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    Last updated: Jan. 3, 2018

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

    We’ve been owners since the early years of Trendwest. Luckily, we haven’t had the terrifying problems that others have mentioned here. My wife is awesome at planning trips in advance, so if there is a place we really want to book, she’ll do it 13 months in advance, or get on the wait-list. She is also good at noting the bargains for staying in low seasons (we just spent a week at Ocean Shores for 3000 points). Thus we use our 40,000 points regularly, and in fact we have borrowed almost all of our points one year in advance. We love staying at the resorts and find our membership to be a great value. True, we will pay around $2600 in maintenance dues a year, but we will get about 5 weeks of vacation for this. That comes out to about $75 a day. The management at each of some 20 resorts we have used has always been extremely polite and helpful.

    Yes, there is also the initial fee for joining, but we will enjoy our membership for at least 40 years. We bought some credit from the company but much of the rest through secondary sources and saved a lot. We also save on meals, knowing exactly what to expect from a Worldmark unit kitchen. Four people eating three meals a day at restaurants can add another couple hundred bucks a day to a vacation, and we cut that down by dining in and making our own meals.

    In summary, if you like this type of vacation, are diligent to monitor your payments, and spend some time learning how to work in the system, it can be a good deal. I sympathize with those who have been pressured into buying something that they didn’t really want, though. The sales talks can be brutal at some resorts. I had to just get up and walk out in the middle once because I was so angry and insulted at something the sales representative said. Despite some unpleasant experiences, overall the good has outweighed the bad. We have had so many exceptional vacations that we otherwise would not have taken!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

    I hate this timeshare and all their shady practices. You can’t even get reservations to most of the resorts. They raise maintenance dues every stinking year. I pay $900 year to spend less than a week of vacation. Such a ripoff. Try selling it— won’t happen. They also falsified my income in order for me to get a Wyndham credit card— 2 times so I would buy more vacation credits. I cancelled my contracts on both occasions when I got back home.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

    I have owned with this company since they were Trendwest (much better back then). Since WorldMark by Wyndham took over their customer service is terrible and rude. They treat customers like crap and it is impossible to make reservations. I have never been overdue on my payments and without notice I have now been sent to Pinnacle Collections who is trying to charge me additional fees. I have been on Automatic payments forever. I guess for some unknown reason the loan payment didn't go through but my dues Payment worked just fine. Without calling, emailing for notification they sent me to collections. I have called them numerous times and they refuse to help rectify the issue. I spoke with Pinnacle who says if WorldMark contacts them and revoked the collection it will be taken care of... WorldMark refuses to do so.

    So currently they say I owe an additional $118 in collection fee plus late payment fees that WorldMark is trying to charge me. I will be looking into a Lawyer to deal with this situation and get me out of this horrible rip off timeshare asap. Save your money and use Airbnb or Expedia or those guys. With the amount you pay in maintenance & payments you could vacation like royalty. I’m very very frustrated and angry with this company. I am usually a very upbeat positive person but they know how to push someone over the edge.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

    A timeshare is like owning a car. If you go on vacation and use your timeshare you will love it. If you buy a timeshare and never use it, it is a waste of money. I enjoy our timeshare because I spend time planning trips. We have stayed at several WorldMark resorts and they have all been very nice. Recently we stayed at Valley Isle in Hawaii (which we had to book 13 months in advance). Beautiful view. Definitely worth pre-planning for.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

    The salesperson that sold us a Discovery package was very misleading about what resorts we would have access to. We tried to have our issue resolved by speaking with corporate customer service, who directed us back to our original sales manager. The sales manager then gave us more false promises that he did not deliver. Also, the hotel stay we got as an incentive for attending the presentation was at a very run down and borderline abandoned hotel.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

    We've been owners since 1998; we first looked at ownership in 1991 when they only had 3 properties. We've been mostly satisfied with our ownership. We understand that at some properties it is more difficult to book, therefore one must plan a bit if you wish to stay at a certain location. At other resorts, there is availability at many times throughout the year. While we've noticed a downturn in the service and availability since Wyndham took over, we continue to book trips and use our credits for things we want to do. Very rarely are we unable to book a trip that we want. The biggest tip I can give is to thoroughly educate yourself about how to use the system, including waitlists. When you understand how it all works, one can enjoy the product a bit more.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

    I have been a member since 2003 and they are constantly changing the rules. When we first purchased points we could use them anywhere but every year another resort is removed from the pool of available resorts and we receive phone calls to sell us more points that are now required to give us access to resorts we originally had access to. The latest issue was with expiring points. I tried two or three times to book resorts, only to find out that they are no longer avail as we needed extra points or they were not a Wyndham resort. I then had to cancel one of these bookings and I received an email saying this had been canceled but there was nothing in that email to explain that if I did not reallocate the points to another booking by midnight I would lose them.

