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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Vacation Internationale?
    • 4,461,376 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed July 22, 2023

    I am literally in tears writing this, My husband and I got suckered into come to our presentation and you get a complete free trip.. We did, then we got suckered into buying.. I feel like the biggest idiot EVER. They asked our family size, asked what we like to do, showed us all the amazing thing you can do.. We thought, wow this is amazing and there's so many things we can do within driving distance. We came back a few weeks later to "learn how to use it." Still thinking wow this is great, there show us even more things we can get, but only if we upgrade today and even better we'd own it, we can leave it to our children when we die. So... You guessed it, we did.. Finally a few months after that, we tried to book things, and we could not, they are all booked. We continued trying, even booked things we didn't want to do, just so we could do something.

    A year later we get to meet with out people and discuss what we think. Let me tell you did I let them know how terrible it was. Guess what they did, offered more "free trips" and explained, that it was out fault, we were using it wrong. They then go to show us, even more amazing things that we didn't see the first two times, showed us how easy it was, showed us things available that were never there when I tried, so we fell for it.... Ugh, and they said, by the way if you do this now, you will own it forever, we said we thought we already did... Nope I guess not, or maybe we did, who knows what's true and what's not. So we once again signed and STILL CANNOT BOOK ANYTHING, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GO ON A WAIT LIST AND IF YOU'RE LUCKY YOU MIGHT GET IT... Someone please tell me there's a way for me to get out of this without paying an arm and leg for legal help...

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    Reviewed May 8, 2023

    This is a joke. We signed up after the hour-long marketing presentation at the fair (warning #1, they advertise at the fair). We bought - hook, line and sinker - that they actually offered honest vacations. We were given certificates and trusted them. We did not read the fine print. The certificates say Mexico or somewhere on the front - but read the fine print! We found it very expensive - the monthly charges - and very hard to use. Compared to free travel assistance, or rewards programs, VI is a joke. Oh, and when we attempted to cancel, after dumping over 8K and not going anywhere, they continued to bill us. They really need to be regulated.

    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2023

    Nick at the Las Vegas location was wonderful, and we had a great experience. We weren't able to get what was offered, but we will definitely keep them in mind in case our situation changes in the future.

    Contract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    We were brought to VI by a friend who worked for them. We were told we could use as a points enhancement to our Worldmark timeshare. This was a lie, you can book worldmark properties through VI, you cannot add to your points for Worldmark, to book the Worldmark properties it used up all your points, plus some cash. We were told the benefits of ownership in VI after the grueling presentation. As having bought a timeshare years before we understood mostly what we were getting into. What we did not see or notice was the small print, they get you with all the talking. You can have a week of vacation every other year for this 6K, but you only rent the vacation time. Our 6K bought us 12 years of ownership. A detailed skipped by our family and friends who bought into this.

    We used the vacation about three or four times. The rooms were nice, they were clean, they were not awesome, their pools were sub par and they were not as nice as our other time shares or a hotel for that matter. It was disappointing to know we paid 6K, $762 every other year for a rental timeshare. Don't let them talk the whole time while you are signing, read the tiny print in the contract. We definitely got bamboozled by a friend introducing us for the sale. We trusted that our friend wouldn't sign us up for an expensive lie on a presentation. We were wrong, I could have stayed at luxury hotels for less than what I spent for this rental ownership. Learn from our mistake. Would you spend more than $15,544 in 12 years on luxury resorts you can use every other year? Probably not.

    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2022

    Scam business...They're a joke trying to scam people in buying timeshares. They're not at all good at it either..Hope they have another job...It's actually rather entertaining how bad they are as a "sales rep"..

    Sales & MarketingStaffReliability

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

    We were swindled into "signing up" for a "free vacation" to sit through a seminar. The ordeal would take 90 minutes of our time, "No pressure" to buy anything and to get a free trip to Disney on the other side of this to sit through the speech. There has to be a catch right? Yup. So we get invited to their Tukwila office not far from South Center Mall in WA. We walk in, very legit seeming. Very friendly staff. No issues so far. We sign in, they want to see our ID and a major credit card, just to verify identity. They never wrote anything down or ran the card. Seems okay enough...

