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Last updated: Jan. 17, 2018

142 America's CAR-MART Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2018

In July 2016 I went to Car-Mart in Paducah KY for a car. I hopefully wanted a good reliable vehicle that got good gas mileage and would get me back and forth to work. Car-Mart says they only sell good reliable dependable and clean vehicles. I was wrongly led to believe that a 2005 Jeep Liberty was a perfect car for my needs. I was told this car was reliable and dependable which of course it was neither. This car's problems: 1. Tire went flat 2 days after I purchased the vehicle (side wall blew out, could not be fixed. $86.62 for a new tire). 2. Spare was flat. Also had a bulge in the sidewall. 3. Battery went dead. Had to be replaced ($62.95). 4. The windshield wiper came completely off on the expressway in the rain ($9.95). The whole time I had this car the only thing Car-Mart cared about was getting their $275.00 every two weeks.

5. Took the car to a mechanic because the brakes were going all the way to the floor ($89.95 for a new brake line driver’s side). My certified mechanic stated the passenger side brakes were also corroded and were needing to be replaced in less than two weeks. 6. Then he told me the anti-lock. Brakes (type 43) were need to be worked on and only at a dealer cost approximately $1250.00 to fix. 7. Then he handed me a list of things that were leaking in the undercarriage (differential, transmission, oil pan). The list was quite extensive. 8. The car has an electrical problem. OverDrive only works sometimes when you push in the cigarette lighter. 9. The radio CD player doesn't work. It eats CDs. 10. The defroster does not work unless the truck is in motion (rather hard to defog the inside windshield with no defroster). 11. Mirror adjuster on the driver’s side does not work. These are just the problems that I know of, so much for reliable dependable car.

I was told that if I was unhappy with the car I could return it for a different one. When I went in to speak to the manager, Steven, I was told differently. That only applied to the first three days of car ownership. Steven also told me there is no lemon law and the car was purchased as-is and he was going to do absolutely nothing to assist me in repairs and help in any way (very Poor customer service). I would not recommend Car-Mart to anyone for a used car purchase. They don't stand behind their cars, nor offer anything but grief after the purchase. To this date I have paid $4575.00 for this 2005 Jeep Liberty which has a Kelley Blue Book resale price of $1690.00. THE PURCHASE PRICE WAS $10,000.

I was taken advantage of and I hope that this letter makes it to the Kentucky Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau to uncover the fraud this company perpetrates on unsuspecting people. I can no longer afford this vehicle. It is either in the shop or broken down. Not reliable or dependable at all. I also consider this vehicle unsafe to drive as a direct result of these constant repairs and deficiencies.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

CAR-MART in Saint Joseph Missouri took me for one hell of a ride in only 2 1/2 months! I will try to keep this Review of them short and simple and to the point. Six months earlier I came into some money and paid cash for a Beautiful 2012 MAZDA 3 for $8,000.00. I put $1,400.00 in it to last me a long time. (Tires, Tuned up, Flushed and Filled all Fluids. oil, tranny, antifreeze, filters for everything, belts, and Brakes). It didn't need all that I just wanted to keep my own maintenance records.

A few months later I drove past the CAR-MART in Saint Joseph Missouri and fell in love with an older model Mitsubishi that I just had to have. I figured these girls that worked there were professional car people and would give me a good deal trading in my 2012 Mazda 3 for the older Mitsubishi. After telling me the deal would not work until I bought their extended warranty I started having doubts because I thought the warranty was suppose to be optional.

After waiting over 7 hours for them to complete the paperwork I was tired and worn out. I told them I was disabled for 8 years I needed to leave and take my medication at home. I was so tired and drowsy signing a bunch of papers. I was glad to get the hell out of there. I made my first payment a few days early then it was time to get tags taxes and bump my insurance to full coverage. I realized my second payment might be a little late due to getting the car legal. I called to let them know I might be a little late on the second payment.

For 3 days in a row they called my phone over 13 times! On the fourth day they used their installed GPS TRACKER and approached me in the public library demanding the keys to the Mitsubishi and announced they were there to repossess the car in front of everyone there!! I asked for leniency and if we could work this out. I informed them again I was disabled and the vehicle was needed to attend my Doctors Appointments coming up. All they said was, "GIVE US THE KEYS AND WERE TAKING THE CAR AND ALSO WE WILL BE SENDING YOU A BILL"!

