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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Gap?
    • 4,482,526 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2009

    my credit was lowered because of an evaluation provided by equifax. i dont know which one of you (ge or gap) is the fool. my credit is great and your customer service department mad a bad error.

    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2009

    I recently purchased two items (cargo-type pants & a sweater) at a local Gap store in Omaha, Nebraska at the Village Pointe Outdoor Mall. (168th & Davenport)
    The day after the purchase, I tried on the new pants I had just purchased and found a small hole in the left pant leg. Usually I would notice a defect in the products, but the only reason I believe that I didn't was due to the fact that the lighting in the dressing rooms aren't exactly the best, or perhaps the location of the hole wasn't the most obvious at first. The next day, I returned the pants to the store and exchanged them for a new pair. Two days later, I decided to wear the new sweater that I also bought from the GAP. It had some wrinkles in it, of course from being folded in the bag, so prior to washing it or ironing it, I laid it out on my bed to see if it would match the shirt I was planning to wear later that day underneath it.. upon spreading it out, I noticed that there was a ring around the right armpit are of the was very obvious that this item was worn, someone had sweat profusely in it and then returned it. It was then retagged and put on a clearance rack for $24.99. I'm surprised that returned items aren't inspected a bit more prior to being placed back on the rack. I returned the item that evening. The store clerk was discusted by the sweat mark, but proceeded to take the return and without much concern. With all this being said, I'm very very dissapointed with GAP and am concerned that their stores are not much greater than a used clothing outlet . After two additional trips to this store, I decided to write you to let their home office (customer service) know about these issues, which I consider two separate incidents due to the timeline of events. I asked in my e-mail what The GAP would do to change my perception and somehow make up for the extra unnecessary trips to the store. I was thinking a small gift card or something would make up for it, but didn't make a specific request...I figured it would be up to them. Here's "canned" I recieved along w/my reply back below: Dear Chris, Thank you for your feedback regarding the quality of your Gap merchandise. We want all of our customers to have a wonderful shopping experience with us, and we regret disappointing you. Providing our loyal customers with world-class service and a great product is our goal at Gap, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments. We have documented and forwarded your comments to the appropriate personnel within Gap Inc. in an effort to improve the overall experience for all of our customers. If you would like to discuss your concerns with one of our representatives directly, please contact us at the number below. You are a valued customer and we look forward to shopping with you again soon. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-800-GAP-STYLE, and follow the prompts to share your store experience. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please note all hours are indicated in Eastern Time. Sincerely, Amanda Customer Service Consultant ------------my reply----------- Thank you for your "canned reply". I hope you realize by now that ever consumer in the world is onto the whole "canned reply" tactic. I can tell you that based on this "canned" message, I now know how much your really appreciate me and the rest of your customers. I'm not going to waste any more of my time calling YOU. You can call me. Perhaps I'll just post this all over the place with my comments so everybody can see how pathetic your customer service really is. I'm done shopping at your stores altogether based on these three experiences (2 follow-up trips to the store and this pathetic e-mail) Chris LaMantia Omaha, Nebraska

    Reviewed June 28, 2009

    I had a pair of paints on hold. An employee from the GAP Glendale Galleria, CA called the GAP store in Valencia, CA and spoke with **. When I went to pickup the pair of paints, they are stating that they did not call and ** states no one spoke to him. The manager was very rude, provided no customer service at all, and offered no apologies. There were 2 other sales reps, ** and **. They were the same: no meet and greet whatsoever. Even the manager had no class and offered no apologies. When I asked for the regional manager's phone number, they would not give it to me. Do not buy any stuff from GAP. They have one of the worst customer service ever. All the employees, including the manager **, were just lollygagging.

    Reviewed May 22, 2009

    I received a bill saying my payments were late. I received my bank statement same day in April. I compared notes. I had been paying gap on time. Called gap discovered Leslie Gurell was the name on account I had been paying. Immediately went to my First Tennesse banking on line. The last time I paid my real account number was 09/2008. My account number evidently had been changed by somene else. Contacted First tennessee they immediately gave me a new debit card, the very next day!Now I am turned over to collections and its on my credit. I have sent everything to El paso Texas for dispute.When I called ge money bank they were telling me that the account number they had for me was mine that was deliquent but when I called the very first time it was Leslies account number. So they have changed the accounts again on me. I have asked first tennessee to help me and ask for a bill on line detailed form.First tennessse is now telling me to speak with an attorney and on my account the number is changed to the account that they told me was leslies .

