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Reviewed May 15, 2018

My wife and I called the corporate number of Wyndham resorts to get reservations for the Super 8 in Williams, AZ. We were given confirmation numbers over the phone which we thought secured our reservation. Upon arrival in Williams we were told we did not have a reservation. We stayed at another hotel for the same price. The thing that bothered me the most was the young man who was working at the Super 8 on May 9th, 2018 was no help what-so-ever. He basically told me he could do nothing for me and when I said I would send a complaint to corporate he basically said, "Good luck".

That Wyndham was so big they could care less about one individual. So I thought I would write a review for the Consumer Affairs instead of Wyndham Corporate in hopes that people would read here before getting a room with Wyndham hotels. When an employee tells you that corporate could care less from experience it was evident that truly is the case. Will now look to see if the hotel is owned by Wyndham and if so I will stay at a local Airbnb. I could care less about Wyndham!

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Reviewed May 13, 2018

In November of 2017, I bought a 3 night/4 day stay for $299.00 to be able to stay and vacation at the new Wyndham Grand Resort on Clearwater Beach, FL. I called sometime after that to book it for May, over my husband's birthday as a gift. Several days before our arrival, a Wyndham representative called to inform me that we’ve been moved to a local area hotel, Coconut Cove. I was NOT happy to say the least, especially when I looked up this hotel and saw it was nothing near the caliber of the Wyndham Grand (the pictures of Coconut Cove and website are very deceiving). However, they said on the phone that it was in their right to move us to a local 3 star hotel.

While it does state this in their terms and conditions, Coconut Cove is NOT anywhere near a 3 star hotel. In fact, it is not a hotel at all, but a crappy MOTEL!! You can only access your room from the outside. So I do not care what they call themselves, this is a MOTEL. It is dingy, dirty, ripped carpeting, no maid service, etc., and NOT on the beach as I was expecting. AND if you google this, it is rated as 2 stars not 3 and as I have stated, is a Motel not a Hotel, which is not what their terms and conditions state!

We winded up not staying there and had to pay of course to stay at another hotel and then for the next two nights drove 3 hours to Naples to stay with friends because everything was either booked as it was Mother's Day weekend or $300+/night! They ruined our vacation, caused us to spend money on a hotel which we thought was already paid for and wasted hours on the phone with them fighting about this! Unless you do not care where you stay, DO NOT DO THIS!!!

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Reviewed May 7, 2018

This company will mislead you into purchasing really not worthwhile contracts!!! We were misled and pushed into purchasing. If you go home, do the math and read any review, you will notice that NONE OF THEIR PROGRAM are worth it. THEIR DISCOVERY PROGRAM is also **. They pretend like they care but at the end of the day, they are just trying to collect their commission. AND PLEASE, the people that are working for this company, please quit and stop lying to people.

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Reviewed May 6, 2018

This company sucked me into purchasing a timeshare while on a Vegas vacation. What they offered was amazing. In the end when we were signing the man went over every paper he printed and has us sign. We were happy with our purchase at this time. When we got home there was an unsigned paper showing that we were not paying the 20 grand we had agreed to but would be paying 39 grand after all was said and done... no freaking thank you. Somehow that paper made it in after?? Anyways don’t let them get you!! We were lucky the only 5 stars I give is the the cancellation process. Spent 50 dollars to one day Fedex our letter of resignation and from there it’s been easy to cancel. Review companies before signing anything!! Lesson learned and lesson to you!

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Reviewed May 5, 2018

I was in Branson and when we picked up our tickets, they asked if I wanted free tickets for going to a timeshare presentation. I said "No,because time with my family on vacation is much more valuable to me than free tickets." Then they said, "What if we could give you 7 free nights in any of our resorts?" So, for that I decided to get up early to go and attend. It was longer than the 2 hours promised, even though I had pointed that out also, and they promised it would be over in 2 hours. Then, when I picked up the voucher, and I've never used points like this before, I did not know until I went to "activate" them that they have only given me ONE free night. It is worthless to me, and I wish I would have just gone with my gut and enjoyed the extra time with family.

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Reviewed April 29, 2018

Wyndham is a pure SCAM. Avoid like the plague. My wife and I normally never go to any timeshare offer ever. A talented saleswoman caught us in a moment of weakness and enticed us to a Wyndham "2 hour" timeshare presentation with the offer of a "free week at any Wyndham location." We travel a lot and figured we would use it. The presentation goes way more than 2 hours.

The offer is AWFUL. I don't know how they sell it to anyone. It makes zero financial sense. They sell it using high-pressure used car salesman techniques like not showing you the pricing until hours into the presentation, make the price "only good today" and ganging up on you with multiple salespeople. Analyze the #s and it is simply an awful deal that gets you to pay them a lot of money upfront, guarantee to pay them an ongoing maintenance fee forever (in an amount that can go up at any rate they choose and from which there is no escape), and in return they do NOT guarantee you anything at all! Nothing. You get points that supposedly get you into "any Wyndham location worldwide" but most of those locations are awful (look at the Trip Advisor reviews for most of them). The good ones are never available and there are numerous hidden levels and additional fees that make either using the points impossible or that require you to pay large additional fees.

Trying to use the "free gift" is virtually impossible. You can only book within 30 days of travel which means that you can't get any of their better locations because they are all booked well in advance. In addition, you don't really get a week, you get a value that you can apply towards a week. The value only covers a portion of the fee at most locations, plus there are large "resort fees" at most of them. You end up saving nothing. I don't know how they are allowed to offer this scam and frankly it's shocking to me to see salespeople who seem like otherwise perfectly decent human beings essentially trying to steal from unsuspecting customers/victims of their con.

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Reviewed April 27, 2018

I have a Wyndham credit card and was offered a 2 night stay at the Oceanside resort for $199 and a timeshare presentation of 2 hours (which always goes longer - it's like buying a car - they go for a smoke break) - 1st we arrived and instead of a candy bowl they offer EAR PLUGS! The worst studio was given to us with "NO other room available" - facing the train tracks. The trains stop in Oceanside and use their horns 8 to 10 time until MIDNIGHT! The timeshare presentation was a scam and they insulted us, since I told them from the beginning I had a resale offer for $2,000 with points that I was considering buying for this location.

One supervisor I guess did not give me his name stated the wrong information about how to use the points. All data provided was not given to me in writing despite me asking for it. The "DEAL" $49,000” - (or around $145 per 1,000 points). 15,000 points needed for Travelodge! What a joke and what a scam. Don't even think about it! Extra maintenance fees and taxes per year exceed the regular booking of a decent hotel! After further research 75% of what you pay is for advertising and commission. Remaining value is less than $1 on eBay!!!

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Reviewed April 26, 2018

All of the previous reviews on this page mimic my experiences with the pushy sales personnel, marketing team that lures you into the sales pitch notoriously lying about the reason for or length of any presentation, etc. I have been an owner now for over 15 years and am appalled by the continuous deception and misrepresentation by this company. Over the past 3 years there have been numerous "upgrades" to their reservation and booking system. It appears that they are now designed to limit your ability to book vacations as an owner. Just today I attempted to book a 3 night stay at the Wyndham National Harbor. The online booking calendar shows full availability on some days and limited availability on others, but when you choose the dates suddenly you receive a message that no rooms are available for a "continuous stay."

What makes this upsetting and ridiculous is that I could easily book a room through Booking.com or TripAdvisor for the exact same dates, but to the tune of $494/night. So Wyndham is in the business of selling deeds to units marketed as points that you can use anywhere, however, you can't always use said points and are blocked from booking - yet they triple their money and continually beat earnings projections - likely because they now have your money and are holding back rooms to sell on websites and lure in more potential buyers. Save your money on their costly upfront buyer fees and long term annual dues!!! Just book rooms at the places you want to visit. In the long run you will save yourself a lot of money.

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Reviewed April 12, 2018

I feel so bad when I am reading these reviews for all those people who also got stuck in this situation. I wish I read these reviews before getting trapped. We went on vacation to Panama City Beach and we were in Pier Park when these sales people tried to pitch 7 days nights for $75. They told us, "You just have to attend the Presentation next day for 90 minutes." We stayed at Sheraton Bay Point and we had to check out at 11AM. We attended the presentation from 8.30 to 10.30 AM and after that the sales representative took us to her desk. Each person had one sales rep assigned to them. She (Rosario **) started giving us the details about all the resorts and hotels we can stay we become a member. We were keep on asking how much is it but she wasted 2 hrs and did not tell us the price.

Then she said, "My finance person will explain you about the price." This finance lady called Brandie came and she started explaining and said, "You have to pay $23000 for 150,000 points and you will get free vacation for lifetime or pay $125000 for 400000 points." We asked how much points is the one night worth. She said 6000 points but then asked if you get the expensive hotel it will be more points. She said, "Yeah. Not more than 15000 points a night." I asked her if we did not like it and want to exit out then what do we need to do. She said, "There is a exit program but we do not have details." I got suspicious and then I said, "We have to check out our hotel and we will come back." She and her finance manager then forced my husband to say, "Just fill these papers and to know if you qualify." I said no then she then again forced my husband. My husband filled the paper just to get a qualification info.

We went to check out our hotel and as soon as we went out I called this lady and said, "Do not check anything unless we come back." Over the phone she said, "Yes. We will do when you will come back," and then texted me back after few minutes that my finance manager already ran a credit check. I got so angry and by the time we came back we decided we will not take this thing. We came back and said we do not want this and declining this offer. They again forced us but we said no. Then she took us to some other manager and said he just wants to a decline survey. This person asked few questions like why we are declining and all. Then this person again offered if you pay $3300 you will get 400000 point for 2 years and if you like it you can continue otherwise you can exit. We still said no and declined the offer. We got up and collected the $75 voucher which we initially paid for.

Guess what then? We started receiving emails after 3-4 hrs that your Barclays card has been approved and Wyndham Blue membership info. We did not sign up for all this. We were on our way to Georgia from our vacation and once we reached home we got another email that you will receive your Barclays card within 7-10 business days. Me and my husband both called Barclays and got to know they opened a card in my name. I told them to cancel the card and I was so angry as they mis-used my info without my consent. It's not finished yet. This morning 04/12/2018 at 7 AM I received another email that "thank you for using Wyndham visa card. You are now a Gold member."

Yesterday I was blue member and today they made me gold member. I realized they might have opened Wyndham visa card for me. I am trying to call Wyndham customer care on the no. given everywhere on their website and all over internet 1.866.996.7937. But when you call this no. they tell you to listen to another offer but there is no option to talk to anyone. I am so concerned now that they are using my identity to do this. I do not know what else to do to stop them. I am so thankful that I did not sign up for their scheme but this is so awful that they are using me and my husband's identity now. Also, in their scheme they do not tell you about the cleaning and maintenance fee which you have to pay rest of your life which is actually a hotel price if you look at it carefully.

This is a big SCAM. I am read so many reviews here and I think so many people are trapped. Somebody please suggest me what to do and how can we do a complaint about them. How these sales rep sleep at night by scamming so many people. One more thing to add the voucher they gave us for $75 is not worth anything. Once you book a hotel then go to the hotel they can say it's not available or you can upgrade. Once you upgrade they will charge you between 100-1400$ for a week which is written in their letter they attached with the voucher. I am not even going to bother to redeem that voucher. I do not want any more of my info to be given to them. I hope this is helpful for anyone. Also I hope someone can suggest me to stop them from using my identity.

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Reviewed April 10, 2018

I have been a WorldMark owner for 16 years and recently stayed at the New Orleans resort. I got suckered into buying a Wyndham My Club membership by Jen at the resort. Jen described all of these great resorts that are available including Margaritaville properties and Emerald Grande in Destin, FL. I was also told we can book 13 months out. Unfortunately, my 250,000 points won't even get me 1 week at those resorts. Basically, the only resorts I can use are the ones I already had through WorldMark. DO NOT BUY WYNDHAM. IT IS A TOTAL BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM. THE SALES PEOPLE WILL LIE TO MAKE A SALE. TOTAL RIP OFF!

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Reviewed April 10, 2018

I thought dealing with the car dealers was the worst until last Sunday 04/08 I met those sales group from Wyndham Vacation Resorts (Nashville, TN). Being told that it would only be 90 mins sitting through the presentation, my wife and I had to go through a 3 hour fight with those disrespectful, dishonest sales group except one lady named Natalie who is new. We had to deal with 5 different persons: 2 sales representatives, manager, survey person, check out manager. Once we said that we would not buy it today, they started with those intimidating/insulting questions and comments. And I even got to exchange some heated words with the mid-aged female check out manager who said that we were there only for the gift, and "could not afford the trips".

And no, we did not buy anything from them. And no, we did not fill any form asking for our financial info including the SSN. We are very proud of ourselves not giving in. And I feel sorry for those people (most seniors) who fell into their traps. Also I honestly don't know how those salepersons could sleep at night. And how they could go home everyday after work and look at their children (or grandchildren) in the eye, thinking proudly: "I scammed 5 seniors who are at the age of your grandpa/grandma".

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Reviewed April 9, 2018

Made the mistake of letting them transfer me to hear about a room rebate and gave my card info to a scummy third party business called Trilegiant who despite having cancelled their "membership" keep charging me monthly fees. I better get reimbursed and it better stop happening. I will never use your resorts again and I hope this deters others from staying with you too. Thanks a lot for the gross room and the hassle.

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Reviewed March 28, 2018

2/18/2018 -- I called to check on Wyndham Rewards points and was transferred to hear about "a wonderful offer" they had. I was told I could stay at a Wyndham property for three nights for $249. I mentioned we might go to San Deigo. The rep said that was no problem at all. I asked; "what if we end up not going there". I was reassured that we could use it at any Wyndham, as long as it was before Dec 31, 2018. I decided to sign up. I then called a couple wks later wanting to book the San Diego trip. I was on the phone for almost 2 hrs, yes, 2 hrs, trying to do the booking. I was transferred from dept to dept and told I needed call this number and that number in order to book the stay. I was livid, furious and totally discussed. Finally, I reached "William", he told me Wyndham had no hotels in San Deigo that were part of this program.

Basically, all the info I received at the original purchase time was false, those are my words not William's. I told William that I was assured, at the time of the purchase, San Deigo was no problem. William told me he would have to request the recording info to verify I did mention San Deigo. If that in fact was correct, he would issue a refund for the full amount. I was appalled! I said; "What happened to the customer always being right?" His response was that if the recording confirmed I specifically said San Deigo then I would receive a credit.

He was going to call me back the next day. Of course he didn't, but I contacted him the following day. Of course, William wasn't working that day, I then said that I wanted to talk with a supervisor. At that point the woman told me the info I said I had given was verified to be correct and a refund would be issued. Three days later I received confirmation of the credit. From my experience, dealing with Wyndham Club, I'll never have a good thing to share about them. I tell my story to everyone and anyone, including in a forum setting, about my dealings with Wyndham.

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Reviewed March 27, 2018

I have been a member for over 26 years. My contract states I am to pay annual fees. I choose to pay quarterly. So long as the beginning of the year I have paid the last year, it has never been an issue for 26 years. This year, I received a collection call and immediately got online to make sure I did not have any payments owing. I saw amounts owing so I paid online through the Wyndham site. I kept getting calls and continued to go online to be sure I was current. Finally, I called Wyndham who said they referred it to a collection agency, they were taking payments and sending it to the agency who applied it to their fees first so I always remained late on quarterly fees. Further, their site kept taking payments but never updated amounts outstanding; I looked current on rolling amounts owed.

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Reviewed March 26, 2018

We have been Wyndham owners for 6 years. The driving factor to buy into Wyndham was the sales pitch about flexibility and booking great vacations. Six years later, I can tell you that our "great" points package is garbage. If you can not purchase at least 200,000 points and you can not book your vacation at least 10 months out, don't waste your time. Like many families we are busy with work, sports and school. We often fit vacations in at the last minute and generally in the offseason which was explained in great lengths when we sat down with our salesperson. When we purchased our timeshare, it came with 200,000 in bonus points.

