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Arrived at the correct time at Reunion Airport Sixt Car Hire. With ID, credit card and English language license in Roman letters and CarTrawler voucher. Sixt Car Hire would not give vehicle as they wanted International Driving license. I could have provided but the CarTrawler voucher stated "if your driver's license is not in Roman alphabet" which it was. As a result I had to hire from an alternative company which accepted my license at my cost. To date after requesting politely several times on their website CarTrawler have not even had the grace to respond. The distress caused by this incident after a long flight was intense. You would think that this company, which comes off TripAdvisor platform, would be on top of the rules of the companies they subcontract the car hires to.

Avoid this site at any cost. I reserved a car from their website, was debited 200. At the appointment of the 3rd party company, the office were closed. Waited 2 hrs still close. So I got out, took a picture with the time of the day, and asked them to refund me. After 4 week, they told me they cannot refund me because I didn't have all my documents in the day I was supposed to get the car, when I never meet anyone as the company was closed!

The car rental Company (Thrifty) refused to give the car therefore requested money back from CarTrawler but it's not possible. Since CarTrawler is 3rd party for the car hirer they can refuse and there is nothing to do.

Just a heads up, don't get caught out on the price promise. Gave them 2 quotes there's £10 more. Was lead around the houses for 4 days, directed to Ryanair. Price promise links don't exist. Don't be fooled with their find it cheaper promise. It's none existence. Con merchants.

CarTrawler is a Doing Business As (DBA) in name only, per MA Atty. General's Office. Their official name in the USA is: ETrawler Inc. C/O_National Registered Agents Inc., 155 Federal Street, Suite 700, Boston MA 02110. I accidentally doubled booked a car rental as the initial booking via the Irish Airlines website went to Junk Email instead of my inbox. I was told by the rental company, Budget Car Rental, that my credit card payment of $255.01 (that I was unaware of) would be refunded. I have called them many times, emailed them, sent all supporting Docs. It is now fourteen months later and they have only refunded me $120.01. I am filing a Small Claim against them for the remaining amount, plus court costs. Note: File all claims against ETrawler at the above address.

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CarTrawler would not offer a refund for 4 days of unused car rental. The car was rented for a week erroneously, and returned it after 3 days. They should offer a reimbursement for the unused days upon presentation of the car rental contract.

I was charged twice for a car hire booking that was never resolved which the company refused to reimburse. You will not save money with this company; they are very devious in their business practices. I am amazed they are allowed to remain as a legitimate business and practice with today's laws. The lure of a cheap car hire will turn out to be the opposite. Use at your peril!

I rented a car from CarTrawler from internet for 65 Euro at Milano Airport. Maggiaro Car Rental has invoiced for 120 Euro told me total payment. CarTrawler prices are not true. When you go to car rental they do not give the right information. It costed me double. Dont trust the site. Be careful for credit card provided numbers.

BEWARE... BEWARE. Myself and my husband hired a car with dollar in Florida last September (2015)... We paid a deposit of 200$ in cash as we do not own a credit card. We have done this with dollar for nearly a decade. Once home told we would get a cheque in my husband's name. Unfortunately my husband died this year and I sent them all the proof they asked for. Now nearly a year still no money... They keep asking for documents which I have sent them to no use. I WILL SEEK LEGAL ACTION AT THEIR EXPENSE... DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY... I thought we had booked through dollar but this rip-off group took my booking... BEWARE BEWARE.

As a regular international traveller I booked a business class flight from Canada to UK via KLM and used CarTrawler as a source for a rental car via KLM's website. I paid in advance for the use of a car for three weeks. Arrived at the airport in the UK to be told by the rental car company, Europcar that I had only paid half of the rental cost even though the documents I had from Cartrawler clearly indicated I had paid everything in full, including the taxes. Apparently airport pick up fees and airport drop off fees plus random taxes totalling £700 extra were not included.

I refused to pay the extra fees and got a taxi to my destination. I received all kinds of communications from CarTrawler indicating they were trying really hard to resolve these issues and I even received an e-mail indicating a full refund would be applied to my credit card within 10 working days after waiting over 30 days for any kind of resolution. No refund was forthcoming. I eventually resolved the issue through my credit card company in Canada, who went after the company in Ireland. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - IT IS A TOTAL SCAM.

