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2015 - 2.2 Ford Ranger 105 000 km. Turbo Charger impeller disintegrated resulting in engine damage not covered by warranty. Without even lifting a finger V ** at Barloworld Alberton Ford said the engine need replacing at a cost of R80 000.00. #worstworkshopevery #dontbuyFordRanger

We purchased a Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT PX in Sept 2015. One of the reasons we chose this vehicle was for the Navman and towbar. To our dismay, the navman, was over three years out of date with maps (would only recognise the southern expressway as a one-way express road in South Australia). Ford Care stated that when we had our first service they would update the maps for us for free. However, at the first service the Ford dealer told us we had to pay for the update and do this ourselves. We rang Ford Care again and they refused to assist us. Our other disappointment was the towbar. It has a dubious reputation amongst many caravanners as it is not considered strong enough to tow up to 3.5 tonne. We replaced ours.

My husband 2001 Ford Ranger caught fire for no reason at all. The truck is a total loss. He was not inside. He is ok but it was very close to a building. Why is this happening and he was never notified of any recall from Ford. Is there anything we can do to report this problem so it does not happen to others?

I bought my Ranger 4 years ago and have put almost another hundred thousand miles on it. I have the 4 liter V6. Had one fuel injector replaced. Had gear oil changed and transmission immediately started grinding going into second and into 3rd gear and has been doing that for 2 years now. Hydraulic cylinder for clutch has gone out twice and transmission needs to come out for it to be changed - $$$. Had regular gear oil changed to Royal Purple and that did not make shifting any better. Even when care is taken do not mess up the front rotors. They can still only be resurfaced once. At present I have 3 tubes of AlumAseal keeping the radiator leak to a small drip. I drive this truck all over the place following the power company around during wind storms and power outages and this truck has never left me stuck on the side of the road... Yet.

Bought a brand new 2001 Ford Ranger 4X2 "edge" model. I have to say, it was a good truck until it failed to pass inspection because of the holes rusted through the frame near the fuel tank supports. The body of the truck did not have any rust on it except maybe a small surface spot, barely noticeable. Since the truck only had 85,000 miles on it, I would have probably kept it for another 15 years. Some people have said that it rusted because I did not hose the undercarriage off enough, but I did hose the undercarriage off. The fact that the wheel wells and the rest of the truck were unaffected by the rust leads me to believe that cheap steel was used on this frame.

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Very unstable, flips very easy, bad uneven braking, extremely poor traction on wet roads that causes skidding and spin puts. And very poorly made and quality. Almost killed me today. Had to drive it as a company vehicle because it was the only job available for me. But I will never own one myself ever.

I have a well maintained 2008 Ford 4.0 six Ranger with 63K miles. At about 56 K miles (while still in warranty) the transmission would slip out of gear while driving or starting up. This would only happen about once every 4 months or so. I took the truck to the dealer and they claimed (and I believe them) that they could not get the problem to occur so they could diagnose it. A day ago, (truck now out of warranty) the coolant hose for the transmission had a catastrophic failure and fried the transmission. Ironically this happened as I was driving past the dealer where I bought the truck and I was able to cost right up to the service entrance trailing transmission fluid. I am not happy. The quote for a new transmission was $3800.

Wrong part number was recommended by the manufacturer, causing the piston to hit the spark plug and ejecting the spark plug which did destroy the c.o.p. as well.

In the past two weeks at a stop sign, truck bounced forward and tapped bumper of lead car twice. With no warning ABS light comes on, within two miles I take into truck stop maintenance. He tells me its the ABS module and needs two sensors. I asked if it could be tire rod ends or bearings. He told me that my truck was safe to continue my trip to Florida and to fix when I got home. Well, one state and 100 miles away, hub/wheel gives and lets go. Thank God it didn't kill anyone on 95 but my wheel is now home to a gator in a Georgia swamp... and I'm left with U-Hauling my truck 800 miles home.

