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As a member of Angie's List, I signed up for their promotion and what I found is following: Reaching customer service of Angie's List is completely useless. Whether it is a chat or email or telephone. They never follow up with you. The contractor who was supposed to provide the service never rendered the service. Why? I asked for the insurance info. The painter didn't have the insurance. I was provided w/ auto insurance which is completely useless if someone is doing the work. I reported on Angie's List the review which was critical of the painter and Angie's List to list them in the promotion (they still do it today - 8/26), the website never published my review.

I decided to sign up for the "free service" element of Angie's List to check reviews and see if the service was beneficial. I was never a paying member and glad I never took that step. I was looking for an asphalt contractor to replace our aging driveway. What I got when trying to read reviews was interesting. A contractor, listed favorably on other free sites, but, listed in their database could not be reviewed. It kept pushing me to 3 contractors that were rated A by their service. My research had identified that the 3 listed had some issues (via other sites) and I was frustrated not being able to review the contractor that had provided a quote.

When I spoke to the contractor about checking reviews, he told me he stopped being a "paying" member to Angie's due to excessive fees. In my opinion, it supports that Angie's will push paying contractors to the top of the list, and nonpaying or limited payees are pushed to the back of the list. This action by the site totally defeats the purpose of intent for consumers to find the "best" rated or more favorable contractors for a service. I use other free, unbiased sites like BBB, Yelp, etc to find feedback and could learn much more about a contractor than I could attempting to use Angie's List.

Another point that bothered me, was the start of emails that if I upgraded my service to "pay" level, I would have more benefits and information available to me. Obviously, that was not going to happen. I have tried to "unsubscribe" to the service, and it ignores my request. I was receiving numerous emails per week regarding service discounts, programs, etc. to the point of being annoying as spam. My option for now was to "block" their address and dump into spam and delete as received. When asked, I let people know in my network, even "free" is not a benefit and avoid this service. It has no current value to consumers looking for honest and fair service providers. I decided to make a post here to also help folks, with understanding from my limited experience with them, how it works, or doesn't, in this case.

I am the top rated handyman business on angie's and have been for many many years but I won't pay to advertise so they are going to bump me down to the bottom and list bad companies ahead of me because they will pay. What was a good company with a good idea now is a ripoff money hungry company that doesn't help consumers but now helps bad companies that can't get by on word of mouth good work! Angie's is the biggest fraud consumer ripoff out there!

Paid for a membership, found an electrician - had cable rerouted. After cable was rerouted, there was a problem with a shower leaking. I did not put two and two together that the shower leaking into the ceiling was a result of the cable rerouting. Had tiles removed from floor of shower to view the shower pan and it was determined that the cable was going right through the shower liner. Angie's List would not allow the bad review of their electrician. I never used nor trusted Angie's List after that experience. My advice is to stay away.

I need a roofer badly due to raining weather and leaking roof. I paid PayPal for silver member on 8/11/2016. I had problem signing in. Send email to My email said it was undeliverable to recipient. I asked friend and finally found a roofer. I filed a dispute with PayPal. PayPal told me to contact Angie's list. It was in vain. PayPal is not that good for the benefit of the consumer either. I send a total of 4 emails. It all came back as deliverable. I finally found their phone number to call. I told them that since there is no way that I could sign in, and request for refund. They said that they do not refund. I just have to use it for a year. So I went to website. I found it is useless. I can get better information from local Pennysaver. Please do not ever subscribe the useless services. Do not waste your money.

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As a business, we get multiple calls per month to advertise with Angie's in order to put our business in the spotlight. We do not advertise our business on Angie's List. 3 top complaints: We received a negative review. I researched all the information provided in the review, I could not find the customer or address in our database. I'm not sure if someone accidentally posted to the wrong company or if someone was deliberately posting a false review. When I called A.L. to discuss, they said if they cannot reach the reviewer, they cannot remove the review. Eventually it was removed;

I saw a review that did not make sense. I spoke to our customer who wrote the review and she said A.L. contacted her and said to stay at a lower subscription price, she was required to make a certain number of reviews. So she quickly posted reviews to meet her requirements; Most recently, we received a call saying effective August 1, 2016, that our company will have minimal visibility. This is because we do not advertise with Angie's List.