I was thinking after they drove off with the car, After trading in my 2012 Mazda 3 and making my car payment, they should owe me money for the trade in I used! So as you can tell this is a BAD REVIEW FOR CAR-MART of SAINT JOSEPH MISSOURI! I thought they would have to have a court order to repossess a vehicle. I am out over $11,000 plus damages. It's time to find a very aggressive attorney.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

I have had my car for 15 months. It has 200,000 miles on it. Transmission went out. They won't fix it or trade me for another car. I traded my Lexus in for this crap. Now I'm on the verge of losing my job. The assistant manager is rude and hateful and should be fired.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

Downpayment on a truck, was supposed to include tax and license, with a full downpayment. Did not do it so after a month, had to redo all paperwork, promised me to fix the truck. After seven months of false promises each week I went in, I finally returned the truck. Manager was rude and loud, and stated "if you turn in this truck do you Know what will happen to you?" In a real loud hateful way. I felt very deceived by company and corporate had another manager from another store contact me, basically claiming it to be my fault and that if I don't keep the truck they cannot keep it from going on credit report as repossessed. Furious that I'm being punished for them selling me a truck and lying for seven months on fixing it!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

Bought car in 2015, it was a 2004 Sunfire Pontiac. We already heard some negative things about this place but we was young and needed a car to get back and forth and this was the only place that didn't do credit checks at the time. So we got approved only putting about $600 down, we was happy we had a car! About a month into the car we noticed a sound like the car was shaking and it was an ongoing noise, our left window wouldn't roll down, had two bad tires, our trunk had a problem closing, our car would stop in the middle of the road, had to have TWO alternators and TWO batteries within a few months! Our windshield wipers stopped working, our backseat was just there (you could literally pull it out), the list goes on and on!!! After almost a year we finally saved up enough money and got into a newer modeled, nicer car for the same amount payments!

My brother said he wanted the car to try to get it fixed since CAR-MART wouldn't do it and he didn't want to just let it go back. So a few months later the ENGINE went out WHILE WE WAS DRIVING IT!!! So talked to KELVIN, the GM, he said we can trade it n. So we go to trade it in and we test drive a few cars. ALL of them had something wrong with it!!! But they agreed to put the Altima we chose in the shop to figure out what was going on, so we said ok, get in the office and can't get approved because of our income?! It's a trade in?! The other man that was trying to make everything going through in the system said that we I can get approved with my income if I put $600 down when income tax comes plus the monthly note on a car that we don't even want because we couldn't get the Altima!!!

But whatever, we ask what our other options are and KELVIN said that HE can terminate the agreement without it going on our credit and not having anything to do with us! We was like that sounds good. We can do that! Then he calls and asks what we are going to do and I said we are going to terminate the agreement and he said something in a low voice about paying something and hung up quickly! I was at work and wasn't really paying attention but yesterday we received a letter in the mail saying that THEY are going to sell OUR car, that we are TERMINATING to a private sale and whatever they get for it will come off of our bill and we just owe the remaining balance.

Wait a minute?! Why would we owe y'all anything if we terminated the agreement?! Who is gonna buy a car for $1300 that's not working and probably not fixable?! No one!!! Sooo you expect us to pay for a car that we don't have, if y'all sell it?! That doesn't make a lick of sense!!! My father in law (who is a manager of the state troopers) is a good friend of the judge in our county and he will be contacting him first thing Monday morning to see what we can do about this! I strongly suggest that no one buy a car from them no matter how desperate you are!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

Bought a 2008 Saturn Outlook a couple weeks ago from Jackson, TN. A few days after buying vehicles, notice a few roaches in SUV. Used a fogger and it was roaches coming out of everywhere. Then a week later, there was a bad leak around my sunroof when it rained. Already paying for repairs before I made the first note. This place sucks!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

Got a 2004 Kia Sorento from Corsicana, TX Car-Mart in 2015 and had problems with it from day one. The finally stop running and was in the shop numerous times. I never missed a payment with Car-Mart and was told to come in and fill out another application for a 2004 Nissan Titan with 400 dollars down but they changed the price on the down payment, and made it higher. This company is not fair on helping good customers. Someone needs to look into this Car-Mart in Corsicana, TX. They take your money and sell you bad cars and kick you to the curb when you ask for help.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

Bought a car from Car mart and transmission went out two weeks later and took an additional two weeks to get repaired. However the transmission was still bad and came back with more problems than it had before it was to be fixed. This place is a joke. Go somewhere else to buy a car.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2017

I have bought 3 cars from the Tuscaloosa dealership. The last visit was awesome. Me and my sister still laugh about our last experience there. The salesman was off the chain from fixing us popcorn opening the door for us & he was a very knowledge person who answered every question we had. We were just looking at first but he convinced us to buy. He said "why wait? What's stopping you from buying?" Now my sister said he was a crook salesman he too smooth but come to find out he was just a great salesman that you don't run across on a used car dealership.

