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I went to Jared this evening to get a new battery for my Raymond Weil watch. The time had been slowing down last week. I reset the time a couple of times and then it finally stopped. I realized I needed a new battery. I thought I was going to get a professional jeweler to change my battery. Instead I got a young salesperson named Meghan (did not give me her last name). She was quick to tell me that for $24.99 I get a battery change for life. I said, "OK." She took my watch. About 10 min later she returns and tells me, "Are you aware that the pull out winder to set your watch is broken?" I said, "No."

Was asking if it was a wind up winder or pull out winder. I said, "Pull out winder." She stated that it was broken and she noticed it after she changed the battery and tried to set the time. I told her the winder had been fine, I had re-set the time a couple of times last week, then watch went in my drawer for a couple of days until today when I wore it to remind myself to get a new battery.

She went to get another salesperson?? He did not introduce himself. He asked again if my watch winder had been broken. I said the watch was fine until I brought it in. He said they could send it out to Raymond Weil to get repaired. I asked, "How long it would take?" He stated, "Around 6 weeks." I asked, "How much is this going to cost me?" He stated, "I don't know but they will tell you once they see what's wrong with it." He then walked away. At that point in time, I just asked them to give me my old battery back and my watch back. I noticed that Meghan's hands were shaking and she had trouble putting the back of my watch back on.

If my winder had been broken prior to going there, it would have been missing because now it does not stay in place anymore at all, it just falls off. Meghan obviously broke my watch, maybe hoping for a new purchase--not sure. Based on the reviews I have read, it is a possibility. I plan to call the store and speak to the store manager. I am trying to keep an open mind and hope that they will do the honorable thing. I will follow up after I speak to the store manager.

In 2011 purchased a beautiful ring with a nice .67 vs2 radiant cut center, a Jared's engagement ring with diamond accents. Then a few years later, I had them change the setting to half bezel from prong. I also did their buy up program with my diamond. The "description" states that the clarity was a Si2... 1.3ct. I needed cataract surgery, had vision issues. I might have told them that.

It's i2... or 2 steps below my paperwork. Well, I went 2 weeks ago to an independent, custom jewelry maker to design a new ring for the stone. GUESS WHAT!!! ITS A CRAPPY DIAMOND!!! NOT EVEN WORTH THE SETTING!!! Wonder what it would look like to have their jeweler look at it and tell me what they see... unwittingly. I believed them in the quality at their word and paperwork. I also bought another ring at 2k as a loyal customer. I won't make that mistake again!!! Do not use JARED'S AT COLORADO MILLS!!! Do not trust them!

I wish I could do less than 1 star. I purchased a Tag Heuer watch here for my husband as a wedding gift. It was not cheap. We were going back and forth between a couple different watches. The salesperson (some guy can't remember his name unfortunately) said that due to my husband's profession (he is a mechanic at a dealership) he should go with the Tag watch I ended up purchasing. The salesperson exact words were "this watch is indestructible and would be just fine to wear to work everyday." So with that being said he wore it to wear everyday. Well a little over 1.5 years later the hands on the time piece fall off. Well I am aware that Tag offers a 2 year warranty.

So we take the watch back to Jared and they send it off. Tag says that they will not cover it under warranty due to the fact the timepiece has "shock". So they want to charge me $650ish and I said no way. I explained to them what their employee told me when I purchased it and they just don't care. I called Tag themselves and explained to them the situation. Well then Tag explained to me that working on cars can cause shock to this watch. That it is not indestructible. So I ended up getting the cost down from Tag to about $400.00 but then I wanted the Jared store to split this cost with me. And the lady was extremely rude to me saying that it's my responsibility to pay this not theirs. I told them to go ahead and repair the watch but in the meantime I am going to try to find a way to have Jared pay for this.

I was mislead when I purchased this time piece. I was willing to split the cost 50/50 with them. Now I am going to find a way to get in touch with someone and try to get them to pay 100% of this. This has also gone on way too long. We dropped the timepiece off on 07/20/16 and I am always the one to initiate the calls to Jared. THEY JUST DON"T CARE!! They will tell you whatever you want to hear so that they make a sale. This is by far the worse experience I have ever had with a jeweler. And to think I have made quite a few purchases here. I will never again. I have purchased 2 Tag timepieces and our wedding rings. I have spent quite a bit of money here and this is how they want to treat a good customer. Well I am going to spread the word on how horrible this place really is.

Been trying to pay my bill for over two weeks now, but 'new & improved' website will not allow it. I see a balance, but cannot pull up my statement, cannot even submit a complaint on their 'contact us' screen. Even though you are signed into your account, you are required to re-key in all redundant information. Then you keep getting image verification screens, one after another, so your complaint never gets registered with Jared. You call into their customer service center and they just use the same excuse that their website people are 'working on it' to fix it. Problem is if you don't pay your bill by due date, you will be charged horrendous interest charges. Maybe that's Jared's point??

