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eShip works to connect its customers with the most reputable carriers for their auto transport and household moving needs. We handle 3000+ automotive moves every year and are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service possible. Our team takes pride on being available 7 days a week to ensure all of your auto transport needs are met. We will do our best to work with you to find the best transport at the best price within the dates you need.

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eShip offers guaranteed protected, timely auto shipments anywhere in the United States. Although they don’t offer terminal-to-terminal shipping, no upfront deposit is required, making payment convenient.


  • Great insurance policy
  • No upfront deposit
  • Enclosed transport available
  • Ships anywhere in US


  • No terminal-to-terminal shipping option

Top eShip Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

We purchased a car and eShip transported it 2,000 miles. Their reps were very responsive to our questions. The transport took four days and they did a great job. Their driver was fantastic.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

We had our daughter's car transported from Austin, TX to Newport Beach, CA. From immediate quote after initial email inquiry to arranging, transporting and dropping off at a location of our choice, eShip provided excellent service.

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About eShip

eShip is a licensed and bonded auto transport broker, and all of its carriers are fully insured and bonded. Because eShip is a broker, this means they work with you to find an appropriate carrier for your needs. Door-to-door transport, where a vehicle is picked up at your preferred address and dropped off at an exact endpoint, is the most common type of transportation offered by eShip. eShip guarantees that every driver they work with is insured. If not, eShip will pay for any uncovered damage.

eShip cost

The average cost to ship a car with eShip is $500 according to their website, but this will vary based on factors like the season, car, route and exact dates. Expect shipping to cost more if you opt for enclosed shipping, which adds protection to your vehicle. To save money, it helps to schedule auto transport as far in advance as possible.

eShip’s complimentary Platinum Protection Plan offers a damage free guarantee. If any damage to the vehicle isn’t covered by the carrier’s insurance, eShip will pay for the repairs. This plan also offers rental reimbursement of up to $300 under most circumstances if your vehicle is more than 48 hours late. No upfront deposit is required to reserve a spot with eShip — you only need to pay once your vehicle has been shipped.

eShip transport options

eShip can perform both open and enclosed transport. Open transport is cheaper, but enclosed transport is a good choice for classic or otherwise highly valuable cars as it protects vehicles from the elements.

eShip has the following pickup and dropoff options: door-to-door, door-to-terminal and terminal-to-door. Pickup or drop off at a terminal may be a solution if shipping to a location is difficult to access.

eShip highlights:

  • Licensed and bonded
  • Insured carriers
  • Open and enclosed transport options
  • Rental reimbursement plan
  • Door-to-door shipping

eShip shipping process

Each eShip customer is given a personal logistics coordinator for the entire shipment process. The average time eShip takes to pick up a car and drop it off from coast to coast is 7 to 10 days. From the coast to the Midwest, it takes from three days to a week.

Most cross-country auto transports are completed on an 8-10 car carrier. Shorter shipments are typically done on 2-3 car carriers. eShip has representatives available 7 days a week for customers who want to track the status of their vehicle.

Do we recommend eShip?

We recommend eShip for their reliability and their unique Platinum Protection Plan, which covers the unlikely case of unexpected damages and provides rental reimbursement in the case a vehicle arrives late. Their commitment to customer service and clear communication makes them a good choice for shipping a vehicle domestically.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 11, 2019

I live in Northern Virginia and I purchased a brand-new car at a dealership in California outside of Oakland. I looked at a lot of different transport companies before choosing eShip. I submitted information online and from there, I was blown up with harassing telephone calls, text messages, and emails. I didn't understand the industry. I was initially recommended to do Roadrunner, but I felt like the price was a bit more than what I wanted. They are a national name brand company, but they were horrific in terms of the harassment and the customer service. I should've started with the Better Business Bureau. I got a list of names and I looked at eShip's reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. I also looked at Yelp reviews and they were all good.

