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Enforcer Flea Spray

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17 Enforcer Flea Spray Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: July 17, 2017

From what I've seen since I started using this spray, you couldn't ask for a better product! You can literally see the fleas die within a second or two of being sprayed. People that say it doesn't work must not be spraying the flea directly. Not sure how long it keeps them away but I guarantee it will kill them on contact.

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2016

After using this product, my household has become extremely ill. My dogs are experiencing hives, niece broke out in hives, I have allergic reaction on the surface of my skin. We have trouble breathing, we have experienced upper respiratory infections. They look like flea bites, it's allergic reaction. Stop using this product immediately, dangerous to your pets and your health.

If you experience any kind of rashes are extreme itching thinking it's leave immediately wash off skin of pets and yourself. This product is a poison and causes illness and harm to humans and pets. Extremely toxic. I cannot stress to you enough how dangerous this product is. Should be removed from shelves and can cause death. Treat with Benadryl, wash from skin immediately and remove any product bedding. Watch anything that comes in contact with your skin or your animal skin. Open and air out your house. Warning warning warning. Do not use this product. Should be banned in the USA.

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Original review: June 4, 2016

Each time we adopt a new pet into the home, fleas usually come with them. Usually, I prefer Home UltraGuard Foggers (3 cans for $15). It was the first product I ever used and worked so I stuck with it. Recently we went shopping and needed to pick up flea killing products. I seen Enforcer Flea Spray 1 gallon for $15. The same price as what I get for UltraGuard Foggers but with more quantity. I was very hesitant on quality, especially reading it doesn't kill the eggs but stops the development. After using it in the bedroom first, I noticed that it did do the job! I am quite impressed with this product. It does take more time and effort than with the foggers (which I seen Enforcer does carry foggers $6 for 2 cans), but I feel like I have more control with the spray and it doesn't leave a distinct odor like the foggers which works with me since I like keeping the house smelling fresh and clean 24/7.

Although, on the bad side of this product. After trying it in my bedroom first before the rest of the house, I set out a couple of flea traps (Dawn dish soap with water in a dish). I seen a couple fleas in them, so a one time spray isn't going to stop fleas. I believe the spray would work best if you catch the infestation early and don't have as many pets that will be carrying them. Unfortunately, our flea infestation became a big problem in very little of time because of the number of pets. The foggers would've been a better choice for us and I think I will stick with Homeguard for next time. We are the type of people where we want something done fast right then and there without much of a hassle. Enforcer isn't a bad product and it will do its job, but each product does differently for a each person's situation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2015

I am surprised by the bad reviews of this product. We never had a flea problem, until we put our Boxer down (she had heart problems). About 3 weeks later, we noticed bites on my husband and daughter. I was considering professionals or bombing, but decided to try myself instead. I used both the spray and carpet shake on different surfaces and it was clear that fleas died instantly. I can't speak for how long it's going to last in my home, but I can say that I'm not worried about fleas biting my family anymore. It's effective and rather inexpensive. I couldn't be more relieved.

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Original review: Aug. 22, 2015

I tried the Enforcer Flea Spray after seeing a review. Let me tell you I think the fleas had gotten worst. This product was suppose to last 7 months but it didn't last 24 hours. After spraying the entire carpet the next morning my socks were full of fleas. If anyone saying this product work, they must work for the company. This was a total waste of money. I took a plate with dawn and put a tea light in the middle - the next morning caught most of the fleas, doesn't help with eggs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2015

I bought the Enforcer brand flea spray and I have to say that I'm not the least bit impressed by it. I have been spraying the house every couple of weeks for the last month and I haven't had any results worth rejoicing over. It seems that the more I spray the more fleas I get. What is this stuff flea spray or a flea aphrodisiac? This is the worst flea product I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. My recommendation to the company is to take it off the shelf because it just doesn't work the way it is intended to. My advice to everyone out there is to leave this crap where you find it because it just isn't worth the effort.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 8, 2015

Without a doubt, the best product that I have used to get rid of fleas and ticks. It also works on carpenter ants. I used to be able to buy it at Home Depot and it did the job better than any other product that I used, and they say it keeps killing fleas for 7 months. So Home Depot does not sell it any more. It is better for them to sell something that does not work as well and might work for only a few weeks. When I went to cut wood I would give a light mist to the dogs coat before I let them out of the truck and none of them ever picked up a tick and I never noticed any ill effects. One of the dogs lived to 21.