    Reviewed May 14, 2009

    I am writing in regards to Gap, Inc return policy. This past Saturday, I received 2 shirts for my birthday in which I already had. I took the 2 shirts into my local Old Navy store to do an even exchange and was told that I couldn’t return them because the people who gave them to me AS A GIFT didn’t include a gift receipt. I was told that I would have to wait about 10 days for their company to send me something like a check in the mail. I asked to speak to a manager in the store and was told the same by the manager.
    I called the 1-800-Old Navy number and spoke to 2 different representatives who just did nothing but make me even more frustrated and just reiterate the policy. I understand the policy but I wanted it to be known that I think this is the most ridiculous return policy I have ever heard of. I too work for a large retail chain in their corporate office and I can assure you that if a customer wanted to return 2 items for an even exchange my company wouldn’t make the person wait an additional 10 days for us to send them a gift card in the mail. Ask yourself this question, when you receive a gift from someone and you look into the present and you find no gift receipt do you ask very rudely if they can give you a gift receipt??? I would hope not. That would VERY rude of someone to do. One of the shirts I wanted to exchange I already had that shirt on as that they clear see from when I shopped in the Old Navy store I picked the shirt up for me so naturally I wouldn’t need 2 of the exact same shirt. By exchanging the shirt, their company would not have lost ANY money or any merchandise it would have just been an even exchange. I can appreciate the fact that if I was asking for a refund that a refund couldn’t be given but I wasn’t asking for a refund.

    Reviewed May 2, 2009

    I purchased a baby bedding set through the GAP online when they were running a 30% NEW ARRIVAL promotion. The website was confusing because the items that qualified for the 30% discount were not identified. When I proceeded to checkout and entered the promo code I did not receive an indicator that the item in my cart did not qualify for the 30% discount. It wasn't until the purchase was complete that I fully understood I would not receive 30% off. I called immediately and their representative was rude and unable to assist me. They even said that babyGap home is not the Gap but a vendor. How does a consumer know that and why would it matter if it is a tab on their website?

    Reviewed May 2, 2009

    I purchased a baby bedding set through the GAP online when they were running a 30% NEW ARRIVAL promotion. The website was confusing because the items that qualified for the 30% discount were not identified. When I proceeded to checkout and entered the promo code I did not receive an indicator that the item in my cart did not qualify for the 30% discount. It wasn't until the purchase was complete that I fully understood I would not receive 30% off. I called immediately and their representative was rude and unable to assist me. They even said that babyGap home is not the Gap but a vendor. How does a consumer know that and why would it matter if it is a tab on their website?

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2009

    Deceptive Pricing by GAP - I was charged the full price for an item marked on sale at around $20. Luckily I caught the error before I left and had it rectified. The explanation given by GAP was that this scenario happens quite often when the system goes offline. In such cases the register charges the regular price without any warning or indication of an error in pricing. Wonder how many customers get ripped of by this flaw in the system. It is quite often that we leave without looking at our reciepts. I would think it would be logical to atleast program the system to alert the cashier about a possible pricing error in cases where the system is offline.

    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2009

    I work for The Gap so I am taking a big risk writing this... What the consumer does not know is we are given goals on how many Gap Credit cards we must open each day and if we are not meeting or exceeding those goals, we are harassed throughout the day by upper management to do so. It is even part of our annual review. As far as return policies go, customers ** and moan at cashiers who are practically the lowest on the old Gap totem pole, yet because we are just doing what we are told regarding store policies, we get the brunt of the customer's ire. Do yourself a favor and direct your complaints to the corporate bigwigs. They are the ones who formulate these policies.

    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2008

    I took a scarf I received for Christmas into the Bethesda Maryland Gap store on December 27th. The scarf was ordered online by a family member but it said it could be returned to any Gap store. I told the woman waiting on me that I wanted to return the scarf. She asked if it was a gift. I wondered why that would matter but said yes it was. I stood there for several minutes, with the credit card used to make the purchase in my hand, intending to get a credit card refund. She finally came back and told me the amount my gift card would come to. I explained to her that I did not want a gift card, I wanted the refund put onto the credit card. At that point she told me it was too late, and that was why she had asked me if I received it as a gift. I told her if she had explained all this earlier, I would have told her I didn't want the refund handled that way. I asked that the gift receipt be canceled so I could just take the scarf back and mail it in for refund. She said no, it was too late to un-do the gift card. Realizing that I seemed to be getting the short end of this, probably just because she knew she was only dealing with a teenager (I'm 18), I told her I refused the gift card, and was taking my scarf back. As I walked away, she called mall security. Soon about 7 cops showed up in the store (I had the scarf but hadn't left the store yet), and she yelled about me 'stealing' their merchandise! I told the police that I wasn't stealing anything, it was my scarf and I had not taken their gift card. One of the cops said it shouldn't be too hard to get Gap to correct this problem, and it wasn't, once they got involved. When an 18-year-old tries to do the very same thing, Gap says they 'can't' do anything but refund me in the form of a gift card. Funny how they managed to cancel that gift card real quick after getting the police involved! I have also been banned from ever entering their store again -not that I would ever want to, but tell me, how is THIS fair?? I did nothing wrong, and even the mall security quickly figured this out! I will never buy anything from any Gap again, and my family & many friends now say they won't either. Teenagers should NOT just automatically be treated like trash!