Once we used those points (all in the offseason on 2 vacations) our experience went downhill fast. What is more aggravating, is while as a Wyndham owner, the website will tell you the resort of your choice is completely booked, however you can go on VRBO, Hotels.com, Wyndham Extra Vacations and find that you can rent at a Wyndham property for an absurd amount of money. A loophole that owners have found to make money off their timeshare. If you mention this when you call in, you will be given many different reasons why this is allowed. Then you will basically be told that it is your fault for not booking in advance. I was also told that I should call in for assistance when booking vacations, that a representative would be better able to assist.

The assistance was great! I called in asking for assistance in booking a vacation in Myrtle Beach (we are from upstate NY so this is about a 12hour drive) the representative was very happy to tell me that Myrtle Beach is booked (again unless I want to pay $250 a night on hotels.com) but I can happily book Atlantic City! A bit of a difference from a family trip in warm weather to an adult trip in cool weather. The kicker is trying to sell it. It is worth absolutely nothing. So we are stuck with a timeshare we can happily use in Atlantic City or The Poconos, but anything else, unless we book 10 months out in the offseason is off limits.

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Reviewed March 24, 2018

We were sucked in by a very high pressure sales team to buy a Timeshare supposedly a great investment, in reality it is a total scam. You can't get out of your contract, they say it's a great investment. In reality it's worthless. DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE!!

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Reviewed March 22, 2018

I recently accompanied a relative, who owns a timeshare with Plantation, for an HOA meeting and (what she thought) a Wyndham presentation. Wyndham sales staff stated they were now co-owners with Plantation (the signs do state Wyndham Plantation Resort) and when we told them we had to go to the HOA meeting, they said it was combined with the sales meeting; both of which were lies.

The Wyndham Sales Staff did so many underhanded tactics; trying to get lure me away from my older relative so they could get her to sign something; the co-ownership life; the combined meeting lie; not telling us how much money it would cost and how many points were needed to reserve any type of room (kept saying they were waiting on Joey to calculate - then we Joey joined us, she was waiting on someone else to do it); even saying they meet my relative before at previous meetings (a lie).

My relative kept repeating she was not signing anything that day, that she wanted to think about it and they kept repeating "the meeting is not over yet and you will not get your free dinner tickets and vacation voucher if you don't stay till the end of the presentation" (which were promised if we attended, but it was obvious that unless she bought into Wyndham the presentation would never be over); having 4 additional sales staff (evidently each one was the manager of the previous one-up the chain of command/power I guess) try to talk her into signing over her property to Wyndham for points. There were 3 people gathering around her, pressuring my elder relative to take out a loan or at least let them run a credit check and the lady they called Joey, kept jamming her finger on a paper, saying over and over "just initial here; just initial here" when my relative finally had enough (I had already got up and was walking out).

Finally after 3 1/2 hours of the most unscrupulous sales tactics I have ever been a witness to we just got up and walked out as they shouted, "You're not getting your vouchers." Really -- No Lie! After the "presentation" we went to the Plantation Desk Manager, who informed us they had multiple complaints about the "presentations" and that Wyndham had purchased timeshares where the maintenance fees had not been paid and they owned about 10% of Plantation. He said they placed Wyndham's name first because they had more brand recognition. I told him they may want to reconsider using the Wyndham name!

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Reviewed March 15, 2018

I stayed in a local Wyndham, I had to call them the next day because they charged me for Valley parking even though I self-parked. They offered me 3 nights for the price of one telling me I could stay at any of their locations, I decided why not. However when I called to book the room I was not able to stay in any location but 3... 3 options only! I asked for my money back because they lied. The lady told me they will review the call. It has been weeks and I just called to follow up and I was told there had been no notations to my account about reviewing the call and I could not have my money back.

I will NEVER stay at a Wyndham again. My original stay was at the Downtown San Deigo, CA location. The room and hallway smelled like cigarettes, when I called and asked a switch rooms they said there is no smoking rooms at all so it shouldn't smell like that at all and oh well for me. All around worst service, poor rooms, don't deal with them. Would give no stars if I could.

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Reviewed March 15, 2018

We were suckered in last December to purchase a point driven timeshare. Almost immediately, we were being misled and told different stories by those we were interacting with. Unfortunately we did not realize this until after we finalized our agreement. After a frustrating initial process, we decided to give this a real chance. Struggling with their horrible website, we contacted our “salesmen” who pointed us to customer service and told us to speak with them. (Typical response from everyone you will talk to.)

Customer service was not helpful and basically told us we just needed to spend more time learning their system. Our issue was, that every location we were trying to book, had no availability. My question was... is why can't I put in the dates I want to travel, unit size needed and get results for all units throughout the world or designated country, that meets my needs. We were told "our system can't handle that and we needed to search by specific locations". What a joke. After explaining my frustration to the customer representative and learning there was not much more they could assist with I hung up very pissed off.

Within two days we had vacation specialist contact us explaining they had a program for new owners that would help to alleviate our frustration and help to learn their booking system. All we had to do was pick a destination off of their list for $249 for 4 days/3 nights, to spend some time with experts to help show us the ropes and become comfortable with their services. Putting faith into the individual we were speaking to, we agreed to book this vacation. Upon receipt of our itinerary, we noticed that nothing that we discussed or agreed upon was accurate in the booking reservation. I immediately called the helpline to get this corrected.

Unfortunately I spent nearly 20 minutes on hold before I was able to reach the first person at Wyndham resorts. They were not able to help me and forwarded me on to a supervisor. After another lengthy wait on hold I finally reached someone that told me the information presented to us was completely inaccurate and vacation I had paid for was not going to meet our expectations. At that time being extremely frustrated we asked for a full refund of the vacation price. While that refund is in the process of working through the system I asked for a confirmation email to please be sent confirming cancellation of this vacation.

Unfortunately that email never came, so I called back the next day asking for some sort of confirmation that this was canceled. After waiting again for over 20 minutes I was able to finally speak to someone they told me they do not send confirmation emails on cancellations and that I needed to trust them that the refund was in process and would posted within a few days. Even though I explain to this representative that we had been lied to and missed lead multiple times since purchasing our timeshare, I was leery to believe a word they were saying and requested some sort of confirmation via email be sent. He basically told us that all documentation is done on templates and they do not have a template for canceled reservations. I find that hard to believe and pretty pathetic from an organization such as Wyndham resorts.

Bottom line is for anybody that is considering purchasing a timeshare through Wyndham resorts I would encourage you to read all of the reviews, consider a horrible customer service and issues other members have had before you make a ridiculous decision like we did. Currently we are reviewing our options to cancel this purchase or potentially sue the organization. From day one this is been not only a nightmare but a frustrating experience but no new timeshare owners should have to go through. Save your money and your headaches and spend your money elsewhere.

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Reviewed March 10, 2018

I was planning a vacation on next week with Wyndham, and I’ve had several problems! I booked last Saturday and was told that I’d receive a confirmation & that she would put me in a hotel that she liked and I could look later and change it if I wanted to. Well, I waited about 2 days & still no confirmation. I called back on this past Monday to rebook because I didn’t think it went through. By then, I check my bank statement & it had posted. My reservation that I made Monday, I was offered a better deal which was an extra night and $200 gift card. I was told that I could cancel the first reservation and that I didn’t receive the confirmation because my name wasn’t spelled correctly, my address was incorrect, and also my email. Clearly my bank info was correct though.

Stay with me here! So now, I have 2 reservations!?? I called Monday to cancel the first one. The rep placed me on hold for 30 minutes & the phone hung up on its own. I called back & the office was closed??? So by then I was wondering if they receive my request??? Because he told I would have to speak to another department to confirm.

Needless to say, I called back Wednesday morning, and the rep was sick, but still working. She told me nothing was available in Destin after I’d already booked and received my email confirmation the 2nd go around and then I had a confirmation for the first one, only I never received it due to the mistake. Easy fix right??? So ALL I want to do is cancel the first one, but she tells me I’m was even booked where we confirmed that I was booked!?? Then she tried to offer me a packed to Myrtle Beach and other destinations when clearly I’m trying to get my reservations that I’ve paid for straight!

I called the hotel in Destin & they did have me booked twice. She agreed to cancel the first confirmation that had the incorrect info and we’ll keep the later one! I called today to discover that it was canceled‼️ I’ve made plans to travel next week with my family and my vacation was screwed completely up! The first reservation with the incorrect info was kept, and some genius took the dates that I reserved and now they are no longer available??? The notes documented stated that I declined the Myrtle Beach offer & that I wanted to cancel! Why would I be accepting another offer to another destination when my first destination confirmation is in the air. She was so busy trying to offer other things, she clearly didn’t care that I had a problem with my reservation.

So now, I don’t have the vacation that I was confirmed and had to call the hotel to find that out! They told me that the only thing that could be done was for me to be on standby, like a bid. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told that there was a 72 hour turn around window. Today has been a long day & I’m very disappointed! Then to think that you have to sit in during a presentation and listen to people and you can’t get the reps to listen on the front end, is kind of discouraging! I hope no one experiences what I’ve experienced!

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Reviewed March 9, 2018

A little over 2 years ago we were at a Margaritaville restaurant on Florida's panhandle. One of the employees suggested that we go talk to the timeshare people about buying into the "brand new, exclusive" Margaritaville properties (branded under the Wyndham chain). We love Margaritaville so we were interested in hearing about these properties. We were shown sample units within the Wyndham chain that, according to our salesman, "EVERY unit has this". (Yeah, right... As we found out later on.)

We ended up the "proud" owners of Wyndham Margaritaville Rio Mar, Puerto Rico. So as time has gone on, we've researched multiple locations of Wyndhams and no, they DON'T all have what was shown to us. Some are pathetic little studio rooms. They don't tell you that you have to use a large quantity of points to actually get a 1-bedroom facility with a full kitchen. But then, I guess they'll tell you anything to get the sale. We've stayed at three of the Wyndham (non-Margaritaville) properties now and paid mugo-points and they are just "OK", definitely not worth the money. I'd rather stay at an all-inclusive property where you don't have to go get your own groceries and where you have daily housekeeping service. The last straw: we just booked our actual "home" property of Wyndham Margaritaville Rio Mar in Puerto Rico.

I had some questions about the room (I have moderate disability), so I called them directly to ask about the category we were booking. The phone just rings and rings, no one answers. Or they pick up the phone and hang up immediately, as if they don't want to talk to you. I realize they had horrible hurricanes go through there, but they are now FULLY RECOVERED, I have read several reviews of people who have been staying there throughout the month of February 2018. I have also called our (supposedly) "exclusive, dedicated to Margaritaville owners only" line and they are of no help... They direct me to the property, who again, won't answer the phone or just picks up the phone and hangs up.

The one question I was able to get answered from the "exclusive" Margaritaville rep (not anyone directly on property) -- I asked, "So, is the Margaritaville area separate from the rest of the Wyndham Rio Mar property?" She rudely said, "No, everyone can go anywhere on the property." So we were blatantly LIED TO by our sales rep back in Florida two years ago. WHY THE HECK would we have paid this kind of money to buy into a mass resort?

The only reason we bought in was to have nice rooms like the ones that were shown to us by the salesman, and because of the promised "exclusivity" of the Margaritaville properties. LIES, LIES, LIES. And I have no idea how we'd ever get out from under this - is there any way of selling it? When we signed the paperwork back in Florida, I asked the finance guy this very question and he looked at me like I had 3 heads, like I was the stupidest thing on the planet. So evidently, it's impossible to get rid of a timeshare. People, PLEASE don't buy into Wyndham - especially not Margaritaville.

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Reviewed March 9, 2018

Went to a sales presentation at the Wilderness Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Was told I needed to fill out information to verify who I was. Was told they wouldn’t pull my credit. Just got an alert from Credit Karma that I have a hard inquiry on my credit. Have tried over and over to get a hold of Wyndham sales team to talk to a manager, they keep hanging up on me. I will file a BBB complaint.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2018

We sat thru the obligatory session. Our Sales Professional, Robert **, was EXCELLENT, POLITE, FRIENDLY & HELPFUL. That's where the good part ends. JULANA, the Manager who came in to find out why we weren't buying in & was supposed to fill out our (dis)Satisfaction Survey was the MOST OBNOXIOUS & RUDE individual we have ever met. She literary threw down her pen and said we wasted their time and someone would be losing a commission because we came with a bad attitude.

Her total lack of respect was so bad that one of the young ladies at the front desk heard enough of what JULANA said to hand us a piece of paper with the phone number to call to complain. As great as Robert ** was, that's how pathetic JULANA was. Shame on you Wyndham Vacation Resorts for allowing someone like her to be associated with your organization. PS - when we called Wyndham Vacation Resorts Corporate Headquarters in Orlando, FL to complain, a recording comes on saying we are calling outside their normal business hours of 8-5. We called at 3:30 pm on a Monday afternoon. Run, don't walk, from dealing with Wyndham Vacation Resorts.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2018

Website was never updated showing the actual balance of points. So vacations booked and never was actually spoken to by anyone saying they messed up. System errors. Instead was informed today it was my fault for not tracking my points. Last time I check that is what your system was for. So they took points from the new year. They are quick to blame owners for their mistakes. Do not take ownership in their own issues. Tried to say banks do not take ownership in their mistakes, but then again banks are held to a much higher standard and they practice what they preach CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would not recommend them to anyone. POOR OWNER CARE.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 12, 2018

Today at the customer service booth outside of Island Land, (Pigeon Forge, TN) I was informed by the representative (Lisa) that I was given discount tickets to the goat ride in which my credit card was charged $5 per ticket for five tickets. Upon looking at my presentation obligation paperwork I noticed this representative handwritten the word (NON) in front of the refundable price column.

My husband and I sat there long as we could with our three small kids who were antsy and restless. The guy Chris (fast talker) presented the information and we went back upstairs so they can figure cost. I was already committed to not buy anything but the agent who worked with us individually kept stating "You won't get your gift." I stated what gift? I paid with my credit card for tickets even though she discounted it (supposedly). I am exhausted and my children are ready to leave, I have mentally checked out of this deal. She went on to inform Chris to get his fee sheet together. In which he informed me that I couldn't leave, I explained that I didn't want their goat tickets, refund my credit card, and they could not hold me here against my will.

I threaten to call the police in order to get my refund. In which Chris informed me his family is the police in the town and it don't work like that. I informed him the representative scammed me, I asked for the manager, and for us both to go walk over to the booth (across the street) because she did not inform me that the $25 was for a commitment to a speech, but for tickets. Finally this guy realized I wasn't the pushover type and authorized a refund downstairs in the lobby area for my $25. This a joke. Do not waste your time. I am a rewards member and never been treated like a criminal for standing up for my own right.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 6, 2018

I purchased a vacation getaway for $99.00 at the Home & Garden show last year. I called to schedule the dates and was given additional information that the Club Wyndham representative failed to mention to us. We were not told about the additional fees associated with this vacation getaway. Club Wyndham should provide ALL details so that consumers can make the purchase and not be surprised with charges that were never explained. When I called to make the reservation I was told that I would need to pay the taxes on the room and well as parking per night. If I had been told all this up front I would have never purchased this vacation getaway. I am out $99.00 and will not throw any more money away.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2018

Guaranteed 2 hr presentation took 3 hours, and that's only because we essentially got up and asked to leave instead of continuing to be bullied and insulted by their lowbrow sales thugs. Salespeople were rude and the properties were nowhere near as nice as expected, especially if they're expecting someone to sign up for a $20,000 timeshare purchase after only a few hours of consideration.

