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Avoca, PA

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Established in 1995, GWC Warranty has been providing extended auto warranties to help drivers feel safer & protected. GWC works with independent drivers, dealers & agents. GWC offers a variety of protection plans in order to help you find the one that works best for your budget & your needs. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our available plans.

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Last updated: April 20, 2018

28 GWC Warranty Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: April 20, 2018

I purchased GWC Warranty for my car which is a used vehicle, and the reps I spoke to were good and nice. I've had their warranty for a year now and had already submitted a claim for a switch that was not getting on. The repair was completed quicker than I thought. I was satisfied and my experience with GWC Warranty was good.

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Original review: April 19, 2018

I bought an expensive car and I wanted to get a good warranty that's gonna cover the parts, so I got GWC. But when my car had something that needed to be fixed, they told me they only put aftermarket pieces in the car and they don't pay for original parts. So, I was surprised and I was shocked and I wasn't really happy with that. Had GWC mentioned anything about only covering for aftermarket parts, I wouldn't even have bought this warranty. I'd rather pay for my part than have an aftermarket part in my car. And that was the only time that something happened to my car.

There was a part that they did not want to cover and I was having issues with that lately and it needed to be changed. But I have to wait until the part breaks down on me. It's like the car is not going to be running in order for me to able to replace that part even though I got check engines saying the part is not functioning very well. And when the water pump broke down on me and the car was overheating, I tried to file a claim on it and get GWC to get me a new part. But they said that they're not gonna cover the original part. My mechanic submitted three hours of labor and GWC said they're only gonna go by their system which is less than three hours. I would never repeat my experience with the GWC and tell others to go somewhere else.

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Original review: April 18, 2018

We've had about three claims filed with GWC. We had the car for three months but we had so many problems with it that we sold it. It was in the shop for about two months out of three months that we had it. But GWC picked up a lot of slack that we saved way more money than we spent even getting the warranty. So that was awesome. Everyone dealt with the claim whoever we sent it to they would call and deal with the claims so we had no problem. We like GWC so much that we upgraded the car that we just bought to the next level and it would be the exclusionary coverage instead or maybe the comprehensive. We’d like to have much more coverage next time. Anyone who's buying a new car should definitely get GWC. It's worth the money in case something happens.

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Original review: April 17, 2018

The people whom I bought the vehicle from gave me a brochure about GWC Warranty and I read about it. A warranty was a good thing for my car and I really liked what their people had to say so I purchased and paid the warranty in full. At that time, I had a good interaction with the representative. I've known them from before since I used to take my other car there all the time. I only called GWC's customer service one time for towing and the lady was nice. I gave her my location but then the person who was towing the car got something mixed up. GWC people came hours later but everything went all right and then they took the car to the mechanic. And whenever I had a problem, I will take it to the mechanic who was the same guy who sold me that extended warranty and then he will let me know what needs to be fixed. Then the mechanic will talk to GWC people personally and I never had to call them and make a claim.

I had a great experience with GWC Warranty, and I was very satisfied with the turnaround. They took care of the claims I got but my mechanic always tells me that GWC doesn’t pay the taxes. I didn’t have any deductible then later on GWC said that I still need to pay taxes. It had to come out of pocket when I paid my action money when I got my car. Other than that, the cost of the service contract comes through and GWC has a good service. I told my brother to get the same service too at the same time, but GWC couldn’t cover his car.

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Original review: April 16, 2018

GWC Warranty came with the truck when I bought it and it's the first warranty I have. The purchase was good but they didn't explain anything. So I called in when I had some questions and they explained. When I filed a claim, everything was smooth and it was perfect. However, the repair took a little while because the dealer was having issues. Even so, the coverage I got from GWC was good. Having the warranty is nice, especially since the truck I have is notorious for the cam phasers going out. So if something happens within these two years, it'll be covered.

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Original review: April 13, 2018

I have a used car and a GWC warranty came with the financial company that I went through. Then the transmission was messed up in my truck. I talked to the GWC customer service rep before the day the claim was done and after, and they were kind in both times. All I did was take my truck to the dealer, and then they contacted the warranty people through the paper I gave them. GWC Warranty paid for that, so they did their job. I have had the loader car for a little over a week now. Also, I would recommend GWC to a friend.