The beginning purpose of the company was homeowner based, driven by homeowners that paid a fee to write a review for the sake of other homeowners. Then it was about which businesses paid for more exposure. Now, to make things even worse, non subscriber "homeowner" users can comment which opens A.L. to abuse of the ratings system by an unlimited number of false reviews.

Caliber Constructions initial visit to my home was on 6/2/16, when Caliber's sales representative Tim ** came to assess home repairs and provide me a quote for indoor/outdoor projects. During that visit Tim ** inspected my roof and informed me that he could immediately see I had severe hail damage. Tim ** assessed the damages and quoted me $12,505 for all repairs. Tim then told me I needed to call my insurance agent and advise them I had severe hail damage. I did so trusting in Caliber's expertise to identify hail damage.

I scheduled the appointment with State Farms claim agent and per Tim's request invited him to attend. During the inspection Tim surprisingly did not go onto the roof with the State Farm agents. After State Farm inspected the roof, they gave Tim and I their analysis, informing us they found minimal hail damage, contrary to Tim's severe hail damage analysis. Surprisingly again, Tim did not have any comments or rebuttal to the State Farm agent findings. I was extremely shocked and horrified that I had filed a claim that resulted in findings contrary to those assessed by Caliber Construction.

Soon-after on 6/22 I was provided with an estimate by State Farm of $2600.00. I contacted Tim on 6/22 and discussed their analysis with Tim who responded by saying the amounts allotted for the work required, were too low and he would provide me a counter to their quote. Weeks went by with no response from Tim.

Due to the lack of response from Tim in June & July, my State Farm claim was closed on 7/18/16 so I reached out to the Caliber office and complained, soon after Tim called and advised that he did not agree with their analysis of minor hail damage which was contrary to his assessed damage of severe hail damage. Tim advised I should request to have State Farm re-open my claim and request a 2nd agent. I did as Tim advised and State Farm re-opened my claim on 7/19 stating they would need an additional reason to visit the site again since during their first visit Caliber Construction Tim ** did not go onto the roof nor did Caliber/Tim rebuttal any of State Farms findings during the day of their site visit.

During all this time I had also attempted to speak to the owner of Caliber Construction Leonard Murrell. It took over a month for Leonard to finally call me in late July and at that point I told him I wanted to work directly with him. He then came to my home and assessed the roof himself, offering no apologies for his salesman Tim **. Leonard completed his analysis saying the roof did have damage and he would work directly with my insurance claim agent. I signed a letter of authorization on 7/26 & sent it to my insurance co and then provided Leonard with the claim agent's contact info. Leonard assured me he'd handle the claim from there.

On 8/4 Leonard Murrell still had not contacted my insurance agent, so I followed up with him and he reassured me again that he would be following up with my insurance claim agent... On 8/12 logged into my State Farm account and found that for the 2nd time my claim had been closed by State Farm for lack of response. I now have a claim on my insurance policy record which places me at risk of a policy increase. I've lost valuable time stressing over this matter which continues to be unresolved. I recently discovered that Tim ** has his own business, Tim ** Construction and Handy-man service and to no surprise this business has a complaint filed on the BBB and one on the Rip-Off Report. I passed this information onto Leonard but I'm doubtful it mattered to him.

Crappy service. Only free now because HomeAdvisor came along with free service, and Angie's List couldn't compete. Beware even giving them your email address, because you'll get spammed forever, even after you repeatedly ask to be taken off their email list. I hate this company. Use HomeAdvisor instead.

I purchased 1 hour of electrical work. It took over 4 days to get a response, and I only heard from them after giving them a "F" rating. I am still waiting on a refund of 69.00. I hired a real company to do the work. I am waiting days for Angie's List to respond...still waiting.

To keep a long story short, Angie's List will upsell you every year when you have to reinstate your account. And not by just a couple dollars. More like 75% higher than what you paid the previous year. My recent experience is that I was sold something I didn't want and my monthly charge has gone up from $166 a month to $366 a month. Angie's List also took $800 from my credit card to charge me for a past due bill I knew nothing about. I'm sure I'm confusing anyone reading this but that is the issue. Angie's List makes it so difficult to understand their policies so they can whack you for more $$$. The agent I work with on Angie's List, Brian tries to be helpful but his hands are tied too.