I booked my car through CarTrawler. At the time of pickup car from Alamo, Customer service said we charge 250 euro for the deposit which I had that experience before and said sure. They charged my Credit card for 250 Euro. At the time of pickup from Alamo/Enterprise counter the person who gave us the car look at the receipt and said, "You don't have an insurance. It's better to get one." and he explained the price and how makes it easy for us to have one. Price 169 euro which we did agree to it and got it at the counter. Now after 2 months of my vacation, they are not returning my deposit and they are telling me the total of 250+169 was my insurance. This Scam and not even responding to my email.

This company (ARGUS CAR HIRE) committed fraud by subcontracting out my rental car agreement to another company without informing me. When I arrived at my destination, I discovered this problem and was forced to rent from another company because ARGUS CAR HIRE does not have an office. The company they hired was closed, leaving me without my reserved car. After contacting ARGUS demanding a refund, they refused to acknowledge their mistake and refused to refund my reservation fee. See their FACEBOOK account for multiple posts regarding their illegal actions. PUT ARGUS OUT OF BUSINESS & PROTECT THE public from fraud & theft!

We rented a car through CarTrawler. They booked us with Dollar Rental, which wouldn't take our debit card and we didn't have a credit card. CarTrawler would not refund our money. They stole almost $100 from us. Disgusting business practice!!! DO NOT USE!!!

I rented a car on their website through Vueling airlines offer. Unfortunately, I missed a flight and I arrived in Amsterdam instead of Brussels. The guys from CarTrawler ignored not only my request to change the pickup location, but they've been also ignoring my request for a refund but sent me one letter. Only they said that it could take around 20 working days to investigate the case. But even 20 days are already left and I still haven't received any answer!!! Absolutely disgusting!!!

I rent a car through Cartrawler from the airport of Munich. When I went to pick up the car the price was higher than the one displayed at time of booking (the difference was 10 Euro). I had not really other choice than pick up the car because I had already done a prepayment. When I complaint at the desk, they told me that I should contact Cartrawler upon my return. When I returned home I indeed complaint with Cartrawler, which explained me that the prices they display upon the booking are "subject to changes" and if I want to be sure of the price I have to contact the car company directly.

Somebody should explain me i) if this is legal (i.e. display a price subject to arbitrary changes) and ii) what is the added value to rent a car through Cartrawler vs. directly through the rental company. I advise you to check the cheapest price through the Cartrawler website and then book the car directly with the car company. If the price in Cartrawler is cheaper be aware that is "subject to changes" at time you pick it up at the desk!

I rented a car through the Ryanair website, following having bought flight tickets. I needed it to drive from the Rome airport home, and then to drop it at Perugia airport the following morning. The price on the website was 45 euros, plus 9 euros for insurance. The scam goes like this: someone from the car rental phones and offers a free upgrade, claiming they have no more cars in the class you ordered in. They then rebook your car hire at a higher price (in this case 117 euro), hoping that you will not notice. Indeed, on arrival at Rome airport at about 21:00, I signed the forms and left the airport. I only realized the scam when I checked my visa statement. Be warned, booking car hire through Ryanair is not as safe as it looks! I asked the companies concerned to give their account of what happened, but more than 2 weeks later they have not responded!

In mid June I booked a car with Thrifty Car Rentals online. When I went to pick it up at Logan Int. Arpt. in Boston in mid July, I was told I could not use a debit card for payment. Furthermore, I was told I had booked through Cartrawler, which I had never heard of and was nowhere on the Thrifty website when I booked on line. In short, I was unable to pick up said car with Thrifty, even though I had previously paid... with Cartrawler. Trying to sort this out is unnecessarily complicated and I am put off by Cartrawler at every turn. So Cartrawler has about 450 dollars of my money and I'm having to spend time and energy to try to recover it. Sounds like a scam to me.

