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I just arrived home from a week long trip where I stayed at the Worldmark Indio in California. I had booked online what I thought was a hotel. When I arrived to check in I was asked to go to the concierge to obtain a parking permit. The woman there informed me that this was NOT a hotel but, a timeshare. She was very persistent in trying to get me to go to a two hour presentation. Being lured by a free breakfast and a prepaid gift card (not higher than $1,000 and not lower than $50) I decided to go the next day. I got to my one bedroom condo that evening and was impressed at how spacious, clean and modern it was.

The next day, I went to the presentation and was very impressed with how much money I was about to start saving on vacations by buying an ownership into Worldmark. It all sounded so good but, I wanted time to think about it. I'd heard countless horror stories from people who had been burned by buying into timeshares but, Worldmark seemed like one of the good guys. I told them I needed time to think about it. They said they were 'no pressure' but, that prices were going up soon and if I wanted to lock in to the price offered I'd need to sign up that day... THAT SOUNDS LIKE PRESSURE TO ME! But, I stood my ground by saying that I will not make a decision on that day.

That evening I got on my tablet and found this site. There are many people here who feel like they've been burned whether it be broken promises, late fees, outstanding balances going to collection without Worldmark letting anyone know that their accounts were being turned over to collection. Those just seem like the most common complaints. The list goes on and on. Something told me that Worldmarks' presentation and promises seemed too good to be true. And, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Thankfully, I read so many complaints here against Worldmark. I almost bought into this. Now I'm glad I didn't.

First, the 90 minute meeting went on for 3 hours. They said they would delay the credit card billing for 3 months. Lie, it took 1 day. Next, we have a 14 day window to cancel the agreement. We didn't get the paper work until 16 days. Then the places we were allowed into were decreased from hundreds to 20. They never let you have the dates that you reserve unless you buy a book that list them. They sent me one for the last year. And now I hear that they overbook most of the dates. They are very good at cheating the public and it will come back to bite them. I won't stay at any of their hotels.

I'm in my early 20s and love to travel. Got suckered into this thinking it was a wonderful opportunity. At the time, it was! But then my life took a turn and the 15% APR that they set me up under couldn't be adjusted since I purchased this only 4 months ago. I was informed that if I upgrade, they will lower my interest. I upgraded from 5,000 credits to 13,000. Nope... My debt went up, down payment went up, and interest stayed at 15% APR. Told them that my budget was $400/month and I couldn't exceed it. They pushed and overextended it by $40. I was ok with an extra $40. They failed to mention that my quarterly maintenance fees (1 payment of $110 every 3 months) would now be $100 every month. So surprise... surprise!

I look at my bank account and I'm missing $540 instead of $440. Call them and get a bunch of excuses. Second month rolls around, nothing is taken out of my account. I receive a call stating that my card was declined. False, my bank account has nearly $800 from the 1st of the month to the 10th. Check with the bank and they confirm that there were no attempts to withdraw the money. Update my card again with WorldMark (still the same card from last month). Third month rolls around, another call... "Card declined"... Go to the bank... Same story as the month before... No attempts to withdraw the money. Update my card yet again (still the same card that they charged the next day after calling me last month). Payment goes through. While on the phone, they suggest I add my ACH (account number and routing number for direct withdrawals). I give in and give them that. Smooth sailing for the next months.

Should also mention that they told me that if I open their WorldMark/Wyndham Barclay Card (credit card), I can use it to pay for my maintenance fees and lower my expenses... False. APR is high and they keep charging me so much that I'm over my budget by $200 every month. Also, they opened a PayPal account in my name to put the down payment on which is also at a ridiculous APR and I'm at an additional $100 over budget.

Last month I call them up (and inform one of their sales reps at the session that I drove up to) to let them know that an emergency came up and I need to use a portion of my payments to them to cover my emergency and ask them to hold off on taking the money out until the 9th of this month (my payday). They acknowledge it and overdraft my account by $700 yesterday. I'm a very positive person that rarely... and I mean RARELY gets negative emotions like anger or fury... I'm FURIOUS right now.

After extensive research, I found the following: Financing $26,000 for 10 years will come out to ~$57,000. Fine print states that maintenance fees are lifelong: ----> $100/month x 12 months=$1200/year on maintenance fees. I'm 24 and plan to keep this for at least another 40 years before leaving it to my future kids (If I ever get married and have any). This means that over the course of the next 10 years (since I purchased it and to the day that I pay off my ownership) + 40 years (after the $57,000 has been paid off) I will have spent $60,000 on maintenance fees ALONE. $57,000 (paid off amount (10 years)). +60,000 (maintenance fees for 50 years). $117,000 invested for only 13,000 credits/annual. They never mention any of this. If you miss a payment, I've found out after researching, they will send you to collections without any notice.