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2018

We inherited a fixed week from my parents that they bought many years ago from what is now Wyndham. Since that time we have been repeatedly lied to and misled by Wyndham Pagosa all in order to sell more points. “Rules” constantly change in regards to what condos you can rent with your points and most recently, again according to Wyndham Pagosa, Colorado your points are not of equal value (at least there). Although the big selling point they make is that you can go anywhere and do anything with your points, in Pagosa that is never the case. If you are considering purchasing a timeshare, I would definitely steer clear of these guys. They assume you are stupid and will lie repeatedly to you.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2018

The nightmare we experienced with Wyndham...the most untruthful people I have ever dealt with. Thank goodness we were able to cancel our contract within the allotted time frame. But they still continued to make charges on the "Wyndham Visa" card they pushed on us. It has been almost a year since our contract ended, but they didn't close the credit card as we requested, and they kept putting charges on it! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2018

My 88 year old father unfortunately was a victim in this high pressure Wyndham timeshare trap. They sold him a 42k "property" AND a 57k property within 2 months. A lien was put on his house at signing. I know their objective is to make a buck but sticking it to the elderly is just plain evil. No way to get out of it. All I can say is shame on you, Wyndham, I will never use a property with your name on it again and will discourage everyone who will listen not to as well.

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Reviewed Jan. 5, 2018

The room (Wyndham Vacation Augusta, Ga. U.S.A.) was spacious, the beds very comfortable. The visit was excellent, but if you smoke, you better not do it in the room. You will be charged a cleaning fee of $150.00. BE WARNED!

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2017

Days Inn, Chiefland, Florida. When I asked for the internet password we were told the internet had been down for awhile. So, no internet, even though it's advertised otherwise. Then, we get in the outdoor hot tub and the jets would not come on. Then, at 9 pm, I undressed in the room and turned on the shower to find that there was no hot water - not even warm water. The water was unheated. When I called the front desk she said maybe she could find a maintenance man or move us to another room. At that point we were settled in. The following morning for breakfast I asked the front desk clerk for the "lobby" internet password since she said they had a hotspot. She would not get off her personal call other than to roughly jot down the password on a piece of paper. Of course, it was illegible, so I had to go back and ask her to read it to me, while she continued to stay on her personal call. Avoid this place. It's a train wreck.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 28, 2017

I purchased a vacation in Feb 2017 but saw that I wouldn't be able to take it so I referred it to my son's name. It has been a busy year for him and he has not taken it. I called today, it was my understanding that it had to be scheduled by the end of the year... which wasn't a whole year from the time I purchased it but was told that it expired completely as of 12/31/17-that the travel had to take place before 12/31/17 and there was nothing they could do which of course is another lie. Therefore I lost my money!!! But NOW know Wyndham for what they truly are. I could say more but I won't go there... Very disappointed with the company and for the agents lying to make sells. It shows they don't care.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 26, 2017

First let me state I love the Delaware Water Gap/Shawnee area of Pennsylvania. But thanks to the folks at Wyndham I NEVER want to go back. The experience I’ve had with them & their bad business practice has ruined all thoughts of going back & 35 years of memories I’ve had at Shawnee. I have a fixed week timeshare in Shawnee that belonged to my parents since 1982. My last visit I sat in on a seminar which the Wyndham salesperson explained to me that everyone is getting rid of fixed weeks, so maintenance fees are rising fast. They then showed me a print out of Shawnee 2018 fees of over $1000.00 (the first of many lies told to my family & I by Wyndham & a scare tactic used to secure a sale).

I was then offered a deal to trade in my fixed week timeshare for points if I bought points. The point system is based on resort/season etc, but I was told with my trade in & purchase points I would have about 4 weeks. And with payment options they explained (and I questioned over & over), monthly payment, interest & duration seemed doable for a place I enjoyed all these years. I never received the trade in, no papers ever arrived as promised, & it is not in Wyndham’s system as promised. I do however have proof of the lies of the trade via text with the salesperson. Then I come to find out the amount of time I purchased wasn’t even enough for a week at the cheapest place in Shawnee, & useless anywhere else. Payment options as well were a lie. The affordable payment per month will take nearly 3 times as long to pay off as they said & interest was not what they stated upon sale. Leaving me with a much higher monthly payment than I can afford.

I am now stuck surrendering my fixed week timeshare for I can’t afford the maintenance fees due to the payment of the points I was tricked into buying. And I am left with a high monthly payment for a useless amount of vacation points. Wyndham sales people not only use unethical sales tactics & trickery, but omit important information, lie & make sure they keep distracting you while trying to go over paperwork. They will do anything to secure a sale. STAY AWAY FROM WYNDHAM RESORTS & TIMESHARES. They do not care about you or your families. Save yourself the headache I have endured. And I urge anyone who had similar interest to speak up. Thieves like Wyndham & the corruption in the timeshare industry needs to be stopped.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2017

We accepted sitting in a sales presentation in exchange for a promotional stay. This is not really a bad review as a warning. Note that at the bottom it says taxes, parking, etc. are the responsibility of the traveler. Also note that there are no limits on it. It is wise to check the amounts before you pay them the money. The money is non-refundable after 15 days, and they mean that!! It is GONE after that. A month before our scheduled visit, we were told that the charges could be between $53 and $100 in taxes, $40 per day for parking, and $50 if it was an SUV. This adds up quickly. We cancelled the visit to NYC. Of course, we should have read the fine print and asked more questions. Just a warning that may help others.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2017

I purchased 84,000 points in 2015. At the time I told Deidra (saleslady) that I have five children and my mother comes with us when we take vacations. I also told her we take 1 week vacation per year to the beach. I asked her would that be enough to take a total of 8 on a 1 week vacation. She said yes and so did her supervisors. They acted like my husband and I were getting a great deal and we needed to hurry up and sign on the dotted line.

We paid over $15,000 plus our monthly maintenance fees and can't even take our family on vacation. Then I was told our point would roll over if we didn't use them so we decided to skip vacation 2017 since we didn't have enough points to go anywhere nice and now I'm being told that we had to move the points at the beginning of 2017 so my children will once again not get to take a family vacation. I asked if anyone could roll over our points this one time as a courtesy since we were lied to so much and the lady said, "No we don't do that." She moved the points to RCI which I've been told are junky hotels. Thank you Wyndham for memories to last a lifetime!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2017

I'm trying to get rid of this sticky Wyndham virus of a holiday system. I can see that the selling agents seem to know how bad the situation is and are jumping on the money wagon, they've never put in mail form what they say over the phone which makes them suspect scammers. Timeshare Companies should be made responsible for the resale of unwanted points, something that they've been cleverly avoiding and I can see why now with the points devalued and the fees increasing.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2017

On Tuesday my family and I got tickets to a show through Vacation Made Easy. Went to the Wyndham Resort in Nashville; and was talked into doing a short 2 hour review that lasted 4 hours. Sitting there was another couple whom voice their concerns with outburst of yelling and calling them crooks. In return we got reduced tickets for tours. We declined many many times; even told these people we had to leave since my husband is a diabetic and needs to take his medication. (Respond was why doesn't he carry it with him.)

That evening I noticed a $1,000.00 pending fee on my PayPal account. Four days later it is still there. Placed a call to these crooks and was told that it can take at least 10 business days to resolve; it was on the contract. "But I never signed anything", I told the unprofessional lady on the phone. She informed me, "When you give your information they automatic charge your card". Well I didn't sign anything. My son signed for me (left my glasses at our hotel). These gimmicks are crooks. My fault to save $150.00 was not worth my time. Stay away from the Wyndham... or others who try to scam people.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 5, 2017

When checking in yesterday for a six nights stay here in Star Island Resort here in Kissimmee, Florida, I was told there will be important 2018 owner updates with a promise of a $150 Am Express gift card if I attend it. I said I can only do it 8:00 am tomorrow. I was schedule for 8:00a this morning and was eager to attend. However, when they found out I was the only one attending they cancelled the brief and the promised $150 gift card.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2017

We attended the "no pressure" sales pitch yesterday on the Gold Coast Australia in order to receive our discount tickets to a theme park. The gentleman who took us through was very friendly and managed to keep it entertaining. That was until we said no. After that he was not nice. We wanted some time away to think about it, research and discuss it but we're denied that, thus making us quite suspicious. After initially saying no another representative came to try and suck us in again. The "no pressure" is bull crap, we both are quite strong people but both felt very pressured to say yes even though we knew we did not want this. It was a very uncomfortable situation. After saying no three times she almost threw the tickets at us, quickly got up and opened the door for us, only to let it hit my partner on the way out. Very thankful we did not take up on this opportunity after reading all these reviews.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2017

I do not recommend this company to anyone. They are horrible. I feel like stand up by the door by Lake Buena Vista, Fl and let everybody know the way this company take advantage of people. I would say this is a scam. Paid it for 24 months and was not able to used it not even once, every time I wanted to use it there was not availability. For example this month is all taken and when I sign up the contract they told me that I can make the reservation just two weeks in advance but that is not so.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Nov. 28, 2017

I sold my parent's timeshare a year ago after my dad had passed away and my mother was crippled by a stroke; the sale was properly done by an escrow company that sent Wyndham all the transfer documents - months later, I received a call from Pinnacle Recovery, as Wyndham had only changed the mailing address (to the new buyer), but neglected to change the ownership name/title, so no mail was delivered to the new buyer. We all sent the documents again - and again - and again. Today, I just received another collection call from Pinnacle Recovery so I called Wyndham again - waited on hold for nearly an hour and finally was told they never received the documents!!

They obviously did or they would not have changed the mailing address on file to the new owner (not the name), so I forwarded them all the emails with documents again. Meanwhile, the new buyer has to call to get the dues statements (as she is not getting the mailed statements) and her checks are continuously cashed, but not applied to the account! Will this timeshare nightmare ever end?? Stay clear of Wyndham and the incompetence of their transfer department!!

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Reviewed Nov. 26, 2017

First lie: takes 2 hours total (more like FIVE HOURS). Don’t tell you about maintenance fees. Do tell you they are a non-profit (so, if they are???) More deceptions go on: promised a 1 night hotel stay for attending (WE DID NOT GET ONE). If you buy in you leave in a Cadillac. IF YOU DONT BUY: WAIT FOR SHUTTLE.

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2017

Everything started November 20th, 2017 around 6:30pm in San Antonio, Texas right next to the Mirror Maze almost in front of the Alamo. A girl named Sara offered us a "Black Friday deal". We went ahead and listen to what she had to say, and minutes later we agreed to go to the Wyndham Resorts 90 minute presentation the next day (11.21.17) at 2:45pm, Sara said that at the end of the presentation we were gonna receive our $40 dollars refund plus a $30 American Express gift card, Fun Pass coupon book, and 3 double decker tour ride.

November 21st, 2017 around 2:45pm we arrived to the Wyndham Resort presentation, checked in, met a very nice lady (which I forgot her name), it was the salesperson in charged of introducing this "amazing" package, she asked questions like: Where is your next trip to? Mention 3, how much do you spend TOTAL on vacation? etc. Then the "guest speaker" Mr. **, started the presentation, showed us testimonials, videos of the resorts and their latest additions. When done with the presentation, the lady took us to another room, gave us a paper to fill out before we could see 2 of their rooms, my husband filled out the page, and then we were introduce to Richard ** (another salesperson).

We proceed with the Resort tour, the 2 rooms we saw were beautiful, the lady salesperson was very nice and explained everything in detail about each room, and resort activities. Right after the tour, we went back to the room to talk about the packages. Richard showed us 3 different packages. #1 with a $869.23 dollars a month lower down payment; #2 $58,568 total package with a down payment of $23,000 then 400,000 plus the "gift" 600,000 equivalent to 1,000,000 for our dream trip to Switzerland or Thailand; #3 was for about $240 something dollars with the same points but higher down payment. I declined and said I needed time to think about it before making a decision, to what Richard insisted it was one in time life opportunity, he knowing that my husband is a pastor, proceeded to use God by saying "God wants you to be stress free and to have quality time with your family", I replied that also God wants us to be WISE.

So to get him off my back I told him to give me 24 hrs to think and to talk about it with my husband (hubby was sure to buy right away), Richard continued saying "it's a sign from God, that clearly you can't see", he even said "you really need to pray the right way to be able to hear God telling you and your husband to enjoy his creation", 5 minutes later he gave in to let us go for lunch, come back and fill out paperwork to get our membership. I went out came back and told the lady "give me the paper. I don't want this", she said "I'm a single mom and I wished I had this opportunity when I was your age."

I signed the "decline" paper, walked to the front desk to receive my gifts and money back, then Richard approached me again giving me a lower monthly payment of $108 and only $8,500 down payment. I said "No, thank you, I don't want this", he replied "You are gonna regret it for the rest of your life, and you are gonna wished you could see me again to give you this deals", I smiled and walked away. Hubby looked up reviews and now we are both thankful we did not bought anything from them.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2017

My wife and I have been timeshare owners for few years. Every time we go away, we no sooner book in and go across to the customer service desk to retrieve our parking pass when we are literally harassed by a representative to attend a meeting or “owner update” as Wyndham calls it that will only take 90 minutes. After a long drive or flight to get to our destination we are tired and reluctantly agree to attend a meeting just to get them off our backs, get our parking pass and possibly get a gift card. They always make you feel like their owner updates are in your best interest and it's not an update at all but a high pressure cooker of lies, all about forcing us to buy more points every time. We have never been updated, just pressured to go to the meeting and we have never learned anything but what we have is in need of improvement. So many lies and it makes me so mad that we made another purchase about two years ago.

It starts with them trying to lure you in with the promise that they offer a wonderful breakfast and it will only take 90 minutes and you can go off and enjoy your vacation. Every time we told them “no” and we just want to be left alone. They then asked if we were aware of usually the latest gimmick to coerce owners into an update, and when we said “no”, they got you. This has happened time and time again. It should be optional to receive any updates via email if they are important. It's just amazing that Wyndham can rob you every opportunity they get with their lies and deception and there is nothing you can do about it, or is it!

We just left Las Vegas on a Wyndham party getaway weekend. We were told that it was imperative to attend an owner update because Wyndham had undergone many changes that would affect us. We hear this every time, but nothing changes. It's just another way to tell you more lies to get you to purchase. This so call update was a wake up call. The scam was so obvious that it made me realize that the points we have is worth nothing. As a matter of fact I talk with lawyer and he said that our timeshare was worth about a $1.00. The reason Wyndham can get away with this is because they are a billion dollar company. You can't make America great like that are can you? We was lied to from the beginning and we are still being lie to. I read a lot of complaints so I know that we should be able to get a class action lawsuit. Let's do it!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2017

I have with Wyndham for about 10 years I have enjoyed most vacations at the Resort I visited. After dealing with a misleading lying sales rep a few years ago in the Poconos, who led me to believe I was joining CWA by purchasing additional points I promised myself never again. Anytime someone approached me with buy I would say bye. I am now in the Club Wyndham Access thanks to a great sales rep at Skyline in New Jersey who approached me with respect and understanding of my previous bad experience. Not all reps are the same. Although they all want to sell you something, they don't all expect you to buy. If you don't want to buy or you know you are dealing with a big fat liar just say BYE and LEAVE. Hope this helps someone. If you are not an owner read about them and what they have to offer. Great for family vacations and retirees.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2017

Do not be sucked into attending! Made the mistake this morning of going to one of the 90 min spiels of a no pressure to buy pitch. What a load of crock. These guys won't give you details and tell you whatever you want to hear without putting it in writing. This is at NYC and I'm from the UK. I caught the man talking rubbish when he claimed that the British pound was a strong currency and buying in dollars was even better. Clearly lies since the pound has devalued by 15% since Brexit and one of the weakest performing currencies in the last year.

The more I poked and prodded the more I felt this was dodgy. These guys promise you lots but won't write it down to let you think about it. They do a tag team spiel and when you won't bite they become aggressive and start talking down on you. 2 hours later I got really hacked off after saying no 20 times. I had never heard of them and now reading these reviews I feel sorry for those who get pressurised into buying this. They want you to part with tens of thousands of dollars in 90 mins and are surprised when you want to think about it?!? Don't bite!

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2017

Wyndham representatives did nothing but lie and manipulate individuals into signing a lifetime contract knowing it is the most crummy investment anyone can ever have. They entice you into believing what they promise is what you get. WRONG!!! They promise they will give you what you request, but in reality after signing all the paperwork that no one understands, you realize that all the bs that they fed to you is nothing but dishonesty and lies. There will never be available units for you to rent, there will never be Wyndham resorts in places they promise, there will never be great deals on resorts as a Wyndham timeshare holder. Be known that once you purchase a timeshare you are stuck with it forever including the monthly maintenance fees which varies only to increase every month. Once you pass this will be passed onto your family members regardless if they want it or not.