    When I contacted them to use the points I was advised by a very rude lady that I was advised on the screen when I canceled them online but apparently it's not their responsibility to notify via email, phone or text... that the screen notice is all that is required and they have many people calling to complain about this but it's not the company's problem. I very rarely look back and wish I could change decisions I have made in the past but this is definitely one thing I wish my husband and I NEVER GOT INVOLVED IN as it's just a scam.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

    This company has sent my account, which for four years has been in good standing, prematurely into collection and exacted an unreasonable finance charge without prior notice to the account holder. I have always made timely payments. In late May, I failed to make a payment because I was out of the country. Company sent one notice of past due payment, which I received upon my return in the second week of June, and I immediately mailed a check in the full amount due. In July and August, I did not receive account statements and invoices from company. In September, I sought to make a reservation, and was only upon this contact with company notified that my account had been sent into collection. Company maintains that they did provide me with prior notice, referring to a voicemail that was left at my residence.

    However, the message was unintelligible, as it was spoken in heavily accented English. Company has asked me to pay an additional $169.51 finance charge to return my account into good standing. I do not believe that company has the right to a finance charge because I have paid my past due amount, including late fees, in full, and company never provided actual notice of my account status. Company has intentionally defrauded an existing customer. Company has agreed to reduce the finance charge by $50, but the entire amount of $169.51 should be waived, as it should not have been issued in the first place. My account is under control by Pay Blackwell company and threatening us to pay all the collection fee ($78.98 + 77.30+ 45.07) to access my own account. Is it worthy to own the timeshare with this Worldmark by Wyndham?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

    My husband and I got suckered into sitting in on a presentation and wound up buying 12,000 credits to the tune of over $20,000.00. When we first purchased, we had access to use our points towards the purchase of merchandise or tickets to sporting events. After the first couple years, I called to do this again and was told my membership was no longer considered "Elite Status" and I could no longer take advantage of these offers unless I purchased more credits.

    Then, in 2016, I went from paying my monthly dues manually to autopay on credit card. Unfortunately, they didn't get my card registered in time to pick up the first bill cycle that was supposed to be paid via credit card. So every month, WorldMark got a payment, but every month, there was a balance rolling forward I was not aware of. SO I just found out because this balance was sent to collections, I LOST my TravelShare membership that gave me access to RCI resorts. The only way to get it back? I had to buy more credits... no thank you.

    For the last 3 years, we have tried to book resorts 13 months out, but cannot get units because everything is already booked by the members who have more preferred status that have a bigger booking window. So we never are able to get into the popular places like Hawaii. So we paid over 20K upfront, and pay almost $1,000 a year in dues for a Timeshare scam we cant use. I regret buying this and was devastated when I found out we could have bought the same 12,000 credits for under $4,000 online. WorldMark is one of the biggest scams out there. Now we are trying to sell our credits to just get out from under it. We will be taking a loss of over $15,000. Makes me sick.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 9, 2017

    I agreed to attend a presentation by Trendwest/Worldmark in about 2005. I'll admit, I was roped in by the "free gift" of a digital camera (which they didn't have on hand when I arrived and I hounded them for weeks to make good on afterwards.). I was "coerced" into buying a 7000 credit timeshare and promised "3 days to reconsider and cancel the process." Less than 24 hours later, I called them to cancel the process. They didn't answer, they never returned phone calls either.

    So I fulfilled the ten year "20% interest" loan promise and paid the damn thing off. (They never send anything to show the loan as being made good on, I had to repeatedly contact them to get them to send me something to show that the loan was paid off). But I never was able to schedule an actual vacation during that time. Back then they actually offered merchandise for credits and I did purchase some of that a couple times.

    Ever since I paid the loan off, they've sent letter after letter telling me they could help me "do away with the quarterly dues" if I would only call within 7 business days. I called one time and the person tried to get me to another sales pitch meeting, and I told them I was not interested. The letters continued to come, and be ignored by me. Finally, July 2017, the company realizes I've scheduled a trip to a particular resort, and they pounce.

    As soon as we got to the resort to check in ("we" meaning my husband and four young children) they tell me, "we'll feed to breakfast one day while you're here and tell you how to make better use of your credits and it will only take an hour". I should've realized it was a trap when they needed "$20 refundable payment" to ensure we would come.