Filling for Bankruptcy will cost approx. $1500 in my state with attorney fees. Will stay on my record for 10 years but I will get out of paying $69,000 + WorldMark/Wyndham CC + PayPal (downpayment). Outcome of this nonsense: Do not even attend their presentations. THEY ARE VERY GOOD WITH TALKING BS AND KEEPING YOU THERE FOR 4 HOURS UNTIL YOU GIVE IN AND BUY/UPGRADE. You will have a noose around your neck for the rest of your life!

Like many of the complaints I have read, beginning 2000, my experience with WorldMark under the administration of Trendwest was positive and enjoyed. My experience doing business with WorldMark after the transition to Wyndham has been a nightmare. In 2009, I added additional credits to my membership with Wyndham, and was deceived into believing that the interest charged was only for the new credits added. However, after it was too late to cancel, discovered that the interest was being charged retroactively to the beginning of my original membership in the year 2000 for credits I had already paid off. Under Trendwest, I paid off membership credits twice before Wyndham took over the resort, and was never charged interest retroactively.

I paid off my contract early, and made all payments on time. Immediately (the following month), my maintenance dues account was sent to collections for a late payment. The payment was late, but I attempted to notify WorldMark via written correspondence of my financial hardship and my intent to bring my account current, but never received a response. My account was sent to collections without any written notification from WorldMark. I received a notice of collections from Pinnacle dated the 11th of July 2016. This was not the first time my dues had been late, and I was never sent to collections and always brought my account current. I paid the account in full including all late fees and collections fees on-line on the 19th of July.

On July 30, 2016 I checked the balance owed for my maintenance dues account via the automated telephone system for WorldMark and discovered that I still had a balance due. However, when I contacted WorldMark, the balance due was for August. The WorldMark representative informed me that all of the records for my maintenance dues had been transferred to Pinnacle when my account was sent to collections; and the rep could not view my account. Also informed me that I would not be able to make pay my maintenance dues directly to WorldMark, but had to make my payment to Pinnacle.

I asked, now that my account had been paid current, would my account be restored with WorldMark. The representative confirmed that it would be restored, and informed me that it normally takes two weeks after the payment has been processed and posted to my account at Pinnacle. I informed the rep that it had been two weeks since I made the payment in full. The rep could not provide any assistance to resolve the problem; and, when I informed her that I was unhappy with WorldMark by Wyndham’s business practices, asked me, “You don’t want to be an owner anymore?”

On August 1, 2016, I contacted Pinnacle via telephone to find out why my account had not been sent back to WorldMark. The representative/receptionist informed me that I still had an outstanding balance; and that WorldMark had sent the payment due August 1st to Pinnacle on July 7th. The account representative told me it was sent to collections on July 13th.

My concern is that although I make all the payments in full to bring my dues current, my account will remain in collections; because Pinnacle will hold the account for at least two weeks or longer after processing. Although I made the payment immediately, my account may not be restored in time to make September’s payment to WorldMark resulting in me having to make the payment to Pinnacle. Thus, more late and collection fees when in reality my payment is not late or yet due. (Dues are due the 1st of every month.) If payments are not made to Pinnacle prior to the 11th of the month, collection fees will be charged. Pinnacle generated its billing statement on July 11th which did not include the August payment. If I had not called, I would not have known about the August payment being in collections; and of course, I do not have access to my resort membership while in collections.

I have sought legal representation to resolve the matter. It was suggested that although I am resolving my dispute individually, that I contact other owners for the purpose of considering a class action lawsuit.

When WorldMark was Trendwest my husband and I never had issues. Since Wyndham took over there are too many to list. I am seriously appalled at how we were just treated regarding my auto-pay for loan and dues being declined in July. I was notified 8/4 that I now owed for 2 months. It took me a second to realize that meant I had a 30-day late on my credit report. We received no phone call from them once it was late in July after the auto-pay declined. They claim they sent a letter, which they may very well have but our son died at the beginning of July and we have been overwhelmed dealing with that. Even after explaining that and speaking to a "manager" they refused to reverse the 30-day late reporting.

We have been frustrated with all the same complaints I see here (only having a small amount of rooms set aside for WorldMark owners, no availability like there used to be with Trendwest) but we're working through that. I've even been working through getting a royal screw job at the San Francisco location, being tag-teamed on an up-sale which I couldn't get out of after the 7-day grace period because I was still on vacation and didn't realize what had actually taken place until it was too late.

This company calls me at least once a quarter to try to sell us more points and "reduce our interest rate", even after countless times of telling them after last July that we were completely dissatisfied with how we were treated/snowballed/tag teamed. They refuse to offer a reduced interest rate unless I buy more points. But they keep calling and can't give me a courtesy call when my auto-pay declines? Nice. We have been members in good standing for 12+ years. I see that others have recently had issues with auto-pay cards, credit agencies, etc. This latest action by the finance department has us rethinking our Diamond Elite status like, that there is nothing "elite" about any of it. Do not buy into this resort membership. Too expensive for this much hassle.