The burden is not worth it. You get nothing out of it as Wyndham reps state. Their breakfast they lure you in with bragging, "It's great, we will feed you gourmet breakfast..." I hope that's not what Wyndham serves at their resorts because anyone can crack 20 eggs and throw in a bowl and mix away. Microwave bacon isn't gourmet. They have definitely created a bad image for themselves. Anyone who deals with Wyndham knows. They don't even need to spread the word since all the credit is going to Wyndham for their bad reputation. I feel that every employee are all heartless crooks including the spokesperson who feeds you a sob story about him battling cancer. Who knows if that was even true. Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

Don't fall for any sob story or promises they try to feed into you. Wyndham by far is worse than people who perform credit card fraud. Its only a matter of time until you can't convince the innocent of buying your crappy resorts that are worth less than FREE! Brutal BRUTAL BRUTAL. Wyndham should be ashamed of themselves!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 16, 2017

Wyndham Timeshares Panama City Beach is a TOTAL SCAM - My wife and I was there for three hours. Rep will not give you business card with a phone number, copy of any paperwork and can't explain the maintenance fee that you pay each month the rest of your life. They tag team us with three different guys. Very rude and disrespectful. Most buyers that I talk to can't get out of this scam. You have to buy that day, because no discount the next day. ** con.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2017

Didn't even wait to hear the offer. We won't buy AT ANY PRICE! While walking the mall in San Antonio, TX we were approached by a Windham rep who invited us to the "90 minute" sales presentation. Having bought two other timeshares in the past, we were interested. After the presentation, our initial salesperson (who was very friendly and professional) asked if we would be tempted to purchase today. We declined and explained that we would never make a long-term investment unless we had first researched the company's success history, compared it to similar businesses in the area, and determined what the cost/benefit would be.

Then the "second closer" was called over. Within 30 seconds he had called us "stupid for not jumping at a multi-thousand dollar opportunity", and told us that "most military vets (like us) couldn't afford it because of poor credit ratings. Dumbfounded, we let him know that we did not even want to hear their offer and would not purchase no matter what the price. As we got up to leave, he speculated that we just spent 2 1/2 hours there because we were interested in the free store-bought cookies, and $50 sales incentive.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2017

As everyone else has noted. They try to convince you to go a presentation. They offer you gifts like a 7 night hotel stay. The only issue is it is next to impossible to book the hotels. Their offers to buy a week with them indefinitely is way overpriced, there are lots of hidden charges. They purposely block WiFi in the area where they are presenting as they don't want you to see all the negative reviews.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2017

The hotel is quite beautiful and directly adjacent to N/S Route 95 and located on the main strip in Boca so that you have access to virtually all the usual shopping. There is also a 'restaurant mall' directly across the street which includes Five Guys, Shane's Rib Shack, P.F. Chang's, etc., etc. The rooms have balconies overlooking the pool area with its surrounding fountain, palms, and tropical shrubs, poolside bar and restaurant, jacuzzi and the hotel has its own restaurant, The Farmer's Table, which is primarily new age/veggie.

The rooms are comfy with excellent climate control. My suite had a living room, dressing area, fabulous bed, sleep sofa in the living room, a TV in each room, kitchenette with microwave, coffee prep, fridge, etc. small but practical bathroom with easy to use shower, white comfortable terrycloth robes are provided (2 per room), a furnished balcony, excellent lighting with multiple possibilities to provide just the right atmosphere, lots of towels and pillows. There is also a Tea Room on the second floor with pastries, etc. and a pastry shop adjacent to the first floor. The staff was nothing if not attentive. Although my room overlooked the pool area, once the French Doors were closed, absolute silence! There is also a rule against jumping, etc. into the pool which helps to diminish the noise level. A great experience all around and for a moderate price. Although this hotel is rated 3-stars, I would rate it a 5 and I have stayed in many a 5-star hotel in my time.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2017

I booked 4 nights at Wingate By Wyndham, located at 1511 North Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461, USA, on September 24, 2017 through Booking.com. The agreement was no prepayment charge will be made to my credit card prior to my arrival to the hotel and that I will pay my hotel bill at checkout. The credit card number is needed to secure the reservation and complete the booking process. Booking.com clearly stated "your credit card will not be charged before checking-in" at the hotel. It turns out Wingate hotel went ahead and charged my credit card by nearly $100.00 on September 26 - that's 8 days before my arrival at the hotel in Southport. This is absolutely illegal as the charge is unauthorized, as well as unethical by all means. Will never book with Booking.com ever again, let alone staying at Wingate By Wyndham. Thanks.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2017

Purchased a two trip vacay package. 1st trip to New Orleans went off without a hitch. 2nd trip is planned for this upcoming weekend to Williamsburg, VA. On the Monday before departing on a 10 hour drive Friday, I called to see if we could swap VA for FL for an easier drive on us. Thank goodness I called!!! Lo and behold, our reservation was mysteriously canceled!! I have the receipt, reservation confirmation, never received any notification of this cancellation. Oh and I have no assurance that this will be solved, supposedly I am waiting on a call, no one can tell me when I will receive said call. Unbelievable!! Just Airbnb it folks, even if it's a good deal, it isn't worth this hassle. We could have driven 10 hours for a reservation that no longer exists!!

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2017

Just sat through a 3 hours resort presentation and heavy sales pitch. Put $40.00 up front for a 2 hour promotion. Bottom line: $100,000 for a 400,000 point Silver membership with $35,000 up front and the balance financed at 17.99% plus a $220.00/mo ownership fee. When we demurred. The next sales manager came out and offered us a 1,000,000 point Platinum membership for $58,000 with 35% up font $210.00/mo ownership fee. When we demurred again, it was lowered to $23,000 for 400,000 point Silver membership with $108.00/mo ownership fee. Demurring again, we were given the opportunity to join Wyndham's Discovery program for $3,947 whereby we could visit several resorts to decide if we wanted to join later. Needless to say "No way!" Ethically speaking their pitch is totally without merit and should avoided.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2017

I was at the county fair in the Nashville area and filled out a form to win a free vacation. Then about 2 weeks ago I received a phone call from Wyndham offering use 4 free round-trip airline tickets and a $50 meal card for attending their 2 hour presentation in Nashville. I have all this in a confirmation email that they sent to me. I was a little skeptical but figured it was Wyndham so it must be legit.

We went to the presentation today and talk about high pressure. We had 6 different sales people come to our table and try to high pressure us into buying. (they were all rude) 3.5 hours later, after telling them no about 20 times, the last guy asked why we were there. I told him that it was because we were offered 4 round trip airline tickets. He laughed and said, "good luck with that!" That's when I began to realize that we may have been scammed.

We finally were given a gift voucher and went to the front desk to collect the gift. The girl stated that they were all out of airline vouchers and that they would have to mail them to us. She handed me the $50 food voucher and asked me to sign a paper stating that I received the agreed to gift. I told her that I didn't want to sign because I didn't receive the airline tickets. She said that it was just for the gift card and not the airline tickets so I signed it. After reading all these negative reviews, I think I made a mistake.

All I know is if I don't get my airline tickets within 3 weeks, I am going to the State's Attorney's Office and the Real Estate Commission in Tennessee and filing a complaint against this company. With all the negative reviews and stories similar to mine, hopefully they will take action against them because I believe they are crooks. It's a shame that such a large company has to resort to these tactics to make money.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2017

I made a reservation. Had a choice to stay on the beach or either get a room with a full kitchen. I chose the full kitchen. I called the hotel to verify that I would have balcony, however was told I had a kitchenette instead of a full kitchen. Paid extra to stay at a hotel with nothing I asked for. There is a difference between a full kitchen and kitchenette. I would have choose the beachfront which comes with the exact same thing that the other resort offers. I tried to cancel that hit me with a 6 day in advance to cancel. There is nowhere on my confirmation stating 6 days to cancel or no one stated 6 days. I'm stuck with a room because of all the lies. I will not, I repeat will not use Wyndham vacation resorts again. Very poor customer service. Be aware of all lies...

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2017

We were promised to sit through a presentation only just 2 hrs to get some discounted tickets. We sat for 4hrs! They kept pushing and pushing for us to buy other vacation package points. It's stupid. They lied to us on how long it would take and we got there at 9:30 and left after 1:30! They're a scam and a waste of time to get tickets from!

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2017

We went to the Wyndham timeshare presentation with the promises of three things. Sharing so that you know how it works. We had to put down a $30 deposit to attend the presentation. They took our credit card and I had a $30 charge for it. They told me that up front. I was told once I arrived at presentation and signed in, I would get $30 cash, which I did.

First promise is a free "Wyndham" vacation. You are given a certificate of attendance, which you then send to a third party within 30 days of attendance. They send you a confirmation and you send them $50 check to cover hotel taxes for trip. They then send you a request for days of travel. You get a first choice and second choice. Those dates must be three weeks apart and not within a week of a major US holiday [Xmas, New Years, July 4, Labor/Memorial Day, Easter, etc...]. If neither of those days are available, you will be required to pick two more dates. If those aren't available, you pick two more, etc, etc, etc.

I have not attempted this part of it yet, but have been told it is painful and I don't know if you will receive your $50 back if you aren't able to book a trip. Another part of this is that they promise a "Wyndham" vacation. This isn't exactly true, or at all true. This third party [Fast Track Promotions], will book you a vacation where they can, but Wyndham owns many hotel chains and has partners.

Second promise is a free lunch. They did feed us a free lunch. Grilled hamburgers, pasta salad, some little desserts. I am not going to complain about it because people go hungry all the time, but if you are expecting a nice lunch, don't expect more than that. Third promise is a free night stay at a Wyndham hotel. This isn't a gift certificate, it's a voucher. You call Wyndham and they have to book for you, where they can find a place for you. It's the promise of a "Wyndham" resort, but again, you probably won't be at one. If you are trying to book a multi night stay somewhere, it'd probably be cheaper to book online and find your own place. Haven't bothered with this since it seems like a lot of work to be someplace I want to be and it'd probably be at full blazing retail pricing.

Fourth promise is $100 dining money. What you actually receive is 4- $25 "Dining Dough" certificates. After you get them, you go online [at restaurant.com] and create an account. After doing so, you find a restaurant that you want to go to [that is part of the program and just by my count, it's a fairly small sample of restaurants] and use the dining dough to purchase gift certificates at that restaurant. I was of the belief you could use them to pay for your meal there. They are really more like Groupon deals. You get 50% off on your meal. If you spend $50 there, you get $25 off. They are dine in only, of course. They want the tip money and get you to spend more than the minimum. If there are restaurants you like, then bonus. If not, not much of a deal. When I looked, there were places I would go if it were free, but not many that were on my usual restaurants we eat at.

The presentation itself is predictable. Get everyone involved, make you feel like they know you because they call you by name [keep your name tag on, though ;-) ], play the emotion card well. They have lots of destinations to visit. If you want in, the bare minimum is approximately $17,000. It won't give you much as far as vacationing. Probably a short vacation every other year. The big push is to get you in that day, so they give you a dream vacation [8 day/ 7 night at any Wyndham resort] which I assume is legit because you are a member. They also promise super discounted pricing at all Wyndham owned properties and the ability to book through a special service that gives priority over non-Wyndham customers. They won't offer that $17,000 to get in, you have to look at their point system and figure out what it costs and tell them.

They also want you to purchase using their financing. It is pretty pricey. I'm not a financial specialist by any means, but I am smart enough to know that if you are doing that, you are getting ripped off. If you don't have special financing for yourself or, have the cash, I wouldn't be buying. You will pay a LOT of money to be a member, way more than the advertised price. Also, it takes a lot of time to do, minimum of two hours to hear the presentation and sit with the sales person trying to close the deal. If you say no, they will ask you to speak with 2 or 3 other people trying to prove it's a great deal.

So, you decide if it's worth it. I don't really think it is something I would do again. They have some nice properties at nice destinations. They will show you the penthouse at the property you visit. The places you stay and the rooms you get are all based on points. Points cost money. Unless you are throwing in a hundred grand [$100,000] you are getting many penthouse stays and even if you do, it will be for a couple nights.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2017

First of all don't believe them when they say there is no pressure sales. Once you tell them you're not interested the pressure is on. They become extremely aggressive and condescending. They offer you free gift that they don't even have available to you just to get you in. My husband and I dodged a bullet by not making a purchase. We found it very offensive that they were so aggressive. The best advice that we can give is to treat Wyndham resorts timeshare like a house fire. By that I mean stay low and get out.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2017

On June 11, 2017 we stopped at Saddlebrook Welcome Center on our way into Branson and was approached by Christina who is employed Wyndham Resorts.

She asked us if we (there were 4 of us) would like to make $175.00 each couple? We said we already had all our tickets to the shows, since my brother and his wife are timeshare owners. She said we could make the 2:30 presentation at the Wyndham Preview Center and it would take us 2 hours and we would walk away with $175.00 EACH couple! Although we had been on the road for 8 hours and had not checked into our resort, we decided to take her up on her offer. The two salesmen, Mitch and Chad were very persuasive but quite condescending.

Remember, one of our couples were ALREADY owners. After we finished with the spiel, we went to the front desk to collect our money and guess what? One couple received $150.00 and my husband and I got NOTHING!! We called Christina at her cell phone (**) and she denied everything. We were very upset. We would NEVER have sat through 2 1/2 hrs for nothing. We were tired, hungry and eager to start our week in Branson. Our two sales guys magically disappeared and we were asked to leave. We talked to a couple Wyndham employees at another location and they were very upset because it hurts them when word get around that people are not true to their word.

To make a long story short, I have talked to, been referred to at least 10 people, most of which did not return my calls. No one cares and they are giving us nothing. I talked to one lady who tried to help me. After talking to Mitch ** (not our presenter) he told me that they were not willing to do a thing for us. My brother will probably get rid of his timeshare because of their business ethics. We went to a presentation at Welk Resorts and it was a totally awesome experience. Professional people, no high pressure, etc. If I were to ever invest, it would be with them. Stay away from Wyndham Resorts!!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2017

We went down as a family of 7 to Hilton Head, SC in Mid August 2017. Booked a villa in Sea Pines through Wyndham on VRBO for a week. After the first night we woke up on Sunday to find our child completely covered with bed bug bites and bugs clearly visible on the sheets of his room. We took pictures which are geolocated and can thus be tracked to the villa on that date and time. Thus, no denying it.

We went to the Wyndham location on Hilton Head and asked to see the Manager. Unfortunately, neither the Customer Services Manager nor the GM of Wyndham were available. We turned in the keys to the villa and spent the rest of the day searching for alternative accommodations. 15% of our vacation is now spent moving from the bug infested villa to a new place, which cost me over $500 more.

On Monday, I get a call from the Guest Services lady. She tells me that they are dispatching a pest control company to verify. I told her I have pictures, which she asked me to send to her, and I did. Later, I get a call from her to tell us that the pest control company found nothing! And, now they are dispatching yet another company, completely forgetting that we have pictures of bugs on their linen in their villa - which can be geolocated to their property!

Two days later, the lady sends me an email that Wyndham will be returning our money, but will charge us for the night we spent there! So, we have ended up paying for a bed bug infested night at Wyndham; no compensation for the extra money I had to pay at the last minute for alternative accommodations; and no compensation for ruining 15% of our vacation. Thanks Wyndham. You are the epitome of a 3rd rate company!

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2017

My husband and I purchased in Hawaii a couple years ago. I book a vacation in Myrtle Beach in 2016 and left with a PayPal account that I didn't sign up for. We go on vacation a couple weeks ago and here they go again, you can hardly get checked in before they are booking you for a 90 minute session! For goodness sake, can't you enjoy your vacation without all this NONSENSE! Anyway, they stated to us they wanted to make sure we were informed about all the updates and what have you; next thing you know they had run our credit for an upgrade which we told them we didn't want, they stated, if you don't want it you can go back to your old contract (FAKE NEWS) and to add insult to injury, they didn't even pay off my old PayPal account so now we're stuck with a new contract for 53,000 plus the old debt they took out with PayPal. We have consulted with an attorney. These people need to be stopped!

