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I bought a home in Brookings, Oregon which had a 200 gallon propane tank which was owned by Ferrellgas. Our home had two instant hot water heaters and a stove top which used propane gas. One of the instant hot water heaters for our master bedroom went out and needed to be replaced. It was so expensive we decided to switch over to a hybrid electric hot water heater for the entire house, and the hot water tank was put into the garage. This left only the propane tank use for the gas stove top.

We decided to go all electric and change the gas stove top to an electric stove top. This is when I called Ferrellgas to have them pick up the 200 gallon propane tank. The tank was 70% full, and they only fill them to 80% full when they fill them up. I was told by Ferrellgas that I would receive a check for the remaining propane in the tank: $232.36. However, they would have to charge a pick up fee of $85.99. They sent me an updated billing summary. I was surprised to see a pump out fee of $79.99 which left a credit of $66.38.

I called them and asked them about this pump out fee, and the lady at Ferrellgas started making excuses, and told me that the guys spent time digging out the propane tank. I told her I was standing there and it did not take longer than 10 - 15 minutes to remove the tank and put it in there truck. Isn't that included in the original pick up fee of $85.99? Of course, it should be. After this, I asked her when I could expect the check for $66.38 from the original $232.36. She was not sure, but she did mention that she wanted to check to see if there was going to be anymore deductions from the $66.38 before they sent my refund.

She said she would call me back and let me know. I gave her my telephone number, but she never called back at all. Now, I will have to call back to see if I receive any refund of $66.38 for my $232.36 worth of propane. Sad. Whether, or not this is policy for the company, it is a bad policy for the consumer. I can understand the pick up fee, but not the pump out fee, and not the obvious runaround they are giving me for $66.38. I cannot recommend this company to anyone, and my suggestion to anyone is to buy there own tank, and find a different company to buy their propane from. Ferrellgas is a company you cannot trust.

I called my local office to get a fill, but I need to see if they would fill up my tank before my pledge came through from EAP for low income and disabled people. Well they said they could not fill my tank till they received my pledge so I call the person handling EAP, ask if they could expedite my applications. At first she said no but then they said yes at EAP. So I called my gas company told them I was approved for 900.00 dollars, well this is when things hit the fan. The lady from EAP spoke with them the next day. They came and filled my tank and hit me with a 150.00 next day fill price. I complained my gas then said that's on the state is paying for it!!! I said "that not right did you tell the EAP about the charge?" She said no then a few days later I get a letter saying that they won't do business with me and I have 10 days to get a gas company. All because I questioned a charge. I can't believe they can get away with it.

My parents have owned and used Ferrellgas for over 35 years. Once was AmeriGas whom Ferrellgas purchased. The tank was original with the house. So many of my friends had owned their tanks allowing them to get competitive rates in the gas market. Ferrell had monopolized the area for decades making customers pay the price they were asking. My parents were on a auto-fill plan which is an OK way of doing things, but I wanted more control of how and when the tank was filled so I called and had the auto-fill cancelled and went on will call, supposedly agreed upon. I requested a price on the used tank (over 35 yrs old) and they came back with a 500.00 price, and they indicated that was paid in full price.

I told them next month I'd be buying it to avoid the 1.25 per gallon charge for renting it. In a week, they filled the tank to the max from an 1/2 empty state which was almost 900.00 after tax and fees. Since I had taken the account off of the level pay to get rid of the auto-fill, they sent me a bill of the balance owed on the auto-fill and the new charges that were around 1500.00. Mad about it I called and complained and they told me tough luck that I shouldn't of changed the account and it was my fault. And I asked them why they filled the tank when I was off of auto-fill and they said it was an error on their end.

I asked them to remove the gas they had put in and credit my bill and they said they would for $350.00, and they would have to empty the whole tank and I'd lose my balance of gas of 250 gallons. So I just paid the bill and told them to cancel the account altogether. I called again to get the price on the tank and the new price was around 650 with tax. So I paid it and they sent me a bill of sale in my father's name, not mine. 2 years later, they called my father by Collections for a 46.00 bill balance for something we don't know for because the bill was paid in full and the tank was paid in full. Many requests to return to them, but no bill, no past due notice, no call. This to me is dirty business and I will never go back to them.

