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New Angie's list Job Profiles - This is a joke. Asks some of the stupidest questions that have nothing to do with work history, but keep sending you emails until you block them or jump through all their stupid hoops. Waste of time and very annoying - don't fall into the trap and answer 1 of their questions because it will never end.

We wanted to let people know that we had the best service given by the above mentioned company. They came on time to see the job; gave us the estimate also when promised. We decided to work with them and cannot be more pleased. The job was started when scheduled, done and completed before time to our complete satisfaction. They did what they were supposed to do and then some! We are very glad to recommend them very highly.

Angie's List is completely unethical. They allow any review to be posted without investigating the author of the post. As a small business owner, it makes it very difficult to maintain the good reputation that has taken years to build.

I am a self-employed contractor who recently got out of Angie's List. Why? First, I would receive numerous phone calls from them daily trying to get me to buy advertising. It got to the point where I had to block their numbers so I could actually do some work. Second, I rarely go onto their website but happened to one night and saw a terrible review about my business from someone who I have never known or been contacted from. Probably a competitor. What irked me was Angie's List never notified me that there was a bad review. They just left it up for others to see. I felt terrible because I only had excellent reviews. So goodbye Angie.

What I haven't experienced is the mythical "Angie's List member discounts" from ANY of the providers that I've contacted. Of all the providers that I've contacted through Angie's List, I've only found 2 that I felt comfortable enough to hire. One of those I hired was extremely good. The other got my business due to lack of competition in its field. I could have found these providers without Angie's List and for free.

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I have a small business of cleaning services and they call me to get a good deal with them. The salesman never told me I have to give them 40% of each job I get hired plus the monthly payment. They have the weird people there. This is a big scam. I get out of them contract because I can't read very good. I ask the manager to tell me all what it is. She did not. Verbal agreement has to be the same of writing. I lost money, 2 cars, plus I got bad bad reviews from them "customers". I had one. He is always on prescription drugs. I don't feel comfortable sending my females employees with people like that. I think this is two way street.

I subscribed to Angie's List about a year ago and used a couple of their providers with good results and left positive reviews. Unfortunately I contacted a provider that had a terrible outcome. When I wrote a negative review I was advised that my contact information would be sent to that provider and I had to agree or I could not leave the review. In the current world environment I do not feel safe in leaving a negative review and having my contact information sent to the person it was left about. I could understand if they gave them my zip code but giving them all my contact information is downright scary. The world is scary enough without sending someone ammunition and my contact information to seek revenge. No wonder they have such great reviews. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't leave a negative review knowing that the person it's about is going to be forwarded the review and the reviewers contact information.

I also use Home Advisor and have had good and negative outcomes EXCEPT Home Advisor will let me leave a negative review without giving the person who I wrote it about my contact information. As far as I can see Angie's list is a real scam. They make it look like they have all these wonderful providers when in reality they "work it" so you have no other choice, either leave a good review or shut up. PLUS, Angie's List charges you and if you want to cancel you have to call them. You can't cancel online. Another way to try and talk you into staying and wasting your time.

I would not recommend Angie's List. I signed up a few years ago and they do not give you adequate notice that your "automatic annual renewal" is going to occur. I had 24 hours notice to cancel and only a vague subject title in the email they sent me to alert me my membership was up. I realized I was automatically re-upped and charged approximately 50 dollars when I received my credit card statement. I emailed them and was told I could send another email requesting a new renewal alert for next year that would give 30, 60 or 90 days notice. There was no offer to reimburse me for this year's membership that I do not want. The offers Angie provides via emails are ridiculous and are not useful - for example $99 for a roof inspection, when you/I can get this for free from any decent roof contractor you can find from word of mouth or Yelp.

Angie now is free to new members and you can pay for an upgraded subscription. Guess what? I joined before it was free and my annual membership is the upgraded version so I can go back to FREE. I truly hope Angie's List can be taken to task for their sketchy-scam business verbiage and practices. Their polices posted on their website are misleading. I will continue to request more response from them but hold out little hope based on other complaints I have read here.