    We get in the main conference area. Loud music playing in the space and everyone is smiling and wearing Tommy Bahama shirts and khakis. Seem very islander and everyone is on vacation. Cool right? So we sit with a gentleman who starts out using profanity, often with us, I later believe was to make us feel comfortable. This 30 minutes was him asking us a lot of personal details about our lives, all pretty much hinging on our relationship. He mentions my make, model and year of my vehicle without me mentioning it or putting that on paper. How her and I would soon be marrying, wanted ages of our kids I had from a previous marriage and our child together. We are both in public service, what a weird coincidence, he's former military. I believe this was either a false story of his military time or they had him choose us for the public service piece and reliability.

    There is ZERO talk about what they're selling us or trying to in this time. I call this the ice breaker time. We have our walls up. She's getting irritated. I am keeping my wits about me. The loud music was nauseating and disorienting. Jimmy Buffet cranked sorta thing. We're two feet from this guy and we're all yelling over the music. It's ridiculous. Constantly being interrupted by other salesmen coming up to us with nearly seemingly scripted banter they planned at certain times. Think 80's standup comedy but worse. We all, and by all I mean one other couple, pile into another area separated from where we were by a wall. Now is the presentation. "Presentation", ha.

    It's another 30 minutes of listening to the actual sales pitch, sorta. It's a lot of dates and "the Bobs" (being their founders both having the name Bob) by a shorter male. He was nice enough but was cringy 90% of the time. We wrap it up, go back to our original tables with our former military guy. Then he is trying to tell us about the packages. Here is the sales pitch right? Hell no. It's more banter, his "boss" comes over, a lumbering tall Italian guy. They all have a story. His was having married a white girl who wasn't italian and his grandfather being racist and disappointed. Eye roll emote here. He evidently also has a developmentally challenged child which I seriously hope is NOT just a story cuz how messed up would that be?

    Anyhow, the former military dude mentions him coming from a broken family... it was like this. All intended to make the potential customer feel pressured into buying. Relatability and making you feel bad is their goal here. I could not speak about how crap this was enough. So the Italian dude, he's cringy, stares at you when he makes lame jokes, just uncomfortable. We now are to follow him into his office. We walk in looking at the time being well over 90 minutes at this point from start to finish. We have kids waiting at home, things to do, better things to do like root canals or castration with a brick. We sit. We wait. He comes in, finally the sales pitch, no joke. It's finally happening.

    $6K and change gets us the thing they're trying to sell us. Wait, you can't do that?! Okay, here's a special employee only deal, $3K. Can't do that either eh? Okay, super secret deal, I would get fired if they knew kinda deal. $1600, $170 or so monthly gets you points and this that and the other. We're done at this point. I ask him if he has a business card, can we circle back, his demeanor totally changes. Says "no, you can't. No, I have no business cards. This is right now commitment". I told him nope and we were leaving. He gets all huffy with us, "hold up, can't leave yet, I need to give you your free gift". I said no, that's okay and I wanted to leave now. He blocks my egress and says he has to have me sign off for the gift whether I wanted it or not. I am now looking at their lobby which has no door knobs to exit the front. Ah yes, when we entered they buzzed us in. I am now feeling like I am being illegally detained.

    I am eyeballing the fire exit thinking what are they going to do. He comes back, we sign, he's very aggressive telling me he doesn't care if we use the Disney trip or not and to stay, let's talk more. I charge the exit door with my girl behind me ready to fight my way out if I need to. He follows, motions to the clerk up front to buzz the doors open and we walk out with him up my backside the whole way talking in my ear and then snidely says "you folks take real good care now" as he watches us leave the parking lot.

    I felt completely violated both emotionally and psychologically. I felt like I needed to shower, no joke. The whole ordeal was intended to swindle people from their money. Relatability, manipulation. They also need you to be a couple. They will not see you if you're alone and they do not allow you to separate to discuss. It's all very intentional, organized manipulation. I studied psychology many lifetimes ago, this was all very well planned out, methodical and precise. Looking back everything was orchestrated to make us feel comfortable, let our guard down and be pressured into making a poor financial decision. It was calculated and intentional. Nothing was unscripted, everything was driving toward bilking innocent people out of their money.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2022

    I made the HUGE mistake of buying into this crap. Everything that you do with these people you have to pay. They lure you into by saying "call us, we're here to help you book your next vacation and save you money with the flies as well." Well, they'll want money for that. The first time I had to pay the enormous amount of $647 for the annual maintenance fee, they add a $69 w/out asking you for some type of magazine that help you "save" even more. When you question it then they try to tell you that you should keep it bec of all the benefits. False!

