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Original review: March 15, 2010

I took my computer in for service on Feb. 26. I called on March 3rd because Geek Squad didn't show anything on my computer. Amazingly, not long after I called they updated, their site to say the computer was received. No more was done until I called on the 10th and was told it had been waiting for parts and they were finally in. And amazingly enough later that day the website was updated to say that the parts were received.

I called on the 12th. My computer was to be back the following day and they told me it was still being repaired. I called Monday the 15th and they say, oh, the parts just came in today you should have it sometime mid to late week. Let's remember it was due back on the 13th and they had all the parts on the 10th. Yet now on the 15th they have all the parts and still no update on the website. Do I think they even have my computer? No, I don't because it seems to depend on who I talk to as to the status of my computer n updates are put into the website unless I call and every agent has a different answer. So I don't think anyone really knows where my computer is, much less what is being done on it if anything.

I have clients waiting for reports that I cannot get out until I get my computer back. I assured them they would be out today since my computer should have been received by Saturday. I now can not give them any kind of timeline because I don't believe a word they say. I am liable to lose these customers because the reports were due on the 10th. I have also spent time on the phone trying to find out and getting different stories and having no one actually do what they say they will do, and the aggravation of having to call them on lie after lie it has taken time away from my business and I basically am dead in the water for my business.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2010

I bought a MacBook Pro from Best Buy in December, 2008 with a 3 year service contract. After one year the computer charging system was damaged due to moisture. When I took it to the Geek Squad, they said it needed to be sent to their service center. I made a point to ask if they would contact me before any repairs were made because I knew the hard drive was okay. They assured me they would (which was stated in the agreement).

After two weeks I received a call that my computer was not repairable and that I was approved to get another one. I called them back about my data on the hard drive and they told me they had junked it and their policy was they couldn't return to the old one to the store and they don't recover data. I was never told it was my responsibility to retrieve the data. I told them there was no power to the unit to access the data and all I wanted was a prognosis. Not to junk my computer. After spending several days dealing with customer relations. I was told I they would not return my computer.

I went to the store to pick up a replacement computer. I had to pay an additional $42.00 in sales tax, the way the figured the cost for the replacement. I was told that my service contact was now voided because of the replacement. A loss of $300 to me. This whole experience was devastating to me. With the loss of years of family photos, personal documents, business contacts and information, hundreds of iTunes and much more. And then to be treated as a complainer.

They could have returned the other computer or repaired it for less but it was to much effort. I was lied to and ripped off at every turn. Amazing how little they cared and continued to rip me off. If there was only a way I could return the favor. I lost several thousand dollars in data. Over $40.00 in the way they figure replacement values. Over $300 in the loss of my remaining service contracts and hours of my time on the phone and the divergation. I wish there was a class action law suit I could join against this rip off retailer. Complaint #69865533. Service Order #00124-953657906

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2010

I took my laptop in to Best Buy on 1/13/10, to have the keyboard serviced due to some minor spillage. At the time, I spoke with Geek Squad agent Billy who supplied me with forms to sign and information regarding the shipping/service of my laptop. I explained to him that I did notice that my screen had some dust-like matter on the inside of it (mostly on the upper right-hand corner). I told him that it was only noticeable by me once I put a light-colored wallpaper. He identified that it was there and wrote down for the screen to be replaced as well, under my protection plan.

I showed him the condition that I had my computer in, clean/shiny and with no scratches. I explained to him that I would like it covered at all times to prevent damage or scratches. He explained that my laptop would be handled correctly, is in good hands and took it off to be serviced. I returned for it on 1/28, the day after I got an e-mail stating that it was finished being serviced. I spoke with a Geek Squad agent by the name of Eric, about why my computer appeared to have been left out in the open because it was uncovered and the screen so filthy (with fingerprints visible). He told me that that was normal procedure with all computers serviced. I noticed that the top of my laptop (screen area) was also very shaky to the touch and so naturally, I was questionable as to why that was.

I also spoke with a manager there, by the name of Johanna, as to why that was and she also said it was normal. I was a bit skeptical as a customer about the truthfulness of their observations/ claims so, I left the computer there so that I can come back and consult with Store Management the next day. I had told the Geek Squad agent, Eric, to cover my computer and don't let anyone touch it until I return. Unknowingly, I had to spend some time in the hospital over the next few days for an underlying health condition. I figured that my computer would be covered and not touched for that time period. I returned to the store on 2/2/10 and one of the Geek Squad agents proceeded to bring my laptop computer out to me saying, "Look miss, your laptop has been cleaned by us!" I got angered with them and told them, "Why did the store violate my rights as a consumer and clean my property without my approval first?" I then inspected the laptop further at that point, only to discover that there were blotches from some type of cleaning solution all over my screen and scratches all around the rim of the computer, from where the webcam is, extending all the way around the rim. I was shocked and infuriated.

At that time a manager, by the name of Matt, came out to speak with me. He identified the scratches and also a visible dent in the media player sensor area. Instead of him offering me a replacement computer because his staff went against company policy and damaged someone else's (the consumer) property, he told me that he had to again send my laptop out for another 2 weeks. I refused because I need my computer for business purposes. But, I knew that I also couldn't take it out of the store for the sole purpose it would void any damage that was done to my computer on behalf of the Best Buy staff, once it's back in the customers possession.

The General Manager of the store, Michael **, refused to address the situation that day, even though he was there. He also proved to be very careless of the situation and refused to return my phone calls to him the day after. I will not have my computer being sent away for 2 weeks so that Best Buy can cover their tracks and load my computer with a lot of refurbished parts.

That is not the way that I had initially purchased it and I do not trust the store at this point! I should be rightfully entitled to something new of equal or lesser value or a full refund of my money, which the store is refusing to do at this time. I am appalled and refuse to let them make the decisions for my product and my money!

My laptop's screen and framing sustained scratches and blotches from a cleaning solution/method used by Best Buy staff in-store, against my will as the customer. If I wanted it cleaned, I would have done it myself. I was given no further options by their staff, other than give us your property again to be serviced for an unknown length of time. I was refused a replacement laptop or full refund of my money. I feel like the store now controls my property and my money. I now have to conduct my business through a friend's computer, until this matter is settled. This situation has also caused me much stress, as I don't know who could be doing what with my laptop within the Best Buy store, as I take the time out to even write this e-mail!

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2010

I was almost run off the road by a Geek Squad van, and I went into a Best Buy to see why my iPod wasn't holding a charge. It was said to me that they would replace the old iPod and use its parts to build a new one, and I found that statement to be fraudulent. Garod flirted with me, and when I denounced his advances, his manager told me to "get back" and called the police on me. That manager witnessed Garod flirting with me in the back of the store, where they claimed they were going to prove that they actually did run a battery test on my iPod.

I suspected that Garod was lying and perhaps was trying to force his agenda on me. Garod's manager made a racist remark to me when I refused Garod's romantic jargon, and called the police on me. The Arlington Height's Police said they didn't find me wrong or liable and they took a report. The Wilmette Police told me to get a lawyer and to contact the Better Business Bureau. I believe they sexually harassed me. They aggressively tried to get me to purchase a car charger for the iPod and they said the battery was bad.

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2010

It started when I bought a Dell laptop last year. It is Vista. I bought it from Best Buy. I had it for about 4 months, and kept having trouble with it from then on. First, they told me I had to pay $80 to have them look at it. That was fine, then they told me it was the hard drive, so they had to send it out to Dell. When it came back, they said it wasn't the hard drive, and that the geek squad was wrong, so they now have to install all my programs for another $100. Then I got mad, so I told them to pack it up, and I would take care of it. They then said they would do it for free. So I took it home and it was doing the same thing.

I called Dell support, and they told me that I did not buy it from them online, and to go back to the geek squad, which would cost me more money. So then I brought it to a computer guy in the area, and he told me it was the hard drive, so i had him fix it, and it cost me another $190. Here I am 3 weeks later, and the same thing is happening. The blue screen comes on. When I restart it, it works. Yesterday, I lost all my stuff, and had to restore on safe mode. I am very disappointed with this Dell laptop. I do have a desktop XP, and no problems. I want to know what do I do now. Invest more money, or throw it in the river? That's how disgusted I am. Have you ever had all these problems from anyone else, and tell them what they should do. I don't have a warranty on it, so could you give me some input on this?

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2010

I purchased a Belkin N Wireless USB adapter from Best Buy on 12/18/2009, and before I purchased the unit, I asked their Geek Squad guy if the unit can work with Windows 7. The Geek Squad guy told me it will. After I got it home and tried to install it with my sister's machine, it did not work. My sister tried to return the unit on 12/27/2009 to the store, but they said they did not carry that model that I bought.I then went to the store myself and tried to return that, but they still insisted that the unit is not from the store.

One of their managers, Faruk, said they never carry that model and the unit is not from their store. I asked if it is possible they have a sticker over the plastic wrap that they scanned, but he insisted I bought the unit from somewhere else and try to return to their store and said, "Thank you very much, next." As I was walking out of the store, their security said something like have a nice day and don't come back or something in that regards. I was so upset and I think I flipped them off. My sister then went back home and dug up the plastic wrapper from their trash can and indeed there was a sticker that matched the product code on the receipt.

I went back to the store again on 12/28 and tried to prove they were wrong, but then I was met by Andre **, Best Buy's Store Service Manager. The first word out of his mouth was, "I need to ask you to leave the store now." He said I have created a scene and flipped his employees off and he had me on tape. I tried to explain that I found the wrapper with the sticker matching the receipt but he said, "I have told you that we never carry that product." I said what about the sticker on the wrapper that proves the product is indeed from your store, but he said the sticker is from the store but the product is not. He said, "Don't ever come back again." I then left with disgust.

I called their corporate to complain and talked to Helena telling her what had happened, how I was treated, and blamed of cheating. Helena was nice and called the store and got Joey from the store on the line, but Joey said they went through their inventory and they never carry that product and still insisted that I tried to return a unit that is not from their store.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2009

This unit was trouble from the start! I only got it to get the latest XP, as my 8-year-old Compaq would have to be doctored for that system. I never had any problem with the Compaq. I've had my eMachine in Best Buy 19 times & their Geek came to my home, played around on the keyboard for about 10 minutes & proclaimed that it would be fine. Needless to say, that was & will be the last time I will deal with them.

The first time, it was in there, they sent it back with an old hard drive in a box and said they put in a new one. When I started to use it, it had a virus & other junk that took me 2 days to get rid of. There were 18 other times which proved to me that Best Buy's Geeks are just that. One of these times, they were going to send it back to the factory for repair or replacement.

After 2+ months, I went in to see if I could get it back. They looked all around the shop & finally found it in a back room, still bearing several of the previous stickers bearing my name & a bar code for ID. I've been crippling along with it now & I can't understand why the DVD tray is out now. My beat up old Compaq that they turned their noses up at never had anything done to it except to add gigs.

I wish I had the info in this site before I bought this junk yard. I really would appreciate any help your attorneys may get for this problem. This is a model t3516 purchased on 12/2/06 with time out in Best Buy 19 visits & a Geek appearance at home with no substantial results. I guess short of gutting this case & putting in Compaq components, it's impossible to keep this thing going right. I will also be glad to give testimony on eMachines & Best Buy's performance!

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2009

I bought a Samsung 65" TV and Geek Squad consultation. Geek Squad never returned my call and had to go after installation with third party. TV did not work after a few days. Best Buy was not ready to take off the TV and asked me to pay for installation and to take it off. Despite my request for Geek Squad to come and I paid $100 for consultation intention for installation as TV did not work (It is the responsibility of Best Buy to do the work and replace it.), they wanted to charge me $350 to take out and install it. On top of that, the guy manager from Fair Lake, Fairfax was very rude in his behavior. I had a terrible experience with Best Buy.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2009

I purchased an Insignia 47" 1080p HDTV on 8/28/09. On 12/1, the TV picture went blank. The sound worked but there was no picture. I purchased the extended warranty just in case this happened. I called the warranty company (Geek Squad) and was scheduled for a repair on 12/8. I asked them to search for a sooner appointment at the same time. On 12/7, I called back to check on the status of a sooner appointment and found out that they had cancelled the appointment scheduled for 12/8. They then set an appointment for 12/11. I was contacted at 3:00 pm on 12/10 about the appointment being cancelled again because their only repair technician got hurt. They rescheduled my appointment for 12/17. Having to go longer than 2 weeks without a product that was only just over 3 months old is ridiculous. I spent well over $1000 on the TV, mount, tax and the cable to run it. I will never again purchase another product from Best Buy.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2009

In April 2009, I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy. I purchased a carrying case, extended warranty, and some operating software. The computer has worked without concern or incidence for several months. On Friday, November 6, 2009, I was out of town with my laptop. I turned it on and as soon as I began to enter a word to search on the internet, the keyboard locked up completely and no keys would function at all. I turned the computer off, then turned it back on and the screen immediately went into BIOS with no keys working.

On Tuesday, November 10th, I returned the laptop to the Best Buy Store in South County where it was purchased. The attendant at the Geek Squad desk turned the computer on and got the same result as I had. She filled out a service request and said someone should call me within 3-5 days. Seven days went by and no one called me. I tried calling several times over the weekend and was told that the Geek Squad desk was too busy to answer the phone. By Tuesday, November 17th, I was so upset and frustrated, I called the Best Buy Consumer Relations in Minnesota. I got a very understanding and sympathetic representative. She placed me on hold and called the store herself.

When she came back, she said they assured her that my laptop was fixed and that I could pick it up immediately. I went to the store that evening and picked up my laptop. I turned it on while at the store and the home screen came up correctly, so I placed the laptop back into its case. That weekend, I went out of town again and took the laptop with me. On Thursday, November 19th, I turned on the laptop in the hotel in Kentucky and opened up the internet. As soon as I entered letters to begin a search, the keyboard locked up again and when I turned it off then back on, it went immediately into the BIOS screen with no keyboard function. Absolutely nothing had been fixed at all.

I did not have the store phone number with me so I called directory information only to find out that this particular store chooses not to list its number with directory information. I had to get the number to a different store, call that store, and get the number from them (how bizarre is this?). When I called the store and told them that I was out of town with a laptop that obviously wasn't fixed, I got a very rude manager on the phone who told me that maybe I should go buy a USB keyboard and try that. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was going to have another weekend with no computer and have to make another trip to the same Geek Squad who obviously didn't fix the issue the first time.

On Tuesday, November 24th, I took the laptop back to the Best Buy store and was pleased to see the original attendant working that was there the first time. At least, she knew what was going on, the laptop was never fixed from the first time I brought it in. The attendant again told me that someone would call me in 3-5 days. On Friday, November 27th, I received a message on my cellphone from the Geek Squad stating that they couldn't fix the issue and they needed my permission to send it off to be fixed. I immediately called the store back and was told that the Geek Squad desk was too busy to answer the phone but I was assured by the person who answered the phone that she would relay the message to the Geek Squad that I gave my permission to send the laptop off to be fixed.

For the past two weeks, I have heard nothing from anyone at Best Buy. I assumed the process of fixing my laptop was well underway. Wrong! Today, December 9th, I received a call from a Geek Squad member asking for my permission to send my laptop away to be fixed. I became livid. I was transferred to a 'manager' named **. He said he could not find any notation that I have ever given my permission for the computer to be sent off. He also said that he showed notes that the Geek Squad had attempted to contact me and left several messages for me over the previous two weeks.

I simply cannot believe this is happening. I tried to complain, but was cut off repeatedly by ** saying he did not want to argue the situation and that there was nothing he could do at this point except get my permission to send the computer away to be fixed. I told him that I felt that this is more of a personnel issue and he said that he can't help that since 60% of his workforce is new and they make mistakes. I will be calling Consumer Relations again and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to at least let others know to beware. Best Buy is all about sales and has no concern about service.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2009

I took my Sony computer to the Geek Squad on Nov. 21, 2009. The guy I spoke with told me it would only be a week and a half and my computer should be back. Well I called today, 12-7-09, and they told me they sent it to Sony because it was still covered under manufacturer's warranty. I asked the guy who answered the phone if he could tell when my computer would be back. They told me I have to call Sony myself and find out when my computer would be ready. Well first of all, they are the ones who sent it. They gave me an order number to call the Geek Squad, find out when my computer would be back and all they do is give me a number to Sony and call them myself and get an answer. I am not happy at all with Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2009

I brought my computer to the Best Buy store located in Staten Island on Richmond Avenue to be repaired. I was told by the by their “Geek Squad” that there was two possible actions I could take; the first was to pay to have them diagnose the problem and then if I wanted to have the computer repaired I would then pay for the cost. The second plan was to pay $200 up front and they would diagnose the computer and repair whatever was wrong. The advantage would be the diagnosis and repair would only cost $200 and no more.

I opted for the second plan I paid the $200 and signed their contract. When I was notified to come to the store to pick up the computer I was informed that the computer wasn’t repaired because the problem was the “Mother Board” and the cost of replacing it would be too expensive. I explained to them I had a signed contract that stated any problems would be repaired. They agreed that that is what it states but they wouldn’t fix it. I asked for my money back and they again refused they said I could use it towards the purchase of a new computer but only if I purchased it that day and in their store. I feel that a contract is a contract but they had me at a disadvantage since I need a computer so I was forced to buy a new one. I lost all my data that was on the old computer, spent days reloading my old programs on the new computer which some didn’t work correctly. I lost at least a 100 hours of my time just getting my programs & data back on the computer. I still have the original signed contract if further action is required. Sincerely, Robert E McFeeley
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Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

i bought a Dell laptop in august with 3 year warranty from best buy. i heard good things about geek squad. the first weekend my battery died in less than 3 hours. there were 2 choices of dell laptops and the biggest difference, the reason i paid more was battery life. one said up to 3 hours and the other said up to 5 hours. i went into the store within the first couple weeks after buying the laptop and told the customer service people. I was told i had to either trade them for a new computer or call geek squad to come to me.

I didnt understand why i had to leave the store, call the geek squad and have them come to me when they were right there. i went home and called the 800 number to make an appointment and was told i could have gone in and been helped there. i didnt need to make an appointment. i was pretty frustrated by now since i stood in line so long each time i went. (i recently purchased 2 cell phones as well and was given the wrong charger, waited in line at customer service only to be told to find another one that was the correct one and stand in line again). I just forgot about it and thought i'd do it later since it was such a hassle. 2 weeks ago my laptop froze. i took it in to best buy and after waiting in a huge line again the geek squad took it and promised they would know what was wrong with it within an hour and call me. i went home and waited 2 hours. i called them. after ringing and ringing i was finally told i would receive a call within an hour. after 2 more hours i called them. it rang and rang. no one ever answered. i called customer service and a lady answered. i was very very frustrated by now and was upset, but not screaming. i told her the problem explaining again, she interrupted and was very rude and told me she would have geek squad call me back. the store waas about to shut and i said i needed to talk to them now. i was already told 4 hours ago i would receive a call at least giving me a time frame when this would be fixed. i run my business of my computer, i was on my way to san francisco an hour away, at a reserved hotel to meet up with some potential clients when this happened. I needed to know what time i should tell my clients i will be in the city. i finally talked to the guy who helped me the first time. he said the problem could be anything they had no idea. it had been 4 hours. they were linking it up tonight and it would be worked on all night including "4 am." he promised me if he had to come in himself at 4am he would. and that he would call me at 9am sharp. the next morning 11am, no call. i called geek squad, no answer. i called customer service, no answer. i called the 800 number, they put me on hold while they were on hold for 20 minutes. i was then told that they still hadnt had a chance to look at it. theyve been busy, understaffed. had i know that nearly 20 hours later they still would have no idea what was wrong or how long it would take, i would have left right away, taken my business elsewhere and been able to head to san francisco. i told them to unplug everything i was coming to get the laptop and take it to someone more competent. i cant believe i bought a 3 year warranty for this. no help still at this point with the battery, i explained during the first visit for the laptop freeze problem about the battery. i was then told to contact dell because they had nothing to do with the battery. When i initially turned in my laptop i mentioned repeatedly i dont care what it costs, i have my business on here and i would pay triple if i had to. I was losing up to $500 everyday this was not available. Cost was not the issue. I didnt know best buy was the MetroPCS of electronics. the lines are horrible, even though i know about computers and tried to explain what i was doing when the computer froze, no one wanted to listen and they treated me like a kid. when i came to pick up my laptop a geek sqaud employee named kevin helped me. he told me to go here and let you know there is a lack of employees and help, they ones who are there are stressed out, incompetent and rude. ive bought about $2000 worth of merchandise in the last 6 months (i wont even start with the problems ive had with rewardzone) and i will NEVER buy anything ever again from best buy. especially no warranty items or anything i might have a problem with. i took my laptop to the top computer repair people in san francisco and they diagnosed within 2 hours, called me and told me how much and when it would be ready. These are people who recently repaired the computer equiptment on the oil tanker that spilled in the bay are. 2 men run this shop, not an entire geek squad, and when i was there they were available, friendly and knowledgeable. i picked up my fixed laptop 2 days later. it needed a new harddrive which i paid for. I have 3 years warranty from you, 1 year from dell, and i paid overall $400 including an external harddrive i was told to buy at best buy. My laptop itself was maybe $700 without the service plan. I'm calling Dell after this as well and explaining. Ironically, my father called 4 days later and was headed to santa rosa to buy a computer. he asked me if i recommended anywhere. i told him my experience with you and that he should go to fry's electronics in the south bay where the TRUE techies go. From now on I will tell everyone this and all my other experiences i've had with the horrible service. they say you get what you pay for, i paid a good chunk for horrible service. i would like a refund on my 3 year warranty as well as the external hard drive i shouldnt have had to purchase. during the time i picked up my laptop i set my folder of papers and warranty information down on the counter, i was so frazzled and had many things to carry that i left the entire receipt, warranty information, and backup discs there. i called as soon as i got to san francisco and couldnt find them. of course i didnt get through at all for 2 hours. when i did however i was told they would look for them but they hadnt seen them. i called the next day, nothing. i called 2 days later adn then was told i could come in and get a duplicate receipt and the backup discs i could get from dells website and the receipt was also covering the best buy warranty. i went in and got a receipt and nothing else. hope i wont need anything later. I spoke to Dell who is williing to extend my warranty and give me a new harddrive, but i have already purchased a harddrive and cannot refund it. They told me to call the 800 number and get my warranty back that i bought from them. I've emailed them at, ive posted on forums, i've called repeatedly. They people who go to that store obviously have alot more time than money. no one deserves to be put through so much. I think im going to upgrade to dells in home technician package, they have a trained technician come to your house in 2 business days or less. of course best buy forgot to mention that part.
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Original review: Nov. 21, 2009

I paid for a 5 year warranty on my washing machine and recently it dumped 15 gallons of water on the floor of my 4 year old house! I called them the first time and they said they had to do research and would call me back in for hours. Called them a second time and they said the technician would be her saturday. I personally called the technician and his office does not work on the weekends and the earliest would be monday. The third call they gave me a request for another repair center that isnt even listed and has not called. My washer has been down since wednesday and I have a wife and 3 kids worth of laundry that is piling up. At this point what is the point of the warranty being offered if its not effective?

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2009

I had purchased a 50 inch Toshiba TV in 12/16/06. I had no problems with the TV till about 6 months or so later, when the TV all of a suden whent black, the only display I would recive is the TV options menu and when I tryed to play a DVD on my seperate DVD surround sound, all I would recive is sound; Meaning that there is something wrong with this TV!!

Since that first day I have been trying to get the TV fixed!! The first time dayle came out and looked at the TV was when I lived off on cummberland road, which when I ask Best Buy service if they have any of the reports of him going out to that adrres they say no "which is a littile funy to me" Since that first time Dayle looked at the TV he stated it was the projection light and I stated to him why would you think that? You can see that the projection light is on in the back of the TV, but yet he ordered that part and some other part. Well i saw Dayle again about one month and a couplde of weeks later when he came back to install the part. Dayle goeas to open the back of the TV and see's that the light is not the problem, he goes to move a wire and the TV turns on! The TV works great for about a few months, till it happens again. I take a day off of work to meet him out there. he arrives and grabs the remote and the TV turns on and Dayle goes on his way. The same problem happens again and but this time the TV turned on after a few day's, so I had called to cancell the appointment. Guess what? The same thing happens again go figure. this time Dayle comes out and orders what I think would be a new mother board. So here I am taking more days off of work to try to get this prblem fixed. I see Dayle about three weeks later to install the part. the TV works great till you gussed it a few months later the TV does the same thing that it had done on day one! I have another guy come out on a Saturday and again it took about three weeks to get some one out here and here comes the good part he grabs the remote and the TV turned on for him and he is gone. Two weeks later Dayle is back out here at the house because the TV is still doing the same problem and he orders another part. About three days late we called Geek squad to change are scheduled appoint ment for a Saturday, because I can take any more time off of work really anymore because I am just to busy and it takes me about two hours round trip to get to work. We had filled a complaint against Dayle this time and we stated to Dorthy the supervisor in charge that we did not want to file a commplaint if it was going to bight us in the butt in the long run. Guess what it looks like it did bight us in the butt. a few days later after scheduling the appointment the mannager Marcus I think his name was called me and stated the only person they had workin on Saturday was Dayle and I told him great send him I want to watch my TV again in the living room and that I had no problem with him comming out here. At this point I have been with out a TV for a month and a couple of weeks! So today is November 14th and today was the day that they were going to fix my TV. This morning I recive a call from the Geek Squad, but I was unable to answer the phone call, but I called back very quickly and spoke to a lady very quickly before I was transfered to a supervisor who told me nothinf really but that I would hear from one of the upper mannagement people with in four hours. It has been over four hours and no call.
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Original review: Nov. 8, 2009

I purchased a computer from best it was an HP that they had on sale. The one I purchased I was told it had been optimized by geek sqad already and this was why it cost an additional 40.00 Dollars. I was then told that I had a 14 day no hassel return policy on the computer by the sales staff. There was no mention that the 40.00 Dallar geek squad fee was not refundable. So this computer is defective after 3 days and I go to take it back for exchange I find another computer that I like and I decided to get it for the exchange I get to the counter and I am told that I will have to pay extra because they could not refund the 40.00 dollars that was spent on the optimizing of the original computer. So I ended up having to pay more. I get this computer home and after a week it is bad so I go and take it back and just ask for my money back. They tell me they cannot give me my 40.00 dollars back and then charge me an additional 15% or 84.00 dollars as a restocking fee so now I am out 124.00 dollars because they sold me to defective computers. (still within the 14 day no hassel return policy)

I would love to have a lawer tackle this one
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Original review: Oct. 27, 2009

I purchased a Toshiba laptop in May 2009. It was working fine until August 2009 when the computer suddenly stopped working. The fan was still running but there was no image on the screen. I called the Best Buy number to troubleshoot but I could not go further since the battery compartment was jammed and the phone tech told me not to force it open or the warranty may become invalid if it looked damaged. He asked me to take it to the nearest Best Buy and have them look at it. Best Buy Geek Squad told me they would diagnose and call me within 24 hours to advise me if they could fix it there or need to send it out to service (The service center is in Chino, CA). I asked them to take care of my computer as it was in new condition and I didn't want it scratched or damaged. The GS tech assured me they would take good care of my laptop. I waited to no avail. Finally, after two weeks, I called them and they told me they had been trying to reach me (I left the best number for them to reach me which is my cell). They instead called a residence phone number at a home where I do not spend much time. When I called they told me it was fixed. I asked them if they were sure. Then put me on hold and said oh no it wasn't and they would need to send it to the service center and needed my authorization. I expressed my concern of not having had an opportunity to back up my data since it went out suddenly and they told me they would back it up and I could come in and have the data transferred to my external drive. They told me they would call me when the back up was ready. It was a week and I heard nothing. Finally, I called and the tech told me the computer was still there and the backup had not been completed. He apologized (the only apology I have ever received from Best Buy) and he said he would personally make sure the data was backed up and the computer shipped to the service center. It was finally shipped. It stayed over at the service center for more than three weeks. The hard drive was replaced. I went to pick it up and the computer had many hairline scratches on the cover. The computer had a new hard drive but they advised me I would have to reload the operating system (even after the service center assured me that it would come with the same Toshiba drive it had when I purchased it including the operating system and basic software). I was upset that the computer had obviously been damaged and that I had been mislead to believe that it would have the OS. I left it there and called corporate to no avail. I was upset that the service had taken almost two months, the computer was scratched, and the operating system still needed installing. I felt cheated as i left a new computer in their hands and now basically had a used and misused computer.

