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Vantage Deluxe World Travel provides European river cruises and travel adventures in more than 80 countries across all seven continents. The company offers solo and group trips that take travelers to a variety of worldwide destinations. It also handles meals, itineraries and airline and hotel bookings.

Pros & Cons

  • Operates all over the world
  • Solo and group adventures available
  • Website offers ways to save money
  • Can be expensive
  • Reports of long waits for refunds

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Vantage Deluxe World Travel?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 27, 2023

    My experience is with Vantage for a trip that I didn’t take. In early 2021 I signed up for a cruise on a brand new Vantage ship. I made a deposit and paid in full, almost $16,000, in the summer of 2021. Two weeks before the scheduled date, I called Vantage about some questions that I had. After waiting 3 hours on hold, I spoke to a very rude man who, in an hour long conversation, could answer only a few of my questions. I finally hung up. The next day, purely by accident, I found out that the cruise had been canceled.

    Vantage never notified me and the rude man lied to me. Vantage refused to give me a refund. Vantage said that the trip had been delayed only, for over a year, and they could do that because that was a “reasonable modification” of the trip. My health declined during the next year, and I realized that I would not be able to fully participate in the trip activities. I then asked for a partial refund to lower my cost to the deeply discounted price new passengers were paying. That would make up, in part, for my new health limitations. They refused. I finally had to cancel the trip for health reasons. I was approved for a full cash refund almost 5 months ago. They’ve had my money for two years!! THEY HAVEN’T PAID A PENNY TO ME.!!! They can’t even give me an estimate of when I can expect the money. I just hope I get it before they file bankruptcy!!


    Reviewed March 16, 2023

    I had a trip cancelled by Vantage for which I paid in advance over $21,000. I was able to reschedule a less expensive trip and now they owe me over $6,000 and will not provide me an accounting or even acknowledge in writing the amount they owe me.

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    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2023

    My husband and I have traveled 5 times in the past 8 years with Vantage Travel. We are going on a 6th trip later this year. Vantage has always taken care of us and we will continue to use them for years to come.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2022

    When booking a cruise I purchased "cancel for any reason" coverage. I cancelled following all the documentation requirements five months ago and have been lied to by the insurer, Allianz, about the status of our claim. They have said by the "examiner" that the claim will be finalized in seven days many times. Both Vantage and the insurer, Allianz claims department, will not transfer the claimant to any responsible person in the company to whom I can complain about this long overdue monetary claim.

    Larry increased rating by 2 stars.
    Customer ServiceStaff
    After a positive interaction with Vantage Deluxe World Travel, Larry increased their star rating on Nov. 17, 2022.

    Updated review: Nov. 17, 2022

    I recently was able to make contact with the company by phone after only a 15 minute period on hold - previously such waits (I was advised) would be more lengthy. The person with whom I worked was very helpful and resolved all of the outstanding questions/problems I had. I wish that this had been possible long ago, and I had been spared the several difficulties I've had with the company. It appears that everything has been settled and, assuming that the trip actually departs, all should be fine. As I said originally, the one trip we had previously with Vantage was a good trip. I fervently hope that this will be its equal.

    Original Review: Nov. 14, 2022

    This is the most frustrating company I've ever worked with. I will say that we had a cruise with them in 2016 to Croatia that went wonderfully. I should also say that it was a replacement for a Greece trip that didn't sail because 'the ship wasn't ready.' Since then, I've had nothing but trouble. Two additional Greece trips were 'postponed' - I use that word because if they'd been 'canceled,' I'd have my money back. ('Cancel' is a word that Vantage sedulously avoids.) In the second of these Greece cruises, we weren't even notified it wouldn't happen. I had checked on our flight with the airline only to find I no longer had a reservation. The air department of Vantage confirmed that the cruise had been aborted.

    Vantage denied that no notice had been given, saying there were e-mails sent, but, oddly, no one in our group of six got the alleged e-mail. I've since tried to use the money they've locked up by setting up another trip, but getting it arranged according to the specifics I requested (including not going over the amount we had on the books with them) only to have it come back with a bill for an additional $4,800. I might be able to work around this if I could get someone on the phone, but they insist you use the Chat. I did. I was told that the representative didn't work with the flight department and couldn't help me. This wasn't the first run-around I've had with them - an earlier attempt to schedule a trip by phone directed me to use e-mail. I did and that's when I got the bill for additional $4,800.

