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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2019

I recently had a horrible experience with this airline. I went to Italy on a prepaid vacation the day after my grandmother had passed away. I was told that given the circumstances, we would be able to change our return flight with no penalty so that we could be back in the US for her funeral services. First, Alitalia demanded proof of the death, so we went them the obituary (which I am listed in) as well as a signed letter from the funeral director confirming the identities of myself, my grandmother and the dates of the funeral services. This was sent to Alitalia. They said this wasn't enough, and demanded the death certificate. This was sent to them promptly. They then stated that it did not prove the relationship to my grandmother since we do not have the same last name. I pointed out to them that it would not be possible for me to have the same last name as my maternal grandmother, but they stated that I would need a certificate proving the relationship.

No such certificate exists. When I pushed them to tell me the title of the certificate I would need to obtain, they were unable to specify this. We had to pay the change fee, but I plan to pursue this via the Attorney General in order to get it refunded. I would never fly on this airline again and would never recommend it to anyone else. They made a sad situation even more stressful than it had to be. I provided everything that they asked for without complaint, and after putting me through all of that they still refused to waive the change fee. They are not to be trusted and I will never use them again.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

August 28 2019 I was traveling with a disabled step mother and a child with scoliosis from Athens, Greece to Malta (AZ 717) with a change in Rome (flight AZ 884). Alitalia Confirmation UXPKMM. The flight from Athens to Rome was delayed 2 hours and as a result we missed our connection flight (AZ884) from Rome to Malta and had to spend 9 hours 40 minutes in Rome instead of 2 hours 25 minutes (were put on the flight AZ 886 instead). The explanation I got when I complained about such a huge unexpected layover in Rome from Alitalia was: “Our records show flight AZ717 was delayed due to the late arrival of the incoming aircraft due to crew rest. Under EU Regulation EC 261/2004 (Art. 5.3 and Recital 14) the carrier does not assume liability when flights are delayed due to “extraordinary circumstances”.

WHAT “EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES”?!?!?! Earthquake? Tornado? Wind? Rain “cats and dogs” so the other Alitalia flight was so delayed that the crew had to rest? I do not recall any of the above mentioned disasters happened. Or it is just a conspiracy way to trick customer for not reimbursing/helping/accommodating them when most likely the delay happened because of the technical issues with the planes and it is Alitalia fault for which they should answer? So, Asking again: WHAT “EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES”?!?!

Continuation: Upon arrival to Rome We we NOT OFFERED neither help with disabled person (it is quite difficult to sit in the chair for 9 hours 40 min!!!), neither phone call, no food coupons as required by Under EU Regulation EC 261/2004 (Art. 5.3 and Recital 14), though we talked to the representatives in the disabled "lounge" upon arrival in Rome asking what we could be offered to help us go through the 9 hours plus of the delay (Just to mention, I paid higher price for the tickets to spend as little time during the layover as possible and ended up with 9 hours?). To help my child with scoliosis and disabled step mother go through this horrible not planned delay I purchased 2 entry passes (50.00 USD each) to the business class lounge assuming that would solve two problems: food and provide comfort in seating/laying flat in the lounge for two sick persons (one elderly one minor).

If I were to go to the restaurants to feed all three of us I am sure during 9 hours 40 minutes layover we will spend way more than 100.00 combined (and I do not even ask to reimburse anything for myself). Of course I complained about the delay and applied for 100.00 USD paid for the 2 passes (only 2, not 3!! Only for disabled 66 years old woman and 15 years old child with scoliosis! And here is the answer I received from Alitalia: "depending on the length of the delay, the airline is required to provide the necessary care and assistance as phone call, meals and refreshments, or reimburse the expenses for meals and beverages based on the relevant receipts. However, we regret to advise that the complimentary access to VIP lounges is not subject to this provision, therefore we are not able to refund the lounge access you purchased at Rome airport”. Looks like Alitalia does not care about its passengers at all only about filling its pockets.

