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66 The Standard Insurance Company Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: March 29, 2018

I have been working for my employer since 2014 and added The Standard's short and long term disability to my benefits package. The premium has voluntarily been deducted from my paychecks. In July 2017 I became disoriented and dizzy on a regular basis. Since I was unable to drive or complete my tasks at work I sought assistance from my regular doctor along with two neurologists, a rheumatologist, a neuropsychologist, and a gastrointestinal doctor within the last seven months; all the while unable to work. I have had MRI scans, CT scans, and numerous blood tests, all of which were provided to The Standard.

The Standard paid a $1600.00 benefit for July through September. I requested an extension of benefits and, although my health had changed and the doctors were still searching for a diagnosis, my claim was denied. I requested a review of the decision in early November 2017 and continued to provide The Standard with all medical documentation. I have been informed today 3/29/2018 that my claim will remain closed and denied. Although the doctors have been, until now, unable to diagnose an exact illness of the symptoms I am experiencing I still am unable to drive and work. I am confused as to why I was paid with no diagnosis at the beginning of my claim but denied benefits from then on when there's been no change in symptoms. I believe this is an unethical practice and have found this to be a pattern of this company. They're happy to take your premium, but don't stand behind the individual paying it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2018

I have been dealing with The Standard Insurance Company for almost 2 years now. It was fine the 1st year but when I started getting my Social Security Disability things went to hell. The Standard started sending me over payment notices. I had no problem paying back what Social Security back paid. I did that, then The Standard Insurance wanted a mother $1000.00. So I paid that even though the letter stated my overpayment would not be more than what I was awarded from Social Security.

Then I called The Standard to ask if it was ok to roll over my retirement into a IRA. I was told that it was fine as long as I sent prof showing I did not keep it. Then about 9 months later I get a letter stating they wanted $780.00 for me rolling it over. Then a week later I get a letter stating they would be taking anywhere from $200.00-$300.00 out of my checks each month as a penalty. They are still subtracting $350.00 too much from my Social Security.

Just today I got another letter saying I have a overpayment of $395.00 for the month of February. I am confused because I did not even get a check from them. When I went to have my taxes done we couldn’t do them because The Standard Insurance W-2 shows I paid into them more than they paid me. When my tax lady call The Standard Insurance the guy kind of laughed and said (wow I don’t know what to tell you). We asked if there could of been a mistake and he said no that the W-2 was correct. I am suppose to be getting 90% of my wages but with them taking more than they should I only have my Social Security to live on. I wish something could be done as I paid into this for many years thinking it would ease the worries if I ever got sick, well here I am worried. How I am going to keep coming up with money every month to pay them back on their so called overpayments. It sickens me that they can get by with this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2018

I contacted The Standard to cash out my life insurance policy. They said that it was term life so I would receive nothing for all of the payments that I have made. This is the policy that my last employer (UAMS) provided to retirees as long as we made the payments. Well, I won't be making any further payments. What a ripoff! I will say that the lady who answered the phone was pleasant. I hope that she is able to find a legitimate job soon instead of representing such a shoddy company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2018

I have been a customer for over 25 years. My son just passed away at age 28 and I was informed he was not covered because he was over 21. No one ever informed me of this but took my money for the premium. In a time of loss and then find out I can't bury my child is very hard.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2018

The Standard is the only long term disability company my institution works with so I applied for coverage which is a lengthy process (a state institution with change of benefits once yearly). This was advised me by a financial advisor and I’m in a professional position. From November 2017 I prepared my application and received a denial dated January 4 in mail. Based on medical records from my primary care physician they denied covering me due to a “shoulder disorder” as I had injured my left shoulder at the gym last year (where I go regularly or as an alternative go for 3-4 mile runs 2-3 times a week) that cleared up in a month’s time.