    Were I unaccustomed to dealing with travel companies, I might think this is typical - it is NOT. We have our eighth trip with Viking coming up soon and 1) can always talk to a representative, 2) have always been treated fairly and recompensed when an experience wasn't a good one (due to a Covid outbreak and an interrupted trip), 3) treated respectfully and above board, and 4) constantly kept informed about our upcoming trip and any requirements we should note. If you're considering using Vantage, I suggest you look for alternative companies to serve you. "Serve" is not a term with which Vantage is familiar.

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2022

    I am having the same issue with Vantage World Wide Travel and Ocean Odyssey. The ship is still being built and they are still selling trips on this ship for this year. I would love to join a lawsuit against them. This company has had my money since 2019. They need to be investigated for their illegal practices.

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2022

    Anyone else out there having same same experience with Vantage and Ocean Odyssey? Is it time for legal action? Contact me - I'm on Facebook. I have the travel insurance the company offered thru Allianz [cancellation for any reason] but it appears to be worthless in getting a refund.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2022

    From start to finish with this company was a mess. We got to the airport at 6:30am only to find the airline cancelled our flight!! We were SHOWN by the carrier where they had notified Vantage days before but never heard a peek about it from Vantage so had to wait at the airport for 9 hours until the next flight was available missing the "Meet your fellow travelers" banquet dinner!!

    The "pick up" shuttle we paid a lot extra for was very late as well. Then several times there were no buses at the locations we had planned to stop at. They didn't even know the causeway between Nova Scotia and Cape Bretton was closed so we missed a visit to two places we would have seen because we had to go ALL the way around the island to continue our trip in rough seas! There were so many changes and substitutes made without our consent it got to be a joke amongst the passengers when we were told with actual booing to the coordinators! NEVER again for these gangsters!!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2022

    BEWARE of lack of service... UN-able to contact "Flight Choice Services" by Option #3; after hours of waiting on hold several times... Always connected to customer services where reps are UN-able to Help with required flight changes? -- HOW do you get required assistance? Vantage reps online, by phone, by Facebook, etc are UN-able to Help or explain WHY is Vantage phone lines connections NOT working properly & connecting us to "Flight Choice Services"? Please advise HOW we get to "Flight" department for fully paid & booked trip with IN-correct flights scheduled?

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2022

    On April 19, 2021, when my wife and I, along with six additional alumni friends, booked rooms/suites on the Vantage Deluxe World Travel "Ocean Odyssey" for the "Pearls of Greece and the Dalmation Coast" 16-day cruise from Athens, Greece to Zagreb, Croatia scheduled to depart on October 18-31, 2022, we had no way of knowing that the "M/S Ocean Odyssey" HAD NOT BEEN BUILT YET.

    The builder of the vessel, Sunstone Ships, of Miami, Florida was in dire financial trouble. In the summer of 2021, Mr. Niels-Erik Lund, Chairman of Sunstone stated, "2020 became the worst financial year in the combined Sunstone/ISP's 31-year history..." Mr. Lund further remarked, "We expect that 2021 will be as bad as 2020..." Yes, Vantage Travel "charters" its expeditionary ships (M/S Ocean Explorer & M/S Ocean Odyssey) from Sunstone Ships.

    In order to get the best price on the expected voyage, on April 15, 2021, my wife and I paid Vantage $17,398.00 for the October 2022 cruise. That was a HUGE mistake. The Ocean Odyssey was being built for Sunstone Ships by China Merchants Heavy Industry of Jiangsu, China. On May 12, 2022, China Merchants Heavy Industry "walked out of the contract" to build the Ocean Odyssey according to Mr. Lund. Calls and emails to Sunstone Ships regarding the status of the Ocean Odyssey are referred to Vantage Travel.

    On September 7, 2022, a senior representative for the designers of the Ocean Odyssey in Norway stated that the ship was not yet completed, but that the "latest rumors from China is that the ship will be delivered by end of September." If the "rumor" is true, that would leave 16 days for the ship to transit the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, transit the Suez Canal, reach Athens, undergo "sea trials," staff, and provision the vessel before departure on October 18th. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, we hear NOTHING from Vantage. Vantage Travel knew or should have known that the ship would NEVER make its scheduled cruises in August and October of 2022.