    After sending this $647 thru WF Bill Pay, they still kept sending me emails that I haven't paid. I opened a claim with WF BP to investigate where this money went (VI took the money but never credited it to my account). I tried to call them many times, sent emails, and left voice mails to let them know about my findings but to no avail. Nobody responded. I think that I should report them to the District Attorney. I am surprised these people haven't got sued yet. I even called their management company, EQUAINT, but they're the same. I waited over an hour and nobody comes on the line to speak to you. Do yourself and your family a favor, STAY AWAY from these creeps.

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2021

    First, I see a lot of complaints about the sales process - yes it is sometimes frustrating, and sometimes the sales folks are not as honest as I would like - but hey you were the one wanting free stuff... So buyer beware and don't let them push you into anything. Never fall for the " have to buy today to get this deal" trick - there is always another deal another day. But remember the sales process does not really have much to do with the resort experience.

    We have about 3 weeks worth of points (almost all bought on the resale market and then transferred in when Pacific Shores went belly up) and we have found VI resorts timeshare program to be excellent. Their resorts range in quality from middling to good and the value is always excellent. If you are content to work within their system, and you get up to the platinum level of their prestige program, the value can't be beat.

    When we used to be RCI members - it seemed like we were always paying too many extra fees - A typical holiday might cost $300-600 to book (RCI membership, transfer points, extend points, high booking fees etc.) so we quit that entirely. Now at VI we pay $20 for each booking - that's it. If there is a change, they are usually very keen to make things work. If you cancel more than 30 days out, you get your points back (or 24 hours if you choose to pay for last minute cancelation insurance). If you have another timeshare that you don't want to use one year, you can deposit it and get a fair return in points. Been a VI owner for about 10 years and very happy with the product value and service.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

    I have been a member of VI since 1980 (purchased in Puerto Vallarta). I have always enjoyed using it, units reliably clean and in excellent condition, problems addressed immediately. I like the way the point system works, but it is true that the most popular resorts must be booked a year in advance (Puerto Vallarta, Leavenworth, Ocean Shores and some of the Hawaii locations). It is absolutely NOT true that the more points you have the more benefits you get. The only way to get to reserve more than a year out is to pay to get on an advanced reservation list. We do have the ability to “bank” points for three years, and after that they are gone.

    There is a legitimate third-party (Anderson, retired gentleman’s hobby) site that is free that sends a newsletter out listing points for sale and usually needs odds and ends that are unused for other people who don’t quite have enough. Think family reunion. In my years of experience, both the resort staff and VI phone staff are wonderful, courteous and respectful. Part of my enjoyment is seeing the same staff at the resorts time after time. Management finally put restrictions in place to keep other other timeshares (Diamond, etc.) from claiming all of our locations were in their system and disallowing block advance reservations. I feel like we have our timeshare back, to some extent.

    Virtually all of the negative reviews are from people who thought they could get something for nothing, then when the third party sales people did not provide all that was promised and were rude, they blame VI. The reason they can’t tell you what company they are calling from is that they are calling for so many different ones. We do not have a property in Cabo, or several others that were mentioned. Additionally, the owners own all of the properties in trust. When another company TRIED to take us over and stole lots of Torres Mazatlan property, it cost us quite a bit to get it all back.

    We now no longer farm out to another management company and strictly keep it under our control. Part of the reason it is hard to get into some of our original resorts is that we have bailed out so many small failing timeshares to keep them out of bankruptcy. Consequently, we have lots more run down properties, or otherwise not prime, with many more members. Additionally, management has finally put restrictions in place to stop other timeshares (Diamond, etc.) from claiming our properties as part of their inventory.