Next: Before the flight In Athens I tried to pay for access weight on line but the Alitalia website got frozen all the time when I got to the point when I was supposed to pay. I was constantly trying for a few hours but could not pay the internet price 28.00 USD per bag versus what I had to pay in the airport 50.18 USD Total 150.54 USD instead of 56.00USD). I made screenshots, filed the complaint (with the submission of the screenshots showing Alitalia website was not working) right away-no answer. I filed the complaint one more time after my trip just to received the following answer: "In regards to the extra baggage request, although we are sorry that our service might have been perceived to be sub-standard on this occasion, we must respectfully deny reimbursement of the fees correctly collected at the airport." So, their website did not work and the passenger has to pay for it?!?! That was number two.

And the last one: One of the bags being checked in was ABSOLUTELY NEW (just purchased) luggage bag and it arrived in Malta WITHOUT one wheel. I tried to file the claim upon arrival in Malta but was refused by representative, claiming that Alitalia instructed not accept claims re damaged wheels. My bag wheel was not not JUST DAMAGED!!! IT WAS GONE!!! And the bag was not overweighted or anything so I insist that was not manufacture's fault but the Alitalia/handler's. Also, upon arrival to the destination point we noticed that my daughter's bag had a broken lock and there are some items missing from her bag. I did file a complaint regarding both issue. The issue with the thing stolen was ignored completely and as for the damaged bag… ignored as well.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2019

Lost my friend's dog, admitted responsibility, promised but never paid a dime. Had heavy handed lawyers claim they owe nothing as they are an airline and cannot be sued. Thus, they lost a customer's dog, knew it was their fault, and did nothing except give the runaround and then try to scare the customer. Screw this airline. Do Italians not care about their pets? Of course they do. Italians are wonderful people. This airline is just **! This airline doesn't care about pets or even other people and other people's pets and their customer's pets. Unbelievable. They should go to jail.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2019

Every flight boarded passengers late. Every flight and layover I was late to the connecting airport. I was so late for an international connecting flight. I hate to run over a mile to barely make the flight. Then we landed over two hours late. Additionally, Alitalia lost my check in luggage. It was returned to me four days later. I almost lost my job because I had important work documents in my lost luggage. I will never fly Alitalia again and will go out of my way to tell others to never fly with them.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2019

I had an terrible experience with Alitalia last month and it ended with damaged luggage. I was supposed to fly with Alitalia on July/2019 on flight 583, and it got canceled. When I booked it I had to pay extra money for convenient time. Without my acceptance, I was put on a flight early in the morning, flight 507, ref#: ** and had to pay for a taxi fare because nobody could give me a ride at three in the morning. And as I got on another leg of my trip, Rome to Boston, on flight 614, my checked in luggage didn't arrive at my destination and when it was returned was damaged. I would like to lodge a complaint concerning the unprofessional behavior of your baggage handlers, and to request full compensation for the luggage that was destroyed. I expect to be compensated for my time, the expense of the taxi fare, and the cost of the luggage.

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Reviewed July 23, 2019

We flew to Rome in August 2018. Alitalia lost our luggage. We waited for them for 56 hours to deliver our luggage, but they did not. They were rude and did not care at all. Finally on the third day we rented a car and went to pick up the luggage. I will never use them again.

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Reviewed July 8, 2019

Hi, I Travelled on 30th of June from New Delhi (India) to Washington DC. This is the second time I use this airline because I had a good experience last time. But this time it just worst. It has two Layovers one in Abu Dhabi and another one is in Rome. I especially mentioned Hindu Non-Veg meal. I only get food on my first flight from New Delhi to Abu Dhabi. From Abu Dhabi to Rome flight attendant just offered a snack, while asking for a Hindu meal they said, "We don't have it." And it's a long flight. I was a totally empty stomach.