Like many others, when I signed up for Angie's List I did not see that buried in the barrage of words, ALL accounts are automatically on auto-renew. I logged in twice in a year, did not find the platform useful. I find word-of-mouth among people I know is still better. Didn't even know my account had auto-renewed. I don't think they even send an email receipt. Months later, I realize it has auto-renewed, contact Angie's List & they REFUSE to refund any of this year's membership. They fall back on "it's in the agreement". They KNOW people don't see that. CEO is from McKinsey, so they're just wanting money. And good God - how to stop getting their stupid emails pleading for me to review service providers?! No, I don't pay for something and then put in volunteer time to keep the product relevant. Super shady money grubbers. Avoid.

I signed up with AL 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but frustration since. First, it took a week for my coordinator to call me and I had to send an email prompting her to call me. Then we only had problems with the website, and I could not view my ad, the coordinator sent me a screenshot, but on the side of the screen I could see she filtered the results to make me look as if we were appearing higher on the page. That was the last straw, I felt so swindled, I let her know I want to cancel and she said there is 35% cancellation fee, NO!!! I will not be paying this or it will go to court, I never signed a contract to that, I reviewed the agreement over and over again!!!

I think the premise of Angie's List while interesting is a scam to fleece the contractor and consumer. I cancelled membership 2 months after looking and evaluating their contractors (definitely more expensive ). Going thru my billing they have been auto-renewing my Paypal accounts for a couple of years! I think this company is unethical both ways for consumers and the contractors - Avoid, you have better options.

Do not join Angie's List! They only want your membership money, and do not care about their customers beyond that. Their "HASSLE FREE" membership, is definitely not so hassle free! Once you buy a membership, you are stuck with it for a year. They have a 100% no refund policy! They offer absolutely no refund, full or partial. No matter how long you have been a member. It may only be 2 days. Doesn't matter. Maybe you have not been able to find any deals that works for you. Doesn't matter. Maybe you are just not happy with the program or exactly how it works and even if you have not purchase anything through them.

I escalated my call and requested to speak to a manager. The lady was no help. She just kept repeating that they do not ever do refunds. She did say that she made sure to cancel my renewal from happening next May. Gee... How kind! She also mentioned that they pride themselves on customer satisfaction, and she could send me some information on how to better my experience with Angie's List. So I asked that if they pride themselves on customer satisfaction, then why not have a refund policy. Like a robot, she again repeated, we do not give refunds. DO! NOT! JOIN!

Signed up for a one-year advertising package for over $1K with early termination fee of 30%. Promised more referrals for work than I could handle. Nothing else I had to do. Several months went by and no calls. I left 5 messages for a return call. Finally had to stop the monthly payments before I got a call and only to tell me it was my fault no business, and AL tried to sell me more advertising. They said they would do an internal investigation to find out what was promised and if promised more than I received then no early termination fee due. I got a call after the "investigation" saying no early termination fee cancellation. Go ahead and sign up with AL if you feel lucky and desperate. I'm currently having great luck with Thumbtack for a fraction of the cost.

I paid for angie's list and once I had access, learned it was not at all useful to me. Yelp reviews & recommendations were less biased & more helpful, so I didn't even log into Angie's list again after a couple attempts of it being unhelpful. Today I get notice that they've deducted money from my PayPal account & contacted them immediately, expecting my account could be canceled and my money would be refunded as requested. I was told they canceled my account BUT COULD NOT REFUND ME. I was never sent ANY email notification that this acct was even nearing renewal & that was definitely not an accident. They told me all accounts are set to auto renew & give no warning that they are charging you - SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM IF I'VE EVER SEEN ONE. Not at all a legit company - AVOID.

We paid for a membership that allows us to check any business in the country for one fee. For months now, we have not been able to use the site, as it gives us businesses in Wisconsin and Minnesota or God knows where when we are located in Florida or Rhode Island, or California. (We have multiple residences). Over 11 calls to customer service has just resulted in wasted hours on hold, promises that the site would be fixed, and agreeing that the situation is intolerable. That upsets me the most. Someone must have told the agents to just agree with the customer to settle people down, but it makes me more and more upset.