I've shopped around most used dealerships. He did not rush us to buy. We told him what our needs were and he gave the options that he could give us to best fit our needs. It was burning up but he opened the hood, the trunk, the doors. I mean he showed us every feature that truck had. But to make a long story short I went in and ask for him. I could not remember his name so I ask the lady salesman. She said Lopez and rudely mumbled but I heard "I thought you were asking for somebody. He don't work here no more." I walked outside called my sister. I said "girl he don't work there no more." She said "Dame". I was on my way when I get off in 30 mins to have me some popcorn & water catered to me. I told her I'm not buying here. It just did not seem the same the service of course man.

I just had to share this because when you do good business you earn more and I was back for him to sell me another vehicle even though I was looking around. I knew if that dealership had what I Wanted I was gonna buy it from there. Awww I'ma miss that salesman. He was so sweet. # DID NOT BUY THERE. I'M NOT A NEGATIVE PERSON BUT I HOPE YOU GET THE POINT.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 5, 2017

I went to CAR-MART because my 2002 FORD ESCORT blew a piston and pretty much considered TOTALED. I was working a Full time job and needed a car fast. This turned out to be the worse decision I ever made. First thing that happened was I selected a 2006 Chevy Malibu from the lot. I came up there on a Monday morning to complete the application process by which took almost two hours. After those two hours were complete the general manager came and told me that there is a hold on the title for the car and I should check back in a couple of days to check the status of the title.

A week later there was still a hold on the title so when I received my paycheck I went back to the lot and selected a 2005 Mercury Sable. The second day of driving this car the brakes and rotors began to make a very loud grinding noise and I noticed that it was hard to stop the car. The car's THEFT sensor was also off and caused the car not to start at times. I also noticed that the AC was not blowing cold air so I take the car back up to the lot and give the general manager a list of problems that she insured me she was going to "FIX". A week later I get the car back and NOTHING on the car is fixed. I got stranded at work numerous times because of the THEFT sensor and almost got into a bad accident because of the brakes. They harass you over $55 and even come out to your place of dwelling to question you like they're the law. I wouldn't recommend this place to the family dog.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

I see a lot of negative reviews about Car-Mart. Yes, their interest rate sucks, but what do you expect? They don't do credit checks for vehicles under 10,000. They have a pretty good warranty with all vehicles they sell. Way better than other second-rate car lots. I have purchased and traded-in 5 vehicles now with the Car-Mart in Elizabethtown, KY. Some things haven't been great, but I'm buying a used vehicle. Obviously not everything will be perfect. I took the time to read before signing. I was aware of the tax season balloon payments. I compensated for it by increasing my regular payments, therefore never owing a balloon payment. As a matter of fact, it's made it to where I've paid vehicles off early. My last 2 vehicle purchase I had to put nothing down even and no balloon payments even scheduled. My current one will be paid off in 18 months of a 26-month term.

They do currently report to credit. My current vehicle I even got done in my wife's name, who is a homemaker, no income and never had credit in her life. It's already raised her credit 150 points. Car-Mart isn't the best dealership, but it definitely ain't bad. All these negative reviews I read show me people just aren't responsible to make their payments as agreed and don't review their contracts before signing. Heck I even tell them what I will allot my regular payment to be and they point out which vehicles can get me there and I decide on my vehicles that way.

As for vehicle issues, thoroughly check the vehicle out and give it a good test drive before deciding. Every vehicle I've purchased here has either needed very minor repair or no repairs at all. Most repairs being small cosmetic things. Take your time, check the vehicle out thoroughly, take to your own mechanic even, review the paperwork BEFORE signing, make sure the payment fits your budget and you'll get a good vehicle at a fairly decent price and now even start establishing credit. Have yet to see any other buy here pay here that can even come close to everything that Car-Mart offers. Either way it's just like buying from a first-rate lot. Do your research, find what fits your budget, request known defects with the vehicle be fixed before signing, get it in writing and enjoy your new ride while establishing your credit...

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 19, 2017

I'm 60 years old and I've probably bought over fifty cars in my life, my grandson decided he wanted a little truck so I drive around town. I find a Dodge four wheel drive, So I traded my expedition in on the truck. I leave and get pulled over not five minutes out of the parking lot and the coo says I have no brake lights, I carry it back and the owners son tells me to drive it around and find out all that is wrong with it, so I return with my list of problems with it and they agreed to fix them all. After they have had it two weeks my wife calls to find out what was going on and the owner was really rude to her. The son decides to take over and that's when the lies started. Moral of the story is they talk rude to women and continue to lie... they are a horrible business. I wouldn't ever recommend, so I finally went and took my trade in back. Warning: Rip Off.