Granted I do have mild chronic right shoulder pain that is muscular (I type often for work and commute several days a week 3 hours of driving round trip which leaves my right shoulder tight). I deal with it with exercise (work the muscle at least once a week through weights, yoga, Pilates, and or barre) and massage therapy (twice monthly at most). Apparently they Characterized that as a “shoulder disorder” and denied coverage to a healthy and fit professional who enjoys her career and considers cause for disability as needing to be something that limits my ability to teach, write grants and publish manuscripts, for example, suffering a bad accident with loss of use of upper limbs and/or brain damage. I plan to appeal this decision and read up on other entries in ConsumerAffairs on The Standard.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

I was hoping by their insured on a rainy day, she was drive extremely fast when she lost control and after sliding all over the highway she hit my car. Fast forward a few weeks, I had to wait for the police report to get her information, and I put the claim in to have my car repaired. Fast forward almost 4 months and I just learned the person handling my claim no longer works there, which is why my claim was never process. Now I at least know that much but I learned that I have to pay out-of-pocket for the rental car.

Standard did say they will reimburse me for the cost of the rental, but how can I trust they won't drag their feet on getting the correct to me? Never mind the fact that when I told the new person handling my claim that I could not afford the cost of a rental. All I got from him in response was an "oh well that's how we do it here." I guess I'm expected to not have a vehicle while my car is being repaired? Do yourself a favor and if you're ever hit by someone with Standard Insurance just go get a lawyer and let the professionals handle this company. You'll thank me in the long term.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

My experience with Standard has been very disappointing. I have been a customer for approximately 20 years. During that time I have never missed a premium payment. Then, I became disabled with M.S. Honestly, this illness has been devastating to my business and to my income. I have submitted claims twice and this company (Standard) seems to be going out of its way to find reasons to deny the claim.

However, I do not understand the reason for the denial because Standard will not provide me with the basis for the denial. If it has attempted to advise me it is not specific enough to do any good! I still "work" because if I didn't, then I would go bankrupt! This company, which has gladly taken my premium for years, is creating quite a problem because if I stop work, thinking that Standard will fulfill its obligation to me, I have no way to believe it will pay for my disability. This company has operated in "bad faith" regarding my claim and I am now going to do something about it! THIS REALLY IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

I went on LTD following an industrial injury. The Standard sent me a check for over $7,000 that I did not think was correct. After calling them and verifying that I had that amount coming I cashed it and paid tax on it. The following year they contacted me demanding I pay it back ASAP. I could not recover the lost tax as you need to go long form and my tax man could not recover any of it. The Standard's mistake cost me thousands in taxes for payment I had to return. They didn't so much as apologize.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

This is the worst company to deal with in your time of need. I got my Short Term Disability no problem. I started working on my Long Term Disability weeks before the ST was to run out. I spent over 2 1/2 weeks trying to figure out what was going on with my long-term disability. I spoke to somebody and they said that that I had to fill out a separate form from the one that they got - which is what they included in the packet. I signed the form and they sent it to my Doctor who said it was not HIPAA compliant. Every time I speak to somebody different they say they don't have any information on it. I was also told that my records go to another company that they outsource for this. Now it's three weeks without a check and they're still screwing around. Now I'm at the point where I have no money still and a hurricane is coming. I can't go anywhere because I don't have a cent to my name. They don't give a crap!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I worked for my current employer for a year when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was so glad that I opted for the short and long term disability insurance. Boy, did I learn a lesson. I contacted the insurance company before I went on leave figuring that I could expedite things and to get all of my ducks in a row. I was handed over to the man that was in charge of my short term disability claim. He turned out to be a nice guy. He did, however, inform me that I would receive short-term disability for four weeks upon which time I would be handed over to the Long-Term disability department. I thought that to be odd since I was only going to be out for seven weeks.

All things considered, the short-term paid off well. I got four checks and then a letter came from long-term disability saying that they needed to investigate because they suspected that my colon cancer may be a pre-existing condition. So I filled out the permission form for them to get information from my current provider. Next I received a request to sign a permission form for a previous provider group. Bear in mind, this was happening in May of 2017 and they wanted the information from January 01, 2016. I sent in the permission form. Next I received a permission form request for a pharmacy that we used and a week later they wanted a permission form for a pharmacy that I used maybe twice. Also bear in mind that I was never seen for any cancer related issue before this year, ever.

So the next thing that happened is that I received a letter saying that they were still "investigating" my claim, so I called the adjuster who told me that it could still take "several weeks" to make a determination. The next letter that I received was one telling me that they were also investigating my life insurance, who it happens is offered from The Standard Insurance Company. The letter said that my life insurance might be dropped, or at the very least I would be responsible for paying for it in whole by myself.

