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Find the Best Car Transporters in Los Angeles, CA

Moving long-distance is stressful, especially if you have a vehicle to tow along. Hiring an auto transport company relieves this stress and avoids putting unnecessary miles on your car’s odometer. We created a list of our recommendations for the best auto transport companies in Los Angeles to help ship your vehicle to or from LA.

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    by Sandi Pope ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    Top 13 Los Angeles Car Shipping Companies

    ConsumerAffairs Accredited Partner Icon
    Accredited Partner
    Read 2,930 Reviews

    Offers expedited and enclosed options. Door-to-door delivery. No upfront deposit. Ships cars, motorcycles and boats. Platinum Protection Plan helps cover damage. Provides personal agent, vehicle tracking and free instant quotes.

    Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (561) 409-5116
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    Accredited Partner
    Montway Auto Transport
    Read 239 Reviews

    Open, enclosed and expedited shipping with guaranteed pickup dates available. Offers nationwide coverage and a large carrier network. Customers can contact drivers for real-time updates.

    Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (866) 618-7655
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    Accredited Partner
    Sherpa Auto Transport
    Read 1,116 Reviews

    Door-to-door auto transport. Concierge-like customer service. No upfront deposit. Price-lock promise means you won’t pay more than what you’re quoted. Free car wash after delivery with the Exclusive Clean Car Guarantee.

    Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (855) 261-9322
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    Accredited Partner
    Read 2,473 Reviews

    Offers door-to-door transport. No upfront payment. Ships cars, boats and motorcycles. Cost to ship a sedan in an open carrier ranges from $495 to $1,300. Has discounts for seniors, students and emergency/protection workers.

    Get a Quote Call Now Toll Free (770) 486-1010
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    Accredited Partner
    Read 59 Reviews

    Ships cars, boats and motorcycles door to door. Handles domestic and international shipping. Choose from competing rates. Average 1,000-mile transport cost is $1,016. Provides cargo insurance.

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    Alliance Auto Transport Read Author Review

    Ships cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats across the country. Offers open and enclosed carriers. Provides free quotes and optional door-to-door shipping.

    Auto Shipping Group Los Angeles Read Author Review

    Delivers cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, classic cars, RVs, boats and trailers throughout the U.S. and internationally. Offers $25 discount to customers who call for a quote.

    Budget Auto Transport Los Angeles Read Author Review

    Works with a nationwide network of carriers to transport vehicles from door to door. Uses open and enclosed trailers. Offers competitive pricing with no hidden fees.

    Corsia Logistics Read Author Review

    Ships vehicles all over the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. Works with international companies to transport vehicles overseas. Offers open and enclosed carriers. Expedited delivery available.

    HYPERDEL Auto Shipping Read Author Review

    Offers a money-back guarantee and includes insurance for all vehicles it ships. Specializes in transporting high-end vehicles. Works with more than 10,000 carriers to ship cars coast to coast.

    Nationwide Transport Services Read Author Review

    Arranges auto transportation services to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. Provides vehicle tracking. Offers enclosed auto transport carriers.

    Nationwide United Auto Transport Read Author Review

    Ships cars, oversized vehicles, camper trailers, boats and recreational vehicles across the U.S., including Hawaii. Experienced with transporting classic cars in enclosed carriers. Offers expedited vehicle shipping.

    Patriot Auto Transport Read Author Review

    Specializes in shipping high-end and antique cars to and from Los Angeles. Offers door-to-door auto transport services for SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats. Has full-coverage insurance.

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      How much does car shipping cost in Los Angeles?

      Shipping a car domestically to or from Los Angeles costs anywhere between $560 and $1,620. Distance is the main factor that goes into calculating the price of auto transportation — the farther your move, the more you'll pay.

      Use the table below to see the cost of transporting an SUV to and from LA. These estimates assume an operable, midsize SUV on an open carrier with a reservation made 45 days in advance.

      Typical transport cost to and from Los Angeles

      FromToAverage cost
      Las VegasLos Angeles$560
      PhoenixLos Angeles$610
      SeattleLos Angeles$750
      HoustonLos Angeles$790
      ChicagoLos Angeles$980
      Los AngelesLas Vegas$560
      Los AngelesSeattle$750
      Los AngelesDallas$750
      Los AngelesChicago$880

      Factors other than distance also affect the cost of auto transportation in Los Angeles, including:

      • Carrier type: Open carriers are cheaper, but enclosed carriers do a much better job of protecting your car from road debris and the elements.
      • Vehicle condition: It takes more effort to load and unload an inoperable vehicle from the carrier, which results in extra costs.
      • Type of vehicle: Some of the most expensive vehicles to ship are large SUVs and luxury cars. Luxury cars almost always ship in an enclosed carrier to protect them from outdoor elements, and large SUVs cost more because they’re heavy and decrease the carrier’s gas mileage. Shipping a motorcycle to another state usually costs less than shipping a car.
      • Scheduling: How far in advance you make your reservation and the time of year also influence how much you pay. To save money, book your reservation at least 30 to 60 days in advance. The ideal time to move is spring or late fall when demand is lower. Rates are highest in the summer during peak moving season. Avoid moving during the holidays too.

      Finding a car shipping company in Los Angeles, CA

      Before choosing an auto transport company in Los Angeles, research the car shipping options available to you and decide how you’d like to ship your vehicle.

      • Consider the type of delivery service you want. With door-to-door service, the company picks up your car from your house and delivers it to your next destination, which is helpful if you live far from a central transport station.
      • Determine whether your shipping dates are flexible or must be exact. Having more flexibility in your shipping timeline saves you money — guaranteed dates are usually an additional fee.

      Once you know what you want, start reaching out to auto transport companies in LA to get quotes. Make sure you get quotes from auto transporters and brokers. The main difference between the two is that transporters do the actual shipping, while brokers facilitate the transportation of your car through a network of transporters.

