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About All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons specializes in local and long-distance moves across the United States. Through a network of locations, the company offers a variety of services, including packing, unpacking, next-day cleanup and temporary storage options.

    Pros & Cons


    • Available the same or next day
    • Free packing options
    • White-glove moving services


    • No instant quote tool
    • Some services vary by state

    Bottom Line

    All My Sons might not be as upfront about costs as other movers, but it’s worth considering for local and long-distance services. The company offers many moving and storage options in most states.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage Reviews

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    All My Sons moving company was terrible from the call center all the way to moving my items. The call center booked me for a 8-9am move this morning, but your movers arrived after 11am, started their time at 1115 when they hadn’t moved a single item until after 12! You sent one guy that says he’s been doing this for 4yrs and 1 that just started this week. That alone is bad scheduling. A new person should be placed with a 3 man team training. He was absolutely clueless! Then your guy with 4yrs experience placed my supporting feet for the racks on the underside of my bed on backwards and they fell out pretty much immediately. Good thing I looked under my bed to my surprise and saw 3 of them just laying there not even in the boards! I had to point out how to put them in.

    Your call center failed to mention a fuel charge, a minimum of 3 hrs and the hour charged to come to the location. They have damaged furniture, dirtied walls and doors. I moved to Tn initially 2 years ago from Ms (3hr plus drive) and the movers took less time to get me moved (same 3 beds and furniture). I literally moved to a house in the same neighborhood today (2 minutes drive). Your company has charged me $1473 today and this is downright robbery for an inadequate 2 person crew to take double the time necessary, leaving me with damaged furniture and not to mention my entire family having to move stuff down to the truck and then assisting with getting items into the house due to how slow everything was being done. I am lost for further words but I am truly disappointed in All My Sons moving company. This has been one of the most awful experiences for sure.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedPacking

    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    ALL MY SONS AKA ALL MY SCAMS Is the most unethical company I’ve ever had to work with!

    THE BREAKDOWN: I was originally quoted just under $500 for a small one bedroom, with two movers and was told it should take no more than two hours. Paid my $100 deposit, and was told I would get a confirmation call a week before the move. I received no call so I called them 2 days before my move date, and suddenly I’m told I need three men vs original quoted two despite the same information provided both times. It felt like an upsell so I pushed back. They also never gave a time frame so I had to just wait until they were ready as if I were doing them a favor.

    THE MOVE: Moving day comes and I got two very young disgruntled men that complained the entire time about the stairs (2 flights). They were moving so slow that my sister and I had to step in and bring stuff down for the sake of time. I had to dismantle my own bed, and wrapped most of my own furniture because of the snail pace they moved in. It took them OVER THREE HOURS just to load my small 1 bedroom apt in the truck, and two more to unload.

    THE SET UP: Once we arrived at my new location, I’m told my balance would be likely over $1,200!!! The mover called dispatch and it was changed to $950, which was a $500 upcharge. I brought shrink wrap for the furniture, the movers refused to use and insisted on using their own. This warranted their $150 “supplies fee”. I had no choice. One of the movers confronted me about a “gratuity” on the work my sister and I had to help with. When I mentioned I didn’t have cash, he mentioned his “cash app”. Stupidly I sent him a small tip so he can leave my space immediately.

    THE CONCLUSION: If you care about your time, money, and items DO NOT HIRE ALL MY SONS. They use bait and switch tactics, and unethical business practices to take advantage of people trying to simply transition into a new place.

    TL:DR. Keep looking. This company can and will scam you. They are not real professionals at all.

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    Verified purchase
    Contract & TermsPriceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 30, 2023

    I initially got a quote from All My Sons Moving and Storage on 7/17/23 for $167.95 an hr for moving a 1 bedroom apartment on Saturday 7/29/23. I had multiple conversations before I actually signed the contract and not once did somebody tell me that there was a minimum of 5 hr labor time on weekends. I found that information out after the move was complete and I called to inquire as to why my bill was so high. Had that information been disclosed to me, I would have never booked All My Sons Moving in the first place. I even told the movers there was stuff I didn’t want them to move because I felt it would take them longer, which would then cut into the $167.95 an hour rate they quoted me. Not once did someone say, "We’re going to charge you for a minimum of 5 hours."

    I understand that I signed a contract, in which the mover told me that I didn’t need to read over, but regardless I feel like I was duped into agreeing to a contract that I would’ve never agreed to if the rate was quoted more accurately to begin with (ie a minimum of $839.75= $167.95 x 5 hours). I’m not asking for a full refund, but rather than making it right. The move took a total of 3.2 hours, and 30 minutes of that was parking an oversized truck which was completely unnecessary for a 1 br. move to begin with.

    I voiced my concern to the operations manager Gabriel ** but his concern was only about how a refund would reflect on his audit and not how they failed to disclose that it was a 5 hr minimum of labor time. Gabriel then accused me of threatening him after I told him I was going to leave reviews and contact the Better Business Bureau for failing to disclose that it was a 5 hr minimum of labor time. Once again, I understand that I signed a contract, but it was a contract that I mislead and duped into signing in the first place. I really hope that All My Sons Moving can make this awful situation right. Regardless of whether or not All My Sons can provide a resolution, I hope my experience can provide an opportunity to improve their deceptive business practices.

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    Customer ServiceMoversPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 28, 2023

    I scheduled my move with All My Sons moving and they said everything would be taken care of and I paid my deposit. Two days before my scheduled move they left a voicemail that they would have to cancel because there was no available time despite me already confirming the reservation with them. I tried to call back and was left on hold for 20 minutes, texted them to get information, and received no response from them. When I called them back the next day they said my appointment was canceled and there was nothing they could do. When I asked to speak with a manager they said no. The rude woman on the phone then said “in my family we would rent a truck and move ourselves.” If I could leave a 0 star review I would. I’m currently left with no movers, not of age to rent a U-haul truck, and my lease is ending. I urge you not to make the same mistake as me, do not hire them.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 25, 2023

    This company told me 180 per hour for my move. They sent 3 movers, but one barely did a thing. For a job I was told would take 3-4 hours, ended up taking well over 5 hours and cost me over $1000 when I was expecting to only pay 4 hours max. My husband and I even helped the movers with getting items out of the home because they were so slow. Please save your sleep a lot of money, stress and upset and do not use this company.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    I am only rating one star because I am unable to rate zero. I secured the movers weeks prior to my scheduled date. Three days before, I received an email claiming that they couldn't reach me. They were claimed that they unable to reach me via phone, so I confirmed my phone number. The day of the move, I'm waiting for a phone call to confirm their arrival. After waiting hours, I call for a status update, only to be told they were cancelling my move, and that once again, they were unable to reach me via phone. When I asked if they left a voicemail, I was informed, and I quote "I wasn't the one who made the call." I asked them to test the phone number, and they did not.

    I called back again, spoke with someone else, and when they attempted to call, it came through. They had been lying to me, and were making it as if I was at fault. They provided me with two options: wait a week, or a full deposit. I was moving to a new residence, meaning, I was not able to remain in the previous residence for another week. Therefore, I opted for the full refund, and was able to secure another moving company that moved me on short notice. I did receive my money, but I am still thoroughly displeased with how they do business.

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    Contract & TermsMoversDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    Consider yourself forewarned to not use All My Sons Moving and Storage to move your belongings in the Kansas City Area. Much of my elderly mother's furnishings were recently damaged or destroyed by the mishandling and negligence of the AMS moving crew. Lampshades and pottery smashed to smithereens because they weren't protected nor secured. Dressers flipped upside-down and drug across the van floor without blankets to protect them. Chips, scrapes, and gouges out of almost every other item. Irreparable damage to antiques and a 55" TV (in addition to all the previously mentioned damage) was completely avoidable and the "compensation" of 60 cents per pound doesn't come close to covering this negligence.

    There would've been far more damage had I not insisted they properly pack artwork (with the bubble wrap WE had on hand). The contract included additional fees for them to pack the entire household but when the 4 movers arrived (2 with zero experience) they claimed they didn't know they would be packing and were not properly prepared with packing materials so they wanted to only shrink-wrap everything. I assume that some of the good reviews are coming from cities where the crew was more careful and better prepared but DON'T use this company in KC!

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    MoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed July 9, 2023

    I moved on March 27, 2023. The movers arrived and began packing my furniture. They were all very courteous, especially the one in charge. That gentleman, that I was watching, did a great job of wrapping and protecting my furniture. Unfortunately his crew of 3 other men did not. They used stretch wrap on furniture but no blankets or pads to protect from scratches. No wrap of any kind on my oak dining chairs. They actually had everything packed on the truck within 4 hours. The drive to my new home is 2.5 hours. I left an hour after the truck and arrived an hour before the truck. When they arrived they were in a hurry to get unloaded and back to Murfreesboro.

    Dropped and dragged furniture which resulted in gouges and scrapes on my hardwood floors. The gentleman in charge said they would send someone to repair the damage. That never happened. The estimate for the floor repair alone was $2500.00. Two of my dining chairs now have scratches and so does my guest room dresser. After filing claims and fighting with the company for 3 months, the best they offered for all of the damages was $420.00. I took it to put towards repairing the floors but am thoroughly disgusted with the way this company handled the situation. Would definitely not recommend this company.

