Two coffees can earn 1,000 Delta SkyMiles


Ordering your favorite drink at Starbucks can help fund your next flight

Thanks to the partnership between Delta and Starbucks’ rewards program, consumers can earn extra points toward their future travel plans. 

Now, those who are members of both rewards programs can be eligible for 1,000 bonus SkyMiles when they order at Starbucks twice in one week before September 12. 

For those who haven’t linked their Delta and Starbucks memberships, it’s not too late. As long as you’re signed up for both Starbucks rewards and Delta rewards, and both accounts are linked by September 12, you’ll be eligible for the 1,000 bonus miles. 

Earn extra miles with your coffee order

For SkyMiles members, 1,000 bonus points can go a long way. 

Typically, a flight from New York to Florida would yield around 1,000 points in your rewards bank. Now, two coffee orders of at least $2 before tax and tip will boost your SkyMiles points total. 

Once both purchases are made at Starbucks, rewards members can expect to see their SkyMiles points total go up within 10 days. 

The one thing to keep in mind is that these extra bonus points won’t go towards efforts to reach Million Miler Status or Medallion Status. 

What are the other perks?

In addition to this bonus points offer, linking your Starbucks rewards with your Delta rewards comes with other benefits. 

On the day of your scheduled Delta flight, any Starbucks purchase will get you double stars towards your rewards total. Outside of flight days, rewards members receive one mile per $1 spent at any Starbucks. 

Delta has also incorporated Starbucks into its Choice Benefits program, which are additional perks that SkyMiles members get depending on how many miles they earn. Diamond or Platinum SkyMiles members can choose to get 4,000 Starbucks stars as their Choice Benefit. 

To get started earning extra rewards with both Delta and Starbucks, the first step is to make sure you’re enrolled in both rewards programs. Then, link both accounts by visiting either or

To be eligible for the 1,000 bonus miles, click here. This will activate the offer on your account, and the seven-day countdown to make your two Starbucks runs will start immediately. 

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