Original review: March 10, 2017

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser. $9,400. I was desperate for a car and as a college student I didn't have any credit, the reason I went to Car-Mart. THIS IS THE WORST CAR LOT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I had this car for 3 days and it began overheating. Paid a $50 deductible and it took them 5 days to "fix" the problem. Once I had gotten the car back it was STILL running hot. I had to leave it in a parking lot and they had it towed back to their raggedy lot. It took another 3 days to get it fixed.

They came out of nowhere saying I had a $478 payment because of tax season (I work a part time job and don't have any kids) so my taxes weren't anything. They constantly harassed me. Everyone there is extremely rude. They towed my car and claimed I was 5 payments behind after I had just sent them $200. Once I made it to the lot they told me the car was staying there. I retrieved my items and told the owner it didn't run very good anyways. He responded "We'll just crush it then," HAHA. Worst place to do business. I should have listened to my mom and boyfriend. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2017

We purchased a car in 2015 from the location in Magnolia, AR, and we stayed up to date on payments. Around the time when we had about 2500.00 left to pay on the car, we fell in a financial hardship, and we got 3 payments behind. Make a long story short, the week we was going to be able to catch up the payments, the car was repossessed from my apartments. Now we was no longer living in Arkansas but living in Dallas, and the two closest Car-Mart are both about an hour drive away. I called my local dispatch just to see where the car was towed to, so I would know how much towing fees would be. They told me there was no record of my car being towed. So I called the next day and DPD told me there was still no record of my car being towed.

So I called Magnolia Car-Mart and they basically told me they didn't know where the car was. I took it upon my own to call the next two close locations and they both told me that my car was not brought to their lot. And that it's company policy that when a repossession is done that the car is took to the closest location, and that if it's been 24 hours since the tow that my dealer should know who towed the car and where it's being stored. So as of now I have no idea where my car is. And it's poor service on their end to have a car towed and they not know where the car is. I know it's my fault for getting behind and ignoring their calls. But it shows some lack of responsibility on their end as well.

A customer should not think that her or his car has been stolen or been towed by some shade tree towing service, who will hold the car for ransom just to run up the tow bill. Tomorrow I will call again and see if they can tell me where the car is. It's not like I'm not going to pay if off. But for Christ sake they should make sure all their business is done company policy way when dealing with a repossession. From now on when and if I ever purchase another car, I will pay cash for one. I am done with secondhand car lots, who treat customers like puppets just because they can.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

Bought my 2003 Buick Rendezvous last year. Have never been late with a payment until my uncle passed away and had to help my grandmother with funeral cost. The lady at Car-Mart demanded I bring in a letter from my 89 year old grandmother saying I helped her which was why I was going to be late with my payment. I refused of course, then I receive a call in January saying my 'mid-year' payment is due. This was the first I had heard of this. According to her in the paperwork I signed I agreed to pay a tax payment of 650.00, I haven't even received my refund yet and they are constantly harassing me. I will never get another car from Car-Mart or recommend any to go there. They are crooks who prey on people who are going through a difficult time with credit and money issues.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2017

My wife had no credit and wanted to purchase her first vehicle. She saw a little red Jeep Liberty and didn't do her homework on Carmart. I went with her and they explained everything about warranty and financing. Wife insisted so we proceeded. 25 days after "100% inspection and satisfaction guarantee" policy air conditioner pump locked up and serpentine belt snapped and destroyed alternate and pulley tensioner. Towed home and manager refused repairs because "pump not part of motor or drive train". He said I could have one week to forgo payment to repair. 3 weeks after the $1100 repair made electrical issue happened making car undrivable again. Same excuse from manager. Again, another expensive repair.

Then windows stopped working and yet another repair. Owning for less than 90 days and already up to $2100. I threatened to file suit and contacted corporate and still no call. Fell behind in payments and driving home one day 2 Carmart cars with Carmart tags chased me down interstate. I had to file police report for the dangerous driving of employees trying to repo. This was same day I paid balance making me current. Called manager and he claimed he didn't get confirmation number and despite coming current on loan now we have an " tax time" payment that was not even outlined in contract for $500. Called corporate and still no answer.