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    Verified purchase
    PriceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    This company took an advantage of me. When I called to set-up the move, I let them know I am a disabled veteran on a budget. The person I spoke to informed me it will not be more than $1,000. Keep in mind I am moving out of a one bedroom apartment, about 710 ft. Not big at all, they sent three guys. It took them over 8 eights to move me. I did not have a lot of stuff or very heavy. I move 3.6 miles up the road, I was charged over $2,500 to move. Over $395.00 for fuel cost. They do not tell you the price until they have your things on their truck, and if you do not paid, they keep your stuff on the truck to take to their warehouse. I felt items was held hostage. The locate office manager was no help and did not care. I served my country to be taken an advantage of. Corporate greed. Stay away from this moving company!!!

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 4, 2023

    I am a Purple Heart Disabled Veteran who needed to have a move of about a two bedroom tiny apt. There was only ONE (1) Bedroom of furniture containing two wood dressers, one large the other small and a King Size Wood Bed that was NOT WRAPPED and about 20 boxes and living room items such as a dining room set table with 8 chairs (That I wrapped taken down and prepared for the move MYSELF). One large stereo cabinet, a China cabinet and a china case. A sofa with three arm chairs.

    My other items were not moved due to the fact that this company sent 3 young ** guys who were not trained to move but trained how to waste time talking on the cell phone with the job manager and taken one item moving it to one spot then placing it down and then picking it up again to put it on the elevator that I only had a 4 hour time frame to use. These guy first came late wasting my moving time then moved so slowly that they waste the elevator time I was allowed. From the few Items they did get on the elevator they did not put them on the truck, they put them on the ground. Returned back for move item in the same moving manner. They moved their truck twice when there was NO REASON to move the truck only to waste time.

    The whole time the guy acting like the crew leader talk about was How this company INFLATES Customers' Fees by almost TRIPLE the Discussed moving charge. This is EXACTLY WHAT THIS GUY DID. MY ESTIMATE MOVING CHARGE WITH ALL FEES WAS $1400.00. Due to the fact my elevator time was wasted the guys did not complete my move. They had to load the truck and take the items to the next location. They took TWO LUNCH BREAKS just to continue to waste time. When they finally arrived to my next location they had to walk up to my apt. and inspect and estimate the time it will take to UNLOAD the truck. ALL 3 of the guys had to do this.

    Before they touched anything on the truck I had to paid what I was told my Final Moving Charges which NOW DOUBLED IN PRICE from $1400.00 to $2120.00. Next after paying that fee I was told that I had an additional fee $150.00 in supplies they used after I told them that I did not want to use any of their items because I already had those supplies. The Crew leader told me that BY THE OWNER'S RULES THEY MUST USE THE ITEM REGARDLESS IF THE CUSTOMER WANTS THEM OR NOT. Well the event was not over. They left a few expensive pieces of furniture claiming that they could not get the headboard of the bed on the elevator which was NOT TRUE. At least an hour and a half passed until I was told this so I had to EXPLAIN to them how to put the Headboard on the lift.

    Next I was handed the Crew leader's phone show that I owed an ADDITIONAL FEE of $600.00 because the movers had to work over the time they allowed because they did not know how to put two Items on the lift. The Crew leader asked me that if I paid him $200.00 in CASH he would tell his boss that I did not have the extra $600.00 I was being charged. This was the BONUS Mr. ** told me that his company PAYS his crews to work fast and keep down the cost of a move. Inflated cost such as a 18% fuel charge which totaled $350.00 for driving 36 miles from the company's location to my both apts. and a $229.00 Fee for the use of the truck the same rate charge per hour for the move.

    This crew claimed that they had filled a 26 foot truck with my items but I have photo showing that they on used less than a quarter of the truck and they did not finished the entire move. I am WHEEL CHAIR BOUND and I Moved twice as much items and faster than anyone of those Young 19 - 22 year old guys this company sent to to this job who they CLAIMED WERE TRAINED MOVERS.

    The Only thing those guy were trained to do was to Waste time to make money for the company and the Cash They get for themselves. THEY WERE NOT GIVEN ANY TIP OTHER THAN THE COST OF THE SUBWAY SANDWICHES I PURCHASED FOR THEIR FIRST LUNCH BREAK. I am going to File Charges against this company because they are a TOTAL Con Artist Operation. IF THIS COMPANY IN SPRINGFIELD VA WILL DO THIS TO THE DISABLED WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WILL DO TO YOU?

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    My experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage was an utter disappointment. Despite booking a 3-person packing and moving crew a month in advance, Nate, the representative, gave me the runaround after he pressured me to upgrade to a larger crew. To make matters worse, a team of two movers arrived nine hours late with a work order indicating they were only to move my items.

    I was told their professional crews could pack and move a 1100sq ft apartment in several hours and estimated the final cost to be around $800-1200. The final price was double, despite half of the packing already completed when they arrived. Even the payment process was unprofessional, with the company sending the wrong authorization form and requesting that I write an incorrect deposit amount. Despite having a pending charge on my card, they refused to start unloading until they amended the incorrect credit card form they sent me. They also refused to provide me with an invoice. When I asked for a discount because of the wasted day and the additional cost I had to bare because of their mistakes, they took off $100. This entire experience was incredibly frustrating and stressful, and I cannot recommend this company to anyone.

    I had a terrible experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage and Storage. I booked a 3-person packing and moving crew a month in advance, but instead, a team of two movers arrived nine hours late with a work order indicating they were only to move my items. From 7:50 am until 5:00 pm, the local representative told me a series of untruths and misinformation instead of simply saying, "I do not know," or "It might not be possible to get this done today:" "Yesterday's job ran over, so the team is there now and will be at your location at 11:00 am." Prompting me to ask, "Why did you tell me at 7:30 am or last night when I called to confirm?" "The crew was stopped by the police on the interstate, but they will be there in 45 minutes. The police are on the way to the crew stopped on the interstate. They should be about 45-50 minutes. I have to take the drive off the road per company policy, so I need to find another crew for you. The crew I found for you will be there in 20 minutes. They are just wrapping up a job." (They never arrived.)

    "I have a team on the way and will send some extra men to help finish the job." At this point, two men with a work order stating they were just to move my items arrived. The representative's, Nate's, continual insistence that the crew was "just 45 minutes away" stopped me from engaging another company. The cost ($2400) was double what I initially quoted ($800-1100) for a 3-person crew packing an entire 1100sq. In my case, half of the packing was done when the three people arrived. They only needed to pack the small kitchen, the artwork on the walls, the electronics, and break down any furniture they thought best. After taking over five hours to pack, they took another 2.5 hours to move the contents 10 yards from my door to the dedicated freight elevator and 20 yards from the freight elevator to the moving truck.

    The payment process was also unprofessional, with the company sending the wrong authorization form and requesting that I write an incorrect deposit amount. Despite having a pending charge on my card, they refused to start unloading until the incorrect form they sent was amended. When I asked for a discount due to their mistakes and the wasted day, they only offered me $100 off. The movers worked at a slow pace that did not indicate they were being cautious. It was more a pace designed to elongate their billable hours. Overall, this was an incredibly frustrating and stressful experience, and I cannot recommend this company to anyone.

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    Contract & TermsMoversDamage

    Reviewed June 26, 2023

    I hired All My Sons to move my things on April 12th. I specifically asked if they would be able to move my 2 LARGE mirrors (9ft and 7ft from Arhaus valued at over 3,500). They promised me that they could do the move and charged me extra for padding and supplies to ensure my property doesn't get damaged! They sent 4 young guys that had zero experience to do the job. None of the pads were used, They moved the mirrors when I turned my back, and didn't bring a truck large enough. They made two trips and didn't get done till 12am. They started at 4pm.

    Now that my Pierre mirrors and Jagger dining chairs are damaged, they are fighting me tooth and nail to simply pay 330.00. SMH! They also will not replace your items if they damage them at value. Only .60 per pound. Yet after damaging 4,000 worth of my property the claims department is refusing to simply pay me per their contract at .60 cent per pound. This company is extremely SHADY! I def do not recommend. As a military personnel and single mother who works hard for my property, you would think they would have some decency! Just crazy!

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    Customer ServiceDamage

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    Hired AMS for local move. They damaged almost every item they touched and inflicted approximately $1,000 damage to the walls, trim, ceiling, and screen door. The manager reported he had fired the lead worker, as if that would make me feel better!?! Twice he promised to get back to me with “options” for my losses. Still waiting.

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    Customer ServiceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    I was charged a lot more than what they had told me, they asked me many times to give a big tip and the worst thing is that they broke a 75” tv plus a wooden chest of drawers. They wanted to refund me with 1/8 of the amount owed. Absurd. I never call them again.

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    Verified purchase
    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    I am an 18 year active duty Marine and former military dependent, having moved every 3 years since I was born, so you can say I am familiar with moving. We moved off a military base in preparation of my retirement. We hired All My Sons Moving and Storage based on reviews and quote from the National Corporate office/schedulers. Everything from the National Corporate office/schedulers regarding the quote were ignored by the local/district management.