    The day of this "$20 complimentary breakfast" arrives and my family of six is basically kept in one small room for three hours as three salesmen bombard us with the "low pressure sales" pitch they've tried to get me to listen to for three years (how's that for "low pressure"?). Finally, at the end, I tell them "no!" and that they owe my children a half day of vacation because they've stolen that from them and I'm pissed! One salesman says "why are you still here then?" "Because I want you to do something to make up for the vacation time you've stolen from my kids!"

    Another sales man says "what do you want me to do, I can't give you the day back." I respond with "I don't know what you have in your little bag of tricks to coerce people, you tell me what you're gonna do." A female employee scoffs at that and says "wow." I did tell her to "shut up." And I left my husband to deal with them. They ended up doing nothing.

    Their solution to ending my quarterly fees was to try and convince me to purchase more credits and change the quarterly fees to a monthly fee, which would've been hundreds more a year for a vacation I had bought on a promise of "never having to pay for a vacation again!" Guess how much my vacations for the past 14 years have cost PER vacation...(I figured it out). It's cost me $1650 a vacation... None of which were even a full week. And this doesn't include cost of travel or food or activities done during these vacations. Is this company worth it? No. Their "low pressure sales" tactics are really "low", as in, "below the belt". They lie, they cheat their "owners", and they treat their owners like idiots. The promise of "owning" your vacation, and to never have to pay for a vacation again after buying into their credit system, is a total lie.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 30, 2017

    Horrible Timeshare, we have owned it for 15 years now and it is almost impossible to book a nice place like Hawaii with them. They are always booked. At nice resorts they only have few rooms that they own but the presentation they make it sound like the own the whole building. Few months back I reserved a room for my guest to stay in at Birch Bay WA for 2 nights and then few months later receive a phone call from them saying that that reservation was not paid for, I was so surprised how did that happen, I have them the visa card # of my guest but they had a error on their end and did not bother to check my guest out and charge their visa card # and now they have suspended my account and saying that I am responsible to make that payment for their error. I called and talked to Leann with owner care and she was not nice to talk to at all, refused to transfer me to the manager and did not listen to my concern at all.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 22, 2017

    We have been WorldMark owners since 2002. We thoroughly enjoyed our WorldMark ownership until WorldMark was acquired by Wyndham. (We also are Wyndham owners and have ownership in other timeshares, as well.) We upgraded our WorldMark ownership to TravelShare approximately three years ago, but we reap very little benefit from it.

    At one time we wished that ALL of the vacation money we invested in timeshare ownership had been used to purchase additional points in WorldMark because their resorts are consistently of the highest standard and we would always have chosen to stay at a WorldMark over any other timeshare resort. While their resorts and amenities and furnishings in the condos are still great, the owner service has steadily eroded over the years since Wyndham acquired WorldMark.

    Two examples: I have always booked our reservations online. Today for some inexplicable reason, I was unable to do so. I repeatedly received a pop-up box with a message advising that I could not calculate my points until June 21. HELLO! Today IS June 21. I finally resorted to calling the Reservations line. I was on hold a full 25-30 minutes before someone came on the line to assist me. I have never before had this experience when I have had an occasion to call WorldMark.

    WiFi — Even the cheapest economy motel chains offer free WiFi, as does every single other timeshare resort where we have stayed, without exception. But not WorldMark. Unless you are a TravelShare member, you will be charged a daily rate to connect to WiFi at every single one of their locations. If you are a TravelShare member, you have free WiFi access, but you are limited to connecting only two devices. That is totally unsatisfactory and a ridiculous limitation. When it is just my husband and I, we have three devices. When we have our grandchildren with us, each child has two devices. I have complained to the people in the office at each resort (even though I realize they are not the ones who established this policy, but I hope they will pass on the complaint, so I always voice it).

    I have written at least three letters and did not even once receive a response from anyone on the Board of Directors or from any corporate officer. The WiFi service is also very unreliable. I usually have to call in to a technician to have them make it operable from their end. Take note: The company which provides the WiFi service is a company owned by Wyndham/WorldMark. Furthermore, (as expected, but despite assurances to the contrary) the "owner updates" at certain locations are nothing more than a sales pitch to engender additional sales. It is very unfortunate that WorldMark is no longer independent and was acquired by Wyndham, a company that is all about generating revenue and not about seeking to please its timeshare owners.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 13, 2017

    Recently me and my husband booked a stay at Worldmark in Windsor, Ca to celebrate our 4th Anniversary. My mom is an owner. My husband has a service dog with us. We got to the Timeshare and checked in. Then we were going to drive to our spot. At this time, the lady that checked us in came to our car and told us that the dog was too aggressive and we had to leave the property. We were shocked. We came to this same Timeshare not long ago and there was no problem at all, so does all the other locations. That is why we were shocked. So does I took 5 days off work to have a good time.