Once Angie's List gets your $$$ you have zero chance of recovering it. And if they have your credit card info you will be in big trouble. So far I've been ripped off by a little more than $800 in 2 months and there is nothing I can do about it. If you think I'm just a disgruntled customer I challenge you to call them to set up a business account. If they don't try upselling, selling you things you don't want, high pressure sales, or you just get that gut feeling that they are trying to get over on you then I'm wrong. Be very careful.

I was a paid member for a couple of years. During that time, I was REPEATEDLY contacted by them to review businesses I'd never used. I told them this, but would receive an identical request within a week. I finally called them and told them that, their knowing I hadn't used the business but they wanted me to review it anyway, made me distrust their entire business. After all, at that time their big claim was that each business was reviewed by someone who had actually used their services. NOW, I'm receiving requests to "renew" my membership or lose all my information, including the legitimate reviews I did perform on businesses I had used. Their current, copious advertisements state that NOW their service is free... and yet, they still want paid memberships... or else. They are simply not trustworthy. Period.

As a company we receive 10-15 calls a month from them asking us to advertise. We have told them over and over we are not interested. They in around about way have always threatened to list us as closed for service. Today they left a flat out threat, advertise or have your listing stopped. We will never do business with these people. The only thing we hear or read is bad.

I was with them yrs ago when you had to pay to go on it... It wasn't good. There was one review to a Dr office that was good so I went and it was a horrible experience. I was stuck with it for 3 months. Now she says "join for free" so you waste time to fill out the information. Can't do anything without paying crap!!

Angie's List has a real bait and switch mentality when it comes to their clients. For starters, this statement they make about no business being able to pay to be recommended on Angie's List is false. Second, I hired a business to come out and give me a quote from their site. The business gave me a quote for over twice what anyone else had quoted me, and I had 4 quotes. Third, for business owners, (like myself) they really scam the business owners. They tell you that if you get good reviews and ratings, you qualify to buy advertising packages on Angie's List, as I noted. They sign you up for about a year. 3 Months or so into your advertising package you paid for, they tell you they made a mistake in how many reviews you need to qualify. Then, they keep your money, and cancel your ad package.

The worst part of that is that, in a period of months and months, I only got one party who even responded to their ads, anyway. It was a nice lady, and I definitely helped her. But, I only got back about 10% of my original ad package investment. Which makes me think that Angie's List is no longer relevant to consumers. Despite their 'free' memberships now available, consumers just don't use Angie's List. So, if there's no one out there using their service, what's the point? Their service is pretty sad, considering that they pretend to be a really clean, ethical company, but they are just scamming both consumers and business owners. They don't live up to their image. My recommendation to you is to avoid any contact with this Angie's List.

As the owner of a construction company I was advertising for free on Angie's List. After numerous phone calls from them they talked me into signing up for paid advertisement so I could be seen more efficiently. They scammed me out of $3,000, promised me things that never happened to business owners. Save your money, it's a scam. To homeowners looking to have work done, go to Google.

New Angie's list Job Profiles - This is a joke. Asks some of the stupidest questions that have nothing to do with work history, but keep sending you emails until you block them or jump through all their stupid hoops. Waste of time and very annoying - don't fall into the trap and answer 1 of their questions because it will never end.

We wanted to let people know that we had the best service given by the above mentioned company. They came on time to see the job; gave us the estimate also when promised. We decided to work with them and cannot be more pleased. The job was started when scheduled, done and completed before time to our complete satisfaction. They did what they were supposed to do and then some! We are very glad to recommend them very highly.

Angie's List is completely unethical. They allow any review to be posted without investigating the author of the post. As a small business owner, it makes it very difficult to maintain the good reputation that has taken years to build.