NOW, they won't even allow me to log on to the site without agreeing to a "New Policy" without spelling out exactly what that policy will be- EXACTLY. What fool would agree to something without knowing exactly what it is. And remember, I've already paid for a membership I cannot use. THESE PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER TRUSTWORTHY. JUST AFTER THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

Very disappointed with what Angie's List has become as a result of its owners' determination to monetize it. I became aware that AL reviews are no longer what you could call disinterested when my painter, a man who was referred to me by a friend in the trades, remarked that he had paid -- a pretty stiff fee, we might add, to get himself posted near the top of AL's listings. Charging these guys to be listed in a resource that's not unlike Google as a kind of search engine (only more local) causes them to raise their prices, or else cut corners. It's not like a painter doesn't cost enough. Thank you! One could do without that particular type of artificial and unnecessary inflation.

Hate their website these days. Every time you go there, you get "special offers" shoved in your face and have to navigate a lot of nuisance before you can do a search. What comes up is, unlike the older design's offering, not very useful. Deeply, DEEPLY resent their auto-renewal policy. I might not mind if I felt what's on offer these days is worth what they're charging. But lately I haven't felt I was getting value for the cost.

I recently received an auto renewal charge from Angie's List. If you have ever used Angie's List - you are automatically signed up for auto renewals. You probably don't know that this is the practice. Any business that automatically "auto-renews" your membership as a default is scamming you. They rely on you not to notice.

Twice after reading A rated Angie's List of companies, I have no reason or idea of an A rating! Two days ago after Angie's List emailed me a list of A rated plumbers, I did choose one. Nightmare! This company is horrible. They nearly scammed me of nearly one hundred dollars for a service call. Any charges from this drippy company will be disputed! The customer service is rude and sarcastic, among many other negative attributes! I had to contact another plumbing company and pay prices which were expensive, but the work was completed. After this terrible experience, I would definitely NOT consider Angie's List ratings or take your chances! Good Luck! If my husband wants to continue the subscription, he can pay the fees. I would rather spend my time and money elsewhere!

We began receiving reviews which were mailed to AL. My assumption is: It is then up the staff of AL to enter these reviews. How else do they get online to be read, if they were mailed. They misspelled words so badly the sentence didn't make any sense. And to make matters worse, it even read like "he bed me." Later, I offered suggestions for how they might fix it (since they seemed clueless). Unbiased, but at least a proper sentence. After about 7-8 emails, of which most were responded to in 2-4 days, some not at all, they said they were unable to change anything. Then they sent me an email about "what to do if you receive a negative review." The review was very positive, the client loving the work he received from the doctor. They were and remain unwilling to correct their stupendously bad entry. Extremely dissatisfied.

I joined Angie's List, it said nothing of not receiving your membership dues back. I found a service that I needed but they were 55 miles away. By the time that they responded, we had someone else do the work and did not need them. The $99 we paid them, could not be collected from Myrtle Beach Gutters. They said we had to get it back through Angie's, which said they could not return it to us.

We had to find another service of any kind and use it, even if it was more, to get any satisfaction. We took this all the way to every person we could find through Angie's and always the same answer. They are continually harassing me now for a closure to the issue, and a review of Myrtle Beach Gutters who never did anything. I lost my membership money, and the money paid to MB Gutters. My renewal is due, and I have said NO. I keep sending the same answers to every review they send out to close my account for MBG. I have reached the place where I just ignore them.

Do not sign up with Angie's. They are a rip off and the companies who use them should wake up!!! I will never use another company from Angie's List again. I will find local people and not pay membership fees that will not be returned or canceled. And money to a business, that is not returned. It goes straight in Angie's pocket, hence her huge ratings. Makes me sick!!