And the worst part is when I took the last flight from Rome to Washington no one even came for water. When they start giving the food they also don't have the Hindu meal food. They gave me the Beef and we Indians don't eat Beef. Also, they have Pasta in front of me. I returned the Beef and told them, "Can I have the Pasta?" The answer was, "We are out". But they've got it. This is really not so good. I almost did my all the Journey empty stomach. I am a Thyroid Patient. And you guys are doing this with the Passengers. This is really not so good. I travel a lot but this flight no more. Very Very bad Experience with Alitalia.

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Reviewed June 13, 2019

SkyTeam and Alitalia - beware the flights you choose. I reserved and paid for my family of four through AZ website. I reserved the seats on 3 out of 4 flights. On the first part of the journey I was informed it was not an Alitalia flight and they could not reserve the seat, contact the other carrier (seamless service. Yeah right!!!), contacting the other airline MEA. I could not choose a seat and called them on the phone. They pushed me off to Alitalia again. Alitalia told me it's ''not logical'' and sent me back to MEA. That airline told me "you bought your ticket with AZ so hard luck you cannot reserve any seats and only get them at the check-in"... Quite possible we will not sit together and worse all get the middle seats that no-one wants. Alitalia washed their hands and MEA punishes because we bought on Alitalia.

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Reviewed June 11, 2019

I paid a huge sum of money for my daughter's trip to Florence on Alitalia. Due to the cost, I paid extreme attention to what was and what was not included in the fare. I have screenshots of each booking page clearly showing what was included in the fare - in particular a 1 x 23 kg suitcase. I was also clearly shown on my booking confirmation that I had printed and took with me to the airport. Upon check-in I'm told there is a $60 fee for the suitcase. I said on "no it's included and here is my confirmation clearly showing it's included". I'm promptly told that I've been "misinformed". Really?? Misinformed in writing by the airline that I purchased the ticket from?? Misinformed by the screenshot of my booking pages showing that a suitcase was included in the fare??

I had no choice but to pay it in order to get my daughter on her way but immediately contacted Alitalia customer service. I was told to email them which I did and included my confirmation and screenshots. I get an automated response telling me it could take up to 30 days for them to review my claim. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I feel I have been scammed. It's a statistics game. Out of every 100 people incorrectly charged probably less than 50% follow through with a claim - money in their pockets. No doubt I'll have to go through the entire process again when my daughter returns. I truly regret purchasing this flight and will NEVER fly Alitalia again. Stick to Lufthansa or Swiss Air.

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Reviewed May 19, 2019

Barely raining but we have to trust there is a storm coming up. No room for hand luggage like always. The bus drove us to the wrong airplane and after we finally got in the right seats and after a longer flight the usual we are not allowed to leave the airplane. I guess I will just die in here.

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Reviewed April 30, 2019

I flew on Alitalia from LAX to Rome. Somewhere between checking my bag in LA and retrieving it in Rome, my bag was opened and my entire cosmetics case was stolen. To add insult to injury, I had to pay $120 to check my bags - just to have $700+ worth of cosmetics stolen. So heartbreaking and frustrating. On top of that, customer service is of ZERO help. They refuse to even speak to you about it after 7 days have passed.

They won't even make an attempt at making things right. They are barely apologetic but "greatly value your business and hope you will provide us with another opportunity to restore your confidence on a future flight" Such a joke. I will NEVER fly Alitalia again, you could not pay me to give this airline another chance. The plane itself was old and so uncomfortable. Service was SPARSE and the bathroom was DISGUSTING. We upgraded to exit row seats and THANK GOD, because the people in the rows behind us were fidgeting and banging their knees on the seats the entire 10 hour flight. TRUST ME - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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Reviewed April 27, 2019

The worst airline ever. I had two problems with them in two different flights. The first problem when I traveled from Jordan to Catania, and I had a connection in Rome. So, my bags were lost in Rome. They return the bags to me just before my trip back from Catania to home. They refused to compensate me financial or even apologies. They always say it is not our fault, it is **’s fault’s. And this ** can be anything except Alitalia.