I had set up payment arrangements with Ferrellgas. After making several payments of 300.00 on a prepaid card, they told me I had two payments returned which never happened as I have my statements. And they were charging me 7.00 a gallon. Now, they have disconnected my propane which I use for heat/cooking. In Wisconsin, it is illegal for utilities to shut you off from Nov. 1st to April 15th. I contacted them and told them this and they said the law doesn't apply to them since propane is a commodity.

My girlfriend kept reminding me to call and get my propane tank filled. She then said she would call. We looked at the tank and it was 5% full. She called Ferrellgas for me and said, "Fill it" and they asked us to leave a blank check, which we did. I then come home to find they put 100 gallons in and the driver filled in the check at 1.08 a gallon. I checked the tank it was now 30% full. So I called Preston in Grass Valley at Ferrellgas and she stated I called and said to put in 100 gallons. I reminded her that my girlfriend called this in and she said my girlfriend told her it was 50% full and it needed 100 gallons. How would my girlfriend know that 50% is 100 gallons, as it is not, she would not.

So I call Ferrellgas corporate and they say the propane is now 1.25 a gallon and she had her own set of stories about who ordered this tank fill. I reminded her this is the 21 century and these new things called computers that give us the ability to write customer notes and then she went through the same story about my girlfriend as the other troll we spoke with. Needless to say, Suburban Propane is cheaper, offers the same discounts, and will be out tomorrow to change the tanks and hopefully offer us a much higher standard of professionalism and honesty.

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When we purchased our house 15 years ago it came with the propane tank. A local company was contracted to fill it. The local company sold to Ferrellgas about 8 years ago. Ferrellgas had someone come to my house, paint my tank and apply their name on it. I called to find out why and they said the tank had belonged to the old company and it now belonged to them. For 8 years I have fought with them to prove ownership to me and they have not been able to. Now this year they are charging a full Dollar more than anyone else in this area. Their excuse for higher priced, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE... what a joke. I informed them I was having someone else fill the tank and they are now threatening legal action over a tank they can't even show they own.

Ferrell gas is awful! I contacted them weeks ago regarding picking up their tank explaining to them the sale of my home is contingent on the tank being picked up, I never got a call back with a pick up date. I called everyday sometimes numerous times, never a return call. I asked for a manager numerous times, they were never available but I left voice messages. I asked for the CEO and was told he was hard to get a hold of and doesn't return calls anyway. I am disgusted with this company and will never use or refer them to anyone.

I had Ferrellgas for about a year. So I called them on July of last year to buy my gas tank and to get a price for the tank. The guy I talk to told me they would not sell me a tank because they have to have so many rented. So I told them to come and pick it up. The tank is still at my house. So I called Halls and bought me a tank. I emailed Ferrellgas and ask them to come pick up their tank. They have not. So what they are saying you can't buy their tank because they want you to rent and keep paying them.

Worked for them for 8 months. Worthless managers, Duke and JT. Corporate kiss ** and Liars! Customer service last priority. Logistic manager must be from McDonalds, as she couldn't tell the difference from a sandwich or an ice cream cone. Customers out of gas on keep full constantly. No compensation for on call every other week, then if you get a call they shorten your week to avoid overtime. Gave 2 1/2 weeks notice and they shorted me 58 hours of sick/personal time after promising to pay for it. Better off without them even though they screwed me! Charged customers a fictitious hazmat fee for every delivery. Charged at least 50 cents more than other gas companies. Quit cause I have a conscience, couldn't stand screwing the consumer. Positively the worst company I've worked for in 30 years, hands down! A total farce! Stay far away from these idiots!! Liars, liars, liars!

Since we've had Ferrellgas (starting May 2013), they have consistently screwed up our payments and have not sent requested billing statements. We signed up for auto pay at the end of 2013, and multiple times they have not taken the money, and then send us late payment notices. This time they said we had to pay the whole balance at once in order to get back on auto pay. They said that we just paid over the phone w/ our debit, and that they do not have our bank info, which is complete BS. My wife and I have each told them that we wanted them to do the auto pay and confirmed it with their customer service rep each time. It is very worrisome that they keep losing our account info.

I have been a customer of Ferrellgas for many years. I have never been late with payments, in fact, I often prepaid a full year in advance. For the past year, things have gotten quite awful. In January 2013, Ferrellgas allowed my LP gas tank to go empty, in spite of my being registered in their keep-filled program. They charged me over $4.00 per gallon to fill my 800 gallon tank. Unbelievably, they allowed my tank to go empty a second time twelve months later. I decided to research other LP gas companies in my area and found one that charges a much lower rate than Ferrellgas and serves the customers' best interests far better than Ferrellgas.