    They also stopped “block” advance reservations from these same companies. So, please do not blame VI for scammers using our name to get you in to these horrible time-wasting presentations. Not that I want more members - I just take it personally to see all these negative reviews from mostly people that have never used the program, whereas you will note that nearly all of us owners give VI 5 stars.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 4, 2020

    My wife and I have belonged to V.I. for years. We have had to learn to pre-plan vacations and have some flexibility. That said, we have never regretted our membership and definitely take more vacations than we would otherwise. Over the years there have been a couple issues which have arisen. V.I. has always responded and we have found their customer care to be, actually, caring. We have learned our timeshare membership becomes more valuable the more we use it. While, by planning ahead, we usually get the location and time we want, being willing to sometimes change plans to utilize existing vacancies rather than what might have been initially the plan, has on occasion, proved very enjoyable and we have seen locations we might not otherwise have considered.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 18, 2020

    My fiance's name was pulled from a drawing that our kids entered us in at the mall. The drawing was for a free car which is how these clowns got his name. Long story short, we knew what this was about but my fiance thought he'd give this a try. I told him before going that I wasn't about it...I've been through timeshare pitches before and I'm not about being pressured into purchasing something. Anyhow, the person who contacted him of course said that he had won prizes, that he'd get the prizes with no purchase necessary yada, yada, yada. So, hey in the spirit of just going to listen to the pitch, I decided to go along for the ride.

    When we arrived, the establishment was hardcore about practicing social distancing precautions (which is good, right?). You had to wear your mask, they were checking temperatures, they wiped the pens down after people touched them etc. However... As soon as our names were called, we were greeted by the infamous Chris who did not have a mask on and was very vocal about his right to "Not be told what to do with his body." Okay... That is already strange but whatever, we kept it pushing.

    As soon as we sat down with Chris, he gave us zero information. We were both very vocal about the fact that we were skeptical about the whole operation so he knew that we were already on the fence but nonetheless willing to listen. He proceeded to ask us personal questions and because I told him I was just there to support my fiance, he kept asking us questions about how long we've been together, where we met, if we had kids together. Oddly, the conversation reared in the direction of covid and social distancing. He then proceeded to tell us that he didn't believe in social distancing and that he doesn't feel like anyone can tell him what to do with is body...Which was all fine besides the fact that we spent 10 minutes in the lobby upon arrival being screen, poked, and prodded for social distancing purposes. It made no sense that he was clearly anti-social distancing. Anyhow....Another red flag we noted but ignored.

    While he proceeded to talk about nothing related to why we were there, I was on my phone texting with my son. Chris then proceeds to ask me to put my phone down and "Participate." First of all Chris, I'm not 5 years old and perhaps if your pitch was convincing, I would have been more engaged. Secondly, he had no business telling me to put my phone down. Longer story short...Chris and this entire establishment are a joke. When my fiance asked him if all prizes outlined in the email he received would be honored, Chris' response was "Well I don't know...I don't know what was in the email." So basically, whoever gets you in their door is a completely separate entity and they clearly do not communicate with one another.

    I ended up telling Chris that he was way out of line and we got up and left before having to sit through the 90 minute presentation which basically suckers you into purchasing timeshare through them. Chris was so flustered after I told him that he was way out of line that he stood up and said "I'm going to get my manager." Why? For what? Because you have no responses for people who aren't naive and gullible? Save yourself the time and don't waste 90 minutes of your life on this nonsense that you will never get back again. I'd rather watch paint dry for 90 minutes!! Not today VI...Not today or ever, lol.

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed June 16, 2020

    I am actually quite upset by my treatment by VI Resorts. They cold called me and told me I was "selected" as a winner in their raffle. I said, "I won a free trip" and she said yes! No obligation but they wanted me to come watch a 90 minute video. I am not married but in a long term relationship and I referred to my partner as my husband. She then said, "Come down. Bring your husband and watch this video and we will give you free tickets". I could not find child care and they were relentless in calling me and I said, "Well can't I just come pick up the free trip" and she said, "No, you have to bring your husband and you have to watch this 90 minute video." I said, "Wait. You said I "won" a trip with no obligation" and she starts arguing with me that she never said "won". She said I was "selected". I then went on to tell her I was not really married and she replied, "Doesn't matter. You have to come with him or you won't get anything."