The second problem happened five years after the first problem, and before buying this ticket I thought that they have improved. However, the truth is that they are BAD. So, my story is that I was flying from Paris to Amman through Rome. When I arrived from Paris to Rome, they announced the gate of my next flight (Rome to Amman) too late, like 30 min before departure, and it happened that I was in a different terminal. I was unable to reach the newly announced gate, and lost my flight. So, again they refused to accept the fact that they are responsible, even though that the same problem happened with five other people who were traveling from Rome to Amman. So, after a long discussion and endless arguments, they accepted to book us for the next day flight free of charge (after 24 hours from my first flight). However, they said that the delayed announcement of the airport is the airport responsibility not their responsibility.

To make things worst, my bags were lost in the next day as they were unable to locate my luggage in the transit area. By the end, I received my bags after few days in Amman, but the bags were in miserable conditions. They said again that they are not responsible because I missed my previous flight from Rome to Amman! To conclude, Alitalia offers slightly reduced fair tickets for a very good reason. Without this reduced fair, no one will be traveling with them! If you are smart and you want to save money and efforts, select any other airline as with Alitalia you will spend more money in total and you will go through stupid tragedy.

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Reviewed April 15, 2019

My family and I went skiing in half term and flew to Italy with Alitalia and they lost all our bags before we had even left the airport. They returned our ski boots and helmets at the end of the holiday (which was bad enough) but the main bag with all our clothes in wasn't returned until six weeks later. We incurred a lot of costs to make up for all the clothes and equipment we needed to buy/hire and they have offered us very little compensation. Customer service has been terrible. Don't fly with them, it's not worth it and could ruin a perfectly good holiday.

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Reviewed March 24, 2019

The worse airline I ever seen. My luggage is totally destroyed and I make complaint month ago and no one answer me. Now I not want make complaint. I will just go every single website, write my bad experiences I had with your airline and warning and telling people how terrible Airlines are you!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2019

If this airline represents Italy, Italy is in trouble, nothing works, can't check in online or from the app in the last two days, flying out today and nothing still, when you call, you pay 16 cents when answered and 98 cents per minute to talk to somebody who cannot and doesn't know how to help. This airline is a nightmare! The planes when flying across from Italy to the US don't have USB or electricity plugs anywhere but the bathroom, so charge up your phones before you embark in this '90s airline and enjoy the one movie they'll decide to play over the cabin 3 monitors. Stay clear of Alitalia... If a zero star was avail...

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2019

I have been trying since September to get a document stating I did not take a flight that I had booked. I have sent all the documentation asked of me over and over but after 5 months Alitalia still hasn't sent it. The service is beyond appalling.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

I selected a flight (with baggage) on Kayak, offered by Alitalia and was led to an Alitalia webpage, in English, which did not have the baggage as requested on Kayak incorporated into the booking on the Alitalia webpage. There was no way to include the baggage or to go to another page on this webpage to restart/correct the booking as offered on Kayak. In other words the link is broken and you are unable to purchase that which is advertised for sale by Alitalia on Kayak. If you then proceed, as I did, directly to, as a US resident, using a US IPS address you will find yourself on the Italian webpage.

I tried to negotiate this page using an English/Italian dictionary opened on another browser page, and ended up booking tickets but with the wrong date, which I noticed immediately on receiving the Italian language confirmation. I had assumed that I had the 24 hour mandatory protection to correct such mistakes under US DOT rules for nonrefundable tickets. However, according to Alitalia, as I had "chosen" to purchase the tickets in Italy these US rules did not apply and I was informed that I would have to pay 65 E pp to correct my mistake. A forced error in my book due to offering for sale in the USA tickets which could not actually be purchased here.

