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About All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons specializes in local and long-distance moves across the United States. Through a network of locations, the company offers a variety of services, including packing, unpacking, next-day cleanup and temporary storage options.

    Pros & Cons


    • Available the same or next day
    • Free packing options
    • White-glove moving services


    • No instant quote tool
    • Some services vary by state

    Bottom Line

    All My Sons might not be as upfront about costs as other movers, but it’s worth considering for local and long-distance services. The company offers many moving and storage options in most states.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2023

    I recently hired All My Sons Moving & Storage in OKC. It was an utter fiasco. This is truly unfortunate, because I had a very successful move, with exactly the same furnishings three years ago with All My Sons, however I did not have the same experience at all this time.

    1. The moving team consisted of 3 individuals. I was quoted 2 movers, for 2 hours for $450. This was not the case; I have been charged over $1300 for what should have been a 2 hour move. The 3rd individual included on the team was so useless he should not have even been there. He not only did very little other than walk around the home being emptied, he dropped, banged and mishandled my belongings. On more than one occasion he had to be instructed on the spatial reasoning of how a 40" cabinet would not go straight through a 36" door opening. He had no sense whatsoever. He was very nonchalant and reckless with everything. I am very upset to have been made to pay for his time.

    2. The movers only filled the truck with boxes for 2 hours (it should not have taken that long), and then loaded my furniture as an afterthought the third hour after they arrived. I actually had to move a lot of furnishings myself after they had left, because they simply didn't load the furniture first, and then boxes. As a matter of fact, they loaded my garage first, without consulting me. As most people know, garage items can be the last moved. I could have moved those myself. Again, no sense of priority or planning.

    3. All 3 of the moving team had little to no respect for my belongings. These are just the things witnessed: Dollies were dropped from the step out the door with furnishings and boxes. You could hear and see items banging against the ground. The headboard of one of my beds was dropped from the lift 4' to the ground; requiring an insurance claim, as the corner of the headboard is smashed. An antique headboard was scratched all along the front, by the feet of an ottoman as one of the movers loaded it; also requiring a claim. Although wrapped by them, in plastic my mattress was marked with black marks on the side of the nearly new mattress (I assume from a dolly and being dragged on the ground; requiring a claim.

    4. In order to finish up the move, me, my sister and brother-in-law had to assist in unloading the truck just to get the move completed.

    5. The final settling of the bill was ridiculous. It was done on a tablet, without being able to see an itemized list of my charges. Additionally, I was made to sign for the invoice, before the tablet would even open. It took 2 weeks to get an itemized invoice of my move.

    I don't know if it is the MWC, OK location that is the problem, but after posting a review on Yelp, there are many stories with exactly the same outcome; disrespect for belongings, shifty business practices for quoting low, and then sending large teams out to jack up the price of the move, a lot of broken and damaged furnishings. The corporate office should look into the practices at this location, and replace the management, because it is very bad.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2023

    HJorrible company! Took advantage of a 85 and 89 year old couple moving into an assisted living facility. Took them for over 2500.00 dollars and didn't do anything they said they was going to do! They broke things, didn't pack anything or unpack anything but charged them for it, Left their clothes and dressers behind. Their Silver coins are missing and so is their pain medication!

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2023

    ****DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY**** They broke stuff coming out of the house, destroyed furniture and ignored me for more than 2 weeks. Looks like I will need to get a lawyer. The customer care isn't any. They don't care about your belongings or you and caused almost $20,000 in damages, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2023

    If you were to ever move DO NOT USE. All my Sons Moving! They are terrible at communicating! They misquote and blame it on their scheduling center! They promise a discount and don’t give it. The movers stated would move a couple items upstairs when done with other items. When asked and stated I was told they would move the items, they ran the truck and left. Didn’t even let me see that the truck was empty. Called manager Sean who failed to return call or send movers back to complete job! I never received a receipt so no idea what I was charged for. I was told would be charged til 815 but movers gone by 750p. I have no idea if they credited that time. I had to move some heavy items by myself that they left in driveway. Poor service.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    Do not use this company under any circumstances unless you want to be lied to, scammed, and overcharged for mediocre work. I am only leaving this review because I have been blown off by the Stratford CT branch of All My Sons for the better part of the week so far after being told the manager, Amanda, is "in a meeting" at all times of the day almost every day this week. This was my experience with them this past weekend:

    -We were moving within Connecticut out of a 1 bedroom apartment and were told a base price of $1400 included 2 hours of labor and a flat 3 hours of travel. We were told over the phone that the flat 3 hours of travel would cover all of our travel that would be required for our move (traffic would not affect this as they use google maps to estimate travel) and the only additional add ons would be any materials used and/or $199 per hour for any additional labor beyond the 2 hours included. We chose this company due to competitor prices being around $2000-$2200 and figured All my Sons would end up being below that.

