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Coral Calcium
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17 Coral Calcium Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2015

Thank you for this space. YEP, that is FIVE BIG stars for a supplement I have been consuming for... wait for it...4,735 days as of NOV 1, 2015. Now that I have a few years (under my belt), let me help by stating these facts. NOPE, didn't die from a heart attack suffered on JAN 22, 2013. NOPE, haven't had any issues with buying VIA the www. NOPE, haven't missed any days, weeks or months during the thousands of days stated above. YEP, the heart DR knows that I use this supplement and hasn't told me to stop. YEP, it stopped my acid reflux symptoms after three days. YEP, I consume 667 mg per day, that's two pills. YEP, I am thankful it still is available to purchase. YEP, I believe the www has some good remaining before the bureaucrats regulate this format of speech.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2009

I took the Coral Calcium and my pains in my joints went away. Thank you Kevin, I can enjoy life again!

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2009

I bought the Coral Calcium from the bogus claims they said and it never did anything for me. I'm out the money I spent and I believe it to have caused me kidney stones because no one in my family is known for that and I got one shortly after taking the product.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2008

You liars, did you even read these book! No I think not!! He does have cures for diseases because he says time and time again that colon cleansing is a natural cure, liver cleansing is a natural cure, coral calcium is a natural cure, and on chapter 6 he has all the requirements to cure and neverget diseases!!

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Original review: April 24, 2008

I was told over the telephone by the company I purchase the Coral Calcium Supreme from that they would refund my money back in 2004 but after getting all 15 bottles boxed up the company no longer had any contact info. The phone number I had called days before said that they were no longer in business so I have been waiting to see if anything came of it on the news and recently saw that there had been a class action settlement but I was never contacted so how can I find out if I will be able to get my money back as the company had told me I could. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

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Original review: March 31, 2008

Everything I have tried in his 1st and/or second book has worked for me. I have not been to a doctor or chiropractor, but maybe twice in the last four years since taking Coral Calcium. I can't remember the last time I needed an antibiotic for ANYTHING. This was not the case before Coral Calcium. I was sick all the time, especially winter and my back was out of place at least once a month. Although I'm sure this will never be included with your published complaints, I feel better just stating it. Kevin Trudeau is right on the mark as far as the remedies I've tried.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2007

Why is it that you are only asking for complaints instead of results. I have taken the coral calcium and let me tell you it works. I had fallen on a bowling alley and my hip hurt for about 1 year, until I finally her about the Bob Barefoot Calcium. I also had burning sensations in my ankles and that radiated up my legs. Once I started taking the coral calcium my pain went away and has stayed away, even since I have not taken it for a while. I feel sorry for the government and politics because they are killing the people with all the drugs they are wanting people to take. In reading Kevin Trudeus' I highly agree with him.

See I worked in a doctors' office years ago and know exactly what goes on in them. I agree with alot about what he says. What I feel is sad that the pharmacuetical companies are making millions in killing people with their drugs. They talk about alcohol, smoking, and other illegal drugs harming people, but never really down their drugs. The side effects from taking the drugs from the pharmacuetical companies are just as bad as the alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs that is out there for people to take.

So why don't you and everyone else leave him alone. All he is doing is similiar to what you are doing. Trying to steer people in the right direction not trying to ruin their lives with lies and deception.

Open your eyes to what he is saying, money that's what this whole world is about. Any when someone can dip into hurting peoples funds, they go after them in different ways.

Hope this doesn't offend you; however, I do believe it what I have read so far in his books. We all have our opinions and some have proof of what they say and believe.

Have a great life.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2004

We were promised if we bought 10 bottles of coral calcium we would receive Kevins new book Natural Cures They dont want you to know abut. We never received the book,said it was on backorder. Now he is selling it on TV. I called,they said they would send a book. Never came. Called again said they couldnt send book the one promised was a mistake and they would be refunding the $1oo for the calcium. Made no sense, and have received neither. What can I do.

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Original review: July 8, 2004

Also known as GPH Worldwide, Inc.

P.O. Box 1353, Camp Hill, PA 17001

In their Terms of Use, they claim that there will be no "misleading or deceptive" information.

However, I ordered a free sample of the 30
Day Coral Calcium, and apparently, at the time they had a membership for autoshipments checked off in small print (if at all) (I am an experience webmaster and did not see any membership information at that time). (March 2004).

The web page has definitely changed since then, because the S&H prices are different.

The confirmation I received only stated that I signed up for a free 30-day supply. Nothing about joining for autoshipments under a company called WellnessCEO.

I found another article on the internet that also confirms this complaint;


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Original review: Jan. 31, 2004

You performed an excellent article about the false claims of Coral Calcium and it's 'cures'.