Every time I called eShip, I got the same person, which was very nice because it was a very stressful experience for me. It was my first time doing anything like it. I literally bought a car on the internet and I heard horror stories in regards to the shipping industry giving you a lowball price upfront, then once you lock it in, they come back with something different. The person that I spoke with at eShip was Anna and she was very straightforward. And because of my bad experience dealing with Roadrunner and their hidden fees, I grilled her about the actual contract and she took it as a pro and answered all the questions. I don't know how big eShip is, but I like the fact that whenever I called back, I dealt with the same people. It didn't feel like I was dealing with a call center. They were Anna and a gentleman and they were both very nice, although I mostly interacted with Anna.

My experience with eShip was awesome. I spoke to Anna at 10:00 am and she said my car was ready to go, in record time. I said, "It wasn't even an hour." She called me back and she said, "We have a transporter. They're ready to go. They can pick your car up tomorrow." I was really surprised based upon the reviews, not from eShip, but with the industry in general, that it could take anywhere from three to five days. eShip was able to find me someone and do it in record time.

The only negative that I felt through all of that was the driver. And at that point, I said I was gonna give it to God and hope and pray that my car arrives on time. I never received a telephone call to say that they were picking up my vehicle. My understanding was that I was supposed to be given at least a four-hour window of pick-up and drop-off, but it never happened. I alerted the dealership that the transport company was coming, so I was told that they were gonna be picking up the vehicle anywhere from 8:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time, but they did not show up until 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time, but it was not a big deal.

Then, I got a 10-minute heads-up that they were dropping my vehicle off. I didn't scream about it because I was having them drop the vehicle off at my job. It was on a weekend, so I knew that the parking lot would be empty and that it would be easy in and easy out. But it would've been a cluster had I not been in the area because I was told that I would get the two to four call heads-up that they are in my area. Again, it wasn't a big deal because I had cleared my schedule and planned to work that day to be able to get the vehicle. But had I not done that, it would've been a disaster.

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eShip response

Thank you Dee for taking the time to write about your 5 star experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.. Anna …

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Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2019

I live in Connecticut and my mother who has dementia was residing in Idaho. I was the only living family member left and I moved her here to be with me. She was adamant about having her car and even though the ’94 Honda Civic wasn’t even worth shipping, she wanted it. I wasn’t gonna tell her she can’t have her car so I paid to have it shipped here. I talked to one other company but the gentleman from eShip that I spoke to was down-to-earth and I told him what I wanted upfront. I asked him to be honest and to give me his best price. He did that and gave me reassurance that he would be there to handle it. I was in good hands and he did a perfect job. I had a lot on my plate going on and I said that I got to trust him and he had to do a good job. He knew I was a former Marine so, we talked about that and he said he would take care of me. He was a man of his word. Integrity is everything and that is what I’m all about.

I told the driver that he could wait until the first of the year. I didn’t wanna mess up anybody on Christmas or New Year. I have a Mercedes, a pickup truck and a van, so I didn’t need the car. Plus, my mother is never driving again. I was surprised when the driver called me. They let me know the day before and brought it to me two days before Christmas. I told the driver that I was a plumber and I would be in the lower county of Connecticut, so I asked if they could give me an hour notice. He called me and gave me an hour and a half notice and I met him where I needed to meet him downtown. They had the car off the truck within four minutes. I gave them the cashier’s check, they went their way and I went back to work.

If I find somebody that I'm comfortable with and I got confidence in, I'm gonna refer AmeriFreight. My son is in the army boot camp right now and he's coming home, but then he's gonna go back for training in Missouri. He's gonna buy a new pickup truck but I'll have him ship it there rather than let him drive it. He could have it once he gets there.eShip did a fantastic job and I plan on using them again.

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eShip response

Thank you Kevin for taking the time to write about your 5 star experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.. Craig …

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2018

I’m gonna be needing a car out in an area for a few months and I had to transport it 3,000 miles there. eShip had realistic expectations from other sites that I saw and after checking five companies, I decided to go with them because of their broker. She seemed to be honest and more realistic while the other ones seemed to be aggressive. And she was very responsive to my calls. Anytime I called, she responded back and I could either call, email, or text her. I kept speaking to the same person and she was very clear about what my expectations were. If it was unrealistic, she was clear about telling me that. Price-wise, we negotiated a bit and I found her to be very reasonable. I told her I’d like to try a lower bid than whatever bid she gave me and she was happy to work with that.