I chose to switch companies, did not renew my account with Ferrellgas, and had the new company replace the Ferrellgas tank with theirs. They moved the old tank to the front of my property and I called Ferrellgas to inform them of my cancellation. That was over a month ago, and the tank is still sitting in my front yard, ruining my grass and the appearance of my property. I have made numerous calls, first requesting and finally demanding they come and pick the tank up, and have been told repeatedly that they don't schedule pick-ups.

According to them, pick-ups occur only when they have some worker in the area doing other work. I am at my wit's end and furious over this abuse. Not only do they over-charge for the LP gas they sell, they fail to properly service well-paying customers, and then totally disregard their own responsibilities in doing business. I strongly urge any person who needs to rely on an LP company... DO NOT go with Ferrellgas.

Ferrellgas would not service my property because they felt it was not safe to have the truck go over a bridge that leads to my property. Ferrellgas has serviced my property multiple times in the past without any issues. My neighbor has semi trucks and goes through the bridge daily without any problems. After discussing the issue and going back and forth with the manager he said to just find another company to service me. The manager was not interested in resolving the issue. Obviously, not interested in my business and as a private investor, it's Ferrellgas lost. I will not give business to a company who doesn't care to please a customer!

My family and I bought a house back in December that had this company for gas. We went through a different company. We called and asked them to pick up their tank. They said yes they will come get it, then 3 months later call they say they don't pick up tanks in the winter and now 6 months later of storing the tank the lady tells my mother in law on the phone "lady stop calling I have told you several times your schedule for pick up when we can get to you" and hangs up the telephone! No respect, constant lies on when this tank will be picked up off of our property and no customer service whatsoever!!

I think hate is a strong word which is why I try to avoid it. However, I HATEd this company with every inch of my body. They lied over and over to the point I just wanted to scream! No... Actually I have screamed many times on the account of them. They were a nightmare. Is it too hard for them to do just one thing that they say they were going to do? They never delivered within the window of time given, drivers would call and say they are coming and then they wouldn't show and denied telling me they were coming. They changed the delivery date repeatedly and made it out like I was the crazy one.

Then when we dropped them, they had the nerve to bill us for things that we didn't sign for. We were told we would be reimbursed for the gas left in the tank, but when we called, they said that the meter was at 0%. My husband was smart enough to film the amount inside and of them leaving. I will be emailing them that clip. They continue to lie and we aren't even with them anymore. Please be smart and steer away from this company.

After being with Ferrellgas for 11 years at my cottage on a keep full basis, they didn't bother to fill my tank during the coldest winter we ever had (2014). They filled it in November and then never put in any more fuel until February. The tank was empty. I gave the driver my key code over the phone. When he went in, the pipes had all burst and the place was flooded! I had over $30,000 worth of damage and a full year later, the work still isn't finished. We lost use of our cottage for a full year, lost some of our furniture and appliances, and ended up with a lot of mold. This was the first year that I didn't sign a contract for a locked in fuel price.

Ferrellgas waited until the price of propane went way, way up before showing up to fill the tank, to make sure I paid the highest possible price for the largest possible amount of fuel. Then, the following month, when the price was still at its highest, they put another $900 worth of fuel in the tank when I wouldn't need the heat any more till the next winter.

They are liars. They deny that the driver found my tank empty and claim that I called to say that I let the propane run out. They won't even admit that the driver made the delivery. They mailed me a tiny pamphlet with small print saying that even if you sign up for "keep full", they don't have to keep it full. Now they are threatening me with ruining my credit. The empty tank is still sitting there next to the wonderful new company I have switched to. This is a terrible, dishonest company!

Paid for propane gas 14 days ago and still no gas here. Now we are out and we have record cold coming tomorrow. Do not do business with this company!!! Service sucks. Even on the phone they just don't care about their customers.

We phoned and emailed when our tank was at 20%, then at 15%, then at 10%. Now we are under 5% and almost out of gas and still no one has come to fill up our tank. The lady I and my wife have spoken with on the phone really doesn't care and the customer is made to feel like he is the problem.

I've been waiting 9 days for a fill. Now pipes have broken and I just get the same excuses for why they haven't filled us yet. I'm done with this company as soon as the snow melts.