    We have learned that on August 18, 2022, THE DAY OF DEPARTURE for the scheduled August cruise on the Ocean Odyssey, Vantage Deluxe World Travel announced to its customers without prior warning that, "Despite our very best efforts, the m/s Ocean Odyssey will need more time to come into service" and the cruise was cancelled while people were driving to the airport! Vantage went on to say, "Passengers affected by this delay will be automatically moved to the next available itinerary. Please visit "My Portfolio" for the latest trip updates."

    This is a sham! If you go to the Vantage website, you will see that all the cruises for the Ocean Odyssey are "SOLD OUT" through 2024! For those of us scheduled to depart on the October 16, 2022, "Pearls of Greece..." cruise, the lack of communications from Vantage is staggering. No one answers the phone. When you finally reach someone, they indicate they will "send a message to management" and you never hear another word. Vantage is not refunding fairs as promised (read other Consumer Affairs reviews), but they are still pushing "room upgrades" for a cruise they KNOW isn't going to occur.

    FINAL STRAW: On Monday, September 12, 2022, all of my travel companions who booked airfare through Vantage were notified by the airlines that their bookings had been cancelled by VANTAGE, and the funds were returned to VANTAGE, yet, still no word from Vantage Travel itself. FYI, as of the date of this review, 13 SEP 2022, the ship's AIS "Automated Identification System" still shows the vessel parked dockside at the builder's yard in China. It is reasonable to presume that Vantage collects close to $1,440,000 per sailing in cruise charges and airfare. Where is the money going? When the trips are cancelled, it's not going back to the travelers. This is a fraud.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2022

    Before Covid, I had made full payment of $7389 on a trip to Portugal and Spain. $1799 was voucher from a previous trip I had to cancel, to be used within one year. Travel protection was $899. They refunded $415 with no explanation. I believe it was the optional tours in Madeira. I have tried from the time of Covid cancellation to get a refund. They refuse. They rebooked same trip for Oct 2021 (one year later) and gave me vouchers. Sept 2021 came and I had not heard from them with air schedule or anything. I checked with the Travel, State, Gov. Website and they advised against travel to Portugal and Spain because of unrest and a level 4 for Covid in both countries. I called Vantage and they told me they still planned to operate the trip as planned. It did not appear that they cared about their customers' safety.

    I cancelled. They sent me vouchers for $ be used within 15 months from the date the trip was cancelled. This amount does not include insurance or my voucher from the previous cancelled trip. I am 83 years old and travel is more difficult than it was two years ago. I cannot use the vouchers so am out $7389. I would even be happy with a portion of this amount but Vantage doesn't seem to care. I was booked during that time with two other travel companies and was refunded promptly. If anyone does decide to travel with Vantage, my advice to them would be to never pay the full amount until the last day. They are not very nice people in the customer care department and have long holds, and cut offs when you attempt to call them. There are more reputable Travel Companies. Try them first.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

    In May 2021, I booked and paid for a luxury Mediterranean cruise with Vantage. In April 2022, they said the ship would not be ready in time, and I asked that my money be refunded. They owe me a lot of money! Numerous phone calls, chats, etc. and they keep telling me it's "in process".

    Verified purchase
    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 30, 2022

    We've been traveling the world, with numerous companies, for 50 years. This is the worst trip we have ever gone on. Other than the land portions in Boston & Montreal and some decent food and wait staff, the trip was a disaster! The Program Manager and Cruise Director were the worst we have ever encountered, even with "bargain" trips. They had never been to the most ports and knew almost nothing about them. We knew more, simply from reading articles on the Internet!

    Several advertised (and included) land excursions were canceled. For example, in Gaspe, we didn’t drive along the coast, see the GeoPark, enjoy the multimedia adventure, or explore Percé. We didn’t go to the Havre St. Pancrace lookout, Glacier Center, or Glacier Garden. Others weren't canceled, but they were closed. So, we were told to "look through the windows!" One venue had been closed for two years! Two days we had land tours in school buses, because they forgot to book the tour buses in time. The heater in our school bus couldn't operate at the same time as microphone, so the windows fogged over! While Vantage materials advertised that there would be 226 or fewer people on any tour, every tour we took had 35 or more people on it. Plus, while there were QuietVox receivers in our cabin, the tours never used them. So, we could seldom hear the guides.

