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About LA Solar Group

LA Solar Group specializes in residential and commercial solar panel installation and projects. It offers a wide variety of products and services in addition to the solar panels. After a project is complete, it provides lifelong maintenance and monitoring services to ensure efficiency. $0 down and 0% interest financing is available as well as leasing options. Panels are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Product variety
  • 25-year warranty
  • Manufactures panels
  • Production guarantee


  • Limited service area
  • Upfront costs
  • Weather dependent

Bottom Line

LA Solar Group is a California-based solar panel installation company. It also manufactures solar panels. It specializes in residential and commercial solar panel projects. Projects are backed by a 25-year installation, product and workmanship warranty. LA Solar Group is fully licensed in electrical, roofing and solar.

What is LA Solar Group?

LA Solar Group is a full-service solar panel installation company. It completes residential and commercial solar panel projects. Solar panels take energy generated by the sun and convert it to electrical energy to power a home or business. Renewable energy helps lower monthly utility bill costs. LA Solar Group manufactures its own panels along with offering brands like LG, Talesun and Qcells.

How does LA Solar Group work?

LA Solar Group works on about a six-week timeline. The process includes:

  • Week one: Consultation and contract signing
  • Week two Processing with rebate and interconnection services
  • Week three: Engineering with site evaluation, designing, planning and permitting
  • Week four: Installation
  • Week five: City inspection and final approval
  • Week six: Monitoring activation

Once a solar panel project is complete, it is backed by a 25-year warranty. The warranty covers workmanship, production, roof penetration protection and the equipment itself. Additionally, LA Solar Group has a minimum-energy-amount production guarantee. If a system produces less than the energy anticipated, LA Solar Group will compensate you for the underproduced amount or upgrade your system.

LA Solar Group services

LA Solar Group specializes in solar panel installation. However, there are several other services available. These include:

  • Financing: LA Solar Group offers in-house financing. It also can help walk you through private, commercial, Energy Loan Network (ELN) and bank loans.
  • Monitoring: Energy consumption and energy production monitoring services are available. Monitoring ensures panel efficiency, health and production. Three monitoring portals are available: Enphase, Curb and Hoymiles.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance services include system health checks, repairs and troubleshooting services. It offers maintenance to customers who bought their system from LA Solar Group and even to those who bought from a different company.
  • Warranty: Solar systems are backed by a 25-year product and craftsmanship warranty.

LA Solar Group products

LA Solar Group offers a variety of products related to solar panel systems. These include:

  • Solar panels: LA Solar Group manufactures its own solar panels and also installs a variety of other brands. Panels are installed at residential and commercial properties.
  • Solar inverters: Inverters convert the solar energy into electricity to power a home or business. String solar inverters range from $2,000 to $3,000.
  • Backup batteries: Storage batteries store energy to keep a home or business running in the event of a power outage. Whole home and partial home backup systems are available.
  • Electric vehicle chargers: Electric vehicle charging ports are available for charging at a personal or business property.
  • Electrical Main Panel: The electrical main panel provides connectivity to distribute power to a home or business. In some cases, this panel will need to be upgraded before a solar system installation.

LA Solar Group pricing

The average cost for an LA Solar Group solar panel system installation ranges from $12,878 to $17,422. You can expect to pay an average gross price of $15,150 for a 5-kilowatt solar panel system. The biggest pricing consideration is system size. However, other factors to consider include add-on equipment costs and features. Federal and local solar tax credits and incentives are available to help lower your overall cost.

LA Solar Group FAQ

How long has LA Solar Group been in business?

LA Solar Group has been in operation since 2012.

How do I cancel a contract with LA Solar Group?

Contracts can be canceled by email, text support or by phone. You have the option to cancel a contract within three business days.

Will I be compensated if LA Solar Group panels don’t produce enough energy?

Yes. LA Solar Group provides a guarantee that if a system produces less energy than expected, you will be compensated or the system upgraded.

How does LA Solar Group go about the installation process?

The installation process takes around a week. The entire process, from consultation through activation, takes about six weeks.

Do we recommend LA Solar Group?

LA Solar Group is a legitimate solar panel installation company in California. The company offers ample choice by manufacturing its own panels as well as carrying other brands. Additionally, the system production guarantee is beneficial because you can be compensated or receive a system upgrade if it isn’t producing well. If you’re looking for a seasoned, fully licensed and insured solar panel company, LA Solar Group is a good choice.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTech

Reviewed June 29, 2023

LA Solar was doing a solar installation for a neighbor of ours. We are good friends so we talked to them about it. They were happy. We decided that LA Solar might be the right people to go for solar. We did it and we're happy with it. Due mostly to COVID, we never met with them and we interacted by email. Their rep was available every time I had a question and answered all of them. He sent an email right away to respond. He was pretty good.