Since no one in the Best Buy organization was willing to help me, I decided to pick it up and donate it to a disadvantaged child; however, when I brought it home to reload the system software, it stopped loading at about 40%. I left it running overnight and finally decided to retry the installation. It went blank again just as it had when it first broke down. I was back at square one more than two months later. I took it back to Best Buy and they told me they would have to send it back to the service center to replace the screen and they also indicated that perhaps the reinstallation/restore disks were bad. I don't believe this since the disks were unsealed and right out of the box. I asked them for a new computer since I had already spent more time than I could afford trying to get this computer back in working condition and this would be the third major item being replaced. They replaced the entire bottom plate, the hard drive and now the screen. They indicated they could not do anything and would have to send it away again. They told me they would put a rush on the pickup to the service center. The service was disrespectful, unprofessional, and non customer-service oriented. I called Toshiba yesterday and asked them what I should do, and they told me to send it to them and they would fix it or give me a new one. No one at Best Buy had ever told me that I could send it back directly to the manufacturer (It was still covered under the limited warranty since it is only a few months old). I told Toshiba I had dropped it off at Best Buy and since it was on a rush order to ship back to service center, I would call to find out if I could still retrieve it from Best Buy so that I could send it to Toshiba. Toshiba processed my claim and indicated it would take a total of seven days to get the computer repaired or replaced and not weeks. I asked Toshiba why Best Buy never mentioned that I could go through Toshiba instead of the Geek Squad and the tech indicated that, that is how Best Buy makes its money...selling warranties...and then not having the full capacity to service the products. I called Best Buy and of course the computer was still there (they did not rush my computer anywhere...another misrepresentation of the truth). I picked up the computer and I am now waiting for the box from Toshiba. What an awful experience. In the meantime, I am without a laptop. I will be purchasing another laptop today since I am a graduate student with lots of work to complete and little time to be messing with the unreasonably look waits and slow response from Best Buy. I am hoping that Toshiba will be better. I will never again purchase anything at Best Buy and I would never buy an extended warranty from Best Buy. This is not the first time, they have proven to be less than honest about their policies and they are totally cavalier in their response to the customer's concerns.
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Original review: Oct. 16, 2009

In August 2008 I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer from Best Buy in midtown Manhattan (note: this is not the location against which I am filing a complaint). The laptop made funny noises right out of the box when the hard drive was running. This developed into a situation in which I decided to take advantage of the 2-year protection plan I purchased with the laptop and take it into the Geek Squad for servicing. Because its location was more convenient for me, I chose the Best Buy Soho store at 622 Broadway in NYC. I told the GS "agent" what the problem was, left my laptop with them and was informed that I would get it back in about 2 weeks. Not much incident here - I got it back in 2 1/2 weeks - but apparently, it was not properly fixed. I noticed that the funny screeching sounds from the hard drive still occurred, albeit less frequently, but nonetheless hoped that somehow the problem for which I had the laptop repaired in the first place was remedied. Fast forward to Early June 2009 when the entire laptop quit working. I went back to Geek Squad at Best Buy Soho. There was only one agent working the counter that day - his name is Michael Day. I gave him full background of my laptop's short history and explained that it simply would not operate now. I waited in the store patiently for over 1 1/2 hours (as I did the first time I took it in) while he figured out what to do with it. He mentioned that the last time my laptop was "fixed," whoever took care of me made a mistake and it didn't have to be sent away, as the problem could have been easily solved in store. Now, after alternately tinkering with it and disappearing from my sight, he said that it would have to be sent away for servicing and I probably would not get it back for 3 weeks. I agreed, and waited for him to hand me some sort of paperwork for pick up. He did not. I asked him - three times in varying ways - don't I need paperwork to pick up my laptop? He replied every time, in effect, "No - we have your phone number on file and that's enough to look up your account." And added something about how he's trustworthy - "Don't you trust me?" or something like that. Reluctantly, I left without my laptop or the vital recovery discs it came with (Mr. Day said that the servicing center may need them). Three weeks went by. I received no call. Between the three week mark at which I should have received my repaired laptop and the 5 1/2 week mark when I finally did get it back, I made approximately 7 calls to Best Buy Soho. I can provide names and dates and what was discussed if necessary. Essentially, every time I called, whatever agent took the call had a difficult time locating my laptop, and asked if I had an order number. I did not, since Mr. Day did not provide me with any. Around the third time I called, a helpful agent named Michelle told me that they did not have my laptop because somehow it was sent to the wrong service center for repair. That center had to return it to BB, then they had to ship it out again to the correct facility. She was the only employee who gave me any reasonable answers. After a few more frustrating attempts at getting answers over the phone, I went to the store location in mid-July, found the manager right away, and made my complaint. A supervisor named Eric, with whom I had dealt on the phone and was entirely unapologetic and apathetic, suddenly rushed to the manager's side while I stated my issue. Eric was ordered to figure out what was going on with my situation. I saw Michael Day at the Geek Squad counter and went to him right away to inquire about my laptop and remind him of our meeting over 5 weeks ago. He claimed to not remember me, and adamantly said that he would never send a customer away without paperwork - in essence, calling me a liar. I told everyone involved that I was leaving that day with either my repaired laptop, a new laptop, or my money back in full. Miraculously, my repaired laptop was there, though no one had bothered to call to tell me it was ready. Upon first inspection, the adapter didn't look like mine (I had given them my adapter along with the laptop and recovery discs), so I asked Mr. Day, is that my adapter? I was not sure; it had been almost 6 weeks since I'd seen it. He replied, unequivocally, "Yes" (with a tone that implied 'of course'). He was nice enough to download Firefox and MS Office onto my unit to compensate for my being ridiculously inconvenienced and repeatedly blown off, as if I couldn't download Firefox or MS Office to my unit myself. I asked where my recovery discs were. They couldn't find them. Eric the supervisor disappeared supposedly to find the discs, but he never returned, and I was finally sent away with a crappy, malfunctioning adapter and none of my recovery discs.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2009

Hello World, I have a larger story than most, but well detailed –the bottom line, Best Buy Bellevue sold me a DVD player, sold me the extended protection but refused to service the device due to the price that they sold it for. Since they refused service, and refused to discuss this with me – this leaves me with a contract that I don’t trust at all – as I don’t believe they would fix any problems with this device due to that sale price. (The item was not “As-Is”)

I purchased a HT-X710T DVD/Audio system – a cool but discontinued DVD player with Bluetooth streaming audio, USB video/MP3 playback and speakers at a great price even with the Black Tie coverage and found that Best Buy Geek Squad denied repair service of this unit. The local BestBuy had a Managers table setup with open box items that they wanted to get rid of – and on one particular day (9/2) they put up a sign that said 50% off the last marked price. That made this device only $65 (was marked $130) and sold with speakers and a remote. The sales associates were surprised to see the price but were more than happy to sell me the device and the black tie Geek Squad coverage for this electronic device. The usual salesmen talk here, fully protected, if it doesn’t work they’ll send it off to the manufacture and they’ll fully support me after the manufactures warrantee – yeah I know I shouldn’t have listen to it  I run home with my new toy – but upon setting it up I found that the remote did belong with this device, and my universal could not handle the all the unique features of this DVD/audio system. So I get online and find the model of the remote, call Samsung to ask what other remotes (including universal) may work with this device – but only one remote can work. I write down the model and then drive back to BestBuy (~20 miles) and talk up their Home Theater team and we start digging through their remote drawers – 30 minutes later we still could not locate the correct remote – they then offered to sell me a universal remote – but I told them my experience already with a universal – it’s not made to handle this unique device. Then I told them that Samsung had quoted me $29+$10 S&H for the correct remote. The sales agent happily offered to give me an additional discount on the device to ‘make it right’ for the customer and give me what I thought I purchased. So – we take the $65 and subtract $40 and get a total cost of $25 + the Geek Squad coverage. Seriously a great bargain for me! That night I get to playing with the device, I could use the very basic controls on the body of the device to start DVD playback – but found that the screen was filled with artifacts (random colors/static) and was unacceptable. So – having been sold on the Geek Squad Black Tie coverage the previous day – I call the store and they say to bring it in and they’ll send it out for manufacture warrantee! Cool – saves me the shipping hassle and getting the details to have it done. I take the device in and they accept it, it then takes 8 days for it to actually ship out from the Bellevue Best Buy to their service/repair station in Kent WA (~30 miles). The device then suddenly is listed as “Final Inspection” on 9/30 – Great! I’m about to get my repaired DVD player! I arrive in the store on 10/3 to check on status and the Geek Squad agent asks me why I asked for it to be returned unrepaired. Say what? I state that I asked for no such thing – that it should have been repaired. But there was no details as to why it was being returned, only that a member of Best Buy Bellevue had directed their service/repair team to return it. He promised to call me back when he got more details as none of the key players were around Saturday. (Never did get that phone call back Kevin!) I get an automated call Monday 10/5 stating that my DVD player is ready for me to pick up – I call the store to confirm and get more details and the lady in the Geek Squad team spoke to me in an accusing tongue for doing something shady – as far as I can tell the shady thing was buying an item off their sales table and returning the next day due to it not working. How that makes me shady I have no clue and I took great offense to that – they were more than happy to sell the device and make their profit by selling the Geek Squad Black Tie coverage! I drive to the store to pick up the DVD player and continue to feel in the wrong by their manner, I demand my device back first (To avoid being credited back without choice and losing my device) and then asked for a manager to discuss this failure – but there were no managers around, I was told that the ‘managers’ had discussed my purchase of this unit in detail and were refusing to repair the unit – in fact they were guided to have me accept my money back for the device. This is not what I wanted – I may have paid a lower price but I indeed bought this DVD player with all expectation that it would function – there was no ‘As Is’ notice on the device, it was sold as a product off their floor, and was sold with the Geek Squad protection. If these are unreasonable expectations the device should not have been sold at all. Having no reasonable explanation of why the device was returned unrepaired, and no feedback from the Geek Squad agent about why they didn’t just return it for Manufacture repair (no cost to BestBuy!) – I spot the service location phone number on my service order. I call the repair center, give a quick recap about the device being returned and was told it was done because the Bellevue Best Buy did not produce proof/receipt of the sale to prove it was within warrantee period. When the service center asked for it, a manager type at Geek Squad saw the purchase price and denied the warrantee repair. WTF? It doesn’t matter what price I pay – it was sold and should be covered, Especially if the bill was on Samsung’s plate! Within 5 minutes of leaving the store, I get Samsung repair on the phone – they authorize the repair; even without receipt the warrantee for the device was available until November (will extend to one full year once I fax my receipt). Thank you Samsung! Supporting a product that your retailer refuses to. Today (10/6), after waiting for a few days for _anyone_ at Geek Squad to call and explain what failed in their support process, I call in and speak to a poor man in the middle; as no managers were available (again? Tuesday @ 3pm?!) – he was able to at least get some information to me about why it was denied by their management – it’s still unacceptable but here’s their side of things – The unit was purchased at too steep of discount, the salesman was not authorized to discount the price further by correcting the wrong remote at the time of sale (he was honoring the sale and pleasing the customer NOOOOOO!) The unit should have been replaced or refunded if returned within 30 days. Their service department (according to the sales managers) refuse to repair any device that should have been swapped out within that 30 days. The Management team balked at anyone footing the repair cost for this $25 device – as basic repair would generally be many times the purchase price The Management thought that something shady was going on – the sales price was too low – and my actions of wanting a repair seemed suspicious (Agent corrected his words and suggested management thought the sales person did something shady, not the customer- Seriously? Then why not communicate ANYTHING to the customer yourself?) The Management really wanted me to return the item for the $25 + Geek Squad protection – not accounting for the $40 for the remote already received from Samsung out of my pocket So it appears to come down to – The sales team failed by supporting a customer’s purchase by replacing the wrongly sold remote control. Sales team failed again by selling an item under cost (….??! Managers 50% off the last clearance price anyone?!) The Geek Squad team failed by accepting the device for repair even if considered a Manufacture repair within that first 30 days The Geek Squad Management team failed for not simply telling me, the customer – that they can either refund the money or have me ship it directly to Samsung within the first 30 days A lot of noise for a $25 DVD/Sound system (+GS Coverage+$40 remote total around $100 or just under 25% of retail) – but if you’re going to sell it and profit off the extended services, you should support it. If it’s not going to be covered as a working covered item then don’t sell it, or put a “As is” sign on it. You couldn’t sell it at full price, that’s not my issue – you sold it – I bought it – you support it. I’m told that my Geek Squad coverage is _NOW_ valid – as I’m 30 days past the sale – (it’s been in their frigging hands for 30+ days!) The Geek Squad agent said that since the device is now out of the 30 day return policy that if any electronic component of the device fails that they will send it in for service, but if it’s not repairable then they will credit the PURCHASE price ($25) toward a new system – not replace it with a like system. I read the Geek Squad coverage, this would be correct – but anyone want to take any odds on them actually footing ANY repair bill for a $25 system that retails for $450+? I have a hunch that any attempt to get this device repaired after the manufacture warrantee period will be flat out denied – regardless of the stated coverage that says the device will be repaired if the repair cost is less than the market price of the unit, if the repair is going to cost more than a refund/credit of up to the purchase price will be granted to the purchaser. (Repairs and price at Geeks Squads discretion) There is no logical reason why it took Geek Squad 32 days to decide not to repair it – and no reason for their management to hide and not just simply explain the reasoning – granted I don’t like their reasoning but they could have given me a workaround instead of the runaround. Stating I could ship it or return it would have been pretty simple, instead they choose to act like I’m pulling a scam on them and avoid talking to me – so with their behavior I’m more than happy to share my experience to those that may consider their “Black Tie” service – it failed for me, I believe it’s pretty well documented I My timeline based on Geek Squad’s repair details (image below), there is no current ask of Geek Squad other than their assurance that the Black Tie coverage will be valid and not ignored in the event of failure 365+ days from the date of purchase. 9/2/09 Purchased Samsung HT-X710T DVD/Home Theater system 9/2/09 Returned to Best Buy – the remote control sold with the unit was the incorrect unit, after spending 45 minutes helping Best Buy representatives search a drawer for the correct remote – they decided to discount the device to reflect my costs in buying the remote direct from Samsung 9/3/09 Returned to Best Buy as the DVD player had problems playing DVD, screen had artifacting during playback 9/5 Unit was ‘received’ by Geek Squad as a ship to repair 9/11 Unit was shipped to repair 9/18 Unit is in Repair 9/30 Unit is in “Final Inspection, Awaiting Shipment” 10/3 Unit received at local Best Buy 10/5 I picked up the DVD player 10/5 After walking out of the store, I call Samsun repair and schedule shipment of my DVD system for repair under warrantee
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Original review: Sept. 15, 2009

My HP laptop that was purchased 6/10/09 started having malfunctions with InternetExplorer, and then it wouldn't do a system restore. I took it to the GeekSquad at BestBuy to do a warranty repair. I was told it was either a softwear issue, or bad hard drive, and that it needed to be shipped to the manufacturer for repair. After two weeks I get my laptop back to find out that they only blew the fan out. The employees there were too busy trying to flirt with me than to get the repair right. When I addressed this with the GeekSquad manager, I was told I should have read what was put down and that that was all they were going to do. After getting my laptop home, I then find out that it is even more messed up than before. Now I have Error pop ups, and my mediaTV quit working. My husband and I then took it back to BestBuy to discuss their damaging my computer further. We were told that upon purchase of a laptop, you must pay an additional fee of over $100. for them to "peak" your computer. They said that HP is known for these problems with their softwear and computers not restoring. So knowing this problem exists, you can not buy a computer and just take it home. If you do, then the GeekSquad requires you to pay $139 for them to look into repairing the restore issue. They told me that they can't send it back to the MFR for repair. Thus you do not get any warranty on your laptop through BestBuy. They tried to tell me the 14 day spill, but will not honor it since they had my laptop over two weeks to "blow out the fan"..My 1GB $350.00 GateWay runs better than this brand new 4GB HP from BestBuy. I have purchased 8 laptops from BestBuy and have never had such a problem with having them replaced when they went bad. But it seems that BestBuy has taken up the company policy to misslead it's consumers, while this location finds it ok to sexualy harass and discriminate it's women customers.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2009

"If you have questions about your service experience, please contact the Geek Squad Precinct within your Best Buy Store:

N GARLAND TX ( Store 01412 ) 3171 N GEORGE BUSH FWY GARLAND , TX 75040--2773 Phone : 972-530-6818" What a joke! I have an HP Touchsmart laptop that I bought in a best buy store in May 2009. I bought the Geek Squad warranty (3 years) with it for almost $300.00!!! August 27th it stoped working. The computer would turn on but not boot up. I took it to best buy geek squad and spoke to "z" he stated that it could be the hard drive or the software. Z said I had to pay them 130.00 to run diagnostics and that would cover any repairs and that if it was the harddrive, that is covered under warranty so the 130 would be refunded back to me. Why do I even have to pay 130????? or 99 for back up??? I paid them 300 in the beginning for a warranty and I am being charged the same price for back up and repair as any yahoo that walks in without a warranty!!! What? On August 31 I got a call from "Z" stating that it was the hard drive and that the 130 would be refunded, but because it's a problem with the harddrive, they will have to replace it and I will loose everything on my computer unless I pay them 99.00 to back up the files on my computer. I said okay and they stated it could take 3-4 weeks to fix (I go to college online.) On Sept 1 I got an e-mail stating the computer was being shipped to the service center for repair and if the agent needs adl't information, i will be contacted. On Sept 4th I recieved a call from a women at the service center that said they replaced my harddrive and they have it in store that I need to bring my restore disc that came with the computer to the store so they can re-install everything (Question: I have been reading a lot of reviews about this and why is it that a huge COMPUTER REPAIR company within BEST BUY does not have the nesassary discs to complete the repair??)I said okay and I hadn't heard anything for a few days (now they have had my computer 1 and a half weeks, again ONLINE STUDENT) So I called them today, Sept 9, 2009 and spoke with "Z" at the Garland store (VERY RUDE) could barly hear him on the phone and he said how can I help you what is your name make of computer when did you drop it off, what is your phone number (like he couldn't find it) and I told him that I had received a phone call stating it was back in Geek Squad's hands that i needed to bring the restore disc in the next few days because it was getting close to being done, and he said he had no idea what I was talking about, he said that the computer is at the service center waiting on additional parts, I said "when the lady called me she stated the harddrive had already been removed and a new one installed, what additional parts are needed?" and Z said "I don't know, it doesn't show us that" what?? you work there and you can't tell me what they are doing to my computer? and pretty much he said now, said he could esc the situation and he would MAYBE call me back in the next 2-3 days, but other than that he can't do anything. By this point I am noticiably angry and upset and being loud with him and I said "so you can't help me let me talk to your manager" he said no, I can't let you until you tell me why, why??? Because I am angry with your level of customer service and the level of customer service I have received from GEEK SQUAD! Well, Z said his manager couldn't do anything for me either that I would just have to wait to find out what else needed to be fixed on my computer, I told him I didn't care, I wanted to speak to his manager right now, or I am going to sue, call the BBB, and the attny general to file a compliant, he still refused, and I told him you either transfer me to your manager, or we will both sit here in silance because I am not speaking with you any more, transfer me to a mangr! and he said fine, and put me on hold for 15 minutes b4 I finally hung up. I called right back and asked to speak to the manager over of the geek squad and got the same run around, was placed back on hold for 20 mins and then the phone picked up, and hung up!!! What I am suppose to do? ? ? I need my computer to go to school and geek squad isn't telling me anything about anything!!! All I want is to know what is going on with my computer and they are doing that for me!!! Also, the Service Update Emails from Geek Squad are ridicoulus and lack any type of information! Example of Geek Squad E-Mail: Amanda, Your Geek Squad Service Order: 01412-95075XXXX Your product is in the hands of Geek Squad®, getting the care and attention it needs. We are working diligently to complete the job as quickly as possible - no action on your part is necessary. We'll contact you as soon as the product is complete and ready for pickup. We're on it. Things will be better soon. Geek Squad
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Original review: Sept. 9, 2009

I purchased my Acer Extensa 4420 laptop during October 2008 and it broke in March 2009. I took it to the geeksquad in the Mira Mesa branch in San Diego as my laptop is still under waranty. The geeksquad agent requested me to go to the customer service department to print out my receipt. It took 3 hrs to find my receipt, as they finally found the receipt I noticed they printed out the wrong one because my laptop is a Black Acer and not a Silver Toshiba. After the I told the geek squad agent and he noticed the difference, he decided to look for the receipt himself and found it within 20 minutes. I asked the Geek Squad Agent if my computer will arrive before 2 weeks because I will be moving back to walnut which is around 80 miles from san diego. He said the ETA will be 2 weeks from now which is 1 week before i move back to Walnut. After I moved back to walnut, my laptop is still under repair. During April 2009, my laptop has finally come back but they need the recovery disks and AC adapter for restoring the OS. I asked if they can mail me my laptop and I can pay for the shipping costs, but the representative told me they do not ship at all regardless if i pay or not. Then i asked if i can take my laptop to another closer location to restore my OS and they said that another location will not provide such a service because restoring the OS is a sort of service, and not a requirement. So after finally findng the time to drive 80 miles (total 160 miles round trip) to get my laptop during May 2009, I brang in the required equipment (recovery disks and AC adapter) to restore my OS, they said that it will take 1 day to restore the OS. The next day, guess what happens? Geek squad calls to inform me that theres they'll need to replace the motherboard because they installed an incorrect one and they will need to send it back in for repair which will take another ETA 2 weeks. Around mid June 2009 my laptop is back, and ready to pick up. I drive another 160 miles round trip to pick up my laptop. When I got home, its suprising that when I turned on the laptop the screen was black and said "no operating system" found? LOL? I just drove 320 miles and wasted 2 months of my time waiting for a laptop with no operating system. So after entering the system restore CD's I was forced to pay $20 for, the screen says "incorrect partition available." I didnt want to bring it back to Geeksquad as I was scared to go back, so after asking around I finally figured out how to restore my OS. After 2 weeks with using my laptop, I realized that HEY my Acer Extensa 1.90GHZ, 2 GB RAM turned into an Acer Turion 1.80 GHZ, 1.80 GB RAM. So I took it back to Geek squad at the Rowland Heights branch immediately after I found out, I complained to the representative how it took months to fix and now they cheated me and downgraded my sytem without even telling me. The only thing the rep said was they dont understand how this could happen and this is a "RARE" case. So they took it in for repairs which is going to take about another ETA 2 weeks. As I got my laptop in late July 2009, after using it for a day i noticed that the WEB/BLUETOOTH buttons doesnt move anymore. The next day I took it back in Geeksquad and the agent said that it must be the screws are too tight and they'll have to look into it, it'll take a day or so. The next day, it was so surprising that Geek squad called me and said that it can't be fixed in the store and they'll have to send it back in for repairs. The ETA is 2 weeks again. 2 weeks later, I get a call from the repair department saying that they are replacing my motherboard. I called back the repair department asking them why they are changing my motherboard when its only the buttons that dont work, the repair department representative department told me that the buttons are too loose on the motherboard and so the whole motherboard has to be repaired. Does that make sense? One rep says the buttons screwed on too tight, the other rep says its too loose? Whose correct? So anyways, being helpless as I can, the rep said it'll take another few weeks because my motherboard is on order and after they get it they' will work on it from there. Yesterday, September 7, 2009 I get a call from bestbuy saying that my laptop has been junked WITHOUT MY CONSENT and that i am eligible for an exchange. So I went back in to best buy and was told that my laptop is only worth $299 and the cheapest laptop they have now thats compatible is $399. I have to pay another $140 for a new laptop when I only used my Acer for 5 months, took 6 months to repair and they finally JUNK it without my consent. I asked if I can have my laptop back because it was working fine, the only problem is the buttons don't work. The representative told me that they couldn't do it because the repair department already junked my laptop. I either take the store credit $299 or pay $140 to get a new laptop. I feel that i haven't even used my laptop for 1 year, and is forced into buying another laptop from best buy. I took the store credit, but I never want to buy from best buy again.. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY OR USE GEEK SQUAD!! Not to mention, Geeksquad never picks up their phones, 1/10 calls they will pick up or hang up your call.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2009

I was going to write a nice long story about my experience but after starting it, I realized it would be too long. So here is the short version... There’s no customer service in Puerto Rico. Repairing a virus-infected laptop started at $150 and ended with a final cost of $370! They give you no choice but to pay or they keep the laptop. Issues are still ongoing, work was incomplete. I was not able to discuss the issues with someone knowledgeable. They don’t work remotely close to satisfactory. Not anyone at GS/BB seems to give a rat’s **. There’s no chance I’m going to pay for this shoddy service, I will dispute it. I will never again shop at or take my products to BB/GS for service.