    Our quote from the National Corporate Office:

    1) Supplies $122... what we were charged $248 + additional supply charges.
    2) Labor starts when we arrive at the house... what we were charged when the movers showed up to the front gate (not to mention the driver got lost because his GPS messed up). Two additional hours of labor for them sitting at the gate and getting lost.
    3) Labor for lunch... yes, we were charged for them taking an 1hr lunch break.
    4) Fuel Surcharge is 18% of labor cost... the labor cost was already messed up so now fuel surcharge is messed up.

    5) Driver forgot his tools at the point of origin... I had to drive back 45 mins so the driver could get his tools.

    I have tried to reason and discuss with the local manager... NOTHING. I have tried to reach out to the National Corporate office... NOTHING! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and contesting the charges with my Credit Card Company. We received a quote... the company should honor that quote. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY!

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversDamage

    Reviewed May 26, 2023

    I would not recommend All My Sons moving company. I was almost charged over $600 for moving 3 dressers, a bed, two desk chairs, and 3 nightstand sized objects, essentially a bedroom worth of items. It was a local move, 17 miles between houses, and now longer than a 40 minute drive. They tried to charge me for materials, services, and time not used. I ended up paying nearly $500 for the move.

    On top of all that, their movers damaged my furniture by failing to properly cover them in readily available moving blankets, which is included with the move. Fortunately, getting a damage claim form was quickly ready by their customer service, but to me that doesn't speak well for a moving company. I am thoroughly disappointed with their quality of service, and I would choose anyone else in Birmingham, AL to use as a moving company.

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    PriceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed May 24, 2023

    Do not use All My Sons. My family moved last month (April '23) using them and they were terrible. Worst and most expensive move of my life and oh yea one of the three movers teemed of ** the whole time. 0 sense of urgency for the 3 man team to move anything in a timely manner. What was quoted for a 2-bedroom apt move was 5.5 hrs, $1200. Ended up costing nearly double that and over 8 hrs. They also broke our wine rack and broke off a leg of our nightstand. Again can't stress enough, do not use them. I should have used Raimonds Movers again, cause they are great, but we had hoped to save some $. Didn't save at all, worst moving decision ever with AMS.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed May 12, 2023

    I All My Sons Moving and Storage, on May 9th to move out of a 1 bedroom condo in Buckhead, they arrived at the time they stated, there were 3 men, once they had everything packed up, we proceeded to the storage. I was told before they could not remove anything from the truck until I pay, the total went from $548.00 to $1044.00. I received a call from the storage facility that I needed to purchase another storage unit because there was not enough room for all my things, so I did, I received a call later the same day that the driver had thrown my items into the dumpster, and that he told the facility that I said it was not mine, I was not there!, I had to leave them and go to the closing, but he knew the item was mine, he had just packed it up at my Condo and moved it, the manager at the facility took it out of the dumpster and made sure it was not broken and kept it for me.

    I called Chris with "All My Sons Moving and Storage." HE ACTED LIKE THIS WAS NOTHING AND TRIED TO DOWN PLAY THE INCIDENT AND TOLD ME HE WOULD GET BACK TO ME AND NEVER DID!!!, On May 10, I received a call from the Property Manager of the Condos and she told me the wall was damaged and that I had to pay $500.00 to have the was repaired, and sent me the video, and again I spoke to All My Sons Moving and again they down played it.

    This is the worst I have ever been treated/I have not received any apologies or any compensation for the way I was treated by everyone at this company. Please do not use this company for any moving if you want to be treated fairly. I do not recommend this company. I hope this review can help someone else and I hope Consumer Affairs can help me.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed May 9, 2023

    THEY WILL OVERCHARGE YOU. To say that I was shocked when it was time to pay would be an understatement. I felt like I was being oversold when they offered me three guys, but I went with it anyway because I trusted the judgment on behalf of your company. I have moved about 20 times in my adult life and have always done it on my own, this was my first time using movers. I estimated that it would take 3 hours; however, it took four. To set the stage, everything was packed and staged in a single room; outside of the bed (that was disassembled), couch, TV stand and TV.

    I estimate that they used 3 boxes for couch cushions and bedding, plastic wrapped 5 items, and used one mattress cover, yet material costs were $150. In addition, I was charged $200 for travel, when I moved 1.5 miles. Overall, I originally estimated the cost of the move to be $600, with the third guy maybe $800, it came in at over $1200. I feel like the lack of transparency on the front end should be highlighted. I hope that this is not a common practice of your company.

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    Reviewed May 7, 2023

    I have never written such a bad review in my life - granted the movers were very fast. however.... 1) When moving my corner hutch, it was picked up from the top piece and it came apart, it was moved with a shelf that had come off and now it's in 3 pieces. I am not strong enough to put the top back on, so will be looking for someone to help me. 2) When I booked the appointment, I was told to leave the drawers in the dresser, however when they went to move it, I was informed that the drawers had to be removed. One drawer was damaged, the roller to one side of the dresser had come off. 3) My living room lamp was damaged on the bottom and now sits lopsided. 4) When shown the invoice for payment, I was outraged. It was more than half of what it should have been. All in all, I am extremely disappointed in the service provided and the lack of care to my belongings.

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    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 1, 2023

    I give NEGATIVE - 1000000 stars - The worst everything. You are better off hitting the streets and hiring random people than this ill company - if you can call it that. I worn you do not use them you will regret it. They are painfully slow and do not give a **. They broke our fan and after months of trying to file a claim are only paying us $25 - What exactly does that buy you these days? **!

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    Sales & MarketingQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed April 24, 2023

    Absolute scam of a company. I was quoted a price for two hours. I was sent two guys, but only one was working. Took them 8 hours to move a 1 Bedroom with an Office. Company charged me 3 times what I was originally quoted. A manager that I spoke with refused to do anything about it. I would stay away, unless you like giving away your money to liars and thieves.

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    PriceQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed April 22, 2023

    Save yourself time - money and a big headache and go with someone else. Drew is the owner and he is terribly unprofessional. Canceled our move five days before our date because they severely screwed up our friend's moving schedule the day before. Do not use this company. Please you will be so much better off. He had no idea about the quote that was given to us and tried to charge a higher rate the day he confirmed. Attempted to charge us for a third person that was never quoted.

    I have moved every year for the past five years from Cleveland to Boston to New York and never had to leave this kind of review. Drew is a reactionary business owner who didn’t want to hear that his own dispatch was a ** show. It was point-blank. When you book with All My Sons you will be disappointed and infuriated. We booked with the wine competitor and as soon as we told her All My Sons she left and apologized as she has “heard that guy is the worst.”

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamage

    Reviewed April 16, 2023

    Alright, I generally never write a review if it is going to be a bad one, as I understand how much it can impact a business. A negative review is equivalent to about 10 positive ones IMO. But this one I had to put it on paper, just so others don’t go through what we did with these guys. Here’s an account of what happened and how it was handled by All My Sons:

    We asked for an afternoon move around 12:30 pm a few weeks before our moving date. We specifically said our new house closing was at 10 am and, therefore, wanted an afternoon move to monitor the move. The salesperson at AMS then gladly obliged and said that wouldn’t be an issue at all. Then a day or two before the move date, AMS called to confirm the route and the items to move.

    Mind you, no one was sent to the physical location to take an inventory of the items. We did make sure to let them know of our apartment size and the storage stop to make before delivering everything to the new home. During this call the gentleman insisted the move start at 8 am so they can be out of our hair by 6-7pm. He said we didn’t need to be there, as long as we can meet the movers at the storage place. So we obliged and signed off on an AM move thinking we’ll just show them what all needs to go into the truck and the rest they should be able to handle without us physically being present there. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    They loaded the truck unmonitored and lugged in trash from the old house (like old rugs etc. that we were going to throw out) and came to storage over an hour late. Then they dropped the bomb on us, that their truck wasn’t big enough for everything we needed to move, therefore they can’t take everything from storage. Once they arrived to our new home they refused to unload the truck unless we paid them which was an additional $1k from what they had initially quoted us. So essentially we paid more than the quoted price, for an incomplete job, as the storage items were never brought to the new home.

    We signed because we needed our stuff in the new home only to find brand new wall knicked by the movers when moving our office desk, broke our office desk, damaged our expensive dining table and several more issues were uncovered post unloading. But wait it doesn’t end there!… the customer care guy, Jermain, tried to put it on us, saying we committed to single truck only and therefore could not bring all items out of storage. We were never asked how many trucks we’d need. How would we know how many trucks or men would be needed for this job. That would be at the moving company’s discretion. All we were asked is how many rooms we had and what were the heaviest furniture pieces we intended to move.

    Overall it was an absolute nightmare and we were brushed off to their claims department. Mind you it’s been over a week now since submitting the claim with proof of the damages and it’s been radio silence from them. Yeah definitely DO NOT use these guys. You will pay a heavy price for basically ending up doing things yourselves. I plan to get this word out there to more folks, because I’d hate for someone else to go through the ordeal we went through. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS AND YOU’D BE DOING YOURSELVES A FAVOR!

