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I went to Hobby Lobby in Maplewood MN to return 2 items with no receipt that my 15 yr old daughter had received for her bday. They gave her 40% of the actual price on a in-store credit card which came to $115.42. 9 days later when we went to use the in-store credit it was declined and said there was 0.00 on it. I contacted customer service the next day and got a run around and never heard anything since that day which was Sept 23rd! How can a store not only rip people off when the items hadn't been on sale in the last 90 days by only giving 40% but also return items and then keep the items and the $ that was supposed to be on the in-store card?

This place is ridiculous and they lost a great customer as I have spent hundreds of dollars in that store!!! I have let many of my friends know of the scam they are pulling and hopefully no one continues to shop there and they get shut down. They rip people off all the time. Also when a neighbor of mine had returned some things they only gave her 20% of the purchase price on a in-store card!! I guess the more money you spend the less $ they're willing to give you back or do an exchange for. Smfh.

Is it a prerequisite that you must be haughty, rude, and completely void of any customer service skills at all to be employed at Hobby Lobby? I frequent the College Station, TX location at least three times a month, spending anywhere from $50 - $150. Today, I actually just needed to pop in to grab some jewelry making items. The aisle had two women working in it and of course they had a huge cart blocking the area I needed to look at. When I asked the lady if she could move her cart a little so that I could grab what I needed, you would have thought I had six horns and on my head! I mean seriously, if you want your customers to shop, then let them shop! Stock or rearrange the items on the aisles, after hours!

This is not the first time I have taken offense to the way the employees act there. No, it is not very Christian-like behavior for a company that seems to promote and thrive on that note! If there was anywhere else, I could find what I needed without having to step foot inside the Hobby Lobby door, I would do so in a nanosecond! HL, you need to get your act together. We, the customers, are what make you successful. Without us, you would be nothing but a garage sale.

I have been to this store at Daphne, AL location for many times and never once I have been treated fairly. I always give everyone the benefit of a doubt and seeing the positive side of it. But, unfortunately and as much I hate to write this bad review, I have to say something about this store to let the public know the ugly side of it. So here it goes. Firstly, the staff act like they were so annoyed whenever I asked a question or whenever I pull out a coupon. Secondly, it is hard to find any staff around whenever you needed help. It is very known that this area is very prejudice against the minority and this store making it even worst. The staff would be very friendly to the majority race of their customer but to a minority like me there is a strong sense of resentment and they are not worried to show it.

It is very disheartening to know that the company are base on a very strong religious belief but they had failed to carry it to their own staff. Not very Christian and shame on them for having such a double standard on customer service. I will avoid this store as much as I could from now on and for those who are the minority race in US, I advise you do the same. I've been to too many parts of the world and never in my life being treated so bad like this before. I'm not the person who like to write a bad review but this store left me with no choice. It is so bad that you can hardly meet any other minority race shopper in this store and I thought I was being paranoid. Yes, not even any minority employees. I hate to bring the race issue but it is too obvious and it's just getting really ugly. Never again Hobby Lobby.

I get HL promotional emails. They say "Free shipping" but when you open it, it's free shipping only on orders $59 or more! What's the big darn deal since that seems to be their normal requirement anyway. Other stores like Joann or Michael's, they send out Free shipping subject line heading emails ONLY when it's actually free with minimum purchase. Often, they have free shipping for just $29 purchase or even less. HL however constantly misleads customers with their "free shipping" no big deal emails. The fact that other stores accept competitor's coupons but HL doesn't, it turns me off. They think high and mighty of themselves which turns me off. As someone else has said, some of the staff in my local MI store have an uppity attitude towards non-white customers. The younger ones are better.

Went into Hobby Lobby in North Myrtle Beach SC two days ago. The employees acted like they would rather step over your dead body than help you. I finally called them from the parking lot to get some help. No numbers and signs on the aisles so I still had to look for what I wanted but at least I knew what aisle it was in. So, I find what I want, 6 half sheets of paper for $11.99 (20 full sheets for 19.11 on eBay). Ok, off to the checkout. One cashier and one other customer. Not a problem except they're talking about receipt and not moving anytime soon. After five other customers pile up behind me, they open a second cashier and suddenly I either, in a non-moving line or behind those five people, that came in AFTER me. I took the third option, walked out.

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Today I returned two packages of river rocks, with receipt and unopened, to the local HL store. I had no trouble receiving a refund for the full amount, and the two ladies that took care of it were friendly and polite. It seems if items are returned within the parameters of the return policy, in saleable condition, you will have no trouble.

Shopped at Hobby Lobby, spent close to $300, check was declined due to recommendation by Certegy. Paid with ATM same acct. Called Certegy who could not state why declined. They don't check with bank for funds available, couldn't state what guidelines they use to decline, but wanted to sign us up for VIP status to make it easier to clear. Told them absolutely not, that the only reason to decline a check is insufficient funds and how would they know if they don't check with banking institution. As far as we are concerned this business is a huge scam and committing fraud daily. Won't shop at Hobby Lobby again.