This web site has similar claims about it's ezorb calcium product.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2003

i started taking barefoot coral calcium in april, 2003. approx. 6 weeks after starting the calcium, i started noticing body aches, not joint but muscle aches.the pain grew more severe on an accelerated basis until friday, 8/1/03, at which time i ran out of my supply of calcium. at this time, i could barely stand upright-the pain was so intense. ibuprofin was absolutely useless. this caused work related issues as well.

by this past monday, 8/4/03, i noticed a little less pain, and all of a sudden a light bulb went off!!! maybe there was a connection to the coral calcium, and since i ran out, it was taking a little time for my body to rid itself of the effects. by tues., 8/5 i again felt less pain, and by fri., 8/8/03 all the aches in my muscles had virtually disappeared. i visited my chiropractor, and ran the scenario by him, and he cautiously agreed that this could have been the cause of my severe level of discomfort.

he of course advised that i make an appointment to visit my primary care physician and ask for various blood work to be performed to assure that all was well within my physical self. i feel that the coral calcium was detrimental to my well being, that i felt like an invalid for months with terrible muscle aches that greatly restricted my day to day life, both personally and work related. how can i proceed with this situation? please advise. thank you!

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Original review: July 11, 2003

I purchased his calcium and the paper to test your saliva and my saliva has never been high, like the 7.6 or 8.0 it is suspose to be and I've called them many times and they just always make up some excuses, I paid over $350.00 for a 10 month supply and went off my medication that the doctor put me on for high colestrol. and now to find out about all this!!!

I'm soooo mad!! what can I do to get my money back?

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Original review: July 7, 2003

Being a woman in my early 40's, I started taking 1000 mg of OTC calcium supplements at age 40. I know how important calcium is for your body especially women over 40 so I was always looking for a calcium supplement that was as pure as possible.

This year, I saw a commercial and also heard on my Christian stations that OTC calium supplements only provide approximately 10% uptaake of calcium in your body and that I was not actually getting the required aamount of Calciuim recommended by the physician. At that point Coral Calcium was introduced as being the purest form of calcium and that the body would absorb all the calcium in this form because it came from pure choral leaf. It also mentioned many other health benefits as well.

Well, I had not seen or read or heard anything to the contraary until recently( This month in fact) My friend, who is a doctor of pharmacology called me today to inform me that he received literature that coral calcium has many toxins and lead as one. He and I had both started using coral callcium before this info came out. He started getting boils all over his body approx. 1-2 months ago. He did mention that the only thing he had done differnt was to start taking the coral calcium but we dismissed it at that time because there was no hard evidence to support that as a ditinct possiblity.

His intake was 2-3 times more than mine. Shoortly after he started getting the boils, I got one in the genital area. Just recently I got an infection that spread to my genital lympphnodes.

I am now on antibiotics and was seen at Georgetown University. Another boil started but was resorbed shortly thereafter. I only have one of the pills left from the bottle of coral calcium I was taking. This has been truly a nightmare for me and my colleague.

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Original review: June 25, 2003

I was on the internet to find the website to cancel my order because they are charging me $39.95 for 90 tablets and as I was trying to find this contact ********* and the site was unknown I then went to keyword coral calcium and founded this site too.

Thats why I'm writting you because I didn't find LAMETCO Internationals name and thought you should have it because I've been screwed too... Price wise and more..I'm trying to cancel this and can't find them...I'm out $39.95 that I charged on my American Express and I'm going to get another charge too...

I'm sending this shipment back with a cancel on my order as of today 6?25/03..this would be my 2nd time only..Please make sure you contact these people .. they are ripping people off..

your truly connie *******

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7 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 27, 2003

I placed an order for Coral Calcium from an infomercial from Bob Bear Foot. They had other offers that they wanted me to buy, but I said no thanks. I told them all I wanted was the Coral Calcium. That was on 3/15/03.

I haven't recieved it yet.

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Original review: April 25, 2003

Just wanted to let you guys know that Bob Barefoot is appearing on an infomercial called Debbie and Kevin which aired on 4-25-03 at 6 a.m. CDT. On this infomercial he is now claiming that there are two types of coral calcium, a high grade and low grade. He also goes into detail as to the differences between the two.

Thought you might find it interesting or would like to watch the infomercial to see how Coral Calcium is being represented since the release of information regarding the coral reefs and what is actually in the coral that is gathered to make products such as this.

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8 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 31, 2003

They made an unauthorized charge against my credit card for $96.00. I have no idea what I's a "membership" organization? This charge happened a month after I purchased a product from an infomercial called "Coral Calcium Supreme" distributed by Shop America, LLC located in Chicago, IL (**********).

9 people found this review helpful
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