So, today, which is August 02, I get two more letters, both telling me that they need more information. Although the adjuster told me that he had received all of the information from my current provider, the letter stated that they have never received that information. I was also told that they have never received information from that one pharmacy that I used a couple of times. They are basically requiring me to call these entities to provide the information to them.

I've had it. I'm not quitting my quest. I am going to send out a mass mailing to everyone in my workplace to ask if they've been screwed over by The Standard. There are two women on my unit who have had various bad experiences so there must be many more who can testify that they've been shafted. I'm doing this to pressure my employer to get a new insurance company. This is going to be hard because I work for a state entity. I'm also going to contact my state and federal legislators to ask for help. This has worked in the past for other concerns that I've had about impropriety in government and/or insurance companies.

The thing is that companies like The Standard do things like this to people to make them so frustrated that they just give up and move on. I'm not that way, I'll see this through to the end. I'm working again and I can afford to be a fly in their ointment and a burr under their saddle. They've messed with the wrong person this time.

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Original review: July 10, 2017

I have to ask other people who have had experienced these folks. I have literally sent in everything they sent to me and gave them info they needed. They are the worse to deal with!!! Every time I call I get someone different who has no clue and I explain it over and over as if I'm starting over. Then they just out of nowhere stopped my checks, with no notice at all. So now I'm screwed on paying my bills with the money I worked for since I was 16 years old, is that even allowed? Can they stop my check without giving me any notice? And since I have not a penny to my name, my phone was cut off and usually the automated system will call me to let me know if my check went out. Does the automated system generate a check? Maybe I didn't get it because of my phone being cut off? Can someone please help.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

I was struck by lightning in 2014. I received Long term disability check from the Standard until my Social Security went through. I have PTSD therefore after 24 months I could not draw my Long term check from the Standard due to a clause in the policy so they started withholding my entire check several months before the checks were to stop. I received a very ugly letter requesting the entire balance that I am and was not in a position to pay due to being disabled and a very low income. They demanded that I pay a $100.00 a month or they would destroy my credit.

I paid them $100.00 only in July 2015. I as agreed or they would put it on my credit. After that my husband and I wrote them a letter and told them that we could only pay $50.00. Then my Ss went down due to Medicare so we wrote another letter stating that all we could afford is $25.00 a month. They have been accepting my payments for 10 months now. Today I get a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe more than is owed and a judgment is being put against me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

I purchased both Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability policies in good faith and shortly after excitedly starting my new job. I was enrolled in these policies without any lapses for more than two years. My employer had many administrative problems and those problems caused many of the workers to seek treatment for a variety of medical conditions including stress and depression and work-related PTSD, being required to do, perform unethical and dangerous business practices sometimes endangering patient safety as well as employee safety.

I sought treatment from a Medical Doctor regarding my situation. I explained to him that there were safety issues and physical threats as well as dangerous working conditions as the temperature had reached 89 degrees without any ventilation and without windows and working in a security controlled records department. I was also required to perform an increasing workload that was previously performed by 4 full-time employees. I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed and under a lot of pressure by Administration that was constantly requesting me to complete the ever increasing amount of work and to complete management tasks that took me away from my desk to attend hours of meetings while still completing all of the work and some of the work was patient related information. I was the only employee running and working in a vital to patient safety department that was previously staffed by 4 employees.

I had sought treatment by a medical doctor and explained to him my increasing concerns for my health and well-being. My Doctor felt that I needed to be treated and he put me on disability and he completed claim forms for both Short-Term and when eligible for Long-Term disability paperwork. I have gotten nothing but a run-around. (It appears by reading the comments, that many other people that have filed claims also have had the same treatment). In August of 2016, I filed a claim for Short-Term Disability with a company named, "The Standard". The Standard said they received the claim information, then they said they needed me to send it again (First one was sent certified mail and received by them) and then they said it was being reviewed, then reviewed again, then again, through several levels of reviewers.