Rapid City, SD store had a clerk AND a manager lie to me in one day!!! Walked out unsatisfied, pissed, and disgusted. Clerk broke my lamp, lied about it right in front of me then manager told me how he would make it better, then went back on his word!!! No longer loyal customer unless someone can put this all right.

This was my first experience with Hobby Lobby and it was 5 Star all the way. I called the Lakewood, WA location to locate an HO scale train set for Christmas and was told they had one set left. The sales person indicated they would hold it for me so I drove to the store to purchase the item. I couldn't believe how helpful and friendly the staff in this store were! The train set was actually $20 less than the price advertised on their website. They also had the best selection of Bachmann train sets in town. The set I purchased, was of high quality and exactly as advertised. It was easy to assemble and everything worked perfectly right out of the box. I highly recommend Hobby Lobby as a great place to shop. Great selection, very customer friendly staff, and easy check out.

I have had the honor of using your free classroom to teach decorative painting and seldom does one of my students leave the classroom without buying supplies and more. I had prepared a TOTALLY FREE GINGERBREAD ORNAMENT CLASS which I paid for all supplies, brushes, basins, paper, palette paper, ran off over 100 flyers and posters and completely arranged. I was informed by your manager that she would post posters and hand out flyers. When I got there the day of class, no posters were up until after I approached her and informed her how that would impact the class. She also handed me over 60 flyers which I myself tried to pass out but I had to get to class to teach the one student who had showed up. She was a friend of a member of our chapter. I expected at least 20 who probably would have gone out and bought more supplies to make more.

In the past Robin has been most accommodating, but the middle-aged woman who would not give me her name or her district manager's name was of absolutely no help. The whole endeavor took months to arrange and was dismally carried out by your store. My chapter suffered, your store suffered, and your customers hearing that I was getting no help from your manager suffered. Price the items I need to chalk paint, paint, graphite paper, palette paper, brushes, paint, alcohol, chalk pencil and copies. A small fortune and I hoped to get members for future classes and you future customers. Evidently, not the goal of your manager.

I am absolutely disgusted with my purchase from this company. I was better off going to the store an hour away instead of purchasing online and waiting over a week to receive an order that was clearly damage prior to shipment. I ordered the bloom acrylic beads which clearly the container was dropped, cracked, the beads swept up and then taped shut prior to shipment. I guess their packer "Irene" thought I wouldn't notice the qty missing or much less the dirt and wood chip inside the container? I have taken pictures of my order if anyone would like to see! I went to their Facebook page and couldn't post my review but I did send them a message with a photo. My suggestion to those who order online use PayPal so you have a better chance at getting a refund!

I love to shop at Hobby Lobby, however 99.99% of items are only Caucasian. You would think that all nationalities shop there, and they would cater to all... not just to one race. I'm not prejudice by no means, however would like a variety to choose from. For example out of all the angels they have up for Christmas, I only found 4 African-American angels. I spoke with manager at store today, and he said they can't suggest items. He stated that I would have to call customer service with request. The store is located in Greenville, South Carolina off Woodruff Rd.

Don't get caught in this store 30 minutes before closing. The staff flicks the lights on and off to run you out and the manager stands by the door nodding at everyone as they exit. Rude trained staff!

My family and I went into the Hobby Lobby store in Goodyear, AZ. My children became thirsty while we were shopping and I asked an associate if they sold drinks for my children. She replied "no, we do not." It is currently 110 in Arizona and you have a store that does not sell drinks nor offer water to my children to make up for it. Due to this we gather the small amount of things we wanted to purchase (we would have bought more items) but had to get the children drinks. We went to make the purchase and I asked the cashier if they had military discount where I was once told again, "no, we do not." So not only do you not sell drinks in one of the hottest places but you do not offer military discount. I will not be shopping at any of your stores again. I'm very disappointed that you want everyone to know that you are a Christian company and you do not support the soldiers who are out there fighting for YOUR freedom!

I have been crafting for the last three years and do well for myself. I stop at Michaels, I shop at Joanna, Flower Factory and so on. Everyone that crafts know how expensive everything is for no reason. I had two 40% off coupons. Like Joanna, as long as the codes after different then you can use both or however many you have. When I asked the young lady if I could do that and she said, "only one coupon a day." I laughed a little and told that even Joanna has started honoring all the competitors coupons. She was a young girl and really didn't know what to say to that. And I love Hobby Lobby, I would shop there more than all of them, but I went Joanna and with my text messages and the coupons on my smartphone at Hobby Lobby and Michaels I was able to use them all. Now that makes me happy and want to keep coming back and I tell everybody.

