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Why does Listerine have to sting... A LOT! There are other mouthwashes that don't. Why can't they make it not sting. It burns my mouth like hell. Sometimes I can tolerate it but most of the time I can't. I can't even let it stay in my mouth for 10 seconds. That's how bad the product is. I don't know why a lot of people still buy it. Other brands do not sting but are still effective in cleaning mouths. I bought a big bottle of it and the first time I used it I wanted to throw it away. But I didn't want to waste my money so I used it until the bottle is empty. I already switched to another brand that doesn't sting. Not even a hint of a burning sensation. And cheaper!

I will never buy a Listerine EVER again! It's a good product but I hope they will do or they are already doing something about the sting part. They will lose a lot of money if brands of equal quality minus the stinging will appear in the market. People don't like to get hurt. Why do we need to get hurt just to clean our mouth???!!! Why? The creator of this product must've been a sadist and he likes to torture himself early in the morning! Well, not me... Listerine should step up its game if they wanted to remain alive in the market. They should do a survey about their product. Maybe they did already but didn't give importance to the stinging. Well, good luck to you Listerine.

I tried Listerine Cool Mint hoping it will give me a refreshing feeling but after less than one minute of gargling, it burned my tongue and the upper portion of my mouth. It stings a lot and the pain got me teary eyed. They also said it would make my teeth feel cleaner but I felt the opposite. It tasted like the corners of my mouth were bleeding. The packaging is attractive and the price is competitive but the effects are not very good. They should do something about this product/flavor or people will be discouraged from using the brand. It would also be great if they could come up with a bottle less than 100 ml in size so it could be handy for travelling via airplane.

Brown stains on teeth. Have stopped for a month now! Have searched the net on the cause and found an article that mouthwash could cause brown stains on teeth. The article states that Crest has compensated the customer, they actually paid for the cleaning. I contacted Listerine, and been told that they can't do anything and that I had to contact my family doctor!!! Have stopped using the product for a month now, but the stains are still there.

I am a parent and do the shopping for my family thinking I am buying the best products for my children's teeth. Today my son came to me and showed me blood coming from his finger. When I asked how this happened, he said on the lid of the bottle the 2 tabs that stick out after breaking seal the edges were sharpish so when my son clasp the lid to open it cut his finger on the crease of where it bends. My complaint is why did this happen? My son got an injury from such a product. I do have photo proof as I may consider legal action to improve better lids on these mouthwashes safer. My son has moaned for ages saying it hurts when he moves finger due to location of little cut. PLEASE IMPROVE PACKAGING lids.

I have never complain in my life before, but I guess it will be my first time. I buy Listerine toothpaste, Listerine mouthwash, and Listerine strips. I recommended this products to all my friends and family. So on Thursday at work I took 2 Listerine strips in 5 hours, then on Friday I took 2 strips in 6 hours. On Saturday morning I woke up with burned tongue and mouth. When I said burn - I mean burn, I couldn't eat, it was hard to swallow. I didn't know what's going on, I barely could speak.

So I went to work, at work I was gonna take Listerine strip but I couldn't because my tongue was burned. And then I realized WHY. So today is Monday and my tongue is not getting better, and I don't know why. I'm hungry because I can't eat and angry at Listerine company. In 2 days I ate 3 jelly. Listerine need to test their products better. I just wanna eat normal again, I can't eat hot, cold or hard meal. It's hard for to speak. So my gums and tongue are burned. I have sores on the inside of my mouth and cheeks. I can't open my mouth.. Is anybody have the same problem..???

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The advertising for this product States that it restore the enamel on your teeth. Enamel can not be restored by any product.

This happened back in 2006 perhaps. Years back definitely. My daughter used the mouthwash, didn't like it, and days later I had her try it again before I gave up on the idea. She did. The next day she came down with a fever of 105.3, vomiting due to the high fever. After carrying her into the doctors office, she was placed on antibiotics after test showed she had a bacterial infection. She had a couple of days of fever over 103 and 104. She would begin to shiver a good bit and I could see the light go out of her eyes as the fever climbed. Ever since she shivers greatly when she gets a fever. I've not been told she has a compromised immune system, but I think that experience may have damaged her system. I will NEVER use mouthwash without alcohol in it as a preservative again. Did let the company know the details and was repeatedly asked to repeat the incident over and over, with no moving forward. They drove me nuts with repetition. I see that there was a lawsuit in Florida, but can't find a result. Strange how something so seemingly benign as mouthwash can make you count your blessings that you still have your child.