    -It ended up taking 4 hours just to load the truck at my old apartment which we quickly realized was because of the fact 1 of the 3 workers we hired was standing around, not doing anything, and was very frequently off task. Beyond my fiancé and I noticing this, the other workers were even pointing this out to each other many times and we could hear them yelling at him. After the 4 hours of loading the truck, they left our apartment at 12:20 and we left shortly after, with the destination being Avon CT which is about an hour and 15 minutes away.

    We were told they would have to take a different highway than us due to the limitations of the truck and that it may take a little bit longer which we said was fine as we were told the travel was a flat rate. They did not arrive to our new apartment until 4:15 PM (4 hours after they left) and we were immediately told that they stopped for food and also had to meet another crew for a gas card then go to a truck gas station and get gas before driving to Avon through heavy traffic.

    -This is where we realized we were lied to and had fallen victim to a classic Bait and Switch. When they arrived, one of the workers came over and said I needed to pay the balance before they would start unloading. At which time, he gave me an Ipad that showed a bill of $3,600. I was shocked and did not know what to do so the worker called his office and I was told over the phone that they were charging the $199 per hour since they arrived at 8:45 AM including the time they took in traffic, getting food and gas, and also forecasted that it would take an additional 3 hours to unload the truck. When I argued with the person over the phone about the time to get food and gas, he said they would "do me a favor" and take 1 hour of cost off of the bill despite it taking 4 hours for them to drive a distance that only took us 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    -Realizing that they had scammed me and I had no choice, I paid the balance so that they would give us our stuff back and start unloading. The third worker continued to do little to no work and slowed the entire operation down. Seeing this, I quickly started to help them carry my own stuff into my new apartment and was easily outworking 1 if not 2 of the workers there. I also ended up hurting my back in the process and we still only finished about 15 minutes shy of the 7 PM estimated deadline.

    - Prior to us even completing the unloading of the truck, the same worker brought over the Ipad again and had me sign a number of contractual agreements that gave away all of my rights to complain about any inventory being broken or damaged by the workers during the move. At the point of signing, there were still boxes on the truck and we also had not even had a chance to look inside of a single one. I still have not had a chance to get through to a supervisor to file a formal complaint regarding the service we were given and I would never in a million years recommend this company to anyone after the numerous predatory business practices they employed on us.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2023

    All My Sons was booked for 6/15/2023. Unprofessional is only the beginning. The crew was slow, on their phones, talking, standing around, watching my Mother and I use their hand trucks to move boxes, and completely unorganized. The crew sat on my cloth chairs with sweat pouring off their bodies. Again I just cried because I couldn't believe I was in this type of situation. Only one floor mat was put down at the front door of both houses. Both homes had hardwood floors. My Mother had to direct them constantly to stop dragging furniture and scratching the floors. My new sofa and loveseat were drag on the driveway and cushions drag through the grass.

    The crew complained about All My Sons the whole day and discussed getting new jobs. The crew also spoke about how unorganized All My Sons is and explained that is why they didn't have enough moving blankets and supplies I paid for. Customer service is horrible or should I say non-existent. Phone calls are not answered or returned. Two dressers, a mirror, a large wooden cross, a large 4-drawer pine cabinet, a new sofa, a new loveseat, new Ikea shelves, wood floors, shelves, etc. were scratched and damaged.

    I sent numerous pictures to All My Sons of how the furniture was wrapped and damaged. NOT ONE SINGLE PHONE CALL TO APOLOGIZE was received. I paid All My Sons almost $6,000 for my move and it cost me $3,000 or more in damaged furniture. I was literally in tears during the move watching them damage my furniture and there was nothing I could do at the time. I had to be out of my home by 5:00 that day for closing. PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. High school boys would do a better job all day long.

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2023

    We contracted All My Sons to move us from one city to 4 1/2 hours away in the same state. This occurred over a 2-day period as the drivers are not allowed by law to work over a certain number of hours per day. So far all was good. Moving day came and the team were friendly and smiling, loaded up everything and took off for the day to unload the next day at our new home. Our old home was 1 story and the new one is 2 stories.

    The next day seemed like a completely different crew. All business, not so friendly but did have a lot to do and it was VERY hot. Certainly understandable. A few expensive lamps got completely smashed, big desk leg/support snapped off and some furniture had some dings as well as a few of the walls as well. Not a big deal. They said to file a claim, which we did. More about that later.

