clicking sounds that we hear whenever we hit the accelerator. We brought it to a local dealer. They took 2 weeks to "fix" the issue. When I asked about if it was all fixed and all was good to go, the dealer said yes and that we shouldn't have any future issues with it. Within 4 days from picking up the "fixed" car, we start hearing the clicking sound again. We brought it back to the same local dealer to be fixed. Within 3 days of dropping off the car, we received a phone call from the regional manufacturer representative to ask about our vehicle and if the car was repaired. I let her know that we actually had to bring back the vehicle for the same issue just days before she called. She gave me her number and said that she would get back to me within 24 hours with an answer to what's going to happen next. I don't hear from her...

Feeling frustrated, I call her to find out what's going on. Since she told me to get in touch with her rather than the dealer, I trusted her and only called her to find out what's going on. I never hear from her... In the meantime, my husband calls their Korean Customer service number to make the complains and only told to speak with the representative who is not returning our calls. She is the one who can make anything happen. WHAT??? We even tried to call different customer service numbers but we are told that she is the one we need to speak to and no one else. Finally after dropping the car off 3 weeks prior, we receive a call from the dealer that the engineer from manufacturer came out to inspect our car and that the entire engine needed to be taken apart to see what is wrong with it. It took 2 days for this engineer to inspect it but no real answers to what is the actual issue.

I finally took time off from work to go to the dealer to inspect the car and everything under the hood is taken apart and they said that it will take days to put everything back and repair the issues. While at the dealer, we manage to speak with the Service Manager who said that the manufacturer went cheap way out the first time we brought the car out and they are very interested in our car because for a "new" car, it is having some engine issue that they can't pinpoint too. He also said that the representative advised him that she has been in contact with us so he doesn't need to call us.

Feeling disappointed and frustrated with what's happening with our new car. We tried to get in touch with the regional representative. To this day, we haven't been able to speak with her and the car is "fixed" but the engine makes a lot of noise for a new car especially compared to my dad's car that has over 200,000 miles on it and we are just disappointed with our whole experience with this dealer and the manufacturer. We can't wait to return this car when its lease expires in 2 years. Never will I ever buy another Hyundai vehicle. There are reasons why people said never buy Hyundai. Should've listened to them.

I bought 2 Hyundai's in the past 5 years and every time I go to the dealer to fix a problem, they say, "Yes it is not working properly, but it still works enough to not replace". This goes for the shocks that won't lift the hatch back up, and the AC that makes a loud clunk sound EVERY time I turn off the car. Don't believe the warranty because they will delay you until the warranty runs out. Tired of their lies!

Consumers please beware when buying Hyundai car. I bought Hyundai Sonata 2011 in June 2014 and the car is a piece of crap. So far I have this car almost 2 years and I already spent tons of money fixing it. Something is always wrong with it. The electrical, the gas, the brake, the fuel line... In addition I received 3 different recalls notices that the car is not safe to drive... Really 3 recalls in less than 2 years?

What the **??? I have not even driven 100,000 miles or 5 years on this car yet and have spent thousands of dollars fixing the piece of JUNK/GARBAGE. So stay clear from this brand and do your homework thorough. Don't just Google it because they paid lots of advertisements money to be on top of the search page so all you see is great things about this piece of CRAP. Instead looking at buyers' comments on various websites, or ConsumerAffairs to get a real picture and its condition before you buy. Personally, they LOST me as a customer forever. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM HYUNDAI AGAIN AND WILL MAKE SURE ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW ABOUT THIS. Very angry Hyundai car buyer.

I own a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with 75K miles on it. Recently, the vehicle started changing gears all by itself. It would downshift into a very low gear and the RPMs would race and the vehicle would slow down dramatically, then upshift into a high gear and lurch forward very fast. It did this several times to the point that it was unsafe to drive, and I had to have it towed into the dealer for repair.

Dealer service tells me that the engine control harness needs to be replaced and they are charging me $3600 to do it. Since this is obviously a safety issue, I feel that Hyundai should take responsibility for the repair and also provide some assurance that this is not going to happen again. I have found 23 cases for the 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe similar to mine reported on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website ( - some resulting in injuries and property damage. Therefore I am very concerned that this may be an ongoing problem.