I reserved a car with via Skyscanner online. During the process, I informed my flight number as it was recommended to make sure to receive the car even in case of flight delay. My flight arrived with a delay of 40 minutes and the local rental company was already closed (Sunday evening). Several international telephone calls later they apologized but could not offer a solution. Finally I had extra costs of EUR 250 for taxi and hotel, I missed the next day meeting... Asking them to refund the booking fee of ~70 US$, they informed me that it is not their problem if the flight has a delay. Don't buy from this company!

We pre booked and prepaid for a hire car to be picked up at Pisa airport. We arrived with the required documents and card as per instructions. The rip off petrol deal and the £1500 chargeback to the card which was not going to be returned until 28 days after the return of the car, we had accepted, not with good grace, but we reasoned that was extra we paid for cheaper car hire. We did not plan to take their insurance as we have our own. We were to be penalised for that too.

The credit card unbeknown to us was damaged and this is when things got nasty. They would not accept a card in my name (my husband was the named driver). They were so unhelpful and the clerk actually laughed at our predicament. We were stranded at Pisa airport without transport. (We were able to hire a car from Europcar which was more expensive but very easy and the clerk was very helpful). We were told to apply for a refund through argus hire website.

On our return we contacted argus hire who redirected us to Cartrawler to claim our refund and as a gesture of goodwill??? They deducted £100 from the prepayment of a car we never even saw. This company draws you in with the promise of cheap car hire then puts so many rip off admin charges. You might as well go to a company with a better reputation. It might be more expensive to start with but at least you get what a pay for with no hidden charges. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. ALSO KNOWN AS ARGUS CAR HIRE, AUTOEUROPE AND CARTRAWLER - HIRING FROM GOLDCAR. In future we will go directly to a company such as Avis or Hertz or Europcar. At least they are transparent in their dealings.

I booked two cars at Belfast airport but when arriving at Belfast city airport I found the cars were at Belfast int A/P. Hertz managed give us two cars but charge us £20 a day extra for the cars making £200. I had given details of our flight number/arrival time and when we would pick up the cars. As British Airways only flew into Belfast city airport I feel that Hertz should have realised my mistake and contacted me. As it is I have spent over two months on numerous phone calls and emails to Holiday Autos who then reply about a completely irrelevant subject... do not use Holiday Autos who are in fact CarTrawler.

I've rent a car with this company via Ryanair. Then when I arrived to the rent a car, they did not have the car I choose and they requested me a deposit amount. I requested to cancel the booking and the rent a car confirmed that I'd be cancel without any costs. Going to my bank account the value had been debited so I contacted the Customer Service. The Customer Service by phone is terrible! They mention they are not part of the Customer Service and requested to send an email!! Sending the email I received a confirmation that they will reply within 10 days. After 10 days I received an email mentioning that they will get back within 20 days! This is a ripoff! I did not hire the car and they don't want to refund the money!

I booked a car via Ryanair which I was supposed to pick up at the airport in Podgorica. When I arrived in Podgorica, Hertz informed that they don't have a car for me and they didn't accept the agency reservation and sent them cancellation (which I never got). To open a claim on CarTrawler website is almost impossible. You can enter all the data but at the end you don't receive confirmation that it has been submitted. Once I managed to submit the claim, I had to call their customer call center in order to confirm that they have received the claim. This is also not easy. First the phone number is available only on the Ryanair confirmation, you cannot switch to English. It is in French because I booked from Belgium.

I opened the claim when I was in Montenegro on 19th of June over the phone, then when I came back I opened it on their website on 27th of June. It has been already one month, I called them 10 times and everytime I receive the same feedback "we are working on your case, waiting for Hertz feedback". I must say that Hertz informed me that it was the agency mistake that they didn't inform me about the car unavailability. My advice don't book cars via Ryanair and agencies, do this directly from the supplier.

At the moment of writing this the 20 working days it takes CarTrawler to validate and answer a complaint are way due. This concerns a rental that did not happen due to outrageous conditions from Goldcar Athens in mid-June where I was left stranded with my family (incl. 2 y.o. son) at 10pm in a field outside the airport. In particular believe that they need to reimburse the price paid as I haven't benefited from the service in no way. It was the worst ever rental car experience/scam so far with a dubious company.