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceMoversDamage

    Reviewed April 13, 2023

    Updated on 08/22/2023: My husband and I had scheduled our hardwood floors to be refinished. I rented a POD (Storage) that I would have my furniture stored in while work was being done onsite. I called a few moving companies to get estimates and talk to them about what my expectations were. The one detail I mentioned repeatedly was that I did not want anyone to rush. The time needed to move my furniture without damage was worth the extra money I paid by the hr. Priority was placed on safety and proper care of our items.

    On February 28th, two Movers came to our house and began the process of moving our furniture into the storage POD. During this visit while the movers were transferring from carrying my dresser, to placing it on a small wooden dolly, they lost control and it landed face first onto the concrete sidewalk. I immediately made sure the guys were ok. One of the movers let me know he was going to report the incident to his supervisor, and I believe he did. My husband and I were also extremely busy getting ready for the work which was to start the next morning. I was excited that the movers were polite and I didn’t give much more thought about the exhausting overall day. I hired a company so I did not have to manage anyone. I hired a moving company with expectations that they had appropriate staff, experience, and equipment.

    Fast forward to 3/17/23 when it was time to bring my furniture back into my home. When they first arrived we went into the kitchen to go over whatever paperwork before they could begin. The paperwork was almost 30min. The screen on the electronic pad was broken. The gentleman scrolled through sections trying to get his notepad to work. I was shown multiple places to sign with no explanation. Already 30minutes into a job because the notepad would not work correctly. This can be seen by my signature (illegible) and the places that do not have my initials. The mover was also visibly frustrated with the notepad. The movers went to open the POD and discovered there was absolutely nothing protecting our furniture surfaces. The last item in the POD is a mattress which obscured the view of all of the other items.

    It wasn’t until they moved the mattress that we could see how everything had been packed. Furniture pieces were stacked on top of one another with nothing in-between to protect the surfaces. I asked the three movers that were there unloading to please report this to their supervisor. They assured me they would let management know that the items were not properly protected. Once they started unloading, the first thing we noticed was our nightstand that has a satin nickel metal finish now had deep scratches on the top from a wooden piece of furniture that was placed on top of the nightstand with nothing protecting it. The next item that they brought in damaged was my dining room table. The top of it has a huge gouge down the center of it. All four sides of my tabletop have scratches down the sides of them, and a decorative piece of wood on the leg of the table that is completely broken off.

    I was horrified at this point since my table is barely a year old. When my table was delivered to our home after I purchased it, I had a glass top cut for it by Robinson glass in order to protect the top of it from any damage. Our table was in perfect condition prior to this. So when the movers got to the dresser that had been dropped on the first trip they were carrying it in one on the movers could no longer hang on and he dropped his end of the dresser.( Yes! Same dresser as before) I asked everyone if they were ok, and asked if they would please let their manager know what happened. Once the dresser made it into the bedroom it was clear there were several things damaged including the corner that had broke off when it was dropped. The face of the dresser has deep gouges from the drop on the first trip. The soft close drawer on my dresser that is suppose to line, up perfectly to enhance the chevron pattern on it, no longer is in alignment.

    I purchased this item approximately six months ago. I am well aware that the 2 times my dresser was dropped it was not intentional, but it was the movers I hired who were not able to appropriately handle the items. Three movers seemed to struggle with every piece of furniture. I asked them to go take a break in order to prevent any injuries or mistakes. (I paid by the hour so I am not discounted for the time) It was important to me that my furniture was not damaged. I specifically said please take your time. I would rather everyone is safe and nothing damaged than rush through this and have something happen.

    A small wooden furniture dolly is all the movers had to do the job. I am not an expert in this area, but it seemed the movers they sent were ill equipped for the job. I hired a company for a particular task and was sold on them telling me they were experienced, licensed, insured and bonded. I called the All My Sons local location to follow up with them about what happened and to make sure it was reported. I was assured they had been told what happened and were sending me a claim report.

    I returned the claim form on the 3/28/23, and finally heard back from Joe ** in claims 4/12/23. I have attached the emails that were sent between us. You can see in these exchanges that we were getting nowhere. Extremely frustrated I decided to reach out to Joe and talk with him about what happened. I let him know all pieces are less than a year old. Joe stated to me that my furniture did not look ruined. I said, OK then send somebody out and let's see if they can repair these items. Joe stated “We are not going to send anybody to look at repair, or replace my furniture." After this statement I asked if I could speak with his supervisor, and was told this is as far as I will go. There is no one else I was going to speak with. Update: They have done Nothing to resolve this!!!! If they try to respond to Consumer Affairs and say they settled...then make them prove it before it shows my complaint was handled.

    Original Review: SHAME ON ALL MY SONS MOVING. The workers did the best they could with what they were given. Even though we pay by the hour, I made it clear I was not in a rush, but was more concerned that things were handled with care. Where things went awry is they were unprepared to handle our furniture. There were critical tools they didn't have. Ex. an appropriate dolly, no blankets to protect the surfaces, a lack of manpower. A total of 3 pieces of furniture were dropped, damaged and deeply scratched. The top drawer on the dresser is now misaligned and the corner is broken off as this one was dropped twice!

    Due to the furniture being under a year from purchase, we wanted a moving company that was insured. Customer service stated they were licensed, bonded and insured as well as, went as far to tell me "We are one of the only companies licensed." All My Sons moving company has done nothing to resolve the issue. They offered a few hundred dollars as replacement for the damaged furniture. I will have to hire an attorney now to get this resolved. They sold me on great service and assured my items would be taken care of.

    The movers reported all of the accidents that happened to their manager. I was sent a claim form, and it has gone nowhere. I attempted to call this evening and talk to a manager and was told there was not a manager on duty. I was hung up on 3 times and finally, after multiple attempts, someone put me through to a manager. I was thankful no one was injured, but cannot believe that I am left holding the bill for the damages.

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    PriceQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed March 29, 2023

    Missing and broken items!! We are missing two items from a collection and have broken items. I took pictures of our cabinets prior to the move so the collector items could be placed back in the same locations in the cabinets. I contacted the Fort Myers office when I noticed the missing pieces and they stated that they would look in the truck for our missing items. I drove to the office to show them the pictures and was told that I needed to look in other boxes. Why would all the items from that cabinet be unpacked and displayed but the 2 missing pieces??

    We also had a piece of glass art that was improperly packed which resulted in a crack in the base of the glass vase. I showed the picture to the FM office and was told, "at least it didn't crack all they way up." OK, not what I wanted to hear about a piece of art which is no longer available for purchase and was the first piece of art which we purchased together on vacation 23 years ago. So disappointing! They also did not bring any door protectors so many damaged door frames! This company does not hire experienced and trustworthy people. I wish that I would have read the reviews and not trusted the company representative who came to the house to give us the quote. Don't be duped like we were!

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    Customer ServiceDamage

    Reviewed March 13, 2023

    This is the worst company ever, if you value your things, do NOT hire this company. They will damage your things, and STEAL or should I say somethings will not make the trip. Call the office, talk to Tim. He said he was the owner, He does not care about you or your property. All, I can really say to help you guys understand. IS BEWARE... BAD NEWS.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed March 2, 2023

    I had the guy come out, give estimate, tell me he'd have boxes brought because they were over $500 and I don't have a car atm. Turns out, no boxes being brought 'til next week when I have no time to move. One guy says estimate includes them help me move. Estimate was $2541. Get call back in less than 10 minutes, it DOES NOT INCLUDE THEM HELPING ME MOVE. THEY WANTED ADDITIONAL $$. I have my deposit back. They have too many bosses and not enough understanding communication is key. Waaay too many irons in a fire. Very friendly tho. Oh yeah, they're GREAT at texting to get your business after 1 phone call and being helped already.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2023

    BEWARE!!!! This is a long review but it is worth reading!! If I could give 0 stars I would! I have a few things to complain about. Disclaimer: ALL of my items were broken down and placed in 1 area. They did NOT have to break ANYTHING down or go to different rooms to move items. ALL THE MOVERS HAD TO DO WAS MOVE ITEMS INTO THEIR TRUCK. I did NOT have them to assemble items in my new house, all I needed them to do was to put the items in the new house, that is all! Also my house was a 1 story home, so keep that in mind.

    1. Drivers drove extremely slow from destination to destination (1st destination was in Pelham, 2nd destination was Calera, and last destination was 5 minutes away from my old home).

    2. The truck was NOT empty when they started loading it. (There was a beige couch and a mattress on there that did NOT belong to me). The "Owner" Tim called me a liar and told me that the truck was empty when he was not even there.

    3. The movers were lazy, doing a lot of standing around and on their phones. (Now I would not complain about how long it took to move IF I had hard workers DOING THEIR JOB!!).

    4. Once the truck was full. The movers were just standing around. I had to ask what was going on. They didn't not have the final destination address which I gave when I set up the move and I gave it to TIM the day before). They stood around instead of asking me for the address.

    5. I paid for 3 movers. I really got 2 movers and 1 truck driver.

    6. THANKFULLY, I had family there to help because MY FAMILY had to HELP the movers MOVE and LOAD things because they were moving extremely SLOW!!!!