I have a home inspection company. I have an account with HomeAdvisor and made a profile with AL. I put the review links in my email signature for customers to leave reviews for me (btw I have a 5 star/A+ rating). AL contacted me and I agreed to a phone meeting. They of course start their conversation with "You are agreeing to make a decision today by taking this call". Really!? So we go through the whole spiel and when I ask if they can lower the price so I can try it out what do you know it goes from 5k a year to $200 a month.

When I ask if I can call back (I had a home inspection client call) Frederick ** said no. I tell him I will get back to him. My initial contact Jennifer ** sends me an email reiterating the "You said you would make a decision today" comment. I replied that I was hoping for less of a hard sell but I understand. He get paid commissions and I will get back to them at the end of the summer. She forwards the email to Fred and his reply to me/Jennifer... And this is direct from the email... Interesting feedback, Thanks Jennifer. Rich, Hard Sale?

During the call you voluntary (not voluntarily, learn how to spell Fred) stated you would make a decision and sign up on the call, negotiated a discount for one year, completed the background check. After providing me with a couple of reasons why you needed to delay signing up, I then asked you if you wanted to advertise or pass on AL. You voluntarily responded "yes" (yes to which question Fred). This isn't a case of a hard sale. It's a case of you not keeping your word. I have closed the service file, voided the agreement. Rich, AL is different than HomeAdvisor. We are a private referral network. In the future you would be better served simply saying "No". Best regards Fred **, Senior Solutions Consultant.

First Fred I have no intention of signing anything until I have had a chance to do me due diligence. 2nd, It's a case of me not keeping my word? You are a foolish man and horrid sales rep. 3rd. This is not how you run a business. You verbiage is as pretentious as your last name. 4th, I was trying to get off of the phone because I had a client call, so now not only do you insult me but you are costing me business. I am fairly certain that I dodged a bullet by putting you off. It's a shame because I really thought AL was different than the other services but now I see they have grown so fast because their sales people are pushy and this guy in particular is a child who threw a fit because I didn't fall for his sales B.S. and guilt trip. Be very cautious when dealing with these people and read all the reviews you can find BEFORE you sign anything.

Too bad, Angie's List is no longer usable for me. I too was told that the problem where I cannot narrow my search to miles within my area was a glitch, weeks ago. It still does not work. I really like Angie's List until it became this "in your face" website trying to sell me "offers". They have ruined it and it looks like I will have to go through what sounds like another awful experience with them of canceling my membership, which they are auto charging my credit card for now. I don't remember even giving them permission to do that, but they just did a couple months back. It's like 12 bucks and I had used it several times before, so I let it go. It's now becoming the unusable rip-off site. All I need is to find someone to install a faucet locally, not offers and lists of folks too far away. Reviews have also been made harder to read now.

After filing a complaint with the BBB, Angie's List provided a full refund.

Original Review

I joined in Jan 2016 but a month later the website location search functionality disappeared. I would get nothing but lists of business names and clicking on anyone of them could yield a business in another city or near me - no way to tell without clicking on every business individually. Called to complain - on hold for >15 minutes. Hung up and sent an email. Response to email said they were working on the issue and in the meantime I could call for assistance findings local services. Really? I can call? And be on hold for ridiculous amounts of time only to, what? Have someone read me a list?! A month later the website issue was still not fixed. Called again. On hold >12 minutes. Hung up and initiated chat where the rep cheerily informed me that I cannot cancel my current membership - I can only choose not to renew it. So I basically paid $69.99 for a year's membership that I could only use for 1 month.

Here is how it works. Somebody from Angie's List will contact you. A smooth talker will let you know that you are now eligible to advertise on AL. They tell you they will promote your business by advertising your goods and services. You will pop up on internet searches and social media sites like Facebook. They tell you a rep. will contact you to set up your "storefront". And that your business will alternate with other business for the top advertising spot. The sales rep you speak with is very confident that advertising with AL will increase sales. They also tell you it will take 2 to 3 months for your advertising to start lifting your sales. You decide to go for it. You agree to a $245 a month advertising campaign.