    THIS IS A SCAM. THEY WERE RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND DISCRIMINATORY. The tactics of this business are disgusting and if I ever see or speak to anyone in relation to this business I will give them a piece of my mind. I think I will also write a letter to their corporate executives about my treatment. What a SCAM. They are not legit, and who would want to engage in with such disgusting business? THERE IS NO FREE ANYTHING.


    Reviewed April 22, 2020

    I booked a resort in Kona. The views were fabulous, many amenities, but no AC, which would have been fine had there been adequate ventilation. There were fans, but it was so hot in the condo, it made trying to sleep unbearable or nonexistent. The tv did not work, nor did the remote. Some lights were missing bulbs, and some lights did not work at all. The front desk was notified, but repair service was not readily available, so we had no tv during evening hours, and limited lighting. Areas around the sliding door had not been cleaned.

    Considering that Hawaii should be a destination highly sought, I was frustrated to have traveled so far to find such inadequate accommodations. I had the feeling that the front desk staff was there to check-in clients, then the staff became unavailable. Myself and family have stayed at other VI resorts; found similar issues, not updated, missing lights, or damaged items inside the condo. I recommend a walk through after each client checks -out of the condo.


    Reviewed March 9, 2020

    Rented 3 Units at VI Homestead in Lynden Washington. Two where points were used and one paid with cash by person travelling with us. Person travelling with us had I emergency heart surgery and couldn't come. Contacted VI Internationale 15 days in advance and was told no refund as needed 30 days in advance. Agent then asked if wanted to cancel. I said no as there was no refund so why cancel? She said so someone else could book the room. So essentially they could receive two payments for same room. Ask if we could cancel one of rooms booked with points but told no because we hadn't purchased points cancellation insurance. Why couldn't I just lose the points? When our original timeshare went bankrupt VI Internationale purchased it and then encouraged us to become points owners with them. Big Mistake. Should have just walked away.

    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2020

    We started off in this timeshare with every other year and worked our way up to prestige with perpetual program. Our salesman Steve ** is awesome and always look forward to talking when we visit there. Always experienced a no pressure sales. Our favorite destination is Torres Mazatlan and excited to see the nearly completed renovations in March 2020. Our daughter and son in law was married there 5 years ago and they went above and beyond to make that occasion exceptional. This is a legitimate timeshare and have nothing but positive experiences.


    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2019

    It was interesting to see VI with low ratings. As I read them I noticed very split reviews. It appears that poor reviews came from the early promotions offered. It appears the great reviews were from seasoned veterans that have actually used the system. My wife’s parents used VI for approximately 20 years. We took over their contracts and I have used them for 12. Bottom line great people, deliver what they promise, great destinations and I have continued to increase my points. My wife and I as well as her parents total to over 30 years with VI. No complaints! That is amazing track record.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

    Can't speak on the point system they sell as we didn't purchase but seems expensive for what it is. They advertise a free trip but really it's not free and has lots of criteria to meet. For example 100 deposit but refundable and $150.00 for taxes per couple and you can only fly out on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with tons of rules you have to follow. Scam in my book.

    I am in sales and then Byron the sales guy pretty much said people with no money come here for a free trip. So other words people that can't afford it do and they convince them to buy into into something they shouldn't. Not to mention it was a turn off that the sales guy said we didn't have the money to buy, We could've cashed out without any payments on the most expensive one but bottom line is we weren't SOLD on it because we felt it wasn't worth it. Little disappointed in the attitude we got when we said no. Also at the very end they tried to shoo us out of there without giving us our 40. Deposited that we gave. Bad experience overall. Bottom line we have plenty of money to make any decision and cash out but your people ruined it.

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2019

    I tried to attend a meeting twice. I am a single woman. They turned me down twice. Frauds! I flew out just to attend the meeting the second time and the manager says, "Come on ma’am, no you didn’t." Why would I lie. They turned me down because I’m not accompanied by a “husband”. I get it now. A single woman can hold her own and then some!!!