After that, the pick up was a little on the later side and I got a text message from eShip saying that they thought there might be difficulty in coming down my street. But I told them that I didn’t believe it was a problem and that they should do Google Earth. They would see my street and that it was one way in and one way out, and the driver could do it. They said they'd give it a try, so they came after an hour after they said they would be. But that was fine because it was my home so I was just in there.

Also, the delivery very good. My son picked up the car at the other end and they delivered it at his place of work so it didn’t really interfere with his day. And they knew that it had to be during the work hours so that was good. My son said the car was dirty but other than that, it was in good shape. All in all, I had an excellent experience with eShip. They were communicative and professional.

After the initial pick up, they told me the parameters and when they would expect the delivery. Then I got a little anxious and I called them. They checked on it and they gave me a time and the day. Then, they followed up with it and said that it was off by a day. But I had a lot of flexibility on the other side so I didn’t have to have the car there at a particular hour and day, and I knew that. Other than that, eShip did exactly what they said and called when they were supposed to. Plus, my car got there in perfect time and I didn’t have any issues at all. I was pleased with them and I would use them again.

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eShip response

Thank you Jeanette for taking the time to write about your 5 star experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.. Maryann…

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2018

I was shipping a vehicle from around Phoenix, Arizona up to upstate New York. I tried contacting Montway, and I tried using uShip. A bunch of people were just betting on it, and there was nobody actually talking to me. It didn’t really help me in narrowing down my options. When I got a call from eShip, I spoke with a person that was very personable. She was very helpful, and really put me at ease. Having somebody I could speak to and who guided me through the process made me go with eShip. Also, the quote that eShip gave me was a little bit cheaper than the quote that I got from Montway.

My father was there for the pick-up in Arizona. The driver called the day before the delivery and he told me that he was gonna be here at 4 in the afternoon. Around that time, I called him asking where he was. He told me he was still in Syracuse, and he eventually arrived around 10 at night. He showed up late, but out of the total time period they said it was gonna take to arrive, it was still one day early. So, that was fine. I couldn't really understand the driver's English very much. I could kinda get what he was saying, but it was a little bit difficult to understand. We went around the vehicle together when it arrived. He grabbed the flashlight out of his truck and was pointing out the stuff that he had marked with my father. Then, he pointed the light at it, so that way, I’d see the stuff that they’ve marked previously.

The quote they gave me changed. The rep said it was gonna be 50 bucks because they were trying to find a person that did the route. It was kind of an unusual route, so I understood that. But the quote changed by about 50 bucks. The rep said it herself that she would put in 25 bucks for that. I appreciate that. It’s not that much money, but I thought the quote was gonna be a solid quote and it wasn’t gonna change.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I was very happy that somebody was kind and helpful, and was personable with the entire experience. When I was looking at stuff on uShip, there was some people there that were saying that they could do this and that. But when I did my background research to make sure that I was speaking with a reputable company, I saw people that were working out of apartment building in Miami, and that caught me out. Also, I was glad that I talked to an actual company that seemed to have good reviews as well. eShip looked like they were good doing their job, and they definitely live up to that.

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eShip response

Thank you Dylan for taking the time to write about your 4star experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to transport your vehicle. Maryann…

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2018

My husband was transferred to Honolulu to work here and his company only moved one vehicle which was his. I needed to move my 2010 Honda Pilot as well so I looked for a transport company. I heard horror stories about other companies and was almost ready to schedule with somebody else but I went to the Better Business Bureau and found out that they weren't even affiliated with the BBB. I did my research and I went to ConsumerAffairs. It was from their website where I got a list of shipping companies and I filled out information for a bunch of them. I found out about eShip through the good reviews that people have posted. eShip was the only company that was able to do everything from Jacksonville to Honolulu, Hawaii. The other ones said they could take it all the way from Jacksonville to California, but they would put me in contact with a company so we could book it ourselves. But I had a lot going on, so I didn't wanna do that.

