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Liberty Mutual - Homeowners

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Last updated: Jan. 12, 2018

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Original review: March 18, 2017

I had a blanket coverage for Jewelry. When I lost a few items they concluded the items stolen instead of lost and have taken more than six months to resolve, then they want to document it with their lawyer court reporter and bring all items on board that don't even pertain to your claim, like 3 years tax return, checking account history. Not worth the time to deal with the BS. After 1 claim they send in their pathetic unreasonable lawyer's.

Never ever in 25 years dealt with such stubbornness. Liberty Mutual Prides itself in paying claims, but on their time & terms! I pray you will see this and avoid companies alike, not to mention this is a international company, find an American company. That is why we pay the high rate of broad coverage, so in case something happens we can quickly replace the item instead of preying on the disabled who cannot deal with stress as such. It even grosses me out that this international company uses our statue of liberty for their branding.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2017

All those looking for car insurance, do NOT consider Liberty Mutual. They told us that they would take automatic payments out of our account at the beginning of each month and then failed to tell us that they weren't authorized until we signed a form and sent it back. They failed to sent us that form in the mail. They failed to inform us that they weren't taking payments out like they said they would (I admit, we should have been keeping better track). They failed to let us know that they cancelled our insurance and had left us unknowingly without it for 2 months. They failed to mention that we owe them a certain sum of money and that they would send that debt to collections.

We got the letter in the mail from collections today and that is how we found out that we haven't had insurance for a while, that we owe money, and that oh by the way our credit is being threatened. COLLECTIONS had to let us know, and Liberty Mutual never told us ANYTHING. No email, no call, nothing in the mail, NOTHING. They are unorganized, back shanking buffoons who don't deserve my money. End of rant.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2017

My husband and I have had Liberty Mutual insurance for a one year for auto and home. We received notice that both rates increased, especially the homeowners insurance. The rep informed me that "the first year we had certain credits (which we were unaware of) and now the roof, furnace and other home coverages are older. Just like a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, prices go up." In one year? We have a ten year old home. We had no insurance claims within this year. He could not give me a justifiable reason. Same with the auto insurance. I have not had an accident in twenty years nor a speeding ticket. I live in rural Indiana. Yet my auto ins. increased. We are in the process of canceling coverage with this company. Sounds like rates will increase annually due to the roof getting "older" and my terrible auto driving history.

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Original review: March 1, 2017

Customer comments here encouraging me to share you my experiences with Liberty Mutual insurance.

1) They're always come up with many excuses to raise your premium because of many other claims (even if you have NO claim).
2) The TV commercial are the paid actors/actress and NOT regular consumers like us. The replace new vehicle is ONLY FOR BRAND NEW VEHICLE & ONLY for the first 12 months.

3) I had a claim in for slow water leak behind the wall and between my shower and the clothes (water is only leak when the shower is turn on). Their adjusters came and refused to pay because they said this have been leak for a while and blame for not keep up. NOTES: I called them when I see the first leak thru wall. Whatever the reason is/are... we are the policyholder and Liberty Mutual responsible to take care of our home/auto claims.

I finally LEFT Liberty Mutual insurance for good. I took ALL my family members and friends AWAY. For those of you want Liberty Mutual to be your home/auto, do yourself a favor. Do your research online. Just remember this and DO NOT be afraid. You buy insurance because you will need some insurance stand behind you and fix the problems with ease to you and NOT add headache to your issue.

We LEFT and much much happy with the current insurance company that we have now. My new insurance company name start out with letter "A-i-A" (sorry, I am not sure ConsumerAffairs will post my review. But I am NOT promote the whole name spell out) and on top of my home policy I get a check dividend just last 02/2017 was $305.00 because they treat us like a stakeholder. Anyway, I just want to share my bad past experience and hope that you can find one will help and stand behind you in the future.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

I had insurance with them for almost 2 years. I'm disabled barely making it. Never had a claim. They increased my premium without telling me and took it off my debit without even asking me. I ask why and the lady told me they had to pay out a lot for other claims. They made me short on my food that month. They really stood by me. The Salt Lake city utah office all they're about is money. Nothing else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

Start out canceling my home policy. They do not inform me about the changes that would affect my car policies and increases. When I called to get that changed they screwed that up and I didn't find out for another month and they would now refuse reverse fees. Now when I'm changing I don't insurance is. Now when I called to cancel the representative told me I was current and I want only thing but just in the slim chance that I would have a bill they would send me out a paper bill.