    7. My furniture was chipped and scuffed. I bought a NEW BUILD and they scratched the paint on the wall moving things in.

    8. I was charged $178.50 for materials. Which I read in the fine print. HOWEVER, I was charge $60 for 12 rolls of tape. They did NOT use 12 rolls of tape, they used MY bubble wrap and took their shrink wrap to wrap the items.

    9. THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT COMPLAINT (which honestly could have been avoided): I called All My Sons on 2/22/2023 (to talk to a manager to put in my complaint, the guy that answered the phone told me that the managers (Tim and Darius was not in the office) and to call the next day (2/23/2023). He did take my complaint and he told me all he could do was send me the claim paperwork for my furniture (which I was fine with that). I never received the claims paperwork via email nor text message, at that time.

    I called all my sons on 2/23/2023 to speak to a manager. I talked to Darius and explained what was listed above. He apologized and refunded me $30 for the tape and told me that's all he could do. He sent me the claims paperwork. He said he can refund materials not labor. So I asked him for his boss's information. He transferred me to customer care and customer care told me that they could not provide that information. I would have to get it from Darius or Tim. So I called right back. Darius transferred me to Tim.

    Now this is where my biggest complaint comes. I proceeded to explain to Tim my complaints, he cut me off to say "They already told me what was going on". Well how do I know what they told you? So instead of listening he did not want to hear what I had to say. He came on the phone very rude. He told me he was not doing anything about my complaint. He also told me that Triston called me during the move to ask how things were going. This is not true, I can pull my call log. He called me a liar and said he was sitting next to Triston when he called me. I explained to him that I did not get a call from them and did not speak to anyone. I told him his calls were recorded and he cut me off and said "yeah, but I'm not going through 500 calls."

    I asked for his boss's information he told me he was the manager and there was no one else to talk to. He was extremely rude. Now, I am more upset about how Tim treated me on the phone vs. my experience with the movers. Tim does not care about his customers so BEWARE! I am out of $1,065.75 because of lazy movers and poor management.

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    Customer ServiceDamage

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2023

    All My Sons Moving & Storage moved me on Nov. 29, 2022. Several items of furniture were damaged in the move. I filed a claim for damages on Jan. 7, 2023, well within the state-regulated time frame of 90 days from the moving date to file a claim. All My Sons & Storage would not address my claim stating it was not timely filed. A copy of the document signed by me for the move was requested but never furnished. I asked for reconsideration of my claim and a copy of my signed document never furnished. All My Sons Moving & Storage never responded to this request. I would never use All My Sons Moving & Storage again and would not have used them if I had reviewed all the negative reviews before allowing them to move me.

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    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2023

    My daughter hired this company to provide moving services just a few miles in the state of Colorado. She was quoted $500-$600. Once the move was completed, she signed a document stating that the total was $838; however, they charged her $1,538. Despite the evidence of the document being signed by both parties, they are refusing a refund. They did refund a small portion for overcharging for materials not used. I have read many other reviews of the company and found that appears this experience is common with young women. This company is highly suspect in their practices. When I spoke to someone at their corporate level, they basically told me too bad.

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    Verified purchase
    Contract & TermsMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2023

    I paid All My Sons to move me from NC to KY. For items I watched them pack, they did an excellent job. When they packed items upstairs or when I was not there, they packed glass items with NO paper or any protection. They damaged over 50 items because they did not use paper. They did not provide me with any sort of itemized list as per the contract, allowed a woman (who said she was a dancer at a club along the way) to come into my new house and unpack my items, had many items disappear from packing to unpacking, and allowed some of the movers to smoke ** with my ex-boyfriend during the move.

    The damage exceeded $20k, yet their National Reputation Manager offered me a quote for 6% of the damage amount. When I sent him a picture of my contract, he raised the quote to 12% of the actual damage. He repeatedly lied to me. I am disappointed by their work, their work ethic, and how blatantly they disregarded their own contract language. The loss of so many of my items between pack and unpack (I saw the items get packed and then could not find them in the boxes at unpack). Please do not allow All My Sons to move your valuables, as they clearly showed me that they cannot be trusted.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2023

    I live in a pretty nice apartment on a riverfront, but my apartment is 1 bedroom, barely 950 square feet. We scheduled a FaceTime video call for an estimate and he sent me a quote later for nearly $5000!? I’m literally moving my things to a storage 15-20 minutes away.

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    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    So my move took place a few years ago from Indianapolis to DC, but I’m still discovering missing items (some apparently stolen like my mother’s Pearl necklace and my grandfather’s watch fob) and all the items I suspect were broken (artwork in frames, etc.). The movers showed up unprepared to pack (part of what I paid for) or to make a long distance move. They came without boxes or packing materials. Two smoked ** and were clearly inexperienced. I was patient and kind and bought them all lunch and even tipped them. Why? Because I was trying to be nice.

    On the DC end, two new guys were added—clearly on drugs—one was nasty and urinated all over my bathroom floor—they brought in broken items (heartbreaking) and even fell into a wall that left a gaping hole I had to have repaired. The so-called protective material they were to put down on the floors and carpet was a joke—it was thin paper that tore up and they left a trail of mud and dirt all over. I complained to the company and they finally begrudgingly refunded me a measly $800, which didn’t come close to covering the damage and list items.

    I am so sorry I got tangled up with this company with the false promises about what to expect. Lack of preparation, inexperience, and sketchy guys who steal and break are not acceptable. Having just remembered today another missing artwork I am writing this review to warn others who may be considering this company. The man who initially met with me and made all the promises about packing and moving long distance vanished when I tried to contact him. Moving is hard enough without this kind of experience. I mostly have put it behind me, but today I was looking for another item and realized with a pang it was one more lost, broken, or stolen item. I hope whoever is wearing my dead mother’s pearls and my grandfather’s watch fob is at least taking care of them. Very heartbroken.

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    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2023

    All My Sons sales rep explained all our furniture would be wrapped and workers were background checked. We had brand new furniture which we had to have delivered from furniture store prior to our move which meant All My Sons had to move it. Upon arrival at our new home we found our brand new, never used, still had foam packing from furniture store, with 2 broken off legs which All My Sons glued back on without telling us hoping we would not notice. We also had a brand new dining room arm chair (still with plastic on seat) broken, the wood on the back of chair was split. They told us don't worry, file a claim, they are insured. They dropped a caddy filled with nails that was in our garage into the street. I had to help pick up every nail because I didn't want any neighbors finding a nail in their tires. The caddy had not been wrapped and was completely destroyed.

    Our garage items were just thrown off a dolly into a pile in the garage and gouged our new epoxy floor. They also knocked into our walls in our new home and that was also gouged. Our white furniture had dirty fingerprints covering wherever they touched it. A few pieces of china got broken and a mirror was cracked. All My Sons was extremely careless with our belongings. Furniture was not wrapped liked promised. As for background check, it was overheard that a couple of them had recently been released from the slammer. As for the insurance claim, they offered us $281 which did not even cover the cost of the chair, not to mention the TV console that had broken legs and scratches up the sides because it wasn't wrapped. Save yourself lots of aggravation and find someone else to move you.

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    Customer ServicePriceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2022

    After being given a written quote for $854 on 12/10/22 the Company calls me on 12/30/22, 4 days before the actual move & said there had been a mistake with the estimate and that it would now be $1860! I was also asked who the original estimator was & told they didn’t have access to that information WTH? This is supposed to be a reputable company that has been in business for over 30 years, with a BBB rating of 8.7. BTW this was repeated to me multiple times, after I questioned the delay with difference in pricing, as well as the fact that they don’t have access to their own company’s inner workings & basic information. I think that they assume that you will just go along with the price increase, since they have left you in a huge bind and time crunch with few options of finding another mover on such short notice! I’ll carry it on my back piece by piece before I give them a dime! Totally unethical company!

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    Customer ServiceMoversDamage

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2022

    This was a disaster from the beginning. We hired AMS to move some of our larger furniture on 11/27/2022. A job that should have taken two qualified movers about 2-3 hours took 3 movers about 8 hours. Two of the men admitted it was their first day on the job. They hit every wall and damaged a fairly new king bedroom suite among other things that were not even worth reporting. I was assured that they would make things right. After a month of going back and forth with the claims department, I was told that my new bedroom suite was "previously" damaged. Ivy at the claims department was beyond rude, disrespectful, and definitely lacks empathy. My claims adjuster never calls only emails, and now he is out for the "rest of the year."