I have also heard of people getting charged more when they pick up the car, or cars delivered at wrong places or picked up at different times so I was thinking if I would experience that too if I booked with eShip. I asked them, "Are you gonna pick up my car? Are you gonna ask me for more money?" The rep said, "Nope. This is your quote. This is what you're gonna pay to us. I'm beginning to book everything, then you're gonna pay this much to the driver, and you're going to pay this much to Matson. And that's it. This is what you're gonna pay."

I put a request with eShip online. Then I got an email or a text from Craig asking me to talk about our shipment. So I sent my information and the service was booked within a day. Everything was done. It was really fast and I got a contact, Andy, who told me where the car was gonna be picked up. eShip booked everything from Jacksonville to Honolulu and I paid for them to book everything. They were responsible from Jacksonville to Long Beach, California and from there, they booked with Matson to transport my car from Long Beach to Honolulu. I paid the driver to pick up my car and then they helped cover eShip. What I paid wasn't much different from that of the other companies that had horrible reviews. So eShip charged me only what was quoted to me at the beginning and nothing more.

The car was picked up a day early, which was fine. I was without a car and the pickup was at a place that was convenient for me, so that was nice. The driver was very friendly and nice too. He said he would be in Jacksonville in about six hours. It worked out well. However, they had been here when the car had arrived to California and they didn't let me know. But then when they arrived to Honolulu, I got a text. They let me know a day after the car had arrived that the car was ready. Other than that, eShip’s service was great and it was fast. The car was picked up on a Sunday and it was delivered in California on a Friday. The total transport though from California to Honolulu took a month. But I had an idea that it was gonna take a while. In the end, the car arrived safely and complete. Everybody kept me updated during the transport, so it was fine. eShip is doing a good job, so people trust them.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2019

Picked up car with a small beat up pick up truck, said car would go onto a large trailer. It was delivered with a small truck. Driver took a picture of my teenage daughter, wouldn’t give my wife the keys until she gave him a tip. Previously we used Eship and had an excellent experience

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2019

I had my Jeep shopped from Georgia to Washington State. I had no problems and my vehicle reached my new home in 7 days. I received updates on its progress through the entire shipping process. I highly recommend this company.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2019

I was very satisfied with the transport of my vehicle. It was picked up and delivered in the promised time frame. I was getting a bit anxious, the car transport business is very last minute, however all turned out good! The dispatchers and drivers were extremely polite and professional. I would use E SHIP again.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2019

The experience with Eship was great. Eship checked to make sure the connection to the driver had been made and we were happy both on the pick up and the delivery. Very good experience. We will definitely be using them again.

eShip response

Thank you Keoni for taking the time to write about your 5-STAR experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.. Mark Anthony …

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2019

Let's face it, having a car transported across the U.S. for a family member who moved can be a daunting task. You look online at all the horror stories and drama from different car transport companies and you can quickly feel like maybe it would be better to drive it across yourself! This is exactly how I felt until I came across eShip so I reached out to them and spoke with Mark **. Mark answered all my preliminary questions in a calm, professional manner and also gave me some additional info on how the process works each step of the way and then, he and his crew delivered as promised!

The pickup driver, Jay, was extremely thorough in his pre shipping inspection and on his game when loading the car too. There was NO Drama, BS or Negativity in the transaction and I want to say I really appreciate it when people are straight up in their business dealings these days. I will HIGHLY recommend Mark and eShip and you should definitely consider them for your car shipping needs. Thanks again Mark!

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eShip response

Thank you Michael for taking the time to write about your 5-STAR experience. We are family owned & operated, guaranteeing honest and competitive transport services, reassuring your vehicle safety, Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.. Mark Anthony …

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