Do not get the Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry Credit Card account. I pay my bills and this one is no different. I pay on or before the day it's due. Jared has the practice of saying you still owe double the amount even though the month is paid and the next bill period has not come up yet. When you call them to clear up the misinformation they say the system won't allow them. This is a technical problem to a bad system that they have been battling since the day they built their website. It's a systemic problem which they hide behind foggy mirrors and bad customer service. They don't know how to fix the website, so they say that their system just hasn't synced yet till the next bill cycle, but it just compounds the confusion.

No one over there can really explain what is wrong with their website or the system. Their website also has major issues on mobile like 403 errors. This is bad coding. They need to be investigated as this is a harassing practice. Playing games with the Past Due notice is not professional and the lack of technical expertise is rather scary. They are very amateur, rude, and completely incompetent. This is basic practice for any credit card. Since Jared is not an official credit company I suggest you completely avoid Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. Bad company and they are affiliated with Kay.

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Package stolen from door step and Jared refuses to reimburse or replace merchandise. A poor way to maintain customers! Very disappointed since it was a Christmas gift that never was and Jared claims no responsibility! Will never do business with retailer again!

The salespeople at Jared push a customer that buys an expensive watch to buy the lifetime battery warranty for $150 because a watch replacement and revealing the watch is very expensive. The warranty only covers the battery when you try to use it, the installation is not covered. The watch battery only costs $25. They even tried to explain that the battery probably isn't the cause. Since I had this experience, I found out that other people have experienced this same issue.

Purchased two Tag Heuer watches from Jared in 2010. About one month apart and during each purchase, I added on their Ultimate Watch Plan that was supposed to provide lifetime protection. All Tag Heuer watches come with a 2 year warranty. I recently took my watch in to be serviced and was told that I would have to pay for the repairs because my watches were no longer covered. I informed them that I paid an additional 300.00 for the Ultimate Watch Plan to which they responded had also expired because it was only good for two years. I then explained to them that was incorrect and asked why would I purchase a 2 year warranty when my watch came with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. They did not answer but reiterated the warranty has expired. They lied and ripped me off.

I recently got married and my husband and I got our wedding bands and my engagement ring at Jared's. Overall it has been a very good experience. The customer service has been very good. The salesman were not overly pushy and allowed us to picked out the appropriate rings for our needs. What really impressed me the most was a couple months after our big day, the store called to see how our wedding went. It was a very positive experience and I will definitely consult with Jared's for all my future jewelry needs.

On July 24th 2009 about 08:20 PM my wife and I went to purchase two wedding rings for our 30th anniversary at the Jared store located on Route 4, Paramus, NJ. After we decided for our purchase and had our measurements taken, we waited over one half hour without being informed about anything that was causing this delay. After all this period, my wife asked one of the sales people regarding the delay and found out that they had difficulties entering our data in the computer. At that very moment one man that appeared to be the manager on duty start telling us that they cannot complete the sale because they need one of our email addresses, otherwise we cannot complete your purchase. We never ever were being exposed before to this kind of discrimination or bad practices in our life and denied purchasing because I declined to share private information. This purchase was to be on one of our major credit cards.

By the way we have two houses, two brand new cars, major credit cards with an outstanding credit history and never ever we were denied any one of them or any purchase because we declined to provide private information, especially an email address. Having in view this unnecessary humiliation, discrimination and mistreatment that we were exposed in one of your stores, we would like to find out your position on this matter and what kind of measures are you taking to prevent this kind of unacceptable behaviors. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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Jared The Galleria of Fine Jewelry is a jewelry company founded in 1993 that is now also owned by Signet Jewelers. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, the company has retail jewelry stores across the nation. They are considered to be Signet's "off-mall" store, which means that Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores are located in smaller shopping malls and shopping centers.

  • Online and retail shopping available: Jared offers customers the convenience of shopping for their products either online or in retail stores.
  • Charitable giving: In addition to selling jewelry, Jared supports charities, including the American Diabetes Association and Jewelers for Children. The company is also one of the largest supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Lifetime guarantee: The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all diamonds and gemstones, as long as six-month inspections of the stones are done by an authorized representative.
  • Stone replacement: Jared will replace any stone, diamond or gem if it chips, breaks or is lost from its original setting if the piece is inspected every six months.
  • Diamond trade-ins: Customers have the option of trading in any diamond product for a diamond of equal or lesser value should they be interested in a different product. Trade-ins can be transacted at any brick-and-mortar Jared location.
  • Best for Couples getting engaged and customers looking to buy a luxury gift.

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