On 2-10-15 I called to place a propane order with Ferrellgas, I was told it could be 2 weeks before delivery would be made but should be no later than Feb 23. I told the CSA that my gauge was on 10 and she said she would make a note of it. We started to really conserve our consumption since I have experienced long delivery times with Ferrellgas in the past. I called the local office on Feb 20 to follow-up and increase my order since it had gotten extremely cold in our area. The CSA said they were trying to catch up on their orders. We ran out of gas on Feb 22. I called the office on Feb 23 and was told we weren't on the delivery schedule for that day but they would email the dispatcher and let them know and get back in touch with me. It was -7 in our area the night of the 23rd and we had no heat in our house!

On Feb 24 I called again and was told that we got bumped on the 23rd and that we are on the schedule for the 24th. We did not receive our delivery today and have none. Spent 11 days trying to conserve gas in some of the coldest temperatures of the winter season and 3 days with no heat at all. I'll be calling again tomorrow and come spring Ferrellgas will be removing their tank from our property. They have failed in EVERY aspect of customer service and satisfaction.

We recently had power outages in Georgia. We were running out of gas. My wife has cancer and I needed gas delivery to keep the generator running for heat. We had made an order, but somehow the delivery date was messed up with Ferrellgas. I explained the situation and tried to fix the scheduling problem with the scheduler and might as well been talking to the wall. I was told that they would make a same day delivery for $150.00 service charge. Which was nothing more than a "Shake Down". I told the scheduler to forget that and somehow this turned into the cancellation for my scheduled delivery today. We called and the same propane terrorist told us that when we told her to "forget it", that she had cancelled the Tuesday delivery, which had nothing to do with the $150.00 extortion policy. Well, we are really all in about forgetting Ferrellgas. We are changing companies. Think I will send them a $150.00 service charge for me being their customer.

They are absolutely the biggest liars on this planet. I would steer anyone away from these crooks. If you want to stay warm don't pick these hateful ** to help cause they won't and they do not care for a second. They have inspired me to go solar.

Recently my husband and I were out of the country for a little more than a month in January and February of 2015. We assumed that we had plenty of propane to get us through the winter but with the severe cold our house sitter used more propane than we had planned for. When we returned we discovered that we only had about 10% propane left and called Ferrell Gas Company on a Monday, now out of propane for three days. We assumed, this being an emergency with -20 temps. that they would deliver either that day or the next. We were first told that it would be weeks before they could deliver and they would try to see if it could be sooner.

Propane is our primary heat source and for hot water and cooking. They never called back so my husband called late in the day and was told that they might be able to deliver on Wednesday, which would be 5 days without heat in a 20-year old house. We have now had to get up every 2 hrs. to feed the wood stove, use several small electric heaters and hair dryers to keep our pipes from freezing, wearing coats and hats in the house because it was so cold, for 5 days. The customer service is the worst I have ever seen from any company! They didn't seem to care that we had no heat and that our pipes might freeze. After this delivery I will be looking for a new company that cares about its customers!!!

We have had service with this company since 11/2011 with nothing but continual problems. When we had signed up for service, while purchasing our home, I was advised that the company would come out and check our tank for refills. In the summer of 2011, we ran completely out of gas because we hadn't checked it. When I called to schedule a refill I was advised that I would just have to be put on the schedule & they would come within 7 days. I had to ask for a supervisor in order for it to be marked as urgent. When I asked my I was given incorrect information about the auto-delivery - I was advised they didn't know what the 1st representative advised me of that and that & that in order to add it I would have to pay extra each time and that it would just be deducted from my bank account but that it wasn't on any sort of schedule, just whenever they filled the tank.

On 12/1/13, I placed an order online, when we were at 30%. In addition I asked for a call prior to delivery so that I would know how much it was for the fill - when the Representative called me 2 days after my order was placed, she advised that it would be up to 7 days before they delivered it. On 12/20/13, my husband checked the tank, because they hadn't delivered anything yet and we were at 10%. When I called to check on it they advised that my delivery was scheduled for 12/23/13. When I questioned why it was taking so long I was advised they had pushed my order past the 7 days because there wasn't going to be a truck in my area till then. Most recently, I placed an order online almost 2 weeks ago - when we hadn't received a delivery I called to check the status and was advised that my order didn't go through. The representative advised that she would note that we were at around 5% so the truck would come ASAP.

