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Vacation Village Resorts

Weston, FL

Vacation Village Resorts
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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 17, 2018

        My husband and I were selected for a free getaway at Williamsburg Plantation in Virginia. We thought it was a scam, so I read as much information as I found about it. Although the reviews were not good, we decided to give it a shot since it was close to our hometown, if anything, we could just go back home. Turned out to be a great experience! The hotel was beautiful, clean, spacious and the staff very friendly. We were mesmerized!

        Next morning we went for the timeshare presentation - the whole purpose of the getaway giveaway. We were worried that the designated people would be pushy and would make the whole experience a nightmare. But on the contrary, we were very satisfied with that. The saleswoman Jennifer, her director Ira and her manager David were fun, friendly and polite. After negotiating for a while - and please do not be afraid to bargain - my husband and I disagreed on this being the right time to buy it. But if you plan to take a vacation regularly, I recommend these people. Thanks to Vacation Village Resorts and Williamsburg Plantation for providing us with such a great time!

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 9, 2018

        I filled out a form in Pizza Hut a few weeks ago and heard back from these folks. They offered me a "vacation package" and hard-sold me on a timeshare tour. I was told that I had to make a decision immediately and that I could call back later and cancel once I spoke to my husband, if need be. When I called back to cancel an hour later, I was forwarded to a woman named "Ronnie" in management that claimed to have worked for Marriott for and then was in this company for "17 years". A last name was not provided. She spoke at me for a solid 10 minutes about how I would have a fabulous time at their Massanutten Resort location and that it would be great and I'd be treated like royalty. These folks aren't BBB certified and gave me the response that they "had been certified 5 years ago, but our company is so big that they wanted to charge us too much to be on there. And you get nothing from it anyway."

        I let her finish her script and asked if she could please cancel the reservation so someone else could have it. She told me that she couldn't do that because "you waste a vacation" and she couldn't give it to someone else, despite them having not sent any of the "paperwork" over to the resort. At first, Ronnie tried to find a solution, which I appreciated, but my husband put his foot down that he was not comfortable with the manner in which these folks contacted me, the processes, the lack of verifiable information, or the excuses about their card system.

        Ronnie did not like that and got upset with me. She told me that I was wasting her time and a vacation and that she would be refunding me and then she thought she hung up. She muted me but left the line on... where she proceeded to start speaking poorly of me until I said, "Ma'am, I didn't receive a confirmation number and I can hear you". She then hung up on me officially. I'm currently in contact with my credit card company to verify that the transaction is being handled but I would firmly recommend staying AWAY from this firm. It's just a scam. If you're really interested in a timeshare, you find an agent for that - they don't come to you with some too-good-to-be-true deal.

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        21 people found this review helpful
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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Sept. 5, 2018

        I received a call from a company that said I won a $200 TGI Friday's gift card and a 3 day, 2 night vacation at the Williamsburg Plantations in Virginia because I filled out a form at TGIF's. The woman told me I could take the gift card and the vacation if I did a quick tour of the resort on my own, but I would only have until the end of September to take the vacation. Or, I could take a $100 Visa gift card and I'd have an entire year to take the vacation days. I would just have to pay a $75 deposit and my husband and I would have to do a "quick 90 minute guided tour" and the deposit would be refunded on the gift card. The woman assured me it wasn't a sales pitch and they just wanted to make sure we knew everything about the resort because they rely on word of mouth for advertising. What could go wrong???

        Everything. We checked in for our tour a few minutes early and were told to have a seat and help ourselves to some stale coffee. A few minutes later a very nice woman named Brenda came in and introduced herself and explained that we were going to take a ride in her car and she was going to treat us to lunch before our tour. This was at 1pm. She took us to a restaurant and had us look through a photo album of trips her and her honey have taken since they got a timeshare.

        We went into the restaurant where she presented the young man at the door with a piece of paper and led us into an area where a buffet was set up. We helped ourselves to some pretty decent food and sat down with Brenda. She started with some "getting to know you better" questions and once we finished eating she starts asking about the last time we took a vacation and where we'd like to go in the next 5 and 10 years. She keeps enforcing that vacations aren't a luxury; they're a necessity. We finished eating and went back to her car. She tells us that she's supposed to take us back to the office for a presentation but she wants us to see one of the resorts first. "Shhh... Don't tell them we did it this way. I'm not supposed to show you yet." We tour one of the resorts and she takes us back to the office.