Then more information was requested and more information was sent it to them and they were reviewing more information all the while saying that I have a "Claim". I have correct claim numbers and information and that it will be processed promptly. And then after 9 months, I was told I have been requesting my claim from the "Wrong company". I was told that my claim should have been processed through a company called "The Reliance Standard".

As a consumer, paying my premiums through payroll deduction in a timely manner, expecting a product in the form of an insurance policy, that has been fully paid for, I would expect that this would be a simple and clear transaction and that "The Standard" should honor their responsibility as the recipient of the premiums and they have benefited from the payment of these premiums. But it appears that there is a problem with the handling and mishandling of the confidential patient and employee information.

According to the reviews on the Consumer Affairs website, multiple copies of the same information has been requested by the Insurance company. I am requesting a prompt resolution and payment of my claim for Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits as all information has been sent to both companies and it appears that they don't have a problem with delaying their payments to the detriment of me the consumer that purchased their product for the protection of myself and my family.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

STANDARD, LTD benefits... get a good attorney. I'm disabled type 1 juvenile onset diabetic... 30+ years… neuropathy from my hips down... multiple injury related surgeries and so on. 3 of my doctors concur with permanent total disability. Yet they use their paid for drs that have never even met you to evaluate your medical records in an attempt to deny you.

After months and months of stress and grief and sleeping trouble I decided to dive into who these people really are... OMG. They are worse than greasy used car salesmen. They lie for a living. They push people to the brink and hope that person gives up. Note... these people are already disabled, WTF. They lie about everything, from receiving faxes, medical records, mail sent. They laugh at my despair. If you’re unlucky enough like me you will be assigned to a senior case analyst. This is a person that has worked their way up in screwing disabled people out of their benefits. If you're like me I have nothing... but the will to fight these people until the bitter end, with a GOOD attorney... good luck...

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: May 29, 2017

It's only fair to follow up that the agent I am currently working with has spoken with my provider and myself multiple times since my first review and the service is greatly improved. I think this improvement has more to do with the individual professionalism and skill of the agent and perhaps not so much with the standard operating procedures of The Standard, but there you have it. I will continue to update these reviews as my claim proceeds.

Original review: April 24, 2017

I am only giving a one-star rating because there is no zero or negative number option. This company sends repeated notices that they have not received the appropriate paperwork, repeated notices that customer has not submitted appropriate information or forms and telephone directives that supply different fax numbers than official forms. They cost my doctor's office and physician's time and money in duplicating forms and re-submitting every request. They send repeated notices that if they do not receive further documentation of fulfilled "requests" they will "decide your claim without them" within 30 days.

The strategy suggests that their business paradigm is to delay the claims as long as possible and in the event the customer gives up or fails to prove that the documents have actually been sent multiple times, they are actually able to deny the claim. My doctor's office has documented and supplied copies of every fax -- but apparently The Standard hasn't received them?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2017

The Standard requires you to have paperwork filled out by your doctor and in every month The Standard states they have not received it. My doctor faxed it twice, I called and they still have not received it even though the transmission states it has. Correct fax number but they don't seem to get the faxes causing a delay in my payment!! It takes a representative to be in a three-way call with your doctor's office in the line, The Standard rep, and myself, then my doctor's office faxed over the paperwork and Ebola, The Standard rep gets the fax. Don't deal with this company. It has the worst customer service EVER!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 19, 2017

I had hail damage to the roof of our home and when I received the estimate the company depreciated our roof as they said we have an ACV policy and need an RCV policy to receive the replacement cost. None of this is mentioned when you sign up. However when you need it you get "you need to add coverage." Next none of the damages to the interior of the house are covered as they say this is all due to a poorly built roof that has a valley above the garage. 3 of the rooms with additional damage are upstairs above the "valley". I was then told it was condensation that caused the issue. I told the adjuster that the towel I placed on the window ledge was ringing wet after the last rain and the carpet below was wet as well. He said I should get additional coverage after I called his bluff twice. Very dissatisfied.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2017

Prior to having surgery, all of my disability forms were completed and sent to The Standard. On Page 1, it states that they are required by law to withhold 28% of my benefits, unless a W-4 form is submitted. I submitted my W-4 with all of my other forms and had my surgery. Checks began coming, then stopped and I was not given any notice. I called to ask why and was told that they needed the doctor to fill out forms. 3-4 weeks later I began getting paid again. After 3 months, my checks were significantly less. I called again and I was told that they forgot to withhold my federal income taxes. No one gave me any answers as to why and I was told that they made a mistake.