Listerine Ultraclean turns my tongue blue. I didn't realize it until a friend at work told me - she thought I had been eating a blue candy! I keep a toothbrush & toothpaste in my desk and tried to brush the blue away, to no avail. Yikes! They should print a warning about this. Guess I'll have to switch to Scope.

After being a customer of Listerine for years. This past week I bought a bottle of Listerine Cool Mint and it has completely ruined my bathroom sinks. They are stained blue. Not happy at all with this.

Whenever I want a coupon; THAT IS ALL I want on the paper. I DON'T give a ** about what else your company is trying to sell/tell me. I don't like no ** telling me how to spend MY MONEY!!!!! These 88 coupons should be on one paper instead of two. YOU NEED to tell the graphics department about this **!!!!! FIX IT !!!! I'm probably not the only person that will complain about this either.

I've used Listerine in the past and liked the product, but recently bought their "New & Improved" Cool Mint Mouthwash. I was shocked when I rinsed with it and it literally turns your mouth blue, teeth, tongue, everything. I looked like a 5-year-old who just ate a blue popsicle. I'm very unhappy that my teeth now have a bluish tinge, even after brushing. This has really shaken my confidence in the product. Don't they have scientists who do testing on this stuff before it's sold to the public? Seriously! I can't imagine that a tester saw this and decided it was a good thing to sell this formula.

This is not a complaint about a person but a product! I have always used Listerine Mouthwash, the original and still it is the only one I have ever used. My complaint; however, is in regards to the pocket strips which I had in my pocket. I didn't have them in there long since I only get an hour for lunch. They melted together! And it's not like the weather is breaking any records, but come on now! Less than an hour and they melted! I can't imagine what they would do in 100 degrees weather! And it's not like these things are cheap, they are far from it!

cool blue from listerine was recalled & my child used the product. He became ill and was in the hospital with lung problems. I contacted the cool blue recall info. line and was told that I should not worry because the product only affected kids with low immune systems. My child has an immune deficiency. I cooperated and filled out forms and gave permission to get hospital records and have not heard anything from the company

I am a mom who was using this product, Listerine Agent Coolblue, to get my kid to use it. However I have a very bad weakened and suppressed immune system and I was in very bad shape and was bed ridden for about a year from using this product. I have called the company and called the FDA and made many other phone calls trying to get help. To date they keep saying no one was harmed using this product. I think that's is a lie. I have told them time after time about how sick and what it did to me, but they keep on telling the public no consumer adverse health events reported. Can anybody help me please?

I bought Agent Code Blue Mouthwash in late January at Walmart's because I loved the idea of a mouthwash that would identify plaque. I used it for about a week, and then stopped because I didn't like the taste. Short while later I began to experience daily diarrhea, intestinal distress and bloating. I immediately went on a diet of chamomile tea, yogurt and soft boiled eggs to correct what I thought was a bout of flu or some food intolerance. The problem is, the intestinal distress didn't heal up, it got worse.

Even with that spartan diet, it evolved into acute abdominal pain, and feeling sick all over, low body temperature, acute sweating on the back of the neck, unusual weakness and exhaustion. Bumps appeared in the lining of my mouth. After about four weaks of this acute abdominal pain-which didn't seem to budge- I went to doctor and was given tests, and given an antibiotic. One day after taking the antibiotic the

acute abdominal pain ceased. I was elated, but the general weakness and unstable feeling persisted. The bumps inside my mouth turned into mouth or canker sores - all over the mouth. To help the sores, I got Orajel mouthsore rinse, which began to help heal them.

During these months of February, March and early April I continued on a very mimimal and easy to digest diet. Doctor assumed the longevity of my not feeling well was that my body was struggling to recover from the acute abdominal infection.

But last week, when I read that Listerine had recalled Agent Code Blue because it was contaminated with "microorganisms" which could cause serious health risks to immune compromised people, I realized that what had triggered this two plus months of illness was almost certainly Agent Code Blue.

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