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Original review: April 29, 2015

When I lived in New Market Tennessee I used to go to Leapers Hardware. They had enforcer spray in a white 1 gallon jug. I cannot find it anymore but it was the best. I wish they would come back with it. I never had any problems with that at all. I lived on 1 - had an anchor on each side of me. I had a total of 22 cats and kittens and never had any fleas inside or outside - never had any roaches, silverfish, or any other bugs around. Also lasted for 9 months at a time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2014

I used the Enforcer in the Blue can for 2 years and this stuff was AWESOME!! I went to the store to stock up on this again and bought the only one I could find in the Red can. This stuff is not the same. Fleas just laugh at me and keep on jumping. When I used the Enforcer in the Blue can I did not see a flea for months. Now I have to spray every few days and still see fleas everywhere. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SPRAY IN THE BLUE CAN, I'M DESPERATE!!!!!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2014

I've sprayed the house several times and also bought the stuff for my cats. They have also been treated. I even sprayed it directly on a flea and watched jump off with no ill effects. I might as well be spraying water. My fleas are just as bad as when I started treating. On the plus side it doesn't have a horrible smell.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2014

First, reading other reviews, this is NOT a topical treatment for the pet! It is for floor, carpet, and furniture. It isn't cheap no matter what you do if you want results. This spray is pump and not aerosol and goes a long way.

I buy the gallon. I treat the whole house 1500 sq ft. at a time, spraying on the floor, rugs, under furniture, corners, under tables, on the couches and chairs, and even on the top of the bedding (bedspreads) where the cats would go. I do it when we leave the house for the whole house treatment, giving a couple hours for the treatment to kill and to dry out. It does the job. I also do it at night downstairs after all have gone to bed and the main hallway. I do not spray in the rooms where we will be within 2 hours. It works.

Remember, in bad infestations, you need to spray often because this stuff seems to kill only fleas and larvae (after hatching). So there is probably a 2 week period where new eggs will be hatching at intervals. So you need to spray for bad infestations maybe 3 days in a row and then every few days for a couple weeks, then every week of 2 to control during warm seasons. Warm climate year round, you need to stay up with it all year.

And TREAT YOUR ANIMALS with something good. The good stuff is more expensive. I use frontline plus for the dogs and just cheap flea collars for indoor cats. But you need to stay up on the control of both house and pets. Flea bath for instant kill of fleas and then the treatments on the pets. Full treatment of the house and furniture.

As far as the comments that they soaked the house, in one case using 11 gallons (???), it obviously was not working on your variety bug, so why keep buying if you didn't notice immediate relief as it should, even temporary? You need a different insecticide. As far as guarantee, you need to buy from a reputable dealer first so you can return to them if the manufacturer is not responding.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2014

I bought this product while I was living in an apartment. It worked GREAT. I love it. We were having issues with fleas and I sprayed the wall boards first, then the carpet and then the couch. Never had an issue again. After I did this, which we were in the apartment for another year and a half, we had no issues at all. I refuse to buy any of the other garbage out there by other brands. They have never worked for me. Please don't ever take this product off the market.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2013

After applying it was only minutes before all fleas were gone. And they did not come back for about a year. We moved into a rental house at the ocean with a one year lease and the previous renter had 7 dogs. The place was infested when we moved in but we didn't know. It was on a Sunday morning at my computer right after moving in that my legs started itching. Awful experience. I knew right away what the problem was. I researched the issue on the internet then went to the local hardware and purchased this product. No more fleas.

One year later, still no fleas. It works. Now if you live in an apartment where fleas can come in from the neighboring unit or you keep bringing in flea infested animals from outdoors you may see more fleas from time to time. So don't expect this product to do something that nothing can do. So many folks are looking for a miracle cure for fleas which is absurd. You need to treat your animals, the outdoor area where your pets are located and if you live in a multi-unit complex you will need to have the owner treat the entire building. Let’s get real. This product works and works great. But you have to do the entire program with fleas. Or new ones just keep coming into your space. And nothing will solve that problem except you.