Then I went back late later in the evening to get a bow maker from Hobby Lobby. It wasn't the same girl that waited on me but she was still there. The little girl rung me up. And before I could get my bag in my purse, she looks at me and tells me, "I'm going to order it this time but you know only one coupon a day." So the little girl, behind her of course, "That's something. It shouldn't be like that. Everything is overpriced, you should be able to use more coupons and they need to tell their workers not to throw jabs at customers."

Bought a set of expensive colored pencils - got home, realized they're oil based not wax like I was supposed to get. Had receipt - store won't take it back, manager wouldn't either. Only 9 days later... They said because they don't sell that particular package anymore - they won't return. These are 30 dollar pencils! There were only 2 items on my receipt and they said they couldn't find the price to refund me since they didn't carry this package size anymore. Though they did bring up the same brand pencil package - but a 12 count. The manager even said no. I spend a lot of money in Hobby Lobby and I won't anymore because they do not honor their word. I'll also be telling everyone and anyone that comes within 3 feet of me and that walks in my business doors.

I went into Hobby Lobby to return some bracelets with a "receipt" but when I tried to get a refund I was told I need the original packaging. Who saves original packaging? I always save my receipt but I buy a product with the intent on keeping it. I bought the bracelets, put them in my drawer, and threw the package away. When I went to wear the bracelet, discovered the latches on them all were super hard to open, so difficult to open that they cut my fingers trying to open them! That is a defective product. Why on earth do you need original packaging for defective product? To repackage them and resell them to some other sucker? Is Hobby Lobby that hard up? Buyer beware!!!

My husband recently returned some items without a receipt like they say can be done. They gave him a exchange card. It's been 5 days and the card don't work otherwise I've lost $100 dollars because it don't work. I've called their customer service, left a message to call back and no one has ever called back regarding this matter. They are crooks.

Went into the Covina store to purchase a gift card and a few other items. At checkout I was told that I could only purchase the gift card using cash or a debit card. I was told that they do not accept credit cards for the purchase of a gift card. I have NEVER had a store not take a credit card for a gift card purchase and I told Hobby Lobby that they could keep their gift card.

After 5 days of hearing lies and extremely poor excuses while trying to get a straight answer about the status of an order placed online, I find myself sick to my stomach and in complete stress. I cannot believe the solution offered to me was to cancel my order and go to a local Hobby Lobby to purchase the same item I've been waiting for. Of course I already paid for my original order with PayPal, so getting a refund will take a couple of weeks or more... During which time I will be out double the money. Truth is, the order for a Christmas tree was placed for my deaf & autistic granddaughter who cannot go to any store, and whose mother (my daughter) doesn't have the money to purchase. This is why I ordered it online. It doesn't surprise me that so many people suffer great stress over the holidays while dealing with morons who can't pick up a phone or solve even the littlest of problems.

Customer service is DEAD and Hobby Lobby has just proved it!!!! Four different people have told me the problem is a new warehouse that refuses to return calls and emails. Well, they aren't shipping orders either but I bet they are still collecting paychecks. Two different people told me my order actually shipped and then told me the next day that it didn't ship. Even a manager told me that there was nothing more she could do since their warehouse wouldn't get back to her with any information. So it seems their solution was no solution at all. I can't wait to put this on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and out to everyone I can. Congratulations to Michaels who will soon have several hundreds of new customers by the time I am done spreading the truth about Hobby Lobby.

I used to work at Hobby Lobby, and everything about that place is a heap of trash. Sales - Of course there are countless issues with sales. Every retail organization has them. But Hobby Lobby has so many little things that make a great order, remarkably terrible. Aside from shopping, being employed is the worst part. I understand the company is run by religious people, but it is entirely inappropriate to bring such close-minded opinions to the work place, and voice them to the public. I worked with a guy who happened to be a pastor, homophobic, transphobic, and racist. And he was okay with admitting it to every customer that walked in. Well I'm a queer Asian gal, and I wasn't about to hear that kind of hateful speech anymore. Hobby Lobby let him write me up without my side of the story, and I was fired for being queer. The end.

I took some merchandise back without a receipt, expecting only store credit. You would not believe: they only gave me half of my money back. I do not appreciate this and will do everything I can to bring it to the media's attention.

I purchased some thread for a craft project and what was called a "book stand", which in fact was an artist easel, not a book stand. When I got home, I realized that I purchased the wrong thread, and the book stand was not a book stand and was useless for the purpose I purchased it for. Their website states in their return policy "Returns for $10.00 or more without an original sales receipt will receive a Hobby Lobby Exchange Card in lieu of cash or credit card refund." I was told by store employees that they only allow returns for the exact same items or a refund of only 60% of the purchase prices. I asked about exchanging the items for other items of equal or greater value. They said no; only exchange for exactly the same items or a 60% refund of the purchase price. I find this policy outrageous, especially since the policy is not put up in plain view of the consumers and it is not what they state on their corporate website. I doubt anyone would purchase anything from a company with such a policy or deceptive practices. So now I'm stuck with items I don't need or cannot use. It is not the cost of the items; it is the misleading information and deceptive practices of the company.

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