        On several occasions she tells us "but if my boss asks, I didn't tell you that. Act surprised." We go to the resort office and she shows us an incredibly packed pool. She takes us upstairs and has us sit down. She starts going over some books and comparing the costs of hotels vs. the cost of a timeshare for a week. Brenda threw out some pretty ridiculous numbers saying that with inflation, a hotel in Virginia Beach will cost $1,200 in 3 years. Yeah right. Then she says her boss wants to talk to us but we have to make it seem like we're going to go look at the property. She says we can go to this little cubby hole to have a cigarette but she'd be right back. We go to the cubby and within a few minutes a man comes over and says something about the person who sold to him didn't smoke so he was going to join us.

        Right away I notice that this man is at the pool "swimming with his family" but he's fully clothed and get this... he has fake tattoos on his forearms. I don't know everything, but I know I won't trust a grown man with fake tattoos. Random conversation ensues and he says "oh I'm just here to tell you about the cons." Yep, he's in on the sales pitch too. Then Brenda asks how much he got his timeshare for and he says $32,000. She tells him we'll get ours for much cheaper and in Orlando, and he seems agitated and walks away. Brenda says "when you meet my boss and he gives you a price, don't buy until I say 'oh wow' because that's going to be the best deal.

        So she takes us back upstairs and goes to get her boss. Husband and I agreed at the beginning that we weren't buying anything because we're not in a position to do so. We also agree that fake tattoos guy was strategically placed. Brenda brings her boss Dave over. Dave seems nice at first. He tells us he can sell us the timeshare for like $28k with $3500 down and then whatever the monthly payments are.

        We tell Dave that because of an expensive custody battle we can't afford that. So then he gives us the "oh wow" number. No money down, $285 a month. Nope, sorry Dave, can't do it. He then goes into explaining how he was in a custody battle in Massachusetts and he offered $550 a week in child support so he could get joint custody. And "if I can afford this after $550 a week in child support, anyone can afford it. And if you can afford to buy an Apple Watch (after seeing mine) I know you can afford it too. We make money available for what we want." Nope, sorry Dave, still can't do it. He gradually becomes more aggressive in his pitch and here comes another "oh wow" number that he's never offered anyone before. No money down, $185 a month. We tell him we CANNOT do it, so he begrudgingly asks Brenda for our slip so he can sign it off and we can get our prizes.

        Brenda takes us back to the office, which is right by a crappy hotel, and leads us back into an office. (After saying 3 times that she wasn't going to meet her quota for the day because she sells every single day) A very nice woman tells us she's just there to do a survey. We tell her Brenda was great but Dave was aggressive and unfriendly. She asks the final number Dave gave us and we said it was $12,000-something. "Oh yeah, $12,998" But Dave had never offered it before??? Yeah, ok. "Well, what if I can offer it to you at this number?" and she writes $75 on the paper. No lady, we're still not doing this. So she says, "Okay, go ahead and go to the front desk and sign for your gifts and exit right here," and walks away.

        We sign for our gifts - the 3 day, 2 night vacation and a Visa gift card with $175 on it. Now it's 4pm. That "90 minute tour" took 3 hours. So with traffic, we ended up wasting 6 hours total that day. I read the fine print on the vacation printout and here's what they don't tell you: from June thru September you can't use it during the weekend or on holidays. You have to select 3 sets of dates and mail the request in. They will choose what dates you can stay or they will suggest some other dates if the ones you ask for aren't available.

        Once you establish when you're going, they'll call you to collect a $75 deposit that's refundable (by gift card) upon check in. It also says in the fine print that if a room isn't available at check in they will put you in a local hotel! So even if you've reserved a condo and you've paid the deposit, you might still end up in a local hotel. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP. If they call you and say you won, politely decline and ask to be on the DNC list. I wish I had done that. I probably won't even use the "free" vacation. These people need to be shut down.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Aug. 29, 2018

        I was cold called and offered a weekend getaway for $99 and a sales tour. I wanted to check with my wife before committing and was told I had to make a deposit at that time but could cancel if need be and refunded the money. I attempted to cancel at a later date and was told on the phone there were no refunds. I asked for a manager and was told one would call me back. This never happened. I called back four weeks later and was told by a manager there would be no refunds on promotions. I explained that was not what I was told on the sales call and asked the manager to pull the call. I was told the sales calls aren't recorded, which I find hard to believe. Companies should not lie to earn a buck. It's $99 so not the end of the world, but it's a direct reflection of how I am sure people are treated when they fall victim to a company like this. I will never deal with their resorts again.