    Got it all done after a longer than anticipated day, or so we thought. After they left and were about 20 minutes away, we noticed that a very large antique armoire was not in the upstairs room with the other antique furniture that were together in our old home. I called one of the movers who said they would turn around to return but had to call their office as they also asked me to do. Now this armoire is 8' tall, 4' wide and 2 1/2' deep. No physical way for us to muscle it upstairs. In fact, it was deep into the garage with big moving boxes and bins in front of it and could not easily be seen. We were told they would NOT be returning as they were needed in a different location the next morning. We were told we could call their Customer Care team, but it was pretty much too bad for us is the impression we got as we got no help and were not going to get any help from them, not any refund for paying to have that moved as well.

    The claim for the broken lamps was also not great but I understand the dynamics in play. You do have the option to buy additional insurance, but the cost is very high considering that really nothing much should be damaged. We opted for the standard insurance which pays $.60 per pound. We did receive money for the lamps, and actually a bit more than expected per them, but no resolution to the armoire issue even though I mentioned it several times to the person handling the lamp issue. On the plus side, we were paid literally instantly once we agreed to the settlement for the lamps. So based on experience, it will cost us approximately $200.00 to get 4 strong guys to CAREFULLY take it upstairs for us. It is still in the garage.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedPacking

    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2023

    Pros: Arrived promptly, courteous, worked throughout time in home.

    Cons: During setup at new home, the workers just disappeared without notice and without finishing unpacking and setting up furniture. Called office in Jacksonville, Brad the supervisor said he would send someone to complete the job. That never happened. The bill was much higher than expected. The cost of materials is high and not included in the estimate. You have to pay when the initial packing is completed, so there is no recourse if something untoward happens. No wonder the moving business has such a bad reputation.

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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    The absolute worst moving experience of my life. I contracted for this move for the sake of moving my piano with these “experienced piano movers”. The crew showed up one person short and acted appalled that there was a piano in front of them. Upon asking them why they were surprised by the piano, all three men stated they’d never moved a piano before and that they didn’t know how. (I’d spoken to the estimator and manager prior to scheduling to ensure they could move it. They came out and looked at the piano in fact.) One man stated, “That’s okay, we can look at YouTube videos to take it apart”. After hours of waiting for a manager to arrive to help with moving the final item, the piano, he told me they couldn’t move it. (I’ve had it moved twice in the last 10 years with no issue.)

    The movers took 5 hours to arrive at destination - It’s a 3 hour drive. They offloaded everything within 40 minutes (I had about 10 pieces of furniture and maybe 10 boxes - no piano). Again, could’ve done it all with my own pickup truck if I knew they’d not move the piano. I paid the movers the total on the manager’s word that he would call me and send a receipt so we could go over charges and make some discounts to make up for the broken contract. I was never able to get a receipt until spending 7 hours on hold in total and sending multiple emails. The receipt I have gotten shows an increase of $400 from the original cost estimate which included additional crew members, 5 hours anticipated loading/offloading time, and a freaking piano which was never moved.

    Everyone I’ve spoken to has given me the run around and has been short with me. One person even told me he had other customers to speak to and told me he didn’t have time for me. I’ve been hung up on and I’ve received no discount other than one they claim which I can’t even see on paper. I paid for services which were not rendered and now I’ve lost my piano because I had to leave it behind in a rental unit which made my landlords very unhappy. Bottom line, these guys aren’t experienced, they’re not transparent on anything, and they aren’t professional. Don’t give them your money. I learned the hard way.

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    Customer ServiceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamage

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    There is nothing good I can say about this company. Please check with Better Business Bureau reviews before you contract with them. Their corporate office did nothing to help us with our situation. I have worked in customer service my entire career. My husband owned a franchise business. We would never talk to customers the way the managers spoke to us. First problem is they wouldn't send a salesperson to our home to determine our needs for our move. When the crew arrived in a small rented truck and a slightly large truck with their name, they were very happy with our preparations but requested another truck be sent. We had to leave to drive to our new home for closing. We received a call from the crew saying they had left furnishings behind.

    When I called the office I was told it was my problem, not their problem. They told me to drive my @@@@ back and rent a UHaul. We had to send friends to retrieve the rest of our belongings. Then they told us they wanted additional payment before their trucks arrived. Our bank was alarmed at their attempts to charge our account. We agreed to $2000; they took $3000. The next day before they unloaded they required additional payment. They then agreed to retrieve the rest of our furnishings from our friends storage. This truck wasn't big enough either! And our possessions weren't delivered until two days later. There was damage to items on this delivery. Our friends delivered the rest on their own. We called the nationwide office to report our concerns. They did nothing but had the franchise call and rant at us again.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    All My Sons moving company was terrible from the call center all the way to moving my items. The call center booked me for a 8-9am move this morning, but your movers arrived after 11am, started their time at 1115 when they hadn’t moved a single item until after 12! You sent one guy that says he’s been doing this for 4yrs and 1 that just started this week. That alone is bad scheduling. A new person should be placed with a 3 man team training. He was absolutely clueless! Then your guy with 4yrs experience placed my supporting feet for the racks on the underside of my bed on backwards and they fell out pretty much immediately. Good thing I looked under my bed to my surprise and saw 3 of them just laying there not even in the boards! I had to point out how to put them in.