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Original review: April 12, 2018

I was forced to purchase a contract from GWC Warranty and I've been with them for a year now. I purchased the contract at the dealership and my experience with the selling dealer was either I buy the contract or they're not selling me a car. GWC gives a bigger kickback so that’s the one the dealership uses. I used to work for a dealer and I know how it works. In terms of dealership's knowledge of the program, they were horrible. When I spoke to the claims and customer service reps at GWC, they said that my tires are 7/8 of an inch too big and the dealership could have told me that the contract I purchased doesn’t cover it.

It was right there in the contract and there was not a single thing I can do about it but it would've just been nice to know. I have a lifted jeep and because they didn’t pay the extra fee, I just replaced the entire engine in it. And because it’s lifted, the suspension wasn’t right and I had to do all the suspension myself. GWC turned me down twice. The second I got a lawyer then they changed their tone and they covered the rear end and engine.

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Original review: April 11, 2018

My vehicle is 10 years old and it has 190,000 miles on it. I knew there would be things that would come up and it's better to purchase a vehicle service contract than to have to pay it out of pocket. GWC Warranty is the warranty company that the dealership that I went to deals with. Our salesman explained the benefits to me and he did a very good job. He showed us everything that GWC Warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover.

My auto shop of choice, where I've been going for 30 years, won’t deal with GWC Warranty because of the way things have gone in the past. Prior to paying by credit card, the auto shop was waiting three to six months for a check. Although GWC Warranty is contacting him and trying to work something out. And so we’ll see if the new system works better.

About two weeks ago, I had the vehicle in the shop and the shop happened to be one of the dealerships in the dealership group that I bought the car from. We went through and dealt with everything. The dealership called GWC Warranty, got the approval, did the work, and I paid the difference. With what’s been done to the truck already, I’m absolutely loving the quality of the warranty service that I received from GWC Warranty.

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Original review: April 10, 2018

When I bought a used vehicle, the dealership offered the option of whether I want an auto warranty or not and then they suggested the GWC warranty. GWC's customer service was nice when I talked to them and they answered my questions. However, the dealership had a bit of a problem when I had my car fixed. It took four days to get the repairs made and it was longer than my expected time frame. Other than that, the whole experience was good. I like the quality of the warranty service and it's definitely worth it.

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Original review: April 9, 2018

When we bought the car, the dealer said that having an auto warranty is a good thing. He said a few words about the auto warranty, and although we thought we’d never need it, we said, “Okay. Why not?" However, we did needed it and GWC Warranty covered everything. They were very good, responsive and helpful. As soon as they were informed that the car has had things that are not good, they acted very quickly and approved everything. The auto warranty was a very good thing and I liked GWC Warranty.

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Original review: April 8, 2018

My first experience with GWC wasn’t too good but this last time was alright. The first time they kind of screwed me over because they didn't want to pay all the labor rate. They only want to pay $100 an hour and I don't know too many shops that are at that rate. At four dealerships around here they’re at least $120. So I paid all the money for labor. But GWC helped when I had to put a radiator in my truck because that would have been a $1,700 bill and I ended up paying about $570. It's all right if the claim is exactly what they say it covers. But they don't budge any. As for GWC's reps, one guy was kind of an asshole but then I spoke to another one that wasn't too bad. But I probably wouldn't get GWC again.

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Original review: April 7, 2018

The vehicle was about 10 years old. We just wanna play it safe and make sure that for any occurrences that happen with the vehicle within a year, it should be covered so we decided to purchase the warranty based on the age and mileage of the vehicle itself. And GWC Warranty was the warranty that was offered at the dealership so I had no idea if there were other options for me.

My experience when I was purchasing the contract was really good. I wanted to know some basics of what the warranty covered and that was discussed. It felt like a good fit and sure enough, within two weeks, we had an issue already with the vehicle that was covered under the warranty. It was unfortunate that we had to experience the issue during the first two weeks of owning the vehicle but I was glad that we did purchase the warranty. Some of the expenses were paid out-of-pocket but the warranty came in handy. It saved us a ton of money. And looking at the bill and what we paid for the contract, the warranty already paid itself off.

We went straight to the dealer because the car was practically a new purchase. They notified the appropriate people through the warranty corporation and the service department as well. It was the dealer that handled everything regarding that warranty issue. I didn’t even have to call GWC Warranty to see it all. The dealer was not acting as the middlemen going back and forth the warranty office and myself. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. We were satisfied with the overall process.