On a side note, I am lodging a formal complaint to BB headquarters about the service I have received and seen in BB Puerto Rico. Never in my life have I seen so many people standing around talking or chatting on a cellphone while at work. Best Buy needs to be made aware of this and have something done. While I was waiting for my computer at one point, I counted nine people (nine!) milling around doing absolutely nothing behind the customer service desk. All I had to do was turn my head to the left to see people looking around for someone to help them. Just seems wrong somehow.

I wasted $20 in gas, driving back and forth. 6-8 hours were wasted dealing with the situation. I suffered $370 in economic damage for the incomplete service. Undetermined amount of business damaged due to incomplete work.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2009

I took my computer into store on 7/19/2009 for CD restoral settings, which would take 72 hours for repair. However, it ended up taking them 3 weeks before I could pick it. I noticed the video card had mild blurred lines when the clerk first opened it up at the store location. Four days when I tested a musical CD, the audio wasn’t working. I then took it back to the store where I was told an audio/video replacement card was needed. However, prior to the hard drive crashing, these features were working.

On 8/25/09, I noticed that the computer had a gap on the front of shell, where it may have been opened or dropped. The condition of this laptop was not like that when I took it for repairs. I went to the store manager (**) who stated that their policy is that if a computer is dropped, then that employee would have to notify him. I am not satisfied with the manager’s response to damages on my laptop. Cost for restoral was approximately $139 and why wasn’t the audio/video issue brought to my attention at the time I picked it up. Consequences: PC shell damaged in front corner and right hand side, audio card not working at all, video card damaged.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2009

My liquid crystal TV started to mess up and it took the Geek Squad four days to get to the service call even though Best Buy is across the street. The tech shows up and tells me the TV is messed up and he will order a "board" and he will set up an appointment next week. My TV is still under warranty and my daughter was coming in from Denver and wanted to watch the Pats game with some of her friends. I called everyone trying to get my TV swapped out so I could watch the game at my house with my daughter and everyone at Best Buy said, "Sorry!" Best Buy's customer and warranty service stinks! Buyer beware.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2009

I had a problem with my laptop computer. I called the Geek dept. and was told to bring it in so they could take a look at it. I took it in and the Geek that we talked to never even offered to look at it, just advised us to buy a new computer. He just went on and on about how a 2-1/2 year old laptop was outdated. It would cost us at least $200 to fix and probably more like $400 or $500. I use it for our home use only. You're wasting money paying a Geek Squad in Little Rock, AR. We won't ever go back to your customer service area either. They acted like they were very unhappy to wait on us for a credit card application. Hey, you're paying them to run off customers. I will say that your sales people were very helpful and friendly. I just wanted you to know the Geeks and customer service folks need a review.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2009

I brought my 4-year-old Apple to Best Buy Geek Squad due to sporadic shut downs. After reading information on the internet about similar problems, I informed the Geek Squad that I suspected a bad power supply. They informed me that they charge a $70 diagnostics fee. They also informed me that there would be a $100 charge to add 2 gigs of RAM about which I inquired. After three days, I got a call stating that the problem was in the operating system and that a $130 service was needed to fix the problem. The 2 gigs of RAM were now going to cost $170, not the $100 originally quoted. The service to fix the problem was okay, but addition of the RAM was not. I had just updated the OS several months before, and never had a problem, but they are the experts, right?

Several more days passed, calls were exchanged, and I was able to pick up the computer. After bringing it home, it shut off just as before. They said it was still under warranty for the services performed, and to return it. After several more days, I received a phone call stating that the problem was the power supply after all, a suspicion I reported when I brought there in the first place. I was informed by the technician that the power supply was a "proprietary" item, to which they did not have access: "If you can bring us the part, we can put it in." Promises of obtaining the part number and returning phone calls were not kept. I was informed by the technician that my service charge (prepaid prior to work performed) would be refunded. I informed them that I would pick up my computer and wanted a full refund, including the diagnostics charge because they withheld information about not being able to fix a suspected problem in the first place.

The supervisor stated that it is not their policy to refund and that all services were OK'd by me. They offered to find and install the part, which previously was unavailable. By this time, Geek Squad had proven themselves to be non-trustworthy and inept, so further service was declined. The Geek Squad wasted 2 weeks of my time, performed unnecessary work, delayed repair of my computer, and they refused to refund any of my $212. I filed a complaint with their Central Public Relations Division, but they reported they could do nothing about securing a refund. They seemed genuinely disinterested that their employees provided misinformation, low-balled estimates, performed unnecessary services, failed to follow through on promises, and showed a pattern of general deception. Resolution will continue to be pursued.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2009

In November 2008, we purchased 4 laptops (2 Acers, 1 HP, 1 Sony), an iPod 32GB Touch, HP CPU (with keyboard, mouse), and an HP 19" Monitor. We were offered an extended warranty at a considerable cost for each item, but were also assured that the various manufacturers' 1-year warranties would be more than sufficient as the extended warranty would begin after the manufacturers' warranties ended. Two (1 Acer and the Sony) of the three laptops are completely useless (due to manufacturer defects) or more than 50% useless.

I returned them to the GeekSquad for repair, as advised by Best Buy; I paid $170.00 ($85.00 each) as the required fee to have them sent off for warranty repair/inspection. That fee was non-refundable since both "estimates" for repairs were more than the original cost of the items when purchased. The third one (Acer) developed a virus (user error) and we were charged $219.00 by Best Buy/GeekSquad as their in-store fee for work-related removal and clean-up on 7/29/09. On 8/7/09, we were advised that there were additional problems that required sending it off for warranty/manufacture repair; we were told it would be a few more days and additional fees. The iPod's glass face cracked in March/April and we were told that it had to be sent off to the only place making those repairs. Best Buy gave us the name, number, and information required for that repair.

That company has lost the iPod and needs pertinent information regarding the purchase date/price/serial number to even locate our iPod. I contacted Best Buy only to find out they do not keep any records as to serial numbers, etc. for products sold and they couldn't help us at all. However, they helped us replace the iPod for my son by selling us a new one. We've spent thousands of dollars and have little or nothing that is even usable and we cannot seem to get any help from Best Buy except to be told we “should have purchased the extended warranty" several times when our electronics weren't fixable without spending more money. I am extremely upset, disappointed and want to know why they continue to get away with this blatant lack of customer service or respect for the consumer.

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Original review: July 22, 2009

The nightmare began on 12/20/2008. I made a Christmas purchase in the amount of $284.82. One item I received was an Insignia DVD player, which turned out to be defective. I returned it to the Geek Squad. After much complaining online and many months on the phone as well as the local store, I've not received the monies I was promised. Lately, since May 30th and many errors later, I was promised in writing that a credit in the amount of $214.39 would be in the mail ASAP; instead, I received $5.34. Later, I was told that it would take 7-10 days. When that expired, again they tacked on another 7-10 days and so on and so on. I've spoken to supervisors, the Riverside store manager **, Geek Squad manager **, etc. But to date I've received nothing after many promises. I'm tired of calling and calling and be told a supervisor will call back and no one ever does.

I have spent too much time and money and have driven 600 miles to retrieve this item (since this was a Christmas gift that I have purchased) and had to go and get it back so that I can get it repaired. But it was never repaired and no effort to contact me was ever made. After nearly eight months and many phone calls, I finally got a so-called credit, but I'm told I can't make a purchase unless it's in a gift card. However, the problem is I have not received this card nor the money I was later promised instead of the gift card. I am just tired of talking for hours at a time. I get transferred from one person to another and promises are made, but I never hear back.

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Original review: July 19, 2009

I bought a stereo that plays DVD's. I entered a feature that allowed the play to enable while driving, a feature that the manufacturer allows, so you can play it if you drive as it's basically intended. Do you really think people would buy it to entertain their kids on long drives if you had to park? Geek Squad wrongfully installed something, but then told me the warranty is void due to it allowed for play while driving. Who cares, Best Buy? Disable phones from text, cars from going over 65mph. The problem is they wrongly installed the retracting antenna. They put in a DVD and checked if this feature was disabled purposely to void the warranty. I have it for my kids. I own a bluetooth and refuse to text and drive. I don't drink and drive and I am a responsible driver.

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Original review: July 15, 2009

Computer was originally purchased on 12/22/08. On January 2009, after-market installation of video card, extra memory, and power supply was completed. On May 20, 2009, computer was dropped off at Best Buy for repair. The power in the machine was consistently cutting off and it would take 3 or 4 tries to re-boot. On June 4, 2009, we were notified that the computer was available for pick-up but not repaired due to issue being caused by after-market video card. I arrived at the store with receipt indicating that video card was also covered. Video card was exchanged and I left the machine in store. The tech in store replaced video card. On June 5, 2009, I stopped at Best Buy to retrieve the machine. I took unit home. Unit failed to boot at home: same issue that originally sent the machine in for service. I returned the unit to Best Buy.

On June 5, 2009, the in-store tech again replaced the video card after running some diagnostics, but was unable to repair the unit. I was informed that the unit would need to be sent out again. On June 17-18, 2009, I was notified that the unit was ready for pick-up. I arrived to pick up the unit, at which time I was told that the hard drive was replaced and was asked if I had brought the re-load CDs. No one had told me to bring those CDs. I took the unit home to do the install myself. Upon getting the unit home, I removed the tape that had been placed on the 2nd (unused) drive bay door. The door would not stay shut; it had been broken sometime during the repair process. I immediately called Best Buy and was told to bring the machine back in and that the repair to the computer drive bay would be expedited. Also, I took re-load CDs into the store so that operating system could be re-loaded.

On July 4, 2009, I called Best Buy on my way home from vacation. I was told that the computer was not ready yet and was scheduled to be in on Monday July 6, 2009. On July 6, 2009, I called Best Buy and was told that the machine was not in and would not be in for another 5 or 6 days since it was being sent UPS and not expedited. I was also told that it may be in this afternoon, so I will be stopping by to check on it.

On July 6, 2009, I stopped at Best Buy on my way home from work. I was informed that the unit was in. The tech went to get it, at which time I informed them that they had my software and were supposed to re-load the OS. After about 20 minutes, he finally found the disks. They told me it would take 5-6 hours to re-install the OS. I informed them that I would be back the next day to pick up my machine.

On July 7, 2009, I arrived at Best Buy 24 hours after my last visit. After a long delay, I was finally informed that they were having issue loading the OS. I was finally told that it would probably have to go back to the repair center since they couldn’t load it! I left the store, called and spoke to manager Mark ** to express my dissatisfaction. I got the standard reply, “I’m so sorry about this. Call corporate.” I called 1-888-Best-Buy and spoke to Geraldine. After a 50-minute phone call, I was told that I would be receiving a $50 gift card in the mail and that a request would be submitted for a machine replacement. This would take 3-5 business days.

On July 10, I called 1-888-Best-Buy for a status. I was told that it would actually take 5-7 business days, so no news yet. On July 13, I called 1-888-Best-Buy. The person I spoke to was unable to find any information about my prior phone calls. I was informed that I would be getting a phone call from Geraldine within an hour. No phone call was ever received. There were other issues every time I call the Geek Squad at the Glen Burnie, Maryland Best Buy. The phone rings endlessly and then someone picks up the phone and then immediately hangs up the line. This is very frustrating and happens at least 3 times before I get through to a Geek Squad member. I have now been without my computer for almost 8 full weeks.

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Original review: July 3, 2009

Over the past several months, we have bought 3 computers, 2 microwaves, several phones, misc. videos, batteries. For my birthday, Jerry surprised me with a digital camera on April 23, 2009. Today, July 03, 2009, I went to take pictures and the battery was dead. We went to this store and asked for help. We needed not only a battery charger but also the cables that were missing. After several people and numerous excuses, we were told they would not do anything for us, so we left with the camera not fixed nor working.

This did not set well as you can imagine, not only because of all the money we've spent in their store, but the way we were treated. We've had several experiences with computer problems, which they fixed after having to take it in many times, due to a different person telling us different problems. We are not pleased with their services and hopefully, we'll find a better place to do business with. It's a shame they don't live up to the standards of the Best Buy name. We, thank goodness, have corrected the problem with the camera ourselves.

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Original review: June 18, 2009

In March of this year, I took my HP laptop to Best Buy because I could not get on the Internet. All the other systems were working fine. The next day, I got an email saying the hard drive was bad so I went back to the store. The young guy at the desk told me if I would bring them my receipt of purchase from Staples, they could replace the hard drive under the manufacturer's warranty. I promptly took the receipt to the store.

The next day, I got an email telling me the computer was repaired and ready for pick up. I drove the 25 miles to the store only to be told that the email was in error and the computer was not ready. I was upset and told the agent as much and he was extremely rude and arrogant. He told me that I had not brought a receipt in and it was my fault. By this time, I was getting a little upset and asked to speak to the manager. She determined that I had in fact brought the receipt in but they had not entered it into their system. She apologized and told me that she would make it right with a gift certificate or something (which they did not honor).

The following day, I went back to pick the computer up (five trips now) only to discover a large scratch across the cover. The same agent that was ugly to me before apologized and told me he'd like to give me a gift certificate for the damage. I refused, initially, but felt like $25.00 was a small fee for the damage so I accepted. Now, 31 days later, my laptop began blue screening so I took it back to Geek Squad since they had done the work. They looked it up and told me it was one day past their warranty but if it was the hard drive again, they would replace it at no charge. The agent even called the manager over and he said the same thing to my granddaughter and me.

The next day, I get a call saying the hard drive is bad and they will replace it. But I need to bring in all discs that came with the computer. No disks come with this particular computer and they should have known how to restore it as it is customary with this particular model. I took the paper work I have back out to them and he again told me and my granddaughter they would replace the defective hard drive at no charge.

The next day, I get a call from the agent and he informs me that I am several days out of their 30-day warranty and it will be $100.00 for them to replace the hard drive or I can order it directly from the manufacturer. I told him that he and his supervisor had told me twice previously that the hard drive would be replaced at no charge. He was rude and abrupt and told me he was trying to help me in a very condescending tone. I told him the manager said he'd honor the warranty since it was just one day over the 30 days but he told me he could not do that. I told him to leave it as is and I'd come to pick it up.

If all this was not bad enough, I went just now to pick up my laptop and was told that I needed to sign a piece of paper. When I read the paper, it stated that I had been informed that my work was out of their warranty and the hard drive was not under warranty. I refused to sign the form and told them I would not sign anything stating that the hard drive was not under warranty when it was only 31 days old and had a one-year warranty. The agent became angry and told me I could not take my laptop unless I signed the paper.

I already had it in my hands so I proceeded out the door. He yelled at the security guy to stop me. I stopped once outside and explained the situation to the security guy. The angry agent came out the door and told me he would not allow me to take my computer unless I signed the form. I finally told him it was my computer, I did not owe them anything, and I was leaving. He yelled at the security guy and told him never to let me back in the store. I made a total of eight trips (40 x 8) for a total of 320 miles and they did not repair my laptop. Being verbally accosted in public was very humiliating.

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Original review: June 11, 2009

I purchased a MacBook along with an additional damage protection that was good for a year. I had the laptop 8 months and it was dropped and the LCD screen cracked. They took the laptop and dent it off 6 different times, each time not fixing the unit. Now that they have had it for 6 months and it is out of the warranty, they are not fixing the unit. Now, they are saying that because it is out of the warranty that I have to pay to fix it. I have not taken the unit home at no point in the last 6 months and all they have done is put me off again and again till it was out of the warranty.

It honestly seems that the more they send it back and forth the more that is wrong with the unit. I am a designer that uses this laptop for school and work, I am also a single Mom and this MacBook was a huge investment for me and I have not only had to drop out of school, but I have not been able to work from home, not to mention the numerous trips back and forth to the nearest Best Buy, which is 45 miles one way from me. I have driven that back and forth at least once a month for the last 6 months.

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Original review: June 6, 2009

My wife Terry took my computer to Best Buy (Geek Squad) to have it cleaned out, diagnosed, and a new security program put in. I did this, as my son just moved out and had used my computer for music and wanted all of his stuff removed. When I got it back and tried to go online, I couldn't. I called the store, and they said to bring it back. So I did. They redid the work and needed me to bring back the security program, so they can reinstall it. So I did. I got it back and tried to go online again and couldn't. So I called geek squad, and they said dial-up was not reinstalled as they use high-speed internet at the store.

They said I needed to call my provider to get it back. (Why wasn't I told this the first time?)

I called my provider, and when talking to SBC to get back online, I realized a disk was left in the computer. It was a customizer 3.7.0 disk from Geek Squad. While getting online, my computer screen went blue with white lettering superimposed on top of it's self. SBC said since it was just worked on, I should shut it off and try it again and that it should work like it's supposed to. But it went to the blue screen again.

I called Geek squad again, and they said to bring it in. I left the laptop open to show them in writing (I also took a picture with my cell phone.), but the laptop shut off before I got to the front of the line. They kept it and redid it again. Again, I had to bring the security program back (I had to drive back home to get it.). When I got the laptop back, I tried to go online again, and again, it went to blue screen.

I called the Geek Squad again, and again, they wanted me to bring it back. So I did (even brought the security program with me this time). I reminded them I only have dial-up. They told me again they only have high-speed. I asked how they can see the problem if they don't have dial-up (the speed I use at home). The guy behind the counter said he knew of one person who can hook it up to dial-up (Only 1 person, and now, they can hook it up to dial up?). I left the computer again and explained I was going to be in the hospital and was getting out on the 23rd of April and wanted it by the 24th. That would give them at least 5 days to fix it (when my computer had no problems but needed cleaning and a new security program).

On Monday, the 27th of April, we had received no call from Best Buy; so my wife went in and talked to a JP. He told my wife (after looking for the computer and only bringing up paperwork without the computer) that it is "most likely" the motherboard going out. He said it must have been bad since we purchased it? He said he is willing to give us the $120 for the clean out back. They will keep the $70 for the diagnostic check (?) and they will reinstall the new security program. Why do I need a new security program on a laptop with a bad motherboard that doesn't work?

My wife said she needed to talk with me about the problem and left. (Mind you, they searched for my laptop, didn't bring it up with them, and only brought the paperwork.) To us, this was odd as the times that we have taken a computer to Geek Squad and when we would go for pick up, they wouldn't just bring us paperwork. The next day, Tuesday (the 28th), we called the store and spoke to Edwin (the general manager) who said he had to speak with JP and would get back to us either later that evening or morning the next day.

Well, Wednesday (the 29th) came, and at 2pm, after not receiving any call, we called them and spoke to Brian. Brian said he would give us all of our money back and our non-working computer (?). I spoke to a Janelle (very nice) and told her my story. Janelle said that Edwin had started at noon and was in meetings since then (?). She said that she would have Edwin call me after his meetings. Brian called me instead. Edwin had passed us to him. Brian gave me the same offer, so I asked for the district manager's phone number. Brian said there wasn't one. I would have to get it from the Best Buy consumer help people at the 888 Best Buy number.

I called it and spoke with a Frank and told him the situation. He put me on hold and tried to contact the manager at the store. After 16 minutes of being on hold, he came back on the phone and said he couldn't get a hold of anyone. Then he said he would call me back later, probably the next day. I asked him for the district manager's number. Frank said that he didn't have it. I would have to get it from the store.

I told him the store told me that I would have to get it from you and asked him to get it for me when he contacted the store. He said would not. He said it wasn't part of his job. Frank told me he had a supervisor that might have the number. I asked if I could talk to his supervisor to get the district manager's number. He said yes but as soon as I talk to his supervisor to get the district manager's number, he would not be able to help me anymore. I asked him to get me his supervisor.

Jesse, his supervisor, got on the phone. He said he needed to call the store and put me on hold. He came back on the phone and with the same offer that the store had previously offered us. That is all he said he would do. I asked him why I would take a computer in to be cleaned out and be happy with my money back and a computer back that didn't work anymore. Again, he said that was all he was willing to do. I asked for his supervisor, and he said he has none. I said somebody has to write you a review. Then he said the only person I could write to that could change his offer was the CEO, Brian Dunn, and he gave me the address.

I wrote Brian Dunn and sent it UPS with tracking, and yes, he did receive it back in May 2009. I gave Mr. Dunn all info pertaining to my complaints and also asked why the diagnostics didn't find anything wrong with my computer and if their deal sounded like a good deal to him. Today is the 6th of June 2009, and still no word from Mr. Dunn. And yes, this Best Buy still hasn't presented me with my now not working computer. Yes, Best Buy still has this computer, so they say.

All I want is for my computer to be returned in the working condition they received it in. But we know this is not going to happen. I need someone to help as Best Buy, not even their CEO, is contacting me to resolve this and in the fashion I requested them to do. Give me back my computer that is working like it was before they did what all they did to it.

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Original review: June 4, 2009

My boyfriend bought me an Easy Share Kodak camera for Christmas (2008). I have only used it twice since I received it. It has been in a dry closet in a camera carrier and in the box it came in. My camera has not been exposed to any water, fluids, etc. I took my camera out first part of May 2009 and discovered that it does not work.

I took it to Best Buy where my boyfriend bought it with the receipt. Geek Squad said they would send it in for repairs. 2 weeks later, I received a call and was told it was not repairable. I called Best Buy to find out more information. What they told me was liquid damage. I was stunned. How could that be when it has not been exposed to any liquids?

At this point, I feel I am SOL. I do believe and have heard other people say that this is a scam so they can get out of the warranty. I will never ever buy another Kodak product! My camera went in for repair on May 3, 2009, and it is already June 4, 2009 and I still do not have my camera. So far my boy friend and my self are out of $189.00, the cost of the camera.

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Original review: May 28, 2009

Had defective hard drive replaced on HP Computer under full manufactures warranty.Now Geek Squard is asking for a recovery reprogram the computer,I advised this computer did not come with a back up disc.and that the recovery program is built into the hard drive and being that the hard drive was changed the recovery program is gone.Then told me it is my responsability to get a back up disc,so I had to purchase one at a cost of $16.00.Now I get a call from there Kentucky Service center saying they want $249.00 to transfere my saved documents to the new hard drive.

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Original review: May 28, 2009

My 4-year old laptop was running very slow. I was advised by Geek Squad that I had numerous viruses which were slowing it down, and that they would fix the viruses for $199. But in order to fix the viruses, I would need to have my data backed up somehow, which I was not equipped to do myself. The higher point of service for data backup was an additional $159. So with a total estimate of $359 to fix a 4-year old laptop, I asked the Geek Squad rep if it even made sense to fix this laptop, when brand new laptops were starting at $400 apiece. He suggested that yes, mine was a very nice laptop and worth spending the money to fix. He indicated that by cleaning up the viruses, my laptop would certainly speed up. While this seemed to be the case when I first picked up my laptop after service, it slowed down again after just a few days. When I brought the laptop back in, they ran additional diagnostics and then claimed that my laptop was running slow because I had too many desktop icons and not enough memory to support all the programs that I had. They suggested that I spend another $100 to purchase more RAM and have it installed by them. When I approached the Best Buy manager about the situation, he compared it to having a car fixed, and that there might be more than one problem after the initial diagnosis. He was not going to refund my money, because the virus removal work and data backup was done. I was not happy at this outcome. Having spent $360 to speed up my computer, it was still just a slow as before I brought it in. Fortunately, a friend of mine subsequently and correctly determined that I had too many programs loaded onto the computer, and that my virus software was also contributing to the slowdown. He removed 20 programs that I never knew I had, and downloaded new virus software for me. Instantly, my computer sped right up, and the problems were solved. I have since tried to reach the store manager at Best Buy several times, including through the mail.

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Original review: May 6, 2009

I can not get my tv set fixed after I bought a in house repair policy, For a month they have tried to fix it but always are sent the wrong parts so I have done with out a set for this long.

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Original review: May 6, 2009

In January 2009 I purchased a HP computer bundle from Best Buy. I paid for their 2nd level extended warranty and left my computer to be loaded and backed up on discs. In the beginning i noticed the computer moving very slow for a brand new computer with lots of memory. I called Best Buy and was told it had to be my server FIOS. Within a month it sporadically froze. This got more and more frequent. In May i took it back to Best Buy as I had an extended warranty. I was told automatically that all my problems were because I had Limewire on my computer. I was very surprised to learn this since it was on my very old computer before this one with no problem. I was told that this was not a problem covered by my very expnsive warranty and was a soft ware problem. I had to pay to have all my files backed up and also pay to have the repair. Totaly over $250. They had the computer for almost a week. When I got it home and the discs were loaded on, I noticed most of my photos and music was not on the computer, I again called Best Buy and was told to bring the discs back. When the discs were returned I was told that everything that wasn't there was corrupted . Why would I pay to have everything backed up and get nothing? I was never told this was even a possibility. I would have backed up my files myself for free. Now i have my very expensive HP computer minus music and minus photos and no limewire. The very next day the computer freezes again. At this point I feel I should get a replacement computer. There was evidently something wrong with this computer from the start. Best Buys return policy makes no sense for the type of products they sell. I should not have to keep a faulty computer that I spent over $1000 for when it is determined to not be working properly before even 3 mos is up. I think the GEEK squad is a rip off and I was charged for absolutely nothing.