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WorldMark is a great money maker. Wonderful promises made of waitlisting for the Presidential Suite, great places to stay, go any time of year, personal concierge. Well, the only thing you can count on besides death and taxes is maintenance dues, fees to pool credits for RCI, local housing fees, motel tax and probably not likely to ever get a presidential suite. Keep your money. If you want to set aside money every month, as if you were paying maintenance dues, then you will be able to have a sweet vacation somewhere. Make it your own choice!!!

I have been an owner since 1992 and have never had a late fee associated with my quarterly dues until this past quarter. I find it reprehensible that as an owner of my stature, that I was not given a courtesy call regarding my late payment. Living in Alaska my statements always arrive either the day they are due or late. I've asked for my statements to arrive earlier and have been told that WorldMark isn't able to do so. Since 2001, I have paid the late fee to ensure that my billing was current and free of any default. This past quarter, due to job change, payment to WorldMark was late, and I paid late fees. However, I was not aware that my account had been referred to collections and was shocked to find that I had additional fees due.

I tried working with WorldMark and they flatly refused to help. I emailed the Board of Directors and to date have not heard a word back. As such, I am in the process of working their Ovation program to get rid of my ownership. I have no desire to be an owner in a company that places little priority on owners with integrity and in good standing.

My due payments were late. This is first time this has been mentioned to me and I found out by some collection agency. I am shocked that I had not received a courtesy call and Ive been an owner for at least 15 years and barely ever use the timeshare. Its such a waste of money. Im in Canada so my dollar is not going very far, especially when I get a trip out of it every 3 years.

I think I just want to try and get out now. The service is not exceptional and the dues are way more than what they should be for the accommodation they offer. There is nothing spectacular about the place, and I could get a much better place to stay for the amount of money paid over the years in dues and fees and whatever else they keep charging for. I guess young and stupid is my excuse. Now that I'm older I need to smarten up and figure out how to get rid of this money trap. I do not recommend anyone tying themselves into the payments of WorldMark. You can do much better than this renting directly.

I have been a member of WorldMark since 2005! I have been very diligent in paying off my loan and dues every month. My loan was paid off last year (2015) and now I only pay for the dues. Last September my card on file to pay my quarterly dues expired which I was not at all aware of. Not even a month after my card declined the automatic draft, WorldMark did not bother notifying me that my card did not accept the payment as they had done years prior. They did not call me, not email me or even snail mail me! Instead they sent my dues account over to Pinnacle collection agency which sent me a letter about a month later notifying me of my outstanding unpaid bill with WorldMark! I'm shocked that this is how I am learning about this!

Why didn't WorldMark who I was in business with and making diligently monthly to for the past 10 years notify me that my card on file had declined the payment. It would have been an easy phone call to fix. Yes, You would think they would call me out of decent courtesy at least since I have been a good customer for 10 years! Nope, not at all! They sent it and all my account details to an outside collection agency -- Pinnacle! WorldMark refused to even talk to me about the account until the bill was paid in full to Pinnacle because they had already transferred the account over to them! Well, I paid all the money required from Pinnacle including their interest and fees totalling $347.66 on 11/15/15. Well, I'm thinking my account is in good standing now. I entered in a new card for my auto draft set up and received my confirmation code for that.

Well, in February I noticed that my dues were not paid by the credit card that was on file and I was now getting a late fee tacked on to the bill. I call in and talk to the rep and he is unsure why their system is not taking the auto pay out of my card that is on file. He apologizes for the inconvenience and removes the late fee and takes my payment over the phone and sets up my credit card again on auto pay. Again, I am thinking this is all straightened out until I get a bill from Pinnacle on April 15 telling me I owe them $54.33 club dues, $11.94 collection fee, and my total payment due is $218.8!!! My next quarter is not even due until 5/1!

I call back WorldMark and they tell me that Pinnacle still has my account despite the fact that I paid them in full in November! Furthermore, they tell me the CC cards that I have left on file for auto pay have been deleted!! This is so crazy ridiculous that if this is not some sort of weird paperwork mixup then it is most certainly illegal! The rep told me the shareholders voted on this!!! They apparently voted to not give anyone any notices ever but first line is to send it over to a collection agency where they can gouge you for more money every month for the rest of your life (maintenance dues are for life) in extra fees and penalties. My account should be with WorldMark and payment should have already been drafted and I shouldn't have to worry any further and would not be spending my time writing this long review! However, this is not the case!

I spoke to one financial supervisor at WorldMark to help figure this whole thing out. This was on 4/21. She was supposed to send me an email with update. No word yet. No email yet. I call again and talk to another supervisor who is now trying to figure out what is going on with my account and also why the first supervisor dropped the ball. No word yet, still waiting! Meanwhile, Pinnacle (their new dirty evil sidekick) keeps a knockin!! We need a class action against WorldMark for their unethical ways and bullying sales tactics! They should not be allowed to get away with this for so long!!