    We went to get food very upset, then back to the Timeshare to know the lady called the Sheriff on us. Wow... So the officer, the lady, and my hubby had a meeting in a room. In the meeting, that lady was so calm, and she changed what she said earlier to "You can stay, I just need to talk to my supervisor". For my husband's comprehension, she was lying. Because she changed her words without explaining why. My husband was so upset he was yelling which looked bad in front of the cop. So at the end my husband looked like the bad guy. All the stress that we experienced caused my husband and I to have anxiety attacks. He called 911 twice cause extremely high blood pressure and anxiety. Can anybody imagine to celebrate an anniversary this way? A complete nightmare.

    That lady who was new to the job as a supervisor never apologized to us. But at the end the manager and other supervisors did apologize to us and even agree to change our location for the rest of our stay. I guess we did appreciate that decision. God, you would think my mom paid them all the money to get this? I also don't get how this lady did her job like we, the customers are worthless piece of crap.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 10, 2017

    I am never late with my payments, so I have never had the experience that seems to be the major complaint here - I have been an owner since the Trendwest days so it is not like I am new to this. As for the maintenance fees... do you own a home and have Home Owner Association fees? Some of those can be MUCH higher than the maintenance fees. That is the way I look at them. They are my HOA fees for my vacation home(s). I have to agree, at times in the past the sales pitches were pretty high pressure, but now they are leaning more toward owner education. Not that they don't still try to convince you that if you buy more points you will have more benefits. When I firmly state I am not interested in buying more points (I have 40,000) they usually back off and the required time is spent talking about where I have been... where I would like to go, etc. They are willing to find answers to questions and welcome suggestions.

    Plus the gift cards or other perks are worth the time. I was in San Diego one time and was offered one thing which I wasn't all that interested in so I asked if it was possible for 2 tickets to the zoo and they did it! BTW this was long after the association with Wyndham so you can't say it was only Trendwest that would do those types of things.

    Ah... the reservations for people other than owners?? Hm-m, my son and new daughter-in-law had their honeymoon at the Yellowstone Resort. We do family reunion types of things with reservations for several units... a lot of non owners there with me. I often have family members ask for a few days someplace. Is there a problem with that... isn't it all about family enjoyment?? Just because I am not there doesn't mean I am not benefiting from my membership.

    Booking?? Unless there is a problem or I have some special requests, I book online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!! I have also used "wait list" and have almost always been able to get at least something close to what I wanted for the length of time I want. Have you taken advantage of a party weekend? Yes, you have to spend a few dollars... but what fun!! I guess it really boils down to being a responsible borrower, an informed owner and willing to try new places and do new things.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 4, 2017

    I have a 90-year-old cousin who loves to travel and he told me to never buy timeshares for list price. Always buy in the aftermarket on eBay or Craigslist. I took his advice and bought a WorldMark resale on eBay. I paid $0.60 a credit. I thought there was no way I would lose money buying at that price, but it has gone down to $0.30 a credit. The truly horrifying news is that the list price is over $3.00 a credit. Don't do it. Resale is at a 90% discount. The math will not work at full price. I analyzed Hilton and calculated that theirs had no residual capital value.

    We used our WorldMark from 10 years ago when our kids were small and it was great for us. Once the kids were grown, we sold it for $0.30 a credit, a 50% loss, and we started using hotels. Well the hotel experience sucks relative to a WorldMark condo and we usually spent $200 to $300 a night. The regular hotel prices have been going up as they said they would and the taxes and resort fees are substantial. But WM goes up also. So I just bought again on eBay for $0.26 a credit, and I hope that is the bottom. That is 2.5 times maintenance, so the long-term value is very suspect. The faster the maintenance fees go up the lower the resale value will drop. I just set aside this capital cost in my mind.

    Here is my math. A 6,000 credit membership will give me about 8 days a year. Maintenance is $600, cleaning is $60ish per 2-day stay, so that is 3 cleaning fees. Variable cost is about $150 a night with points or bonus time. That is a pretty good deal. Much better deal if you can go mid-week. I also like the way the WorldMark locations give me destinations to target in my vacations. You can get more value by letting friends and relatives book mid-week bonus time. If you get 15 nights a year, the maintenance per night drops down. More weird math: it is cheaper to buy one-time credits at $0.075 per credit than it is own credits and pay $0.10 per credit per year maintenance. So I bought the minimum and will buy one-time credits when points works best for my needs.