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2019

    Biggest mistake we made by attending the VI Resort presentation. They pressure you so much into buying a time share. They promise you a $100 gift card for restaurants. (The listing of restaurants you can attend is the most outdated places that no one wants to attend.) They also promise you a three day two night vacation, (when I tried booking for it, they said it no longer is available). Everything is so sugar coated, after you make a purchase with them. Then the reality hits.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

    Signed up at the Portland RV show for a free trip, was told it we would have to watch a presentation by VI, in Vancouver Washington. I told the person overseeing the drawing I had seen a presentation before, he assured me that if it has been over a year, I could see another one and get a trip. It had been a year so I signed up. I was contacted and told I was a "winner" and made an appt to see the presentation and would need to bring my significant other.

    I went with my boyfriend, was chastised for being at a presentation before, by an older man, Jerry, who then told me because I was not married to my boyfriend who attended with me, I needed to pull up my bank account on my phone to prove I could purchase something. I refused and was very angry, several other salespeople apologized and one asked me not to give a bad review with his name, "He is just old and can be inappropriate". I did not purchase anything and left with a certificate for the trip. I filled out the certificate, mailed it in as required, was contacted by Casablanca Resorts by mail: to schedule the trip I had won (at the Embarcadero Resort, Newport Oregon) was told it would be 3-4 months later in Sept before they would have availability to schedule.

    I made the reservation for 9/22/2019-9/24/2019. I took time off work, my boyfriend took time off work. Two days ahead I called the Embarcadero about the reservation, they had nothing and told me to call Vacation International at 541-574-7743, they did not have the reservation. The person I talked to, Sherry, stated that the certificate says Casablanca Express so this is not Vacation Internationals problem, would not give me the next person in charge name or number, who she said was the GM, and that they were out for the weekend anyway. When I insisted someone had to be available for members, she then said she would have the GM call me back, she called back instead and said there was nothing she could do, I would have to address this with Corporate, 9/23/19.

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

    I have been a VI member since 2010 and have been so satisfied with the various accommodations throughout the US that I just extended my membership to a lifetime so we can pass it in to our kids. The accommodations are always as expected and we even stayed at a VI resort in Kona when we get married in 2015. The services I receive from VI (points that equal weeks of visits, transfers with other timeshare companies) are EXACTLY what was promised during my initial session so I am surprised by the negative reviews!! It’s important to read all the fine print but VI has lived up to my expectations for nearly a decade now with no glitches.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 26, 2019

    They just called me today a year after last year's Seafair weekend to tell me I won a vacation for two to my choice of either Cabo or Honolulu. They wanted me to answer questions over the phone and refused to send an email from their organization so that I could verify the legitimacy of their company. I let the rep know that I'm not interested in a company that is unable to provide evidence that they are legitimate by sending an email from their company domain and only uses phone contact. The rep said this is probably not the offer for me and hung up.

    Reviewed July 15, 2019

    When I received my annual assessment for my timeshare, I noticed an additional charge of $24.50. I called Vacation Internationale and was told it was a tax. However, instead of billing the people who used my timeshare, I was charged the amount which is totally unfair. I was given nothing but a run around with VI and told them that I never was charged a tax before in renting out a timeshare. I'm paid nothing for giving it to an exchange company and was not warned ahead that there would be a tax. VI kept saying that I was responsible for the tax and would not work with me at all. VACATION INTERNATIONALE IS NOTHING BUT A RIP OFF TIMESHARE AND LIE TO NEW PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS TO JOIN. Do not have anything to do with this timeshare company!!!!

    Contract & TermsStaffProcess

    Reviewed July 7, 2019

    My late husband and I purchased our first 2 weeks (182 points) ownership in VI while we were living in Oregon... and spent most of the early years going to SunRiver and various locations in Hawaii. About 5 years into our ownership; VI “rolled back” the prices and we purchased another week (91 points). Over the years, I’ve used other properties (some using the Instant Exchange) in Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, and New Zealand.

    One of the best perks of VI is that if one learns how to “work” the system; plan ahead; make reservations well in can generally get your location when you want. AND you’re not locked into the same location, weeks, property, unit size as most all the other timeshare companies sell. The units are always renovated and kept clean; the grounds impeccably maintained; and onsite staff helpful and friendly. Maintenance costs over the years have increased to be sure; but where else can one stay in resort locations, in comfortable accommodations (not luxurious if that’s what your budget allows), at more that reasonable daily rates?! I’m sold on the program and have been since we first made our purchase. As I’m currently in my mid 70’s; my traveling days are going to be winding down about the time my contract runs out. It’s been a great experience and I have many happy memories that revolve around my VI vacations!