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2017

My Wife (Jacqueline) & I (Wayne) have been timeshare owners for many years. Every time we go away, we no sooner book in and go across to the customer service desk to retrieve our parking pass when we are literally harassed by a representative to attend a meeting or “owner update” as Wyndham calls it that will only take 45 minutes. After a long drive or flight to get to our destination we are tired and reluctantly agree to attend a meeting just to get them off our backs and get our parking pass. They always make us feel like these owner updates are mandatory and it's not an update at all but a high pressure cooker of lies, all about forcing us to buy more points every time. We have never been updated once, just pressured to go to the meeting and we have never learned anything new, except how silly we were for making our last purchase, and the only way to fix it is to buy more!

It starts with them trying to lure you in with the promise that they offer a wonderful breakfast and it will only take 45 minutes and you can go off and enjoy your vacation. Every time we told them “no” and we just want to be left alone. They then asked if we were aware of usually the latest gimmick to coerce owners into an update, and when we said “no”, they hooked us. This has happened time and time again. When you use your timeshare frequently, it shouldn't be mandatory to attend an owner update each time. It should optional with the choice of receiving any updates via email if they are important. But what's the fun in that, it would mean they would have to be honest and that's not Wyndham's style. They like to rob you every opportunity they get with their lies and deception!

In September, 2010, we passed through Las Vegas and used our timeshare for the weekend on route to the Grand Canyon. We were told that it was imperative to attend an owner update because Wyndham had undergone many changes that would affect us. We hear this every time, but nothing changes. It's just another pressure cooker of lies to get us to purchase. At this stage we had 325,000 points and Discovery equity, a program that only gave us access to limited stock, something we were not aware of till we tried to book. Again more lies on how it works or doesn't work. Every location was not part of the Discovery program. So what was the point of recommending the program and how was it benefiting us? That's where the lies started.

Our representative, Neil **, looked at our portfolio and asked why we were in the Discovery program. We told him that at the time, we were new Wyndham owners and had trusted our representative to guide us and they had recommended the Discovery program because it would give us access to multiple Wyndham locations. We discovered that this was a lie because when we tried to book, the agent told us that the location we picked was not part of the program. What the hell were we paying all this money for? He told us that he had good news because the Discovery program was about to expire and in order to have access to more stock, we would need to purchase another 175,000 points taking us to VIP Gold level.

One of the benefits was Wyndham would freeze the price in the event that we wanted to purchase more points and our deed would remain in Hawaii. We were happy that our deed would remain in Hawaii because Hawaii has limited real estate so maintenance fees are very low. Another lie and again Wyndham took advantage of our innocence and vulnerability. In November 2012, we headed out to Las Vegas again and as usual we were told to attend a meeting because Wyndham was changing its structure from deeds to trusts. Our representative, Andrea **, recommended converting our points to Club Wyndham Access. This upgrade would increase our point portfolio, giving us a wider range of access to more resorts, hold the price for 12 months and decrease our maintenance fees which apparently were higher in a deed versus a trust.

We found out that we received nothing more, no new resorts, just more lies to get us to waste more money to fix these so called problems. The only benefit we get is access to book 13 months out. Club Wyndham Access is nothing but a dump pool for Wyndham to make more money out of us. As neither of us are attorneys, we believed the advice we were given and told her that we didn't really want to buy more points and happy with what we had. She told us that the minimum we would have to buy to get into the access program was 84,000 points and it is the new direction for Wyndham to provide their clients with a better “Wyndham experience”.

I tried calling Andrea on numerous occasions and left messages for her to enquire about the Club Wyndham Access program, but she never returned my calls and we later found out that she had left Wyndham. Now were are sitting with 584,000 points, a bigger monthly payment and increased maintenance costs. The most annoying part of these owner updates is that they are never 45 minutes long and as soon as you are about to leave the table, the representatives boss or a financial director just happens to come along with another fantastic offer to keep you there a little longer and wear you down so you land up signing just to get away. We even had people knocking at our door telling us that we had to go to the owner update and we could advise our representative that we only wanted to attend an owner meeting once a year.

This pressure is disgusting! This is pure harassment, and if we knew this was part of the so called “great experience” we would never have purchased. These experiences have almost ruined our vacation experience. This company mistreats their so called VIP clients with nonstop harassment and lies! Wyndham advertises vacations that are relaxing. There is nothing relaxing about an owner update, that is made out to be mandatory, and if you refuse to go they call your room continuously and pound on your door until you agree to attend.

In June 2016, after a very traumatic experience, we decided to take a trip to Oceanside to relax. Just as we had been told before, we needed to attend another owner update because now Wyndham was changing their levels and we had NOT been grandfathered into VIP Gold which would have a major effect on our current status. We were likely to lose benefits and perks of VIP Gold if we didn't upgrade to their Platinum level. At this stage we had invested so much money with Wyndham that losing everything wasn't an option, so again we attended a meeting that literally took 6 hours of our day.

Our representative, Michael **, told us that on Platinum level we would have access to more resorts that Wyndham had recently purchased and the benefits were endless. No more resorts were added that we could use because we were now platinum! More lies. We were concerned that our maintenance fees were once again going to go up. Michael assured us that we could offset our maintenance fees with the points we were not using so it would be a win win situation. What he failed to mention is that you only get $60 per 10,000 points. Not a win at all!! On Platinum level we were supposed to get discounts of up to 50% by booking a vacation and then closer to the time, cancelling that booking and rebooking the same vacation. This would allow us to take those extra points and use them towards the maintenance fees.

Booking a vacation up to 13 months out was another benefit, but he failed to mention that it only applied to your home resort. This upgrade would give us priority over all other ownership levels and upgrades were free and guaranteed. We told Michael that we were concerned that we might have too many points and as we both work and only get a certain number of vacation time per year, we would never be able to use all our points. He told us that Wyndham had a program that gave owners the option to rent out their points and the money we got back could be used towards our maintenance fees, or we could use the additional points for flights, cruises, car rentals etc. Which we found out would cost us $100s-$1000s of dollars more than just booking online, or calling these companies direct. They made us feel like it was a huge savings, and not cost us more than the average Joe.

We reluctantly purchased another 416,000 points and consolidated the existing contract of 500,000 points in the Club Wyndham Plus Program and 84,000 points in the Club Wyndham Access Program into 2 new contracts of 916,000 Club Access Plus and 84,000 Club Wyndham Access. Needless to say, this was a bad purchase as we very soon discovered that we had been lied to once again. We were led to believe that once you have 1,000,000 points there would be no need to purchase anymore and the world was our oyster with access to the most remarkable resorts around the world. We were told that Wyndham had purchased Shell and we could use our points to access resorts overseas.

More lies because if you want to vacation overseas, you have to have someone in that country wanting to swap out with you during the same time period. We were buying points that we didn't need because there was no additional stock we would have access to. They were throwing out words to try and confuse us and make us think we were getting special treatment, better units and privileges that other members on lower levels were not privy too. Lies, lies and more lies!! To add fuel to the fire, they introduced us to PayPal and what they failed to mention is that if you don't pay it off within 6 months you land up paying 19.99% interest and it would retro back to the purchase date, and all that interest would be owed again. So you paying interest on interest.

We ended up taking out a loan at a lower interest rate to avoid the high monthly payment. This is very upsetting and I can't believe that these people have a soul! We had way too many points but they told us we could bank them if we didn't want to use them that year and use them the following year. Great idea but they expire if you don't use them within a 3 year period and it also costs you money to bank them. As if we are not paying enough money just to own them. At this stage we realized that we are so far in the hole that we just have to try and get the principal paid off as soon as possible. We were just keeping our heads above water with Wyndham payments! All this money and the situation we were in only to find out you can buy a million pts on eBay for as little as $2000-$15,000 at any given time. Can you imagine how this made us feel? Infuriated

In June 2016, we went to Hawaii again and attended yet another owner update. This time we were met with a frown and asked if we were aware that we were paying such a high interest rate on our contracts. We had no documentation in front of us and yet again believed what we were told from the documents that we were presented to us from the system. It turned out that we had 2 Club Wyndham Access programs of 916,000 points and another one with 84,000 points. They told us that we could buy the interest rate down from 17.99% to 11.99% by purchasing another 189,000 points, the minimum purchase allowed. What they failed to mention was that we were only paying 17.99% on the Club Wyndham Access Program, the Club Wyndham Plus Program was at an interest rate of 12.75%. In order to bring the interest rate down, we reluctantly bought another 189,000 points.

It doesn't make financial sense to buy more points and spend another $100,000.00 odd dollars to bring our interest rate down by such a small amount. More Lies!! This is complete fraud! We feel like we have been robbed and held at gunpoint every time we attended an owner update. At this point if you do nothing about this, we will seek the highest levels of authority, and media to show how terrible and misleading your company really is. It's a shame because your resorts are very nice! This time they traded out the Club Wyndham Access Program and combined all the contracts into one deed at Royal Gardens in Waikiki. Every time we trade for a new purchase property, the term is reset to 120 months.

This impacts owners because they are paying interest all over again on the same money you made 80% plus interest on, of the payment. This is just plain robbery! The representative told us that we don't really need more points but it's the only way to bring the interest rate down. If you do the math we paid an absorbent amount more in total payments and interest overall. What a scam, and we found out later that Club Wyndham Access is a trust and not a deed of sale but by the time we got home to check our previous contract it was too late to cancel and once again we were stuck with an increased monthly payment, a loan that we are paying back and higher maintenance fees. And to top it all off, Club Wyndham Access maintenance fees went through the roof from 2016-2017 where we were told they were better, lower, and less chance of increasing!

After a very stressful year, we decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach and try something different. On April 9th, 2017, we arrived in Myrtle Beach at the Tower on the Grove and introduced to Chris **. He offered us Presidential Reserve and told us that you had to have a minimum of 1,000,000 points to buy into this program, but the benefits were endless and this was the crème de la crème. He pulled out a huge black binder with the most beautiful Wyndham properties. 9 hours later we signed a contract just to be able to get out of the office but went back to our unit and read over the contract again. Neither of us felt comfortable having to buy another 225,000 points that we certainly did not need to get priority booking and the Presidential Reserve benefits.

When we looked over the contract we realized that they were going to split the contract into 2 parts, 1,000,000 points was going into Presidential Reserve and the balance of 414,000 points was going into Club Wyndham Access again. We went across the road in the morning to the sales office to let them know that we had decided to cancel the contract as it did not make financial sense to us to buy additional points to get access to benefits that we supposedly already have access to prime property that really wasn't going to make a difference in our lives. They held us there for another 2 hours and finally we walked out and returned the gifts they had given us the day before.

Later that day we were contacted by our representative and asked if we would meet him for dinner to meet a group of people who would be able to buy the additional points we had purchased and use them to find renters. This would supplement our income allowing us to afford the upgrade to Platinum Reserve. We met with this group, ex Wyndham employees, to find out how they were doing this and told them that we were not interested because we had signed a contract with Wyndham that stated we were not allowed to rent out our points. The following day we sent a letter to Wyndham head office in Las Vegas and cancelled our contract. We want out of our Wyndham timeshare contract because we feel like we have been lied to and manipulated every time we attended a meeting that was supposed to benefit us.

Their representatives don't remain with the company long enough to be able to contact them and discuss issues we have encountered and we have wasted enough of our vacation time, and money in owner update meetings. We want out!! We want every penny we have spent back. You have cost us thousands of dollars and ruined our vacations, so don't even try to justify not refunding all our money back due to our usage! We are outraged to say the least.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2017

Booked a mini vacation in TN Smoky Lodge, we have been owners for 2 yrs, and we also owned when they were Fairfield. This morning we attended a session that was supposed to be only to air current owners complaints instead we were presented with an offer to increase our points for an additional $400 which we declined.

Here confess the outrageous part, while ask that was going on they charged our PayPal account $3000. Thank God my husband is a financial advisor and HIS guy told him to check our accounts when we got back to the room, and sure enough we have a pending charge of 3K. I'm in our room typing this review and he is in the financial office addressing this issue. These people have got to be stopped... Now!

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2017

I visited Wyndham and did the sales tour for the 100 gift card and they signed me up for some $3600 package without my knowledge when I signed their acknowledgment of receipt for the gift card, they somehow copied my signature and "sold" me something that I never actually bought. Now I have a PayPal credit statement saying I owe Paypal... Crazy stuff. Stay away from Wyndham. Super crooked.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2017

We purchased a credit-based "Discovery" package, which was promoted as a way to enjoy and evaluate "vacation ownership" with a modest investment. We consider ourselves fortunate to have not committed the $20,000-$40,000 that many people have, as this has turned out to be a very poor investment. We have used our package twice and have been underwhelmed both times.

A note about booking - there are several tiers of "vacation ownership", and only the highest tier has a web-based booking interface that they can use to manage their account and book resorts. The other tiers require calling a representative, something which is optional in the top-tier program but shouldn't be needed at all in the modern era. This is especially true here, because dealing with the program administrators is especially difficult. It has taken us four calls across three weeks to book the first time and two calls the second time, with multiple mistakes being made the second time. Their attitude and level of support on the phone is definitely less helpful than even discount hotels, which is a common thread throughout our experience with this program.

And that's the problem - the value of program isn't really much better than a hotel of equivalent quality and the service, on the phone and on-site, is worse than a Red Roof or Quality Inn. By value, I mean the quality of the room and the availability of amenities, which is worse than most of the hotels than I have stayed in. Specifically, you get the rooms - which, so far, have been decidedly average, but not the service that you would expect. No linen changes, no towel service, no cleaning during your stay, no "room service" to bring food or sundries. You're on your own, which is fine if you like that sort of experience but doesn't fit most people's idea of "vacation".

If you calculate the cost of the "credits" or "weeks", depending on the program that you buy into, on a per-day basis, the room cost is about the same as equivalent rooms in the same area - and often with fewer physical amenities such as water features and recreation areas. So, despite the rosy picture painted at the sales meetings, you're buying into a system that give you an average room with less-than-average service... and pay for it upfront. I strongly recommend passing on this, and just shop carefully for hotel rooms.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2017

We went to their sales presentation in Myrtle Beach and after stating we were not interested in purchasing they convinced us to get a 400k "discovery" package where we can try their resorts and enjoy "timeshare" for 2 years without spending more than the $3500 or so we paid. We fell for this and when attempting to book, we were then told that it is a limited amount of resorts which was not told to us when we purchased the package. We then attempted to enjoy our vacations which we quickly found out were old, undesired resorts and not at all what we were originally shown. However, the worst part is when you call you are on hold for hours and they just changed their software so I couldnt make reservations since they had "system issues". So during this period my points expired and they simply said... Sorry but we can give you a discount voucher to use! No way!!! Stay clear from them as they will tell you what you want to hear but not follow through.

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2017

We are a weeks owner as opposed to a points owner. We were always told by Wyndham we can book our vacation as far out in years as we wanted as long as we paid our maintenance. This year we are being told the 2019 inventory is not in the system yet as of August 1, 2017. I feel Wyndham is penalizing weeks owner because they would like everyone to convert to the point system. When we purchased our resort over 20 years ago we have been taken over by different resort companies and it seems like each one wants to make up their own rules. I have been getting the runaround from Wyndham every time I call. I am very frustrated as I can't seem to get to the person in charge of this booking mess.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2017

My fiancee and I was aggressively sold a Discovery timeshare on September 8, 2015. We went through 3 aggressive sales people. The last sales woman told us that we could go to a small list of places which included Fiji and Hawaii. We were given a colorful booklet featuring all the places we could go. In retrospect I wish I would've looked through the booklet thoroughly. I would have seen that Hawaii was not on the list. I was reluctant at first but thought if I could go to a nice place in Hawaii for $2,009.00 then I wouldn't mind paying for the additional flight.