        25 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 31, 2018

        Currently my family is staying at this resort. After a long trip we had a late check in. Went to the room and while I was sleep I woke up itching. When I went to take a shower a bug fell off of me. "Bed Bug". Thankful we didn't unpack. Woke up and went and informed the front desk. Yes, my room was changed to another room a door down from the room we was in. I don't know if they know that bed bugs usually carry from room to room especially since the room is located right next to the one they move us into. The room still have an musty smell. It's horrible that they think it's ok for people to stay at this resort in rooms in this condition. I will never spend a dime here again. Services is far below what the services should be. I sent an email to corporate office and has yet to receive a response. DON'T STAY HERE. "STAY AWAY FROM THIS RESORT"!!!

        20 people found this review helpful
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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 5, 2018

        Vacation Village @ Weston - When you get invited for the first time through the MainLine division, they offer you to buy weeks. They already have other advanced programs but want to spend several thousands of dollars in what they call their in house department. They also state that they will no longer be selling deeds which is a lie because the timeshares are not becoming 25 year leases. Please be careful when purchasing through this company!

        15 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 27, 2018

        I talked to a lady named Keisha! We listened to all her info and when we tried to explain that we didn’t have the money right now, twice, because we just got back from vacation she got really rude and talked real fast and said she’d mark it on the paper or whatever she said. Couldn’t understand her because she was talking so fast and very very rude!

        21 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 28, 2018

        Hi, I have politely but sternly asked the persistent callers from Vacation Villas Florida to remove my name and contact details from their telephone list. I gave them the true reason that I am a full time career for my mother who is dying from inoperative 4th (final) stage uterine and cervical cancer having chemotherapy and radium treatments but they continue to call me on average every 6 days (sometimes from their different phone numbers). Has anyone got any advice about USA harassment? I don't want to change my mobile (cell phone) number as I locked into a long discount plan but I don't know if the FBI does anything unless it is a serious complaint like a homicide. I don't want to involve a lawyer as I'm not earning any money. What are the easiest/cheapest steps to stop them calling me from their different phones?

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 9, 2018

        We received several calls from what was told to us “Williamsburg Plantation Owner services”, requesting that I and my husband come down to Williamsburg for an owners’ meeting. I specifically asked what this meeting was about and we were told that the meeting was an “INFORMATIVE MEETING” that would provide us with information on our weeks that we “CURRENTLY OWN”. This briefing was to informed us of all the great and wonderful things that are going on, and the changes that are happening at Williamsburg. How the units are being updated and how to manage our weeks. Then the representative told us that we need to provide a credit card so that we can put down a refundable $75 dollars. Plus just for attending will receive a $100 Visa gift card and a 3-day and 2-night stay to return to Williamsburg.

        My husband specially stated that if this is a sales presentation we are not interested and the representative assured us this was not a sales presentation. He asked that question twice and twice we were told that it was not a sales presentation. (LIED). We arrived ten minutes early for our 1 pm appointment and was told to have a seat on the bench in front of the fireplace. My husband asked the representative, “Why do we have to sit down, we are not here for a sales pitch.” She assured him that he wasn’t again. Then Mr. **, came and got us and stated that he didn’t know what they were having for lunch but he will check it out. My husband again said that we were not here for a sales presentation nor were we there for a lunch. So, Mr. **, told us that we will have to wait for him to eat his lunch and he will sit there and eat it in front of us, WHAT GALL!

        I told my husband that we were there for an owners’ meeting, not a sales presentation and no one said otherwise, Mr. **, or the representatives checking us in. This was a blatant bait and switch. Our appointment was at 1 pm and at ten minutes to 3 my husband informed Mr. **, that we had to leave and he purposely dragged his feet. I felt his attitude was very condescending and disrespectful. His descriptive explanation of what our ownership entails was not “ONLY IN MY HEAD”. He had the nerve to tell me that what we own is not worth anything. Basically the paper that it is written on is worthless and we really don’t own anything. Also, in the upcoming years, we will not have any trading power with the “RED” float weeks that we currently own. Since he feels that we don’t own any “RED” weeks. I guess we are paying management fees and taxes annually because we are cheerful givers.