    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    Scammer. Told us that we won a vacation, but only tried to get $30000 from us and “free vacation” turned into ** and not free at all. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy and waste of life. After getting a free certificate felt dirty and gnarly. Worst experience ever.

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    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2019

    As owners since 1977 we have never had a bad experience at any VI Resort. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Properties are clean and comfortable. Website is super user friendly. Locations are desirable. We have always felt safe when in another country. All in all a win for us.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2019

    VI Resorts. We bought a 105 points Every other year... We have not been able to use our points. Now they say if we don't use our points they will take them away. This is what we were told and found out. Vacation Internationale told us we would get a free trip for 4 to Disneyland. The free trip to Disneyland isn’t free. It cost us $100.00 and then they told us we had to pick 3 different dates and they would let us know with little advance notice the date they had chosen. This makes it difficult for me to get off work and the boys out of school on such short notice. Matt told us we could go when we wanted. I travel for work which, we told Matt and don’t always know when I can take a vacation. My wife told the boys we were going to Disneyland and so not to disappoint them we had to pay $2,700.00 out of her 401 k to pay for our trip. There is no free trip. Had to pay and could not use and never got our money back.

    Matt told us we could get a 2 BDR which slept 6 People on Oahu for 4 nights with our 52 points a year. The nights are 20 points a night, that’s only 2 nights a year. There’s no 2 BDR on Oahu. And on the other islands if you get a 2 BDR you have to book 7 nights according to the booklet they gave us. Matt told us if we couldn’t use our timeshare they would sell it for us. My wife called a year later and was told no one wanted to buy our timeshare. So you sold us something no one wants. We can’t use it. We don’t own anything. It’s worthless.

    According to the booklet VI has no places in Alaska, San Francisco. and other places we were told they have. If we go to Sedona, AZ would cost 18 points a night. Which is only 3 nights year. We tried to get a place at Whitefish, MT for a year and no rooms available, had to rent a motel 17 miles away on Expedia. When my wife called to complain they told her they could get us a room at White Fish in the winter? I'm not water skiing in the winter. WOW. We tried Leavenworth, WA. Must book over a year in advance. According to the lady at the Blackbird Inn. In Leavenworth. We had to rent a motel there. Last year we took 3 vacations. Had to use Expedia. No places available or VI had no place we wanted to go. Matt also told us we could get airfare for ½ price through VI Resorts. Don't think so. VI has no place by Disneyland nor on the strip in Vegas.

    We talk to an Attorney who gets people out of timeshares. He explained that this is fraud. VI don’t own all the buildings and the ones you do own They rent out. This way there’s no openings for the owners. This was not explained to us. Nor is it written in our contract. Also he said the renters don't pay Maintenance fees. But the shareholders do. Even if we can't use our points. So we are paying for their maintenance fees. He said this is fraud. He told us much more. But that’s for later. Except they want thousands of dollars to get us out of our timeshare. Which he said they would do.

    OUR Contract is for 105 EOY or for 52 points a year. For 12yrs, at $ 7,734.00 with 1,160 down. Financing $6573.90 at 16% = $12,413.25 for the timeshare package plus Mnt fees of $850.00 EOY for 6 years = $5,100.00 for a total of $17,513.25. In Hawaii. We would only get 2 days in other places, 3 in some areas, 4 days a years. With an average of 20 points per night. 3 days per yr on average. For 12 yrs = 36 nights... 36 nights divided by $17,513.00 = $486.00 per night. VI has no place in Oahu for 6 people. Expedia is $375.00 for 6 people per night. At 2 nights yr, $729.00 per night. Matt showed us it was only a couple of hundred dollars. A night for 6 people. San Fran $190.00 per night Expedia. VI has nothing in San Francisco. If they did it would cost us $486.00 per night. VI has no place in Alaska. Expedia would be $90.00 to $200.00... If VIP had any it would cost about $400.00… Nothing we were told is real.