Fast forward to 10 months later. I call the discovery member services to set up my Hawaii vacation and I'm told that Hawaii is not an option. They tell me Fiji and certain resorts in Mexico are available but not Hawaii. Now my membership is set to expire on September 8th and I will not have used my membership. It will be wasted and the none of the reps have been able to help find a way to make a use of my membership. I can't even give it away or allow any else to use it. I am the only person who can use this membership and it effectively useless. I was blatantly lied to and I will not ever recommend Worldmark Wyndham services to anyone.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 31, 2017

I received a time share invite with a 120 minute presentation with a promise of $75 gift card. My partner and I were greeted by a nice young man who will remain nameless with the presenter being from our hometown which seem to go well. Afterwards we were taken on a tour of a condo style room with rooftop which was nice. Everything was good until the fast talking stuff started with these "Closers" promising you things like Everybody wasn't there getting the same things. A credit check was ran when in fact they stated that we're not running one, which is when this nightmare began.

I received an email from PayPal stating that my credit was ran and thanking me for my payment which I didn't authorize, a downpayment of $1900 (which I was told that would be waived), my PayPal credit limit was $1500 on an account that I already have with an $0 balance. So you could imagine my level of frustration when I asked the final closer what was going on? At this time I was told that they were giving me six months, no interest, no payments (which is a PayPal regulation anyway) and that I had signed for an increase. They added a kindle fire to the deal, offered to go out and get us food for the wait considering we were there for five hours. However, I had to let them know that I expected an immediate reversal of the charges and NOTHING further would be talked about.

I also advised them that they should not lie to people about their credit inquiry or act as if they are getting some for free when PayPal already promises the same thing to all of their customers. I immediately called PayPal alerting them that I did not in fact authorize this transaction or ask for an increase on my credit limit and I would like to avoid anything from Wyndham or any other properties. I was outraged by the fact that these people bank on the fact that you won't catch what they are doing before all of the paperwork is done. They are quite the cons in this business. I'm sure now I'll never own a timeshare! Please if you plan to attend one of their presentations get your free gift and cheap reservations and run!

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Reviewed July 28, 2017

I have been an owner with Wyndham for 5 years. Great program. I was able to travel on 8 great vacations. Some locations are better than the others but still best the money and quality time with the family. Thank you Wyndham.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 27, 2017

I went to Sea World, Orlando with my wife back in January and was solicited by a very exuberant representative at a kiosk there, to buy a Wyndham Vacation Resorts package at a cost of $3753.06. (I don’t know what Sea World's relationship with Wyndham is.) The Wyndham rep. told us we have thousands of properties around the world. For our $3753 we got 400,000 points to use for our dream vacation. Then we had to endure an almost day long sales pitch at the Wyndham Bonnet Creak Resort in Orlando trying to get us to buy into their time share program, which they took great pains to explain was not a time share program but an annual vacation program!

As an enticement, for an additional $40, we were given a Resort Vacation Certificate redeemable for a one week stay at one of a rather large list of resorts. We could redeem the certificate at any time for one year from our signing date, but no earlier than 30 days prior to the date we desired and of course, subject to availability. Only problem... when we attempted to redeem our certificate we found that of this large list of properties very few were available without paying an additional charge of in some cases over a thousand dollars. Not too surprisingly the very few that were available at no extra charge were not very appealing! We have given up on our attempt to "redeem" our "Resort Vacation Certificate" as a lost cause. Kiss that $40 goodbye!

Then I tried to book our "Club Wyndham Discovery Vacation" using the 400,000 points that our $3753.06 purchased. We thought that the Bonnet Creek property would be a nice place to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary next year with the kids and grandkids. Unfortunately, the Wyndham website kept coming back with "Not enough points" every time I tried to book the date we selected. This, in spite of the fact that the week we selected added up to less than the 400,000 point limit. Finally I gave up trying to use Wyndham Vacation Resorts web page and decided to call Wyndham and speak to a representative. Nice try. After being placed on hold for 51 minutes I gave up on that as well. I thought the Wyndham was a reputable organization but this experience has changed that opinion forever.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 26, 2017

Let me just say If you are on Vacation in San Antonio at the River Walk or anywhere else and are approached by someone from Wyndham Hotels saying they want you tour one of their new hotels which we found out later the hotel has actually been there for many years, please just WALK AWAY. I regret wasting 4 hours of my family vacation time because of the person telling me it was new hotel and he could get us free tickets to the Drive Through Safari and the Natural Bridge caverns for our 10 Year old son just to do a walk through to view their new hotel. When only to get there it was a severe pressure sale of a time share.

The lady that we were paired with to try to get us to buy it was absolutely rude and would not take NO for an answer. It was horrible and they make you go through the whole process of videos and makes you sit there listening to her whole spiel of timeshare and when we would try to talk she totally ignored anything we were saying and talked over us the whole time.

After telling her no a thousand times practically, she still gets her manager over to talk to us about finance. We told the manager we weren't interested AT ALL and she pretty much had an attitude and made a nasty comment to us and walked off. At the end it was getting very ugly, So my husband asked her since she keeps claiming that it's not about the money which is CRAZY expensive and claims that they really care about us, he asked her when we leave here would she remember us. And she Actually said NO!!! Let me just say I will never ever stay, Buy into the Vacation homes or recommend this Hotel to Anyone just for the mere fact that we were misled and were talked to so rudely I was almost in tears at the end. I was so mad.

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Reviewed July 25, 2017

My experience in the Wyndham hotel room 523 the room is filthy. I've taken two showers. Walked around on this dirty dirty dirty carpet and my feet is black as tar so before I put on my shoes I'm going to stand in the shower and wash my feet once again. There was no ironing board in the closet. Had to call the front desk at 5 o'clock in the morning to bring me an Ironing board. There was a bug floating in the iron and totally gross experience. I feel so dirty staying here. I pray I don't bring any bugs home with me from the dirty Wyndham Hotel. Take my advice and do not stay here. You will regret it.

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Reviewed July 24, 2017

Club Wyndham not only ruined my wife's birthday, but continue to amaze us with their shady sales techniques, ten days later. We were enjoying a New Orleans vacation and agreed to hear a 1 1/2 hour sales presentation in exchange for free tickets to a riverboat cruise and to the aquarium. The sales pitch by two sales associates lasted 4 hours, with help from two "closers". They weren't used to someone who fixated on fine print like "19.99% interest", As soon as I had given them authorization to run a credit check, I saw this site, and stated that I wanted nothing to do with Club Wyndham or Wyndham Vacation Resorts. That just brought in another "closer" who tried to sweeten the deal further even though the original sales reps knew they had lost our trust.

The next day I contacted PayPal Credit to have them remove an unauthorized charge, and PayPal urged that I get something in writing from Wyndham stating that they would not make any further charges to my account. Six phone calls to national and local offices later, I still have not found anyone who will do me that favor or even apologize.

Since returning from vacation, I have received four mailed notifications of denied credit from two different credit issuers stating that Wyndham tried to authorize charges they would not approve on my behalf. One of those banks was never even mentioned in the sales pitch. No Wyndham representative I've contacted can tell me what they have done with my sensitive information. The best I've received is a P.O. Box in Las Vegas, where I can send a written request to their Rescission Department. My advice to anyone lured into a Wyndham sales pitch is to remember to keep asking "how much longer before we can say no, and leave with the incentives you promised us".

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Reviewed July 20, 2017

Me and my boyfriend attended a tour when we went to the Dells. We did not buy but we were given a 2 night 3 day stay for $100. I wanted to use the getaway for my body. I called the number. Played the $100. I was told I would get an email confirmation before I could book. I called the number that was provided and have not gotten anyone to answer after waiting for over an hour. When I called the number where I played the money I was told there was nothing he can do and literally got hung up on. I really considered buying but I'm very happy now I didn't. I lost out on a $100 for sure but it could be worst. I thought Wyndham was a trustworthy company and I couldn't be more wrong. I learned my lesson. I will never pay a dime to any company before looking at their real customer reviews.

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Reviewed July 20, 2017

On July 15, 20I7, I was in Orlando on vacation attending a family reunion. During my stay I went to the shopping area across the street from where I was staying. I participated in a game to spin the wheel and won the opportunity for a week's stay at a Wyndham Hotel for $75.00. The only condition required to receive this offer was to attend a 90 minute presentation at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. I paid $40.00 and was to pay the remaining $35.00 at the end of the presentation. At which time I would receive the certificate for the week's stay. I made an appointment to visit the facility the following day at 11:00 am. Upon my arrival and after registering at the front desk I was seated in a waiting area. After a short wait, about 10 minutes a "gentleman" (and I use that term lightly) came and escorted me to a room with several other people that consisted of consumers/vacationers and sales persons.

The first thing that he did was to give me a form to sign which required some sensitive information and appeared to be a credit check. I told him I was not going to purchase anything, but he assured me that it was standard procedure for some reason which I don't remember. We met for about 30 minutes before the 2 minute warning was given. At which time the "Magician" / Director appeared and addressed the group. He entertained us with magic tricks as part of his power point presentation. It was quite entertaining. He appeared on America's Got Talent in 2007? After the "show" the salesman continued his presentation and explained the concept very well. I was also shown several units which were absolutely beautiful. When we returned to the room, he proceeded to begin the purchasing process, offering several options and scenarios.

I emphatically told him that I was not going to be purchasing or signing a deed for any property today. He continued to be persistent for the next 30 minutes or so and when he saw he was not getting anywhere, he left the table and returned with his supervisor. Of course his supervisor who was an ex homicide detective started his spiel, offering more incentives and options to purchase. In an effort to gain my trust he showed me pictures where he had been beaten when he was a detective. His point was you never know what tomorrow will bring in that this event changed his life forever. He spent more than another 30 minutes trying to convince me to purchase. I told him "no " and that I was ready to leave. He said he understood and that the sales person who had left during this time was processing me out.

They both left me at the table for another 20 minutes or so until I asked someone to find the sales person (Bena?) because I was ready to leave. He came back and told me it would be a little longer that he had to get the paperwork signed in order for me to get my certificate for the stay. However this is not what happened. I was then taken to another small area and met with another salesperson whose name is Felix **. He presented the leasing option. This option was presented as a 2 year plan and appeared reasonable for the fee of $2922.00. A down payment was required of which I was not willing to pay. So guess what. Another sales person came and she offered me the option of no down payment and 6 months no interest through a PayPal account. At this point I said "okay" and the paper work process began which was tedious and time consuming.

To make a long story short I left after being there about 4.5 hours. I was physically ill by the time I arrived back to my hotel. The next day after close examination of the papers I discovered that the two year deal had miraculously changed to one year with the end date being 08/14/2018 instead of 08/14/2019. Upon my return home and on 7 /17/2017 I called financial services and inquired about the process for cancelling this transaction. The contract contained a clause that you had ten calendar days to notify Wyndham Vacation Resorts of your intent/right to cancel. The person that I spoke (Marquee) advised me that I had to submit the request in writing and that I could do this by email. I was provided the email address and sent the email notifying Wyndham Vacation Resorts that I was cancelling the contract.

On 7/19/2017 at 9:01 PM CST I received my confirmation letter that my request to rescind my contract had been completed. I would also like to add that Marquee spoke was very very kind and was a pleasure to talk to. The five other individuals were ruthless, insensitive, unprofessional and uncaring of my needs as a consumer. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this review and to make other consumers aware of Wyndham Vacation Resorts business tactics.

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Reviewed July 16, 2017

The sales guy was ok but his Supervisor (the closer) was AWFUL. He tried to bully me into making the deal and he was so aggressive that I had to tell him so. He jumped up and stormed off as if they told him he would be fired if he did not close the deal with me. If this is the service you get to come on-board, I can only imagine the service once they have your money locked in. I will never purchase a Wyndham resort not EVER. The poor "baby" acting sales guy, sat there and pouted once they knew I was serious about not purchasing and told me "I lied to him and was I just playing a game with them." I told him several times that I could not afford that high interest rate after it was revealed that it would be 17.99%. This is why I love my HILTON HOTELS and will never go against them again...

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

I have read through many of the reviews for Wyndham and have had the same experience as everyone else. High pressured sales is only the beginning, when you can stay at a nice resort, we have stayed at one that was nice, they basically make you go to another sales presentation. I literally had to get in the guy's face and curse him like a sailor to get him to back off. My husband was totally freaked out, saying we aren't buying anything else and the sales manager was telling us how stupid we were not to downgrade our timeshare which meant we had to spend thousands more dollars and buy more points so we could lower our maintenance fee. We were totally baffled, WHAT, WHY WOULD WE BUY MORE POINTS TO LOWER THE MAINTENANCE FEE!!!

Now, a year later I have become disabled and I can't get rid of my timeshare, I was told to use SMTN to sell my timeshare so they did the ad and said if you pay $1,498 for closing costs and title transfers, etc up front and we can take care of it for you. Ok, so I did that. 6 months later I have reduced the price by $10,000 so it is listed for what I owe, instead of what I paid, and still not selling. I have now called finance at Wyndham trying to have them take back the timeshare and they were kind enough to give me a hardship of 6 months, so I don't have to make the payments for 6 months but I do have to pay the maintenance fee of $105 a month.

But guess what, I can use my points, I have transferred over 500,000 points to RCI for every year that we didn't get to vacation and I still have the points for this year which I was saving for the "new owner." If anyone has figured out a way to get rid of their timeshare besides nonpayment (closing my bank account) or stop payment $25 every 6 months, please share it with everyone. Otherwise we can just have a collection on our credit report for the next 7 years and be done with the scam.

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

Prepaid reward card doesn't work. I went to a 5 hour timeshare presentation for a $100 prepaid rewards card. I tried to use it, but it didn't work because I was at a gas station. Apparently that isn't allowed and will automatically put a hold on the card. I was told to wait for the hold to clear over and over again. Today when I called, I was told that my card expired and that they can't do for anything for me. Horrible customer service!

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Reviewed July 11, 2017

My experience with the timeshare units has been positive. Most facilities are very nice and well located. Yes, the selling pressure can be annoying but we just stop it. A few locations needed upgrade but were fine. The exchange with RCI works very well.

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Reviewed June 28, 2017

I have been reading other reviews. All of them are the same experience I have had. They are dishonest, liars and scam artist who have no conscience about taking money from people who thought they were buying a good vacation package. Read all the reviews. Every one of them sum up this horrible business. I am so sad. I spent money I was saving to try and have a nice vacation with my children and grandchildren. Now I have neither.

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Reviewed June 25, 2017

Went to Myrtle Beach and set in on a Wyndham timeshare. Pressured into buying points. Told it would be only 1 hour and literally sat in for 8 hours. I was suckered in and my fault. I was never given a time frame to cancel and now that I have read all my papers and realized that the interest is 110% of the cost I am paying over double for these points. That is a rip off at it finest. They never went over that with me and never said I have 5 days to rescind. I have read all the reviews and now I feel that I'm stuck for the next 10 years paying for something that I will probably never utilize with the way they have it set up. I am one week lake to rescind. This company really needs to be shut down. I need a way OUT!!! If anyone have any insight on getting out of this deal please share. Any class actions suits out please reference me the info!!!

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Reviewed June 21, 2017

The floor hallway & kitchen floors were dirty & sticky. The carpet in the living room area had food crumbs on it. I went to use the mini vacuum & mop provided, both were caked with dust and dirt. The first night we pulled out the sofa sleeper and found a layer of food, dust & dirt behind it. The sofa sleeper had to be 20 years old with broken springs and a mattress thin as a piece of paper. The third day we noticed water dripping from the ceiling area and on the wall with the circuit breaker box. We contacted maintenance and a plumber (??) responded. He said the air-conditioning unit needed to be serviced. The next day someone came in & removed the dirt/dust coated filter from the ceiling vent and left clumps of dust/dirt hanging from the vent cover. The air-conditioning Unit continued to drip in the same place. No one bothered to check in or behind the circuit breaker box or contacted us.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 19, 2017

WORST experience I ever had with any sales teams. This is regarding timeshare presentation. My wife submitted a form in Chicago Fashion outlet malls for a winning car. There is some agency called JCS getaway called saying we won a prize which will cost around $4,600. My wife told that she is not interested and the gentleman from JCS told that we are not obliged to pay anything and we can just take the gift and obliged to listen to their presentation. This is all between Wyndham marketing and agency JCS responsibilities. They did as per their duties. My wife took me and my kids to Riverfront as per schedule.