I have owned 7 Rangers all 4x4 except this one - a 2010 xl 2wd reg cab auto 2.3. I have 115k. It's my work truck. I clean it regularly - have all service work myself except 1 set tires and brakes done at Firestone. I drive Las Vegas to L A and put min 100 mile a day in my business. I run crap out of it at times and have 0 complaints - a little wind noise on freeway that's it. Most all new trucks have triple seal doors it helps. All my 4x4 I loved used off road those I hated Goodyear tires sucked in wet weather. Looking forward hear 2016-17 Ranger will be back in USA probably f100. Can't wait. My 07 Tacoma 4x4 couldn't wait to get rid of. Transmission almost got me killed. Toyota found it's within tolerance. Keep that map crap plus drains USA economy.

I was driving home and just as I was turning the corner I heard a snap, then I was losing power. I tried to give my truck gas and it wouldn't go, I felt my accelerator pedal go to the floor. Thank God I wasn't on the freeway that I just got off from. I have never heard of a gas pedal breaking, but mine did! It is old in years (2003) but I only have 78,000 miles on it and to make matters worse, I need my rear main seal repaired again after only putting 5K miles on it after it was repaired the first time.

I own a 1996 Ford Ranger with over 330,000 miles. Still in excellent condition, idled rough, cleaned the mass air flow sensor and new filters and plugs and it ran like a champ. However, under carriage rust is awful.. There is only a tiny spot above the passenger side rear wheel well. But, underneath, there was a massive hole through the floor on the driver side, and a small hole in the floor on the passenger side. I wish there was a little bit more space, but I didn't expect much because it's only a standard cab. I wouldn't recommend the standard cab with a small truck like the Ranger, I would recommend the extended cab. But I can't complain as it's only my second vehicle.

I had a 2003 Ford Ranger 4X2 all stock with 78000 miles, the left rear axle broke off outboard of the wheel bearing at 70 MPH on the freeway. The truck rolled to the right at least 3 times, went back up on three, wheels hit the center divider, air bags went off and stopped just like if I had pulled over and stopped. I was lucky light traffic did not hit anyone. The axle looked like it was sawed off. I still own a 1987 Ranger - no problems.

This was an unreal feeling, you never want this to happen in any car. You have no control, just along for the ride. If I had an early 2000-2010 Ranger, I would replace the rear axles with race axles first day of ownership. Ford did not want to see pictures or want to know about it. They asked me if I had a lawyer.

On Dec.13 2014 my son was driving his 2002 Ford Ranger XL in Durango CO when the vehicle in front of him slammed on their brakes due to a pedestrian, causing my son to rear end the car in front of him. Saying the airbags deployed is not really accurate, actually they blew up and caught fire!! His steering wheel literally blew up causing extensive damage to the control panel and all dials/switches. The starter went out and the truck would not start. Our insurance company has deemed it totaled. Obviously these airbags were defective!! He and his passenger were moderately injured. We purchased this truck second hand from Albuquerque NM. What are our recourses? Was there a recall for this vehicle concerning this issue that we were never notified of?

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger that the frame is rusted out on from the fuel tank back and Ford won't stand by it. I went to Ford and they said there is nothing that they could do.

I own a 1992 Australian made EB Station Wagon. It has just clocked over 500,000 km. The oil stays clean between changes. The transmission is still smooth. It is still fun to drive. At 4 liters it uses less gas than my Z3 BMW at 2.8 liters. Amazing vehicle.

My engine light stays on. It's been checked and they say my engine is running too rich. My mechanic is at a standstill as to how to fix it. He has ruled out many things. The truck has 60,000 actual miles and is starting to start hard in the morning. After I let it turn over several times I then put the accelerator all the way to the floor, then it starts. What's wrong??

I have had my ranger for 12 months. A few months ago, I noticed excessive tyre wear on the inner tread. "Tracking," I thought. This was unusual for a new vehicle, it had never been off road and never kerbed. When I took it for the latest laser checks given by quick fit, I was told it was way outside manufacturer's tolerances. When I spoke to fords, they tell me it is not a warranty item and tracking is only covered for the first 1000 miles, not enough miles to wear out your tyres. Get your tracking checked even on a new vehicle, it might pay.