We were Trendwest members for more than 10 years with no problems, before WorldMark took over. Been trying to resolve an issue for almost a year. WorldMark stop sending invoices and start adding fees with no explanations or statements. When we contacted WorldMark for answers their only response is that they are locked out of our account and we must deal with Pinnacle. How strange.

In writing to Pinnacle requesting information about fees, dates, and assorted details no response has been received. We send our payments to WorldMark only to find out a month later instead of crediting our account portions of the payment are being forwarded to Pinnacle thereby creating a outstanding balance. And still no statements from WorldMark. We wrote a letter to the board of directors and received a reply that we would be contacted within 2 days. Still no response. Not a good feeling here. We are paid in full members and can't get a simple answer or a response. Is there any type of class action going on here?

Buyer beware. WorldMark/Wyndham is in collusion with Pinnacle over dues, payments, fees. They bounced my account over to Pinnacle collection in February. I had my quarterly dues payments on auto bill pay and it happened to timeout in December and I didn't notice it. My investment is paid in full and I've owned these shares for 20 years.

The reason I think this is a scam is because all they had to do is send me a pre-or-post reminder that the quarterly payment is coming up. I've been trying all week to talk to someone at WorldMark who will tell me why the company chose to NOT use email reminders. I've also asked for WorldMark to get my account back from Pinnacle. I've also asked if WorldMark/Wyndham gets a cut of the fees from Pinnacle. All they say is call Pinnacle and won't answer any of my questions. The company is rotting from within and I think both parties are shaking-down their built-in, locked-in investor base.

I just read the ordeal of someone who bought 6000 points for a total of over $28000! plus maintenance fees of over $600 per year. A total rip-off. I bought 6000 points back in 2006 and at the time I bought it because, after a high pressure, don't-take-no-for-an-answer sales ordeal, the salesperson promised me that I could sell my vacation week for much more than the yearly maintenance fees, so it would be a great "investment". He even handed me a sheet with the names and point of contact information for several vendors who would help me with that. This pushed my wife and me over and we decided to go ahead with the purchase even though we knew that we would not be able to use it much ourselves due to our financial situation.

The next year, when our first week was available, I contacted one of these vendors that WorldMark told me would help me sell my week. They charged me $200 to advertise my week and nothing ever happened. My points rolled over to the next year. I tried to sell again, and again nothing happened. No one is buying these things because they can get as good a deal or better in the open market. The sales pitch was full of lies and WorldMark continues to lie to people and get them into these really bad deals.

I paid off my purchase by putting it some years ago but I have tried to let go of it because there is absolutely no value in the timeshare and it is actually a liability.

Each year I have paid the dues and I may have used the timeshare only a handful of times in the 10 years I have owned it. I hope people read this and don't get conned into WorldMark. If you own with WorldMark and are unhappy and feel that you were lied to during your presentation, please go to getworldmarkback dot com and join me in a class action to free ourselves of this burden.

Stayed at my in-laws' Resort (Wyndham Worldmark) March 2016. They said if we sat in on their presentation we would get a free show and 125.00 AE gift card. So we attended it. High Pressure sales, "won't take no for an answer" type. We ended up getting the lowest package - 6000 credits roll over each year. 235.00 a mo for 10 years plus 59.00 a month maintenance/hoa fees. We thought we could handle it at the time. Later that day we got talked into another place, and this place was more affordable, better service, no blackout dates, etc.

We decided to sign up with Sapphire instead. 79.00 a weekend in a 1-3 br condo, was much cheaper than the pitch Worldmark had and 125.00 mo. 214.00 a year for fees. This is good for 30 years not lifetime. Anyhow, we got home after our trip. Had 3 days left to cancel Worldmark - Thanks for Nevada law. Typed up a letter, my wife and I signed it, mailed overnight to their Rescission department. Cancelled - effective on the date signed. Thank goodness we came to our senses.

Owner for 20 years. All this company cares about is high pressure sales. They either try to force me into presentations while I am trying to enjoy one of the resorts. The only thing I am thankful for is that my credits are paid off. Now I just get to watch my dues, cleaning fees, and any other charges skyrocket at a rate much higher than standard inflation. Not happy either with the late billing and no notices given until after a late fee are generated. What happened to on time billings with due dates.

David, employee number ** of financial department - flat out lied on their accounting processing. Back in 2010 I was the victim of identity fraud, to which my credit card company had reset everything. One downside was on the auto-pay side for my WorldMark account which lapsed the following March. In May I called into WorldMark because I was leaving the US to work abroad, just to make sure everything had been current. I had been told that there were problems with the account. Therein I updated everything with WorldMark and cleared the account of any dues. I also asked if I could input my international telephone number and mailing address, to which the response was that all must be US or Canada based.