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Original review: April 28, 2009

I bought a plazma tv,receiver,small flat screen tv, lg.flat screen tv, 7 speakers for the receiver and paid for installation plus paid for extra on plazma tv to have them fine tune the tv. I paid over $6000.00 for all this. It has been a night mare. no one will listen when I called corp. offices or local store.

They delivered the equipment what I could not carry. First appt. with the geek squad the guy did not know how to hook all the equipment. He left 2 times that day and came back doing out calls in between.I waited an extra week on the install to get a full day from them to get the install done in one day. I was told he would be back the next day 1:00pm, he called had to do another job, called at 5pm said he could come by in a hour. It was mothers day and we had plans. Scheduled for Wed that week (i took off work) he did not show. I could not reach anyone by phone. They returned call 3 days later. Rescheduled again, Did not show, no call. I called left them my number, got a call 8 days later from them they came out SOMETIME THE NEXT week but unable to finish the install.Main TV and receiver still not working. I work alot of hours, had a death in family and was not able to pursue calling them every day, needless to say this went on 2 months they finanally showed up after I started calling them again everyday. They came one evening on a work night and was here until after 12:am. I had gone to bed and they had to get me up to explain how the system basically work.
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Original review: April 17, 2009

I contacted Best Buy customer service on March 18, 2009 to report a problem with the Panasonic Plasma TV I purchased on January 17, 2008. A Geek Squad technician was dispatched to diagnose the problem on March 21st. After a diagnosis, he determined that a major component had to be ordered and replaced. After two weeks and many failed inquiries on the status of the ordered part, the technician returned on April 3rd. He then informed me that another large component had to be replaced and that the repair can only be done at the service center. He also told me that someone from Best Buy would contact me to pick up the TV.

More than two weeks passed since he told me that Best Buy would contact me. My waiting continues. In the mean time, I’ve contacted customer service numerous times and spoken to two different supervisors and a few Geek Squad agents. One of the supervisors agreed to submit a replacement request and assured me that I will be contacted with the decision. I am still waiting. Soon it’ll be a month since I first contacted Best Buy with this problem and more than a month without a working TV.

During this ordeal, while dealing with customer service, I’ve spent a lot of time being on hold and explaining my problem to every agent that was connected to me. Furthermore, because of the distance from work to home, I was forced to take a couple of hours from work to meet the technician on April 3rd. This episode has also cost me two months of subscription fees to Netflix and DirecTV. I would’ve suspended both accounts had I had known the repair would take this long. Every time I talked to a Best Buy agent, after apologizing profusely, he/she assured me it would be repaired very soon.

In April 2008, the FCC fined Best Buy $280,000 for failing to alert customers about the digital conversion (Los Angeles Times, April 11, 2008). In March 2009, a class action suit was filed against Best Buy in U.S. District Court for allegedly violating its Price Match policy in NY State. Two former Best Buy employees claimed the retailer had an undisclosed Anti-Price Matching Policy and encouraged employees, in part through training and financial bonuses, to deny price match requests (HD Guru 3/21/09).

It is evident that Best Buy engages in unfair and unethical practices. I believe they’ve deployed delay tactics on me, hoping to avoid repair/replacement costs. Decide for yourself whether you want to patronize a company like this.

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Original review: April 14, 2009

In Jan. 2009, Geek Squad said that the desktop HP would not start due to software issues, $200 to perform diagnostics and fix. It worked only if you never turned it off. I returned it to the store in March and diagnosis was now the motherboard. I received it back today and it will not even turn on at home although we tested it in the store and it did work. Now we are told to bring it back along with all peripheral equipment, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The second issue is the AAA 20% off coupon for repairs. I brought it into the store. It was not honored for the motherboard repair. Nicole is stating that this is due to the fact that it is a part which is not sold in the local store and therefore cannot be discounted. It sounds like the consumers are being held accountable for third party vendor contract arrangements.

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Original review: April 13, 2009

I ordered my laptop through their online store. I did a huge amount of research on what I wanted to get. The girl on the phone (I called in to place my order) gave me the warranty for 1 year, no accidental. When the laptop arrived, I went into Best Buy and was smart enough to ask about the warranty and found that I did not get what she stated I would have. It cost me an additional $200 out of pocket to fix.

I purchased the Dell XPS16 and have had issues from the first week I got it. The system crashed the first week which I was able to get back up only to have all my songs gone and my VPN hookup. It was a miracle; I really didn't have to do anything except to keep trying. It seemed to be working okay until yesterday when I was checking a disk I burned to see what was on it and my DVD/CD Blu-ray disk froze. I wasn't able to close anything down even with shift, control, and esc. It resulted in having to close the power button down. I turned it back on, restart using normal system. I got the initial log in screen back and was able to log in only to get no response except welcome. Welcome to what? The system never came back up again.

I spent over $2,000 after adding a number of things, warranty, etc. Now, my laptop has been sent out, and I am again without a laptop (I used for work and business) for 10 days. No replacements were offered or available. They even wanted to charge me $100 to save what I did have on the computer. I work from home periodically, (commissions’ analyst for a stock firm) through VPN. I also have a side business doing weddings. All my data will be gone (thank goodness I didn't have the laptop long). It frustrates you that you spend good money and get lemons in return.

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Original review: March 30, 2009

On April 1, 2008, I bought a Gateway laptop from a Best Buy near my home town. I happy with the computer until I went away to college. About 2 months after being in college the power cord broke and I had to take the computer back to the store I bought it from when I went home for a weekend. It took 2 weeks for the laptop to get mailed to the dorm rooms where I go to school. The computer was fine for about 3 more months.

However, on February 27th, the computer stopped charging all together even with the replacement power cord. I had to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Best Buy location in order to have something done with the laptop. They told me at the Geek Squad, after about a half of an hour of staring at the laptop and fumbling through different ac adapters, that the laptop's power supply intake was broken. They then took my laptop and told me that they had to send it into repair, of which they did not tell me how long it will be at the shop. I am a college student who it is very inconvenient to have no computer to do work on, and most of my classes require some work on the computer. It is now March 30th and the computer is still not back at the store or in my possession. I called the store today in order to find out where my computer was and they had no idea. After a frustrating 2 hours of them searching, a member of the Geek Squad returned a call and stated that We do not have your computer here, however it is still at the shop. We recieved your computer on February 27th and it is still there. I asked how long it was going to be there, because it's rediculous to have to wait for a computer to get repaired, which only takes 3 days. He told me that, Looking at your case it will take another week, 2-3 days for repair and another 4 for transport. 4 Days for transport! I was shocked because they have had my computer for about a month and they still have not done ANYTHING to help. I can see if it took 2 weeks for the entire process but it has been a month with no, ABSOLUTLY NO, word from them.
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Original review: March 24, 2009


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Original review: March 22, 2009

In January 2009, I took my Dell computer in to be tweeked. The computer was 5 years old and I had some very important information on it. My family pictures, legal documents, addresses, etc. were stored on that computer.

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Original review: March 19, 2009

We had a issue with Best Buy # 1499 because they did not secure our car & they refuse to cover damage because their employee did not take items or fill out paper work completely which is false. Filed against:

Best Buy # 1499 7308 S Olympia Ave Tulsa OK 74132 1-888-237-8289 Our Complaint Description was: Store install of radio caused electronic climate control below radio to start blinking lights off & on, damaged front right head light cover-crack plastic. Did not secure vehicle when they put car in their parking lot. Vintage 1988 Mark Vll has missing items, but we don't claim store took items. We do claim lost because car was not secured when they put it into their parking lot under their care. They had a duty to secure car left in their care because any reasonable person should of foreseen a problem if vehicle was not secured. Their paper work is incomplete, so I do not know names of installers, serial number, but items are checked off in good shape before they worked on car that were damage while in their care. We repeat, we did not think installer took items, but car was left vulnerable with unlocked doors etc. Your Desired Resolution: Replacement of damaged and stolen items from car & repair / refund of unused wrong parts they sold us. Use of new electrical harness vs them using old harness left behind after Alpine stereo theft. Is this a department of Insurance issue? MICHAEL WERNER 30515 DUSTIN RD.
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Original review: March 18, 2009

Where do I begin? I purchased a Whirlpool Washer & Dryer 4 years ago from Best Buy in Brandon FL. After being strongly advised to purchase the extended warranty I complied. I purchased a 5 year warranty that expires in the fall of 2009. In all fairness, I have used the extended warranty once before 2/11/09 with great success. This now appears to have been a fluke as I have been waiting since 2/11/09 for a part/parts to repair my dryer and everytime I call the Geeksquad/Bestbuy, I end up with the same response. 1) Someone will call me back with a status in 3-5 business days. 2)Someone is going to research why the service repair person hasn't returned any calls with the status of the parts ordered. 3)I will be submitted for a replacement because they can't reach the Service Repair contractor and can't locate the parts.

4)Then I'm told my request for replacement was denied because I've had the dryer for more than 30 days and their policy is to have the unit repaired and if that doesn't work they will resubmit another request for a replacement. Mind you I didn't even know I was eligible for a replacement until the Customer Service Rep mentioned it to me and that he didn't see why there would be a problem. Again, I'm told to wait 3-5 business days. I have been told by numerous supervisors that I would receive a return call from them by close of business. This is clearly a trained response and one that is never actually carried out! There is clearly a disconnect with Best Buy/Geeksquad & their local service contractors regarding customer service. I welcome any attorney that wants to contact me regarding a class action suit and will be more than happy to join any existing class action suits. I know my taking my business else where clearly won't affect Best Buys bottom line but I refuse to sit here and take whatever they decide to dish out. So now after six weeks, I end up being instructed to wait 2-3 additional business days for parts that may or may not have been ordered. As late as 3/16/09 I was told by CSR Amanda and her Supervisor Terri, that the Supervisor, Terri would research the problem and submit for replacement. I would receive a call by close of business. Guess you know by now I didn't receive a call. I call again on 3/16/09 around 4:30pm as this has been a whole day and no return call even though they have more than one number on file, that I update EVERYTIME I have called regarding this problem. So I call again 3/18/09 and now I'm told I was denied a replacement and that the parts somehow magically were sent out overnight on 3/16/09 to the local service technician Mel's appliance and that the supervisor guessed it call me back by the end of the day. I don't find this remotely funny entertaining etc., Mel's appliance doesn't return my calls so I have ceased to call them and apparently they don't answer Best Buys calls because no one has been able to reach them. Around the 3 week mark, I even requested to have a new local company come and service my dryer and was told that would not be in my best interest because I would have to wait 3-5 business days before another company would be able to contact to set an appointment to troubleshoot and then order another part. I clearly, calmly explained all of this to Ashley who is the Manager for Supervisor Trisha. I asked for Trisha's last name and was told it's against company policy. I asked for an employee number to accompany the first name only that I was given and was told Ashley (employee #152912)couldn't give me that either but she could provide hers and the address to file a formal complaint. My next recourse is to write a formal complaint to as many corporate officers at Best Buy I can locate, the BBB and any local media. I will picket the Best Buy in Brandon FL. I'm sure this will only result in me being arrested, but hopefully it will bring enough media attention to the poor customer service and extended warranty service Best Buy continues to force feed its customers. Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated. My contact information is listed below. Thank you, Karl Lawrence Riverview, FL
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Original review: March 11, 2009

I am very unhappy with my service with Best Buy. I purchased an Insignia LCD HD TV in April 2007. Model 32 LCD-NS (discontinued model). I called for service, and it took 18 days for someone to come out to look at it. (that was the 1st appt available, fortunately I was available!) On Feb 28, The technician was here for a whole 4-6 mins, and informed me that he had to order a part, and that I would receive a call within 3 days. (I had been without a TV for 3 weeks) I didnt receive a call, but I received a email statement (bill) in an amt that exceeds the amt I paid for the TV. On March 2, I sent an email to customer service and never received a reply. After multiple calls to customer service, I was connected to the consumer relations department., March 5. I spoke with Billy, and he said that this was wrong, and that he would get me a voucher for a new TV within the next 3 days. He apologized, and said that this should NOT have been overlooked by the Geek Squad, and that he (Billy) would fix the matter. He got a geek squad manager on the phone , Gary, to apologize. Again , they said that I would receive a call within 3 days to get a voucher for a new TV. I DID receive a voice message 4 days later, that said that the request that I submitted that the unavailable part request was denied, and that I would have to wait for the part. I did not apply for an unavailable part request.' I applied to have a new TV because the amount they are charging to fix the TV exceeds the amount I paid for the TV. I still do not have anyone to help me. I have made at least 9 calls, and the only person who remotely acted in my behalf was Billy. However, his actions did not do ANYTHING for me. I have now been without a TV for weeks. And no one is helping me. When I call the store, they say that they cannot help me and that I have to deal with 1-888-BESTBUY.

It is March 11, and STILL NO CALL.
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Original review: March 10, 2009

I bought a laptop computer/DV9408NR/TURION TL-MODEL:GA356UA with a 17screen on 09/02/07 from the BEST BUY STORE.With the installation of some softwares like spy sweeper GS PRECINCT,TREND MICRO AV ,the price was $839.54.(this was a $200 instant rebate price).This computer I bought for my son who is in

college.On 12/26/2008 I gave this computer to the above Best Buy store to fix some problems like screen flickering,wireless switch does not work,overheats,battery last less than an hour etc.After 2 weeks they contacted us saying $700 some to fix the problem and I declined it as the price seemed too high.On January 21 they called to pick up the computer and
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Original review: March 6, 2009

The MPs player (Insignia) I purchased developed a malfunctioning tuning wheel within a year. I called the repair number and was told they would issue a shipping label and I should return the player for a replacement which they would send within two weeks. The label arrived promptly and I returned the player on January 5, 2009. I noted that UPS had delivered the player to Best Buy/Deal Tree a day later. One month after that I called to ask why I had not received my replacement. I was told the player had arrived, that it was in the warehouse, and they would elevate its status to get it out. A month later I received a player with a new set of earbuds and computer connection. Only problem was it was the same MP3 player I'd sent them and it worked no better than it did before, still broken. I emailed and got a reply that if I had any questions I should call the number I originally called. I emailed back that for a $59 product I'd already spent too much time and they could forget it. I also told them we'd bought numerous appliances and electronics from Best Buy but they'd lost a customer. Worse service I've ever known with any company.

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Original review: March 6, 2009

I purchased an acer extensa laptop dec 29 2008. Within 2 months the laptop started timing out on websites and one night after putting it down and coming back to the laptop I noticed what looked like a feather line and then plaid colors all over the monitor. I took it back to Best Buy to the Geek Squad counter and opened up the laptop. The salesman Victor told me there was a crack in the monitor. However, I could not see or feel any crack. He said it was my doing. I told him he was wrong; the problem with the monitor is internal. I told him to send it back to Acer to have it repaird and he rudely told me that it was not worth it because people replace laptops every three months! I then had him show me some other laptops and he tried to talk me into a extended warranty with the new laptop. I asked him why I would buy a warranty if like he said people replace laptops every three months and he just smiled. He went back to the counter to write up the slip to send the laptop back to Acer and he then came back and told me Best Buy could not send it because it was under warranty. So, now I'm confused. You wouldn't fix it because It's not under warranty, yet Best Buy would not sent it back for me because it's under warranty. Bottom Line: Best Buy sold me a piece of crap computer for $500 and now will not stand behind their products or help out their customer by attempting to resolve the issue, fix the computer, or since the computer was less than 60 days old and was not abused, would not offer even a discount on a new computer. That is bad customer service and bad business - especially in this type of economy.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

February 23, 2008

Best Buy/Geek Squad To Whom It May Concern: I have been a faithful Best Buy customer since you opened. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and brought several items in for repairs. I have bought several “big ticket� items, dishwasher, washer and dryer, cameras & computers along with the extended service plans. I have never had a problem with one of your stores until now. I brought my computer to the Best Buy store in Simi Valley, California on 1-28-09 (Service Order # 00649-947404209) for repair because it failed to boot and I suspected it needed a new hard drive. I also requested to have the CF card slot replaced since it didn’t work anymore. I dropped it off at lunch time and Victor from the Geek Squad told me it would be done in 1 week to 1 ½ weeks. I noticed on the paperwork that it was scheduled to be done by 2-14-09 but figured it couldn’t possibly take that long since it takes less than 1 hour to install a new hard drive. I received a call from the service center on 2-4-09 that they had received my computer and it needed a new hard drive. I asked where they were located since I wondered why it took 1 week from when I dropped the computer off for them to call me. The woman who called told me they were located in Chino, California. I asked why it took so long for my computer to get to the repair site but she did not know. I told her they could have shipped it to India faster. I stopped in the store on 2-13-09 and was told by Victor that my computer was almost ready. It was still at the service center but should be shipped back on Monday by the latest and that he would put a “Rush� order in on it. I called the store on 2-16-09. After several attempts to get someone in the Geek Squad to answer the phone I got frustrated and called back asking to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Lamont. I asked why no one ever answers the phone at the Geek Squad. He said that they have had some budget cuts so the Geek Squad is very busy. I told him that was no excuse for bad service. He checked the status of my computer and said that the service center was done with it and they should be shipping it back to the store that week. I told him that last week I had spoken to Victor who said that it was almost ready. He said that was not correct because they were still waiting for parts last week. I told him that my patience was running out with them considering that they had my computer for 2 ½ weeks and something needed to be done to get it back. I said that if this were his computer I’m sure he would not be very happy about this. He said that he would mark the order as “Rush� and it should be in by the end of the week. I received a call from Best Buy’s computer system on 2-18-09 at 6:30 p.m. stating that my computer was ready and I had 5 days to pick it up. I was thrilled even though that meant it was exactly 3 weeks from the date that I dropped it off for repair. I went to the store on 2-19-09 and saw my computer behind the counter. A Geek Squad member came to the counter. I told her that I was here to pick up my computer. She said that it wasn’t ready yet. I said that it was right there under the counter and that the Best Buy computer had called me last night saying it was ready and to come and pick it up. She said that the computer calls when the item is received back to the store. I said, “Why did it tell me to pick it up and it was ready.� She said that she didn’t know but it was not ready because they still needed to install drivers on it. I asked her how long this would take since it has now been over 3 weeks since I dropped off my computer. She said that it should be done by tomorrow, 2-20-09. I called the store at 3:30 p.m. on 2-20-09 and was told by Jeff in the Geek Squad that it was done. I said, “It is completely done and I can pick it up?� He said, “It was just about done and it would be ready by the time I got there. I went to the store at a little after 4:00 p.m. Victor was very rude to me when he saw me. I said that I was there to pick up my computer. He went back to the back of the Geek Squad and brought it to me. He then wanted me to sign a paper stating that “I Christy Daniels, recognize that repairs have been performed in a manner that is satisfactory to me� before he would give me the computer. Why wouldn’t this form just state that the item was received? How would I know that the repairs have been done satisfactory to me without turning on the computer myself which I wouldn’t be able to do until I got home? I signed the paper but told Victor that I wanted a copy of what I had signed. He was really put out by this. The girl who had been working the day before showed up and told him all he had to do was make a copy of the paper. He made a copy and handed it to me without even saving anything. I said, “You’re welcome.� I got the computer home and found out that they did not actually replace the media reader even though it states that they did. If they did, it still doesn’t work. Considering that it took over 3 weeks to get my computer back there is no way I will bring it back in for the media reader. I tried to call the store several times to see what to do about the media reader but no one answered the phone in the Geek Squad. Big Surprise!!! I also noticed that they did not properly partition the drive since it should always have a “recovery� section. The service I received is very disappointing to say the least. It is ridiculous that it took over 3 weeks to install a new hard drive. It isn’t like they had to get the old data off. All they had to do is stick a new drive in. There is no excuse as to why it took so long. I am sure now that Circuit City is out of the picture Best Buy thinks it has no competition but that is not the case. Fry’s Electronics, Costco, Staples and others all sell computers and offer repair services. Poor customer service is one of the factors that led to Circuit City’s ultimate demise. I still have one more year on my extended service with Best Buy. Hopefully my computer keeps working because I do not want to deal with the morons working there ever again. I would rather pay someone who is competent to fix it and have it back in a reasonable amount of time. I am going to spread the word to stay clear from Best Buy and the Geek Squad. No one else should have to experience the horrible service that I received. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Christy Daniels Email:
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Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

As much I have with this new Tosiba and reading all your complaints, it's not worth the trouble writing my complaint down. As a was loyal customer for years as well as my whole family we've been, I feel that best buy has let me and my family down alot. That's alright as there are other company's been wanting our business and more than likely will get it and that's thanks to Best Buy so called professional people working at stores.Good by

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2009

Our Frigidaire, Model #FRS3R5EMBO was purchased in August 2005 according to Best Buy, firmly believe it was several months after this date. The freezer stopped working in Nov. 08, we called to get repair under the extended service plan that we paid additional for. We had to wait a WEEK before the service tech was available to come out for service, by the time he arrive the freezer started to work again. Unfortunatley the service tech was unable to determine what was wrong and left w/o any repair or insight as to what was wrong. After this time, the freezer stopped on 2 diff occasions but started working right away and no groceries were lost (We did NOT place call to Best Buy/ Geek Squad for these 2 times). Then again in Jan 08 I woke up to another puddle on the kitchen floor and a whole freezer of groceries lost, called to place another service was advised they had no record of the last call but would have someone come out, the soonest was another week wait time. Of course as I suspected would happen, it started to work by the time the service tech came out. The tech still unsure what was wrong assumed it might be the thermostat as both the frige and freezer are set at the highest possible settings of 6 and should not need to be set this high according to the tech. We were advised that we would need to empty out all of the frige and freezer before this part could be installed. Well since it appeared to be in working order and not having a place to store the groceries I asked that the installation be held off. Well, the freezer has stopped working AGAIN (now for the 5th time), I called to schedule and was advised that someone will be calling me within 24-48 hours to schedule, this could be as late as Monday. I have since called several times and have been given the run-around on the automated system only to be disconnected after holding for long periods. This warranty is going to be up the end of the year and I am fearful we are going to be stuck with an appliance that we are going to have to replace after a couple of years.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2009

Our 56 inch Samsung TV stopped working on Dec. 24, 2008. We received an appt for Jan. 3, 2009. The tech came on Saturday, January 24 (the part came in and the TV still does not work). Now they ordered 2 more parts and one part came in (Feb. 11) but the 2nd part is not due until March 21! I called to request a loaner TV, they said they can't do that. I asked for an extension on my warranty since my TV hasnt worked in 56 days (and counting), they said they cannot extend the warranty. I then asked what CAN they do for me, and she said Nothing, just wait for the part. I paid for an additional 4-year warranty and they are unwilling to help me, all I want is for a TV for my living room to work.

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Original review: Feb. 16, 2009

When I bought the HP Pavilion Tablet PC, one of the two big selling points was the swivel top and the Tablet component which allowed the translation of written text on a touch screen with a stylus. After having the computer for a few months and not being able to configure the Touch screen, I went to best buy and asked for help wherein, I was informed that while my computer had the capacity for the touch screen, it lacked the hardware (i.e. not the right SCREEN nor the stylus, nor the software). So in essence, it does not have the capacity at all. This model theoretically has the capacity, it says so on line, but apparently, the actual generation my particular model is, does not. Best Buy then, offered to sell me an exterior component--a Tablet PC add on that would allow me the use of this option on my computer. I refused, furious at being lied to. Now, the computer is not working, due to a defect that has arisen in the same family of computers mine is from. Again, Best Buy refuses to deal with the issues despite my independent research online proves they are aware of the issue. They are shady and they are thieves. I still am paying by credit for the computer, which now does not work after less than two years. What can I do?

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2009

took the tower to best buy to do a back up, and brought home system failure , took tower back the hard drive was unplug. took home again and vista windows were gone left at best buy on 2/3/09 and left several messages and no call back its going 13 days, call Best Corp to file complaint still no calls and they have mine tower..

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2009

In late November of 2008 I purchased some electronic devices from Best Buy. I also opened an account in the store and charged purchases to the account. I set up a delivery date for Dec 8th for 2 TVs and installation by the geek squad on the 9th. (I took off both days from my job)I was charged for the delivery of 2 TV’s and only one was delivered. On the 8th of Dec only one TV was delivered. When I called the store I was told to come in and pick up the other so that it would be available for installation the next day. I drove to the store at 8pm to pick up the TV. The next day no one called or came for the installation. I returned to the store to have the charges for installation removed from my bill. However I have never been reimbursed for having to drive back into the store to get the other TV. (At least for half of my delivery fee as the product was not delivered)As I looked forward to getting my bill and paying it off and having nothing more ever to do with BEST BUY I never received a card or bill till approximately Jan 10th. The first mail I got was a BILL NOT CARD and it showed a late charge assessment, dispute release, and amount in dispute etc. I knew since I hadn’t had any contact with them since my purchase something was wrong. It turns out that my purchases had been put on my sisters account she happens to have the same last name and she had called in to dispute the charges. Once I found out that this company cannot keep accurate records I decided to close the account because I knew that future purchases would result in a similar problem. Now I called and spoke to a supervisor who told me to pay the balance of 3477.00 to close down the account. I sent that out immediately. My bank records show that the check cleared on the 26th of Jan. I kept calling to get a letter stating that the account had been closed. First I was told when I called account balance that my check had not been received. So I immediately called my bank to get records. Then I was told I had two different accounts. I finally spoke to a supervisor Jennifer ID JCF who figured out that the check was used to credit one account and the other had a balance with the same amount so some how I had two accounts in the same name. She recently told me to expect a letter stating that those two accounts have been closed down in 7-10 days. I would like other consumers to note the following:

1) Best Buy is highly unprofessional and cannot keep accurate records within the store of purchases made by an individual. This could endanger a person’s credit rating if not closely monitored. 2) Employees at the Best Buy store at 555 E Sanford Blvd at Mt Vernon, NY 10550-4736 knowing lie to customers about delivery and installation dates. (GEEK SQUAD). It used to be the case that those businesses who said they could provide a service charged and delivered on that service. Now consumers shell out tons of money to make purchases and get the worst experience ever. Some action needs to be put in place when these types of businesses cannot deliver and decided to give you the “run around� In closing I need to state I will NEVER be making a purchase at any BEST BUY store ever and I intend to share my experiences at BEST BUY to discourage sales to and victimization of other potential customers. It turns our BEST BUY should indeed rename it self WORST BUY!
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Original review: Feb. 5, 2009

We purchased a DVD recorder in OCTOBER 2008 and have yet to be able to use it! It has been to the GEEK squad for repair, I believe this is the 5th time! And they apparently have put over $1,000.00 worth of parts in a $200.00 recorder...who does that!!? We still do not have the recorder and they refuse to replace it. They just want to fix it...which they can't seem to do either!