    Your call center failed to mention a fuel charge, a minimum of 3 hrs and the hour charged to come to the location. They have damaged furniture, dirtied walls and doors. I moved to Tn initially 2 years ago from Ms (3hr plus drive) and the movers took less time to get me moved (same 3 beds and furniture). I literally moved to a house in the same neighborhood today (2 minutes drive). Your company has charged me $1473 today and this is downright robbery for an inadequate 2 person crew to take double the time necessary, leaving me with damaged furniture and not to mention my entire family having to move stuff down to the truck and then assisting with getting items into the house due to how slow everything was being done. I am lost for further words but I am truly disappointed in All My Sons moving company. This has been one of the most awful experiences for sure.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedPacking

    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    ALL MY SONS AKA ALL MY SCAMS Is the most unethical company I’ve ever had to work with!

    THE BREAKDOWN: I was originally quoted just under $500 for a small one bedroom, with two movers and was told it should take no more than two hours. Paid my $100 deposit, and was told I would get a confirmation call a week before the move. I received no call so I called them 2 days before my move date, and suddenly I’m told I need three men vs original quoted two despite the same information provided both times. It felt like an upsell so I pushed back. They also never gave a time frame so I had to just wait until they were ready as if I were doing them a favor.

    THE MOVE: Moving day comes and I got two very young disgruntled men that complained the entire time about the stairs (2 flights). They were moving so slow that my sister and I had to step in and bring stuff down for the sake of time. I had to dismantle my own bed, and wrapped most of my own furniture because of the snail pace they moved in. It took them OVER THREE HOURS just to load my small 1 bedroom apt in the truck, and two more to unload.

    THE SET UP: Once we arrived at my new location, I’m told my balance would be likely over $1,200!!! The mover called dispatch and it was changed to $950, which was a $500 upcharge. I brought shrink wrap for the furniture, the movers refused to use and insisted on using their own. This warranted their $150 “supplies fee”. I had no choice. One of the movers confronted me about a “gratuity” on the work my sister and I had to help with. When I mentioned I didn’t have cash, he mentioned his “cash app”. Stupidly I sent him a small tip so he can leave my space immediately.

    THE CONCLUSION: If you care about your time, money, and items DO NOT HIRE ALL MY SONS. They use bait and switch tactics, and unethical business practices to take advantage of people trying to simply transition into a new place.

    TL:DR. Keep looking. This company can and will scam you. They are not real professionals at all.

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    Verified purchase
    Contract & TermsPriceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 30, 2023

    I initially got a quote from All My Sons Moving and Storage on 7/17/23 for $167.95 an hr for moving a 1 bedroom apartment on Saturday 7/29/23. I had multiple conversations before I actually signed the contract and not once did somebody tell me that there was a minimum of 5 hr labor time on weekends. I found that information out after the move was complete and I called to inquire as to why my bill was so high. Had that information been disclosed to me, I would have never booked All My Sons Moving in the first place. I even told the movers there was stuff I didn’t want them to move because I felt it would take them longer, which would then cut into the $167.95 an hour rate they quoted me. Not once did someone say, "We’re going to charge you for a minimum of 5 hours."

    I understand that I signed a contract, in which the mover told me that I didn’t need to read over, but regardless I feel like I was duped into agreeing to a contract that I would’ve never agreed to if the rate was quoted more accurately to begin with (ie a minimum of $839.75= $167.95 x 5 hours). I’m not asking for a full refund, but rather than making it right. The move took a total of 3.2 hours, and 30 minutes of that was parking an oversized truck which was completely unnecessary for a 1 br. move to begin with.

    I voiced my concern to the operations manager Gabriel ** but his concern was only about how a refund would reflect on his audit and not how they failed to disclose that it was a 5 hr minimum of labor time. Gabriel then accused me of threatening him after I told him I was going to leave reviews and contact the Better Business Bureau for failing to disclose that it was a 5 hr minimum of labor time. Once again, I understand that I signed a contract, but it was a contract that I mislead and duped into signing in the first place. I really hope that All My Sons Moving can make this awful situation right. Regardless of whether or not All My Sons can provide a resolution, I hope my experience can provide an opportunity to improve their deceptive business practices.