    VI resorts has no places anywhere we want to go at all. Matt told us they did. We told Matt I traveled for work and didn't always know where I would be or when I could take a vacation. Matt told us that was no problem because they owned these big resorts... Apparently not... This is the worst investment of our lives. MY opinion it's a SHAM... Don't do it. There is nothing in my contract that says they can take away my points, but they are going to... How is this right. Some who is not a shareholder is in my room and I'm paying for it too. That's double billing.

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    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2018

    I am here on my third Hawaiian post-Christmas prime-week-of-the-year vacation. Currently, we can only take vacation on school breaks. VI makes that accessible and affordable. We have stayed at units at 5 different VI and Diamond resorts on Kauai and Maui. All nicely furnished, in great locations, with everything you need. Yes, I have booked a year or nearly a year ahead. In the one case where I wasn't able to get a booking right away, I was able to book later after using the waitlist. The Points Protection Option makes for inexpensive cancellation insurance, and allows adjustments to your booking. Every staff member I have dealt with in person and on the phone has been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

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    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2018

    A couple weeks ago I did a girl's trip to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. My cousin and I were approached by a man trying to convince us to come to a presentation at the Carriage House which was next to the hotel we were staying in. We were promised several gifts in return for 90 minutes of our time for a presentation. We were told we would receive 5 tickets to a show since there were 5 of us, a food voucher, $200 slot credit, $50 gift card, 2 night free stay and airfare for the both of us for a trip back to Vegas for a later date.

    We attended the presentation. At first this were ok. The young lady who was with us was pleasant and not pushy. We were told that everyone who attends their presentation is always treated with respect regardless to if we sign up or not. We saw a demo room in the Carriage House and we were very unimpressed. The room put us in the mind of a motel and not a luxury vacation home. With that we were very turned off. My cousin said she had to decline and that she had checked out. An account person came over and didn't take her saying she was out. He continued to push and once he saw she wasn't changing her mind, he became very rude and dismissive. After this we were both very turned off and knew the was no way either of us would ever purchase with VI Resorts.

    They gave us our "gifts" and it was not what was promised AT ALL! We received various free show tickets but there was not 5 of the same show ticket in anything they have us. We only received $100 in the slot credit and it was for a casino that none of us had ever heard of or seen. We also did not receive the food voucher. Instead, we received a discount card for a limited amount of restaurants. We did get a card for a 2 night stay at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. However, it was not free. We would have to travel Someday through Thursday or have to pay a surcharge and we would also have to pay a $25 reservation fee. The was no airfare included at all in the "gifts". The only thing we did get as expected was the $50 gift card. This was a complete waste of our time! Just based on my presentation experience, I would not recommend VI Resorts-Vacation Internationale to anyone.

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    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2018

    As I sit here on my lounge chair, at this beautiful VI resort in Mexico... I can only shake my head in amazement (and surprise) at some of these negative reviews. I cannot vouch for pushy, deceitful behavior at the timeshare presentation itself. What I CAN vouch for, are the decades of amazing (and inexpensive) vacations we’ve had with parents, family, friends, and now our grandchildren. Back in 1993 tho with some hesitation, I submitted my credit card and opted for a monthly payment plan for my first purchase of the 91 points. As other reviewers have written, the appeal was this points system… Where I could stagger the points going for shorter or longer trips, at so many different resorts.

    My first usage was The Oasis in Palm Springs, as my dream was to someday own a condo there. We drove thru the guard gate & checked into our lovely unit with its private garage, 2 bicycles, full kitchen & washer dryer. It was so exciting to settle in for that first long weekend (just 3-4 nites) and feel like we owned a vacation condo. So exciting! The trick about owning a timeshare (and I now own multiple ones) is you must plan ahead. As long as I plan properly, we have traveled the world with the most amazing accommodations at such a low prices.

    Our other favorite spot is South Lake Tahoe... tho that resort is quite humble, it SO beats a normal hotel room. It can’t be beat. And V.I. is a pleasure to deal with. Their online booking system is smooth & efficient, & whenever I call the main office, each person is nicer than the last. My husband and I now own over 800 points, so that should be all you need to hear. Most of them we’ve purchased on the secondary (resale) market — at a nice discount— from either elderly owners who can no longer travel, or sometimes from their children (heirs) who have no interest in using it. Their loss is our gain. We save a FORTUNE on travel accommodations.

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