They advertise a lower than average price but have absurd extra fees and bring you to a field in the middle of nowhere with a "take it or leave it" attitude: you have to purchase a full tank of gas from them at 2EUR+ a litre and they constraint you on purchasing some random "extra insurance" otherwise demanding a deposit (careful. Not a hold on the card... but rather an actual payment which they will return at their convenience) of 1000+ EUR for a car like Fiat Panda, etc. Be careful, avoid if possible and let them go down in peace. This is predatory business at its best which usually does not last long.

In general, my honest opinion is to stay away from such a predatory business which makes a business model out of advertising a low price and then try to scam you with compulsory "extras". Acting in bad faith can only go so far and as it was an impulse buy on the day of the flight (Ryanair) I have some regrets on not researching into it as usual!

This is a scam! Do not trust this company! I booked a car 9 days in advance and it said on the page that the cancellation is free up to 24 hours prior the pick up and payment is done while pick up. After making the reservation I got an email of how there was something wrong with the payment transaction and I should pay the amount immediately in order to keep the reservation. So I knew it was a scam and cancelled my reservation. It says on the web page that my reservation is now cancelled but got an email that they will handle the cancellation within 12 hours. (12 hours have passed though) I called the credit company and they had actually tried to charge me the amount while I made the reservation. Let's see what happens. Are they trying to credit me after the '24 hour prior the pick up' has passed and then claim that no cancellation has made. Luckily I made the booking with a credit card.

I lost my money. The driver not appeared and I had to get a taxi after two hours of waiting.

We booked from the United Kingdom with Cartrawler a car to be collected in Venice, Italy from Goldcar. The car selected was a Jeep Renegade or similar SUV as stated on the page. I paid in advance the entire hire amount plus a full comprehensive insurance cover simply to protect us from eventuality. On our arrival we were told by Goldcar (Sara) that they never owned a Jeep Renegade and the reservation referred to a group with a Renault Captur which was the only car available at that time anyway... despite asking for a bigger choice I was told it wasn't possible as they had only this car available. I proceeded signing the agreement to notice that I also had to leave a credit card authorization of staggering 1500 Euro despite having a full coverage insurance. Reason being – it was not their insurance therefore they required the deposit. I wasn't happy but at 23.00pm I was left with little options.

As soon we received the car, we immediately noticed a huge damage all along the left site of the car... it was caused by a previous rental and the entire damage was reported but now I was given also a damaged car which wasn't part of my reservation nor the one I wanted. They never told me about the damage, only after signing the agreement. I tried contacting Cartrawler but was then directed to a call centre in China with strong difficulties understanding due to their poor language pronunciation. However the call centre agent was only able to confirm that I could not cancel the order as I signed the terms and conditions which states clearly I could not without being financially penalized... but no one told me the car was damaged? In addition this wasn't the car shown to me in their advertisement.

This car spec was the actual reason I selected, reserved it and paid for it in advance as it had everything I required for my holidays, space, size, speed and presentation... but despite my valuable arguments I was told that there was nothing they could do other than offer me to complain on my return... and this is precisely what I did after the 14 days of driving a slower smaller, less comfortable damaged car. I sent Cartrawler (addressed to Pedro or manager) one email, two-three-four emails without even receiving one single reply. I have also attached the evidence or print out of the reservation and despite having tried everything I am still left wondering what to do as everyone involved seem unwilling to even contact me... only now I discovered this website where it seem that Cartrawler has a number of customers who experienced equal or worst than us.

It is a very depressing situation which makes me even more worried of my credit card status since reading some of the other people payment experience... I am therefore waiting with anticipation for the monthly statement and I hope not to have to report more bad news... but for now I would very much appreciate anyone to give me an idea on how to proceed or to whom to address my complaint or to take legal action. I am not happy with this outcome as the company forced me to hire something I never ordered... In fact my choice was based on their advertisement, period. I would have been happy to be given a similar jeep as stated in the reservation or at least a suitable sized SUV. But instead I get something remotely alike.

Please also remember that Goldcar gave me a confirmation that they never held a Jeep Renegade before or at the time of rental and they are also wondering why Cartrawler would advertise a car they don't have. For this reason Goldcar has also chosen to escalate this matter to their senior management hq. Thank you all in advance for your help and very appreciated advice.