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    Customer ServiceMoversPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 28, 2023

    I scheduled my move with All My Sons moving and they said everything would be taken care of and I paid my deposit. Two days before my scheduled move they left a voicemail that they would have to cancel because there was no available time despite me already confirming the reservation with them. I tried to call back and was left on hold for 20 minutes, texted them to get information, and received no response from them. When I called them back the next day they said my appointment was canceled and there was nothing they could do. When I asked to speak with a manager they said no. The rude woman on the phone then said “in my family we would rent a truck and move ourselves.” If I could leave a 0 star review I would. I’m currently left with no movers, not of age to rent a U-haul truck, and my lease is ending. I urge you not to make the same mistake as me, do not hire them.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 25, 2023

    This company told me 180 per hour for my move. They sent 3 movers, but one barely did a thing. For a job I was told would take 3-4 hours, ended up taking well over 5 hours and cost me over $1000 when I was expecting to only pay 4 hours max. My husband and I even helped the movers with getting items out of the home because they were so slow. Please save your sleep a lot of money, stress and upset and do not use this company.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    I am only rating one star because I am unable to rate zero. I secured the movers weeks prior to my scheduled date. Three days before, I received an email claiming that they couldn't reach me. They were claimed that they unable to reach me via phone, so I confirmed my phone number. The day of the move, I'm waiting for a phone call to confirm their arrival. After waiting hours, I call for a status update, only to be told they were cancelling my move, and that once again, they were unable to reach me via phone. When I asked if they left a voicemail, I was informed, and I quote "I wasn't the one who made the call." I asked them to test the phone number, and they did not.

    I called back again, spoke with someone else, and when they attempted to call, it came through. They had been lying to me, and were making it as if I was at fault. They provided me with two options: wait a week, or a full deposit. I was moving to a new residence, meaning, I was not able to remain in the previous residence for another week. Therefore, I opted for the full refund, and was able to secure another moving company that moved me on short notice. I did receive my money, but I am still thoroughly displeased with how they do business.

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    Contract & TermsMoversDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    Consider yourself forewarned to not use All My Sons Moving and Storage to move your belongings in the Kansas City Area. Much of my elderly mother's furnishings were recently damaged or destroyed by the mishandling and negligence of the AMS moving crew. Lampshades and pottery smashed to smithereens because they weren't protected nor secured. Dressers flipped upside-down and drug across the van floor without blankets to protect them. Chips, scrapes, and gouges out of almost every other item. Irreparable damage to antiques and a 55" TV (in addition to all the previously mentioned damage) was completely avoidable and the "compensation" of 60 cents per pound doesn't come close to covering this negligence.

    There would've been far more damage had I not insisted they properly pack artwork (with the bubble wrap WE had on hand). The contract included additional fees for them to pack the entire household but when the 4 movers arrived (2 with zero experience) they claimed they didn't know they would be packing and were not properly prepared with packing materials so they wanted to only shrink-wrap everything. I assume that some of the good reviews are coming from cities where the crew was more careful and better prepared but DON'T use this company in KC!

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    MoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed July 9, 2023

    I moved on March 27, 2023. The movers arrived and began packing my furniture. They were all very courteous, especially the one in charge. That gentleman, that I was watching, did a great job of wrapping and protecting my furniture. Unfortunately his crew of 3 other men did not. They used stretch wrap on furniture but no blankets or pads to protect from scratches. No wrap of any kind on my oak dining chairs. They actually had everything packed on the truck within 4 hours. The drive to my new home is 2.5 hours. I left an hour after the truck and arrived an hour before the truck. When they arrived they were in a hurry to get unloaded and back to Murfreesboro.

    Dropped and dragged furniture which resulted in gouges and scrapes on my hardwood floors. The gentleman in charge said they would send someone to repair the damage. That never happened. The estimate for the floor repair alone was $2500.00. Two of my dining chairs now have scratches and so does my guest room dresser. After filing claims and fighting with the company for 3 months, the best they offered for all of the damages was $420.00. I took it to put towards repairing the floors but am thoroughly disgusted with the way this company handled the situation. Would definitely not recommend this company.

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    Verified purchase
    PriceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    This company took an advantage of me. When I called to set-up the move, I let them know I am a disabled veteran on a budget. The person I spoke to informed me it will not be more than $1,000. Keep in mind I am moving out of a one bedroom apartment, about 710 ft. Not big at all, they sent three guys. It took them over 8 eights to move me. I did not have a lot of stuff or very heavy. I move 3.6 miles up the road, I was charged over $2,500 to move. Over $395.00 for fuel cost. They do not tell you the price until they have your things on their truck, and if you do not paid, they keep your stuff on the truck to take to their warehouse. I felt items was held hostage. The locate office manager was no help and did not care. I served my country to be taken an advantage of. Corporate greed. Stay away from this moving company!!!