Now the bizarre thing happens, for one reason or another, the lady whom I spoke with assured me that I was up-to-date, but then within the system she inputs "will call back to make dues payment". From then until today, all the auto-payments had been successful, but she did not process the dues at that time. So from then until today, fees had rolled on and now the due were sent to Pinnacle - a debt collection agency. I called, international, to WorldMark and after Reservations (as their financial department is unlisted) transferred me to Financial department, the first representative whom I spoke with (Donna) had agreed that it was extremely bizarre and she sympathized with me on what had happened and admitted that it did indeed seem to be their fault but that anything was outside of their power.

She transferred me to her supervisor (David) who then began to take on the legal jargon and avoid any and all fault - and actually on the spot, claimed that WorldMark had made numerous attempts to contact me and sent the 2011 debt to Pinnacle that same year - and that for five years, Pinnacle had tried to collect from me even though for that entire time, Worldmark had been successfully collecting quarterly dues from me.

Now interesting thing when I spoke with Scott from Pinnacle just now. He said that WorldMark had not contracted with Pinnacle until this year and that they did not receive any notice to collect on a debt on behalf of WorldMark until Nov. 2015. So, David had been completely lying through his teeth on all account and simply answering to avoid admission of ANY fault on behalf of WorldMark. I have no issue with people trying to avoid fault, what I have a huge issue with is when they flat out lie to cover up over their own gross negligence.

I have been an owner since 1998. My maintenance dues are automatically taken out of my account. For 1st time ever, one quarter was late ($263), really. WorldMark sent me to Pinnacle collection. I paid them, their fees, late fees etc. Tried to book for a two day and was told, I still was in collection until I pay Pinnacle the next quarters due that are due in February. It's not even February yet. I use to love WorldMark. Even bought extra credits when I could but ever since Wyndham took over, the quality of services, family centered environment and general way they treat life time members is reprehensible. If I don't recommend this to anyone. BUYER BEWARE! THEY LIE. THEY TAKE Advantage and treat their regular long time members like crap. I only have to pay my quarterly net dues all under $265 and it is still NOT WORTH IT.

Problems w/ booking vacations due to availability. Sales stated it was because of the level in which we were members & higher levels would give more access. Contract cancellation 7 days but could not access the account for 14 days. Fraud?!

We signed up in January 2015, was promised a FREE trip to Hawaii, well that didn't happen (never had any trip) even though we had paid the taxes on it (yes it really wasn't free after all). During the presentation we were feeling maybe this would be good for us - force us to take vacations but after paying $6500 upfront via Paypal and signing by doc u sign, found out it really wasn't for us. They distracted us throughout our signing and we did not realize exactly how much it was going to be costing us.

We called to get help in placing the room for our vacation but after lots of double talk, never received. We tried to cancel the contract but we're told we had passed our cancellation date. Look through your booklet if you have signed the cancellation form is buried in there (wish we had seen it earlier). We were told we had a binding contract. So we pay every month two fees, one for the loan and one for maintenance fees. Maintenance fees for something we are not even using. We are into this for life with nowhere out. Tried to say keep our deposit and what we have paid out that we just want out. Called many times, emailed, spoke to several people in their company. Some promised if we went to their presentation they could help us get out, another lie, only want to sell you more points. We are just warning everyone to look at what you are signing. You can take lots of trips for the amount they get from you.

I am already a WorldMark member and have had a lot of difficulty make reservations due to the long waiting list. I was approach after getting only two out of four days. After telling the sales associate my problems with the company I was assured that by increasing membership I will have no wait time. Two months later I attempted to get a reservation and was told I was lied to. Increasing my membership status does not affect the processing. I called the company and was told to write a letter for review. After faxing several times and mailing a letter I was told I had 7 days to get out of the contract. I have over 13 thousand point that is not used and more in Eva.

We joined Trendwest which sold to WorldMark and have been unhappy ever since Worldmark by Wyndham has owned our vacation membership. Owner educations have become an opportunity for WM sales people to lock you in a room and harass you as much as possible to make you buy more credits. Phone calls are regular from WM sales people as a result of being a member, trying to coerce you into buying more credits. They are rude, bossy, arrogant and downright ridiculous! They offer no help, they just want more money.

I loved Trendwest and hate WorldMark by Wyndham. Harder to get in because they're selling all of our units to other organization leaving less available to us. There are resorts that allow dogs for other organizations which have been sold our units by WorldMark yet WM owners are not allowed to have pets in the same building. Overall getting to be a waste of energy and money! SAD and PATHETIC excuse for a "Vacation Club" - too much pressure and not enough customer care!

As with everything we stay at a WorldMark Resort during check in the sales people are there and they pressure to meet for breakfast. My husband and I decided to listen since it had been a year. After listening we politely told them no and tried to leave. Everyone who says no then gets the "used car salesman technique" and here comes a parade of fast talking people to charm you with their smiles and convincing arguments... Well they believe so. After 4 Hours of saying no, I finally told the man that I appreciated the used car salesman routine but I was done. I guess that made him mad. We were uttered to the exit!