Now I receive the paper bill. It's seven dollars more than my monthly bill was and they are almost 3 times the amount of my new insurance company is even charging me for better coverage and lower deductible. When I called customer service to ask them questions customer service was even getting confused about why and how it is billed. Nobody could give me a straight answers except for "this is the way it is and this is what you owe" Let alone the troubles I had with them when my car got broke into.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

I called the claim department. The first person I talked to got the information, then transfer me to another person. His name is Robert **. So we started the claim. I told him I had 3 broken Windows. He asked if they happened at the same time, of course I told him the way they happened. He said "so then the windows didn't brake at the same time." I said "well not exactly." He said "well we are going to file 3 different claims" which the deductible is 500 hundred dollars per claim which means that Liberty Mutual will raise my insurance fee and I'm gonna end it up paying out of my pocket for the broken windows. I do not recommend Liberty Mutual. As they say in their TV ad I didn't pick the wrong insurance policy I picked the wrong insurance company. I have been their customers for about ten years and this is how they treat their customers - bad, bad, very bad.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

Couple weeks ago, we had called Liberty Mutual for a leak that was coming thru our window panel. First we were told that this would be covered. Then we found out that the mold was over 14 days old so it would not be covered. From there onwards, this company has been nothing but a nightmare. The worst insurance company to deal with and the people working there are liars. Stay away from this company. I am cancelling their service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

Liberty Mutual sent their own contractor who filed damages that weren't there. The damage I had from a tornado were classified as preexisting and I had to argue with them and produce pictures to show the condition of my home prior to storm. Thank goodness I take pictures all the time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

What happened to the American people helping one another? I have had Liberty Mutual for over 17 years and never once filed a claim. The past month has been hell with them. I had water damage that I found out created black mold and crumbling rot. I took care of half of my roof project last year as I couldn't afford to do it all. This past month was where all the damage occurred. I spent $17,000 on this as I was out of state and the company had my whole side of my house open due to black mold and rot.

When I called Liberty Mutual they would not help in anyway. I sent receipts from reputable companies listing the problems and what had to be fixed. I sent pictures as well. Finally Gary ** says he will come out, thinking he would see the damage and hear my story he said he would only give me money to fix one cupboard and a 12x4 piece of drywall. I asked why he even came out, his response.... to meet me. Great. I took off a day of work to meet Gary **. I then asked for his supervisor Heather **. Apparently she didn't like my survey and wanted to discuss but did not help me. After a week of trying to get her I said I will call her supervisor, hence a quick return call from Heather again doing nothing but talking about my survey. I left 2 messages for Andrew the head supervisor and nothing.

I am canceling my policy. I can't believe after all these years they couldn't help me a little. When I said the other part of the roof wasn't done. Heather said it would have to cave in before they could do anything. So basically let the fire burn then try to put it out. What is wrong with thinking? I have children, work and am doing my best for a life, now I need to save up 5,000 more dollars to fix other half of roof before I let it cave in on my kids like Heather was basically saying and I still owe 10,000 from fixing old problem. If they would fix water damage to my one cupboard and little piece of wall why not the rest. They claim because I already fixed it.... well yes black mold and children don't mix so of course I took care of it. Go elsewhere, do not trust their commercials. They leave you high and dry.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2016

My husband I cancelled out insurance with Liberty Mutual over a month ago. A check was supposed to be sent back then for mortgage premium. I called twice inquiring about the check and girl told me yes it was mailed a few days after canceling. Now a month later my husband calls... check was mailed to an address we had 6 months ago in another state! Yes, I'm angry. Last days she needs to reinstate policy to correct the address. Address in the other state was NEVER given to LM and never insured under them. How and why did that use an address that was 6 months old in another address. Then a man calls back this morning and says that I owe for our auto policy, also cancelled a month ago. I explained that refunded me at the time for that policy as well and now that want a payment. Don't insure with Liberty Mutual or watch your billing and policies VERY closely!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