        After my husband informed him that we had to leave he stated that he is not moving any faster than what he is currently going. After we were subjected to his basketball stories and his military career and his short skit working for a known urgent care facility. His children in college. He could have used that time to inform us that this was indeed a “SALES PITCH”.

        We told him that we did not agree to a sales pitch, we came here under the pretense that we attending a OWNERS’ MEETING!!! Then requested that we complete a form stating what he went over with us and what was the main reason that we take vacations. I annotated because we wanted to relax not that we wanted to leave a legacy for our children. Heck, our children are grown and own their own timeshares. Then requested that we sign his form stating that he went over that information with us and then he asked for our driver's license and without our consent, he ran our credit. We did not agree to allow anyone to run our credit, as my husband constantly informed Mr. **, that we were not buying anything. Then he left the table and came back with a sales proposal, WHAT!!! We did not ask for a SALES proposal, we wanted to know more about our current ownership.

        We again expressed the fact that we were not interested in buying anything, we were here for an owner's informative meeting. His attitude was that of a contemptuous, arrogant individual that was full of hostility, and the fact that we did not want to play along made him more rancorous. That is when I left the table. We are grown adults and NO ONE has the right to talk to us in such a condescending manner as if we are children.

        Both of us have retired from the US Army and with 22 years respectively. Our children are grown and college graduates as well. We are also, grandparents in our own rights. We were not there to be chastised by any means. I went seeking anyone that would reimburse my husband his downpayment and keep whatever gifts that they wanted to offer us. We don’t need nor care to have that. Then this pompous man had the audacity to argue with me down the elevator.

        Once we reached the basement level of the elevator we were introduced to “P” who stated that he wanted to know how we were treated by Mr. **. Here we go again, we informed him that based on the telephone call that we received that we were under the impression that we were there for an owners’ meeting to discuss our current ownership. NOT to sit through a briefing. I told him that we wanted our $75-dollar deposit back and he could keep any and all of the gifts that we were supposed to be receiving as we felt that we were misled from the start of this deceptive journey. He stated that he could not give us back our deposit until he finishes his sales pitch. Rubbish!!!

        Then Mr. ** told me to call owners services and they will provide me with any updates on what is happening at Williamsburg Plantation. I really did not have to come to this meeting for that. Then he asked again, what did we think this meeting was about. I again told him that we were to meet with owner services of Williamsburg Plantation and get updates on what was happening with current ownership.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 8, 2018

        Booked this as a timeshare thru an Rci owner so I spent a nice amount for a 2 bedroom even though they used points to get my room. Upon arrival check in was rather fast even though the lady went over to a supervisor to ask some questions. She came back telling me she was asking if my room was clean. I knew she was lying. Well to get your parking pass you have to go to guest services...aka where they try to hook you into signing up for a timeshare presentation. I handed over a deposit of $20 to secure a time slot in a rush to get back to my family because it was 16 hours in a car. Well we were assigned to room 8405 and b.

        Twenty minutes later some other guests checked in above us and the noise and slamming doors and jumping and screaming was insane. I tried to call the front desk and they were unreachable. I tried at least 20 times and nothing. So I got in my car and drove to the main desk. I was informed the front desk button doesn't work and instead dial 0 and that the resort does not enforce rules until after 10pm. So basically it’s a free for all. I spoke with a manager and she was nice and understood and offered to put us on a higher floor facing the pool. Thankfully that solved that issue.

        But this hotel has paper thin walls and no one to enforce rules. Next no onsite restaurants so you are forced to leave for everything. Then one follows any rules. Not the workers, they smoke on the balconies, make calls and if you ask me hardly work. The pool was super crowded at building 8/9. And then you see them walk some scary individuals through the resort for their timeshare presentations. Literally makes you wonder where they find these people.

        So now to the pool. Imagine a crowded pool and multiple footballs being tossed at once. I suffer from severe arthritis and hurt my neck dodging them only to have one hit my aunt and then get into a altercation as a result of the resort not being proactive. But here is the kicker. We had pool attendant call for security and she couldn't get thru so a driver came and then a maintenance director. Then all late 2 female security guards. Once again nothing could be done. What a crappy resort. Who allows guests to be harassed by other guests. They do.

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