I am a self-employed contractor who recently got out of Angie's List. Why? First, I would receive numerous phone calls from them daily trying to get me to buy advertising. It got to the point where I had to block their numbers so I could actually do some work. Second, I rarely go onto their website but happened to one night and saw a terrible review about my business from someone who I have never known or been contacted from. Probably a competitor. What irked me was Angie's List never notified me that there was a bad review. They just left it up for others to see. I felt terrible because I only had excellent reviews. So goodbye Angie.

What I haven't experienced is the mythical "Angie's List member discounts" from ANY of the providers that I've contacted. Of all the providers that I've contacted through Angie's List, I've only found 2 that I felt comfortable enough to hire. One of those I hired was extremely good. The other got my business due to lack of competition in its field. I could have found these providers without Angie's List and for free.

I have a small business of cleaning services and they call me to get a good deal with them. The salesman never told me I have to give them 40% of each job I get hired plus the monthly payment. They have the weird people there. This is a big scam. I get out of them contract because I can't read very good. I ask the manager to tell me all what it is. She did not. Verbal agreement has to be the same of writing. I lost money, 2 cars, plus I got bad bad reviews from them "customers". I had one. He is always on prescription drugs. I don't feel comfortable sending my females employees with people like that. I think this is two way street.

I subscribed to Angie's List about a year ago and used a couple of their providers with good results and left positive reviews. Unfortunately I contacted a provider that had a terrible outcome. When I wrote a negative review I was advised that my contact information would be sent to that provider and I had to agree or I could not leave the review. In the current world environment I do not feel safe in leaving a negative review and having my contact information sent to the person it was left about. I could understand if they gave them my zip code but giving them all my contact information is downright scary. The world is scary enough without sending someone ammunition and my contact information to seek revenge. No wonder they have such great reviews. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't leave a negative review knowing that the person it's about is going to be forwarded the review and the reviewers contact information.

I also use Home Advisor and have had good and negative outcomes EXCEPT Home Advisor will let me leave a negative review without giving the person who I wrote it about my contact information. As far as I can see Angie's list is a real scam. They make it look like they have all these wonderful providers when in reality they "work it" so you have no other choice, either leave a good review or shut up. PLUS, Angie's List charges you and if you want to cancel you have to call them. You can't cancel online. Another way to try and talk you into staying and wasting your time.

I would not recommend Angie's List. I signed up a few years ago and they do not give you adequate notice that your "automatic annual renewal" is going to occur. I had 24 hours notice to cancel and only a vague subject title in the email they sent me to alert me my membership was up. I realized I was automatically re-upped and charged approximately 50 dollars when I received my credit card statement. I emailed them and was told I could send another email requesting a new renewal alert for next year that would give 30, 60 or 90 days notice. There was no offer to reimburse me for this year's membership that I do not want. The offers Angie provides via emails are ridiculous and are not useful - for example $99 for a roof inspection, when you/I can get this for free from any decent roof contractor you can find from word of mouth or Yelp.

Angie now is free to new members and you can pay for an upgraded subscription. Guess what? I joined before it was free and my annual membership is the upgraded version so I can go back to FREE. I truly hope Angie's List can be taken to task for their sketchy-scam business verbiage and practices. Their polices posted on their website are misleading. I will continue to request more response from them but hold out little hope based on other complaints I have read here.

Like many others, when I signed up for Angie's List I did not see that buried in the barrage of words, ALL accounts are automatically on auto-renew. I logged in twice in a year, did not find the platform useful. I find word-of-mouth among people I know is still better. Didn't even know my account had auto-renewed. I don't think they even send an email receipt. Months later, I realize it has auto-renewed, contact Angie's List & they REFUSE to refund any of this year's membership. They fall back on "it's in the agreement". They KNOW people don't see that. CEO is from McKinsey, so they're just wanting money. And good God - how to stop getting their stupid emails pleading for me to review service providers?! No, I don't pay for something and then put in volunteer time to keep the product relevant. Super shady money grubbers. Avoid.

I signed up with AL 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but frustration since. First, it took a week for my coordinator to call me and I had to send an email prompting her to call me. Then we only had problems with the website, and I could not view my ad, the coordinator sent me a screenshot, but on the side of the screen I could see she filtered the results to make me look as if we were appearing higher on the page. That was the last straw, I felt so swindled, I let her know I want to cancel and she said there is 35% cancellation fee, NO!!! I will not be paying this or it will go to court, I never signed a contract to that, I reviewed the agreement over and over again!!!