Promises NOT delivered - My wife and I attended a presentation by WorldMark by Wyndham in San Diego on October 25th, 2013. The rep was very nice, as were the whole staff. But, for this reason, we both felt a little uneasy (....smiling faces), we reached an agreement after 4 hours of the "90 minute presentation". OOOOO-KAY.

On July 7, 2007, we attended a meeting in Idaho Falls, Idaho to join Trendwest (Worldmark) to purchase 5000 timeshare points annually to use for stays, airfares, cruises, and other kinds of vacations. Because of the incredible pressure to join, we turned them down but when we got up to leave, they seemed to be more friendly and casual. So we reconsidered and we sat back down and signed the contract. Later we received a phone call from Worldmark salesman ** in Salt Lake City to increase our points to 10,000 so we could do a lot more things. So on February 29, 2008, we signed the new mailed contract for 10,000 points. Since then we have stayed a few times at Worldmark resorts in Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Midway and Bear Lake, Utah.

We have been pleased with our stays and the rooms have been great. But every time we stayed in Las Vegas or Anaheim, we were asked to attend a free breakfast and then hustled to increase our points again, assuring us that these were really good deals and gave us greater opportunities to use our points. We increased again from time to time and finally on October 12, 2012, we finally increased to 35,000 points - all we would ever need. We have gone on 3 cruises with many of those points, but we never stopped to calculate what those cruises were actually worth. Then in early 2014, I compared the price in points we paid for our recent Hawaiian cruise against what my son and his wife paid who went with us. It turns out they paid around $2600, and we paid 63,000 points.

For those 63,000 of the 70,000 points we purchased over the two year period, we paid about $4400 just in maintenance fees, which calculates to $4000 for the cruise. And that wasn't even considering our mortgage payments of about $19000 we made over the 2 year period. So even if we had finished paying our mortgage, the maintenance fees would continue, and $4000 was a terrible price to pay for the cruise!! That is when I sobered up and realized how bad of a deal this 35,000 point contract was. Sometimes pride gets in your way, and you just have to admit that you were gullible to being hustled. That is exactly what happened to us. We just believed what they were saying in those sales presentations and didn't do our homework to see if the points were worth what we were paying.

I believe the points are fine for staying at a Worldmark resort, but never, never, never use points for anything else!! Worldmark accounting office tells us that since 2007 we have paid $20,400 toward our mortgage principle, and the 10,000 point contract in 2008 was around $17,000. So if we had stayed with the 10,000 point contract, our mortgage would be paid off today. And since all we really need for stays is 10,000 points, we would be doing fine today with maintenance fees of about $58 per month. We have asked Worldmark to dismiss the newer contracts returning us to 2008 contract, but they refuse. So we stopped paying them cold turkey in November 2014. They are threatening court action, etc, etc., but so far nothing has happened.

Worldmark clearly misrepresented their product by enticing us to buy more points for cruises, which were terribly overpriced. This is highway robbery! We have considered using one of those sharks who says they can get you out of your contract for $5000 or so, but I think they are as much scams as the Worldmark salespeople. I wonder if they collaborate, like a dentist with a candy-maker. So the saga continues. Our attorneys are on standby. We talked to Timeshare Guardians, and I think that at the end of the day Worldmark will come to our terms for $58 per month in maintenance fees for 10,000 points. Time will tell. Attorneys cost everyone money, and getting money out of us would be like getting blood out of a turnip. Stay away from these Worldmark salespeople, and remember they make huge commissions!!

Our February 2015 experience is exactly the same as what the person wrote about their August 2014 experienced (we wish we had access to a computer at the time to check out info about Worldmark and Wyndham). We attended a timeshare presentation in Palm Springs, California. We were told the presentation will be for 90 minutes. It lasted 5 hours (9:30 am - 2:30 pm). During the sales meeting, we repeatedly declined to purchase the timeshare. The sales person brought in another person (**) and she tried to persuade us. We were crazy for not stopping right there but the salesman, named "**" drove us to the presentation since we were on vacation from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and did not rent a car. They kept saying we'll get ** to drive you back as soon as we're done. We said we're done and they said they would get him but in the meantime let me get our Manager to explain more to you since your salesman here is new.

I told them I had an excruciating headache but they did not care. They brought in a Manager and we said no. Then the Manager said, you're Canadians, we can give you a discount and you can pay in Canadian. They brought in the guy they said was the expert in Canadian money. With him, the price went from $26,000 US to $13,000 U or $16,000 Canadian for $7000 points. Then they brought in the Finance guy "**". He pulled his computer and showed us the agreement online, and he said you can put in your signature via online. My headache kept getting worse. We said okay just to get out of there. They asked my husband for his VISA card and charged the $4,100 deposit and administrative charge.