House had a kitchen fire in May of 2016. It is now October 18th and Liberty Mutual has run me through 3 investigators and last week they actually sent me to their lawyer to be deposed under oath! They are not accusing me of anything, nor was the fire my fault. They have raised my premium over the course of 6 years from $1,100 to $2,400 and the recent claim has been my only claim. Five months since the fire and Liberty Mutual is not there to help. I am without a house, and apparently I have to start begging friends for help to get my house fixed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

We purchased a Home and auto package from Liberty Mutual about 3 years ago. During these three years, we have never had a claim nor have we had any tickets. We noticed last year on our homeowners it went up, due to inflation. Ok fine. Then this year in June my auto payment that is taken directly from my acct went up. Not just a little, A LOT! So I call them. Our vehicle policy went up $650 a year. Never having a claim or a ticket, I'm furious. Their only explanation to me is it's a State Increase. Even the lady I talked to thought it was a bit extreme. So we find a new insurance company, Nationwide, who ends up getting us a policy for almost &1000 dollars less than what we were paying. That's not the end... we call Liberty Mutual to cancel our policy September 1st. They say we owe them for September for auto and will be receiving a final bill.

They also tell us we will be receiving a check in the mail for a refund for our mortgage insurance. We receive the bill 2 days later. The check on the other hand, still has not gotten to us almost 40 days later and 2 phone calls. First time they mailed it to the wrong address. Hmmm. Second time we call Elizabeth **. Says she will mail us the check, instead she reactivates our policy applying our refund to a policy that we closed, but I'm sure they will want their final payment within 40 days for the auto payment. Ummm can you say circus! Get it together. I will NEVER recommend these clowns! We are notifying our attorney.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

I got a letter from my home loan company about my escrow being -2500. My home insurance last year was 2100 and went up to 2400. I called to tell them I wanted them to lower my replacement cost. I bought my house for 136k and their replacement cost was 526k. They wouldn't lower the replacement cost so I called Allstate. In 10 min I lowered my premium to 1400. They are rip off artists. Also we had a hail storm and wanted them to come check out the damage and they said if they come out I will get a hit against my insurance even if no damage.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

Never had a claim so I can't comment in that area however, if you're looking for a company to increase your rates annually, Liberty Mutual is the place for you. Been with them 3 years now, every year $200.00 premium increase, and they weren't cheap from the start. Currently looking for another company.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2016

I want to share this disappointed and really uncomfortable situation. By the end of August I got a backflow due a malfunction of my sump pump, during the middle of the night and just myself and two small kids. While I was trying to wash my 1 year old daughter I noticed that no hot water was coming from shower, so I decide to check the water heater. As soon I open the basement door I hear a strong noise coming from basement. Then when I turn the light the entire basement was flooded.

At that moment I google some local plumbing companies around my neighbor. Nobody pick up or it was off regular hours. My last resource was to call a company located in new york. They came within an hour and half. This company evacuate the water with pumps. They brought and repair the backflow from defective sump pump. They work for several hours trying to dry the basement. They, as a professionals, advise me that water heater stop working due flood damaged the burner and ignite system and then they replace the heater.

Next day I start looking for my insurance policy. While reading I found that I was covered and my deductible was 1000 for backflow sum pump, so I decide to call Liberty Mutual. An adjuster contact me to set an appointment. So the day came and he inspect the property damage, took pictures of everything and advise me that an internal adjuster will contact me. Days come and go and nobody contact me even I send pictures, videos, and invoices. The internal Desk Adjuster Jason ** answer me after several calls. This incident happen to me for first time in my life, so I had many questions. During the conversation this person was very irritated and sarcastic about my questions making me feel uncomfortable, So I decide to raise my concern about his behavior.

At this moment he raise his voice and shouting, so I had tell him why he is behaving like this with a customer. Also many time he provide me wrong information. Like for example "Oh your deductible is 2500 and many of the damage things are not covered." So I explain to him that my deductible is 1000 and I just need correct information. He was keeping being rude and sarcastic. Then he said that he will contact me after investigation. Ok, days pass again and no communication was provide to me, so I decide to call again since he was assigned to my case. Again I start asking questions about the claim and again this person start giving me attitude and being disrespectful, so I inquire to speak with his supervisor, and at this moment he just hang off on me.