I now owe over $5k in taxes to the IRS and when I called to rectify the issue, no one can give me an answer. I asked to speak with a supervisor... 2 days later, he's still on the other line. I continue to leave messages and no one calls me back. From the stopped payments, to the tax issues, to the unbelievably bad customer service, this company is an absolute nightmare to be covered by. Hope you never need these guys.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

I have been disable since 5/16 and I applied for disability through The Standard. My employee has a group policy and I purchased additional coverage. Have been paying for 20 years or more... At first after a few minor setback with "I am waiting for info from your employer." for example GROUP POLICY NUMBER... Like they did not already have it. So I made a call and put them on a 3 way. Ok so I thought I can focus on getting better... No every time I looked up they needed more info. No one could give you any info, one representative told me perhaps I should not continue to go to the doctor due to my claim was not approved. THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE IS LONG TERM DISABILITY.

The analyst have been reviewing my paperwork since 12/28/16. I faxed and called several times for her to tell me laughing in my face I must add, she not sure and a outside person need to look at my claim. This person called my doctor's office stated that the info and x-rays were not readable. I took a copy to my doctor, he called and called no answer, I explained that my medical coverage depends on her approval... I just received a letter on 2/18/17 (a day before my birthday. What a present), that I needed to request a formal review in writing after about 60 days of just holding it.. p.s. you only have 180 days. Which I was lead to believed that all my physician had to do was to complete the Attending Physician Form that was enclosed.

Now my employer is sending me bills that I have to pay almost $400 for coverage to continue my PT... Wow. I also have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and anxiety disorder which I also was being treated for. My question how can I pay for the coverage when they won't pay my claim and had they approved my claim I would be covered? Sincerely totally stressed out and in a lot of pain.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2017

Warning!! I listen to KLTY on my car radio, about 4 years ago I heard a commercial that advertised Standard Insurance agency... Have people on there testifying how much money they save on their auto and home insurance. So since the office was located near my home I took my current policy that I had with Farmers into the location and ask for a quote on the insurance that I currently had... And lo and behold they came back with a quote my auto and home that saved me several hundred dollars a year. Thought I was getting a good deal until I had to make a claim...

I had water pipes under my house break. I have insurance through American Home Shield to fix my water pipes. But when I went to make a claim for the water damage to my floors Standard Insurance does not cover damage from broken water pipes or almost anything else. After researching about other complaints I find that lots of other people have problems with claims. When I called the company they said I had a policy that was called HOA. Basically that's a policy for Condominiums not for the normal homeowner. When I asked Standard Insurance they said that's the only policy they offer in Texas. Lesson learned you get what you pay for... Now I'm stuck paying for these floors that I thought I was paying for insurance to cover stuff like that. Just wanted to warn you just because you hear it on a Christian radio station doesn't mean that the company has Christian morals. Don't want anyone else to find out the hard way like I did.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

I don't understand why people worried about government spending. Don't put a lid on what some insurance companies are doing, like The Standard. Basically anyone seriously sick and in pain doesn't have time to peruse lawsuits. The Standard hires a company like Allsup to constantly nag its policy holder for information to get the policy holder transferred to Social Security Disability.

The company that you were employed with is complacent in this as it brings down their rates. Then The Standard sends you paperwork so that any money coming to you OR your children (even though they told me my children's money wouldn't be effected) must be turned over to them. IN ESSENCE: You pay your premium and The Standard never has to pay a cent. It really needs to be stopped. When you work for a large company, they don't provide you with a copy of your policy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2017

Had a couple of Issue and asked to have automatically withdrawal out of my account for payment. Was unaware I had no insurance until the bank notified me. Went back to make sure this time I had paperwork drawn up to have payment withdrawn out of my account again. 9 months went by I let my son borrow my car and he happened to get a ticket. The ticket he had got was for no insurance and I was unaware I had no insurance again.