The installation took a few months. It was rainy season and there was no construction because of the rain. There was also an issue because the installers did some work. Another group showed up another time and finished the installation of the panel. It was left incomplete because all of it was not connected for whatever reason. I was not happy about that because there was no consistency. People might not know what was done and what needed to be continued to be done. There was a little lack of communication. This was during COVID and LA Solar was trying to bring in new hires so we decided to just be patient with them.

The electrician was very good and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, there was a language barrier with some of the people and we couldn't communicate with them well. LA Solar said they were gonna send somebody for the breakers but they never did. We have no idea which is which with the breakers. None of them has a new sign indicating which room or area they belong to. I've been very busy with everything else that it's hard for me to keep going back and forth with LA Solar to have them come and fix it. The job hasn't been done yet. I was going to do it with my husband but the city inspector was here and said, "No. It's their job and they better do it." I should do more follow-ups. I have some questions about some issues, but I haven't reached out to them. That aside, I have recommended LA Solar to many friends.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceBattery

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    I got the best deal with LA Solar. I had a rough start with the installation, but once they got started, things went really well from there. There were days that they said that they were coming out and I was supposed to be here and nobody told me I was supposed to be here and I was at work. Then, there were times they told me I need to be here and I didn't need to be here. Those were the big things that stood out because, now, they were interfering with my work. So, that aggravated me. Part of it could have been me too because I was anxious to get started. But since then, once it was up, they've been great. I can go on the app and I can look at how much solar I'm putting out on it. I don't always go out there and check the system, but they could call me and tell me or text me or email me and say, "Hey, your system's offline. You need to reset it." So, I'll reset it. The system's worked really well.

    I have recommended LA Solar. They gave me a good price. If you don't wanna go through the bidding process and do all that, you might just reach out to them or just reach out to a couple of companies. I always tell others to take a look to see what they're willing to offer. Since then, I think the panels have upgraded. They got better batteries now and this and that. They have different incentives and upgrades available. They tried to get me to get a battery. I don't have an electric car, so it was really no point except for the rolling blackouts that we may or may not have. Overall, it's been a positive experience.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed June 24, 2023

    Somebody from LA Solar contacted me and asked me when would be a good time to come out and if I was interested in leasing the system or purchasing it. So, instead of paying out 60,000, I decided to lease the system. I talked to my wife and she was okay with it. We went ahead and leased it. They came out a month later to do the overview of the planning, how many panels, and all the fine details. After that, somebody came out, started doing the installation work. It took three months to do and finalize everything, and COVID hit. I was forced to sell in the High Desert along with the solar system from LA Solar.

    I communicated with Anna from LA Solar and she asked me, "What do you think? You'll be able to want the system again? How do you feel?" Unfortunately, Edison had decided to do away with the tier system and just send out a mass-generated bill to everybody and say, "Pay this dollar amount off as the year goes on." I had to decide between 500 of my Edison bill from the High Desert, not my mom's Edison bill. When they combined both bills, I was looking at about a little over $1,100 to pay those off. I told Anna, "I'm not sure, but I still want the system." It helped me out in the High Desert and I'm sure it would help me out here in Fontana.

    She was able to accommodate me, go through the red tape, and I thank her very much because I have the solar system here in the house I grew up in the system. The system itself has helped out a lot. Other families around the neighborhood that I live next to are barely getting their solar system and paying way much for their system than what I'm paying for. I appreciate everything LA Solar did for me. I am now just barely seeing the difference and I appreciate it because not only was I having surge outages in the home, I was losing half of the electrical power. I thank LA Solar for going through all the obstacles that they did to get me the solar here in Fontana. I was very satisfied with them at the beginning. I'm still satisfied with them as of now. All the energy-efficient things that I have here, I am running them more comfortably than I have before. I have a lot more appliances and it helped me out so much.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 23, 2023

    I already had solar. I couldn't find anybody to update my existing system pretty much except LA Solar agreed to do it. I wanted to upgrade. I called Tesla too and they wanted to put the solar on the front of the house where it was visible and gets less daylight. LA Solar did it the right way. I have this really steep-pitched roof that faces the morning sunlight. It gets no afternoon sunlight. That's where Tesla wanted to install it. You would drive down the block, you'd see the solar. Right now, LA Solar and my existing older solar system are on my upper roof. You can't even tell I have it except if you see the box on the side of the house. The old system was up on the upper roof. LA Solar added to it. They did the measurement and said, "Yes, it can go on the upper roof," and they did it. I wanted to go with Tesla, initially, but LA Solar was better.