I would like to know if anyone have done a dyno test on their Ford Ranger 2.2 or 3.2. My friend did one with a 2.2 and 3.2. The results is as follows:

2.2 110kw as per Ford spec - results 117kw.

3.2 147 kw as per Ford spec - result 125kw.

Bought a Ford ranger XLT in April 2014. The loading bin is falling to the left and the bakkie is pulling to the left. I took it to two Ford dealership and every time they tell me it is within the specifications. During the day when I am driving at about 60 km/h on the road the cars following me keep a good distance from me. When I am driving around 100 km/h, no one wants to drive behind me. Anyone know a good specialist who can help me

Greetings people. I thought I would start off with positive experiences. Over the years, I have purchased many vehicles. My best experiences have been dealing with Ford. I have tried others (Subaru - GP Auto Group, Suzuki - GP Mazda, GP Kia). I have dealt with many Ford dealerships either in the process of tire kicking or actual purchasing. They have always been very helpful in all aspects. When I have needed repairs, Ford as a whole has always been helpful. I have been very satisfied with the products as well. I drive a 2011 F-150 for a company truck, and it has never let me down. I have dealt with other dealers with used, Ford has always been good to me. My single complaint with Ford is them ending the Ranger. I loved all my Rangers. I have Owned:

1982 Ford F-100 - my first vehicle - 2 years - bought used - Hansen Ford
1988 Ford F-150 - 351 - my second vehicle - Had 230,000km on it - 2 years - bought used - Hansen Ford
1988 Ford F-150 - 300 - My 3rd vehicle - had for 4 or 5 years - bought used - Hansen Ford
1992 Ford Ranger sport - My 4th (and favorite) - had for 9 years - bought used - VW dealer
1987 Pontiac Firefly - 1 year - used - was fun for a while
2002 Ford Ranger Edge - my 5th vehicle - 2 years - used - Hansen Ford - love Rangers
2006 Ford Focus - my first brand new vehicle had for less than a year (started having kids was too small for that) - Hansen Ford
2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - bought new - Hansen Ford - loved it. Had for 2 years.
2008 Ford Ranger - bought new - loved it - 3 years - Peace River Ford
2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - Used hated it 2 years - Peace River Ford
2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara - Vehicle was ok - Service was horrible - GP Kia/Mazda
2011 Ford Ranger - 1 year - sold - have a company truck - I loved it though - Capital Motors (Ford)

2013 Ford Flex - 1 year (current) - I am mixed on this one, handles excellent. I hate the Microsoft Sync with the touch screen, cool at first, but quickly becomes annoyingly inefficient. Lots of room. Hansen Ford

I own a Ford Ranger XLT 2012 4x4. The UTE's back end leans to the left, looks like the vehicle had a stroke and his body is hanging. Went to a Ford dealership who told me the height difference between left and right side is within tolerance and gave me a manufacturer's printout of the spec. It can maximum be out by 15mm but in my case is out about 30mm. Do somebody has the same issue with their rangers?

Brake lines, rearend housing cover, gas tank straps, rear spring hangers, frame not looking good, every thing under the truck is rusting away! Not a spot of rust on the body work, looks like a new truck, but do not look under the truck, you might get rust in your eye! I know for sure Ford recalled the F-150 for gas tank straps, why not the Ranger!?

I bought a 2010 Ford Ranger truck. After about 30,000 km. of operation, I had to replace all 4 glow plugs. After 50,000 km. of operation, I had to replace the cylinder head due to a crack. The dealer claimed that the vehicle was out of warranty. Today, I took the vehicle to recheck the valves. I was told that I needed to change all four injectors. This is not what you expect after you expend yourself to purchase a new vehicle.