I am now 6 months into my campaign and have not had one single potential customer contact me from AL. No one has set up whatever a "storefront" is. My account manager tells me he has no idea how we get our ads on Facebook. And the problem is that we don't have any customer reviews for the services we provide. But my account manager has a fix for that. He sends me a link to send out to anybody with email address to write a review on our company.

Now I am questioning how authentic the hundreds of 5 star reviews our competitors have!!! If you work hard to run your business. If you want to make sound advertising decisions. When a AL rep calls you to advertise with them -- hang up and block the number. Keep the $245 a month and hire a kid to hand deliver flyers in the neighborhoods you want to target. AL could care less about you after they get your credit card number.

It is impossible to get in to find someone to do a job for you. You have to pay. Why doing it if you can simply Google anything you need. Also if you want you can pay them and leave a review. Don't trust this scum.

They are all about the money! As a contractor I paid $6500 per month to get leads. I got more leads when I paid $700. They are very tricky--the way they work you out "Slowly" and suck you in to pay more. I got to the point that I said that if and when they saw that I'm not willing to increase my contract I stopped getting leads.

If you are looking for a contractor do yourself a favor and look for one in a different place.

I bought a subscription for my mother in law to help her look for doctors. She didn't use it much, so, I initiated a chat through their website to cancel it 1 week before the renewal deadline. Now, a week later, they charge me anyway. So, I've been sitting on hold on the phone to tell them to reverse the charge, so I don't have to file a dispute with my credit card company. In general, I'm happy with Angie's List service in my own town, but they make canceling your account a nightmare. If they leave me on hold much longer, I'll have plenty of time to file the dispute with my credit card, and find other places to leave negative reviews.

Signed for the service and every time we search for a service their FILTER option only shows up for seconds not giving you time to narrow the selection and forcing you to look at all businesses in that category. So pretty much you are paying for more or less what you can find for free. I even called the company several times and the only answer "is a glitch." Decided to cancel and guess what can't do it over the phone. RIPOFF.

Our company has advertised with Angie's List for many years. Over the last 3 years or so the leads have trickled down to nothing. We have been getting zero leads and paying more than ever to them. They even send us leads we have to additionally purchase for a fee from non-Angie's List members. We tried this and paid for the lead and it was completely bogus. Sometimes the customers don't even call you back! So we obviously cancelled our agreement because we were simply not getting anything in return for our advertising fees.

Our account rep tried to argue with us that it was our fault and we needed to be more involved. I have done nothing different over the course of 10+ years and have always updated my info and done what they asked from me. I would get greater benefit to save paying them and canvas directly myself! I expected better treatment after all the advertising money we spent over the years, but our account rep was rude and arrogant. Now they have charged cancellation fee, plus the next month's fee in advance! Had to cancel my credit card! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

My small service company decided to advertise on Angie's List. A person we didn't even provide service for put an "F" review on our company because we could not service the town they lived in. Then this same person during the review added a slanderous / defamation of character word to the review for no reason. Angie's List refused to take the review off even though we never serviced this person and refused to at least remove the slanderous / defamation of character word. I've required a refund for the remainder of my term and will never advertise with this company again. I've also contacted my attorney.

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The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

Angie's List is an online service that connects homeowners with local service providers. The company also gathers reviews of service providers so consumers can make informed decisions.

  • Fair-price guarantee: If an Angie List's member's purchase price exceeds the company's quoted fair price, the company will find a lower-priced alternative for the customer or offer a refund for the difference between the actual price and the fair price.
  • Service quality guarantee: Customers who aren't happy with the services they receive can get full refunds up to $100,000.
  • Background checks: The company does background checks on all of the providers it recommends.
  • Local reviews: Customers can browse through local reviews from previous customers to ensure they are making an informed hiring decision.
  • Discounts: Angie's List regularly offers customers deep discounts on well-rated cleaning companies.
  • Best for Homeowners looking to hire a reputable cleaning company in their local area. Profile

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