    Sales presentations are good and bad. They pay you $100 to listen for 90 minutes. Well if you do that 4 times a year, that will cover 2/3 of your maintenance. If you mention resale pricing they will give up easier. I plan to avoid the sales presentations by refusing at check-in and then disconnecting the phone line in the room. I do not plan to use a real phone number, so they cannot call me with offers. I plan to set up automatic payment for maintenance well in advance of the due date to avoid the collections nonsense mentioned in this forum.

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    Original review: March 1, 2017

    I am writing to share my experience with WorldMark/Wyndham. We are owners and they over promise and under deliver. Their website opens at 6 am but their office does not open until 8 am. It is very difficult to book your vacation because they do not have enough available units for the popular resorts such as Hawaii. I have tried for a 10 days to book a unit in Hawaii working with their 13 months in advance policy. The system has blocked me out or not completed my reservation and by the time the office is open they say they are sorry and that it is all booked up. We were told that by buying more points we would have more access. Overall I am a dissatisfied owner.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

    Shortly after becoming a member their policies started to change. Dues and housekeeping fees went up. Then when you made a reservation with your points you still had to pay for the use of timeshare. The biggest thing was the fact that WorldMark was booking up time for people that were not members so they could get them to buy in. Then they made it so owners could book up time and rent it out to non-members. This caused problems for the members as they were unable to book anytime. The last place we stayed (Long Beach WA) 85% of the people I asked that were staying there were not members. And we got a room on side of building with a view of the brush.

    I agree with all the reviews about being sent to collections. The minute your account clicks over to the first hour of being late bam you are going to collections. For the amount we spent on yearly dues and the charges for housekeeping and other charges we could have rented a house 3 times over. So we did sell. Took a 15,000 loss and then the family that bought it have had nothing but problems trying to get it transferred. We began the process October 2016 and as of the end of January 2017 it still is not been completed.

    There is no documentation when you call on your account so the next person knows what is going on. You will never speak to the same person. And speaking of collection we are being sent to collection and we don't even own the timeshare anymore. I tell everyone I know and blog continually about not buying into this company. I know there are a lot of members who say they have never had any problems, well good for you all. You are the lucky few that haven't. WorldMark way over sold and created this mess and they could care less. Bonus time what a joke.

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    Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

    My story is like many others' here WM sending us to Pinnacle Recovery Inc. Totally ridiculous collection practices when auto credit card due payment did not go through. I posted new credit card, which they did not charge, but without any notice sent me to collections. I sent a check with a late fee and Pinnacle Recovery just keeps adding charges. Please email me your story to **. We need to stop Wyndham and its arm Pinnacle treating people this way.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

    I had a contract with them for years under TrendWest, never had problems. The minute they changed to Wyndham, it was nothing but awful. Their agents act nice and helpful, but they send you to collections with one late dues payment. To make a long story short, I paid an attorney to get my contract cancelled because they lied to me so many times (They admitted it!). That was several months ago. I am still getting bills in the mail saying that I owe money. I don't owe them anything, and I have the legal contract to prove it. Still, it's inconvenient to have them harassing me, even if only via the Postal Service.

    Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

    I paid my maintenance dues late and around the same time I received a collections notice. I disregarded because I paid my dues. Then I received a notice from collections for the dues I paid AND FOR FUTURE MAINTENANCE DUES with interest - even though I never received a bill from World Mark. So now, my future bills are being processed through a collection agency? How can a future bill be in collections??? This company is horrible - after the sale is made you find out it is not so easy to use the program and their customer service sucks. In fact, I think it is their practice to be difficult and keep increasing dues so owners give up their memberships and they resell people's membership. What a racket!!!!

    Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

    Do not get suckered into their NONSENSE! Save your time and keep clear of their lying and **. If a deal sounds too good to be true, trust me on this, with WorldMark it's DEFINITELY not going to be true. The only thing this company is good at... is LYING.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 17, 2016

    I just arrived home from a week long trip where I stayed at the Worldmark Indio in California. I had booked online what I thought was a hotel. When I arrived to check in I was asked to go to the concierge to obtain a parking permit. The woman there informed me that this was NOT a hotel but, a timeshare. She was very persistent in trying to get me to go to a two hour presentation. Being lured by a free breakfast and a prepaid gift card (not higher than $1,000 and not lower than $50) I decided to go the next day. I got to my one bedroom condo that evening and was impressed at how spacious, clean and modern it was.

    The next day, I went to the presentation and was very impressed with how much money I was about to start saving on vacations by buying an ownership into Worldmark. It all sounded so good but, I wanted time to think about it. I'd heard countless horror stories from people who had been burned by buying into timeshares but, Worldmark seemed like one of the good guys. I told them I needed time to think about it. They said they were 'no pressure' but, that prices were going up soon and if I wanted to lock in to the price offered I'd need to sign up that day... THAT SOUNDS LIKE PRESSURE TO ME! But, I stood my ground by saying that I will not make a decision on that day.