I have since filed a complaint with the US DOT about this practice and have rebooked flights on Lufthansa. I have now written off the amount paid to Alitalia for the tickets which are on the wrong date as I refuse to pay an addition E 130 to them to rebook on the correct date due to an error I admittedly made, but due to not being able to book in the USA.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

I had a very bad experience with Alitalia, it was my first time I flew with Alitalia from Rome to London on 08th November 2018 inn Alitalia AZ-210 with PNR XIXSXB. I checked in two pieces of baggage and both of them were badly damaged. Filed the complaint at the airport itself. Sent the damage report to Alitalia via email when I arrived at my native place after 10 days since I was on vacation. Alitalia refused to pay the claim as according to them I should have sent the Damage Report within 07 days. It is not a recommended airline to fly with.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2018

Poor performance, negligence and bad-faith. Alitalia AZ715 flight arrived slightly late in Rome, from where I would depart on another Alitalia flight AZ800 to my final destiny. In the connection area (Rome), there was no Alitalia’s correspondents. When I arrived at the AZ800 departure gate, the bus that would take the passengers to the airplane was still at the door and the ground staff affirmed "they were waiting for me and my colleagues”. But then they say "someone" had cancelled my name in the system. It means Alitalia flight AZ715 was late (not me) and their staff denied my embarkation on the bus to the connecting flight AZ800, even though they were waiting for other passengers! Why could Alitalia wait for other passengers but not for me?

After that, they did not offer me the option of the next flight, so that I had to wait for hours at the airport. The staff did not write down the reason of the cancellation/boarding denial, as I demanded. At last, Alitalia called the airport POLICE when I insisted my EU Regulation EC 261/2004 rights should be observed (I should have been given at least a meal and be given access to telephone calls and internet). They threaten me and exposed me in front of all other clients by calling the POLICE only because I demanded respect to my most basic rights!

When I sent my complaint, they not only took 50 days to answer it but also lied: they affirmed that "I had missed" my connecting flight AZ800. Please! The bus with the other passengers was still there and they were waiting for others to arrive: Alitalia simply wrongly cancelled my name on their system and did not have the dignity to admit their error, or offer any assistance or compensation for such mistake. Poor performance, negligence and bad-faith: it was all I have seen in their work.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2018

If it was possible, Alitalia deserves negative stars. This was, by far, the worst experience I have ever had with an airline, domestic or international. Not only did the airline lose my luggage for my entire trip (and returning my bag and items damaged), but they also treated me with rudeness and disrespect on multiple accounts in person and on the phone. Their workers also clearly are not familiar with any of their policies because I was told multiple pieces false information regarding the lost luggage process.

They ended up costing me hundreds of dollars, which they refused to reimburse even a small portion of that despite the fact I followed their instructions when they concluded my luggage was lost. I was willing to provide them with an opportunity to restore my faith in their services, but it is obvious that they do not care one bit about their customers. Not only am I never flying with Alitalia again, but I also would strongly advise choosing another airline. I hope that no traveler has to experience the stress and loss that Alitalia put me through. Stay as far away from this airline as you can!

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

I tried to book tickets from their website on 18 July 2018. Everything was going alright until after the payment being complete. The website glitched and never gave me my ticket. I tried to contact them and they said the money will be refunded that week, and then it didn't and it became "In some days" and then it's been a month and they say they "released" the money and "unblocked" it but my money was never being held on provision or anything like that. My money was fully drawn from my account and I have proof of this. And every time I tell them I can prove them that money was completely drawn from my account and ask for their proof they go silent!

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Reviewed July 16, 2018

I booked a trip on Alitalia non-stop to Rome to go to the Amalfi Coast for August 2018. We booked the trip November 2017. My wife discovered she was pregnant in January of 2018. It was going to be our babymoon but she gave birth 3 months early at 26 weeks. My baby daughter will be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until the end of September fighting for her life. We have to be there for our daughter both for kangaroo care and because my wife has to pump breast milk for survival and proper development of our severely premature daughter. Alitalia said the tickets are not transferable, not refundable and not able to be postponed. They said the only way they would reimburse us is if my daughter was DEAD. Are you kidding me? This is a disgusting and emotionally detached company. Please never use them, I know I never will again! I hope this airline folds. $1,600. Pathetic.