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed July 4, 2023

    I am a Purple Heart Disabled Veteran who needed to have a move of about a two bedroom tiny apt. There was only ONE (1) Bedroom of furniture containing two wood dressers, one large the other small and a King Size Wood Bed that was NOT WRAPPED and about 20 boxes and living room items such as a dining room set table with 8 chairs (That I wrapped taken down and prepared for the move MYSELF). One large stereo cabinet, a China cabinet and a china case. A sofa with three arm chairs.

    My other items were not moved due to the fact that this company sent 3 young ** guys who were not trained to move but trained how to waste time talking on the cell phone with the job manager and taken one item moving it to one spot then placing it down and then picking it up again to put it on the elevator that I only had a 4 hour time frame to use. These guy first came late wasting my moving time then moved so slowly that they waste the elevator time I was allowed. From the few Items they did get on the elevator they did not put them on the truck, they put them on the ground. Returned back for move item in the same moving manner. They moved their truck twice when there was NO REASON to move the truck only to waste time.

    The whole time the guy acting like the crew leader talk about was How this company INFLATES Customers' Fees by almost TRIPLE the Discussed moving charge. This is EXACTLY WHAT THIS GUY DID. MY ESTIMATE MOVING CHARGE WITH ALL FEES WAS $1400.00. Due to the fact my elevator time was wasted the guys did not complete my move. They had to load the truck and take the items to the next location. They took TWO LUNCH BREAKS just to continue to waste time. When they finally arrived to my next location they had to walk up to my apt. and inspect and estimate the time it will take to UNLOAD the truck. ALL 3 of the guys had to do this.

    Before they touched anything on the truck I had to paid what I was told my Final Moving Charges which NOW DOUBLED IN PRICE from $1400.00 to $2120.00. Next after paying that fee I was told that I had an additional fee $150.00 in supplies they used after I told them that I did not want to use any of their items because I already had those supplies. The Crew leader told me that BY THE OWNER'S RULES THEY MUST USE THE ITEM REGARDLESS IF THE CUSTOMER WANTS THEM OR NOT. Well the event was not over. They left a few expensive pieces of furniture claiming that they could not get the headboard of the bed on the elevator which was NOT TRUE. At least an hour and a half passed until I was told this so I had to EXPLAIN to them how to put the Headboard on the lift.

    Next I was handed the Crew leader's phone show that I owed an ADDITIONAL FEE of $600.00 because the movers had to work over the time they allowed because they did not know how to put two Items on the lift. The Crew leader asked me that if I paid him $200.00 in CASH he would tell his boss that I did not have the extra $600.00 I was being charged. This was the BONUS Mr. ** told me that his company PAYS his crews to work fast and keep down the cost of a move. Inflated cost such as a 18% fuel charge which totaled $350.00 for driving 36 miles from the company's location to my both apts. and a $229.00 Fee for the use of the truck the same rate charge per hour for the move.

    This crew claimed that they had filled a 26 foot truck with my items but I have photo showing that they on used less than a quarter of the truck and they did not finished the entire move. I am WHEEL CHAIR BOUND and I Moved twice as much items and faster than anyone of those Young 19 - 22 year old guys this company sent to to this job who they CLAIMED WERE TRAINED MOVERS.

    The Only thing those guy were trained to do was to Waste time to make money for the company and the Cash They get for themselves. THEY WERE NOT GIVEN ANY TIP OTHER THAN THE COST OF THE SUBWAY SANDWICHES I PURCHASED FOR THEIR FIRST LUNCH BREAK. I am going to File Charges against this company because they are a TOTAL Con Artist Operation. IF THIS COMPANY IN SPRINGFIELD VA WILL DO THIS TO THE DISABLED WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WILL DO TO YOU?

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    My experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage was an utter disappointment. Despite booking a 3-person packing and moving crew a month in advance, Nate, the representative, gave me the runaround after he pressured me to upgrade to a larger crew. To make matters worse, a team of two movers arrived nine hours late with a work order indicating they were only to move my items.

    I was told their professional crews could pack and move a 1100sq ft apartment in several hours and estimated the final cost to be around $800-1200. The final price was double, despite half of the packing already completed when they arrived. Even the payment process was unprofessional, with the company sending the wrong authorization form and requesting that I write an incorrect deposit amount. Despite having a pending charge on my card, they refused to start unloading until they amended the incorrect credit card form they sent me. They also refused to provide me with an invoice. When I asked for a discount because of the wasted day and the additional cost I had to bare because of their mistakes, they took off $100. This entire experience was incredibly frustrating and stressful, and I cannot recommend this company to anyone.