I have spoken with 5 different Hyundai customer care representatives and the bottom line is that they are not going to do anything about it. They won't even send me an email to confirm/document that I reported the problem. They also appear to have a policy of leaving a complainant on hold while they either review the case or transfer the call, and then they disconnect them. This has happened 3 different times in a row now. I guess they expect me to give up sooner or later. I am very disappointed with their apparent disregard for the safety of their customers and their refusal to take responsibility for their defective vehicles. No vehicle should do what this vehicle is doing. It is clearly a violation of vehicle safety regulations, and they are doing absolutely nothing about it. I will never buy another Hyundai vehicle and will strongly advise others not to either. They make inferior and unsafe vehicles, and they simply don't care.

After driving my car for only 20 months the engine started to make a ticking noise & now my warranty claim is denied for lack of receipts & sludge. I am highly upset because I have to pay for a car that no longer works at the same time continue to pay for a warranty that denies my claim. What really is the point of purchasing a warranty if they are going to deny you? Now be that as it may I had this same problem before with a previous car I owned but did not have a warranty on it. All the reason why I purchased a warranty this time. What is up with all these used cars breaking down after 20 to 30,000 miles driving it?

So I got a warranty on the Hyundai as part of my payment plan. The worst part about this deal is that Hyundai sold me a warranty that has been denied because of supposedly sludge build up in the car. I gave them a total of the latest 3 receipts I had. I sent them the stickers that the service men place on the corner of your driver side window for every time I had an oil change, dating back to when I first got the car to prove I actually did have the car worked on. And yet I am still denied. It really sucks. I pay my notes on time and have my car maintenance all the time. I was not even aware I had to keep my receipts for the warranty to even be used.

They are not at all loyal to their customers. In talking to them they all will say they understand but can't do nothing for you, while they are still charging you for a lemon they sold you. America needs to make a law behind this. If a claim gets denied they should at least discontinue the contract seeing as they can't do anything for it if they obviously deny you. I also believe that all cars should be refinanced to the bluebook value if something as tragic as an engine or transmission breaks down.

The worst ever - they never know what is actually owed. They ask for the next month's payment in advance of due date. The hold time is ridiculous. Customer service representatives are complete idiots. I will never buy another Hyundai. I think their banking standards are substandard. I question their legitimacy. I believe they are fraudulent. I asked for a statement representing my payment history. It did not match my bank records. I requested it a second time and again it did not reflect what was paid on my bank statements. I asked what the final payoff would be at the end of the lease on 3 separate occasions and got 3 different answers. Avoid Hyundai motor financing at all cost, I will in the near future.

Two weeks ago we were driving and all of a sudden the engine shut off, no warning lights were on at all at the time this happened. We had Hyundai Roadside assistance tow the vehicle, (waited 2 hours for them) to the closest Hyundai dealer. The next day the dealer called and said the engine was shot, and they had to take it apart to send pictures to the corporate office. 5 days later they called and said Hyundai denied the warranty for "Lack of Maintenance". The car only as 46,000 miles, and we have had oil changes. The dealer said they found sludge in the engine. Hyundai never asked for any receipts for oil changes, and just denied the claim. I then called the 800 customer service number, to be told that there was nothing they could do, all complaints were handled through the Better Business Bureau.

I asked to speak with whomever denied the claim and they refused. So now I have a complaint into the BBB, but Hyundai has not responded. I don't understand how they advertise the best warranty and then deny all claims. I have researched the internet and found many people has had the same thing happen to them. How is this legal? Our vehicle is leased, so they know we have to fix it before the end of the lease. This seems like a scam, since we have to fix it. We also found at least 5 other Hyundai owners who reported the exact same symptoms as ours on the same make, all of which were denied by Hyundai.

I will never buy another Hyundai, they are criminals running a huge scam. Don't believe the salesman when they tell you they have the best warranty. They don't honor it. Dealer told me there is nothing they can do to help. They said that they have seen sludge in the engine in other Hyundai's and ours was not that out of the ordinary. However they claim their hands are tied, and all warranty decisions are made by corporate.

I have had quality roadside assistance with every luxury brand - BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and now Hyundai. I would give Hyundai an F - unbelievably bad response time, client interaction, and roadside assistance partners. Wow, I let myself get talked into this 2015 Genesis V-8 and will never buy another Hyundai product again, period. One problem after the next. Now my high-tech battery shot craps. I've owned the car for 8 months and bought it brand new. RUN away from this brand. They are trying to play in a league they are not equipped to play in.