When we didn't get the order the next day by noon, I called and was advised that they didn't know why the rep. told me that because in order to mark it as urgent they have to get supervisor approval and the rep from the day before wasn't working so they couldn't ask her. Then the incredibly rude rep. asked if I wanted to be put on hold so she could check with her supervisor. After being on hold for some time, I was transferred without any introduction to the supervisor, Katie. She stated she was emailing the delivery service about moving us up. I confirmed with her that it would that day (Friday) or Monday and she stated Yes.

On Monday and lunch when my husband confirmed we didn't have a fill, I called and was advised that our scheduled delivery date was on 2/18/15 (Wednesday). I asked what is the point of "marking it as urgent" if it still takes them 6 days after the 2nd notification. I then had them changed my order to the minimum and advised that I would be calling around to have a new supplier and asked what I needed to do to cancel my service. The rep. advised that I just needed to call once the new company hooked up my tank so they could pick up the Ferrellgas tank and that pick ups are a last priority. Clearly everything with this company is last priority.

When I called today to cancel my delivery because I found a wonderful new company that is delivery within 2 days of me calling, because temps are currently below freezing, I was greeted with the same horrific customer service that I have always been given. The rep. asked why I was cancelling & I advised that I was going with a new company. I was then advised that my new company should have send a letter to Ferrellgas, asking for permission to disconnect the lines. I did advise that when I called the previous day and asked how to cancel my service - I wasn't advised that any letter needed to be send. She stated she would note my account. When I called my new company about setting up coverage, rep. advised that I wasn't the 1st person with the last month that had this same problem & left Ferrellgas. In additional to horrible customer service, Ferrellgas are thefts, charging over $.50 more than ours in my area.

This company came into our area of Snowshoe, WV, a ski resort. Promised "pie in the sky" rates and unfortunately some people went with it. I manage roughly 50 properties. Forecast for tonight is -17 actual, with -45 wind chill. Ran out of gas on one of my properties with a "keep full" clause in the contract. They had a truck delivering to an adjoining property today, and I spoke with the driver. He refused to fill the tank, with their tag on it, because he didn't have a work order.

I called the company 800 number and the lady told me she would contact driver, and have the tank filled, after confirming that it was their responsibility due to the "keep full" clause. Three hours later they call and tell me the driver is already home. Lady never contacted him. Guy that called says "I hear you need gas" (Summersville, WV). I got mad, and his words to me were "don't get sideways with me, I'm calling to help".

Company is all of a sudden concerned about my predicament, other companies won't deliver since the buried tank is tagged with a Farrell Gas bar code. Worst damn customer service I've ever seen. Stay away from these people. I'm going up in the morning and hopefully find my rental guests still alive, and probably start thawing out and re-plumbing the house.

I would check the mark below to have an attorney contact me, but the owner is an attorney, and I can't wait to handle this one in house. Again, stay away! "Don't get sideways with me!" Customer service, and this is how they handle a complaint about their own company failure. Get a life. I was trying to save one.

I have been a customer of Ferrell gas for 3 years. The 1st year of service was a good experience - delivery, customer service etc. I've always had a credit on my account, either by paying in advance or by Li-heap (a state grant for low income people). I signed an agreement when I first signed up that recommended I call when my tank reads 1/4. This year I was told it would be 5-7 business days to get your delivery! Once they lost my call for propane and it took 9 days.

They filled my tank after I called and they realized their mistake. Then 5 days later they showed up again when I had never called! So I had to pay the fees involved with the propane! Now I called and was told 13 days. This company needs better management! More drivers when needed etc! I sit here with a 9 year old child without hot water or gas for my stove!!! I couldn't be more angry!!

I've been with them for 6 years. I ran out two times within the first year. I cut them a break on that. Then at some point they made it so I had to call in when the tanks were low. So I called and was told 7 days. I told them that I was going to run out. The lady on the phone did not care at all. I CALLED another provider and 18 hours later I have new tanks that are full. It's been a week and their tanks are still in my yard. DO yourself a favor and stay away from them.

I am so upset with Ferrellgas, Neville Island, Pittsburgh, PA. They have allowed our propane to drop down below 5% and the temperature is in the teens. We use the propane to heat our home and water. The driver we had must have retired or quit, because he was always prompt and came up our driveway in the winter with no complaint or issues. Over the past year, my husband and I have noticed that during the winter months, we are neglected to receive propane in a timely manner. We live up in the woods, but our driveway is not steep, it is long, but level at the bottom and then turns into a small slope. This new driver always complains that he can't get up our driveway, but yet my husband plows it with our Kubota all the time in the winter when he is not away on business.