    I had a terrible experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage and Storage. I booked a 3-person packing and moving crew a month in advance, but instead, a team of two movers arrived nine hours late with a work order indicating they were only to move my items. From 7:50 am until 5:00 pm, the local representative told me a series of untruths and misinformation instead of simply saying, "I do not know," or "It might not be possible to get this done today:" "Yesterday's job ran over, so the team is there now and will be at your location at 11:00 am." Prompting me to ask, "Why did you tell me at 7:30 am or last night when I called to confirm?" "The crew was stopped by the police on the interstate, but they will be there in 45 minutes. The police are on the way to the crew stopped on the interstate. They should be about 45-50 minutes. I have to take the drive off the road per company policy, so I need to find another crew for you. The crew I found for you will be there in 20 minutes. They are just wrapping up a job." (They never arrived.)

    "I have a team on the way and will send some extra men to help finish the job." At this point, two men with a work order stating they were just to move my items arrived. The representative's, Nate's, continual insistence that the crew was "just 45 minutes away" stopped me from engaging another company. The cost ($2400) was double what I initially quoted ($800-1100) for a 3-person crew packing an entire 1100sq. In my case, half of the packing was done when the three people arrived. They only needed to pack the small kitchen, the artwork on the walls, the electronics, and break down any furniture they thought best. After taking over five hours to pack, they took another 2.5 hours to move the contents 10 yards from my door to the dedicated freight elevator and 20 yards from the freight elevator to the moving truck.

    The payment process was also unprofessional, with the company sending the wrong authorization form and requesting that I write an incorrect deposit amount. Despite having a pending charge on my card, they refused to start unloading until the incorrect form they sent was amended. When I asked for a discount due to their mistakes and the wasted day, they only offered me $100 off. The movers worked at a slow pace that did not indicate they were being cautious. It was more a pace designed to elongate their billable hours. Overall, this was an incredibly frustrating and stressful experience, and I cannot recommend this company to anyone.

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    Contract & TermsMoversDamage

    Reviewed June 26, 2023

    I hired All My Sons to move my things on April 12th. I specifically asked if they would be able to move my 2 LARGE mirrors (9ft and 7ft from Arhaus valued at over 3,500). They promised me that they could do the move and charged me extra for padding and supplies to ensure my property doesn't get damaged! They sent 4 young guys that had zero experience to do the job. None of the pads were used, They moved the mirrors when I turned my back, and didn't bring a truck large enough. They made two trips and didn't get done till 12am. They started at 4pm.

    Now that my Pierre mirrors and Jagger dining chairs are damaged, they are fighting me tooth and nail to simply pay 330.00. SMH! They also will not replace your items if they damage them at value. Only .60 per pound. Yet after damaging 4,000 worth of my property the claims department is refusing to simply pay me per their contract at .60 cent per pound. This company is extremely SHADY! I def do not recommend. As a military personnel and single mother who works hard for my property, you would think they would have some decency! Just crazy!

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    Customer ServiceDamage

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    Hired AMS for local move. They damaged almost every item they touched and inflicted approximately $1,000 damage to the walls, trim, ceiling, and screen door. The manager reported he had fired the lead worker, as if that would make me feel better!?! Twice he promised to get back to me with “options” for my losses. Still waiting.

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    Customer ServiceQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    I was charged a lot more than what they had told me, they asked me many times to give a big tip and the worst thing is that they broke a 75” tv plus a wooden chest of drawers. They wanted to refund me with 1/8 of the amount owed. Absurd. I never call them again.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamage

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    I am an 18 year active duty Marine and former military dependent, having moved every 3 years since I was born, so you can say I am familiar with moving. We moved off a military base in preparation of my retirement. We hired All My Sons Moving and Storage based on reviews and quote from the National Corporate office/schedulers. Everything from the National Corporate office/schedulers regarding the quote were ignored by the local/district management.

    Our quote from the National Corporate Office:

    1) Supplies $122... what we were charged $248 + additional supply charges.
    2) Labor starts when we arrive at the house... what we were charged when the movers showed up to the front gate (not to mention the driver got lost because his GPS messed up). Two additional hours of labor for them sitting at the gate and getting lost.
    3) Labor for lunch... yes, we were charged for them taking an 1hr lunch break.
    4) Fuel Surcharge is 18% of labor cost... the labor cost was already messed up so now fuel surcharge is messed up.

    5) Driver forgot his tools at the point of origin... I had to drive back 45 mins so the driver could get his tools.