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Original review: April 6, 2018

Our factory warranty was running out and my brother-in-law recommended GWC Warranty. My husband purchased the service contract and we filed a claim. Everything went fine and their service was good. I would recommend GWC.

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Original review: March 30, 2018

The dealer suggested that I get a service contract for my vehicle and I asked them if they offered any warranty. They showed me GWC Warranty's booklet and I liked what was on there. They told me that that warranty is good and that it covers a lot of things. My experience was straightforward and quick. I just signed up some papers and everything was set. When my transmission didn't shift into drive, I called their customer service reps and I told them what had happened and they told me to take it to one of the stations that they had listed.

I got to one of their listed stations and told the people there that I was filing a claim for the GWC warranty. They took my keys and told me to come back a week later. When I came back, I thought they would have it ready but they ended up taking another week and a half. But everything was taken care of and I was happy with the cost. It was a good price for all of the parts that it covers. My confidence level is way higher now and I feel that if anything happens, I don't have to worry. I can just call them for anything. I've already recommended GWC to a lot of people.

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GWC Warranty response

Thanks for the feedback, Marco!

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Original review: March 28, 2018

I have a used vehicle, so I never know what could go wrong with it. GWC Warranty is an awesome company. I did some research and they had the highest good reviews. Even though I bought a used car, I feel like they didn't look it over thoroughly because I shouldn’t, within a month, be at the shop. And I haven't had the time to enjoy the car. I'm just paying the car insurance without even driving it. But they did awesome though, for helping out with the oil leak situation. They called me and asked what's the problem, so I explained it to them. Then, they got back to the dealer and then they gave me a call to say if they can do it or not with the warranty. They ended up doing it because they're really good. If I would have picked another warranty, I probably would have gotten screwed.

However, their rep was always trying something out of you more, something that probably I wouldn't have needed. I told him, "I just want this repaired and that's it. I don't wanna see an oil leak because I'm paying that much." One thing I did not understand is that GWC only pays 100 bucks an hour or so. Mercedes charges $130 an hour. I just had to pay the difference, which came out like $500 something out of my pocket. The warranty covered most of it, but I still had to pay out of my pocket, which I was pretty bummed about because I know it shouldn't even be like that. I haven't even had the car for two months and I'm already dumping money into it.

Hopefully, that's the last time I use GWC because I don't wanna make it a habit. I wanna enjoy the car for what it's worth. I paid a lot of money for it and I don't want things to keep breaking down especially oil leak. If you have an oil leak, that's like the blood of the engine. You do not have any oil and now you're dumping another 10 grand for repairs. Besides that, with GWC, I don't even care if my car breaks down because I know they got my back. The people that I spoke to were really polite. They explain it to you really well, like I was face-to-face, not just over the phone. If GWC is available through your dealer or you can get it, the warranty pays itself off. If I can get it more, I will do it.

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GWC Warranty response

Thanks for the review, Kastriot!

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Original review: March 25, 2018

My vehicle might have some maintenance situations that I thought a warranty would be a good service to use. GWC works well with local dealerships. I shop local all the time and we have some very good non-branded dealerships. They are more like specialists in used cars and I have a Mercedes Benz. And I've had experience with GWC before and they seemed to be very thorough in how they qualify the repair and they are very fair about it as well. I can go to any service shop I want but they have to be authorized to repair my car. I couldn't just go to the corner or to the guy that changes the oil. I have to pick their mechanics to a certain extent. I want to make sure that I'm either dealing with a brand dealership or with a company that's authorized or has the qualification. So there is some selectivity but I'm not forced to deal with their dealership, I can go anywhere in the country.

If you buy cars and get extended warranties through dealerships, they try to get you to put it as part of the financing. You really don't know what it costs most of the time, but with GWC, it was very clear to me that it was going to be about $2,700. I also knew the vehicle has to be $80,000 or $90,000. It extended a 50,000-mile warranty on to a car that had 60,000 or 55,000. At that point, I knew that if something went wrong with the air suspension system which is in this particular model, it would be worth about $2,000. And it was what happened. The repair was over $2,000 and my out of pocket was about $200. I thought it was a good deal.