So after $2100 in repairs, current and behind in same day with no legal reason other than what they claim we agreed to and almost getting into wreck by crazy employees trying to repo. I'm now being called a liar despite paper trail and dash cam video of dangerous employees trying to pull us over on major interstate. Police filed report but Carmart denies. Dash cam clearly shows Carmart license plates and dangerous driving and I have a recorded phone conversation with manager telling me that they were his employees. Nothing done by corporate. What's next, if I'm a day late they will put a hit on myself or my wife? Pursuing legally despite my urge to handle this the military way. They are threatening to repo any day. This story is 100% true and can be backed up. Something needs done. Stay away from these thug want-a-be's. Police investigating but losing thousands. Watch yourselves!

Updated 2/23/2017 - I recently wrote a review about Carmart of Macon Georgia and how we had $1200 in repairs in the first 25 days of buying vehicle. Also reported that they sent employees to repo after agreeing to forego payment to cover repairs almost causing 2 accidents and came to our home and refused to let wife leave driveway until we paid or told them where I worked so they could come and get vehicle. Two pending criminal investigations are underway but it gets better.

Someone from corporate finally contacted us named Steven. I explained everything that had happened and he agreed that repairs were part of warranty and that Carmart does not condone such criminal activity to repo cars. He agreed to meet me at local location so that I could show him videos of incidents, police reports and repair costs. We were to meet to fix problems and to smooth things over with local manager Chris. He even gave me an email which I later found was fictitious. Well meeting day came and he stood me up. I had money to pay small past due penalties and pay ahead. Disgusted I tried to call him back and it was a bad phone number. I emailed and it came back undeliverable. So I contacted corporate yet again and was promised that repossession would stop and someone would contact me.

Well today at work I had 4 armed men with guns in hand follow someone into private gated property and held me at gunpoint while they repossess vehicle. By the time police arrived Carmart of Macon had already had a convenient story that I owned a gun and was armed and dangerous and this was necessary. I don't even own a gun. Called corporate again and informed them that Steven stood me up and the cashier's check I sent came back and what had happened during repo. Embarrassed and mad I was again promised that now the vice president would call me by the end of the day... It's 8pm and no call. Yet another police report filed and this time Chris at Macon office had someone do his dirty work by repossessing the vehicle by gunpoint through a repo company so he denies all responsibility.

I joked in my first post that they would probably put a hit on me for calling them out to the corporate office but never thought that they would almost do it. If you're wanting a car from the Macon Carmart please think twice about how bad you need a car. I have to seek legal action, pursuit of criminal charges against Car Mart and social media for justice. The videos are there to prove everything as well as recorded conversations and documents but these clowns claim that I photoshopped everything. They are crooks and thug want to be. No family deserves to buy a car and fear for their safety if they have a complaint. NOT WORTH IT! Don't let this happen to you.

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Original review: Jan. 28, 2017

My wife seen this car in Evansville Indiana. She loved it. It was a 2005 Mazda Tribute. Well in three days the engine light came on. Sent us down to AutoZone. They said it was first bank 02 and second bank 02 so took it to them. They said bring it back Monday. I said never mind. Take it to shop. Have it done. Well at shop again and they found out there was oil leaking on exhaust manifold so I said ok. Valve cover leak no. Now these guys are licensed in Indiana not AutoZone people. They said it was dangerous to drive so I asked them to do a compression test. It was almost 90%. They looked in reservoir and had oil in it so mechanic told me it was a blown head gasket. I was pissed. This thing could of blown up or burned my wife to death.

Went back up there to CAR-MART. Behind her they wouldn't accept the paper I had from real mechanics. They wanted AutoZone. Well I had it. I told her clean out the car of her stuff. I'm taking out tag off. We'll get another car. So while I was taking her take off the car the lady behind the counter said "We're gonna sue you." My wife was in tears. She didn't know I already called our lawyer. Then came back home they called. Big mistake. They asked for her. I said "no this is her husband." Well lady said "I talked to my regional manager. We'll make the arrangement for the 75." "I'm thinking you sold me a fire hazard, tried to kill my wife." A no. Well it didn't last long. I told them I have paperwork and pictures and she recorded the girl saying that to her.

There is a lemon law in indiana. Let them try. Judge gonna love this. They breach the contract and I have it recorded. The lady we first talked to telling us to bring it back in three days and they would fix it for free. So if you go here don't. They're ripoff artist and they will tell you that paper which says "oh only pay 75 dollars and we fix it." 75 over and over and over. No thanks. I'm smelling lawsuit. Pretty sure Sterling and Sterling will be contacting them next week.

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2017

Well, to start if you purchased a vehicle at Car-Mart, you have credit problems. Misfortunes happen to a lot of good people, that are not in our control, resulting in poor credit. Car-Mart feeds on this, selling auction vehicles that are on their last leg. Buy a hunk of crap, recon it just enough to get a bite on a credit stricken victim. We all have a story to tell from the first impression, to the customer service, to the first breakdown of our new found polished turd. REPEAT BUSINESS?? No kidding!! We're not going to reward you by reporting to any credit bureaus. Why would they do that? So you might possibly get established credit to buy a vehicle on a normal interest rate at a fair price. That's why they earn repeat business.

