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Illinois Sues Car Dealers

Williams Chevrolet/Geo &Prestige Motors Charged

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has charged a southside Chicago auto dealer and a Kane County car salesman with violating a number of consumer fraud...


Side Airbags Saving Lives, Study Finds

First study to estimate airbags' effectiveness

Consumer complaints about Side Airbags Saving Lives, Study Finds...


Enough Flu Vaccine This Year

CDC says supplies should be adequate

Enough Flu Vaccine This Year...


Suit Says Care Entree Total Care Didn't Deliver

Advertised savings never materialized, couple says in lawsuit

Suit Says Care Entree Total Care Didn't Deliver...


Consumer complaints about Ford Dump Truck

Consumer complaints about Ford dump truck and Ford Credit...


Student Group Wants to Slice Up Vector

Vector Marketing is a company that targets students nationwide to sell Cutco kitchen knives with in-home demonstrations. They are encouraged to sell to the...


National Warranty Insurance Company Insolvent

Smart Choice Extended Warranties Sold to Millions in U.S.

National Warranty Insurance Company Insolvent...


A Special-T Response

A Special-T Response "Hey we told you what you would get for the money. It is a good deal, no doubt about it. I think it is unfair to us to speak so c......