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Original review: June 13, 2013

I bought two gallons of this spray (Enforcer Flea Spray) and soaked the entire house down for several days and still have a major flea problem! What's up with this company? I have read other reviews, and it seems to me that the gov’t. will let anyone produce a product and put on the market without any proof of the spray working at all! I have also tried to call the company that makes this product (Water) and left messages, and guess what? No reply! Thanks for wasting my time and money! I will never buy a product from this company (ZEP) ever again.

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Original review: May 30, 2013

I used the Enforcer Flea Spray for my home and I am still seeing fleas jumping around and still getting flea bites. This does NOT work. I will never buy the brand product again.

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Original review: July 1, 2010

We purchased "Flea Spray for Homes" and heavily spraying it all over 1,200 square feet of our apartment space (carpet, furniture, walls) every day and every other day during more then 20 days. These are more then 11 Gallons! We ended with fleas' infestation because fleas multiply faster then Enforcer kill it. We have more flea bites than before we bought this product. We have all the proofs that these are fleas and flea bites. Enforcer Products, Inc. (Zep, Inc.) promises on the label to give your money back. This is a lie. You never will get your money back even if you have undeniable proofs. If this product does not work for you, return the empty jags to the retailer for refund.

We were working very hard to fight strange tiny light brown jumping fleas for a year. It is some new kind fleas that severely bites people. We were vacuuming two times a day. We treated our dog with every medicine available. We have severe reaction on flea bites and the reaction is getting worse. I carry an EpiPen by doctor's recent prescription that can save my life. (It will save a life of a person who will fall in the anaphylactic shock from allergic reaction and paramedic would be more then 15 minutes away). We used all available products from the stores (chemical and natural). Professional pest controllers only collect money and give us relief for several hours and promise to come back in 10 days for another fee.

We want more people to find the truth about useless pesticides on the U.S. market. We have all proofs. There are thousands people who bought "Flea Spray for Homes" and other products, and have a flea infestation at the end of the month because these products do not work. All pesticides on the market have extremely short half-life. It may work during it is wet. When it dries, less than an hour, new fleas hatch and produce more fleas. We want everyone to know if terrorists will bring infected insects to our country and we have no weapon to fight it! We have that phony Zep, Inc. who sell people water and call it fleas control pesticide.

I contacted the company several times and sent them a receipts and pictures and request money back. They ignored me and sent an email with a denial in four months. Maybe some strong standing law firm will have the guts to challenge all those billionaire fraudulent pesticide companies. Soon, we will have more disaster on our hands than the oil spill. Today, these horrifying fleas in my house, tomorrow it will be at your house biting your children and spreading diseases.

I am the U.S. citizen. I came here 16 years ago. We never have had a problem with insect bites until last year. We have no bites outdoor. It is not bed bugs. The life of our family is miserable for more then a year long. I developed an allergy on these fleas and I can die any time. If we were able to kill all fleas at the beginning of our fight, I never would be in this health condition right now. A member of my family is getting sicker and sicker of these bites and can end in my condition.

I can send you more information, correspondence, receipts and pictures with dates. You will have a great case against these criminals. Millions of people are trying to find relief from fleas and complaining all over the Internet. People are trying to find a solution. In Europe, we used Trichlorfon 97% pure that kills fleas for one shot. We were not able to find it in the U.S., however you can buy it in GB. I know how pesticides must work. On the U.S. market and in the pest control companies, they sell junk to people under the name of pesticide.

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Original review: June 9, 2010

I bought a flea and tick spray for my cats and dogs. When I used it on my cats, they got sick from it. Now, I have one cat that died and two that are dying. I called the company, but they kept sending me to one phone number after another and back to the number I started with. Nobody could or would help me, all they could do is tell me what to do if it was a human that digested, inhaled, or got in contact with the spray, but never for the pet that it was to be used on.

So if it is that dangerous for humans to come in contact with, why do they think it's safe to put it on our cats and dogs, that I happen to love as if they are my own babies. This product need to come off the shelf. My three cats died, and now, I'm depressed because I will never be able to replace my cats.

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