I would tell a friend that my experience with GWC was straightforward. I get exactly what I'm paying for. They cover what they say they'd cover and I like that the repair shop does not start the work without getting the authorization from GWC. Other warranties will represent to cover something and then you let them go ahead and do it. And then, they say they only cover half of that because the other half didn't show up in a code or on the computer and you're stuck with a big bill. GWC doesn't do that. They validate just like an MRI at the doctor. You have to get pre-qualified before you get the MRI for it to be covered by insurance. This company does the same thing with the repair.

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GWC Warranty response

Thanks for the review, Frank!

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Original review: March 22, 2018

Young adults seem to have more issues than not so I wanted to make sure that my son was covered. It's a little more security for myself knowing that if anything happens he is protected. The seller said GWC seems to be the better of the ones that he offered. I asked initially if GWC offered an extended warranty packet at any point and the selling dealer said yes. Then the conversation began regarding the coverage. He went through the three different options that I had. Some had minimal coverage, some had a little bit more coverage and then there was one that had full coverage. He also explained the deductibles associated to them and allowed me to make my choice based on that information.

We did have a claim and we were grateful that we got that warranty. I basically followed the instructions that were given on the GWC contract. It stated to call if we had any mechanical issues. They suggested not to drive the vehicle and to utilize the tow service that was provided along with the coverage. I also got a call from one of their adjusters, asking primary questions regarding what happened, at which point he suggested we take it in and gave me the explanation of the shop needing to start the claim.

They suggested some local facilities to my area. I asked if I could take it to the dealership and they explained that that was a possibility however there was a cap on the hourly rates and parts, and I may have to come out of pocket with some other services rendered or residual based on what they would reimburse. Then I told them that I had a shop chosen. He said that was perfectly fine and to have the shop call them with their information.

The vehicle was taken to the service shop at which point they contacted GWC. I asked my mechanic if GWC Warranty had contacted them and he said that he couldn't get a hold of the warranty company. But there was a miscommunication on his part. There was an outage on 'cause of snow in Philadelphia and the warranty company was closed early. I called and that was what was explained over the voicemail. I called on Sunday the following available date and the gal answered. There was no claim then but they said to let the mechanic know to please call them and not to go ahead and start it. But that was the only delay which was a day or two. I didn't have any issues when it came to calling or getting some responses. And it was a very pleasant experience on the mechanic's side as well. I would recommend GWC.

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GWC Warranty response

Thanks for the review, William!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2018

My son bought a used car and paid for a Warranty Plan that covers transmission up to $2,800. The estimate after tearing it down amounts to $2,867. Warranty company is saying they'll only cover $1,850. My son paid the Warranty with the plan that covers the transmission, but is arguing with Auto Service about it. My son uses my car to get to work and it is creating stress for him and myself. He needs his vehicle to get to work 45 miles from home to be able to pay for the vehicle and his rent. What recourse does my son have to get Warranty Company to pay? My son paid for the warranty, but they don't want to live up to their terms. We need help!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

I authorized a repair to be done before we were able to contact GWC, since it would have meant another day without our vehicle and a lost day of vacation. When my repair shop spoke with a claims adjuster, he told them it was an unauthorized repair because of that and they wouldn’t pay... End of story. Very poor in my opinion, but I realize that’s how they’re trained. I called and spoke to Tory (a manager) and explained the situation. He was very understanding and said that they would cover the repairs they felt were necessary as a “goodwill gesture.” So overall, I was happy that the leadership was helpful, but wish they would train their adjusters to be a bit more professional (should have passed my repair people over to someone above him that could make a better decision).

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

They just fix cars. They don't try to figure out a way to screw you out of having to do the repairs. Been dealing with them for 15 years. Just had my complete A/C system replaced on our 2013 Nissan Altima at 60,000 miles. If you have an Altima and don't have a warranty get ready to rob a bank.