    That evening I got on my tablet and found this site. There are many people here who feel like they've been burned whether it be broken promises, late fees, outstanding balances going to collection without Worldmark letting anyone know that their accounts were being turned over to collection. Those just seem like the most common complaints. The list goes on and on. Something told me that Worldmarks' presentation and promises seemed too good to be true. And, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Thankfully, I read so many complaints here against Worldmark. I almost bought into this. Now I'm glad I didn't.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

    First, the 90 minute meeting went on for 3 hours. They said they would delay the credit card billing for 3 months. Lie, it took 1 day. Next, we have a 14 day window to cancel the agreement. We didn't get the paper work until 16 days. Then the places we were allowed into were decreased from hundreds to 20. They never let you have the dates that you reserve unless you buy a book that list them. They sent me one for the last year. And now I hear that they overbook most of the dates. They are very good at cheating the public and it will come back to bite them. I won't stay at any of their hotels.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

    I'm in my early 20s and love to travel. Got suckered into this thinking it was a wonderful opportunity. At the time, it was! But then my life took a turn and the 15% APR that they set me up under couldn't be adjusted since I purchased this only 4 months ago. I was informed that if I upgrade, they will lower my interest. I upgraded from 5,000 credits to 13,000. Nope... My debt went up, down payment went up, and interest stayed at 15% APR. Told them that my budget was $400/month and I couldn't exceed it. They pushed and overextended it by $40. I was ok with an extra $40. They failed to mention that my quarterly maintenance fees (1 payment of $110 every 3 months) would now be $100 every month. So surprise... surprise!

    I look at my bank account and I'm missing $540 instead of $440. Call them and get a bunch of excuses. Second month rolls around, nothing is taken out of my account. I receive a call stating that my card was declined. False, my bank account has nearly $800 from the 1st of the month to the 10th. Check with the bank and they confirm that there were no attempts to withdraw the money. Update my card again with WorldMark (still the same card from last month). Third month rolls around, another call... "Card declined"... Go to the bank... Same story as the month before... No attempts to withdraw the money. Update my card yet again (still the same card that they charged the next day after calling me last month). Payment goes through. While on the phone, they suggest I add my ACH (account number and routing number for direct withdrawals). I give in and give them that. Smooth sailing for the next months.

    Should also mention that they told me that if I open their WorldMark/Wyndham Barclay Card (credit card), I can use it to pay for my maintenance fees and lower my expenses... False. APR is high and they keep charging me so much that I'm over my budget by $200 every month. Also, they opened a PayPal account in my name to put the down payment on which is also at a ridiculous APR and I'm at an additional $100 over budget.

    Last month I call them up (and inform one of their sales reps at the session that I drove up to) to let them know that an emergency came up and I need to use a portion of my payments to them to cover my emergency and ask them to hold off on taking the money out until the 9th of this month (my payday). They acknowledge it and overdraft my account by $700 yesterday. I'm a very positive person that rarely... and I mean RARELY gets negative emotions like anger or fury... I'm FURIOUS right now.

    After extensive research, I found the following: Financing $26,000 for 10 years will come out to ~$57,000. Fine print states that maintenance fees are lifelong: ----> $100/month x 12 months=$1200/year on maintenance fees. I'm 24 and plan to keep this for at least another 40 years before leaving it to my future kids (If I ever get married and have any). This means that over the course of the next 10 years (since I purchased it and to the day that I pay off my ownership) + 40 years (after the $57,000 has been paid off) I will have spent $60,000 on maintenance fees ALONE. $57,000 (paid off amount (10 years)). +60,000 (maintenance fees for 50 years). $117,000 invested for only 13,000 credits/annual. They never mention any of this. If you miss a payment, I've found out after researching, they will send you to collections without any notice.

    Filling for Bankruptcy will cost approx. $1500 in my state with attorney fees. Will stay on my record for 10 years but I will get out of paying $69,000 + WorldMark/Wyndham CC + PayPal (downpayment). Outcome of this nonsense: Do not even attend their presentations. THEY ARE VERY GOOD WITH TALKING BS AND KEEPING YOU THERE FOR 4 HOURS UNTIL YOU GIVE IN AND BUY/UPGRADE. You will have a noose around your neck for the rest of your life!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 14, 2016

    Like many of the complaints I have read, beginning 2000, my experience with WorldMark under the administration of Trendwest was positive and enjoyed. My experience doing business with WorldMark after the transition to Wyndham has been a nightmare. In 2009, I added additional credits to my membership with Wyndham, and was deceived into believing that the interest charged was only for the new credits added. However, after it was too late to cancel, discovered that the interest was being charged retroactively to the beginning of my original membership in the year 2000 for credits I had already paid off. Under Trendwest, I paid off membership credits twice before Wyndham took over the resort, and was never charged interest retroactively.