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2008

    Day 12-09-2008 hour 6:15pm Cashier 1482342 - Trans: 1940 Reg:002 Valid No. 7937
    Two employees attending that time, one of them being the person at the cashier, treated me impolitely, non-cooperatively and very rudely. I am complaining because, for many many years, I have travelled to different states of your country and always shop at Gap stores for all my family,(Maternity,Baby Gap, Body Gap,Kids and Adults Gap), and never had this happen. You do not need employees like this. The reason that I do shop at Gap is not only because the merchandise/product is very good but the service/salespersons are always cooperative, helpful and educated.

    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2008

    I had formerly worked for Gap and have been a loyal shopper with their brands for years. I had return from the Gap Body store and had misplaced my receipt. However, I do know that I paid with my Gap credit card and knew they could look up my purchase with that card like it was as good as a receipt. Well I took in my item and had to track down Sylvia to get to the register to take my return. She left me at the register while she folded shirts as it was close to closing and I guess she was too busy to bother with me. I explained to her that I had misplaced my receipt and if she could look up my item with my gap card. She examined my return item which was a bra very carefully as if I was trying to pull a fast one on her, this bra had tags on it.

    I told her I had grabbed the wrong size and needed to return it, she then accused me of wearing the bra and said how am I supposed to put this back on the sales floor? The bra had not been worn, as it was not my size and the tags were still on it, I told her this and she tried to argue with me. I stood my ground and refused to take her attitude.

    She then said ok, let me see your gap card. Then she wanted to see my ID. (for a return?) I had recently gotten married and my drivers license had my married name and Gap card my maiden name, she then said are you sure this is your card, the names are different? Yes its my card! the first name is still the same and she refused to look up my purchase . I then showed her my college ID with my maiden name on it and she shut up but still gave me attitude. Then she tried to say that I never bought the item with my gap card and that she wasnt going to take it back. Bull!

    I then got fed up with Sylvia's attitude and then got someone else to do my return with no problems. I have never been so insulted and treated so badly in all my life at any store like she treated me. She was so rude and made me out to be a thief trying to pull a fast one. I have emailed Gap corporate about this and doubt anything will be done, but Sylvia at snellville GA gapbody needs to be fired and work on her people skills.

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2008

    1/17/08 received call from Mike Mills, Pioneer Creditry Recovery 1-877-324-0406. He said I owed $203.62 with late charges on purchases made 12/31/06 New Years Eve. No info. Referred to April at Resurgent Capital Services 1-888-665-0374. Acct. 6018595205551563, $27.45 at GAP. Acct. sold 4 times. No info. Asked for ID Theft Affidavit, drivers license, picture, SSN, police report, other personal info & notarized. If I faxed info I MIGHT have charges removed. Negative report by GAP on my Equifax credit report.

    I called our Sheriff who instructed me not to fax the info. Said it was probably a mistake or scam. I do NOT have a GAP STORE credit card or acct. Called Resurgent 1/30 & Shirley C.S. rep refused to mail me the application, signature, items purchased, where & when acct. opened. Would not give me Resurgent's address, but said I should write for them to send a bill with late charges added for immediate payment or open a dispute with personal info conveyed by April

    Pioneer repeated computer calling 1/17/08. (Called GAP. Rose & Holly said they would ask Resurgent for account back. They had no info) Resurgent would not send back. Resurgent Threats of law suit, bad credit record, and threats they would hound me forever if I did not pay by check the bill with late charges. The amount owed was different with every person I spoke to. The GAP has written the debt off and sold to 4 bill collectors.

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2007

    I'm contacting you about the recent Gap Inc laptop debacle. I called the helpline they set up because my 16-year-old received her letter saying she was one of the people whose information was in the laptops which were stolen. They are offering one year of credit monitoring. It is plastered ALL over the internet that they have offered this.

    What is stopping the people who stole the laptops from sitting on this information for one year and then taking it and using it? Not only that, but by the time they get to her name and SS# it could be five years from now. Then she is left for the rest of her life to deal with this herself? At her expense? Because she is a minor - I have to pay the approximately $240 upfront for this one year monitoring. And then they will promptly reimburse me. But what happens after the one year?

    I think it is a bogus offer and they could not offer [me] anything else at this time. They would not even give me further contact information when I requested it.