    I finally spoke with a "team lead" Geoff that said I could submit proof of purchase for my items, but that he would have to agree with Joe that my headboard/footboard was previously damaged. I'm mentally exhausted after being on the phone with them for over 2 hours. The Memphis location refuses to answer the phone, and I was advised by Geoff that "nothing good could come of going there in person." He advised me not to go in person, but no one is able to reach them by phone. Very frustrating, and you will be better off renting a truck and finding someone on the side of the road to move your furniture. These people do not care about your belongings, and they do not want to pay you what they are worth when damaged. It's really sad that they are able to stay in business.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamage

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2022

    I have always used All My Sons and referred them to so many people. They have been storing some of my stuff during construction. They delivered it and destroyed the walls of my new home. Literally every piece of furniture they moved in hit my walls and there is plenty of room. They work fast but the quality was terrible. I called the office during the move to tell them and the guy who answered said, "Don’t worry. “Accidents happen” and we have a claim process to reimburse you." I had probably 100 wall dents repaired (level 5 Sheetrock finish so not cheap). I took photos. After finally getting the paperwork 6 weeks later to make a claim they offered $325 when it cost $2800 to fix and repaint the whole area! They said this is their final offer. Beware or get insurance before you hire them.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2022

    On November 18th the moving team from All My Sons arrived at my house. Two of the helpers (they must have picked up off the street) looked like they were on some type of drug and not fit to move heavy items of furniture. They proceeded to move my items after given instructions and to make sure they cover my couch. They broke my $800 king bed Headboard and destroyed my couch and ottomans that cost just over $9,000. Although we were able to get the dirt out because dragged the couch on the ground it permanently scuffed the edges. The couch was less than a year old.

    I later found out that they forged my signature on documents saying I agreed to minimal insurance, which was not the case. I have tried to file a claim but out of the $10,800 worth of damage they only offered $192.00. And then suggested that I was lying about the documents that they sent me with my forged signature. I am a Veteran and have moved around a lot and this is the worst company I have ever experienced in my 21 years of military service. All AD Military and Veterans do not use this company. Please get the word out!

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2022

    I have use this company before with excellent results that’s why I used them on my last moving and didn’t even quoted with any other Moving Company. This last experience was horrible, almost all my furniture was ruined. I have sent emails, call and submitted claims through their process and they haven’t provided any response. My furniture is all wood and expensive and it was all scratched, cracked and peeled. Corners smashed. My white suede bedding is all dirty because they didn’t covered it. Look at these pictures.

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    MoversPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2022

    After three attempts with other companies All My Sons got my appliances moved. Arrived early and were very professional and helpful. Thank you, Frederick **. I highly recommend this Company! You will not regret it.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

    All My Sons Moving and Storage in Hilliard, Ohio needs to be shut down! Your quoted price is NOTHING like what they will actually charge you once they have all of your stuff in the truck and get it to your new place!!!! Before they take it off the truck, YOU HAVE TO PAY WHATEVER THEY CAME UP!!! It's absolutely maddening. DON'T LET AJS NICE, CALM DEMEANOR FOOL YOU!! HE'S FULL OF IT!!! I'm shouting it to everyone to not do business with this company. The movers were bad as well!!! They took their time! It took them over 30 minutes to arrive at my new house which was 7 miles down the street!!! AND THEN WHEN THEY GOT THERE, THEY WERE SITTING IN THE TRUCK LAUGHING AND TALKING!!! I knocked on the door and that's when they got out and started talking to me about the bill and that I had to pay the bill before they would take my stuff of their truck!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE THIEVES!!!

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2022

    So, my initial contact was great. I was moving from Colorado Springs to Denver, Colorado. I was quoted between $600-$700. In the end I was charge $1400.00. This company are con-Artists!!! I made a call during the move, because the mover told me it's probably going to be around $1000, which upset me, and I asked then why even bother quoting $600-$700? I had to get my stuff moved so fine, then I get a final bill for just under $1400.00 and I had to pay it otherwise they would unload my belongings. Mind you the crew itself was great and took pride in their work, that's why I am giving one whole star. But as far as the admit. Complete Con artists and I was dealing with the OPS manager. Stay away from these crooks. I am working on litigation now.! Because according to the Attorney General this is Classic Bait and Switch.

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    Customer ServiceMoversPunctuality & SpeedPacking

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2022

    If you are considering this moving company--DON'T! My move was quoted at around $1250 for a 900 square foot one bedroom apartment move from downtown Chicago to Gurnee, IL with 3 movers. The bill ended up being over $2000 and the move took a total of 8 hours. It took 4 hours for the movers to wrap and move my furniture from my Chicago apartment. Mind you, the elevator was reserved for them. I even extended the elevator reservation time. When I called and expressed my concerns with Jason at this location, he was very rude and cruel to myself and my mother. He said the wrapping took longer than anticipated even though only 1 mover was wrapping. I had to request video footage from my apartment complex to see what the movers were doing throughout the 4 hours and found a total of 1 hour ideal time.

    The mover reported to Jason that we told them to leave the apartment. This was very shocking and concerning that the movers were lying to the office so I called customer care who then referred me back to the local office. The local office did not answer any of my calls until we called from my mother's phone number. Between my mother and I, we called a total of 7 times to escalate our concerns during the move. One of the movers said we were being racially discriminated against. I was given an email for the District Manager who has yet to contact me 3 days after the move. Thank God I have eyewitnesses, phone call history, phone call recordings, photos and video footage to take to court if my concerns are not escalated.

    After calling the customer care number again today, I am filing a formal complaint in addition to reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and warning consumers on all platforms to not utilize this business. Luckily, I have the time and money to see this legal matter through, but many don't during tough economic times. Go where you're treated respectfully and given great customer service--My experience was the opposite with this company. They have thousands of complaints with the Better Business Bureau within the past 3 years. Don't make the same mistake as me.

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    Sales & MarketingPriceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2022

    Highway Robbery. Abuse of the hourly rate system and underhanded extra fees not properly explained. On 10/20/22 this company charged me a total $950 to move a one bed/one bath second floor apartment (with direct elevator access) to a two bed/two bath first floor apartment 8 MILES AWAY. I had a small one bed/one bath to move 8 miles across town. The movers would take down a piece of furniture, vanish for 10-15 minutes, then come up for the next one. I was assured that this is standard to ensure my "belongings were packaged and secured professionally" but I still ended up with DAMAGED GOODS.

    The movers did not come with their own tools, and I had to supply my own for them to use on the one item that required partial disassembly. I was charged around $150 in "premium moving materials" but was never told that my move would require such materials. As a matter of fact, the email they had sent me told me I would have FREE quilt wrapping to move my stuff. The movers used "premium equipment" freely and I was billed for it at the end. I was later informed an "estimated material cost" was included at the very bottom of my initial email, far away from the quoted hourly rate and what to expect from the service. The lack of clarity in these extra fees felt underhanded as they weren't explained. They also refused to unload the truck until I had paid, holding my goods hostage until I handed over the ridiculous amount of money they charged me. This company is a scam and should be avoided at all costs

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    PriceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2022

    The move crew I had on 10.15.22, namely Andrew M. (Lead), JaQuae W., Xavier H, and Ruban S. were PHENOMENAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND VERY HELPFUL. They were great. My experience for paying for this move was not and it was very little items (no bed, no washer and dryer) - only a couch, dresser, nightstand, a hat stand, a cat tree, two trunks, a few lamps. By the end of the payment experience I was absolutely furious and as I was having an asthma attack at the same time it was not pleasant. It cost me almost $1000.00 and was only to have been about $800.00. They charged me for 4 men at $1759./hr. Originally $159.00/hr. for two men. The Lead ran interference and got it down but it was a headache. I would not recommend the company, however, the moving crew was increcible. I have friends moving in November and advised them to not use this company.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2022

    This should have been an easy move. I was moving my mother from one assisted living (one room) to another assisted living 5 minutes away. First they were late! They refused to put a roll of bubble wrap, brooms, mops, a plant stand and a plant on the truck. They said they were finished loading. They refused to pick up their trash, said they were movers not trash people. When we arrived at the new location, they insisted I pay before they unloaded the truck. They damaged numerous items. When I called the office they were rude. The final bill was WAY over the estimate, the office said I was emailed what I would be charged for and they were not discussing the details of what I was charged for.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2022

    Avoid this company at all costs!! Terrance and his crew were awesome on moving day, it wasn't their fault they work for such a poor company! The estimators didn't do such a great job evaluating the boxes and supplies needed and also way underestimated the amount of PODs required by 2 16ft PODs which was very inconvenient for us and the nice crew that moved our furniture. In addition, our $10,000 TV was wrapped in such a flimsy cardboard covering that I had to take a cover from my 87 yo moms bed to provide a cushion against screen breakage and the crew ran out of basic supplies such as tape and had to use our until that ran out and we then started wrapping items with surgical tape from my husband's cabinet. 2 expensive speakers were set on a glass table and fell to the floor and broke the table glass.

    I'll be surprised if our speakers work in addition to the glass breakage. No supplies were provided for our large vases, etc... and I spent an additional 3 days with Home Depot boxes packing up the rest of our items when we thought this supposed "Professional" company was going to do for us since that's what we paid them to do. The worst of all is the supervisor Paul was very rude and unprofessional and basically told me I lied about all of the above items and hung up on me. Avoid this company if you care about your valuable items. I'll be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamage

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2022

    TLDR: Extensive damage to property, unfair compensation for damages, lack of communication from back office team. Over the phone, the team was great and I felt like I found amazing movers. The moving crew was nice and professional. We bought everyone lunch & even gifted one of the movers a digital camera we weren't using after he mentioned he had always wanted a similar model. Unfortunately from here things started to go wrong and we were left completely unsupported by the All My Sons team from this point.