    I paid off my contract early, and made all payments on time. Immediately (the following month), my maintenance dues account was sent to collections for a late payment. The payment was late, but I attempted to notify WorldMark via written correspondence of my financial hardship and my intent to bring my account current, but never received a response. My account was sent to collections without any written notification from WorldMark. I received a notice of collections from Pinnacle dated the 11th of July 2016. This was not the first time my dues had been late, and I was never sent to collections and always brought my account current. I paid the account in full including all late fees and collections fees on-line on the 19th of July.

    On July 30, 2016 I checked the balance owed for my maintenance dues account via the automated telephone system for WorldMark and discovered that I still had a balance due. However, when I contacted WorldMark, the balance due was for August. The WorldMark representative informed me that all of the records for my maintenance dues had been transferred to Pinnacle when my account was sent to collections; and the rep could not view my account. Also informed me that I would not be able to make pay my maintenance dues directly to WorldMark, but had to make my payment to Pinnacle.

    I asked, now that my account had been paid current, would my account be restored with WorldMark. The representative confirmed that it would be restored, and informed me that it normally takes two weeks after the payment has been processed and posted to my account at Pinnacle. I informed the rep that it had been two weeks since I made the payment in full. The rep could not provide any assistance to resolve the problem; and, when I informed her that I was unhappy with WorldMark by Wyndham’s business practices, asked me, “You don’t want to be an owner anymore?”

    On August 1, 2016, I contacted Pinnacle via telephone to find out why my account had not been sent back to WorldMark. The representative/receptionist informed me that I still had an outstanding balance; and that WorldMark had sent the payment due August 1st to Pinnacle on July 7th. The account representative told me it was sent to collections on July 13th.

    My concern is that although I make all the payments in full to bring my dues current, my account will remain in collections; because Pinnacle will hold the account for at least two weeks or longer after processing. Although I made the payment immediately, my account may not be restored in time to make September’s payment to WorldMark resulting in me having to make the payment to Pinnacle. Thus, more late and collection fees when in reality my payment is not late or yet due. (Dues are due the 1st of every month.) If payments are not made to Pinnacle prior to the 11th of the month, collection fees will be charged. Pinnacle generated its billing statement on July 11th which did not include the August payment. If I had not called, I would not have known about the August payment being in collections; and of course, I do not have access to my resort membership while in collections.

    I have sought legal representation to resolve the matter. It was suggested that although I am resolving my dispute individually, that I contact other owners for the purpose of considering a class action lawsuit.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

    When WorldMark was Trendwest my husband and I never had issues. Since Wyndham took over there are too many to list. I am seriously appalled at how we were just treated regarding my auto-pay for loan and dues being declined in July. I was notified 8/4 that I now owed for 2 months. It took me a second to realize that meant I had a 30-day late on my credit report. We received no phone call from them once it was late in July after the auto-pay declined. They claim they sent a letter, which they may very well have but our son died at the beginning of July and we have been overwhelmed dealing with that. Even after explaining that and speaking to a "manager" they refused to reverse the 30-day late reporting.

    We have been frustrated with all the same complaints I see here (only having a small amount of rooms set aside for WorldMark owners, no availability like there used to be with Trendwest) but we're working through that. I've even been working through getting a royal screw job at the San Francisco location, being tag-teamed on an up-sale which I couldn't get out of after the 7-day grace period because I was still on vacation and didn't realize what had actually taken place until it was too late.

    This company calls me at least once a quarter to try to sell us more points and "reduce our interest rate", even after countless times of telling them after last July that we were completely dissatisfied with how we were treated/snowballed/tag teamed. They refuse to offer a reduced interest rate unless I buy more points. But they keep calling and can't give me a courtesy call when my auto-pay declines? Nice. We have been members in good standing for 12+ years. I see that others have recently had issues with auto-pay cards, credit agencies, etc. This latest action by the finance department has us rethinking our Diamond Elite status like, that there is nothing "elite" about any of it. Do not buy into this resort membership. Too expensive for this much hassle.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 19, 2016

    WorldMark is a great money maker. Wonderful promises made of waitlisting for the Presidential Suite, great places to stay, go any time of year, personal concierge. Well, the only thing you can count on besides death and taxes is maintenance dues, fees to pool credits for RCI, local housing fees, motel tax and probably not likely to ever get a presidential suite. Keep your money. If you want to set aside money every month, as if you were paying maintenance dues, then you will be able to have a sweet vacation somewhere. Make it your own choice!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 9, 2016

    I have been an owner since 1992 and have never had a late fee associated with my quarterly dues until this past quarter. I find it reprehensible that as an owner of my stature, that I was not given a courtesy call regarding my late payment. Living in Alaska my statements always arrive either the day they are due or late. I've asked for my statements to arrive earlier and have been told that WorldMark isn't able to do so. Since 2001, I have paid the late fee to ensure that my billing was current and free of any default. This past quarter, due to job change, payment to WorldMark was late, and I paid late fees. However, I was not aware that my account had been referred to collections and was shocked to find that I had additional fees due.