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2009

Service for the Geek Squad is simply terrible--DO NOT buy a service contract from Best Buy. I placed a service call 7 days ago for my 46 television. At that time the lady in customer service stated that I needed and new she set up and appt for service (one week from the call (that was as soon as I could get). The service tech show up and says you need a lamp and I dont have one we will have to order it it'll take 7-9 days to get one (even after the rep told me i need one 7 days ago).Then the service rep explains as soon as you receive the lamp give us a call and schedule an appt for service to replace which may take another 7 days. Three weeks -no super bowl-for a lamp to be replaced in my television. The thing that bothers me most is the 16 year old who sold me the contract said we generally service with 2-3 days....Best Buy we deserve better and I will never purchase from you again.

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2009

My 5-month old HP laptop ceased functioning so I returned it to the Middletown, RI Best Buy. I was told by the Geek Squad that it had a bad motherboard and had to be mailed back to HP for repair as part of the manufacturer warranty. I was called a week later by the Middletown Best Buy Geeks and told that they found the problem and had a quote for how much it would cost to repair. I told the Geek that it was under warranty and was supposed to be mailed to HP. I was told that the Geeks had no record of this. I asked to speak to a manager. I never did. Two weeks later I was called by Best Buy and told that my laptop was repaired. Upon picking up my laptop I was told that it had been tested by the Geeks and that it worked just like new. I tested it myself and it still was non-functioning! I was clearly lied to by the Geek Squad. I asked to speak to the manager. I was told there wasn't one available. I asked that a manager call me. They never did. I still have no idea what is happening with my laptop. The Middletown, RI Best Buy is a disaster and should be avoided at all costs!

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2009

I wanted to order software from Best Buy on line. Before I did I wanted to be sure I was purchasing the correct software so I called the store to speak to someone in the Geek Squad. I started dialing at 10:11am and by 10:45am there still was no answer. I finally was able to get through at 11:10 but by then I had already gone on line and ordered software from another company other then Best Buy.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2009

Ibought a Gateway laptop in May of 2007. I also purchased the 3year service plan covering anything that happened to the computer.I dropped off my computer on Dec 21st to be repaired. It is now January 8th and my computer is still at the repair center in TN,they told me it would be ready to pick up on January 7th.It could be another week before I receive my computer.I am a student and It is very hard to be without my laptop.I paid $300.00 for that service plan. I don't understand why it wasn't replaced since the equipment was faulty after a year and 8 months of owning the computer. It should have been replaced.When I do call to check the status of my computer the geek squad employees are very rude.I'm afraid that I might not even receive my computer back at all.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2009

I had to return a Dell Laptop because it was defective back to Best Buy. Geek Squad checked it and confirmed it was defective. I ended up exchanging it for a Sony Vaio and paid more money. Best Buy charged me a restocking fee of 90 dollars and plus failed to return the 39.99 optimization fee as well. I feel we were taken advantage of and were treated very poorly by these employees. All we want is fairness. Please help!!! I lost about $140.00 dollars because I was unfairly charged and this is a violation of Best Buy’s own policies as listed behind their receipt. I have also suffered extreme embarrassment/humiliation and feel it was very discriminating.

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2008

Purchased 4 yr ext. warranty on a 52 television - its now 3 1/2 years later. Reported problem 2nd week of Dec. Repair subcontractor determined the TV should be replaced (cost to repair exceeds the value)The Geek Squad the Home Theatre Specialist Best Buy employs have been sitting on a replacement authorization number required to initiate the replacement. Each time I call I am told 1-2 business days I will have it. Nothing.

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2008

I purchased a Emachines from Best Buy on 9/4/08. Best Buy load all program to the computer. I tried using mu headphone and mic on the pc and it would not work. I called Best Buy and was put through to the Geek Squad they didnt even try to help me me,they told me to bring it in. I took it in on 12/5/08 and was told the the motherboad need to be replaced. Just to back track when i received the pc the speaker were working. I got a call to pick up the PC on December 16th to pick up my pc. I did and I asked the rep that was dealing with me if all was well, he told me yes. When I got home I found out the the speaker wasnt working, the headphone phone was but the speakers wasnt. I called Best Buy again and was told to call Emachine. I called Emachine machine and the rep trouble shoot the machine with me on the line and told me that the speaker was not good. He told me to to return it where I purchase the pc. He gave me a return reference number, 1-46JQCX. I called Best Buy and Bob told me that they dont have any control over that and I should call Best Buy coorperate office. They lady check the return reference number and said why didnt they replace the speaker and should go back to Best Buy in West Paterson. I called Best Buy in West Paterson and was told by Bob they they can not do anything about that and in plain language I should go buy one.

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2008

Took laptop in to get serviced. Went to the Geek Squad desk and waited... and waited. There were quite a few service staff standing around talking (some personal some work) and no one asked if we needed any help. There were 3 or 4 people in the Geek Squad room behind the desk that we were waiting at .... they all saw us ... and no one came to help us. ... we just kept waiting... I finally asked one of the service people that was walking past me if I could get some help.... he said questioningly ... from the Geek Squad ?? .... I said yes.... I was standing at the Geek Squad Service Desk.... what did he think.... he went into the back and about another 5 minutes a service guy came out and when I told him the problem he said they could help me and I had to send it to HP for service.... when I asked for an address or phone number he said he didn't have it handy.... I asked him to find it.... he was very upset by this... I will not ever shop and Best Buy again.... I cannot believe that all these service personnel standing around and walking past us and no one asked if they could help us and then when I finally got someone to help, they were very unfriendly, unhelpful. They looked at us as if we were disturbing their space.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2008

On August 24, 2008 I purchased a Samsung 46 LCD HDTV with 1080 P at 1499.99, a T.V. calibration for 249.99 and the extended 4 year Black Tie Performance Service Plan for 219.99. On October 2nd, I came to return the product because the T.V. had 3 defected pixels, the back lighting was blotchy and the graphic engine DNIe would not turn on. They said they would not let us return it because it was past 30 days, they told us we needed to call the geek squad and have them come out to assess the problem to see if it the T.V. needed repair or replacement. I called on Oct. 20th, talked with Geek Squad, and they told us they could see we purchased the warranty but they could not retrieve the warranty information on our acct. They said I would need to go to the store to reprint the receipt in order to acquire the warranty number, but since I was covered under a 1 yr manufacture warranty they could continue to send the claim information. They said they would send the claim information to a third party (Precision Television Service) and that the third party would contact us in 2 -3 business days for an appointment for service. They did not contact me. On Oct. 29th I called Precision Television Service to ask why they have yet to call me, they said they had not received any claim information from BEST BUY, and that they would call me back when they received the information. On Nov. 3rd, we called Precision Television again and they said that they still had not received any claim information from Best Buy. I called Best Buy, and asked why they had not sent any claim information, they said that they would resend it and Precision would call me back in 2-3 business days to schedule a service date. Precision called and left a message stating that they could have given us service on Tuesday Nov. 4th but they needed additional information, therefore they could not proceed with the service. On Thursday, Nov. 7, I called Best Buy and asked why it was that they did not send all of the necessary information for me to receive service. Best buy said they would call Precision and give them the additional information for me to receive service. They said that they would place a note on my acct to cancel the scheduled TV Calibration for Nov. 8th since the T.V. was defected. Precision was supposed to contact me to schedule service. Again when they called, they said they still required additional information in order to proceed with service. I contacted Best Buy on November 12, and spoke with a woman named Jessica ext. 155140. She told me that she found the warranty information and it was put under my wife's telephone number, which is why they were unable to retrieve it previously. I asked to receive service directly from the Geek squad. She that they would be more than happy to do so since they were trying to eliminate using service from third parties. She said that she would have a scheduling specialist to call me back within 24 hours to schedule me for a service. No call was received. I called Best Buy again on Nov. 25th. I explained my frustration with the delay and incompetence in service, and told them that a complaint would be filed unless this matter was resolved. The agent then scheduled a maintenance appointment for Dec. 17, from 12-4p.m. He confirmed the appointment three times during the phone call. On December 17, I called Geek Squad at 7:00am to confirm the appointment. They said that their computer showed there was no appointment scheduled on the acct. Four days later, on Dec. 20, Best Buy left a message to reschedule the appointment. They called again on Sunday. Agent Smith explained that an appointment was scheduled for December 17 but did not know why the computer failed to show it on that day. Best Buys performance service plan states to include prompt, professional product service. I have not received either prompt or professional service from the company.

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2008

Bought 19 TV for son, speaker died on one side, took to Best Buy to ship out from Tallahassee, FL to Tampa, FL. Tampa, FL says they never received the TV and Best Buy in Tallahassee has no record of it being dropped off. I was given a piece of paper that said it would be shipped back on Dec. 8, 2008.

I do not have that piece of paper and now I am out the TV (old one unrepaired or new one). This is called stealing, fraud, theft, you name it - an all of it is illegal. They have nothing in their computer system and I am the person who is at fault because I cannot prove that the TV was dropped off. Please do whatever you can to sue them.
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Original review: Dec. 12, 2008

I purchased a 30in Samsung television from Best Buy at Secaucus NJ. We purchased the extended warranty to cover any product malfunction up to including replacement. The television had problems turn on and off on its own,discoloration on the screen and the sound will shift from side to side. I placed the first service phone call on August 15th, 2008 it is now December 11th nothing has been resolved. The last time a technician came to the house on December 2nd he replaced two pieces and now the television does not turn on. All I wanted was for best buy to fix the problem. Four months and not one person accountable for the situation. I need at this point for my television to be replaced. I think the word customer service means nothing to this company. They have incompetent people working for them. They offered the best technicians not once has they been able to fix the problems. In one of the many phone call one David from Geek Squad told me that if it takes one year for the problem to be fixed it takes a year.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2008

I purchased a new HP laptop in on or around July 4, 2008 along with an extended 2-yr service plan through the Geek Squad. On November 7, 2008, I noticed that I could not connect to the internet. After contacting my ISP as well as HP, I was advised to return the laptop to the Geek Squad at Bestbuy, which is what I did that same day. I went into the store on November 7 and completed the paperwork to have the problem diagnosed. On November 9, I was called by a recording which said to come down to the store to pick up the laptop. I was surprised that it would be ready so quickly, but not know what the problem was, I figured it may be something reasonable. When I arrived at the store, I was told that the problem was a faulty hard drive which would have to shipped to their service center to be repaired - estimated time would be 3-4 weeks. On November 21, I was called by a Geek Squad representative who told me that my computer never got shipped on November 9. Apparently, someone put the wrong tag on the laptop and it had been sitting in the store all this time. Since Nov 21 is a Friday, the laptop would be shipped on Monday, Nov 24. They said they would expedite things and I could have it back in 2 weeks. Obviously, this is just before Thanksgiving, so I was not happy. I am also a college student and this was around mid-terms and approaching my final exam period, so the hardship on me was difficult. After a few weeks, I called the store on December 6, only to be told that the service center fixed the hard drive, but while it was in their possession, they broke the motherboard. On December 11, I got a call from the Bestbuy store saying that the laptop had finally arrived, however, the damage done to the motherboard and subsequent speaker system was still NOT repaired and would have to be sent back out to the service center. At this point, it has been over a month since they have had my laptop. I have not gotten an apology or any type of reassurance that they will fix my product. Obviously, Christmas is coming up and I would like to have my laptop back BEFORE that time. I want an apology since they have damaged my equipment, but no one at Bestbuy, the service center or the Geek Squad seem to be too concerned about their lack of commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2008

I purchased a Dell Lap top from Best buys in June 2008. Last week

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2008

I am writing because of some of the complaints on your site. The person that said Best Buy refused to honor the last few months of the warranty after having the set unsuccessfuly worked on I do not believe. I do know from experience that customers might not tell everything that happened.

I am one of those repair shops that you refur to as one that you would never use. My technicians are all factory trained and bonded. We have to be checked out before we are excepted for the Best Buy program or any of the other programs we administer. We also are authorized service center for the brand we are servicing. We have been repairing consumer electronics for 25 years and have a very good reputation. I have been doing Best Buy's work for over 10 years and I will admit that they are far from perfect but they are trying very hard to take care of there customers. I agree that most extended warrantys are not worth the money but I do recommend them on High-end camcorders and large (not 32) flat screen TVs to my customers. I see very high repair bills all the time and the only ones that get repaired are the ones with extended warrantys. I have several large flat screens that have been scrapped by the customer because of the cost to repair. I also see sets that we can't get parts for and Best Buy will go to bat with the factory for you and replace the set if parts can't be found. Some of the sets are still under the factory warranty but Best Buy still tries to take care of their customer. If you want to get mad at someone you should blame the shoddy products that most manufacturers are selling and the lack of spare parts. I see sets all the time that are less than a year old but the factory cannot provide parts. These are household brand named products not off the wall Chinese junk. The customers also have to take part of the blame. All most of you want is the cheapest price you can find. But then you expect free delivery, free setup, free lessons on how to operate the set, free service calls because you will not read the owners manaul, and the cheap set to perform like the high-end product. All this support cost money and the stores have to train people to do the work. That cost has to be added to the price of the product. This country used to have many local stores that spent money training their salsesman and techs but they could not compete with the big box stores on price. Since customers are not willing to pay for that the local stores are gone. My grandmonther new you get what you pay for. One of the manufaturers I do repairs for did a national survey a few years ago and the average age of a electronics repair tech was 42 years old. The reason is that a tech can make more money in another field of electronics and have alot less hassle. He doesn't have to deal with unrealistic retail customers or factories that pay 1970s rates and give no support. Does that scare you? It should. I hate to think how upset customers will be when they have to send their product to a regional depot for several months because their local TV shop closed it's doors.
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Original review: Nov. 24, 2008

Bought a Hewlett Packard M8100n x2 Model # GC673AA 7/8/2007. Paid 2,145.10 which included HP 19" screen and other software. The extras were needed because of the small business we own. We also paid over 300.00 extra for Geek Squad. An appointment was set for 7/20/07 at out home. Everything stayed in boxes. The appointment was cancelled by the Geek Tech. A second appt was set for 8/14/07. The very first thing he said as he was hooking everything up was that something was wrong with the Hard Drive. He also added that he could work with it to make it right. My husband and I were not worried, because we knew that he would. 9/6/07 we called best buy to complain of windows popping up to initiate a sleep of some sort. I was confused and we hoped that someone at Best Buy would know. We took the tower to Best Buy 9/6/07. Received a comment " Unit has passed all hardware diagnostics, consisting of PC check as well as memtest. Unit has many corrupted and missing files. Please reinstall vista in precinct". My husband and I were convinced that the problem was fixed. Understanding that our business had to hold all computer transactions during this time in repair. Best Buy has a history of everything that they did with all of this equipment. Out Tower paid another visit to Best Buy for another issue a couple months later. I finally followed it and took all my notes to ask for new equipment. They refused because we had gone beyond our 2 week alloted warranty after purchasing. I informed the tech that it had stayed in boxes for a month waiting for the Geek squad person. He said that they could fix it by sending it away but could not refund us. I left frustrated and still hoped they would help us. Everything was fine and a couple months went by. Finally after 8 months had expired which brought us to a year, the system started acting up. We were informed that after 3 times, we could be refunded. I knew that Best Buy was no help so we called a friend to possibly get us up and running. He explained that our Hard Drive had crashed. Now, I'm not a computer wiz and both my husband and I have been very patient. I had to pay out 400.00 more to rebuild our hard drive and clean it for personal pics. Best buy quoted us around 1,000.00 to help build and clean out pics. I hope someone can help us. We used a Hewlett Packard for 10 years before this one and never had a problem. I want an answer. I feel that we have been taken. Everything is working fine for now, but how long. We would like to buy a laptop and always felt comfortable with Best Buy. They were worthless in their answers. Our 1 year warranty has now passed. Please e-mail me or call. We welcome any response. Thank you. Christine R. Yates

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

I purchased a 4 year extended warranty from Best Buy when I purchased a Sony TV. Three years later the bulb in the TV needed a replacement. I called Best Buy on November 10th, and told them that I needed a replacement bulb for my TV. They told me the soonest they could have someone come out to the house for an in-home repair was the 15th. Five days later, the technician from Geek Squad arrives. He looks at the TV and says, yep, it needs a replacement bulb. He didn't come with a bulb. And, it will take 3 to 5 business days to order one. So on the 19th, we get a call saying the bulb has come in, but the soonest that they can get someone out to put it in the TV is on the 26th, a full WEEK later. Replacing a bulb is a quick, easy thing that I could do myself, and the only reason for having Best Buy do it is because it's covered under the warranty. So, I ask to speak with a manager and am put on hold for over 36 minutes. Then, the manager says she can't do anything about it until the next day because it's after normal business hours, but the only reason it was after normal hours is because I was kept on hold for so long!

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Original review: Nov. 16, 2008

I bought a Whirpool washing machine from Best Buy in Juy, 2008. It stopped working on October 15, 2008. I have had a Geek Squad rep out 2x to fix it and seperately, a Whirpool rep 2x to fix it, and all total, 6 parts have been ordered and the machine is still not fixed. Yesterday, November 15, the latest Whirlpool rep arrived, could not fix it and ordered yet another part and told me he would be next Saturday to try to fix it. Frustrated, I went to Best Buy with the 6 parts I did have and placed them on the Customer Service counter and requested a new washter - as I have been out of one for month and paid $750 for the lemon of a washer. Best Buy Customer Service was rude, not accomodating at all and told me Whirlpool can only authorize a replacement. Interesting since both the Best Buy Geek Squad and Whirlpool reps had both told me only Best Buy can only authorize the replacement after 3 visits. I have a Best Buy Geek Squad rep coming out on Tuesday. By next Saturday, I will have had 3 visits from each, and probably no new washer not the current one fixed. I am beyond frustated and in tears - litteraly.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2008

I took my computer to Best Buy to be serviced because it was running slow. The saleman told me I had a virus after running the computer for about 15 seconds. I was charged $199.00 plus tax for a full virus checkup. I didn't think my computer had a virus because I ran my Norton Protection before I brought it to the store, and no virus was found. Also, it took him only 15 seconds to determine it had a virus, and I thought maybe he's rushing with me so he can help the girls that were next in line. They were young, very attractive, and he was flirting with one of them. So I told him I did not think I had a virus. I have Norton Protection on my computer. My computer was repaired there previously for a virus. After my computer was repaired I bought vius protection like they suggested. He said Norton can't catch everything and there are new virus out. I figured maybe he know what he's talking about,he's the expert.

About three days later I called Best Buy to inquire about the computer. I was told they never got to the computer to service it, it would take a couple of days or more. They will call me when it's finished. After I got off the phone I went to Best Buy , and asked for the computer that they never serviced. Three days was too long for me. Especially since they hadn't even gotten to it. A salesman went to the back and got the computer. He did not get it from the side where they put repaired computers waiting for customers pick-up. I know their procedure because I had my computer serviced there before, for a virus. A salesman got the computer from the back. He decided to run it before he gave it to me. It was running too slow. He said it would take a while. I could walk around the store. Then he went to help other customers in line. I walked around the store until it's finished. Then he went to help another customer. When I came back the guy that ran the computer was working with another customer. So a female salesperson came over to help me. She looked at the computer and said she did not see a virus, and the computer seemed okay. I told her that was strange because I just got off the phone with them, and was told they never got to my computer to repair it. If they never repaired it, it should still have a virus. They said it would take a couple of days or more before they could get to it, and they would call me. I was confused, because in the beginning I was told I had a virus. On the phone I was told they never repaired it. Now she's telling me there is no virus. She said if there is a problem bring it back. I tooked the computer home. The computer was running the exact same way it ran when brought it to Best buy. Therefore, I took the computer back to Best. The same female helped me. She ran it and told me it did not have a virus, it was running slow, and advised me on what part to buy to get it running again. I bought the part she suggested, took my computer home, and put the part in the computer. After that the computer was running again. The problem was my computer had too many games, and downloaded programs. It ran perfect after I bought the part to add more space. I also took off some of the games. I had over 60 games downloaded. I never had a virus problem. My computer was never serviced for a virus because I picked it up before they repaired it, and the female salesperson admitted it did not have a virus. The salesman that started off helping me didn't tell her it was in for a virus and I was taking it out because the wait was too long. So she spilled the beans because she didn't know what was going on. I called to inquire about the return of my money. The manager was not in. So I called days later and was told I had to write the company. I felt jipped, and figured I wouldn't get my money back anyway. I eventually wrote a letter to Best Buy to explain what happened, and never heard anything from them. I think they just ignored the letter. I think Best Buy should return my money because they charged me for a full virus cleanup when my computer was running slow. Also they never repaired it or cleaned it for a virus or anything else because they didn't get a chance to get to my computer before I got it out. I fixed my own computer with a part I purchased from them and put in myself.
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Original review: Nov. 8, 2008

I bought a flat screen, high definition TV last November (Magnavox) from Best Buy. About 2 months ago it started shutting off on its own and then restarting. I brought it back to Best Buy 6 weeks ago and haven't heard from them since. They told me it would be ready between 1-2 weeks. Every time I call they say they're waiting for a part and there's nothing they can do. They would put it on an alert. I am totally frustrated with Best Buy and Magnavox's quality. I've been passed around from one person to another person on the phone and then put on hold for quite a while.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2008

I called back in October 08 about my Insigna 32 in TV that I purchase in 11-07. The picture was disarrayed and many different colors. They said they would send out a geek. He came and took it apart on 10-11 and said oh I have to order a part. You can read all my records we have been going back and forth & I was told finally on Oct 31 that someone would call me about coming in to pick up a new TV. I still have not heard anything from that call as well as many other calls I have made. This has been over a Month with out a TV and I am suppose to be patient with Best Buy and the Geeks. This is very disturbing to me if this is how a business is run and how other customers are treated. I can not under stand how it would take so long to get one part for a TV and if there were a problem why a part was not Up's in one day to satisfy a customer. I know when I get this taken care of and hopefully soon I will not be buying another thing from this store. I think I would have gotten better service from Walmart. Why do I have to have some to call me to instruct me on how I should bring a TV back to your store to receive another one. This is crazy. Hopefull I will hear something soon from someone.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2008

I purchased a dell computer along with a printer and paid $599.00 for computer, 59.99 for printer and 279.00 for service contract on Sept 26th 2008. I had problems with installing the printer and contacted HP for two days they tried to install in over the phone and finally told me to take it back to the store since I had a service contract. I returned on Oct 18th which was past the 14day return policy. They had it for two days and talked me into a optimatzation on the computer for 49.00. They said it would help the computer I also paid 49.99 to install printer. It did not work when I got home and windows kept having a problem and shutting down. I returned it on Oct 20th for repair and have still not received it back. The dept that repairs them in Best Buy keeps sending emails that my computer is in good hands. I purchased this for work and now have to go to my daughters to complete my assignments. Since its purchase on Sept 26th, the computer has been in repair more than I have had it at home. I need to know what my options are. I have put a dispute in on the credit card but it is a Best Buy card.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2008

For anyone who has experience issues with Best Buy let me tell you a few things. Last year in 2007, I purchased an ASUS Gaming Laptop from these jokers. It had issues with the wireless card. When I took it back to them, the dipstick Geek Squad push the power button, turning it on, and said it works. I told them that they were not dealing with someone who does not understand computers, furthermore letting them know that their in violation of their policy by not supporting their warranty. After having enough of their non-sense, I left the computer there at the store. Of course I had my receipt and called Bestbuy Corporate. I told them if they did not refund my money which was used in down payment with their phony credit card, I would take legal action against them. It didn't take long and their Consumer Affairs/Legal representative called me back. She tried to throw me a curve with her legal limbo knowledge. However I informed her that I have a business degree and know the laws of business inside and out. They ended up settling with me without having to go to court, however I feel sorry for many of you that have been burnt by these counterfeits. Unfortunately My wife decided to give them another chance and order some DVD's at They seem to be up to no-good once again. I called them today 10/30/08, and I was as kind as I could be. However, I'm only giving them a reasonable time frame to send these DVD'S, before taking action against them.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2008

When I purchased a tv and home theater system the agent told me that an extended warranty with a Geek Squad installation would provide that a repairman would come out for any problem. The first thing to go was the remote. When I called I was told I had to bring the remote in. Since they did not have a similar remote I had to wait until they could ship me one. I then had to schedule three different times to have GS come out and reinstall. The first time they were late so had to reschedule, the second time their laptop did not work for the programming so had to reschedule, the third time the remote battery would not recharge so that is when they said I had to take it in. When I finally got it back the DVD receiver sound was defective so they said I had to take that in. Took it in, all guts replaced and picked it up. GS came out and said now it did not work at all. Took it in, got a call from the technician asking why I sent it in as it worked fine for him. They sent it back to store, Ipicked it up and scheduled GS with original crew. Just got call that new crew is coming out so it will take them much longer to install.

I feel I was deceived by the agent who sold me the warranty that I would have an agent come out to fix any probolems. Manager, although slightly apologetic, said there was nothing he could do.
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Original review: Oct. 23, 2008

On 2/1/07 I purchased an HP desktop computer, Microsoft Software, and services of the Geek Squad to load & install software that I had purchased, transfer software from my old PC, delivery & set-up of the new PC, computer optimization, etc. Part of the services mentioned here was to correctly load the operating system and software.