Now comes the criminal and wicked sales team. We reached Riverfront and asked to wait in some waiting area. One old wicked lady came and started giving dramatic laughs and telling you are my family etc. Things went fine for one hour and she is sweet but even my kids asked why is she is acting so much and I said that it her job. By the way this old lady is around age of 50. When the time came to break ice, I told that I want to know the price, she never disclosed but started saying that she need to figure it out. She tried to get some feasible number from me and tried trapping me to give number and I commit to it. I told that I have different commitments and didn't commit anything. She tried to force me a lot and tried to be rude to make me tell yes. I didn't agree to it and then she got her boss or supervisor or someone but for me he seems like a jerk.

Who in Wyndham selected him as a sales person I don't know He never has smile on his face and asked me why are you here? I told the fact and also told him that I am here for gift as your company representative forced me to come here for presentation. So he started having heated argument with me and my wife. This jerk asks us so with the gift you don't want to pay penny which is immaterial to him. He went to so much low standards for his company or the old wicked sales woman in his team or an emotional trap he was trying. I was left along with disrespect and no hospitality shown which is expected from hotels especially. I felt even my enemy wouldn't behave like the way Wyndham sales team behaved. Giving rating 1 is way higher and don't find anything to give negative rating on the experience we had.

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Reviewed June 15, 2017

Booked a Wyndham hotel (Howard Johnson Kelowna BC) in early March for 5 days which would have earned me enough points for a free night's stay. Upon my arrival in June to my shock I found out that this hotel had been sold and the new owners were no longer affiliated with Wyndham. Unfortunately there were no vacancies at any other Wyndham hotels in Kelowna at the date of my check-in. I opened a case with Wyndham asking them to honor the points that I would have accumulated. After a lot of back and forth with the customer service rep I received a very disappointing email quoting my case # and telling me that unfortunately I would not be receiving any points for my stay and to sort it out with the new hotel owners. This in my view amounts to fraud!

I booked thru Wyndham in good faith and have been a loyal customer for 2 years booking multiple stays in the past. This would have been an easy problem for them to remediate but they chose to do nothing. Never did they notify me of a change of ownership which they had plenty of time to do. They sold the business with goodwill. I don't see the new owners being in any way responsible. The Howard Johnson or Wyndham are totally culpable here. They obviously do not value their customers. I refuse to do any future business with them. It's their loss! Horrible customer service! Next I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and possibly letting CTV's W5 know as well... These criminals need to be called out!!!

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Reviewed June 13, 2017

I am a young adult who went on a trip with my husband to Hawaii. We wanted some extra cash so we went to the Wyndham meeting. We purchased one of their trial packages. They say you get 2 years to use it. This is not the case. You only get a year and half. Next issue: We have been trying to book something for 2 months. I have called numerous times to be told the system is down. They then had to put an extension on my account because their systems were not working, but they told me I would be required to call back again in 24hrs to ensure it occurs. After which I will have to wait another 48hrs to book. And I must book something within the next 3 months. However there are no places with rooms left.

Then they heard we interested in purchasing more points, and we were hounded by a man for weeks. He would leave two messages a day telling me "YOU NEED TO CALL ME NOW." This went on for 3 months. Overall this may be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with in my life. STEER CLEAR!! I promise you there is nothing good that can come from this.

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Reviewed June 13, 2017

We signed up in Mar 2017 and this has been a horror show. Cannot reach anyone on phone (average wait time is 64 minutes). They promised availability year round for top resorts. We cannot book a single place we want. We have tried since April to cancel and due to lack of response they now say we are outside the window. This is the reply we received from their "customer-owner care" rep:

I cannot apologize enough for the delay in response. I have been working to see if there was absolutely any way that we could get your requests fulfilled. Since the contract is outside of the rescission window, we are beyond the point we can just cancel the contract as if it had not happened. I was also looking to see if we could address the concerns that you brought up in your written statement. While we always work hard to get calls and e-mails answered in a timely manner we have been experiencing issues that have made hold times abnormally high for our owners."

"As for the availability it is always easier to find units in the 10-13 month windows due to that inventory being newest in the system. The two year span is a RCI time frame and I can understand how surprising that would sound to have an agent provide that kind of timeline. As for the Christmas bookings, holidays are always popular travel times. I am happy to check dates and locations for you to see if there is anywhere you would like to travel with Wyndham."

"At this time I do not have an option for canceling your contract. I have looked into all of the different options for getting your request fulfilled. After exhaustive research there is no option open for cancellation. I am sorry that this is not the answer that you or I had been hoping for on this issue." This has been a nightmare. We stopped payment with credit card and Wyndham charged it again. How a company. This is sad and we can not believe we were duped like this as we think of ourselves as smart people. Shame on Wyndham but we will not stop until they get exposed and we get our money back!

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Reviewed June 11, 2017

My wife and I purchased a discovery package the end of April 2017. What a disaster. First they told us we book travel immediately but have to have $1400 in equity by the time travel starts. Total lie. Money has to be paid before you book. One month ago I tried to pay equity but they said computer system was changed. Give them a few days. Kept calling for a month, long wait and still told computer system is not fixed. Last time I called week ago and they gave me a case number and said they would have it fixed and notify me. So far nothing. They have offered no compensation or solution. Could notify Better Business Bureau but doing that before with another company they do nothing. Wyndham are basically worthless people that don't do what they say. I have learned a lesson for sure. Requested my money back and they said problem would be fixed soon. Yeah sure!

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Reviewed June 9, 2017

We have been a Wyndham timeshare owners many years. Suddenly, Wyndham has changed programs in a way that limits flexibility. We used to be able to bank points for use in the next three years, now owners must choose a year to which those points will apply. Worse, Wyndham launched a new website that does not work well. Owners can no longer see if a resort has multiple units available. They must book a resort and take the chance that another unit is available. If it is not, the points are labeled "return reservation points" and must be used the current year and cannot be applied to maintenance fees, used as hotel points, or banked as they would be if they were used to make a reservation.

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Reviewed June 8, 2017

Wyndham resort is kind of a scam. The resorts are average but not the standard as highlighted. The worst part is every time you check in, their team is chasing after you for recruiting as a owner. They offer small thing gift if only you admit as a member. If you don't agree, they withdraw the gift. Yesterday, I stayed at Wyndham hotel room in Sydney. They deducted my points worth of $250 for this room, one night. They charged extra from me in the name of cleaning $95. Their check in time is 4.00 PM in the evening but need to check out by 12.00 noon on the following day. This cost me $450 in total. The same kind of room could have been booked elsewhere for $125 in the same areas.

Then they offered in the name of complimentary breakfast. Later as I did not consent to attend their silly and ridiculous presentation, they demanded me to pay back for the complimentary breakfast $19.50 each. Every time you check in they are chasing after you until you get caught. My advice is not to become their member. Calculate your own arithmetic without taking their foolish calculation. They are working for commission. So they don't mind either you die tomorrow, they want you to become a member. You can have much better options if you book at your own hotel room elsewhere. It is cheaper, better quality, plenty of options if you have your own booking rather than booking at Wyndham resort. This is not worth for your money at all. This is a scam. Don't get caught.

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Reviewed June 7, 2017

Poor service - sitting on the phone for over an hour to get assistance? Travel anywhere in the world? Not unless you transfer your points to RCI. If I had to do this over, I absolutely wouldn't invest. What the sales folks tell you and reality are very far apart. Invest your money in a different vacation plan.

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Reviewed June 5, 2017

I have owned a Wyndham timeshare since 2013. Although I do not get much value from the ownership, I see it as an option for less than 10% of my vacation needs and thought I'd keep it until I had a very unfortunate encounter with two sales reps today in NYC. I decided to use my Wyndham points to get a room for 2 nights at the new NYC location.

At check-in I was asked to meet with a welcome representative who I must admit was quite nice. She told me a bit about NYC which I didn't need to hear because I grew up in NYC but I was patient and respectful. She then proceeded to invite me to a breakfast event where I would "learn more about the Wyndham Midtown 45 property and receive from $50 to $1000 in an Amex gift card just for attending." She gave me a card with a secret amount to be opened during the event. She then told me that I would have to make a $20 deposit for the breakfast at which point I let her know that I wasn't interested, thanked her and walked away.

Later in the day she ran into my daughter and tried to convince her to attend the breakfast event. She gave my daughter a message, asking my daughter to let me know that she would waive the $20 breakfast charge. I ignored the message. She ran into me the following morning and told me that she would waive the $20 breakfast deposit. I thought about it and decided that I would attend because a free breakfast and the chance to get $50-$1000 in exchange for more info about my Wyndham ownership and perhaps a small sales pitch would be okay. Although as usual she did not mention that a sales pitch would be involved but I know this from past experiences. She confirmed that the session would begin at 10:30 am on Sunday only last one hour.

I had a fabulous time at the wedding and I spent the night at the Hilton while some family members stayed in the Wyndham room. I walked over to the Wyndham in the morning for the 10:30 am breakfast event as I promised. I was escorted around the corner to another location for the event. When I arrived I was greeted by two of the rudest sales people I have ever met. I explained that I was not interested in purchasing more Wyndham points because it made no sense. I am already paying over $900 per month for maintenance and I can only get a tiny hotel room for 2 nights in NYC using ALL OF MY POINTS in addition to the maintenance fee. I could have stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for two nights with the money I pay for the Wyndham.

Additionally, most of my vacation needs are not met by my Wyndham ownership because there are limited properties and most of my vacations are outside of the US. More importantly, even if Wyndham has hotels all over the world, which in my experience, they don't, I want the flexibility to stay wherever I want to and I don't want to be limited to staying at the Wyndham. Quite frankly, on this particular trip I was staying both at the Wyndham Midtown 45 and the Hilton Midtown and having a far better experience at the Hilton so what sense does it make to buy more Wyndham points. I said this all respectfully but I wanted to be honest with the two sales women because it would give them the opportunity to explain the value of Wyndham. They could not explain the value except encouraging me to buy more points and invest $100,000 in Wyndham points in order to get value for my money.

I explained that if my current investment wasn't offering value, why would I invest more money? One of the women proceeded to tell me that the fact that I have owned for 5 years and haven't bought more points means that money is tight with me and that I couldn't afford it. They began to ask me why I even came to the event if I wasn't planning to buy points. Let's recall that I was never informed that a sales pitch was involved in the breakfast event in the first place. Not to mention that I was both lied to and bribed to come to the event. I came for the free breakfast and the money like you promised!!!

Now what really annoyed me is not just the fact that the two women became really low and rude as time progressed, but the fact that they totally ignored the time factor and the fact that I told them that my underage son was alone at the Hilton where I had to reserve another room due to the poor value on my Wyndham ownership that did not allow enough space for my family of 4 to stay. I told the sales women from the start that I needed to leave at 11:40 to check on my 16 year old son and check out of the Hilton. They said it was fine then totally showed no regard for time and refused to give me my gift card in time for me to leave as agreed. They brought out their male boss at 11:52 who told me that my underage son was old enough to stay at the Hilton Midtown by himself and that there was no issue.

At that point I was completely out of patience and lost my cool. I informed him that the sales women knew of my need to leave from the start and that I was disappointed that they did not seem to "give a **" about my son's well-being. He then turned it back around on me and said, "there is no need to curse." When is there a need to curse Wyndham? This experience ruined the high I was feeling from the wedding. I walked from the Hilton to the Wyndham that morning singing beautiful hymns in my mind and recalling the wonderful experience at the wedding only to be robbed of my joy by your classless sales reps. I already own a Wyndham timeshare so it is unfortunately that you treat customers so poorly.

Tomorrow I will call to find out how I can end this relationship. I was willing to overlook the fact that ownership is just a waste of money but I am not willing to overlook the rude and tasteless interaction with your sales team today. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I will be looking into ending my contract tomorrow. With all of my timeshare points, I was only able to get 2 nights in a small hotel room in NYC Wyndham Midtown 45, no kitchen, not even a refrigerator. I had to get an additional room at the Hilton because 4 people could not fit comfortably in the Wyndham room.

I was still quite happy and on cloud 9 because we were going to the wedding of a fabulous young woman whom I knew and loved since she was a child. Nothing could spoil my mood or at least that is what I thought until I had this extremely unpleasant encounter. I am going to complain to every executive in Wyndham until I get an apology and instructions on how to end my relationship with Wyndham.

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Reviewed May 28, 2017

Let me tell you about my experience with WYNDHAM RESORT. The salesperson will promise you the world to make a sale. The wife and I with our grandkids had a place booked in Panama City, Florida, then WYNDHAM, calls and tells us he can give us a room on the beach in Destin, Florida. We prefer Destin so this was great news, well it turns out that the salesperson must be a (**). We found out that we're not in Destin but in Miramar, FL down the road and the room not on the ocean. But we were told that if we are lucky enough, you may get a room where you can see the ocean. We called and of course no one that works at WYNDHAM can do anything? Except make sure you don't get your money back. ALL I CAN SAY IS IF THEY CALL HANG UP!! IT'S A SCAM!!!

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Reviewed May 18, 2017

We are WorldMark timeshare club owners and back in early February 2017 we accessed our ownership online and received this message even though we are in good standing with our monthly mf payments and WM staff had confirmed as such. "At this time, your WorldMark account is unable to process online reservations due to a past due owing or your account has some other account status issue. Please call the Vacation Planning Center at 1-800-457-0103 for assistance. Although you will be able to search availability online, you will be unable to book a reservation using the web site. We apologize for the inconvenience."

WorldMark staff confirmed it was an internal issue with their system and that hundreds of other WM owners had been affected and they were working on resolving the problem. It took WM eight days to fix the problem and in the mean time I had to wait until the call center opened up which was two hours later than the online system which was a disadvantage and not to mention the long waits times.

Now it happened again starting on April 29, 2017 and still yet today (May 18th) we are unable to access booking or canceling online. The several times that I have called in, the persons I have spoken with at WM have indicated that this issue is a priority to resolve - really. You would think they could/should have fixed by now. I feel and believe WM is targeting owners. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office of the State of Washington in which WM legal department did respond indicating they were no targeting owners and were working to resolve the problem.

I was provided a contact person with WM legal and shortly at the beginning of May I left a voicemail and yet to receive a response even though she had indicated to feel free with contacting her should I have any additional concerns - so much for that happening. Please respond if your WM ownership has been affected and what information or response you have received from WM. I believe WM should be held accountable for this problem and that WM should compensate us for having to spend so much time calling in and not to mention the frustration it has caused.

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Reviewed May 17, 2017

I came in contact with Wyndham by being given a "free" cruise that I had "won" after completing a survey about sustainable energy. I believe my first contact was possibly from a different company called Blue Star vacations/cruises. I was told all that was required of me was to tell everyone what a good time I had afterwards. When I arrived in Florida months later everything went downhill fast. I was given a rental car with no trunk for our luggage, then when I went to get my cruise vouchers I was then told I would not get them unless I first attended a 90 minute presentation by Wyndham the next morning. I called the Blue Star people to complain but was told that the Wyndham thing was always part of the deal despite my being told I just had to "tell everyone I had a good time." I asserted that was not what I agreed to and gave the name of the salesman that told me these lies. They did nothing.

So now I was stuck in Florida with no choice but to go to this Wyndham thing. My wife and I told ourselves we would not buy anything, but we found the salesman at Wyndham to be extremely unrelenting. Every reason one can think of not to buy a "vacation ownership" was countered by some other offer. I stood up several times trying to leave but was offered drinks or given other promotions including an offer to reimburse me all of my vacation expenses and plane tickets while I stayed in Florida and the cruise, etc. Anything they could do basically to get me to sit back down. To make a long story short, I consented to purchase a contract after I was told many things that turned out to be only half true if you can call them true at all. A decision I now deeply regret.