    One port stop (Halifax) was shortened by more than an hour because they couldn't get the disembarkation stairs lined up. Another (Lunenberg) was shortened by 2 hours when they ordered the wrong size tender boats. Another stop (Pictou) was eliminated entirely. The trip advertised the pool, but it was empty. The hot tubs were usually closed and sometimes stone cold. (Someone forgot to turn on the heater.) Internet was understandably spotty, but there was also no TV reception, and no daily news.

    The single entertainer was mediocre, at best. The one local group was good…but the tour director announced the wrong time, and most passengers were still in port during the entertainment. All in all, we spent more than $14,000 on a trip that was a total disaster. When asked about the best part of the trip, we both said, “when it was over!” We wrote Vantage a detailed 5-page letter explaining all the issues and asking for a partial refund. After seven weeks, we got the following email:

    “Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding your recent Canada’s Spring Awakening Journey. We appreciate the time you spent to share your thoughts and feedback with us. It is feedback such as yours that provides the building blocks towards successful tour programs and exceptional customer experiences.

    We sincerely apologize for the aspects of your tour that did not meet your expectations. Vantage prides ourselves on providing an excellent customer touring experience. We appreciate you providing your detailed feedback which has been shared with our Operations Team so that we may improve these areas that fell below your level of expectation. Again, thank you for contacting Vantage Deluxe World Travel.” Don't book this trip through Vantage!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 20, 2022

    It was almost THREE years before we got a refund for a trip cancelled by Vantage. It was nothing less than a nightmare but we are glad to be awake and done with the experience. In regards to communications with Vantage, we made multiple attempts in all forms and to all levels of management. They always agreed that we were owed the money but their response of when the monies would be paid kept changing as the months/ years went on. It was not until we got the Attorney General’s office involved that a resolution finally came. The treatment by this company is not acceptable and we have yet gotten any acceptable apology or reason for such behavior. Our experience was not the first but I do hope that this review can prevent others from a similar nightmare!

    Reviewed May 11, 2022

    We booked a cruise 4-13-21 and canceled 1-22-22, received two letters. One 1-22-22 stating we would receive a refund for 14,510. On 4-22-22 we received another letter stating we would receive a refund for 14,510, it is now May and all I get is the run around that I am in the Queue.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 3, 2022

    Please do not use this company. They have deceptive practices. They are robbers of the lowest order. My partner and I booked and fully paid for an 18-day cruise. About 3 months prior to sailing my partner got a notice from our travel insurance company letting him know that the plan had been moved to the new sailing date, April 2023!! Needless to say when we called Vantage they simply informed us that yes, they had "rescheduled" the cruise to 2023 (over 275 days later). They refused to give a refund.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed April 12, 2022

    Two big problems with Vantage. First, I canceled a trip that was paid for, 6 weeks later no refund. They can not tell me when the refund will be made. Second, they rescheduled a tour for 2021, to 2022, and then again to 2023. Since they did not cancel, just rescheduled, no refund. Because of the above, I think they may be going out of business. Poor way to run a business. Stay away from this company.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed April 12, 2022

    Updated on 04/23/2023: We could not get our money (from 1/21) back so allowed this company to book us on a trip leaving March 2023. We were at the airport, boarding passes in hand, luggage checked, and they called to cancel the trip! We were in total shock and had to get our luggage out and go home. They promised to pay back our full refund, and within 14 days. It is now a month and we get no response. Website: down! Phones: no answer! We are going to contact our lawyer tomorrow. Do NOT book with these people. We hope we can find others who will join a class action legal challenge to these practices.

    Original Review: We booked a cruise in January 2021 and paid in cash upfront. The cruise was for May 2022. Unfortunately we had to cancel due to family matters, and we did so well within the guidelines of our contract. Now, six months after cancellation, they refuse to refund that large sum of money, although they have acknowledged in writing that they owe it to us. Further, they refuse to tell us when they will pay us back. A shoddy organization with no intention of living up to their promises.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 7, 2022

    RE: Heart of Brazil. Having written to you, and called multiple times, with no response to my letters and calls, I am writing one last time, and hopefully this letter will gain a response. As you are aware, the trip Heart of Brazil was cancelled totally. It was NOT postponed, and to date, no reason was given. Today, I received a new Vantage Travel book (159 pages) with a full listing of all of your trips. Nowhere is Heart of Brazil listed. In reading carefully the Tour Participation Agreement, on the last page, under Alterations and Modifications, top of third paragraph, it states ”If the tour is canceled by Vantage for any reason, Vantage shall have no liability beyond the prompt REFUND of all tour participants’ payments received.”