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Original review: March 13, 2017

I am having Problem with my 2011 Ford Edge which I purchased about a month and a half ago. Wrench warning light came on. It is the throttle body. When I called they said it was not covered. They consider that not part of the motor or drive train. Their contract is very misleading to say the least. I will not recommend this coverage to anyone. I paid 1500 dollars for this coverage. Not I am stuck with it. Please relay the message to anyone you know buying a car not to use this. Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2016

Bought the warranty from Guardian for my Ford Escape. Bushing mounts went 3 times in 4 months before Guardian approved Ford certified parts. That amounted to several trips to the dealership and lots of headaches! Now, my transmission went. Guardian has to send out an "inspector" to make sure that the transmission is the issue and not something else - ok. Takes inspector 4 days until he can get to the dealership (that's 4 days without a vehicle). "Yes," says the inspector, "the transmission needs replaced." Is Guardian going to replace with a new one - NO. Will they replace with a certified refurbished transmission - NO. Where is my replacement transmission coming from you ask? A SALVAGE YARD! Enough said?

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Original review: June 13, 2015

My car started to jump a little if it's sitting in one spot too long so perform service came up on the dashboard. Long story short I took my vehicle up to the dealership to run a diagnostic and he said it was the valve body in my transmission that needed to be replaced. I said ok I'm covered because when I bought this warranty they told everything involving the transmission and engine would be covered. Well come to find out GWC doesn't cover any electrical breakdown even though it's a part of the transmission and without the transmission wouldn't work at all. I payed 2500 for this warranty to keep me from having to go thru this experience and GWC found a way to screw me. I wouldn't recommend this warranty company to a dog.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2015

My experience with the customer service was and is horrible, Geesh they argue back at you and just rude. Remember I am the customer, I am how you make a living, SMH. My engine broke down. I had my vehicle towed to the repair facility. They contact GWC. Let them know what the diagnosis are and they ask for a tear down. Inspection reveals timing belt broke. Nothing lacking on my maintenance for my car, so I'm in the good, right? Only to learn that they are not going to pay for the tear down, they are telling me I have to pay for it, SMH. GWC warranty is a joke and I'm glad that they paid for a new transmission 2300 and an engine 1200. So at least I got something out of my 2000 I paid for the warranty, SMH.

Oh and I'm going to report and continue to share my experience with GWC because they are a false advertising company with no respect for their customers. I will not be to upset because at the end of the day I'm winning a little bit, but they better reimburse me for that damn tear down that they asked for. Being that the results are in my favor, why do I have to pay? I knew I had the car for 6 mos. There's no way I should be getting a new engine or transmission after only 6 mos.

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2011

I purchased an extended warranty for a 2004 VW Passat with 1.8t. VW is already involved in a class-action lawsuit regarding sludge build up in this engine, causing catastrophic failure ($6,000 to replace). Claim was filed on my behalf by Cochran VW in Pittsburgh. After almost two weeks, GWC sent a man out to confirm the issue, then promptly denied my claim for inadequate servicing of the engine. This is EXACTLY the known issue with this vehicle. It is my opinion that neither of these companies is behaving honestly and a thorough investigation of this is in order. I've contacted my attorney regarding this matter and I would love to hear from other aggrieved parties.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2010

The purchase is in Mercedes-Benz auto-expo in Great Neck, New York. I got an extended warranty from the dealership called Guardian Warranty Corporation. I sold the Mercedes-Benz to another dealership as trade in. I called the warranty company and they told me that I could not get a refund on warranty. On the contract, I did not press this no refund.

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Original review: June 6, 2010

Statement of complaint: I bought a 2002 Volvo S60 from an individual (private party) and accordingly transferred his warranty into my name. This warranty was with Guardian Corporation.

Unfortunately, I had to have the car in the shop to repair a rear differential and a transmission. During this time, I was driving a rent-a-car so time was money. Guardian only covers $25/day for rental cars for 4 days. 3 business days after the inspector reviewed my car (6 days after Guardian had been notified) Tom told my mechanic that Guardian would cover over $5,000, but would not give her anything in writing. Then, over the next 3 days, my mechanic followed up with Tom and Ed to get official approval and she was told that all actions were waiting on the owner. After never receiving a single phone call from Guardian, I hear about this through my mechanic. I call Guardian immediately. My adjuster, Tom at ext.118 tells me that he will only cover $3,000 saying that he previously mis-stated the number to my mechanic. When I asked him to break that down, he said that he would only cover ~$800 for the transmission (a part which was replaced with a refurbished transmission by County Transmissions through Guardian cost Guardian $3,000 alone in Fall of 2008). ~$300 for the door switch, and the rest was the rear differential. I do not know these numbers exactly because when I asked for these numbers in writing, Tom refused. I requested to be transferred to the manager, Ed at ext.111, who stated that the $5,000 conversation with my mechanic never happened. I am not sure how he can make such a bold statement.