I think the premise of Angie's List while interesting is a scam to fleece the contractor and consumer. I cancelled membership 2 months after looking and evaluating their contractors (definitely more expensive ). Going thru my billing they have been auto-renewing my Paypal accounts for a couple of years! I think this company is unethical both ways for consumers and the contractors - Avoid, you have better options.

Do not join Angie's List! They only want your membership money, and do not care about their customers beyond that. Their "HASSLE FREE" membership, is definitely not so hassle free! Once you buy a membership, you are stuck with it for a year. They have a 100% no refund policy! They offer absolutely no refund, full or partial. No matter how long you have been a member. It may only be 2 days. Doesn't matter. Maybe you have not been able to find any deals that works for you. Doesn't matter. Maybe you are just not happy with the program or exactly how it works and even if you have not purchase anything through them.

I escalated my call and requested to speak to a manager. The lady was no help. She just kept repeating that they do not ever do refunds. She did say that she made sure to cancel my renewal from happening next May. Gee... How kind! She also mentioned that they pride themselves on customer satisfaction, and she could send me some information on how to better my experience with Angie's List. So I asked that if they pride themselves on customer satisfaction, then why not have a refund policy. Like a robot, she again repeated, we do not give refunds. DO! NOT! JOIN!

Signed up for a one-year advertising package for over $1K with early termination fee of 30%. Promised more referrals for work than I could handle. Nothing else I had to do. Several months went by and no calls. I left 5 messages for a return call. Finally had to stop the monthly payments before I got a call and only to tell me it was my fault no business, and AL tried to sell me more advertising. They said they would do an internal investigation to find out what was promised and if promised more than I received then no early termination fee due. I got a call after the "investigation" saying no early termination fee cancellation. Go ahead and sign up with AL if you feel lucky and desperate. I'm currently having great luck with Thumbtack for a fraction of the cost.

I paid for angie's list and once I had access, learned it was not at all useful to me. Yelp reviews & recommendations were less biased & more helpful, so I didn't even log into Angie's list again after a couple attempts of it being unhelpful. Today I get notice that they've deducted money from my PayPal account & contacted them immediately, expecting my account could be canceled and my money would be refunded as requested. I was told they canceled my account BUT COULD NOT REFUND ME. I was never sent ANY email notification that this acct was even nearing renewal & that was definitely not an accident. They told me all accounts are set to auto renew & give no warning that they are charging you - SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM IF I'VE EVER SEEN ONE. Not at all a legit company - AVOID.

We paid for a membership that allows us to check any business in the country for one fee. For months now, we have not been able to use the site, as it gives us businesses in Wisconsin and Minnesota or God knows where when we are located in Florida or Rhode Island, or California. (We have multiple residences). Over 11 calls to customer service has just resulted in wasted hours on hold, promises that the site would be fixed, and agreeing that the situation is intolerable. That upsets me the most. Someone must have told the agents to just agree with the customer to settle people down, but it makes me more and more upset.

NOW, they won't even allow me to log on to the site without agreeing to a "New Policy" without spelling out exactly what that policy will be- EXACTLY. What fool would agree to something without knowing exactly what it is. And remember, I've already paid for a membership I cannot use. THESE PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER TRUSTWORTHY. JUST AFTER THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

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Angie's List is an online service that connects homeowners with local service providers. The company also gathers reviews of service providers so consumers can make informed decisions.

  • Fair-price guarantee: If an Angie List's member's purchase price exceeds the company's quoted fair price, the company will find a lower-priced alternative for the customer or offer a refund for the difference between the actual price and the fair price.
  • Service quality guarantee: Customers who aren't happy with the services they receive can get full refunds up to $100,000.
  • Background checks: The company does background checks on all of the providers it recommends.
  • Local reviews: Customers can browse through local reviews from previous customers to ensure they are making an informed hiring decision.
  • Discounts: Angie's List regularly offers customers deep discounts on well-rated cleaning companies.
  • Best for Homeowners looking to hire a reputable cleaning company in their local area. Profile

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