    On 12/05/21, I paid you in full for my tour, by giving you access to my account for a direct withdrawal. Big mistake! In addition, I did pay for Travel Protection…. Which reads ”with the Vantage 100%Travel Protection Plan, you can cancel your trip for any reason right up until you depart and still retain full value. After you pay, you receive this notice, Travel Protection fees are not refundable.” I have not seen one review which was above 1 star. I personally would give them less.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2021

    I don't know how this company would average more than one star....although it would be zero stars if I could post that. This company needs to be shut down. IT IS A PONZI SCHEME. They have used deceptive practices to bring in large sums of money without being able to fulfill the terms they have advertised. And they refuse to refund customers' payments. My friends and I booked a "Last Minute Deal" South American cruise (Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires) with Vantage for Dec 3, 2021. The cost was $11,786. The tour was cancelled three weeks later because the countries' ports-of-call were closed, and had been closed for quite some time, due to Covid. Vantage response to our demand for a refund was: "We had to modify your tour due to government restrictions on travel. We made every effort to continue operating as scheduled; however, due to circumstances outside Vantage's control, we are unable to operate as originally scheduled."

    This material fact was not disclosed to us at the time of booking. The company has declared the trip "postponed" and under their terms and conditions, they do not issue refunds for "postponements". (There seems to be some discussion on the www that denying refunds under these circumstances is not legal in Massachusetts, their home state.)

    Regardless, this failure to disclose is fraud in the inducement as we booked the tour at the last minute deal based the price and time frame. The company cannot hide behind the terms of their "contract" when they knew at the time of the booking that they could not fulfill their terms of the bargain. We never had a legal, binding agreement. I pointed out the fallacy of their ways, but their staff cling to the notion that our money is now their money. This is a corrupt business and should be put out of business. Others will continue to be defrauded out of millions of dollars until they are stopped. I have written complaints to the Massachusetts attorney general's office and my home state's. I hope they do something sooner rather than later.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 19, 2021

    This company is completely non-responsive to the average traveler. They NEVER answer their phone. Have waited on hold for hours and no one picks up. Today was our departure day. The countries we were to visit are in Level 4 alerts for COVID. This is of no concern to Vantage. One of the countries where we were to spend several days visiting is in complete lockdown for vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people. This is of no concern to Vantage. Their solution was just to "surprise" us with a new itinerary. We would not even known this but for the fact that the group leader was able to get through with her "magic" phone number. No information from them came to us directly.

    Vantage was of no help in every step along the way in the preparation for this trip. There were forms to fill out, covid testing to be done 72 hours before the trip and no one could help facilitate any of this. They NEVER answer their phone. Their "chat" line on the customer website site goes unanswered. We heard that this MUST be done to go and that MUST be done 72 hours before the flight to board. But no one from Vantage was helpful in facilitating and of the MUSTS.

    To send a group of most elderly people to countries where covid is at a level 4 with no option for a cancelation is unscrupulous. From the reviews we have read, this company is in a dire financial situation and because of this has no regard for the customers they have duped. We made the decision to not go on the trip. We will try to recoup some of our money or take a voucher for another trip but don't hold out hope for either. However, we felt our money was wasted if we went or if we didn't so we opted to not go and save ourselves the agony of traveling in lock downed countries, not seeing the sites we had planned to see and generally being masked up at every turn. Not our idea of a fun time.