I called the company. I got ahold of corporate. They told me they would get back to me and check on the situation. I got a call back in regards to the situation a hold and she told me it was corporate's mistake and if I had the $900 for the back pay that they would go ahead and continue my insurance. I told her I did not have the $900. She told me that if I had payment each month for the last 9 months that I should be able to pay the $900 back. I told her it was corporate mistake that I did not have 900 in my bank. I then told her that it was two weeks before Christmas and that if she wanted the money that bad I would take back all of my grandkids Christmas presents and take a picture of the empty tree so they can have their $900 that they messed up on.

She then told me that she would call me back and get a hold of corporate because I did inform her that I would put it on Facebook and the internet anything I had to do to let him know that my grandkids how their Christmas was this year and told her that I would put it on Facebook of everything she then told me that she would call me back and get a hold of corporate. She call me a of couple days later and tell me that they were going to Forfeit the 900 and start a new contract 3 days later.

My son went to court a month later in regards to the situation. He ended up getting a fine for $200 for no insurance. What a surprise they did not back the three days. They started a new contract three days later so when he went to court there was no insurance. Surprise. I then called the company back in regards to the situation. She informed me that she had brought it to my attention. I told her "yes you did" but whether it was going to be benefited to him or to me you still messed up strike three because of the ticket was in my name. I still had no proof of insurance because it wasn't dated back 3 days prior to when the ticket was issued so that's strike three that they still did not do their job.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

In May of 2016 my doctor took me off work and I filed a claim for short term through my job. On June 20th 2016 I was approved for short term disability through the company that I had been paying through my job. I had constant stopping and delaying of payments due to needing records every month even though my doctor stated and I explained wouldn't even review me to be able to go back to work until Feb of 2017. Still they stopped and delayed my payments for weeks to request and receive the same records over and over again.

In the middle of September information started to be requested to transition from short term to long term as my short term was scheduled to end October 31st 2016. On October 4th 2016 I received a letter stating all necessary info has been received and can now begin the review of my long term claim. I called and was confirmed "yes everything was received". October 10th I received a letter stating "we cannot make a final decision on your claim until we get addition info". I sent all forms asked of me, and was told I need to be excluded from any pre-existing conditions between the time of January 02, 2016 through March 31, 2016 to be approved. After here the case turned for the worse. I would call weekly to check in on the status but was told I could talk to only my analyst. She never answered and not only that she never returned my calls.

On Oct 31st I received a letter stating In order to complete my investigation, I must analyze all pertinent medical, vocational, and financial info and additional info that is needed has been requested. Since then I have received forms needed 3 1/2 weeks after the date of the letter, and only after calling multiple times and leaving messages of what is the hold up. And the response of "hmmm not sure what happened there. It was suppose to be with you last check, it was just resent recently." No returned phone calls. And an explanation by both a letter, analyst, and a supervisor, in December that only one more record is needed to finalize my claim. The office takes up to 30 days to process record requests so I could understand a partial delay. But when I called the office and explained that The Standard told me they sent the request over 5 weeks ago, the office informed me that they had just receive the request 1 week prior to me calling.

The Standard company lied! The records were sent to The Standard on Jan 4th of 2017. Mind you this case started in September of 2016. And 2 days later I received a call from the company Release point that the standard works with and was informed. I need to resign a release for the medical office because The Standard accidentally requested records from the wrong date, as well as they need records from my pharmacy. How can they do this? This is clearly being done to purposely stall my claim. They knew who my pharmacy was for months and those records should have been requested, and how do you request the wrong date of records. It was suppose to be January 2016 through April 2016. They requested October 2016. And now they are requesting records from January 2015 to current.

I informed them I did not start seeing the doctor until May 2016 so they are requesting non-existing records and no possibility for preexisting condition. And this can be confirmed by the doctor's office via phone call as I signed a release form. It is January 12th 2017. And nothing is being done. Worst company filled with lies!!!

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2016

I have been paying on a $500.000.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy for MANY years. I fell and damaged my left eye and lost usable eyesight in that eye (20/600 range). Because I 'can see two fingers stuck in front of my face', my second claim was denied. They "lost" my first claim even though I have a return receipt proving they received it. This organization has proven to me that they are beyond unfair, unprofessional and unhelpful.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

Due to the VOLUMES OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS, I'd like to just throw this out there for anyone who might be interested. I'd like to propose that a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT be initiated on behalf of all of the dissatisfied claimants who have been bilked right out of their benefits which are rightfully owed them. If any attorney wants to take on this cause, thousands will be eternally grateful for your compassion and tenacity.