Those are all sincere frustrations that I would like resolved, but my stopping point right now is my rear differential. I have contacted everyone that I know that specializes in repairing Volvos after the year 2000, and every single person tells me that the only way to replace a rear differential on this car is to buy a brand new part from Volvo (I believe at a cost of over $5000). I am told that the used part may render my car undriveable. Tom said that he read in "All Data" that a change to my vehicle's database could get around this problem. I asked him for his source, and its reference. He refused to provide it. I have since asked Ed for the source and reference, and he also refused to provide it. However, Ed did mention that Guardian's sole objective is to make sure that every part in my car is in mechanically working order, and the software was not his responsibility. Here in lies my concern. I am sincerely concerned that Guardian is going to leave me with a used part in my Volvo, which does not drive. Ed's criteria would be satisfied because everything mechanical is in working order. When I asked Ed for a written assurance that Guardian would pay for all mechanical labor required to get my car into drivable condition, he refused to give me a verbal assurance, and he continued to state that he would provide nothing in writing.

I then asked Tom and Ed for a written price estimate with reference-able parts so that my mechanic can utilize the used parts that Tom found so cheaply ($3,000 would not cover used parts according to my mechanic). They would not give me these references, nor would they give me a written quotation. They refused my requests.

Ed and Tom both told me that they needed to check with their repair shop to make sure that they could do the work (why do they do this after they quote me? ) I followed up with Tom and Ed every day for 4 business days only to finally reach Tom when he asked, "When are you going to bring your car to Dorsey Transmission?” Without input from Tom or Ed, I had been in contact with Jack at Dorsey Transmission for those 4 days, and he, nor I, had ever been notified that I was to bring my car in.

Proposed settlements: Now I have a dilemma: At this point, I do not trust Guardian to leave me with a working car without a written assurance. Tom and Ed have never given me a written quotation and a validated price estimate to take to my mechanic beyond the $5000 vs. $3000 verbal statements. What is actually approved and why? And as a sub-point, how can Guardian get away with only paying $800 for the same transmission in the same car that cost $3,000 18 months ago? I am sick and tired of the Guardian service, and never want to make that phone call again, but Ed refused my offer to let him buy out my contract.

Proposed settlements: Option A) A written assurance that my car will be able to drive my car off the lot of Dorsey Transmission. If repairs were done, then for under $500 ($100 deductible + up to $400 in software costs more than double their estimation). If repairs were not done, or if they couldn't be completed, then for free. Option B) Instead of paying my mechanic $3,000 to fix my car, they pay me $3,000 personally to tear up their contract and never speak with them again. I will then handle my car in my own way.

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Original review: May 20, 2010

The adjuster was extremely rude and had no intention of helping.

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GWC Warranty expert review by Lauren Fix

GWC provides vehicle service contracts to drivers across the United States. They have protected over 8.5 million drivers and have 3,000 preferred service facilities in the country.

  • GWC Warranty coverage: GWC offers exclusionary coverage and stated component coverage. Exclusionary coverage gives drivers the highest level of protection by covering hundreds of components, parts and systems. Stated component coverage protects specific parts and systems listed in your contract.

  • Optional upgrades: You can opt to upgrade your coverage by adding things like your in-vehicle navigation system and sensors to your contract. Contact your selling dealer to find out all of your upgrade options.

  • New and used protection plans: GWC Warranty has protection plans for new and used vehicles, even if your new vehicle is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Transferrable coverage: Your GWC Warranty service contract can easily transfer to another car owner if you sell your vehicle. Follow the instructions for transferring your contract to a new owner on GWC Warranty’s website.

  • GWC Warranty repair shops: Over 3,000 service facilities nationwide partner with GWC Warranty. Find your local repair shop on GWC’s website.

  • Best for: drivers who want a vehicle service contract with easy access to partner repair shops.

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Lauren Fix, also called The Car Coach, is an automotive and auto finance expert. Her understanding of vehicles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print media and the Internet. She has authored multiple books and writes a column for several outlets, including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on major news and morning shows, discussing the latest updates on cars and car financing that will help drivers make smart decisions when buying, maintaining and financing cars.

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