    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2021

    After many very good Vantage tours in the past, we booked Luxury on the Nile for 2020, with both the extensions, business class upgraded airfare, insurance, and the highest class cabin. We paid in advance. With COVID, Vantage of course cancelled our 2020 trip and scheduled us for 2021. Unfortunately, they later cancelled our preextension, so we looked to 2022, but no date with all of our purchases was available. So then we looked to 2023 and found a date with all the previously paid for items available. Problem solved, right? WRONG! Vantage insists we have to pay over $7,000 more to get what we already have paid for. They also tell us they will refuse to refund our original purchase price! We really want to do this tour in 2023 and have done many very fine tours before with Vantage. Their stubborn unwillingness to make good on our purchased tour and price means they have lost our confidence.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2021

    On August 13, 2019, we made a reservation for departure on May 10, 2020. We paid in full at the time the reservation was completed (Invoice/Reservation #......-..). We had enjoyed previous trips with Vantage. Due to serious acute medical problems, non-COVID-19, in January 2020, we cancelled our reservation on February 4, 2020, with Cristina, Concierge, who directed us to the “Cancel Team”. We called that day and followed all the steps in their voice message. Nick in the Cancellation Department called us later that day and confirmed our refund of $15,287.00 plus Trip Mate refund that would take 30 days to process.

    On February 5, 2020, Henry ** sent a letter “keeping you in our thoughts and wishes you a full and speedy recovery”. March 11, 2020, WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic, which we are sure Vantage knew about months before and we know the pandemic has been devastating for the travel industry. That being acknowledged, we still awaited our refund. May 8, 2020, I spoke with Patrick, Concierge, who confirmed the amount of our refund, said “refunds are processed by the date submitted… Haven’t yet processed cancellations dated February 4, 2020… No estimate of when it would be processed”.

    On August 14, 2020, Vantage Customer Care replied to my email inquiry, “I see that your refund was initiated on 2/4/20.” Then stated, “staff limited... vendors backed up… working diligently…just going to take longer than normal.” On June 15, 2021, I emailed Vantage at providing our Account #, Invoice/Reservation #, PO Code, requesting an update on when our refund could be expected. We did not receive a response by email, phone or mail which is exceedingly disappointing and very poor customer service!

    Almost daily we receive a large volume of mailings and emails with travel itinerary information and continue today. Regrettably, serious ongoing medical problems prevent us from traveling now and making plans far out in the future. Now, over two (2) years after paying in full for our reservation and 19 months after cancelling, we have certainly not forgotten the Vantage promise of our confirmed refund and would appreciate the courtesy of communication informing us when we can expect our refund.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed July 29, 2021

    I booked a trip to Egypt for December 2021. I had questions about final payment and a misspelling of a name. Customer service never picks up after long wait times. Chat does not work. I wrote 5 emails with no response to my questions other than to look online. Covid is not an excuse. I traveled to Botswana in April and was in contact with company in US the entire time. I will not travel with a company with no service personnel. I just cancelled by mail but I guess they will figure it out when they get no money. I will stick to companies I know that provide personal service and that will answer questions. Might cost a bit more but worth peace of mind. Go elsewhere!!

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed July 23, 2021

    I paid for "France Culinary Delights". They canceled the tour and substituted "Gems of the Seine". They refuse to refund my payment even though the terms state that they will return all payments promptly if the tour is canceled. They refuse all phone communication. Their terms state that they are registered with the California seller of travel program. The Office of the Attorney General states that that is not true.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 10, 2021

    After three cancellations (one called postponement) we have not gotten our refund on our river cruise! They do not respond to anything! My attorney has written our demand letter, Chase Bank has given up on our credit card refund and I am having difficulty in finding the service agent here in California to sue them! What a mess. Vantage has not been licensed to do business here in California since 2017 under their supposed Vantage Deluxe World Travel name?

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel
    Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to John’s review. We sincerely apologize for the severe delays that we continue to experience due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic. Our team would like to investigate your matter further. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account with the information provided to us by Consumer Affairs. Please send us an email to with either your customer number or reservation number so our team can locate your account, investigate your concerns and respond accordingly. We look forward to receiving your email and assisting you further.


    Reviewed April 8, 2021

    Sadly, we must join others who have been promised a refund from Vantage, but don’t get it. We paid in full in November 2019 and cancelled June 2020. We received an email on 8-5-2020 stating that “we are due a refund if $15,483 and we would receive it 10 days after we signed their release form which we sent the next day. Like many others, we have never received any refund and February 2021 we received a letter from Vantage Tripmate stating that they have determined that “the travel protection plan doesn’t cover our trip cancellation claim.” Now we continue to receive beautiful Vantage magazines offering “risk free cancellation.” This would have been our 4th trip with Vantage and we thought it was a company we could trust. Any future travel will be with Silverseas. We also had a trip booked with them. They refunded our money when they had to cancel before we even asked for it.