      The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all interstate auto transport companies to register to receive an MC docket number. Verify a company’s registration with the FMCSA and review their safety record before hiring them.

      Before signing a contract, read the fine print to make sure it states your car is fully insured against damage sustained in transit.

      Los Angeles auto transport FAQ

      How do I ship a motorcycle from Los Angeles?
      Choose a vehicle transport company in Los Angeles with experience shipping motorcycles. This ensures they have the right equipment to get your bike to your next destination without it falling over. Close to half of the auto transport companies in LA ship motorcycles.
      How do I ship my exotic car safely from Los Angeles?
      Research auto transport companies to find one that specializes in shipping high-end cars. To keep your car in pristine condition, transport it in a closed carrier. Consider adding a supplemental insurance policy to cover your vehicle if it’s worth more than the transporter’s insurance limit.
      Can you ship a car to another country from Los Angeles?
      Yes, you can ship a car from Los Angeles to another country. Hire an auto transport company in Los Angeles experienced with international shipping to guide you through the customs process.
      How long does it take to ship a car from Los Angeles?
      It takes anywhere from one to three days for in-state delivery and three to 14 days for moves more than 1,000 miles. As a rule of thumb, auto transport carriers can only drive 500 miles a day. Adverse weather and the time of year also play a part in transport time.
      Do you need insurance to ship a car from Los Angeles?
      Most auto transport companies provide insurance that covers your car while it’s in transit. The only time you may want to consider adding insurance is if you’re shipping a high-value vehicle that exceeds the limits of the company’s insurance policy.

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        Los Angeles car shipping company information

        Nationwide United Auto Transport

        Nationwide United Auto Transport is a door-to-door auto transporter that ships cars, oversized vehicles, camper trailers, boats and RVs. The company also handles flatbed freight shipping and heavy hauling. Optional services include enclosed auto transport, car shipping to Hawaii, short-notice shipping and classic car transport. Nationwide United provides insurance coverage for every shipment.

        • Address: 202 S. Figueroa St., Ste. 506, Los Angeles, CA 90007
        • Phone: (800) 311-8305
        • Hours: M - F: 7:30am - 5pm; Sat: 8am - 12pm
        • Website:
        Patriot Auto Transport

        Patriot Auto Transport is an auto transporter that specializes in shipping exotic and classic cars to and from Los Angeles. The company also offers transport services for SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats. It transports vehicles in open or enclosed carriers.

        • Address: 1220 N. Formosa Ave., Ste. 1, Los Angeles, CA 90046
        • Phone: (310) 492-3646
        • Hours: M - F: 8am - 9pm; Sat & Sun: 8am - 8pm
        • Website:
        Auto Shipping Group Los Angeles

        Auto Shipping Group Los Angeles delivers cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles and classic cars throughout the country. Some of the auto shipping services it offers include door-to-door delivery, enclosed carrier shipping and international transport. The company also ships boats, trailers and RVs. Customers get a $25 discount when they call for a quote.

        • Address: 1055 W. Seventh St., 33rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017; multiple locations
        • Phone: (213) 328-6869
        • Hours: M - Sun: 8am - 11pm
        • Website:
        Nationwide Transport Services

        Nationwide Transport Services is an auto transport broker with an office in Los Angeles. It ships to and from all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Nationwide offers door-to-door delivery, expedited shipping and open or enclosed carriers. Customers can track their vehicle on the company’s website.

        • Address: 3440 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 240, Los Angeles, CA 90010
        • Phone: (213) 599-3790
        • Hours: M - F: 6am - 5pm
        • Website:
        Alliance Auto Transport

        Alliance Auto Transport provides nationwide auto transportation services for LA residents. Its shipping options include open and enclosed carrier transport for cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and motorcycles as well as door-to-door delivery whenever possible. The company also offers boat and luxury car shipping.

        • Address: 3680 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. P04-1118, Los Angeles, CA 90010
        • Phone: (213) 383-8100
        • Hours: M - Sun: 5am - 11pm
        • Website:
        HYPERDEL Auto Shipping

        HYPERDEL is an auto transport broker that works with more than 10,000 carriers to ship cars coast to coast. Its shipping services include high-end car delivery, and it offers open and enclosed transport. The company provides a money-back guarantee and insurance coverage for all car shipments.

        • Address: 3625 S. Centinela Ave., Ste. 2, Los Angeles, CA 90066; multiple locations
        • Phone: (323) 425-8981
        • Hours: M - Sun: 7am - 7pm
        • Website:
        Budget Auto Transport Los Angeles

        Budget is a transport broker that works with a network of shipping companies all over the country. These transporters offer open and enclosed carriers, door-to-door service and specialty options. Budget’s pricing is competitive and has no hidden fees. The company also has a reputation for delivering vehicles on time.

        • Address: 1845 Westwood Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025
        • Phone: (424) 306 - 1874
        • Hours: M - F: 6am - 10pm; Sat: 6am - 9pm
        • Website:
        Corsia Logistics

        Corsia Logistics ships vehicles all across the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. The company also works with international companies to manage overseas vehicle transport. Corsia ships cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs and heavy-duty equipment in open and enclosed carriers. It offers optional expedited shipping.

        • Address: 641 N. Larchmont Blvd., Ste. 223, Los Angeles, CA 90004
        • Phone: (818) 850-5258
        • Hours: M - F: 6am - 5pm; Sat: 8am - 2pm
        • Website:
        by Sandi Pope ConsumerAffairs Research Team

        Sandi Pope previously worked in the nonprofit sector as an advocate for environmental and social change and believes information access is a human right. As a member of the ConsumerAffairs Research Team, she seeks to provide consumers with the necessary information needed in making life-altering decisions.