Like the person who wrote about their August 2014 experience, we were not told about the cooling period. The contract was emailed to us. We were on vacation for almost 3 weeks in California - the only computer access we had was via my Blackberry. I could not read the contract via Blackberry. When we got home we read the contract and realized that the timeshare we bought was in Florida, not in Palm Springs, and that we were charged the maintenance fee in US dollars, not in Canadian as they said. We called to cancel the contract but could not reach anyone, so we mailed it to their main address in Las Vegas, Nevada, faxed it to the Palm Springs Office, and emailed it to ** (she emailed us back saying the corporate office, not her, handles cancellation of agreement.

After calling several phone numbers, we finally got a hold of someone who acknowledged receipt of our letters and said that we've passed the number of days we're allowed to cancel the agreement. I told her that we live in Ontario, Canada and we found an amendment that says Ontario residents have 10 days to cancel, and 30 days to cancel if performance promised is not met. She said there is nothing they can do since the 10 days is passed and as far as they are concerned they have met the required performance - what performance I said. She could not give me any answer other than the 10 days period is over. She said the response to our letter is in the mail. I asked her to fax or email to me, she said no, it's in the mail.

If we were given a hard copy of the contract, we would have read it even during our vacation and once we found out the details, we would have cancelled right away. We will try to get help from our Ministry of Consumer Affairs and/or the California Attorney General. We will do what the person who had the same experience in Aug 2014: report the deceptive sales practice, file complaints with FTC, BBB (central Florida), and CA state attorney general, FL state attorney general. Something needs to be done to stop this racket and individuals who take advantage of people.

Some background to what had happened starts with my wife winning round-trip airfare for two. We decided to book the resort in Worldmark by Wyndham resort in Worldmark Coral Baja, Mexico for a romantic stay from October 11-18, 2014. Due to the hurricane our plans needed to be changed so we wouldn't lose out on the airfare she won.

I searched online with no luck and decide to call in to the Elite hotline where I spoke with a representative for an hour or so trying to find something out of the state which I live in. With no results materializing the representative transferred my call to Wyndham Club Pass. I had used Travelshare a few years ago in booking Virginia, which was great, so I thought this might be good as well in trying to find somewhere to stay. After about two hours on the phone with the male representative, I cannot remember his name, he suggested Star Island. He instructed me to a website where we verified what room would be booked. It looked just like what I wanted and was used to having when booking rooms through Worldmark the Club. I paid the $99 fee, not sure what it was for, and NOTHING was mentioned of any additional fees/holds to incur.

When making final preparations and figuring out what luggage to take without paying for checking in bags, I called on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 to the Star Island resort to verify that there would be a washer/dryer in the room. The woman representative asked what the last name on the reservation was, I told her, and the woman then informed me that she could not find our reservation. This was worrisome since we were supposed to fly out Saturday, October 11, and departing October 18, 2014. She asked if I had the confirmation letter, I said yes. She then instructed me to send it to her via email while still on the phone. She received it and verified the room type and confirmed that there was indeed a washer /dryer. Relieved that everything was in place she transferred me to the concierge desk to check out some attractions during our stay. Again, at that time NOTHING was mentioned about a $200 hold being placed on a card upon the time of arrival.

My wife and I arrived at the check-in desk about 5-6 pm to be greeted and asked for a credit card for the hold of $200. I do not own a credit card and planning had never taken place for the extra funds to be withheld, this hold would make funds for our trip very limited. The (female) manager of the day said they would knock it down to only holding $100 instead of $200 which would allow us to eat for a few days out of the seven we were going to be there. We were given our room keys (2821A) and sent on our way with directions to the room not being very clear. The room was in the back with signs not being very understandable.

Once we found the room assigned to us and entered. I immediately knew something was not right since it looked like a hotel room with 2 double beds, what I later learned the resort called a mini suite (2821A). I immediately called the front desk, from the room phone, to ask why the room was different than the one booked and was verbally verified on the phone 4 days prior to our arrival. The manager at the time of check-in, Keshia, said that was our room and that the only way to change it would be if Wyndham Club Pass were to call in and assign another confirmation number.

My wife then called the Elite line for Worldmark by Wyndham, verified our type of room booked and the female representative then transferred her to Wyndham Club Pass. The situation was relayed to the male representative received and he basically said there was no availability and we were going to have to stay in the room we had and file a complaint when we get home. While this was taking place I was still on the room phone with Keshia where she reviewed the confirmation letter and said she would see what she could do. Discouraged and frustrated from getting off the phone with Wyndham Club Pass, from my wife's cell phone, we received a call on the room phone from Keshia saying they had another room for us (1832B), which turned out to be what we were told we would have.

I feel that there was misleading information given by Wyndham Club Pass and that further training and information should be available if this is the direction that Wyndham is taking. We have been owners with Worldmark since about 1998 without any complaints. This year we used Dolphins cove for our daughter's honeymoon to have her calling us in tears and then to have this happen to my wife and I for our anniversary is not appealing. Wyndham Resorts wants Worldmark owners to buy into their side then things really need to start changing to the higher standards of Worldmark.