Until recently, there seemed to be no problem. Now I receive an error message each and every time I start the PC. The message is that Im running low on disk space on drive D?. Upon investigation Ive found that Office Files? are on drive D. Drive D is normally and usually used for recovery purposes and no software is to be loaded on this drive. This is causing problems with my PC. Today, October 22, 2008, at approximately 4:15PM I drove to the Best Buy store where I purchased the PC. Having purchased a 2 year on-site service contract, I felt that this problem that was caused by Best Buy would be taken care of. Terry L, highest ranking person in the store at that time of day, according to him, told me he cant? fix this problem for free. He will have to charge me to fix a problem (that was originally caused by the Geek Squad) because of the time that had lapsed since purchase. I only had 30 days after purchase to notify Best Buy of the problem. I explained over and over that this problem just came up and why it was a Best Buy error to load the office files in the wrong drive. Verification of this is to look at the date of install of the office files and it will be shown that the files are dated at the time of installation. Since I was only getting more and more upset by this attitude of I cant do anything for you? when clearly it was Best Buys error, I left the store with no resolution except to bring my PC tower in the store for an unspecified period of time while they fix the problem that they would charge me for. Many people depend on their computer each and every day and I am no exception. There is absolutely no way I can be without my computer for multiple days. My living depends on PC access. There is absolutely no way I will pay Best Buy to fix a mistake that they made originally. As I was leaving the store, a gentleman and his young son were standing next to me and told me that Best Buy did the exact same thing to him. This problem needs a resolution by Best Buy and that resolution is to take responsibility for their error and fix the problem for free.
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Original review: Oct. 22, 2008

We bought an Acer computer from the Best Buy store in Bangor Maine. We live over one and twenty hundred miles from this store, as we live in a rural northern Maine town. From the first day, we brought this junk pile home. It has not worked properly. The first problem is that it wouldn't recognize the internet connection, so it would not go online. We took it back, and was told there was nothing wrong with it. We got it back home, and it worked. We thought that this was strange, but since they wouldn't do anything more for us, we went home, and it worked. Then, we downloaded some software that we bought with the computer, and it turned out to be incompatible with the systems, so it corrupted the drivers.

We were told by Geek Squad that we had to bring it back to them to check it out. So back to Best Buy we went AGAIN. The salesman that sold us the computer and software told us that it was compatible, but apparently the software was for a 32-bit system, and ours was a 64-bit system. Best Buy told us that we needed to have the entire system cleaned out. It would cost $130.00. I argued with them until they admitted that it was their fault and swept the system for free. They also told us that there is almost no software out for 64-bit systems because its so new, so we can't download anything on it.

We bring it home, AGAIN and about two weeks later, it won't recognize the internet connection, AGAIN. We take it back AGAIN. This time they have to send the computer out to ACER themselves to solve the problem because they can't figure it out. By this time, I am so mad that I go to Walmart and buy an HP like I wanted to in the first place. Which, by the way is the computer that I am writing to you on, and it works perfectly. My wife called Best Buy a couple of days ago, and asked if the computer was ready, and what was wrong. She was told it was back, and the motherboard had been replaced. We were not impressed as this computer is now barely three months old and a major component has been replaced.

Today, I get a call from Geek Squad telling me that the computer was still not running right, and did not pass the store's inspection, so they were going to have to send it back, again. They told me on my voicemail that I needed to call them and approve them sending it back to ACER. I was so screaming mad that my wife had to call for me instead. She told them that we would not accept this computer back and that we either should get a new replacement, or get our money back. We are waiting for the Geek Squad supervisor to call her back. I doubt that we'll get anywhere with them.

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Original review: Oct. 21, 2008

I purchased a laptop for my daughter's birthday in April. I asked for certain programs and warranty and specified to Eric that it was for an 11 yr old so I wanted specific warranty. He said he put. I went the next day, her birthday, with her to pick it up, brought it home only to find that the programs I had paid for were not installed. I had to leave her birthday party to go back to the store and have it corrected only to be accused by the employee of fraud and I showed him the receipt that I had paid for the installations. When he felt like it, he showed it to another employee who told him that I was correct, the work had not been done. He brought in a manager to apologize to me and offer me a gift card ($20) for the inconvenience and I had to leave it overnight again to be done. I returned home of course my daughter was crushed that she had to wait another day for her gift. Now comes September and she was having problems with the laptop so I took it in for repair. They told me it would be about 2-3 weeks.

A week later, David contacts me from customer service to tell me the repairs are not covered by the warranty and that the laptop that I had purchased for $549 (without counting the installations and warranties) would cost me $891 to fix. He said something had spilled on the laptop, I told him that I had asked for that coverage and he said that it didn't show up but that if I could speak to customer service, they could fix it and the warranty adjusted. For 2 days, I tried calling and got the run around so I went in person to the store and asked for the manager. Eaen was called and I explained the situation to him. He had the nerve to tell me to purchase another laptop and he would try to give me 10% off. I told him that all I wanted was the original fixed because I had paid for the warranty, I didn't want to be out almost $1000. Eaen then told me to sell the laptops for parts and insisted that I buy another laptop. I got upset at this and asked for the laptop back because I didn't want to be jerked again. Is there anything that can be done to stop these people from fooling us?? I feel so betrayed and jilted and my daughter cannot even use her birthday gift.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

I brought in a computer after 1 month of ownership because it was completely unusable due to some malfunction. The computer would crash and BSOD and not boot up again. I took the computer back and Best Buy kept it for 5 days. When I went to pick it up they said they replaced the Hard Drive and that everything was okay. They didn't offer to recover any of the data from my old Hard Drive, they just took it out and put in a new one. I did recover the data on my own time and expense. They couldn't reinstall the OS for me, so I ordered recovery disks from HP. When those came, I tried re-installing the OS and at about 3% of the install, the same problem occurred, BSOD and the machine would not even start install the next time I tried.

I took the computer back to BB and GS and they said they would look into it. No apologies, no "oops, we didn't fix your problem, what else can we do for you?" They called me back about a day later, went to pick up my computer. They assured me that the computer was working. I got home that night and the machine would not even boot. This made me think that they didn't even turn the thing on to make sure it was working. At this point I was very frustrated, so I called BB and asked to speak to a manager. The manager was very nice, and went to talk to the Geek Squad. They assured the manager that the machine was in working order and that they tested it. So I brought the machine in that same night and the Geek Squad plugged it in and it started up to a Blue Screen and would not boot up.

They looked a bit embarrassed, but then told me the only thing they could do for me at this point was send the machine back to HP. So after a week and a half of dealing with the Geek Squad, they still needed to send it to HP. I am a freelance Graphic Designer, and have not been able to work for 2 weeks now. The experience with the BB Geek Squad was so horrible that I will not be purchasing anything from Best Buy again. It is a shame too, since I used to use Best Buy for most of my small business purchases and used to refer people to Best Buy. I am now taking an active opposite approach and letting people know about this situation and the poor service provided and pointing people away from Best Buy for purchases and support. I understand that computers have trouble, but the service provided was horrible and has drawn out the problem for far longer than needed.

I should have a working computer at my home office, and still do not. Luckily I found a fellow freelance designer who has let me rent some time on his machine in order to keep working. If the Geek Squad knew they couldn't fix the problem they should have sent it back to HP right away. I was also very disconcerted to hear some conversations between other people and Geek Squad employees, who were selling them services and products that they absolutely did not need, without giving them any options. I talked to one lady in particular about her situation, and she was very surprised to hear that there were 4 or 5 ways to solve her problem, all of which were about half the cost to her and much more convenient. All in all, my experience was the worst I have ever had with any service department.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2008

We bought 3 computers from Best Buy in the last two years and we have had problems like clockwork with our Velocity and Hewlett Packard for the past year. We have to bring it in every month and we are without our computer from two to one month at a time and they try to charge us $100 to back up the data every time. There is no rhyme or reason to have us bring the computer in so many times and they should have replaced the computers by now according to their policy, but they have not.

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2008

My IPod repair at Best Buy was a total disaster. I took the Ipod into Best Buy to repair with my extended warranty on July 2, 08. Every other week, I would go in & check on status. The service dept. have lied & took my cell no. that someone will call me tomorrow. Of course no one ever called. This happened until Oct. 6, 08. Then they said the Ipod has been sent out via UPS from TX repair center. They demanded I bring in proof of address that I've lived in my new address. The next day that I brought in the proofs, the service dept. changed the story again, screaming to me in public that I should track down the package thru UPS. Finally a print out of the UPS shipping info. was giving to me. I called the TX Best Buy repair Center twice & left the message. No one ever return my calls.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2008

Purchased an extended warranty for our HDTV. Technician did not call within 3 days listed regarding part order status. He arrived on 9/30/08, did not call. I called, was placed on hold - gave up after 40 minutes. Today, I called again after being shuffled to 4 different people within 45 minutes. Told the part would not be in until the 23rd of this month. They have the absolute worse customer service and really do not back up their warranties. I've had problems with them in the past regarding a laptop that I had done something to so the warranty did not cover repair, of course this was not the case as I had an outside technician repair it. I am without a TV for at least a month - my computer had to be repaired out of pocket.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

My brother is on disability. It took him two years to save for a new computer. So to be safe, he bought the extended warranty for an extra $200 bucks above the $1400 dollar price tag on the computer. What a joke. Our computer started having some issues a couple of years after we bought it. No big deal we thought, we bought the extended warranty right? Wrong. My brother called Best Buy and they told him they don't handle problems in house so it has to be shipped somewhere.

We shipped it out, got it back, problem. The computer was still not acting right. He called again and was told they just replaced the mother board. So, in other words, they didn't bother to try and find and diagnose the problem? They just replace the mother board without even seeing if the mother board was the cause? They told us they'd sent out their Geek Squad guys to our apartment since he also paid for home service. He wishes he had done that in the first place. With most things like this, you have to schedule an appointment. My brother is on disability, so the guy shows up too early, my brother can't get to the door, and the guy leaves. My brother calls Best Buy only to be told the guy has no intentions of coming back and my brother will have to reschedule.

When a guy does finally show up for the next appointment, he's rude, and treats my brother like an idiot. He replaces the hard drive without diagnosing the problem. He leaves and eventually, the computer starts acting glitchy again. So clearly, the new motherboard and hard drive, did not fix it. My brother makes another appointment, this time (the guy is a jerk again) they replace some other stuff. Same result after he leaves, computer is not ok.

My brother finds out that Best Buy can substitute generic parts, instead of installing the original brand parts that came with your computer. The memory card they gave us, did not have as much memory as our original card and was a cheap generic. Also, the guy from the first visit took to case screws from our computer, along with the old hard drive, and claimed he can't find the case screws. My brother is now so frustrated, he goes to Best Buy demanding our original hard drive and the case screws. Best Buy says they will set up another apartment visit, and put back some of the original hard ware. They send another guy, and this time, he's not such a jerk. He puts back our original hard drive and the rest of the original stuff but leaves the [bad] new memory chip.

Our computer is now working again, but the memory chip has made everything slower. If they had just replaced the memory chip in the first place, when my brother shipped it out, instead of replacing the mother board, which was apparently fine, it would not have taken several months, for our computer to get fixed. My brother is now spending his own money, on getting a better memory chip since Best Buy will only give us a generic one. Extended warranty? What a complete waste of money.

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Original review: Aug. 28, 2008

My compaq laptop working even though it is less than 1 yr old. Best Buy and HP refuse to help me. They refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor.

I cannot complete school because of no computer or use it to access medical resources at work that I need to do my job. I'd like the computer fixed. It worked until 3 weeks ago. The damage is not accidental and a computer should not quit after 8 months

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I Purchased IPOD Classic 80G on 6/10/08. Also puchased extended warranty $59.00. The IPod was considered defective by the Busy Buy Geek Tech, after approx. 6 weeks of use. Also by the repair company. The Tech stated it would be returned to factory and replaced with a NEW IPod. I returned to Best Buy one week later to Pick-Up my replacement. I asked the manager if the IPod is a NEW one, since I observed the packaged IPod rattled inside the box. She stated Yes it is new. It was not New, it was a refurbished IPod.

I called the manager of the Geek Squad about the IPod 2 hours later, telling her I was mislead into believing my IPod would be a new replacement. I did not get any results from my compaint. Best Buy stated that it was my responsibility to return the product within 30 days from purchase. EXCUSE ME! The IPOD revealed problems 40 days after purchase.

Best Buy suggested I could BUY a new IPOD, if I didn't want the used replacement. Best Buys does not appreciate how much I have spent on numerous purchases in the past year. NO MORE. Bye-Bye to Best Buy.
I am stuck with a used ipod. In other words, $300.00, plus, for a used IPod.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I purchased a computer package from Best Buy on 4/9/08. In June i began having problems with the system. Took it in and the Mother Board had to be replaced. July 2008, the modem had to be replaced. August I had to take it back again....modem was replaced again. I was told on 8/08/08 by a geek squad agent that the system would be replaced since I had incurred so many problems with the new system. However, when I was called in to pick up the system, I was informed that the manufactuers had to ok the swap out.

I contacted the manufacturer and was told by a Phillip that it was Best Buy's responsibility. I was at the customer service desk and informed the geek squad agent of the same and he spoke with the manufacturer. The agent hooked the system up and told the manufacturer the system was working. I was given the option by the manufacturer to send the machine to them and they would fix it or replace it with a rebuilt system. I was told by Best Buy that they could not swap out the system. I'd only had the new system since April and was unable to use the computer more than half the time.

I didn't want a refund from Best Buy, I just wanted a machine that worked. I paid for a new machine and I believe I am entitled to a new machine that works properly. Needless to say, I was sent home with the repaired system. After getting it home, the machine still did not operate properly. What is my recourse, if any. Seems like Best Buy's motto is You Brought It, Now You Are Stuck With It!. They did not say that, but I can read between the lines.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I purchased a brand new computer in Sacramento at BB for my daughter to use in college. Then I asked that it be set up and they sent out Geek Squad. The computer was $660; the service was $130. We got down to Northridge and it immediately got two viruses; the GS did not put any virus protection on it and I'm sure I wanted that.

Had to take it to BB Northridge; he said it would be another $130 to fix it and put on her files. After that she got it home; files cannot be found. I called and asked that he call her to trouble shoot the thing. No, we can't do that; it's against policy. If she wants help over the phone it is another bill. I asked for a new computer; It's against our policy. We can't do that.

Brand new computer that is not functioning the way it should. $800 for a brand new computer that does not work effectively. No cooperation from BB's Geek Squad.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

07/26/08, I took my computer to Best's Buy's Geek Squad to have repaired due to it randomly shutting down. I gave specific details (shuts down while on internet and when disc is running in the CD ROM) on what the problem was and when it occurs. I paid $69.99 to have a dianogstics test performed. I received a call stating that the trouble with my computer was due to viruses and to have the promblem resolved it will cost me $129, I agreed.

07/31/08, I went to pick up my computer and paid the $129 for the repairs. 08/02/08, I returned with my computer due to it shutting down, which is why I brought it to the Geek Squad initially. After the supposely repair (more virues removed), I went to pick up my computer, took it home just to have it shut down again.

08/17/08, I brought my computer back for the 3rd time for the same problem. 08/21/08, I call the Geek Squad in reference to my computer. I was told that they finally found the problem but it will cost me an additional $150 to have my power supply replaced. I spoke to a very RUDE store manager name Darrell, who basically told me in so many words, that I will have to pay for all of the service to my computer wether it was a fix or not or wether I requested it or not. I spoke with Best Buy's complaint department (Frank) and was offered a $50 gift card.

I've spent $200 for a dianogstic and viruses removed when after a 3rd visit the Geek Squad dianosed it is my power supply that needs to be replaced, I've driven approximately 10 miles back and forth 5 times, and my computer is still not repaired. Why should I pay Best Buy an additional $150 due to thier lack of? I had intention of not spending no more than $200 to have my computer repaired.

If I was told initially that I will have to pay $129 for virus removal & $150 for a new power supply after paying the dianogstic fee ,$79.99, I would have not agreed to any further service and purchased another computer. If, I was told initially that it was the power supply, I would have agreed and maybe? only made 1 trip and not 5. This is now becoming very stressful and a finance burden, especially with the price of gas and I may not be able to apply for my on-line courses.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

On 8/2/08, my daughter dropped off her computer for extended warranty repair which we purchased when we purchased the computer. She was told that it would have to be sent to the repair center and would take 2 weeks for it to be returned. She asked if the data on the hard drive would be lost and they informed her that they could not guarantee it but they could back it for $100. She borrowed the money to have the data backed up and was told it would take 24 hours for it to be ready. It took 6 days for the data to be ready to be picked after my daughter checked on it several times. When she inquired why it took so long, they would not/could not give her an answer. Since it took 6 days to back up the data, which meant it wasnt sent off to the repair center for 6 days.

On 8/15/08, I went with my daughter to check on the status of the computer. We asked the customer service rep if her computer was ready, he told us no. We asked when it would be ready, he said he did not know and could not tell us. I asked to talk to a manager at that point, 10:15AM, and was told none was available, that they were in a meeting. I left my cell phone number with the customer service rep and asked him to have the manager call me. The manager never did call me.

I called the store that night and asked to speak with a store manager and was told that there was no store manager present at this time, approximately 7PM. I asked to speak to any manager present. When a manager answered the phone, I explained to him everything that had happened and the poor service my daughter had received and expressed my anger. He put a geek squad member on the phone to tell me the computer was fixed and ready to ship back to the store. He then hung up the phone.

I called back to the store and requested to speak to the manager again, I told him I wanted my daughters money refunded for the poor service she received. I was told by the manager that he would not refund her money and that I could talk to a store manager, Charles, which magically appeared at the store. He told me the same thing and told me it only took 3 days to download her data.

My daughter received her computer on 8/20/08 with scratches all over the cover of the computer. She was so happy to get her computer back and get out of Best Buy; she left without even complaining about it, which would not do her any good anyway! I have spent well over $6,000 at this store in the past 2 years. If this is what Best Buy considers customer service, I have spent the last penny in any Best Buy store. This is one of the worst examples of customer care and customer service I have ever witnessed.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2008

On 8/12/08 the red Lamp light came on my Sony LCD TV. I had purchased the TV from Best Buy in Lacey Washington and had purchased the extended warranty for the TV. When the light came on we looked up the number to call for service and talked to someone in their service department. The man there told me that he would have a repair person come to my home and put in a new lamp. I asked him if I could pick up the lamp and put it in myself as the procedure is detailed in the manual and seems straight forward. The Best Buy person told me that NO the local store would not have a lamp and he would order one and have the repair man come by on Thursday 8/14/08.

A repair person from Geek Squad came to my home to diagnose the problem. We knew what the problem was, just a simple lamp replacement. He said he was not told what the problem was and did not have a lamp. Evidently the Bust Buy person was incompetent and did not do his job, or just plain told me a bold faced lie. The Geek Squad person did pull the bulb out and looked at it and said yup the lamp is broken. He said we dont have one, but I will overnight one and you should have it tomorrow. Oh and buy the way, I may not be able to get back to you for a few days so do you mind putting in the lamp? I thought that was poor service but agreed.

Well Friday came and went, no lamp, no lamp on Saturday either. Of course there was no lamp on Sunday so we waited Monday. Still no lamp. I called Bust Buy service and after being transferred to Keith, to his supervisor Karen, who told me there was not record of my problem. I gave her a complete detail of the history of the problem which I had already done with Keith. She seemed to not believe me. I quoted all information that the Geek Squad guy left me on the work order. She even asked me what the truck number was on the vehicle he used. Do I have to record things like that?

Anyway they tried to transfer me to Geek Squad but lost me. I had to do it all over again including listening to the music for about 15 minutes. I went over the problem completely again to first a call taker then to another supervisor. They again transferred me to Geek Squad. I had to tell the same story to the guy there. As we were talking I heard a click and the phone went dead. I called again and got a different person at Geek Squad who I had to go over the problem again. He just hung up on me. I was not rude or abusive in anyway. I then got into my car and went to the Lacey Best Buy store.

I asked to talk to the store manager. They gave me a person by the name of Dennis. The employees used some kind of other name for the manager and I am not sure he was, but he said he was and I asked him to take me to his office. He said he did not have an office. He corrects and talks about employees performance in the middle of the store, He promised me he would call me at home during that evening. At about 7PM he called and said I am sorry but we can not order a new lamp until 8/25/08. And then it would be up to 10 days before the lamp would get here. I could not believe what he was saying. I had looked on the Internet and there were numerous places that had the lamp in stock. I could have one overnighted to me.

I told him to refund my money and I would get one myself which I did with no problems at all. To me Geek Squad is just a bunch of kids with their first job and have very little experience. I fixed a computer for a friend who had not been able to have the Geek Squad fix their computer. The heat sink on the processor had come lose and the CPU was over heating. I asked the Geek Squad employee to get me a heat sink and they did not even know what it was. That is pretty basic.

When they can not perform they just bail our and give you what little funds you may have left in and extended warranty. There could not be a simpler support problem than replacing the lamp on a LCD TV. They could not even do that simple task for a loyal customer who had bought many products from them over the years.

I replaced the lamp at my own expense.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

had computer serviced 3 times for the idetical item (mother board) each time picked up the computer returned it the next day. 2 week turn around each time.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2008

I purchased a Sony home computer from Best Buy 1-27-08. I had to take it in for repair to Geek Squad 6-23. They said the hard drive was cracked and they would need to ship it to Sony as it was still under factory warranty. 7-30-08 I contacted Best Buy and Geek Squad via email and phone and told them if they could not repair my computer in a timely matter they should replace it. I was put on hold,ignored countless times so I contacted the BBB and my Attorney General.

Mean while I get a phone call from Best Buy corp. The customer service rep. Mike tells me that Geek Squad has finally received my computer back from Sony but without an operating system. I called Sony to request the recovery discs and the Sony rep. asks me for the original work order number they gave Geek Squad before shipping it to them.8-13 I talked to a Geek Squad rep. and asked him for that number and he told me that there wasn't a sony work order because they had done the repair. I have a recording of Mike, the Best Buy customer service rep. stating very clearly to me that geek squad could not touch my computer as it was still under factory warranty and if they were to repair my computer it would void the factory warranty.

I have now asked for a complete refund $1,413.86. As I have lost my year factory warranty, was lied to countless times by several of their employees. I purchased a 3 year warranty, which would mean I would have to deal with these unscrupulous people for that amount of time. I want nothing more to do with Best Buy or Geek Squad as their business practices are shoddy at best. I told Mike exactly that last night when he offered me a $200,00 gift certificate that I flatly refused.

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Original review: July 31, 2008

3 yrs ago I purchased several appliances from Best Buy one of them was a Samsung refridgerator. About 3 weeks ago the evap system started to freeze over. I did not purchase the extended warranty on the items so I called best buy for service understanding I would have to pay for service. I told them about the problem. They gave me a date they would be out. I had to keep defrosting the evap system with a hair dryer every other day for two weeks. I told the people at the time I called for service that it would not defrost the evap coils.

Service day came the guy shows up I told him the defrost heater is not coming on. He looked in the freezer, no trouble shooting, and tells me the defrost the defrost heater is not coming on however he does not have parts. The trip charge for today is $100. Now we have to wait for the part. Which by the way we have to pay for the whole evap coil unit even though all we need is the heater which is a seperate unit from the evap coil. He is going to remove the heater from the new evap coil and install it and let me keep the new evap coil if I want it.

The evap coil being the major assembly in the freezer and the major part of the cost and I don't even need it. He also made a derogatory comment to my wife and myself about us beign COD customers like we were some kind of not to be trusted low life because we did not buy an extended warranty. I have purchased many things from Best Buy---Never will darken their doorway again.

Lost a freezer full of meat and other foods. Will have to pay for parts I don't even need.

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Original review: July 29, 2008

My emachine computor has been into the Geek Squad 4 time this year and the mother board replaced 3 times! This computor was one year old in Jan.'08. The service has been very slow and I feel the computor is a lemon.

The downtime of this computor has affected my job search, and a computor class I have been trying to take online. Besides the inconvenience and cost of gasoline back and forth to BestBuy. I cannot even be contacted by email at this time since my computor has not yet been returned.

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Original review: July 28, 2008

My computer had a virus, therefore I took it to best buy. Immediately they looked into everything first before trying to remove the virus. They said I needed more memory, which I had already had installed. When I didn't want to upgrade, suddenly they couldn't clear the virus until they added more memory. They were to have the work done in 2 days, however they kept my computer for 12 days and it was returned to me still with a virus, slowere, desktop disabled, etc. I ended up paying $293.00 with no improvements.

I then check out complaints filed against them and I found several people all over the United states have received the same problems, treatment, high charges. I believe their practice is to charge as much as possible for their service, do as little as possible, not stand behind their products, they refuse to call, return calls, and/or answer calls. I'm looking to have my money refuned since I have to put the computer back into the shop. Thank you

Slower system, loss of use for several days, still have a virus, desktop disabled.

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Original review: July 23, 2008

The cd rom drive on my pc quit working i called best buy geek squad and asked how much to look at it and told them what was wrong with my pc and she keep saying bring it in they will give you an estimate for free.I made my husband take me to best buy which is across town when i got there and waited in line for an hour they said it will cost 69.95 to give me a estimate.

The manager keep saying it was a miss communication and there was nothing she could do.Then the manager says my computer would still be under warranty but i had my phone number changed shortly after i got my pc over a year ago so i could not remember my old number she could not find my warranty info on my pc.I then asked for a number to complain all she could say 1-800-best buy and walked away.

The fun part having to listen to my husband yell at me for dragging him out and wasting gas for nothing plus tearing my pc down and taking it to best buy made me fear that all the carrying it and the ride will further break it

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Original review: July 18, 2008

I purchased a laptop computer from Best Buy location in Albuquerque, NM. Best Buy people at Albuquerque did not tell me about the functionality check, which they perform for electronic products like computers, etc. before selling it. I took the packaged good and went to my place. It was around 11.00 pm when I reached home, so the Best Buy was closed. When I opened the package, I found that at least Operating System (OS)Re-installation Disc was missing; initially I thought that they don't provide it. Then I turned on the computer and found that the OS was not loading (it showed 'blue screen').