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Reviewed July 9, 2018

This airline is terrible! Their airplanes are ancient, the seats are not only narrow but super uncomfortable (lumpy and ill-proportioned), and don’t let me get started on the staff who, with very few exceptions, were rude when they were not being condescending. A horrible experience I won’t be repeating!

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Reviewed July 8, 2018

I approached Alitalia to get refund for my ticket as I have a medical condition raised 6 days before traveling to Japan. They refuse to refund my ticket and saying exciting condition> My condition is not exciting and they are worst to respond and also worst to travel with.

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Reviewed June 29, 2018

In October, 2017, I purchased a premium economy ticket on Alitalia Airlines for a June, 2018 flight from Miami to Rome and selected my seat to sit next to my family. The day before the flight, I tried to check in online and was advised to see an agent at the airport. At the airport, the agent downgraded me to coach due to the flight being oversold. I was not able to sit with my family but I was told I would receive 75% back on my ticket. It is now been almost a month, three emails and two phone calls to Alitalia later, with no result/response or apology other than it is under review. To add insult to injury, the flight was horrible - extremely rude flight attendants, uncomfortable seats, non-working tv monitor and dirty airplane. The reason for this review should be obvious - I want Alitalia to compensate me as they agreed and, although I don't see it happening, an apology would be appreciated.

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Reviewed June 24, 2018

My wife and I flew via Alitalia from JFK to Rome on May 4th and returned on May 11th. While there my wife had a call from the airline to say that our flight was overbooked and we needed to take an earlier flight through Delta airlines. We were quite surprised since we purchased business class seats both ways. I called the airline back the next day to protest the change since it meant that we would time in Positano and would need to leave very early on travel day to make the flight.

When I finally spoke to an agent after a 1 hour hold, she proposed a substantial but fair reduction in the ticket cost to compensate for our inconvenience. In fact, it was this agent that forwarded us our new flight details after my call. Although I asked her to confirm our conversation via email, she never did. But since she sent me the new flight info, one would think the airline could identify her. Well I was told by Alitalia NYC customer service to put it in writing so I did. I sent them all the attachments on May 9th.

Hearing nothing I wrote them again to express my need to hear from them. I told them that the change of airline also meant that I couldn't eat on the return flight since Delta didn't know that I have a food allergy. I followed up on May 13th, 17th, 25th and again on June 10th. Each time I call to inquire I'm told that they will get to it. I have documented all of this and I am posting all of it on customer review sites. They are insensitive, and arrogant with their customers. After many flights with Alitalia, we are very disappointed and I'm done with them.

Updated on 07/15/2018: As of today July 14th, there has been no response from Alitalia. Our travel occurred on May 4th and May 11th and my calls for them to address horrendous inconvenience and aggravation they caused my wife and I began while we're still on vacation in Italy. Every time I called for a status report, I was told to put my complaint in writing and they would respond within 30 days. It's now 77 days since my 1st call and they have not replied.

Today I decided to call again so I called their NYC customer service center. After a nearly one hour wait someone answered. I proceeded to explain the matter from the beginning. I thought the man that answered was really listening as I gave dates relating to our travel and all substantive complaints that I filed and then the true Alitalia Customer Service culture was exposed. The attendant interrupts me to say, "Sir, put your complaint in writing and allow 30 days for a response." He clearly didn't listen to a word I said. I then told him just that and he replied, "we do not respond by phone. I tell you again, allow 30 days," and he hung up. I give up just as most others do but my Alitalia days are over.

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Reviewed June 1, 2018

We flew from San Antonio, Texas to Cairo and Alitalia was our last airline. Our luggage did not not arrive with us in Cairo. It arrived there day after but they did not deliver it right away to the hotel where we're at. Since we were in the Holy Land Pilgrimage we have to move on to another place so we advise the Airline to send it back to the original airport in San Antonio, Texas, USA. They had a message that the luggages will be sent back to Chicago O'Hare.

