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Smalls cat food provides your cat with high-quality food through a subscription plan. Cats receive fresh, human-grade food packed with dry ice to keep it cool. Wet food is available in three recipes: chicken, turkey and beef with consistency choices of minced or pate. If your cat isn’t fond of wet food, Smalls also offers freeze-dried raw protein as a kibble alternative. It’s available in chicken, turkey and duck and includes the meat, bones and organs. Smalls also offers healthy treats and food-toppers to entice your cat.


Smalls is a meal delivery service for your cat. A sampler helps you determine what products your pet likes. The plans allow for regular shipments of your cat’s favorite food at a pace and cost that fits your budget.


  • Recipes backed by science
  • Several plans to choose from
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Plans are customizable


  • More expensive than kibble
  • Food isn’t pre-portioned

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Smalls cat food plans

Your Smalls cat food plan starts with a sampler that lets you find products your cat prefers before committing to a larger purchase. To get your sampler, simply answer some questions about your cat and your budget. From there, you can choose a plan that suits your needs. Smalls then sends you a two-weeks supply of the food chosen at a reduced cost.

The Monday after you receive the sampler, a "cat concierge" contacts you to check in. You can tell them what your cat likes or dislikes and whether there are any products they haven't tried.

In the second week, you schedule your first full order based on your chosen plan and feedback from the check-in. You can make changes until the Thursday before the box ships. Shipments continue every two, four or eight weeks, depending on your needs. Available plans include:

  • Complete Balance: 50% essential kibble, 50% fresh food
  • Healthiest Balance: 75% essential and raw kibbles, 25% fresh food
  • Fresh Food Starter: 75% essential kibble, 25% fresh food
  • Total Moisture: 100% fresh food
  • Balanced Moisture: 75% fresh food, 25% essential kibble
  • Healthiest + Convenience: 75% fresh food, 25% raw kibble
  • Essential Kibble: 100% essential kibble
  • Essential + Raw Kibble: 75% essential kibble, 25% raw kibble
  • Balanced Convenience: 50% fresh food, 50% raw kibble

According to the website, the plans are customizable to fit your cat’s needs and your budget. You can change up flavors, textures or quantities as needed. Each shipment is packed in dry ice to keep it fresh.

Smalls cat food price

Smalls' website lists several prices for each plan. Prices are based on whether you’re ordering for one or multiple cats. Overall, Smalls cat food cost varies greatly depending on the meal plan you choose.

The cheapest plan is Essential Kibble — an order for one cat every four weeks costs $28. The most expensive plan is Balanced Convenience, which costs $120 under the same for one cat every four weeks. Five of the nine plans cost less than $100, while the remaining four cost more than $100.

Smalls cat food FAQ

Does Smalls cat food have a minimum order amount?
Smalls requires a minimum order of six packets of wet food. This is to ensure the dry ice is effective and to reduce packaging.
Can Smalls help my cat lose weight?
Smalls can help improve your cat’s diet, which in turn helps them lose weight. Smalls' food focuses on several important factors: high moisture content, high-quality animal protein and low carbohydrates.
Is Smalls cat food grain-free?
Yes, Smalls cat food is grain free. It’s human-grade and contains no fillers.
How long does it take Smalls cat food to ship?
Since wet food shipments contain dry ice, packages are shipped quickly. Expect to receive your order within two or three days.

Is Smalls cat food good?

Smalls cat food provides a high-quality option for your cat. This can have a profound effect on their overall health and wellness. Since cats are biologically wired to be carnivores, they don’t get hydration and nutrients the same way humans do. Smalls understands that and goes a step above by manufacturing its food using human-grade ingredients. You get top quality protein, moisture for hydration and essential nutrients. If Smalls cat food fits your budget, it's a good option for your cat.

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