Among the half truths were that Wyndham Ownerships are like Real Estate, so their value increases with time and therefore buying sooner than later equals more value. We could always sell it in the future. I was given the caveat that it is not an investment though and that I would not necessarily make money from it as in capital gains or something. I was also told in more of a low-key tone that I could even rent out my share on Airbnb and make money that way, essentially making the ownership pay for itself. As much as $2000 each time.

My feelings at the time were that this Wyndham thing would maybe be the means for me and my wife to travel like we have dreamed of doing someday, and did not expect that opportunity to come so soon. We felt sort of drugged by the environment and felt like everything was going to work out. We were there for over 4 hours and obviously worn out mentally. Things were starting to blur together. The signing process seemed to raise some red flags to me, such as a part where I was acknowledging that my intentions in using Wyndham were purely recreational, but I felt so numbed that I did not ask further questions. I knew it was recorded and kinda wish I had the video.

After it was all over and I was back home, I spent the next week trying to figure out all the different things that Wyndham offered me. It was disappointment after disappointment. Everything I was told had some asterisk that was never divulged to me. Even the Airbnb thing turned out to be a sort of gamble because you must first purchase a time slot using your points and hope you can sell it lest you lose it. My tiny 64k point ownership also turned out to be really inadequate to purchase stays at any of the resorts I wanted to go to. I was extremely unhappy with the purchase and began looking into cancellation. When I found it I discovered I only had 10 days from signing to provide a written notice of cancellation. It had been 11 by the time I found it out. Something I wish I had been told sooner. It may be possible that I was told during signing, but like I mentioned that experience was sort of a blur.

I tried to work with Wyndham to get a late rescission, which was horrible because it took a month to hear anything after my first contact. I kept calling and emailing every endpoint I was given, but never got any responses. A couple times I got through to owner care only to be told it is being worked on and that I can email the rep over my case. Still no responses. It was a total nightmare which ultimately ended in being rejected. They said they will put my contract on some sort of listing to try and sell it. This is now the only hope I have in getting back any of the thousands of dollars I have lost on this. I want to get rid of it and mitigate as much as I can to protect my family now. I have the mindset now that I would almost rather never go on a vacation ever again than deal with Wyndham. I have found that rather than opening doors for me, it has ironically shut me out and restricted my travel options.

If I could describe my experience with Wyndham, I would put it in these terms. If you will forgive the sensitive nature of the topic, I would describe it as a sort of financial rape. I was brought into an unfamiliar and precarious situation, made comfortable, had my senses and better judgment numbed, then they had their way with me. It all seemed so perfectly choreographed when I think about it. I am certainly not their first offense. When I try to fight back, I find I have practically no power at all. Legally I am told I technically consented, and that I didn't say no or try very hard to stop it from happening. So it must just be my own fault. I am one small young person against a team of corporate lawyers with an ironclad contract. I feel sick and violated and have lost money and dignity I will never get back.

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Reviewed May 15, 2017

I have been to a Wyndham Resort (Las Vegas) purchased through EBAY. I was specific in my search. I had my daughter and my sister and we had the 2/2. My Ebay transaction went through flawlessly at $230 for 5 nights. A good deal? I thought so. We are not gamblers, and have been to Las Vegas with friends recently (Polo Towers) so I knew where in proximity we were. Walking distance to almost everything.

We checked in and they asked if we were owners and of course we were not. (The Ebay disclosure stated we were under NO obligation to attend a presentation) but they offered (FREE) tickets to a show of our choice (limited of course) for any night, so we decided what's 90 minutes? Bad move on our part (simply because I know there are kiosks on the strip that sell half price tickets that we had used last time, and they are a great deal). So we go for the breakfast (small table with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage and muffins) and "presentation" that lasted 2.5 hours before they even break you up into smaller groups (overall a 4.5 hour ordeal). First indication if you're going to lie about the time for the presentation you're going to lie about everything else.

Since I was the guest they focused on me and I flat out told them I was not interested. Yes they have a beautiful facility, but I purchased on eBay for less than their going rate per day. So how are you going to sell me something that I can go right back to eBay and purchase again. So then they thought they would focus on my sister. She currently has a Wyndham time share in Hawaii. She purchased through someone that wanted out of the time share. Fully paid off and she pays maintenance fees only. BUT she also has no POINTS. She inquires what are the points and they have these stories they tell you how you cannot live without points. Where had she been this whole time? Now she's starting to wonder, maybe we do need points, SO THEN THEY BRING IN THE CLOSER.

Now my sister and I are retired so we really have been to a couple rodeos. Cars, Houses you know. Well she called him that and he was sooo offended. Well after the closer couldn't close they sent us to Customer service. And he was just there to see how our transaction had been going. "BUT if you were to purchase points what package would you have chosen?" "What if I could get you those points at a reduced price?" "We have a lot of turn ins (TRANSLATION: FORECLOSURES) that we could get you into." WE are in to it for 4 plus hours by now. "No thanks. Show me the ticket office where I get my FREE tickets."

We get the three free tickets and go to the show (no mention of get your tickets before the show since this is just a voucher). So get out of line, go back to the box office and they proceed to tell me that the VOUCHERS from time shares get the very back of the room no matter what. Now I could pay extra to get a better seat. We did not, but we did get last row in the corner which turned out pretty good. It was Tenors of Rock and my 18 YO daughter really liked them. Moral of story DO NOT BUY TIME SHARES. IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT LIST THEM ON EBAY. AT LEAST YOU'LL RECOUP SOME OF YOUR LOSS. And some owners have side businesses on eBay listing their properties. Going to Ebay and Homeaway or VRBO and looking for Anaheim for the last week in OCT. 2017 Disneyland.

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Reviewed May 3, 2017

They hound you down. They do not know how to speak to people if say for instance you didn't go to their presentation, they call you and they're rude, talking to you as if they were doing you a favor. Just do yourself and favor and don't go.

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Reviewed April 19, 2017

Sales pitch for WorldMark -- HORRIBLE, ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! Entirely way too long, they do not take no for an answer, they are extremely pushy, the original salesperson completely lies to get you to sign up, that It will only be 2 hours. It was almost 4!!! Way off the strip in Las Vegas. DO NOT DO IT!!

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Reviewed April 16, 2017

We drove right by the hotel, it couldn't possibly be the same as the picture we were looking at online? After about 20 minutes of being 'lost', we faced the harsh reality, it was the same one. Lesson learned: don't judge the bargain by the cover. We decided to give it a shot. After all we were only visiting for one night. A quick turn and burn for business. All we needed was a comfortable bed... and blankets?

Turns out, blankets were too much to ask for. And towels. We asked for those. We really didn't need them. After spending 30 minutes trying to fix the plumbing, we gave up and went without a shower. We did eventually get the shower turned on. If only out of sheer stubbornness. It took some serious muscle. Only one electrical outlet, of many, worked. We used this to jerry-rig the central heating/air conditioner. Mostly for sound and to ensure my husband didn’t have to go ask for a blanket in the middle of the night. More on that next as to why that would have been endeavor. One of the lamps worked, for a minute. The overhead light did not.

While we laid in bed contemplating the necessity of a blanket, we researched how much this room might cost, in say July? 339 dollars. My husband is still having a fit over this, and we've told everyone we've talked to about how incredible it is that someone thinks they're getting a deal at 339 dollars. Of course, it says something that this hotel, the one unrecognizable from the internet, is the ONLY one still with vacancies for the Holiday.

Security. This was a big one for me. I'm in the military. I take classes yearly on how to protect yourself when traveling, and certain things you should pay attention to. Door locks, second story, windows. Turns out, all this doesn't really matter. If you needed to call 911, you aren't doing it from your hotel room. None of the phones worked. I mean, no rooms, in the hotel, the entire hotel, had a working phone. 2017. No phone. Of course, you could call to someone through the 3-inch gap in the bottom of the door. Our neighbor had a baby we'd surely wake up if we spoke louder than a whisper. It begs to question, if I can't use the hotel phone to call 911, does the fire safety system call the fire station?

All this aside, we understood that the hotel suffered some from Super Storm Sandy, it's apparent everywhere you go. And it’s not quite Jersey Shore season. And the hotel clerk gladly got us our towels. I'm sure she could've fixed the pipes, and maybe even given us a blanket, if we'd asked for it, as in walked outside, around the front of the building, and into the lobby to ask for one (remember the phone didn't work). And, we only paid 90 (something) dollars, with the pet fee. BUT, I warn you: do not pay 339 dollars for this room. We got what we paid for. But, you won’t even get a blanket for 339 dollars, let alone a memorable vacation experience.

Our King size mattress (our reservation was for a Queen, non-smoking, we got a King, smoking) was precariously perched on a metal Queen bed frame. Have you ever heard medal scrape on ceramic? My husband and I laughed well into the night at our luck. Not much else happened though, we were afraid to wake the neighbor's baby. We’ve both stayed in some pretty dangerous, dusty, dirty, places. Tents, Humvees, on the ground. They all seemed like enticing alternatives by morning. I am, however, giving the clerk 5 stars. Without her friendliness, we wouldn't have stayed the night and would have just eaten the 90 bucks.

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Reviewed April 12, 2017

I initially was pleased with my experience because I had taken a vacation to Panama City through Wyndham and had a good experience. I had another package deal but was unable to use it for 6 months out. When speaking to the customer service rep. she saw it expired on March 15th and there is no extension. I also never received free vouchers from Panama City trip that were advertised and promised for completing trip. I will not allow myself to get suckered into anything else from this company!!! So done with them!!!

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Reviewed April 6, 2017

I wrote to them in 2015 since then I still am not able to refinance this loan or keep up with the payments which now they are threatening to take me to court and the IRS will assess me 7500.00. As I've looked at my paperwork there is so many question to where or how my first property got assessed and what the value was when It was put on the loan.

I am writing in reference to our conversation on 01/05/2015 in which I relayed to you my disappointment with my visit to Wyndham National Harbor the weekend of July 23, 2015. This visit started as a birthday weekend but since we were down there we also went to listen to the updated products. We were there over 1 hour 1/2 in which I stated my concern about the payment and the percentage rate. The young lady was persistent about how it only made sense at which time she brought a 3rd party over to encourage us that this was the right decision. Next they stated they would leave us both alone and would be back in 15 minutes. When she returned I stated again I was uncomfortable with the payment and percentage rate and she stated "you can always take it to your credit union and refinance." I asked her several times about the refinancing and she reassured me that I could refinance at a local credit union.

Upon investigation of this matter I now understand that although it is a deeded property the only way to do this is to take a home equity line for the amount. I have researched this issue through State of Maryland (SECU), Applied Physics Lab (APLFCU) and Navy Federal all who states they do not refinance deeded properties of and timeshare or Wyndham properties. I have been with Wyndham since 2004 in which I bought property at Williamsburg and was paid in full. At no time did they say the property would be added to the sale as part of the added points. I feel I did not fully understand how adding additional points when already owning property would affect the new sale as I had just bought property in Las Vegas.

I am now finding the high payment along with the high percentage rate is really hurting me financially. I am disappointed that Wyndham has put me in this position as I have been a faithful owner since 2004 and now facing a difficult situation. I feel this was misrepresented and Wyndham should not pressure people or mislead people into thinking refinancing a deeded property is easy. In closing, I would like to continue my ownership but not at the percentage rate and payment I am now faced with. Also I understand Wyndham’s goal is give quality vacations and ownership but at what cost to the owner.

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Reviewed April 2, 2017

Poor customer service, salesperson rude: My husband and I attended a timeshare sales presentation in April 2017 at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida. Although we were greeted warmly, the customer service stopped there. The invitation to attend was addressed to me, however my husband's name somehow appeared on the salesperson's paperwork. The salesperson greeted my husband and ignored me, he offered his hand but did not make eye contact or shake my hand. He took us upstairs and stated, "I don't normally do this but I will meet with you." Still not sure what that meant. He bypassed the video presentation and took us outside to a hot patio, it was over 90 degrees the day we attended.

He attempted to explain the timeshare program but we could tell he was quite inexperienced. He could not answer our questions related to ownership, costs, or how the program worked. After spending about an hour with him, I stated it was very hot on the patio, his reply, "We could go inside in a minute." We asked a few more questions and he said, "Are you interested or not, I want to go on to my next client". At that point we left the resort. I wouldn't say high pressure sales but definitely rude and uninformed. A waste of 2 hours. Salesperson: Michael.

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Reviewed March 31, 2017

I can't stress how frustrating a simple title change from my husband (who is terminally ill) to his wife is. Started in August 2016, followed first set of requirements. Paid money. Think I am finished? Oh no...now you need to follow next set of instructions - pay money. Two months later...Oh no the name of the cheque which we gave was not correct and now another requirement taking me right back to step one. Eight months and I'm back at square one. Are you kidding me. Looks like Wyndham is just trying to steal timeshares from seniors. I have always been a huge advocate for timeshares. This experience has changed my mind!!

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Reviewed March 15, 2017

Got sucked into a presentation in Vegas in January, and ended up being sold the Discovery package for $1900... misled (intentionally) that it would be the same benefits presented for the timeshare package, but a 'one time' use of 200k points to use in a year. I was frustrated at this point because we were WAY over the "ONE HOUR ONLY" they told me upon signing me up for the presentation, and I'm certain that it is part of the ploy... keep people long, get them frustrated, and they'll sign without asking questions eventually. My fault, never again.

Upon reading the catalog a few days later, learned it was only for a select group of resorts, NONE of which I would ever vacation to, and that 200k points ("You can stay up to 20 nights!!") wouldn't even get me a WEEK at most of these (unless I went during hurricane season to some old resort somewhere). I read the fine print on the contract, I had 5 days to rescind. I immediately wrote a letter, included a copy of my contract, and sent it certified mail to the Vegas PO Box address for rescissions.

Now I've been calling weekly and told "this could take up to a month." Today I called and got a supervisor who says there is no record of receiving my letter (I have a receipt showing delivery on 2/10 to PO Box). She informed me she will 'open a case' and then let me know IF they can cancel my membership. IF??? Contract says you have 5 days after signing to rescind. That day was a Sunday. Impossible to postmark on a Sunday, so it is postmarked Monday. I will NEVER stay at a Wyndham hotel, timeshare, anything. These people are liars and crooks. I have emailed this supervisor a copy of everything I sent. I will continue fighting for my money back. What a scam.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

I have asked numerous times for them to take me off of their email list. I get one email a day, everyday without fail. I will never use them for booking a reservation because I would be afraid the numerous emails I would start getting again. I need help in getting them to take my email address off. Can you suggest something else I could do besides calling them and emailing them. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks, in advance.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

Club Wyndham, Orlando presentation was my worst nightmare. We were visiting Disney World at Orlando, FL this month (February 2017), me and my girl, when we were stopped by Wyndham executives saying they have some really nice offers for us. He said they are offering full Disney and Universal pass for half price but we need to attend a free presentation without compromise. They pick up us in the morning and then go for free breakfast and them they bring us to the park. We were really surprised at how can they offer it at such a low price at which we were told it's their anniversary offer. We did inquire multiple times about the terms and conditions but were given just some basic terms and made to sign on the same.

The next day we were invited for a tour and breakfast at the Orlando Wyndham property. We were made to wait for about 1 hour before an executive came and took us with him. There was some little, cheap muffins and coffee in the name of breakfast and we were really hungry. He started off and we realized they are just trying to rip us off and trying to sell their property for $45,000 or so for lifetime access and some points which made no sense at all. The salesperson was frustrated because I was not able to pay that price so he call another salesman "Carlos" and that guy insult my girl and insult me. He was very rude and call me stingy stupid, for not to do the investment and accept such an incredible offer.

We finally missed the full morning and were not picked up as promised, and we had to pay for a taxi to return to the hotel where we left the vehicle we rented. Be careful when they offer discounts for tickets to attractions in Orlando, breakfast is a lie and transportation another. I investigate about Wyndham life program and it is not good, the service is awful too.