We ordered a new Ranger XLT SuperCab on November 28, 2011. We have been promised delivery for February 2012, then May 2012, and now there is no delivery date! We have been given a "build number", but there is no guarantee that Ford will build the vehicle for us this year! We are not the only people in this situation. There are many country buyers that have been totally ignored by Ford Australia.

My XLT Ford Ranger is a headache (piece of junk). After I drove out from McEnearney in December 2010, I could not believe what was happening. My brand new vehicle (less than an hour old) was actually dancing on the road. Without turning the steering wheel the vehicle would move to the other side of the road. I got so frightened that I immediately called the salesman and complained but to no avail.

I can't afford another vehicle because I paid $219,000 for the Ford Ranger. My life is at risk when I drive that vehicle. There is a loud screech that never goes away, although I changed belts, brakes, etc. When the automatic transmission changes gears there is a loud bang as the new gear engages (heavens help me please). The crosses don't last; they have to be continually replaced. The list will not end if I were to state all the problems. Somebody has to do something about the very poor quality of this vehicle.

The gas strap on my 2000 Ford Ranger came off on one side of the gas tank. I called Ford Headquarters. They told me that the vehicle was not on a recall for this problem. I told them it should be. After all the Ford F150 has the same problem. They told me to bring to a Ford dealer and pay for a repair myself and if every vehicle comes up with this recall they will pay for repair. This vehicle has had numerous repairs done throughout the years. They were not average repairs either. One that I know is not normal is when the rear bumper was laying in my driveway one morning. This vehicle has never towed anything either. Ford needs to produce a better product. I have 2001 Toyota 4Runner that has had really no issues like this rot box.

I purchased a 2005 Ranger x-cab 4x4, 4.0 with manual transmission in July 2010 with 16,287 miles on the odometer. Yesterday, January 30, 2012 with 38,894 miles, the slave cylinder went out. When I purchased the vehicle, I also purchased an extended warranty, Ford's ESP basic extended warranty. It covers 84 components. The warranty goes for 48 months from date of purchase or 48k miles. But alas, the slave cylinder is not a covered component. Everything in front, around and behind it is covered. It's integral to the drivetrain/power train, but it's not covered.

After contacting Ford with my complaint, their advice was for me to take it to one of their dealers for the repair (more money for them), because they use genuine Ford parts (which failed prematurely), that once repaired will be covered by a 12 month/12k mile warranty (which is another warranty they won't honor). I've owned over 16 mostly new and used Ford vehicles including four other Rangers all manuals with only one major problem with any of them. Remember the 1979 2.3 turbo Capri/Mustang? It was fixed, no charge after the warranty expired. Ford, admit your design/parts are bad, fix the problem and restore my faith in big business and doing the right thing. You didn't ask for a bailout, I admired that. Do the right thing again.

I own a Ford Ranger 2005 with extended warranty. It dies in the intersection at having about 51,000 on it. This time it is the exhaust system. So far, its battery failed at 3months, its brakes failed twice, its tires, second set from dealer all had faults in them, not imbedded puncture, a fault that emptied them. The transmission had a leak. Ford did nothing, nothing at all.

Their representatives lied about the warranty itself, the extended warranty the California state exhaust warranty, the tires durability (you should exchange tires every 12,000 miles! ), the brakes (you should change the pads every 12,000 miles) about the service - all of it. The car nearly killed me twice. I took very good care of it. I changed the oil on schedule, had the transmission and brakes drained, bought Mobil and Shell fuel. It's a killer car - as of it will kill me. I bought the car because I had Ford before. They were durable, dependable cars. This is a horror on wheels.

I bought a New 2010 PK model Ford Ranger from McEnearney Motors in Trinidad and Tobago, and from them on our life is at risk. Very serious brakes problems. Transmission problems. Engine losing oil. Oil leaking from valve cover. Carbon monoxide and outside air coming inside the vehicle when windows are turned up. The vehicle is doing 35,000 km and all complaints is just a waste of time. I would like to get an attorney to help me get rid of that waste of time vehicle. I went to the managers at the dealership and they are all liars. Can someone please help me? Our life is at risk.

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