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel
    Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Kathleen’s review. We sincerely apologize for the severe delays that we continue to experience due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic. Our team would like to investigate your matter further. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account with the information provided to us by Consumer Affairs. Please send us an email to with either your customer number or reservation number so our team can locate your account, investigate your concerns and respond accordingly. We look forward to receiving your email and assisting you further.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 15, 2021

    Although we are President Club Members, and have traveled with Vantage many times in the past without complaint, we are extremely disappointed in how Vantage dealt with us regarding the 9/8/2020 trip they cancelled in/about August, 2020. Some time after that time, Vantage scheduled us for an October 2021 river cruise without consulting us (Reservation # **).

    We have emailed Vantage several times to cancel the 10/12/2021 trip. We did not ask for it or sign up for it. Vantage booked a cabin (our original trip had a suite). The trip does not have the events or tours offered for the original trip, nor does it have the free after-trip extension to Versailles. The ship (which Vantage does not own) does not have the features of the original ship (e.g. free laundry services, complimentary mini bar, etc.). The value of this trip is much less than what we paid for the 2020 trip. We have emailed Vantage at least 6 times asking them to cancel. Their response is that we have to talk to customer service. Several emails said that we would be contacted by customer service (we have not!!). Multiple attempts by us to call all end up with our being on hold, without getting through.

    Today, their email said, in part; "Thank you for your email. You currently have an active reservation. Please understand that we are unable to begin any cancellation procedures via our email or chat portals. We require our guests to call us directly to initiate." Vantage will not address that we did not initiate the reservation. Per MA consumer law, Vantage is required to issue a refund for the 9/2020 trip they cancelled. Vantage refuses to do so. Today, I would give Vantage 0 stars, but the lowest rating I can give is 1 star. Shame on Vantage!!!

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel
    Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Peter’s concerns. We share in his disappointment with our decision to modify and postpone our 2020 departures (and 2021 departures through August 25, 2021) due to the unprecedented Government restrictions imposed on travel due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Please understand, Peter is not due a refund as per our Terms and Conditions which were agreed to by the customer upon making their initial reservation. We specifically refer to our Alterations and Modifications Section where it clearly states:

    “We reserve the right to modify tour itineraries and substitute hotels and accommodations in our discretion … Additionally, Vantage may, for any reason, without prior notice, cancel a cruise; deviate from the scheduled ports of call, route and timetable; call or omit to call at any port or place or cancel or modify any activity on or off the vessel; take any and all necessary action to comply with all governmental laws and orders given by governmental authorities; render assistance to preserve life and property; change the date or time of sailing or arrival, change the port of embarkation or disembarkation, shorten the cruise or substitute a vessel or other transportation or lodging. Vantage is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of such cancellations or deviations.”

    These same terms are always available via our website and can also be found at the bottom of the webpage “Terms and Conditions”. Vantage reserves the right to postpone our journeys due to Force Majeure.

    As such, Peter was given the option to move to a 2021 departure of the same trip and be price protected or receive trip cost credit plus an additional incentive credit amount to be applied towards any Vantage Cruise or Adventure Tour departing on or before the end of 2022.

    Currently, he has an active and open reservation our October 12th, 2021 departure of our Seine River Cruise. He can view this reservation within his My Portfolio Account. Please understand if the postponed departure date does not work for Peter, he may move to any other available Vantage Cruise or Adventure Tour or accept the future credit offer including the additional credit incentive to be applied later towards any Vantage Cruise or Adventure Tour departing on or before the end of 2022.

    In conclusion, Peter is not eligible for a refund as stated above. Peter will need to contact us directly if he would like to modify his current reservation or accept one of the other options available to him. We regret that some callers are experiencing longer than normal hold times when calling, however our team is here answering incoming calls and responding to email correspondence during our normal business hours. We look forward to assisting him.