    As the last items were being brought in, we noticed damage to armchairs and our couch which had been accidentally scuffed with grease in several places. The team's iPad on-site was not working, so the completion of final paperwork had to be done over the phone. I asked for the damage claim information which I was told would be sent immediately (it wasn't, and required additional follow up). In total, several additional items were damaged. Damages included grease marks/scuffs on armchairs and an expensive couch, a broken planter, and most upsettingly a shattered brand new $1400 TV (which was packaged by the All My Sons team). We get it, these things happen — however, we trusted that the company would take care of these damages appropriately.

    30 days later, we received an offer of $450 as remediation for the aforementioned damages. That doesn't cover the cost of a professional couch cleaning, let alone the brand new TV which is rendered completely unusable and had to be replaced outright. The team made it clear that the actual legal liability of the company is a mere $0.60 PER POUND. This was obviously not pointed out to us in the paperwork, which totaled several pages/signatures that were required on-site, on the clock, and prior to the team starting (despite the clock running for their time). The team also noted that we did not elect to purchase additional insurance. To my knowledge, we weren't given the option to purchase insurance. The team's iPad was broken and so some of the signatures had to be completed over the phone. I did not receive a copy of the paperwork as promised.

    Ideally this information would have been sent in advance, or explained in more detail. The damage policy was not explained or we would have never agreed to this. Since reporting the damage on 8/15, I have made over 8 email follows up and received minimal contact back with absolutely no assistance or interest finding a suitable solution here. Overall our experience has been extremely frustrating and turned a great experience sour quickly. Absolutely no responsibility was taken by the back office team to rectify costly damages to our property that we trusted would be taken care of. Use a different company for your move and don't be swindled by this unfair damage policy like we were.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2022

    All My Sons, gave me a quote of $219 an hour, I asked again, what the rate was and they told me 219. However they charged me a fuel cost and they charged me for 2 hours they did not work. The movers did not pack up the entire house and left lamps and other boxes in the house. They also broke my master bedroom bed. They ripped the screws out and said it was already like that. However the bed would have been leaning to the ground if that were the case. I wasn't going to make a big deal of it, however once I go to the place we moved, I was going to repair the bed and they did not attach the screws to the bed.

    I called the head mover and he told me they found them on the truck and he would return them to me the next day after he got off work. He never showed and when I called the main office, he said he didn't know where the screws were. I also found other furniture that had screws missing. The head mover asked to buy our desk upstairs from us and I told him yes, as they were finishing up loading the truck, I asked him about the desk and he said his "girlfriend didn't want it." I said what about getting it from upstairs and on the truck, however there was not any room left to put the desk on the truck. So, he said he would return the next day and get it if I gave it to him for free.

    I agreed, but like I said before, he was suppose to bring the bolts to the bed but didn't come the next day. I gave all this information to the main office and they apologized. "We are sorry". I'm really sick and tired of companies, just saying "we are sorry". I still don't have the bolts for my bed and none of our furniture was put back together once we got to the new location. They did a poor job and over overcharged me. I would NOT recommend this company.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2022

    Movers showed up 2 hours late without a dolly to move boxes and furniture from a 3rd floor apartment. Broke the glass in the entertainment center, spent 30 minutes trying to sweep up glass then charged me for that time. Company office will not take calls to replace broken item. The loading charge was 3 times what they quoted. Mover charged for sitting time; took long breaks between loads. Zero stars for zero service.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamage

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2022

    We used All My Sons for large residential move to new location within 5 miles of our current home. We also used them to move some items to our storage area located about 7 miles from our home. How big mess can they make on such a short move. In the end we discovered the answer was TONS. The guys worked hard and fast but apparently lacked some basic training on how to transport large pieces of furniture.

    At the end of the move the crew was so excited over tip we provided that they simply forget to complete the last step of job. We had a large hutch being moved to storage. Crew loaded the hutch, and then lost their minds. Never secured the piece in the truck and actually left it standing on end. Crew admitted this to us as well as company management. The hutch was destroyed as it was tossed around in truck.

    Company did nothing to stand behind the negligence. They stood on the ground they are only responsible to pay $.60 per pound. They paid out $180 for $3400 hutch. Yes if I had known the crew was incompetent we would have bought the extra insurance or used another company. What happened to where companies no longer stand behind their product. No matter what company you use, buy the extra insurance. Movers have a great deal to pay out at only $.60 per pound. They have no real incentive to protect your moved items.

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    Customer ServiceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2022

    Poor experience to say the least. They sent less people than contracted, they do two moves a day so they were beat from the first move and moved slow, didn't wrap and damaged furniture. They were inexperience, scratched walls and door frames. Broke a leg of our filing cabinet, scratched our Pottery barn furniture that wasn't even wrapped. They were so slow we had to help them move furniture and thus missed how there were not wrapping our couches that suffered scratches. Our Ethan Allen furniture was dropped. One of the movers was on the phone telling someone "we had too much stuff". We were moving from a 2 bed 1 bath home and filled a 26 foot truck and didn't even get everything! They filled the truck in a single layer and didn't stack a thing! Would not recommend. Just terrible. Had to rent a Uhaul to finish their sloppy job. They claim you can file claims online but the link is nowhere to be found.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceMoversDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

    We had SO MANY issues with this moving company and the ENTIRE process. This move was stressful not only because it was cross country (from CT to MI) but because we were moving to be closer to my sister in college after the death of our mother. This company made it 100x worse. First, there was an issue with the office. When we called to talk initially to about us driving a Penske truck ourselves and having them pack our home and load the boxes on the truck we were told a 16’ truck was sufficient since we have a very small (only 900 square foot) home. (We opted for this because we were quoted $11,000 for them to pack and drive and unpack everything!)

    My husband and I have never moved before (we moved from our first home after getting married 2 years ago, I moved from a shared apartment and my husband was living with family) and took the advice of their office staff who seemed knowledgeable when we called and gave him the inventory of our furniture and belongings. When the moving team arrived they told us that truck wasn’t big enough and they could only pack half of our items. We ended up having to rent another truck to get our entire home packed.

    After packing, when we walked through the house they left trash on the floor in almost every room of the house and MISSED a lot of the art on our walls. It took us hours to finish cleaning the house after they left. (This was disappointing especially because we had bought the crew lunch since they had come from another job and we wanted to help them keep up their stamina.)

    Second, once our truck was unpacked at our new home we found MANY issues. The items were not packed in labelled boxes and were not packed in any sort of organized manner, we had food items mixed in with clothes, and kitchen items mixed in with books, etc. This caused a nightmare as we unpacked and made it hard to see if we were missing anything. Several containers of food, that were damaged as they packed or packed improperly, spilled all over causing a big mess. They didn’t use most of the packing supplies we bought from Uhaul (as recommended by their office staff because it’s cheaper) and most of our things were either packed improperly or they used their own and charged us for it.

    Third (and worst), was the damage and loss of our belongings. Many of the boxes were not packed properly. Our microwave had been just set on top of boxes in the truck (not bubble/paper/shrink wrapped or strapped down) and it fell and was dented badly during transport. They also broke one of our flatscreen TVs, cracked the top of a food storage container, and lost pieces of our furniture (we found some of the pieces in miscellaneous boxes - it appears if things fell off they just threw them wherever instead of gathering them up and putting them together or handing them to me as I was present the entire time). Four of my husband's watches (2 of which were expensive) were taken out of their storage boxes and STOLEN. The empty storage boxes were packed and we found them empty.

    In the end, the company is REFUSING to give us any money back after we submitted a claim for our damaged and lost/stolen items. They claim we should have checked our inventory after they packed the truck – we don’t know how we could have done that before we drove the truck to MI and unloaded and unpacked it ourselves.

    We are very angry and disappointed in this company. I don't know if the issues with the packing and the loss of items is because of this particular team, but the way the office staff has handled it all makes me wary of the entire company. My husband and I try to be understanding and gracious but looking back at all of this, it's just unacceptable. Save yourself (and your belongings!) the trouble and don't use this company!

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    Joanne increased rating by 2 stars.
    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedPacking
    After a positive interaction with All My Sons Moving & Storage, Joanne increased their star rating on Aug. 27, 2022.

    Updated review: Aug. 27, 2022

    After speaking with the manager and outlining the overcharges for time and fuel, the company refunded $540. Although I would have preferred to have more moving accomplished for the same cost, I am satisfied with the refund. The manager was calm and respectful even though it was obvious that I was unhappy. They also attempted to come back to the house to move additional items, but without us arranging a time in advance we weren't even at home. All in all, I probably will not use professional movers again due to the cost, but the customer service of this office would convince me to use them again in a pinch. Just be very explicit about what you expect to be done, and the total cost that might entail. Thank you.

    Original Review: Aug. 20, 2022

    When I originally called, the man on the phone would barely listen to what I was trying to tell me and constantly talked over me, trying to tell me what they would do, not what I wanted them to do. I was quoted $190/hr and one hrs. drive time and a cost per box to pack. When they got there they seemed surprised that they had to pack anything. They also said they finished at 5:00 when they actually finished at 3:00. Charged me $2,600. So in the end, they overcharged for time, and billed me $800 to pack about 5 boxes!!! I don't think so. Going to dispute this charge immediately.