I'm very dissatisfied in the piece of crap I'm not stuck with. 05 Grand Cherokee. I even tried to trade it back into them to get another clunker, hoping to get a new set of issues to deal with. Salesman that sold it to me said and I quote "best car on the lot my friend.". Then try to trade it in, he says "well just a few more payments and we will get you positive equity, then trade you in to another vehicle." I'm not an idiot. If you buy a car here, there is no positive equity. Ever! When and if you get it paid off, it's probably at a salvage yard. I will never buy another vehicle here again. I would rather walk barefoot. Keep getting rich off of others misfortunes America's Car-Mart! Hopefully you are humbled one day.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP If you are in the market for a place that will approve you!!! My first experience with Car-Mart was rather rushed to say the least. I was in desperate need of a vehicle and the dealership was made well aware of this and took advantage of it. Proceeding with the purchase, they showed me this 2001 Chrysler sebring convertible and made a hasty "deal" with me because the vehicle had low miles and the total of the vehicle was not very expensive ($8,500). They promptly told me the payments would be high only because they wanted me to complete the program and have my vehicle paid off in full by 2 years. Assuming that this was a steal for me, I made the purchase with a $500 downpayment and I was on my way.

Shortly after the purchase the vehicle had blown two shocks in the front, the window cracked, the convertible leaked heavily, and the tires were practically balded to the point of being unsafe. Fast forward a year and a half, my remaining balance was $3,299.00 and I thought "hey why not get out of this vehicle in to something better off their car lot?" (I know very dumb idea despite my previous issues but again because my credit was so bad I thought they would be practically the only people willing to work with me and get me in a car of my choosing).

Shortly after a discussion about my previous car and its remaining balance, we had come to an agreement that I would release the vehicle back to them and start over in a new vehicle. They had a very nice "or so I thought", Chrysler 300c 2006 Hemi and I was again thrilled at the thought of owning it! Because of the price of the vehicle "$13,000.00 with interest, $18,000.00" I was getting a reliable vehicle with an odometer that read 156K miles but according to the dealership only had 136K because the vehicle had an odometer issue. THAT alone should have been a red flag but I proceeded with the purchase. NOT EVEN 2 WEEKS!!! I have a EXTREMELY HEAVY oil leak!!

To give you an idea, this vehicle could hold 7 qts of oil and I took a trip to Florida from Kentucky and from Florida to Kentucky back and I had to replace the oil with 8 qts!!! Assuming the issue would be resolved under their warranty, I began the process by making a small payment of $50 towards my deductible. The vehicle went in the shop 3 times!!! The warranty eventually became void due to my miles and they refused to resolve the issue afterward despite it not being resolved! I have since then willingly returned the vehicle to them and declined payment and I will be taking them to court! I feel it was a breach of contract and they should be obligated to resolve this issue immediately! I am not pleased at all! Bankruptcy is coming their way!

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2017

My husband bought a car through these people in 2013. It was a 2003 Pontiac Grand prix gtp. PAID well over 10,000 for it. Anytime we made a payment they were rude. We were late a few times and called ahead of time to let them know. WHEN we got the car the abs light and traction control light was on. They had us send it to some backwoods shop to fix it and was never fixed. They told us because they paid for it once they weren't going to pay for it again. Kim was horrible. The tax policy is stupid. You have to file taxes with them so they can take it all. She did his taxes and got really nasty because he didn't get much back which was strange so we had someone else look into it and found out she purposely did them wrong.

I will never get a car from them again. I hope the lawsuits against them bankrupt them. THEY are supposed to be there to help people get vehicles who can't pay outright and they abuse that by charging way more than the car is worth and they have problems with them. I have gotten 3 recalls on my car and they refused to fix it. Took forever to get the title to the car. 6 months after it was paid for they gave it to me.

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Original review: Dec. 25, 2016

I bought a 2008 Chrysler Pacifica From David (The manager). Well I filed my taxes through them. The girl who did my taxes was messed up on drugs. Falling asleep and her speech was slurred. I even have a video of this. I showed David he let it go, she messed my taxes up so bad that Dawn had to fix it. Afterward my car started acting up so I called Dawn and she told me that my warranty was up so I had to fix it myself. Well 2 months later my whole car shut down in the middle of the road. I called them they would not help me at all. I had two mechanics look at it. The sub frame was rusted out with holes all in it. My bcm was rusted and went out. Windows would not roll down. It would not go out of park, wipers, air and so much more would not work. It was not safe for my 4 children.