In the past, I personally viewed one of my claims adjusters profiles on FB. This is what she said, "I love my job, working for one of the greatest companies (something to that effect)!" This infuriated me as I took out a supplemental plan with this company through my employer in 2005 just as a backup IF I became unable to work. They had NO PROBLEM DRAWING MY PREMIUM MONTHLY WITHOUT FAIL! Once I became disabled due to Major surgery and complications after, STOPPED paying any benefits when they desired to do so. Very, ruthless, deceptive, unethical, bogus company that I ever encountered in my entire life.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

After I lost the benefits that came with my job, I looked to Standard Insurance for health coverage. While they were initially helpful, they kept bundling life insurance from a company called Phoenix with my policy despite my protests (I was already covered through State Farm). They signed me up for Phoenix anyway, and I had to contact Phoenix a few times to receive a refund. This situation marred what had been a fairly easy process of finding cheap health insurance.

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Original review: July 26, 2016

I went out on disability and was told that I would get 60% of my pay but that it may be a little less because of my retirement. All the paperwork was filled out with the county that I worked for and submitted, everything was ok for a little while but then they came back and said that they did not know that I was receiving retirement. My retirement is only a little over $300.00 a month. Then they came back and said that I owe them all this back pay and that I will not receive a check until it is all paid back. I ask if I could pay payments on it but was told that I cannot. What am I supposed to pay my bills with and get my medications with? Why do we even pay for insurance when they are not here for us when we need them? This is so wrong and from what I am reading about these people, I seriously doubt that I owe them anything!

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Original review: June 29, 2016

I retired several years ago and the company for which I had worked ran my pension through this group. Despite the fact that my pension payment is due to me on the 12th of each month, The Standard generally mails it on the 25th of the month. Now excuse me if I'm wrong, but if my insurance payment is but a few days late I'm hit with a late charge. Yet, The Standard mails my payment 13 days late each and every month without penalty. How is that? When I called them they informed me that all pension checks were done in a mass mailing on that date (the 25th). The second time I called about this they hung up on me. The Standard is definitely BELOW STANDARD in my mind!!

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Original review: April 20, 2016

Definitely do not recommend. They do not offer any expertise, professionalism, assistance, guidance, or any help whatsoever if you file a claim. I have never had such horrible customer service, not to mention being lied to about the claim process. Yes, it is cheap. As they say, you get what you pay for. Thankful for the at-fault driver's insurance company. They have gone above and beyond. Even they can't believe the "service" from Standard. Standard insurance is way, way, way, below standard. Stay away from Standard!!

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2016

I was taken off work by my doctor for PTSD, major depression, anxiety and stress disorder. At first the standard approved the claim. When my off work was extended after losing my friends and coworkers in a terrorist attack, they said they needed more information and would contact my medical provider. They did not actually contact the doctor, as the doctor had no record of them doing so. When I called to find out what was going on, they said, oh, well we are faxing it now. Mind you this was 3 weeks they made me wait for "review." I had to coordinate the paperwork they needed for my claim. Over a month went by without a payment. around the end of December they finally paid a claim.

My doctor has continued to extend my off work and the process started all over again. Around 01/11/2016, (a month later) they paid one more part of the claim. Now they are saying they again need more paperwork to continue to extend and that they would contact dr. They did not contact him. I had to call and call and they finally fax the request and failed to include the HIPPA release form, which they had on file. After I call to find out what is going on, they resend the request with the release.

The doctor fills out what they want and now they are saying that although my doctor included more information, their internal reviewer who has never met me or talked to me and is designed to find a way to deny people's claims, overrides my actual doctor's assessment that I cannot return to my work as an officer at this time. They have failed to follow up timely with my doctor. They have failed to submit release forms to obtain the records they needed. They have failed to conduct their business in a moral manner. They have lied about requesting information from my doctor and are very unclear about what information they need so that they can randomly deny whatever claim they don't want to pay.

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