My husband was called to go out of town on business the past two weeks for a few days each week. He plowed the driveway before he left each time and called Ferrell in Neville Island two weeks ago to tell them our propane was at 25% and the person told him that we were on the schedule for last week or this week. He told them the driveway was plowed, but knowing the pattern these past two winters, he knew they would wait for us to get more snow, he would not be home to plow and they would tell us they made the attempt but would leave and not fill our propane tank. Sunday, my husband used the Kubota again before he left to go out of town.

Of course after he leaves that afternoon, we receive the predicted snow and ice storm, so that evening our 17 year old twins went out to shovel our 500 foot driveway. They were outside for a long time in the cold, freezing temperatures. I even stopped to buy ten bags of salt that the kids and I scattered down along each side of the driveway, because we were told someone would be coming the next day. We made every preparation necessary for their driver to get up our driveway. At 5:00 PM on the day I was told someone would be here, I had not heard from them. I work from home two days a week and was home that day. I would have heard them had they been trying to come up our driveway.

Not to mention our greyhounds can even hear the school bus pull up at the bottom of our driveway and they bark. They can hear vehicles clear at the bottom of the driveway and they always alert me that someone is here. They bark at the slightest noise they hear outside and run to the window that looks down our driveway. I bring up this point, because when I called, the lady told me her driver said he tried getting up our driveway for three hours.....really???? I know that is a lie, because I was at home with my greyhounds and we didn't hear a peep. She also said that the guy slid off our driveway. After our phone call, I drove down the driveway looking for dual tire marks in the dusting of snow, there were none. There were also no marks going off the driveway anywhere showing no indication that anyone slid or skid.

When there is snow on the ground, don't tell people you came up their driveway, they can tell by the tire marks that you did not. I believe the driver didn't even make an attempt to come up our driveway and that he is lying to his employer. Not to mention, our children can get up and down our driveway in Grand Am's, Hyundai Sonatas and Ford Fusions without any problem. That same day, a person came by to pick up one of our cars and take it to his garage to be repaired and he had no problem getting up and down the driveway and someone from an Insurance Company came by same day and she got up and down our driveway. Then the lady on the phone proceeded to tell me while I was in panic mode for good reason (afraid of losing heat in our home), that if I didn't calm down, she would drop the call-hang up on me.

I was only telling her that they were lying to me, but she wouldn't hear it and her tone was telling me that she didn't care, so of course I was upset! Then she told me that their drivers had already made several attempts to come up our driveway and that is not the truth either, because when our propane had dropped to 15% and I called and spoke with a supervisor (between me and my husband, we made quite a few calls this past week to alert them our propane was dropping in percentage) and she said they would deliver to us today and was surprised to hear that our propane was so low. She never mentioned anyone making attempts to come fill our tank. The lady also told me that if their driver made one more attempt to come to our home and unable to get up our driveway, they would charge us a $75 service fee.

What kind of customer service is this to treat customers this way when we have done everything on our end to prepare our driveway for their driver? Today my husband called again and told them we were having ten ton of gravel delivered in hopes that this would make it even easier yet for them to come up our driveway and not have any reason or excuse not to. The delivery came today ($300 later). Can you believe, the lady told him that if we got the gravel that they would send a driver out tomorrow. When he called to tell her that the gravel was delivered, she said they no longer can come tomorrow, they will come two days later!!! Why after 20 years of paying them for their service, living in the same house and never having any complaints or issues with our propane service or complaints about our driveway from drivers, they all the sudden are having issues with our driveway??

We are not doing anything any different. I don’t know what more we can do. We maintain our driveway, we can't help it that they allow customer's propane percentages to drop drastically and wait for snow and ice storms and then tell you they can't deliver up your driveway when they had plenty of days where the driveway was in good shape. This is unheard of, today we are below at 5% and I was dragging out space heaters to prepare for when we drop to 0%. Would your company allow a customer to lose their heat in their home, especially when they have children and animals. Do you want to be known for this type of cruelty? I was terribly angry with her, had made many attempts to speak kindly to their staff this week when I felt panic stricken that the propane was dropping drastically in numbers.