So after a month of trying to fix it, I turned it in. Asked them if they would work with me? I was told by the General Manager that they may could remove it from my credit or give me another vehicle. After having this vehicle for only 8 months I still owed over $8,000 on it. They then sold it and said I owed 6000 still. I refused to pay it as they sold me a unsafe vehicle. Now they have a motto of "100 percent inspected". There is no way this is true. I plan to get a lawyer and make sure this does not happen to anyone else. If you or anyone else has had this problem I ask you to join me in a lawsuit. Please contact me via facebook or email (Terry ** via facebook) and my email is **...

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Original review: Dec. 23, 2016

Bought Jeep Liberty 2004 4+4. It sat two weeks while the wife went on the road with me in the big rig. Got back got in car and the right window motor went out. They fixed it after I threatened to drive it through the building. Two weeks later right rear tire blows out, tore up right quarter panel and back bumper. Tires were 15 years old on Jeep. Oil consumption 1 qt every 800 miles like clockwork. U-joints after 8000 miles. Still needs 2 more tires but to hell with this piece of crap. Long story short I put a total of 15000 miles on it in 16 months. Paid 5000 in payments, 800 down, still owe 5000. Got in it last week, right door lock quit working and the transmission slipped when I put it in drive. To hell with it. Went to Kia, bought real car for the same payments. I would not buy a new tricycle from these people. Oh yeah no a/c that they said they would fix it. You ever drive in Texas without a/c. America's Car-Mart, Greenville TX you suck.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

My wife and me had to start over. In may 2016 we bought this Silverado in Arkadelphia then we lost our house we got. Behind on payments Rob would catch an attitude. Lost everything, lived in peoples' couches and all they're concerned is money. Said they would help me but no one has bothered to call. These folks are sorry be late in your payment they catch an attitude saying "We put them in a back burner" when I got a newborn baby and wife trying to have a Christmas.

Original review: Dec. 13, 2016
My car was repossessed after my payment was 8 days late. I was told that the reason they did this is because I wouldn't answer my phone and I

am never home. I work an hour and a half from home 5-6 days a week in a prison where cell phones are prohibited. My payment has NEVER been more than two weeks late. They always want you to come in and explain what is happening in your life to cause your payment to be late. They treat you like an idiot basically. After I pay this car off I will never make this mistake again!

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Original review: Nov. 30, 2016

I purchased a car from CarMart last year and I should be finished paying for it this year!! I noticed after making my last payment that they charged me $200 more on my payment when asked to explain why and how I was told by Nick he didn't have time!! I called the corporate office and I'm still waiting on a call back. A worker by the name of Danielle gave me excuses for 2 days then when I went back to Nick all of a sudden he could explain!!!! It was total bull and made no sense!!!

I'm very disappointed. I mean very disappointed, by the time I pay for this car I could have purchased 2 cars!!! Please don't purchase a key chain from these people. The interest alone is ridiculous and I'm still waiting on the area manager to call me back who check this out!!! Doesn't have a phone because he travels from lot to lot!!! All I can say is God bless you CarMart. Everyone gets a turn so when hell breaks out in your own personal lives think of the many people you have cheated!!!

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

I bought a 2005 Ford F-150 from the Madison, TN store approximately 6 months ago. I have had to invest almost $1000 in the vehicle since that time. Things that were promised to be repaired before we took possession of the vehicle were not done, most importantly a replacement of the seal that was leaking oil. I had to wait almost 2 weeks to take possession of the vehicle after deciding to buy the truck and making a partial down payment supposedly to allow them time to make said repairs.

Since receiving the vehicle I have had to replace all 4 tires due to dry rot, replace the brake light sensor plate, have the vehicle aligned, and am still having to cope with a hole in the tail pipe, rear lights that do not work, and a missing center cap for one of the wheels. Yesterday I took the truck in for an oil leak. The main issue that was to be repaired was not repaired properly. We now are forced to wait while the truck to be repaired (again), pay $50 for the privilege, and meanwhile my boyfriend who drives the truck has no transportation to and from work. I trusted that the company was reputable. I trusted that a vehicle that cost over $10,000 would be in good repair. It was (and is) not. I strongly recommend that folks look elsewhere for a vehicle.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

We currently are financing a car with CARMART in Lawton Oklahoma. When we are two days late they call and blow up our phone about the payment. I went yesterday because my wife called and spoke with someone about a payment extension. She spoke with two people who told her to come in and sign the agreement that it would be late.