    I'm not happy with their offer and I don't think it protects my daughter - is there something that can be done to protect her in the future? Social Security numbers are for life! What happens in so many years if she goes to get a car loan or a mortgage and finds out that her identity was stolen? I know for a fact those numbers and names are sold on the street to illegal immigrants.

    It could be years before she finds out. And we certainly can't afford $240 a year to monitor it. Then her life is disrupted for as long as it takes for her to fight for a solution. And at her cost! All because she is a 16-year-old who went to Old Navy to apply for a job - was told she had to apply online - and did so. It's a bogus offer!

    Reviewed April 19, 2007

    I filled out a credit app in the store to get 10% or 20% off my purchase. I paid the cashier in cash for the clothes. A few weeks later I get the GAP card in the mail but the rate was too high so I cut up the card and tossed it. A couple of months go buy and I get a bill from the GAP for the clothes I paid for in cash. I contacted the GAP account rep and protested the charge.

    After 3 calls I was told that it must be a computer error and the matter had been resolved. Now I have a bill from a collection agency and the $60 bill is now $257 in less than 5 months. If I had not been assured that the matter was resolved I would have kept concise records but I did'nt bother because I trusted the rep. I can only surmize that the employee stole my cash and activated the account from the store afer I left. They are screwing up my credit for debt I did not owe. What can I do? Do you know of other individuals this has happened to?

    I am looking to buy a house in the next year this could cost me thousands of dollars in interest.the charge has more than tripled and I already paid cash.

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2007

    I am wating on the refund... I HAVE SENT All the paper work they asked for it has been over a year and they have not done anything at all.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2006

    My daughter received a Gap shirt for her 8 year old birthday. Unworn, tags, etc. but no gift receipt. I went to the store to exchange it for a size 10. I could not do this - I had to return the shirt, fill out a form and buy a new shirt. To my surprise, I received a merchandise certificate in the mail. I wanted a refund. The customer service line said that they didn't do this any more. I don't want to be arm-twisted into spending more at the store - I just wanted the exact shirt that my daughter received as a gift.

    It's just a big waste of time. And stupid.

    Reviewed March 20, 2006

    I opened a Gap Card to get the in store discount in 2005, I received a statement in August 2005 and paid the minimum payment. After that I did not receive monthly statements from GAP.

    I Then got a call saying that I am deliquant in my payments. I told them to send me the bill. They said they will send me a replacement bill. The bills were being sent to the incorrect address. I told GAP that the address was incorrect and I sent a payment.

    After that I never got a bill again.

    I called GAP and they told me that I change my address at the Post Office and thatis why I never got a statement.

    Reviewed June 23, 2005

    Shopped at GAP with daughter, she purchased $120+ in merchandise, salesperson taked us into a qucik credit card so we could get %10-%15 off pruchase. Did the deal, paid the bill, then we started getting dunning letters for interest. Every month they are chargin $25+ on the account for insurance and debts...We paid the account in time they said it arrived a couple days late. We told them we would only pay $25 to settle the balance. They contiune to hound us several times a week and we tell them we paid off the balance and don't owe any money. They are charging lated fees on late fees. I want a complete accounting of the account. THis all started in June or July 2003. Where can I go to get help. I think this is a gross violation of my rights. We paid the bill.

    We get hounded 3-5 times a week with phone calls from India from people we can't even understand. I tell them to look at the file. We are being harrassed over a phony balance.

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2005

    I make my payment trough internet for benefit for the company and myself. An now the are penalizing my account with a ten dolar fee afecting my consumer quality. The are apply this payment that I made it by phone which I didn't make it by phone instead a make it by a electronic device my computer.

    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2004

    I had applied for a gap card and was approved for it, I did 2 purchases on the account number which gets printed on the recipt. Till date I have not received my Gap Card. Nor did I received any statements, After 3 months from application I changed my address and also informed the customer care about the new address and about not receiving the card. She assured you will recive it soon. Now about 2 months ago I received a phone call saying that I had aroung $115 due on my card while the actual purchase was only about $30.

    After calling the concerned authority they said it was their mistake and they asked my to pay the minimum due and waived the late fees as I never received any statement. Also I requested them to close my account as I was of no use with out a card and statements. I paid my dues and the customer care rep said that my account has been closed. Now again last week I received a call from Gap customer care saying that my account is due. I din't understood what was that when my account was closed. She said that the account is not yet closed and I again had to call the customer care number and confirm that the account to closed. This time she said that the previous representative forgot to close your account and she will do it for sure..and I hope she does.

    Due to the card my credit history has dot spoiled as I showed delinquency, while I had no clue since I never received any statement. Major Credit card companies have rejected my application because of GAP card, even though I have a good record with thoses companies whose cards i use and receive statements on time

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