This person's tone was inappropriate. She didn't care and that went right through me, especially when I am being told delivery attempts have been made and I know that is not true and on top of it she threatens to hang up on me and charge us a service call fee of $75. Why are they giving us such a difficult time? Who wouldn’t be angry when you are up against losing your heat when the temperature is in the teens and you made several attempts to notify them and they never came when the weather was decent, they wait for an ice storm and then complain that they can't get up your driveway? Plus we will lose our heated water. I have resorted to not using my dishwasher or washing clothes with hot water to save propane. I have to stay home from work tomorrow the rest of the week to run space heaters to preserve propane and heat.

I can't continue to pay someone to treat me and my family so poorly. I have spent all evening contacting appropriate sources regarding this matter. I hate to be the person to resort to online complaints, but this is terrible. I work with customers all the time. They may not always be right, but anymore, I notice how much companies have forgotten to treat their paying customers with respect. It is not about the customer these days, it is about the stingy company and the mighty dollar. They don't care these days if your needs aren't being met. Why would a large company care, they have other paying customers. They shouldn't get too big of themselves, I see a lot of these same complaint out there and hopefully in the future, all these complaints will warn other customers to stay away from Ferrellgas and their number and profit will decrease and then they won't be so big of themselves!!!

This is why we have online sources these days so we can reach out to other customers, so they don't choose services like Ferrellgas. You are putting us in danger and we have good reason to be very angry. If we run out of propane, our house will be frigid, our pipes will freeze, our children and rescued greyhounds will be terribly cold. People die in cold weather, what is wrong with you???? You are putting our family and pets in danger. I want everyone to know how you treated us. Yes, I was mad, but this time in my life, I do not regret for one moment being angry with the person over the phone.

I am a kind person, I always want to treat others the way I want to be treated, but you had no regard for the well being of me and my family and you know that allowing us to get below 5% when you are our only source of heat is extremely dangerous. We will be out of propane all together before you ever get here! This is not a luxury service we are paying for, it is a necessary service and shame on you!!!

Ferrellgas is very a unorganized company. We bought a house. Needed to have the propane tank filled so we called around to the provider in the area. None of them said it was theirs. We had also called Ferrellgas and they also said they did not have a record of the tank being theirs. We then called our real estate agent and asked her if she know anything. She did not so she called the other agent of the previous owners to find out whose tank it was.

Long story short it turned out to be ferrellgas's tank so I called Ferrellgas back and told them that it was their tank. We were being honest about the situation... and they have been nothing but difficult to work with. They take forever to fill your tank when asked and we had a leak and it took them more then 2 weeks to fix it. We then decide to switch providers and they want to charge us to pick up "their tank." We have to pay for the gas and rent but they want to charge us for their property. I'm so irritated.

After failing to auto debit our bank account for our bill as we had arranged, they apparently stopped our "keep full" status with automatic deliveries. So on Super Bowl Sunday with friends over to watch the game we noticed around 4:00 that it was getting a little chilly. My husband went out to check the tanks since they pretty much never turn all 3 daisy-chained tanks back on the way they should and we were out of propane.

We called Farrell Gas and found out that they had messed up the account and our auto-fill... They demanded we pay the bill in full, which we did. They then (after confirming our new $0 balance due) told us that they weren't doing any emergency fills because of the impending storm (despite the fact it wasn't due to start snowing for about 12 hours). When we told them we had a baby in the house and we were worried about the pipes freezing they told us to winterize the house and go to a hotel. We'll be spending our snow day finding a new provider. I wouldn't use Ferrell if they were the last propane company on the planet.

On 12/1/14 we had Ferrellgas fill our 2 120 tanks because last winter we had very serious problems getting them to fill the tank in a reasonable amount of time. On 1/7/15 we checked our tanks to see how much propane we had used and the tanks were at 12% and 20% and we could smell propane. Ferrellgas sent a technician out who confirmed that one of the tanks was leaking. (Oh...the tanks were moved by Ferrellgas in August 2014 so all lines were installed by them). The technician said that our fill should get moved up on the list.

On 1/9/15 we called to see if there was delivery time/date scheduled and were notified that the leak was not their fault so the delivery would be the regular 5-7 days (which last winter meant 3 weeks.). I asked for a manager to call me back. Imagine when we get no return call. On Sunday, January 11, 2015, I call the emergency fill # because both tanks are now hovering just below 10%. We use propane to heat our 5 bedroom house, cook and dry clothes. I am told by the CSC that 10% will last us until Monday. She then tells me it will be $150 additional to send the truck out today. So, Ferrellgas is charging me an additional $150 on top of the cost of the propane for something that is the failure of their equipment. We are now stuck keeping them because we do not own our own tanks.

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