    I tried working with WorldMark and they flatly refused to help. I emailed the Board of Directors and to date have not heard a word back. As such, I am in the process of working their Ovation program to get rid of my ownership. I have no desire to be an owner in a company that places little priority on owners with integrity and in good standing.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2016

    My due payments were late. This is first time this has been mentioned to me and I found out by some collection agency. I am shocked that I had not received a courtesy call and Ive been an owner for at least 15 years and barely ever use the timeshare. Its such a waste of money. Im in Canada so my dollar is not going very far, especially when I get a trip out of it every 3 years.

    I think I just want to try and get out now. The service is not exceptional and the dues are way more than what they should be for the accommodation they offer. There is nothing spectacular about the place, and I could get a much better place to stay for the amount of money paid over the years in dues and fees and whatever else they keep charging for. I guess young and stupid is my excuse. Now that I'm older I need to smarten up and figure out how to get rid of this money trap. I do not recommend anyone tying themselves into the payments of WorldMark. You can do much better than this renting directly.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 3, 2016

    I have been a member of WorldMark since 2005! I have been very diligent in paying off my loan and dues every month. My loan was paid off last year (2015) and now I only pay for the dues. Last September my card on file to pay my quarterly dues expired which I was not at all aware of. Not even a month after my card declined the automatic draft, WorldMark did not bother notifying me that my card did not accept the payment as they had done years prior. They did not call me, not email me or even snail mail me! Instead they sent my dues account over to Pinnacle collection agency which sent me a letter about a month later notifying me of my outstanding unpaid bill with WorldMark! I'm shocked that this is how I am learning about this!

    Why didn't WorldMark who I was in business with and making diligently monthly to for the past 10 years notify me that my card on file had declined the payment. It would have been an easy phone call to fix. Yes, You would think they would call me out of decent courtesy at least since I have been a good customer for 10 years! Nope, not at all! They sent it and all my account details to an outside collection agency -- Pinnacle! WorldMark refused to even talk to me about the account until the bill was paid in full to Pinnacle because they had already transferred the account over to them! Well, I paid all the money required from Pinnacle including their interest and fees totalling $347.66 on 11/15/15. Well, I'm thinking my account is in good standing now. I entered in a new card for my auto draft set up and received my confirmation code for that.

    Well, in February I noticed that my dues were not paid by the credit card that was on file and I was now getting a late fee tacked on to the bill. I call in and talk to the rep and he is unsure why their system is not taking the auto pay out of my card that is on file. He apologizes for the inconvenience and removes the late fee and takes my payment over the phone and sets up my credit card again on auto pay. Again, I am thinking this is all straightened out until I get a bill from Pinnacle on April 15 telling me I owe them $54.33 club dues, $11.94 collection fee, and my total payment due is $218.8!!! My next quarter is not even due until 5/1!

    I call back WorldMark and they tell me that Pinnacle still has my account despite the fact that I paid them in full in November! Furthermore, they tell me the CC cards that I have left on file for auto pay have been deleted!! This is so crazy ridiculous that if this is not some sort of weird paperwork mixup then it is most certainly illegal! The rep told me the shareholders voted on this!!! They apparently voted to not give anyone any notices ever but first line is to send it over to a collection agency where they can gouge you for more money every month for the rest of your life (maintenance dues are for life) in extra fees and penalties. My account should be with WorldMark and payment should have already been drafted and I shouldn't have to worry any further and would not be spending my time writing this long review! However, this is not the case!

    I spoke to one financial supervisor at WorldMark to help figure this whole thing out. This was on 4/21. She was supposed to send me an email with update. No word yet. No email yet. I call again and talk to another supervisor who is now trying to figure out what is going on with my account and also why the first supervisor dropped the ball. No word yet, still waiting! Meanwhile, Pinnacle (their new dirty evil sidekick) keeps a knockin!! We need a class action against WorldMark for their unethical ways and bullying sales tactics! They should not be allowed to get away with this for so long!!

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