I had a flight next day to Baltimore. The product comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty; however, if there's any problem with the product I am required to see Best Buy as their tech support is recognized by the manufacturer. I can go to any Best Buy location (that was the reason in the first place that I bought it from Albuquerque). So when I reached Baltimore, I went to the Best Buy store near Inner Harbor. The tech support people were very inefficient and did not take any responsibility for the malfunctioning of the product. Initially they said that I can exchange it for another model (apparently, they did not have the same model in-store and also couldn't order from nearby store; they only had one for display for anyone to use and experience the product) or I can get the money back.

I spent the whole day there, but after wards they told me that if I exchange/return it, they will charge 15% restocking fee. The manager initially said that 15% may not be applicable for 'blue screen' problem, but later he didn't respond as well. Afterwards, I said that if they can make it functional I'll just take it. So they gave me a service receipt and took my computer for the night, saying they will install OS and drivers and asked me to come next day at 10.30 am. I reached there at Best Buy, at 1.00 pm I had my doctor's appointment. When I went there, one person told me it'll take 10 min. The after wards it became 2 hrs or so. I went back but was late for the doctor's appointment.

When I returned at 3 pm or so, I was told that my computer is crashed. But 10 min later another person told me it's perfectly fine and working. He showed me the computer, but I could see that it was not the one I purchased (it was the same model though). I pointed out a defect; the component near the screen was loose and deformed slightly. But there attitude was not good and told me that it's the one that I purchased and they are not responsible for any damage. Later I found that the computer has a different service tag no. than the one I bought.

I contacted the manufacturer and found that it's a different computer which was surprising because they didn't have any for sale, except the old demo computer. I tried calling the consumer relation at best buy, but I usually get the voice messaging system. They haven't contacted me yet for 2 days. Best Buy in Baltimore gave me another computer which is defected and told me its the same one. Please let me know what can I do in this case. I can provide more details about the product, my dealings with these people, warranty, etc. Thank you very much

Cost of the product is 1066. Lot of mental tension, time loss and work loss.

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Original review: July 16, 2008

I spent $1100.00 for a Dell Computer at the Best Buy in Millville, New Jersey. I'm not very computer savvy so I had some questions about connecting to the internet and such. Further, it appears that the new Windows Vista was not allowing me to log on to my AOL Instant Messenger program and was freezing on videos on

Naturally, I called Dell Computer. I was told by their customer service rep that Dell could not help me because they had a contract with Best Buy. So he suggested I speak to someone on Best Buy's Geek Squad about my problems. So I called Best Buy's number and was eventually connected to a Geek Squad specialist. When I told her my problems she said that she could help me but I had to pay $29.00. I told her that I just bought the computer and she said that it didn't matter, I still had to pay $29.00.

You know, when I bought a Dell laptop at Circuit City a few months ago, I was able to talk to a Dell computer specialist for free. Best Buy's customer service [is bad].

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Original review: July 15, 2008

Took my Gateway model 7330GZ laptop in for repairs under my extended Warranty/service Plan which is valid until early August 2008. The laptop has developed a cracked/broken hinge, which has spread over the past several weeks (similar to how a windshield crack may spread over time but on a different scale). After about a week and a half I got phone call from Best Buy Geek Squad saying that my computer was ready but my request to repair/replace the parts necessary to fix the hinge was denied.

I had a conversation with the Geek Squad employee about how I was mislead that the extended warranty was supposed to cover all things no questions asked and that I could even get Free battery replacement if there was any doubt that the factory battery was other words, deception at the time of purchase by the sales agent. At any rate I went to the store to pick up my computer and/or confront the staff about their deception and failure to honor the service plan they sold me..a 3-yr plan. The continuous replies I got from Geek Squad Staff and Mr Addison is that my unit only has cosmetic damage and therefore does not affect the operation of the computer.

I took my copy of the svc. agreement to the store show the staff I should be covered according to the service plan regardless of the deceptive sales tactics used when I purchased the unit and here's why... The particular model computer I bought and several other models built with the same or similar chassis is nortoriously known to have a manufacturer defect in the construction/design of the hinges...they crack, break, etc and it is well documented. It plainly says ton the Extended warranty that Manufacturers Defects are covered under the warranty... In another section of the warranty it states that cosmetic damage is not covered under the warranty, nut it does not state anything about this condition overruling the condition about manufacturer defect coverage inclusive.

Also, the Geek Squad staff and Mr. Addison stated that my cracked hinge (which will eventually cause the lid and screen to detatch itself from the base) did not affect performance of the OC and was considered cosmetic damage.... Well, Cosmetic damage to Mr Addison is like a scratch on a new car...My scenerio is more like a hinge/fitting on my hood that is cracked and about to break, leaving my hood in jeopardy of becoming detached and possibly ajar in the near future.

As of right now, I have to gingerly raise and lower the hinged screen because I don't want the crack to spread any the manner by which I'm handling my computer is a mechanical aspect of it's performance, and has been compromised doe to the manufacturer defect. It is very obvious that Best Buy is trying to wiggle their way out of their obligation, and also that the sales of the extended warranty at purchase was a true act of deception in itself. I probably won't be buying anything at best buy anytime soon.

I was led to believe and Deceived that the extended warranty/svc/ plan would cover anything that happened to that laptop, even if I simply dropped it on the floor and it burst into a thousand pieces. The extended warranty terms and conditions are no where near the bumper to bumper-like protection that the salesperson indicated, but nonetheless there is a clause in the protection plan that should have covered me anyway, and Best Buy will not honor it. They have lied and are now trying to cheat me.

Damaged Hinge ~199.00 sale of the 3 year extended warranty $949.00 Replacement cost of the computer of they are unable or refuse to fix the one that I purchased $20 for expenses incurred for any additional trips to Best Buy to attempt to remedy the situation

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Original review: July 7, 2008

My teenage son took his laptop into Best Buy for a technician to look at it because his video card wasn't working. The technician told him he needed a new vidio card and picked one out for him. He called me to get approval and charged the new video card to my MasterCard. When he got home, we immediately opened the shrink wrapped box with the video card and in it was a 3.5 floppy. No video card!

He immediately took it back and they refused to give him a new one because they told him the box was shrinkwrapped. This is true, but we are not crooks and did not switch anything in that box. The floppy drive looked brand new and was all wrapped up, so I don't know if it was a mistake at the factory or something eles is going on in their warehouse. I do know they have shrink wrap machines and can rewrap anything.

I am out $151.54 dollars if MasterCard will not stand up for me in this dispute. Judging from the number of Best Buy complaints on the internet, these people are definitely lacking morals and must need to do this to make a profit.

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Original review: July 3, 2008

My daughters bought a Fuji digital camera on sale at Best Buy Jan 07 for 159.99 plus we purchased a $30.00 2 yr extended warranty for it. For whatever reason the camera stopped functioning after 5 months sowe took into Best Buy to honor their warranty and the infamous Geek Squad took the camera and sent it out for repair. one and a half months later and several phone calls to the Geek Squad they stated, it's going to cost more to repair it so just go into the Best Buy store and they will replace the camera with the same or better camera.

My wife, daughters and I went to the store yesterday and the service counter tries to pawn off a camera that A): $30.00 less and B): had less features and zoom capability. My wife and 14 yr daughter said, no way that is totally unexceptable, so customer service rep goes into the back to talk to service manager then returns and says we will give you store credit for 159.99. I tell the rep that I would rather have my money back since you can't honor your warranty. At that point the service manager goes out after he hears my wife and I repeat our request for our money back. The service rep explains that the the only camera comparable to the one my daughters bought cost $180.00 so we would have to pay out of our pocket another $20.00. This is when I starrted to heat up a little and demanded my money back.

The Service manager then tries to rectify the issue. So I repeat to the manager that I'm not paying an additional $20.00 for a camera when your Geek Squad and my warranty state different so give me my money back and I'll take my buisness else where. The service manager then states, I need to know who I'm talking with you or youe wife because I feel like I'm in stero surround sound. I tell him your talking to me and don't be smart with me and give me my money back. Then he gives me the whole ordeal againg about we would get store credit and have to pay the additional cost for the new camera and another $30.00 service warranty for that camera.

At that point I told him to refund my cash again. At that point the service manager ask me to leave his store, which I complied with because my blood was starting to boil dealing with idiots refusing to give my money back. After waiting for about 45 minutes, my wife and daughters finally emerged from the store. They store got permission to give my daughters the $180.00 which was the only camera in comparison and they carried over the original service plan from the first camera to the new replacement.

If my wife and I wouldn't of been persistent in making them honor their warranty and also what they told us on the phone, Best Buy would have screwed another consumer out of $20-50 dollars. If you ask me, Best Buy has a pretty good scam going on: tell the consumer it can't be fixed and that your product is no longer being made but the next one in comparison is this product which cost more so we will store credit you and you make up the difference plus anthor warranty on that product.

As for me, I will never give Best Buy my buisness again and have told all my neighbors, family and friends to stay away from Best Buy.

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Original review: July 2, 2008

I am writing as I am at my wits end with Best Buy. I purchased a television from them over a year ago. Along with a service protection plan. My TV broke down over 2 weeks ago ( 6/408 ) and we were told by the repair man who was here for about 5 min that he had never seen that before tried calling several people no one answered their phones and he left stating that it could be a month or so he guessed and wasn't even sure that the part he was ordering was the right one.

So now to Best Buy, we have since been in contact with them, we have been told on several occasions that if our TV was not fixed in 14 days that we would be issued a voucher to go back to Best Buy and pick out a new TV of equal or lesser value. ( emails and a voice mail to back this up ) So tomorrow is day 14 no part to fix the TV. my husband called to get an answer out of them as this has been going on for several weeks that we have had no TV. He was told today that it is now up to 45 days for a resolution and that if we don't like it we can cancel out service plan and get the TV repaired at our cost.

Apparently they have the right at anytime to basically not stand behind their warranty and tell you to just take it. Basically they have written a warranty that they can take their sweet time and when they feel like getting to it they will, there is no cap on time you must be without. Just a we will fix it and you don't have to pay for it, but we will get to it. We have made several attempts to resolve this in a timely and professional manner, and yet we get told no when asked to speak with a supervisor etc. ( 7/1/08 )

So it has been a month and still no repair and no new tv as promised by several people. the tv repair people came out with the wrong part and has subsequently ordered this new part but it is not ordered it is in research status now. so they keep denying our claim for a replacement, but they keep changing the policy, to fit them not the consumer. if i would have known what i was in for with this company and their supposed svc protection plan i would have walked out of the store.

We have been without a tv for a month still paying a cable bill, and phone bill calling minnesota to talk to this seng person and such and about a total of 5 minutes of time wasted for the first time visit of technician but waited at home all day for the guy to show up and then the second visit with the wrong part to another tv wasted at home all day and he was here for not even and hour this time. but atleast he brough tools this time and had a clue as to why he was here although not a clue how to fix it.

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Original review: June 28, 2008

Purchase an inspiron from best buy. I told at time of purchase that not only did I have a 1 year dell warranty I also had a queek squad service. Well when four months later the cd drive went the run around started.... The Dell website says All Dell products sold at Best Buy come with a 1-year limited warranty. When I enter my service code into the dell website, it says I have 209 days left on next day shipping of all parts. HOWEVER, either best buy, geek squad or dell will send me a replacement part!

Dell tech support referred me to best buy. Best buy referred me to geek squad. Geek squad told me I had to bring the machine into best buy. I brought the machine into best buy spent 45 min waiting in best buy and was finally told geek squad that I had to leave my computer with them so they could send it to KY for repair. I would be without my computer for 3 weeks! I use my computer daily and can't be without it. The machine works perfectly it's just the cd. I asked them to order the part & I would bring my machine back into best buy to replace it. No, they had to send the machine to KY. I ask them to send the part to me & I would replace it. No, they couldn't do that because they couldn't guarentee my quality of work.

I then spoke to the best buy manager. I said if that if I had to be with my computer for 3 weeks, then best buy should give me a loaner computer. No, that she couldn't authorize. Send the machine to KY or nothing. I then came home & called dell. After all it's a dell and it is only 4 months old. I asked dell to send me the part. They said because I bought it at best buy I had to call best buy, they couldn't speak to me. I went though everything that had happened at best buy. The non-native speaking english person just keep reading the same line of the script. I had to call best buy...I called best AGAIN, they told me to call geek squad. I called geek squad AGAIN and guess what geek squad told me this time? I could either bring it back to best buy to send to KY or, I could purchase a cd drive and they (geek squad) could come to my house to install it; for a charge.

That sounds like a ZERO warrenty to me.... I have purchase a comination of 10 optiplexs & latitudes from dell for my company (self owned) in the past 8 years. I find it absoluetly outrages that I can not get service for this dell nor can I get a stupid $20.00 part sent to me for me to replace myself! Do I have any recourse? I'll buy the dumb part, it's the principal.

Just aggrevation & stress.

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Original review: June 25, 2008

A Panasonic Camera DMC-TZ1, purchased 06-03-06, took about 150 pictures with it. Camera and all accessories cost $581.+ Around February 2008, the camera would not turn ON. Finally, on 04/05/08, after contacting Best Buy who refused to accept the camera if I sent it Parcel Post, insured and signature requested, that I was willing to pay for that service both ways...I had to drive 150 miles round trip twice.That cost an extra $105.00 in fuel, totally using up the $60.00 4 year service contract.

After about 3 weeks I was called to P.U my camera. Came home, placed the fully charged battery in, still would not go ON! Called them again, same scenario experienced, The clerk was beligerent, insulting, insisting I needed to personally deliver it, discusted I hung up. Called Panasonic in Chicago,was instructed to send it to them. I wrote a complete explanation of experiences with Best Buy, and sent letter and mailed, insured, signature requested. After 3 weeks and more repeticious explanation, 3 different quotes were made to repair it, all over $126.00 I finally told them to ship it back un-repaired. This WHITE ELEPHANT has cost enough.

Panasonic was asked to intercede with Best Buy, the subject was ignored. I think that a climatic Class action suit needs to be filed and persued vigorously by an aggressive law firm to resolve and set Best Buy straight or take them out of business. The officials also need to be held accountable and sentenced severely for fraudulent behavior,etc. I will not patronize Best Buy nor purchase another Panasonic product ever.

I have spent at least 100 hours so far, investigating this issue, my costs of the camera, and traveling expenses, surely my time has value, plus the inconveniences of NO camera. Any future contacts will all be in writing, forming a paper trail with these characters.

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Original review: June 23, 2008

I am receiving very poor service from this Geek Squad location. I have bought three computers from best buy. I just wish there was service to go with it.

All I wanted done was a data transfer. After loosing my computer and having it under another person phone number. They give it back to me saying they could not do the work. I get it home. I find that the operating system is gone and I am unable to access my files. I took it back and I am unable to get a response from Geek Squad.

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Original review: June 9, 2008

On Tuesday at 5pm I dropped off my car for installation. The speakers cost about $106 and the installation fees were $85. At 10 pm I left the store with my driver side window unable to close, speakers were not working the radio did not work and my remote entry was flawless. All of these things worked at 5pm per installation pre-check. Jonathan the installer told me to bring it back the next day and if the systems aren't working they (BB) would have it towed and pay to get it fixed. He indicated there was absolutely no liability on my part.

The next day I brought the car back at 10 am. On a rainy Wednesday at 11:40 Bernie said take your car to the dealership to get it looked at and if its our fault we will pay for it. So I took my car to Jim Ellis. After 2 hours I was told that the rear speaker started a chain reaction and a switch went out etc. Two hundred, fifty seven dollars later and the next morning I picked up the car at the dealership. That Thursday morning we spoke with Colson and left him with estimate/diagnostic information and he said his installation team would take a look at it. Later we spoke to Joshua. He indicated that the window motor was unplugged and that the window now worked. The dealership told me not to plug in the motor in fears that a switch would be blown again. The dealership reset the codes which apparently fixed the radio and speaker system. The keyless entry system still acts funny.

So Thursday 2 days after the installation was complete my car appeared to be back to the way it was when I left it there for speakers. Joshua offered half the dealer's fee, we did not feel that was adequate and he said he would call us back within 24 hours. He never called. We called him Friday at 4pm, Friday night and Monday and all he left was a message today around noon saying that he had not talked with dealership.

All we are asking for is that Best Buy stand behind their installation guarantee and promises. The problem took me personally 10 hours of my time to resolve so we gracefully request that you refund the installation charge as well. The email below is what occured to me almost a month when i went to Best Buy to get speakers installed. The Diagnostic charge was $257 and Best Buy only refunded half of the charge because it could not be proven that it was there fault, but they still could not get my window up, only VW could. I think that if they could not get my window up and I had to take it elsewhere, Best Buy should have to pay? Am I correct? Well they said no and that I got ripped off. I was patient with them and kind but I believe that Best Buy took advantage of me.

Now recently my air condition stopped working a couple of weeks ago, A mechanic said it needed new relays under dash which is where Best Buy did some work. I called Best Buy, they said again let us look and if its our fault, we will pay for it. But they never admitted any wrongdoing before yet everything worked before I went in, but not after I left. They also said that it to dealership get a diagnostic again and if its our fault we will pay for it.

I lost $125 for the installation charge, air conditioner, and would also like installation charge

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Original review: May 16, 2008

Representative for Geeksquad services Client not happy with the service that she received. Geeksquad installed Norton on to her computer and now computer is not working. Says she has been given the run around about her problems with the computer. Says that she wants a refund . Geeksquad assured her that they would fix her computer and she is very upset because even after her computer messed up she bought multiple applications to help fix the computer but her computer still is not working.

On the 11th she set up new password so that she can do a system restore and the computer shut her out. Computer wont let her go to safemode at all. Contacted a Double Agent and they tried to troubleshoot her through safe mode and it still didnt work. Agent in store downloaded a whole bunch of updates and computer completely shut down.

Getting error messages contact application manager. She has taken 4 round trips in one week. Client is very upset and definately wants her money back. Client stated that the Geeksquad Double Agents were very rude to her and she is very upset because she states she is a loyal customer with Best Buy. Everytime she took her computer in to best buy to have her computer repaired Best buy and Geeksquad representatives were VERY RUDE.

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Original review: April 15, 2008

I purchased a home theater system, full-motion wall mount for my 46 flatscreen & installation service for mounting the flatscreen & home theater. I was assured by the sales rep that the 2 installation services purchased would cover the cost of mounting the flatscreen & concealing all wires. I read the terms & agreement and once again further clarified with the sales rep that the installation costs included concealment of all wires; he replied it did. In fact, he provided his email address & cell phone number in the event of a problem during installation I took the day off from work so that I was present for the installation which was to occur between 8am - 12pm. The technicians arrived at 12:15pm and immediately let me know that in order to conceal all the wires for the installation and mount the speakers for my home theater it would be an additional ~$200-$300. In fact, the current installation services that I purchased only covered the the mounting of the flatscreen, connecting the flatscreen/home theater and clearly exposing all wires.

I was pretty displeased with news and explained that my one expectation was that the wires would be concealed during installation and when I repeatedly asked the sales rep, he repeatedly assured me that it was included. I was more than willing to pay extra at the time of my original purchase to ensure that the installation was clean/concealed but for this to occur during the day of installation was a complete lost of trust and feel that I'm incurring fairly steep hidden costs. To the credit of one of the Geek Squad techs, he was apologetic about the misunderstanding and attempted to explain the reasoning behind the additional costs. He went a step further and called the Best Buys store and talked with the manager of the Magnolia Home Theater and General Store. The MHT manager stated he would credit my account 1/2 the cost of the wall mount system, which was a reasonable attempt to correct the situation. Unfortunately, the 2nd tech kept quoting prices in generalities and it was until I requested a written estimate of the costs that I was informed that it would cost an additional ~$600.

At this point it was nearly 2pm and I was still without my original request. At this point, I opted to continue with just the basic wall mounting, returning the home theater installation + home theater system + brackets. Unfortunately, there were some structural issues with my home/studs and I was forced to return the original mounting system for a larger one. Once at the original BB store, the customer service desk was abhorent. The MHT manager who offered to reduce the wall mount cost had departed for the day but assured me on the phone earlier that he would explain my situation to the next manager. This manager was present and his attitude was suspicious and extremely reluctant to accept any of the merchandise for return. It should be noted that all merchandise was in it's original packaging and with the exception of the wall mounting system, unopened. This manager then called a second manager who was even more unfriendly and uncooperative. At one point, I felt lucky to receive my money back...forget about trying to seek some sort of compensation for the hassle of dealing with all this.

Needless to say, I purchased a less expensive wall mounting system and the credit I was afforded earlier in the day was quickly rescinded and I would receive no credit since I was making a smaller purchase; in addition to returning my home theater system. The one silver lining to this whole experience are the efforts of one of the Geek Squad technicians who called me back later in the day to follow up on the situation. This tech explained that they were at a second job and would be unable to return to mount the system as he had explained they might be able to earlier. I explained that I had already rescheduled the install and was hoping he, specifically, would return to install. He explained that he would not be able to since he was merely filling in for another tech and was assigned as a district manager or in the district office. My only hope is that this tech/manager influences his office and other techs to apply solid customer relations, professionalism and genuine empathy in future installs...without him, I'd likely never to have continued with this BB purchase. As it stands now, I'm not likely to return to BB nor recommend this store to others.

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Original review: March 14, 2008

Our company bought a Laptop 8/22/07 from the Best Buy in Minnetonka, MN, for one of our work stations. We called Best buy 5 days later and said the laptop will not turn on--it takes about 5-7 tries to get this turned on. They (GeekSquad) said to bring it in and they would look at it, so we did. It worked for about two weeks and had the same problem. We brought it back to the store, and they sent it off to another state to be fixed. Picked up the Laptop on the day they said he would be there, came back to the office and guess what? It still does not work. I called Best Buy and asked why they let me out of the store and did NOT tell me it still did not work. NO answer to the questions; they said it would have to go back to HP. Just to let you know--we DID buy the extended warranty for $230.00 for five years. No one will call me back and let me know what to do....

I called the Customer Relation department and spoke with Beth, and she could not help me, either. She said I need to speak with someone at the store. I was on hold for 17 minutes for nothing....

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Original review: March 8, 2008

On a Wednesday evening a sales person told me that an XM radio for my vehicle would cost $149. Upon arriving at the store, she told me that if I wanted clear reception, I would have to buy another antenna for $19. On Wednesday, I was told that it would take about an hour or an hour and a half to install it. Thursday, after purchasing the XM, she told me drive up to the installation bay, and the tech would come out and and get the keys. I drove up to the bay, and the young man just stood there and stared at me. Then another customer walked in, and the tech waited on them. I then got out of the car and approached the tech, and he told me it would be several hours to install the XM. I complained inside the store, and the people just looked at me. I then got my money back and went to Mother's Window Tint and got an XM and installation. Bait advertising--and a sorry way to run a railroad.

I'm very upset!

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2008

I have been unable to use my printer attached to my Compac PC or my Flash Drive. I signed up for online help through The Geek Squad's online service for $129.00 . The first representative spend 4 hours running virus scans and told me to call back when they were complete. I called back and spent another 3 hours with a different rep who wanted to rerun the virus scan; she disconnected from my computer mid virus scan. I called back and got a different service rep, who was so bad I requested to speak with a Supervisor. He hung up on me. I called a fourth time and spent another 2 hours with a representative who finally tried to fix my issue with the printer, which he was not able to correct. The process was horrible and time consuming, and my issue is STILL not corrected.

I spent $129.00 and 10 hours of my time, and I still do not have a resolution of my issue. I should least have written documentation on what was done to correct the problem so I can take that to a different professional. The first three reps wasted so much time on unnecessary virus scans and NO time on the actual issue. I should not have to call back in a get a different rep every time, there is no way to reconnect with the person you were previously speaking with. No Supervisor's were available to speak with at anytime. A complete waste of time and money. I think the Geek Squad's online service is a scam!

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2008

Dropped off my laptop on 01-31-2008 at the Albany, NY Best Buy store, specifically at the Geek Squad, concerning an issue with the DVD drive - does not play DVDs. This is an expensive laptop with an extended warranty. This is my 3rd laptop with Best Buy & dealing with their Geek Squad - never had any reportable issues with them prior to this debacle. I was advised that the estimated completion date = 02-08-2008 (printed on my receipt). Now I understand that this is an estimate, no issue here.

Best Buy was to call me in a few days after 01-31-2008 to verify what exactly the issue is & to give me an updated completion date. Never received a call, so I called Best Buy on 02-10-2008 & was advised that they have not looked at my laptop yet. I wrote an email to Best Buy consumer affairs office and was basically told that the Albany store was evaluating the laptop: no additional info, no updated completion date and of course to apology or concern, just a boilerplate response. I just called the store AGAIN, today 02-17-2008, and was advised that have yet to LOOK AT my laptop! So I get absolutely nowhere with calling the store. I get no assistance from Best Buy consumer relations. I am unable to use the internet (cable modem) at my home... wasting $44.95 per month + taxes, etc.

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2008

On March 2, 2005, I purchased a Gateway laptop from Best Buy in West Hartford, CT. I also purchased the extended warranty at that time. The salesman told me it was considered multi-functional and that because dirt and dust could be so detrimental to the machine, I could send it off for an internal cleaning as often as once a month. On January 26, 2008, I took my laptop to the Geek Squad so they could repair the plug in for the AC adapter and do an internal cleaning. The Geek Agent Ed said that I could lose all my information when they worked on the computer, so I paid him $159 for him to backup my information. He said he would do it that evening and send the laptop out in the morning. When I called two days later to pick up my backup disks, I was informed that they had not performed the backup. I asked to speak to the manager, as I had paid for this service which had not been performed. The manager was not in the least bit helpful and did not want to refund my $159, but put me in touch with Agent Ryan. Agent Ryan informed me that he had contacted the service center in Kentucky, and he would have them do the backup prior to any work on my computer.