I get to the store yesterday to make the payment and the two managers were sitting in the office doing nothing but laughing, so I went to the man up front and told him I was there to sign the agreement. He told me that I would have to speak with the finance lady who said "you are here to make a payment is what your wife said." I told here "no I am here to sign the agreement." She said "no you are here to make a payment." Very rude. She stated "well you are five days late." And I said "five days late really?" She stated very rude "why can't you make your payment?" That is none of her business being five days late. Do not buy a car here unless you want to be harassed.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2016

My daughter bought a 2004 Buick Lacrosse from Car-Mart of Rome. Within the 1st month of having her car the transmission went out. We towed the car where Anthony told us to take it. Transmission was rebuilt, rack and pinion and power steering pump and power steering lines were replaced. After a month and a half she gets her car back. Car-Mart was suppose to have an alignment done on the car. No alignment was done!

The 2 front tires blew out on the car at 11 pm at night! My daughter who is 20 years old was stranded on the side of the road in a VERY RURAL area by herself for an hour because Car-Mart sold her a car with no spare or jack! Called Car-Mart the next morning and still cannot get anyone to call me back! My daughter missed her engagement photo shoot and so far a day of work. I have been in the automotive business for 25 years (in service depot) my husband has 45 years' experience doing nothing but front-end work such as alignments. Poor customer service with these people! I would not recommend anyone doing business with ANY Car-Mart!!!

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

I too wish that there was a rating for ZERO stars. I Purchase a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder in 9/18/16. After utilizing their 3 day return/exchange policy I was greeted with what looked like racial discrimination. She forced me to get full coverage insurance before leaving the lot as an attempt to discourage me from changing cars. Day 2 or 3 it broke down and it was towed to their mechanic shop to be fixed because it would not go up the hill.

After getting the car back the 1st time and only having it back just long enough for me to drive it home it broke down again, but this time it was smoking and it wouldn't go up the hill. I have only had my truck in my possession for about 7 days total since the date of purchase because it has been in their repair shop. With me calling repeatedly day after day for updates, them not returning my phone calls, them not telling me where my car is located while at the same time making payments and renting cars I was not able to keep it with my payments.

After getting behind 1 payment I came into their office to make reasonable arrangements and the first thing they did was try 2 force me to let them pick up the truck again for repairs after I had just got it back for the 3rd or 4th time (losing count now it's been with them so long). They refused to make arrangements and in fact repossessed up my car after being 11 days late forcing me to file bankruptcy. As of today they still haven't returned my car and in fact they sent me a letter saying they were auctioning off the car. They put the truck in the shop and had the mechanic dismantle it. It has been there for 7 days and they told me on day 6 that the mechanic said it only runs for 5 min. then shuts off. It wasn't even doing that when they picked it up while I was at the hospital picking up my sister, this was after I had a mechanic look at it and me notifying them that the fan clutch was destroyed and that they obviously had overlooked the problem.

This company is a rip off and they will go as far as to overlook court orders. I will not be beat out of my money, I put down $1000 and made payments of $125 weekly, paid $50 for a repair that was never fixed and $75 for a tow not to mention all the money I have had to spend with rentals and the trips I have had to make and lost time on my job. They think I will not be able to make my payments to the bankruptcy attorney and I will be forced to discharge the bankruptcy because I am left with no transportation to work but they are wrong. What ever happened to reputable businesses?

I only purchased this car because of my son who had bought a car in Dalton GA. He worked with him, told him where his car was being repaired, allowed them to take to the mechanic shop for repairs and to pick it up. They also made arrangements with them in regards to their payments. Kind of think of it since they are a corporation aren't they supposed to have the same rules at every location. Then people answer this question. Why did the head manager tell me that every location is different and no one can tell her how she spends her money? I wish I had known that they are allowed to make up their own rules as they go because if I had known I would've avoided Car Mart of Hixson at all cost. What I can say is that I am willing to go as far as I need to go to have Car Mart of America put out of business and I we come any attorneys to contact me because there is much more to this story.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

I was intentionally sold a vehicle in need of major repairs. My story reads like that of most individuals who have written reviews here. There are approximately 200 complaints now filed with the Attorney General's Office which has now alerted them to the need for a thorough investigation. I have audio recordings of their fraudulent business practices...complete with Kim ** hollering that the recordings aren't admissible in court. I am not stopping until something is legally done to this fraudulent business and all employees of theirs that have willingly participated in victimizing many individuals. To have your voice heard... you may call me at **. Again, I am not stopping until something is done... the Attorney General's Office has now began reviewing the many complaints submitted and are researching the online complaints. You are not alone.

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