This company advertises lower rates but somewhere in the extremely fine print they hide the information that you will be billed again by the actual car rental company. I was billed over $100 per day for a rental car. When I saw charges by both CarTrawler and Thrifty on my credit card statement I assumed I was double-billed. Both companies claim it is valid because CarTrawler bills you for the car but not the taxes extra fees or anything else. Shame on Thrifty for partnering with an unscrupulous and fraudulent billing practice. BEWARE, THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR YOU TOO WILL BE DOUBLE BILLED.

I was looking for a car rental for May 12 to May 17 out of Philadelphia airport agency. I put in my information and the dates defaulted back to the day I was making the reservation, May 6th. We were not arriving in Philadelphia until May 10th. When I got the confirmation statement and saw this mistake, I attempted to call the company to correct info. The only number available was the agency "Dollar" rental where the car was reserved. The agent there stated that if I hadn't picked up the car, the rental was automatically cancelled. My credit card, however, already had the charge posted. I have contacted CarTrawler 3 times and got the same canned message every time and the charge has not yet been removed from my credit statement. I can't find a phone contact or another e-mail address to complain. Plan to follow up with my credit card to settle this dispute today.

Thrifty car rental relies on their policy to scheme and scam on customers, rather the rental was completed or not, to ensure funding from each person they get in contact with. As of 2015, a lot of settlements have been made from big companies around the U.S. do what's called a "policy scheme" or general false advertising. (Yes, I know Thrifty isn't that big of a company.)

I rented a car like a week and a half prior to pick up. The tone of the policy indicates that they will work with you and whatever situation you may be in to be sure they have exhausted all the obstacles before officially being unable to rent a car. So I contacted them, and sure enough, they made claims that they are willing to work with my $300.00 credit card limit instead of the required $350.00. They were very vague and unwilling to provide thorough information. They acted as if, everything was good to go. Basically all I needed to do was come with the rest of the funding they have on my booking.

Unfortunately, there was nothing they can do, and that's understandable. What's not understandable, was the fact that they didn't take any type of consideration that they practically proposed a green light for my rental, but NOT WITHIN 48 HOURS, but less than 24 hours, they then informed me that I still need the $350.00. As you can see, my issue wasn't with the requirements. I didn't meet the requirements that I was aware of prior to renting, that's on my behalf, BUT it's company policy to cancel prior to 48 hours. And they are willing to lie and tell anybody anything in order to prevent them from cancelling too early and they won't receive a dime. The first thing I mentioned was the need of cancelling, and there they go... "OH IT'S THIS... BRING A DEBIT CARD"!!! And then when it's time to rent the car it's "oops, we lied, now pay us $55.00 and have a great day!"

Also, they have two separate Terms and Conditions. The one you sign when you pay, and the one on the general site. But that's not really relevant to my case, just thought I'd mention that. So, I contacted the help folks, CarTrawler whoever, and they didn't even bother to read what I wrote. They immediately shot back "you agreed to the terms and conditions" because they are used to that being the hold up, but I kept telling them my issue isn't that I'm in violation of terms and condition, but ON YOUR BEHALF, my 48 hour time period was not met due to being held on promises until like 18-19hours.

I feel that is unfair treatment and I felt scammed. They kept saying "oh well, you agreed to the terms and conditions", I'm like... "I DID, but y'all didn't follow y'alls own terms and condition". If you are holding someone from cancelling, extend their grace period. Don't just tell them something to keep them from cancelling then wait until it's too late to cancel dime-free, and demand money.

On 04/27/2016 I booked and paid a rental car through this company and Thrifty car rental and I was denied rental due to the fact that I use my debit card and they denied me for my credit score. I have contacted both companies multiple times for my refund and I get the same answer each time that my case is still pending. I reach out to Thrifty that they need proof that I didn't rent the car, they told me that Cartrawler needs to request it directly to them. I contacted CarTrawler every 2 days and their customer service reps refuse to transfer my calls to a manager and all they can tell me is that is pending. I am disappointed in both companies and I will never ever rent from them ever again.

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