Next thing I know Agent Ryan is calling me, and the service center has fixed my laptop and it is on the way back. Did they back it up? No. I went to pick it up on 2/6/08, and this incredibly rude Geek Squad guy named Chris did not like the fact that I was unhappy about my information not being backed up. He wanted me to just take my computer and go away. I told him I thought it would be a good idea if I turned on my laptop to see if it even worked. Well wonder of wonders, it did not! My hard drive was missing. Chris snatched my receipt for the backup and left. Out comes Agent Ryan. They have found my hard drive and are backing it up. I said what is the point in that? Just put the hard drive back in the laptop, and I'll back it up for free at home. The hard drive gets put back in the laptop, and now it doesn't work. It's looping. It was working fine prior to going to Best Buy!

Agent Ryan now states that it could have happened at any time, but he will give me a new hard drive and load Windows. Now I notice that my battery is not in my laptop. Agent Ryan points out that on the paper I was given when I brought the laptop in it only listed my AC adapter under accessories. Well forgive me for not knowing that my battery should have been listed in the same area. No one informed me. Now my hard drive with all my pictures and information for the last three years are wrecked, and I can't retrieve anything; and my $300 battery is gone. As for the internal cleaning, the snit Chris presented me with a brochure on the extended warranty which stated that cleanings were not covered. I immediately flipped it over and pointed out to him that the brochure was revised in June of '05, and I purchased my computer in March of '05. I went home and found my brochure which stated that fax/multi-functional machines should be internally cleaned at least once a year. Well surprise, surprise, now Agent Ryan claims a laptop is not multi-functional, printers are. So besides my hard drive being wrecked and my battery missing, my laptop is filthy. Best Buy should be closed down.

I have lost three years of information and pictures. I no longer have a battery for my laptop.

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Original review: Feb. 2, 2008

Viper Remote Start was purchased as a Christmas gift. My son was advised ANY Best Buy would install it (paid extra for the installation), as it was being sent to his dad in South Jersey, 2 hours away. That is not the case. Best Buy in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Deptford would not install it because they did not accept the prepaid installation charge and advised me it had to be in-stalled at the BB where it was purchased or pay another installation fee. This is totally inappropriate, and my personal feeling is my son was lied to just to make a sale.

I am not driving 2 hours to return this item or have it installed, and I am not paying to have it returned by mail. BB would not pay for shipping to have the item returned. This is the worst business practice I have ever dealt with. And your attorney may contact me at any time.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2008

I purchased a cutting edge dual core processor computer when they first came out in August 2005. It NEVER worked. I have taken it to there GEEK SQUAD over 18 times. They have been promising to replace it, but Corporate never approves it. I spend 4 hours at a time on this and over 150 hours to date. I spent over $2500 on this computer AND bought an extended service plan. What is their problem? How do we stand up against this gross negligence? AT this point they had the gall to tell me how old the computer is. I have not used this computer, NOT once since November 2006. It never worked.

I ate it for a computer that cost over $2500 and never worked. They have not replaced it two years later after sending it to corporate over 4 times and me submitting it to be repaired to their Geek squad over 18 times. Don't buy ANYTHING from Best Buy.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2008

On 12/28/2007 I took my personal desktop computer to Best Buy for repair under an extended warranty policy. I purchased this warranty policy when I purchased the PC new at Best Buy. The computer appeared to have caught on fire internally during normal use. The Geek Squad Agent removed the side panel to visually view the inside of the PC to confirm my complaint. Upon viewing the PC we found the Power Supply and Mother Board damaged along with the PC case black inside and on outside at cooling fan opening. I requested a credit to the store to purchase another PC through my extended warranty policy due to the extent of damage. The Geek Squad Agent along with Travis, one of the Managers in the store at that time, agreed that the PC was beyond repair but must follow procedure, and the PC must be sent out to their service center. They stated that I should receive a phone call from one of the Geek Squad Agents in a few days authorizing me to receive credit to purchase another PC through my extended warranty program. A service Order was written up with an Estimated Completion Date of 1/5/2008.

As of present time I still have not received authorization for store credit to purchase another PC nor have received my original PC back from the repair center. I have called the Best Buy Store a number of times to find out the status. I have been told that the PC is being repaired. I talked to Travis, and Steve, another store manager, with my concern of repairing a PC that caught on fire. I am concerned that it may happen again and also shocked that the PC is being repaired. Calling Best Buy at the number given to me on my service order has been an experience in itself. I have stayed on the phone for over 30 minutes during business hours waiting for them to just pick it up. I have spoken to Karim, Jen, Travis (Manager), Steve (Manager), Mathew, Soka (Sales Manager), and finally Brian (Manager) who I told that I was going to file a case with Consumer Affairs and who replied, OK. I called the Best Buy Customer Service Center at 1-888-237-8289 and spoke to Branden and Tom with my problem, case #44956483--which did not help at all, since to date I am still without a PC.

I feel that if you put on a Service Order estimated Completion Date of 1/5/2008 that your PC should be completed within a few days of that time frame. I feel that the service I have received has been horrible and very unprofessional. I have purchased a TV, and recently a clothes Washer, and Microwave oven from this store in the past few months. At this time, I wish I had never purchased anything from this retail store.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2008

I made an appointment for Sirius radio and new speakers to be installed in truck. George was rude from the first phone call. When I made the appointment I told him I am not knowledgeable whatsoever about this process and needed to be informed on everything I need. He asked me what kind of radio; I told him Sirius and he asked what kind of truck. He said nothing about needing an FM adapter. I had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. On the morning of the appointment I called the store to confirm. He again asked me for information, and for the first time he asked if I had an FM Adapter. He very unfriendly-like said they are sold out of them, and I can pick one up at a store on way. There are no stores on way there, and I told him I was very upset that he did not tell me this before and at least hold one, knowing I made an appt. 2 weeks ago. George said a lot of people don't show up for appointments.

I told him I am not a lot of people; I was ready to have a system put in my car also and spend almost $1,000 there today; but his customer service skills are terrible, and he can forget me coming there ever! I called back 5 more times to complain to his boss, and each time George himself answered the phone and just laughed at me.

This upset me so much I have been severely stressed out, and my husband's vehicle still does not have this system installed properly. I will never shop at any Best Buys again and will tell family and friends to do the same. The Waldorf Best Buys has a history of poor customer service, and recently this same store appeared in local paper because an employee ripped off a customer.

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2008

On November 24, 2007 I took my computer to Best Buy for a diagnosis on what was wrong with it. After four days I was called and told it was checked out, that the hard drive was dead, and I would need a new one. I was told it would cost approx $230 to replace and reprogram the new hard drive. The diagnostic was $60 for this information. I decided to get a second opinion since the computer was only 1.5 years old but nevertheless, out of the warranty period. I took my computer to a friend who repairs computers for the hospital where I have worked. He checked it out, removed a Virus from it and returned it to me working as good as new.

I contacted Best Buy's Geek Squad supervisor and told him what had occurred. His response was that although he was appalled that this had happened, there was nothing he could do about paying me back the money for the misdiagnosed computer. There was nothing he could do except offer his empathy.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2007

I purchased a new Gateway Desktop Serial Number CCH66-810-08133 in Oct. 06. In April or May 07, the video card went bad and was replaced with no problems at Best Buy in Lawrence, KS. Then in Aug. 07 the computer crashed. I returned it to Best Buy and was told it would need to be returned to the factory. This was done the first time early in Sept 07. About a month later it was returned to me and wasn't working correctly. So I called customer service and again returned it to the factory. The second time it was returned, the front of the computer was broken. So for the third time it was returned. This was in early Nov. 07. At that time I talked to a Supervisor named Bob, I believe. He was going to build a new upgraded computer with WXP, not Vista, and have it shipped to me ASAP. It's now almost the new year, and I still have no computer.

I did call over 3 weeks ago and was told it was ready to be shipped, but on hold. I questioned why and didn't receive an answer. I have been without a computer for almost 6 months. I was concerned about buying a Gateway at the time of purchase and will never purchase another or recommend anyone else purchasing one. I have the Supervisors name and badge number, it's just not at my fingertips at the moment.

Trying to run a home based business without my computer, losing all my documents and files related to the business, has been difficult if not almost impossible. I didn't have a complete backup.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2007

I have a problem with the vendor, the Geek Squad. The problem right now is that they sent someone to my home and the person caused a problem with the sound portion of the computer. We do not have any sound. Brad came to our home on a Sunday and then we had a problem on Monday and he came on Wednesday and we now have no sound. I spoke with Michael from the Geek Squad who is Bryan's boss. He wants to charge us again to have someone come out.

I will not shop at this stores. I have purchased computer, TV, washer/dryer, CD, DVD, IPODs etc. from this store. I want help in resolving this problem now. I feel very frustrated and angry at the lack of help and understanding. I have been told that their company can't do anything to help, but they are in the stores and when you purchase a computer from Best Buy, they are the ones who hook it up. Therefore Best Buy should be able to help.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2007

I went into the Best Buy store because my daughter's computer was not working properly. I told the Geek Squad Agent the problem, and he insisted that it was a computer virus. He charged $299.00 plus installation of a virus program, $89.00. They called one week later telling me the computer was working. I came in and had them test it in front of me. Well, it was still not working, but the installation technician quite adamantly stated that he had done all the work, minus the installation because I did not give him the software. I was never told to bring in software. To make a long story short, I brought the computer back that evening because it the same problems. I was told that I needed to increase my RAM. I found that funny, as I had just increase the RAM three weeks prior and they had no record of it.

Three weeks later after many phone calls they told me to come in and they would refund me. When I got there they wanted to refund me $84.00 and refused to tell me for what. I wanted to speak to a manager. This man yelled in my face in front of my daughter and said that he was not refunding me. I requested a new RAM because I felt that this was the problem, and he insisted that I pay for all work including the removal of the RAM. When I turned to get the RAM chip, no one wanted to help me as he made it seem that I was stealing. When I brought the RAM chip to the GEEK squad counter, they admitted that they had already taken the chip out and that was the refund they were trying to give me. What's worse was that I paid $130.00 for the RAM. Plus, when I got home, my daughter's computer was still not able to get into the internet and her game was not working. What was worse was that she had viruses.

I still have a non-working laptop with viruses, minus internet service and my daughter's sims game is unable to function. Plus, I am out $400. I also have a bruised ego, as the GOON squad bouncer yelled in my face and made it seem that I was stealing.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2007

I gave my computer to Best Buy for service since it's under warranty. They ran a diagnostic, didn't find anything, and a week later it wouldn't work again. They sent it to a service station in Texas where the problems were fixed and sent it back to Best Buy on Nov. 21. It has been 7 days now; nobody knows where is my pc. The Texas service says it is in Roseville, CA, and Roseville says it must be in Texas.

When I called again the guy was rude and acted like I was dumb and stupid. He said if it is stolen, then I have to waite 60 days to get a new pc. To me this is unacceptable. I will never ever buy anything from Best Buy again. I can handle a lot of things, but being treated as if stupid is uncalled for. I also found that if they don't want to talk with you, they do not answer the phone.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2007

I own a 1998 BMW 528i that was in excellent condition when I took it to Best Buy in Heath, OH on October 21, 2007 to have a Viper Remote Security System installed. The install appointment was scheduled in advance, and the car was dropped off with them when they opened at 11 A.M. I returned 8 hours later and only part of the work was done. I had to schedule the remaining work (door lock/unlock feature) to be completed that Thursday, October 25. I returned on Thursday and again the car was left for the entire day. When I went back to my car, it was obvious that certain wires were crossed as my panel lights were flashing, the lock/unlock feature was not working properly, the door handle to open the vehicle wasn't the same, and I noticed obvious gouge marks in the side panel where the technician either pried loose or forced open the panel to gain access.

All of this was brought to the attention of store management, and I was assured they would address it the next day. A review of the work order (copy obtained when I dropped the vehicle off compared to the copy when I picked the vehicle up) clearly shows the technician covered his tracks by adding comments indicating the damage was done previously, which it wasn't. The paperwork proving the technician cove-up was presented to the manager. Best Buy assumed liability for the damages to the door panel, and a Best Buy Insurance claim was generated. The store manager assured me that the technician would be fired and his other techs would look at the installation and fix it. The store had my car for 4 more days before making the decision on October 29 that they decided to remove the system from my vehicle because, according to the manager, they couldn't figure out how to do the complete installation properly on my vehicle. The next day when I called the store to inquire of status, I was informed that arrangements were underway by the store to have my vehicle towed to the BMW dealership, Kelly BMW in Easton, OH. The store had my car towed by a non-affiliated AAA tow company without my authorization, and as it turns out, I had to pay the tow bill to get my car from the dealership. I am a AAA Plus member, and if I wanted to have it towed, I would have had it arranged under my coverage. Best Buy Claims did not cover the entire cost of repairs, and I had to incur even more out of pocket to get my car back.

Bottom line, I was without my car for over a month, and it cost me almost $600 to get my car back. Surely there are consumer rights issues with my case. I have documented all conversations with all the parties involved, and am very much interested in leveraging a lawsuit at Best Buy. Loss of use, aggravation, $600 out of pocket expense to get my car back -- this is unbelievable...please help.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2007

I took my HP desk top computer into Best Buy Geek Squad because my desktop would not open. I was getting an error message every time I tried to reboot. The Geek Squad told me it would be $59.00 to diagnostic test, and once that was done they could tell me what the problem was. I called them several days later to get the verdict. The guy told me that I would have to pay an additional $99.00 to get all my files saved before they could continue to fix the problem or I would lose everything. I gave them the o.k.; I am a tax preparer for over 15 years and I asked him to save tax seasons 03, 04, 05 and 06. I finally picked up my computer on Nov 17th, along with a disk from them that I was told had my backup files on. I brought my computer to my home office, plugged everything up, and got the same error message I had when I took it into the store. I marched it right back to Best Buy, and the customer service I received was worse than ever. They refused to plug the system up and confirm my findings and ordered me out the store. I had to pay another computer company to come to my home and get my system operating again.

Also, the Best Buy disk with my back files supposedly on it, was blank. Now they have lost or stolen all of my customers' personal data that can be used for the purpose of identity theft. I called the store and spoke with the Geek, and again no concern or consideration at all. Is this cause for a law suit against Best Buy?

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2007

I purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop 3/06. I did not receive the OS re-install nor any of the drivers for the laptop. It never occurred to me to ask for them until 11/07, I am having issues and could reinstall the OS and the drivers myself. I am a professional IT person. Why I didn't think to ask for the re-install I can't recall. So I call the Best Buy in Logan, UT where I purchased the laptop from, requesting to pick-up the re-install discs. I was told it would cost me $29.95 and that I should just get them from the Internet. That isn't the point. I paid over $2600 for this laptop and I purchased a 2year service agreement. I should have been provided all driver and re-install discs at the time of purchase.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2007

My 2 1/2-year-old Canon Powershot S70 suddenly stopped working. I had bought the camera and a 4-year warranty from Best Buy, which inspected my camera and sent it to their repair lab, They called me and said that my camera had been damaged in a way that voided the warranty, and e-mailed me a photo showing a gouge caused by a tool forcing the two halves of the body apart, and said it would be $199 to fix it. That damage was done AFTER I turned the camera over to Best Buy, but since I wanted the camera to be fixed, I authorized the repair, planning to settle it with Best Buy when I picked it up.

At Best Buy in Emeryville, CA, I explained the situation, showed them the written condition of the camera when I turned it in for repair (minor wear of the paint) and expected to get my camera and leave. They said I had not followed their Procedure. I literally went through FOUR Managers having to explain to each one the circumstances; the guy at the Geek Squad counter; another Geek Squad person (about 19 years old); then his supervisor, a woman of perhaps 30; and finally a man who could make a decision. Even he had to disappear for 5 minutes to talk with precisioncameras, I assume, after offering me to split the difference. I had to stand at the counter for 45 minutes! I refused to pay for any part of the repair. Finally, he gave me my camera at no cost to me. Moral of the Story. IF you buy a Best Buy Warranty, it is no guarantee that it will be honored.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2007

I purchased a camera with accident warranty from Best Buy. When I purchased the warranty the salesperson said if anything happens just bring it in and we will replace it. My camera fell and broke; we took it in, and the first time they kept it for four weeks and supposedly fixed it. A month later we took it in, and again they stated that it was fixed. My camera broke again (lens error), and it has been there for two more weeks. I have called the geek squad; no one answers, no recording and my camera is still not fixed. They have very poor customer service! I called teh 800 number to file a complaint about them not picking up the phone, and the operator stated that they are busy and it is best for me to just go into the store.

The camera is in the store for the third time, not fixed, and we will most likely have an on-going problem with them.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2007

I took my Dell laptop in to Best Buy's Geek Squad because of multiple problems. Left with Geek Squad after explanation. After initial diagnosis, they informed me that I had a virus that had wrapped itself around a system file, and they would have to reload my operating system. I knew as recently as two days before that my operating system disk was in the D drive. When I informed them of this, they said it was not there and they couldn't find it. Then I paid over $450 for them to do the above and install Spy Sweeper and an antivirus program. I asked them to only save my Excel and email info. When I picked up the computer, it was running slower and the built-in mouse was not functioning properly, while it was working when I took it in.

The night before my fourth physical visit I discovered that my PCMCIA card was missing. I just about lost it. I went in the next day and asked to see the service manager. He met me at the service counter, and in the presence of one of the robotic geeks, I explained the whole sad story. He then checked the computer and experienced all the things I was complaining about, and suggested to the geek that it may need to be cleaned. I then left for the fourth time, to return later that day to retrieve it.

I got the same robotic response every time I went. There was absolutely no concern, compassion or customer service. I am now out the money and have a missing disc and PCMCIA card. This was one of the most nightmarish experiences I have had recently. I will never darken the door to Best Buy again.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2007

I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer on March 9, 2007 for personal, at-home use. I also purchased an extended service plan. I purchased it at Best Buy in Trumbull, CT. The computer was working beautifully. The laptop cost me $699; the extended service plan was $129.99. Four weeks ago, I took it out of the drawer I keep it in and opened it up to find the LCD monitor screen seemingly fractured internally. I had never dropped it, nor used it carelessly. There is not one single mark on the entire case. No scratch, no bump, nothing to indicate the cause of this damage. I brought it back to Best Buy, thinking it should be fully warranteed especially since it was just under six months old (when I brought it in) AND I had purchased the extended service plan. I received a call several days ago from Agent Knoxson at Geek Squad telling me it was not covered at all and the cost would be $591 to replace the monitor. Apparently, no one believed that I had not damaged my computer myself. For $591.00 I could buy another laptop ! But that isnt why I'm writing to you. I researched on-line and found that a laptop monitor could be purchased for $220; two of my sons are computer techs and either could do the labor. I also knew I could thus cancel the extended service plan I purchased; after all, I certainly did not need it now. My plan states that this can be done at any Best Buy store. So on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, I went to Best Buy to do so. After much argument with Customer Service, I went home without my refund. The employees were not familiar with refunding for a service plan and told me I'd have to do this by mail (which is not true). I then telephoned Best Buy intending to speak with a manager. I found myself connected with the same clerk I had spoken to. He apologized to me, stating that he had been wrong and that I could indeed cancel the service plan at the store. His name was Steve. I returned on March 5, 2007 expecting to be treated correctly and either get my refund or have my checking account credited with the amount I was due. However, Best Buy refuses to give me a refund or to credit my account. I am entitled to approximately $100 refunded on the price of the two year service plan. Best Buy refuses to give me anything but store credit. This is not acceptable to me. I used my debit card to pay for the laptop and for the service plan. I have no need for store credit. It's unlikely I will ever shop there again. Additionally, my service plan does not state I have to accept store credit. It says refund. I am a 53-year-old widow disabled from multiple sclerosis; in all actuality, I have just given Best Buy $699 for absolutely nothing in return. I have no working laptop and no refund. In order for me to repair the computer, I need money. I feel I am being treated unfairly, possibly illegally. Certainly "customer service" is an incorrect term. Dis-service is more accurate.

I live on a small fixed income; so far, I haven't gotten my money back. I'm still fighting.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2007

This is the status and what appears to be a dead end regarding this issue as Best Buy successfully stalled to allow the warrantee to expire. Since August I have been dealing with this. To date I have written over 7 letters to the State of Tennessee regarding this issue. The computer is back in my possession and still is not working. The computer continues to freeze up; the screen is working ok now. I contacted the Geek Squad's main headquarters in August in an attempt to locate my computer and to find out what is the problem. Per the main office at the Geek Squad, there is and has been no record of my computer ever being serviced. There is no record despite my invoices from the Geek Squad of any repairs being done on my computer; the invoice numbers dont even show on record. Now, after all these attempts Best Buy/Geek Squad has advised me that they will no longer service my computer as the warrantee has expired on it. Again, I wrote the State of Tennessee regarding this with no reply received. Now I am stuck with a computer that I paid almost 1,600.00 for it and it does not work properly, is very undependable, and I will have to pay to have it fixed. On the 5 October 2007 I received a letter from the State of Tennessee advising me that there is nothing they can do. One letter from Best Buy dated 21 August states that it was fixed and returned, nothing else. There was no mention of Best Buy refusing to service the computer and delaying service to have the warranty expire, there was no mention that now Best Buy has never fixed the computer and now won't service it even though it has been failing since it broke about 2 months after it was purchased. Best Buy sold me a computer that failed 2 months after it was purchased, I made 8 stops by the store, the computer still is not fixed, and now they won't service it because they delayed the repairs until after the manufactures warranty expired. BEWARE OF BEST BUY! There are clearly many unanswered questions and what appears to be fraud on the part of Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

I'm out a $1560.00 computer, lost over $6000 income, 26 hours drive time from home to Best Buy, and time attempting to resolve issue--weeks!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2007

My Compaq Presario PC with Windows Vista keeps becoming unstable. I can't download Windows Updates and I have gotten blue screened twice. I brought it to Geek Squad after the first time it wouldn't allow me to download updates and paid EXTRA for Geek Squad to fix that. Apparently, they took my money for doing nothing, because the computer is acting as weird as before. Geek Squad (and Best Buy, for that matter) NEVER pick up their phones. The way they handle customers is a glaring disgrace!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2007

Recently, the Geek Squad did a very poor job of installing software and hardware onto my home computer. As a result, the computer is now unusable. Geek Squad refuses to make fixing their mistakes a priority, and has informed me that I will have to wait weeks for a service person to return to my house. I then informed them that I would not pay for this installation, because it was not properly done the first time, and since the store would not correct the problem in a timely manner, then I was not going to pay for the installation. One of the store managers insisted that I did have to pay for the installation, whether it was done properly or not.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2007

I purchased an LCD monitor from Best Buy along with a 2 year warranty plan. Within a year my monitor stopped working so I took it in to Best Buy in Castleton and dropped it off at the Geed Squad repair center on March 30th 2007. I was expecting that I would hear something about the monitor within a few weeks of dropping it off, but I never did. I finally attempted to contact Best Buy Castleton store on June 8th 2007. At first they could not find any record of my transaction in their system. After several phone calls and a supposed investigation? they found a very mixed up record of my transaction.

When I asked what would be done to replace my monitor he told me that his system also showed that I had already been issued a replacement monitor (a 22 widescreen monitor) and that was why I never received a call from them. When I told him that a replacement had never been issued, he said that there was nothing he could do because that is what his system showed and that there was nothing further they could do for me from the store level.

He said that he was going to conduct and investigation into the matter and would be calling me back. He gave me the case # of 38665075 along with a direct extension of X60387 for contacting him at Customer Service. Of course I never heard back from him or anyone at customer service. I did try to call again in early August and got a similar run-around where I spoke to an agent, had to explain my whole story again, and was told after conducting an investigation? that someone was looking into it and would get back with me. I did get a follow up message on my voice mail a few days later that someone was working on this and that I would get another call soon, but never got another call after that.

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Original review: April 26, 2007

On 2/14/2007 I bought a Compaq computer at Best Buy. I was told they had to burn recovery cd`s for the comp that would be an additional cost to me. The comp was purchased as a gift to my daughter. She barely used it and had only had it 2 months when it wouldn’t even go into windows. I tried running the recovery disk’s. They failed to work.

On 4/11/2007 I took it back to Best Buy and was told I would get it back by the 19th. Today is April 26 and when I called they told me everything checks out on the hard ware so they have to rerun the recovery software and I will have to pay an additional 129.00.

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Original review: March 30, 2007

my son purchased a compaq laptop from Wal-Mart in Oct-Nov 2006. Over the months he developed a virus on my computer. So he took his computer to the best geeks to check what was happening with it. A few days later he had to call them to find out what is going on with his computer, they stated that the computer had a trojan virus, so he asked how much would it be for it to be removed and for them to bring the computer back to working order, they stated between 2 to 3 hundred dollars, he allowed them to go ahead and remove the virus and anything else necessary needed to be done.

After receiving his computer back from best buy. He came home and set up his computer and found that his computer doesn't work at all. He has no files, no programs, no nothing. He took his computer back to best buy to have the problem resolved and they stated that they are not responsible for the damages done and they didn't know that this problem was gonna arise. They refuse to resolve the problem or even reimburse my son's money. So now my son's computer sits in a corner collecting dust which he only had for 5 months from date of purchase for best buy to screw it up then tells us that we cannot do anything about it.

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Original review: March 26, 2007

I took my 3 month old p c into the best buy because it was shutting down on me. I had gotten extended 2 year warranty, they assured me they would fix it. Well, after 8 days of calling all the time and driving way to Biddeford to drop off the recovery disk i had, I finally got the machine home -- and less then 24 hours later it is doing the same thing.

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Original review: March 23, 2007

My HP owuld not allow me to access the internet. I know I was connected because I hooked up my mac and I had internet access. Unlike other pc's the ethernet card cannot be replaced because it it soddered to the mother board. when I took it in to the geek squad they said they had to do a diagnostic and they will call me in a week.

Here it is almost two weeks later and no call and when I visited them they said its about 3rd on the list to get to. This is taking to freaking long for a lousy diagnostic. I'm just ****** because it seems I deal with someone different every time and who knows what goes on behind that wall if anything.

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