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    Contract & TermsQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2022

    BEWARE! What they promise is NOT what you get. I moved from Miami to Gainesville. Because I was a real estate referral, I was given a better insurance coverage and told because of that I would get their experienced movers. NOT SO! The guys showed up and the one in charge only worked for AMS one month. They did not know how to fill the truck and left so much airspace. They packed and were pulling out when I found that they had left my patio furniture. They stopped and put that on the truck and when I looked again, they had left the glass table top. As they did not take plants, I did rent a UHaul truck but had to rent a larger size to take furniture that they did not pack. A total waste of my money!

    AMS did give me a $500 refund but as they were at least $1,000 more to begin with, that was a drop in the bucket. Arrival day.... the truck left around 8 AM from their Ft. Lauderdale facility and arrived in Gainesville at 3 PM. They unloaded until 7 PM and then were told to drive back to Ft. Lauderdale that night putting them back by 2 AM earliest. That cannot be legal! I will say the guys worked hard but their inexperience left a hole in my leather sofa, they did not screw my bed together and the pegs almost broke when it came apart.

    I had a pull-out sofa, which I had told Brett (AMS salesperson I had). The guys had not experience taking or putting it back together and it was not done correctly aside from the guys having inappropriate tools. ANOTHER BEWARE....get a copy of the contract beforehand. Any arbitration is out of TEXAS so it is not worth filing a claim even if you have one, unless you are in Texas. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THEIR CONFIDENCE NOR THE MONEY. YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!

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    Customer ServicePriceQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

    Two months prior to move, called several companies to get quotes for:

    1. Packing only
    2. Moving only

    3. Packing and moving

    After getting quotes, selected All My Sons for the packing only. I talked with Chase ** on several occasions to ensure that the days were straight and that the services would be packing only. Chase had done a Zoom call walk-through to provide the quotes. He was informed that all boxes and paper were already purchased, that labor would be the only requirement. The original quote from June 17, 2022, was a guaranteed not to exceed $1448.35. Then, on the Sunday evening before the AM Monday pack appointment, I suddenly get a flurry of text messages and calls saying that a new signed quote is required by the office manager, one which now has higher hourly labor charges, plus fuel charges, plus an additional laborer, plus additional materials – and the charge has risen to over $2200!!

    I called Chase, who said that was just a top charge, not what would be charged, but the paperwork needed to be redone for some reason; “just sign and we will straighten out later”. I now had less than 15 hours before the packing should begin, so took Chase at his word and signed. On Monday morning, 4 male packers arrive. I informed them that all materials were in the garage – small, medium, large boxes plus dish boxes plus wardrobe boxes. Tape and paper were in the rooms already. I told them that I might not have enough tape, so would expect that charge at sign out. What was really charged later turned out to be: 5 dish packs @ $14; 4 wardrobes @ $17; 5 mattress bags (even though only two mattresses were in house and neither were in a bag!); 11 other boxes in various sizes, and 25 lbs of newsprint even though unopened paper was still remaining in rooms!

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    Customer ServiceMoversDamage

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

    I rarely complain or leave bad reviews but if you're considering any type of move, DO NOT use All My Sons Moving & Storage. Their sales team and movers are great, but if you have a claim with them you'll be shocked at how atrocious their customer service is. Trying to even get them to respond is worse than getting a root canal. And don't even bother trying to talk to a manager because they won't return messages! Anyway, we're left with a ruined antique piece of furniture, and barely any compensation. I also noticed that you can't leave reviews on Google, Facebook or any social channels so they obviously know they have a problem. I appreciate you sharing this with your network as I've never experienced such awful service.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2022

    I was told by the dispatch it was a $100 deposit to book them yesterday and $229 a hour one hour minimum. The woman said she was training so I assume I was given the wrong information… One of your dispatchers called me this morning on August 6th 2022 at 6:53 am to confirm everything and he was fast talking me and said my total would be $820 before offloading into my storage unit all I had was 3 small couches and 3 tables. I told him no that’s not what I was told on the phone and the woman said she was training yesterday that took my deposit. I said I would like to cancel that then and HE JUST HANG UP ON ME WHILE I WAS SPEAKING!!

    He proceeded to call back at 7:04 am and said “come on you can’t be serious can you?” YES THAT'S THE MISINFORMATION I WAS GIVEN YESTERDAY! You need to train your employees better as he was extremely rude and go back and listen to that call. My phone number is **. As a result I hang up on him I will not be disrespected! I want my $100 deposit back and I will never EVER use this company as that was HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE from beginning to end in my experience just on the phone alone. -Chalon **

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    PriceQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 23, 2022

    Worst consumer experience ever had. Cost went up 300% from initial quote. Non disclosure of CC surcharge. Charged for packing material never used. Dryer broken it appears. Company rep Pamela ** spoke sneeringly when concerns voiced at final billing… I was ‘wasting time’ and until paid, items would not be unloaded from truck. Filing complaints with FMCSA and NC Utilities Commission. Should have read all the negative reviews about this company.

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    Sales & MarketingQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 18, 2022

    Billed me 50% more than quoted even though it took less time and fewer materials. All they needed to do was pack about 15 boxes and they billed me $1000 for 2 hours work. Would have done it myself if I know they were going to scam me.

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    Customer ServicePriceQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 13, 2022

    First off let me warn you about their coverage policy. Be SURE you spend a little extra money and get the insurance. When we got to that part to sign, we asked more detailed information on how it worked. The lead mover told us it was $750 for full coverage. That is not entirely true. Per their agreement you sign, $750 is the example used in the document, which would cover $30,000. It's only $25 per $1000 to ensure your stuff. Spend the extra $25-75 bucks to cover what will get damaged. We only moved 5 miles and it took them nearly 8 hours to move us. It cost us over $2000.

    They broke our Maytag washer and dryer which are now unusable. Because their policy is to not repair anything and leave everything wrapped until you receive their settlement offer, we had to go and buy another washer and dryer. It took them 10 days to respond with an offer. Also broken were 2 lamps, one was a vintage ornate lamp. They broke the leaf to our dining room table, tore the bed lining off a new box spring, dented the side of our new Samsung refrigerator and scratched the facing of it. Offering .60 cents a pound to move you is unrealistic. No one should have to worry about moving much less damaging items you entrusted to their care. They did over $1500 of damage on top of charging us over $2000. If that sounds like a good deal go ahead and use them.

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    Customer ServiceMovers

    Reviewed June 22, 2022

    Stay Away And Be Aware! We booked All My Sons over 2 months before our move and paid a $500 deposit. We were moving on a Sunday and needed the crew to come first thing in the morning. We asked multiple times and multiple people if they would have a crew. They all said "Yes, absolutely! We work all days of the week". A few weeks before the move we reached out to confirm we were still on the schedule and had an 8:00 am crew arrival. We told we were set. We had a coordinator come out on Thursday before the scheduled move to do a final walk-through and estimate. Once again we confirmed that they were coming on Sunday with an arrival between 8:00-9:00 am.

    On Sunday morning, we never heard anything and at 9:00 am we call to see where the crew was. We were told by the local manager that the crew overslept. Then we texted the coordinator and she said she would call the office. No one got back to us so we called the National Sales Rep who we worked with to book All My Sons. He wouldn't answer our calls. Then the coordinator stop answering our calls. Finally, at 11 am the local manager finally answered our call and said they weren't coming and "all their crews called out". All My Sons not only no showed us on a scheduled move but they also weren't even going to call us and tell us. They also weren't going to give us our deposit back till we disputed it. No one from the company has reached out to apologize or see what they can do to make it better.

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    Reviewed June 17, 2022

    I booked All My Sons in Indianapolis for a pack and move. I advised the office that the AC is down and asked if that will be an issue for the movers. I was told no and to please just have plenty of cold, bottled water in the fridge, which I did. The crew arrived and first thing out of their mouth upon entering is how hot it is. They left. AMS sent a second crew, same thing. I was left hanging twice in one day by these clowns. Look at their reviews in the BBB website too. HORRIBLE company! I don't know how they are still in business. Please, save yourself a world of hurt and grief and DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER this joke of a moving company/circus. Life is hard enough without fools making it harder.

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    Verified purchase
    MoversPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 16, 2022

    Thieves! They charged me for an extra hour and for materials not used. I pointed it out before signing the paper and they said to just sign it and they would take care of it later. 1 month later and they are denying any wrongdoing. Stay far, far away from these movers!

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceDamage

    Reviewed June 15, 2022

    I have over 600 dollars worth of damages. I just bought a newly build house and I wanted professional movers. I called All My Sons Moving company. I moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom home which was about 8 minutes from each other. I paid 1044.10. They damaged my door, my walls, ceilings and wooden railing.

    I put in a claims packet and only received 250.00 for over 600.00 worth of damage. A claims representative never spoke to me but sent a document asking me to sign and send it back or they will cancel the claim. In the middle of the print was a settlement for 250 dollars. I'm frustrated and overly tired from moving with toddlers, the last thing I want is to worry about is reading fine prints. They will not work with me because they said it's a closed case, I should have caught it sooner. Very deceitful and poor communication. Do not use this company unless you want pay for damages. They are counting on you being too busy to read the fine print.