    Reviewed March 13, 2021

    We scheduled and prepaid for an expensive trip to Africa in August. The trip was cancelled to be rescheduled at a TBD date in March. We cannot make another trip like this for 3 weeks because we had planned for months on how and when we could take this 3 week trip. We paid $24,000 up front for the trip. We are now being denied a refund due to contractual obligations. We do not know when or if this trip will be rescheduled, and we do not know if Vantage is still going to be in business over the next 2 years due to the impact of the pandemic. We are engaging an attorney to assist us. If any of you are experiencing the same issues and want to engage in a class action suit, please reach out to me. I think this is outrageous under the circumstances and want my money back.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed March 1, 2021

    Updated on 04/04/2022: This company is fine if you don’t need to collect on trip insurance. If you do, you will find it impossible to do so. Our travel companion’s wife DIED and this was not deemed a reason to submit a claim for reimbursement! Our trip, originally scheduled for 2020 but cancelled (covid), resulted in a broken promise to refund our money (even though we received a letter from Henry Lewis (founder and CEO) promising to do just that. They forced us to reschedule in 2022 and, during that period, our friend’s wife died. Vantage says it’s the insurer’s problem and Trip Mate (their insurer) says vantage will not approve the claim (Not a valid reason!). Neither will let us talk to a supervisor and efforts to reach a live person who can help simply go to hold and never get answered. Please beware of this company and pay attention to the scores of reviews with the same problem.

    Original Review: After 5 (mostly) good trips with Vantage, I had a trip booked in spring 2020. Vantage canceled and rescheduled for a date I could not use due to previous obligations. I called and asked for a refund (which was promised in writing (in a letter from the President and CEO). The rep said refunds "were not an option". This was repeated on further calls. Their explanation was that, in the small print, they reserved to change terms when and however they want, the letter notwithstanding. With no other options, I rescheduled the trip for 2022, hoping they would still be in business. Then, they forgot to include the almost $1000 I had prepaid for excursions in the rebooking - another needless wrinkle I now have to fight... Try Viking, etc for more reliable trips and better policies.

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel
    Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Greene’s concerns. As we explained to Greene in our email to him dated February 11, 2021, the email from Mr. Lewis sent April of 2020, did not give blanket refunds into infinity but addressed the Future Travel Credits. This is clearly stated in the email Greene referred to: “You'll have 12 months from the date of issue to utilize your Future Travel Credit; if you are unable to use your credit after 12 months, Vantage will be happy to issue a refund of the original amount paid.”

    Our records indicate that Greene chose to cancel his reservation and move the funds into a “Pending Reservation” or Future Travel Credit on April 07, 2020. We further show that on April 13, 2020 he chose to apply the Future Travel Credits/Pending Reservation into a confirmed reservation for our Portugal & Spain: Treasures along the Golden Douro River Cruise.

    Please understand that on April 13, 2020 he chose to use his Future Travel Credits when he applied them to his current confirmed reservation. Once the Credits were converted to a confirmed reservation are then bound by our Terms and Conditions.

    On November 27, 2020, Vantage made the decision to postpone his departure due to the pandemic. This made the reservation ineligible for a cash refund. We made him aware of this in our Terms and Conditions, within the Alterations and Modifications Section where it states:

    “We reserve the right to modify tour itineraries and substitute hotels and accommodations in our discretion… Additionally, Vantage may, for any reason, without prior notice, cancel a cruise; deviate from the scheduled ports of call, route and timetable; call or omit to call at any port or place or cancel or modify any activity on or off the vessel; take any and all necessary action to comply with all governmental laws and orders given by governmental authorities; render assistance to preserve life and property; change the date or time of sailing or arrival, change the port of embarkation or disembarkation, shorten the cruise or substitute a vessel or other transportation or lodging. Vantage is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of such cancellations or deviations.”

    We understand that his departure date has been modified and postponed a few times due to the ongoing pandemic and he currently has a confirmed departure for April 8, 2022.

    Regarding the Optional Tours Greene References, for 2022, Vantage has moved to a more inclusive environment and are now including all touring for the majority of our journeys. Because if this and Greene’s ineligibility for a refund with this reservation, our Accounting Team is in the process of creating a Future Travel Certificate for $838.00 in Optional Tours that he previously paid for. We regret that this is delayed in processing, however once processed Greene will be able to see this Future Travel Certificate within his Travel Rewards section within his My Portfolio Account.

    In conclusion, Greene’s reservation is not eligible to receive a cash refund due to our Terms and Conditions as explained above. We appreciate Greene’s continued patience while our team processes his Future Travel Certificate for the Optional Tours as explained above.

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