We arrived here in San Antonio, Texas, USA 5/26/2018 and our 2 original luggages were not here at the airport. Their world tracking doesn't have an update of the whereabouts of our bags and some of the people that answer the phone on their Lost and found are not very helpful and keep saying JUST WAIT. Until when are we going to wait. Our bags had both addresses, email and telephone numbers. Why can they use those too. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! THE CONTENTS OF OUR LUGGAGES ARE VERY VALUABLE TO US. All what we wanted is to return the bags **. We are pretty sure the bags are there in Chicago lost and found.

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Reviewed May 24, 2018

This airline absolutely sucks. This airline has the most deceptive baggage policy in the world. We booked our tickets through Kayak and *WERE NOT* informed of the baggage policies beyond the usual thing. When we traveled from Palermo to Naples, we were allowed to check one bag and carry on a bag with no additional fees. However, the problem began on our flight from Naples to Rome. We could have easily taken the train. However, we decided to take the plane. Unfortunately, when we went to check our bags, we were informed our checked bags were each over 8 kg. They charged us 53 Euros per bag to check them... Yes!!! 53 Euros per bag. This is for a 45 minute flight! In what universe is that a reasonable bag fee.

The ticket agent gave us a lot of crap and a lot of misleading information about what our options were. Very deceptive business practices. According to their company policies, we were charged the wrong excess baggage fee... but they won't even refund that and charge us the right fee. I won't even go into the long lines to check in, the constantly changing flight information, the barrage of useless emails, and a customer service department that is anything but... DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE. I repeat "DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE". They are scamming you with bags and trying to introduce all sorts of hidden fees. Take the train for much less money, no baggage restrictions, etc. This airline is the worst I have ever encountered.

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Reviewed May 3, 2018

I flew Alitalia airline and even the service on the plane from Milan to Brindisi service was poor. I had to discuss with the airline staff why I needed to wear specific headphones to block out the pressure. Then we got to Brindisi and they had lost my luggage. Since then trying to get the luggage back has proved to be a nightmare. Several phone call (phone numbers that aren’t answered) and emails that don’t seem to arrive to the company’s inbox. Having also since been patronised by their member of staff as I was explaining the need for the medication in the bag. Horrendous service. Reminded me why I would never fly using them again.

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Reviewed March 23, 2018

We all know these types of aircrafts are small seating. So first of all it was an extremely uncomfortable 10 hour flight. However, I will never fly this airline again for TWO ridiculous reasons: First, my purse fell out of my backpack onto the floor near my seat. I realized this as I was going to my next flight to Florence and notified Alitalia immediately (maybe 15 minutes after I got off the plane). No one took me seriously.

Finally, security told me someone found my purse (they explained it and confirmed my identification), and they would walk it down to me before my next flight. Well, that was a LIE. No one cared and no one came. I was without my government documents AND BANK CARDS for my ENTIRE TWO WEEK TRIP. On top of this, the ONLY reason why anyone would speak to me is because my cousin who lives in Bari explained the situation.

Then, it took me 10 days for them to even tell me where my purse was (when I flew back to Rome), went to the police station in the airport, went through HELL to get my purse and when I finally did, it was clear they rummaged through it. That would have been fine if they didn't take my things! Come to find out, one of the employees STOLE my bank cards, license and government documents. I have tried to speak to several people and have gotten nowhere. They JUST DO NOT CARE. It's been 6 MONTHS now... NO WORD, NO CALL, NO EMAIL NO CONSIDERATION.

Lastly, I informed the airline MONTHS in advance that my fiance is a type 1 diabetic. For those of you that don't know, type 1 is hereditary and he was born with it... No diet can help. I explained to them that he must eat a low carb/sugar meal. What did they give him ON ALL 3 FLIGHTS? BREAD, BREAD, BREAD AND MORE BREAD, AND HIGH SUGAR FRUIT. My meal was LESS sugar filled than his was. So his sugar was all over the place every time (because obviously he needed to eat regardless). There's NO EXCUSE for all of these issues, especially for the amount of money we paid for these flights. Just a total lack of consideration from Alitalia and its staff. Don't ever think anyone there will help you.

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