    I spoke to two engineers at LA Solar. My degree was in computer engineering. They spoke my language. They were a pleasure to deal with. They knew the codes, Tesla didn't know the codes. They're telling me, "You can't do this." I'm like, "No, I read the code. Why can't I do this? This is what the code says." LA Solar and I read the same code. Tesla is just doing whatever they think. I got a great deal with LA Solar. I thought it was a very fair price considering everything that they did. I have no beef with the cost. I did the first unit years ago and I spent 33,000 for 7.41 kWp. This time, I spent 13,000 for 4.5 kWp. So, the cost has come down a lot. LA Solar went above and beyond. Their guys told me when they were coming out, they came out, they did what they had to do and they were very professional.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 8, 2023

    I'm happy with LA Solar. Everything was done through text, there was no voice. But it was fairly decent. They kept me informed. It's a long process, but I was aware it was gonna be a long process. However, they could perform faster. There were some delays. The very first thing that happened was the guy showed up here to put it on but the material didn't show up. So they had to wait three hours. But for the most part, I'm happy with what happened.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupMaintenance

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    It is now 9/30/23. I purchased 20 panels from LA Solar Group in 2018 which they installed over my brand new roof. I have had several leaks since then that were patched. The big storms we had this Jan/23 caused major leaks because of poor installation to begin with. They have "no showed no called" me so many times, completely ignored my calls, and messages, I put in multiple claims to get their attention to no avail. The water has caused so much damage to my house it is unreal. Roof damage, wet attic insulation, drywall. 9 months of runaround from LA Solar Group. They came out once to patch. It still leaks. They claim they guarantee their work, how can they if their work is completely faulty?

    Their employees are not trained professionals. I had one guy show up to supposedly do repair and he did not speak any English. Ok, I am not against that but then he Google translated to me that he will do the job cheaper than what we are paying to LA Solar Group. He was trying to undercut his own employer. "Um, you are here to do warranty work. I am not paying anything." Suffice it to say, he left without doing anything. No surprise. On and on it goes. A new project manager reaches out. I have a sliver of hope. New appointment time. We wait stupidly. No one shows. We are fools. We have waited for 9 months like dummies. I am now writing reviews because this company has stolen from me. I have paid them for 20 panels (you do the math) and they have not provided what they promised. I call that theft.

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    Installation & SetupContract & TermsTechMaintenance

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

    For starters, I was lied to about availability of the Solar panels I actually wanted. This has and still is a complete nightmare from the day I signed the contract. The CSLB just had an inspection done of the installation that LA Solar has done. Bottom line, FIRE AND ELECTRICAL HAZARD! Apart from them damaging my artificial turf, and my roof tiles, the whole system was a BOTCH JOB, the defects and deviations are too numerous to list. LA Solar Group has so many complaints, the CSLB is revoking their license. Now I have to hire a lawyer to get compensation to repair what they have broken, and remove this complete crap that was installed on my roof.

    Too bad I am not able to upload pictures of the crappy work that they have done. Their installers were smoking weed in my driveway on 3 separate occasions BEFORE they started working on my home. LA Solar was here more than 12 different days working on my Install. One would think after so many days and different technicians, the job would be perfect. Now we live in fear because this system will probably catch our home on fire, and more than likely electrocute someone. Run from this company!

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed July 1, 2023

    LA Solar is fine. The reps were very responsive. The installation went smoothly. There was a slight alteration I needed to make on the drawing but it was positive overall. The cost of the service was fair.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase
    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed June 29, 2023

    When I chose LA Solar, they were prompt with their service of coming out to do the job and the job was done for what we agreed on. The permits took the longest, getting it approved. But the installation only took a day or two. We've seen a lower monthly bill since we got the system. There's a good payback after eight years and the process of doing it is easy.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    I supplied them with my banking information for automatic payments. But they suddenly billed me for three months at one time. I've done that twice. I had to resend them my bank information. They admitted one time it was their fault. But it's been like that. I just don't trust them with my billing. But there's been a dramatic difference in utility bills since going solar.

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