In August 2014, I attended a timeshare presentation at Las Vegas Nevada. I was told that the presentation will last only 90 minutes to two hours. It lasted more than 6 hours with a sales person named Martin **. During the sales meeting, we repeatedly declined to purchase the timeshare. The sales person would not take No for an answer and brought another sales person (possibly a sales manager). The discussion lasted well past lunch and became hostile, especially between my wife and the sales person when my wife showed no interest. At one point, the sales person presented hostile attitude towards my wife and my wife responded by yelling at the sales person.

Eventually, the situation cooled down. It became apparent that the sale person will not let me leave unless I review and/or some kind of contract. I reviewed and asked the sales person if I had a few days to think about it. The sales person replied no. There was no mention of the increase of the fee in the future. The sales person stated that this is a good value.

Unable to think clearly due to fatigue from such a long meeting and under the assumption that it is a good value, I paid over $14,000 for 7000 annual points using my credit card. Thinking there is no cool-off period, I reviewed the contract in a few days later. It turned out that the value of points that I purchased was about 10 times higher than the fair market value. I also found out there was a cooling-off period. (If I were given correct information regarding the cooling-off period, I would have reviewed right away and cancelled it).

About 3 weeks after the signing the contract, I called the customer service to see if they can cancel the contract stating what I was told was not the same as what was written on the contract. I was told that they cannot cancel the contract. Then, I wrote a letter to have the contract cancelled. Again, the request to cancel the contract was denied.

To summarize, the sales person misrepresented the monetary value of the timeshare. The true market value was much lower. He also misrepresented the cooling-off term of the contract. The presentation and sales meeting lasted more than 6 hours straight, which they initially told me that it will be approximately 2 hours. I signed the contract when I was not able to think clearly due to such a long meeting.

To report the deceptive sales practice, I have filed complaints with FTC, BBB (central Florida), and CA state attorney general, where I reside. Also, I have filed complaints with FL state attorney general, where Wyndham headquarter is located. I am in the processing of filing complaints with NV state attorney general where the transaction took place.

My wife and I attended a 2 hour WorldMark TravelShare event in Seaside OR last weekend. It all sounded good, except for:

1) Why do you have to make a decision to sign up during the event? (If they would give you time to think about the deal, you would NEVER sign up for such a contract).

2) Why do apparently "only" 25% of the prospects sign up during the sales presentation? (Because the remaining 75% see the real, bad deal).

3) If all is true what they are telling you, why do they not have more customers? (If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not is that simple).

The manager told us, "it is our business model NOT to provide our prospects with time to think," about the upfront $63,400 expense for the coming 40 years to come!!! "This is how we do business and we are successful."

WorldMark told us that we would "own"...what???...We would have paid a lot of money for nothing. Try to go to your bank and tell them that you own a part of WorldMark, an apartment or some prepaid vacation...forget it... In my opinion, do not sign up. I do not support companies doing business and making large profits based on my loss and regrets. It is not a scam, but it does not work for a large amount of WorldMark's customers, and that is why they are successful (you prepay, you do not go on vacation...they keep the money).

I fell for being in a contract with Wyndham Resort Development Corporation. On my wedding Anniversary 05/25/2014, my wife and I attended one of these weasel meet and greets. We attended these meetings. I was skeptical, but I was told on the premise this is not a timeshare and annual travel points carry over every year that you do not use. We were told once we got back home from vacation, to look the contract over to make sure everything was correct. I did look at the contract when I got home on the 05/30/2014. I found that within the contract it states the annual points do carry over, but they have to be used within the year or they expire. There is a 5-day rescind period, then it is a timeshare contract.

On 06/30/2014, I am going forward with sending a CMRR letter of Right to Cancel and I am turning in the Wyndham Tote bag back to the Las Vegas office. I never used any points from Wyndham Resorts - TravelShare program. My wife will cancel her credit cards and I will do the same. I will notify the 3 Bureaus to dispute the inquiry based on the deceptive business practices. Basically, if I had to keep this, I would just be giving money away for a service that I am never ever going to be using at all. We will see what happens from this point on.

To date we have had no success with any kind of information. Everything they tell my parents is different in the next conversation. Conversations have extra irrelevant information seemingly to confuse my elderly (Late 70s) parents. So far they have been conned out of $40,000 and a continuing con of $1500 per annum, and from what we can work out, they receive $900 per annum (if they can actually book somewhere) for their so called investment. I believe the problem is that Worldmark lied to my parents to sell them a product that is totally different to what they thought they were purchasing. TOTAL LIES.

We were told by their Worldmark salesperson that we can use out TravelShare points to purchase airline tickets and Cruises. I found out today that is a lie. They have quarterly specials that can use for package deals. I now have a TravelShare membership that does not do what I purchased it for. My monthly between my loan for the upgrade and My increased dues I am now paying over $300 a month. I could have a very nice vacation every year for the $3,600 I am paying now including airfare and rental car. They are crooks.

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