    I have tried to reason and discuss with the local manager... NOTHING. I have tried to reach out to the National Corporate office... NOTHING! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and contesting the charges with my Credit Card Company. We received a quote... the company should honor that quote. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY!

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    Customer ServicePriceMoversDamage

    Reviewed May 26, 2023

    I would not recommend All My Sons moving company. I was almost charged over $600 for moving 3 dressers, a bed, two desk chairs, and 3 nightstand sized objects, essentially a bedroom worth of items. It was a local move, 17 miles between houses, and now longer than a 40 minute drive. They tried to charge me for materials, services, and time not used. I ended up paying nearly $500 for the move.

    On top of all that, their movers damaged my furniture by failing to properly cover them in readily available moving blankets, which is included with the move. Fortunately, getting a damage claim form was quickly ready by their customer service, but to me that doesn't speak well for a moving company. I am thoroughly disappointed with their quality of service, and I would choose anyone else in Birmingham, AL to use as a moving company.

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    PriceMoversQuote Accuracy

    Reviewed May 24, 2023

    Do not use All My Sons. My family moved last month (April '23) using them and they were terrible. Worst and most expensive move of my life and oh yea one of the three movers teemed of ** the whole time. 0 sense of urgency for the 3 man team to move anything in a timely manner. What was quoted for a 2-bedroom apt move was 5.5 hrs, $1200. Ended up costing nearly double that and over 8 hrs. They also broke our wine rack and broke off a leg of our nightstand. Again can't stress enough, do not use them. I should have used Raimonds Movers again, cause they are great, but we had hoped to save some $. Didn't save at all, worst moving decision ever with AMS.

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    Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

    Reviewed May 12, 2023

    I All My Sons Moving and Storage, on May 9th to move out of a 1 bedroom condo in Buckhead, they arrived at the time they stated, there were 3 men, once they had everything packed up, we proceeded to the storage. I was told before they could not remove anything from the truck until I pay, the total went from $548.00 to $1044.00. I received a call from the storage facility that I needed to purchase another storage unit because there was not enough room for all my things, so I did, I received a call later the same day that the driver had thrown my items into the dumpster, and that he told the facility that I said it was not mine, I was not there!, I had to leave them and go to the closing, but he knew the item was mine, he had just packed it up at my Condo and moved it, the manager at the facility took it out of the dumpster and made sure it was not broken and kept it for me.

    I called Chris with "All My Sons Moving and Storage." HE ACTED LIKE THIS WAS NOTHING AND TRIED TO DOWN PLAY THE INCIDENT AND TOLD ME HE WOULD GET BACK TO ME AND NEVER DID!!!, On May 10, I received a call from the Property Manager of the Condos and she told me the wall was damaged and that I had to pay $500.00 to have the was repaired, and sent me the video, and again I spoke to All My Sons Moving and again they down played it.

    This is the worst I have ever been treated/I have not received any apologies or any compensation for the way I was treated by everyone at this company. Please do not use this company for any moving if you want to be treated fairly. I do not recommend this company. I hope this review can help someone else and I hope Consumer Affairs can help me.

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    PriceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

    Reviewed May 9, 2023

    THEY WILL OVERCHARGE YOU. To say that I was shocked when it was time to pay would be an understatement. I felt like I was being oversold when they offered me three guys, but I went with it anyway because I trusted the judgment on behalf of your company. I have moved about 20 times in my adult life and have always done it on my own, this was my first time using movers. I estimated that it would take 3 hours; however, it took four. To set the stage, everything was packed and staged in a single room; outside of the bed (that was disassembled), couch, TV stand and TV.

    I estimate that they used 3 boxes for couch cushions and bedding, plastic wrapped 5 items, and used one mattress cover, yet material costs were $150. In addition, I was charged $200 for travel, when I moved 1.5 miles. Overall, I originally estimated the cost of the move to be $600, with the third guy maybe $800, it came in at over $1200. I feel like the lack of transparency on the front end should be highlighted. I hope that this is not a common practice of your company.

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    Reviewed May 7, 2023

    I have never written such a bad review in my life - granted the movers were very fast. however.... 1) When moving my corner hutch, it was picked up from the top piece and it came apart, it was moved with a shelf that had come off and now it's in 3 pieces. I am not strong enough to put the top back on, so will be looking for someone to help me. 2) When I booked the appointment, I was told to leave the drawers in the dresser, however when they went to move it, I was informed that the drawers had to be removed. One drawer was damaged, the roller to one side of the dresser had come off. 3) My living room lamp was damaged on the bottom and now sits lopsided. 4) When shown the invoice for payment, I was outraged. It was more than half of what it should have been. All in all, I am extremely disappointed in the service provided and the lack of care to my belongings.

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