If I am writing this paragraphs it's to warn customers to be very careful with this company because allow people like this to treat customers as they are doing them a favor - unprofessional and not helpful at all. The essence to get insurance is to have a peace of mind and that you should be in a good hands and not the opposite, even getting afraid to ask them questions when an accident happens to you of your properties.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2016

I didn't write down the male agent name that I spoke with. Everything was pretty straightforward as insurance quotes go. Until he asked if I had an animal on the premises. I advised I have a dog inside, a mutt. He immediately was suspicious of breed. I said that I always say a West Highland mix. I said I saved her from a high kill shelter. He didn't care about that information. He wanted to know what she was mixed with. I said a terrier. He wanted to know what kind of Terrier. I said she is not a Pit Mix. Although my neighbor has a Pit and he is sweet. The agent needed to know what type dog to go forward. I said any company this ridiculous that I had not experienced before is not for me.

After we hung up I saw HOW POOR the RATINGS are for LIBERTY MUTUAL. So glad I didn't make that huge mistake. EVEN more stupid than driving 3/4ths of a car (like their commercial) is getting insurance with them. Please Google: Liberty Mutual Reviews (horrible).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

We had two weather events about a month apart and our roof was damaged. When we took the policy with them about three years ago, I advised them that their "replacement cost" for our home was almost double of what it would actually be. The guy I was speaking with replied that the amount would make sure that our home was built back and for no other reason.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when we had the roof damage. The adjuster shows up and the first thing he does is hands me a paper that said our deductible for the roof (roof only) was .5% of the replacement cost of the house. So, that very inflated replacement cost actually was for another purpose. I advised the adjuster that if he wrote us a check for their replacement cost, that we would be out of the house by midnight that day. He said it was not his call on that. When he came down off the roof, he did say that we would be getting a new roof. BUT he said that since it was a 20 year roof and the house was 20 years old, that LM would depreciate the amount they would pay.

I advised the adjuster that it was indeed a 30 year roof and that I had kept everything from when we built the house, including the warranty section from one of the roofing packages. He said that the roofer just gave me something that he had - but then I told him that I had torn that piece off of the wrapper myself. Then I added that when the adjuster for the insurer of my neighbors house came and looked at theirs, he told them that it was a 30 year shingle, and that they liked our roof so much that they put on the same shingle - 3 months after ours was done. I told the guy that he really needed to get another job because what he was doing was pathetic.

We received a check from LM and it was made out for the amount they said was depreciated as well as less that .5%. Since the damage was over $10K, it was also made out to our mortgage company. The four estimates we have gotten were ALL over $2500 more than the LM estimate. I filed a complaint with our state insurance commissioner office and they contacted LM. I did not have high expectations. They sent me a copy of the policy from LM along with their explanation. They said that LM was doing what was in their policy.

The very next day I see a commercial for LM on TV and the lady is talking about how people do not read their policies because it is mostly legal stuff. People only read the first page. The commercial says other than the first page all of it is blah blah blah, blah blah blah. When I contacted their customer service, they were very rude and wanted to talk over me. When I told the female on the call that she wasn't going to talk over me and not listen to my complaint, she hung up on me. From reading these other complaints, that seems to be standard operating procedure for LM.

I'm not done with these clowns and have secured the services of an attorney. I have also contacted my mortgage company and they are investigating. The person handling it even stated that there is something wrong when they inside my home for far more than its value. My roof isn't repaired, but it doesn't leak. Stay away from LM. They are terrible. No, they are pathetic AND terrible. I have told several people about them and will continue to do so. Our auto insurance is with them also, and we will be dropping all insurance with them before any renewals. Stay away from them!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

I have had Liberty Mutual Insurance for over 13 years and I recently had to file a claim for the first time. I was given an adjuster named David and he was awesome! He walked me through step by step on the claim and called several time to see how things were moving along. These folks are true professional and I couldn't be happier with the with they provided me. Keep up the great work guys. I will never use another insurance company after my experience with Liberty Mutual. Thank you!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2016

I have become increasingly suspicious of this company. I insured with them a year ago and advised them that my home had wood siding. I told them at that time that it was going to be entirely replaced with cement board siding. The salesperson told me to notify them when it was completed and my house would be re-classified as having masonry siding and it would result in reduced premiums. When I called to advise them that the project was complete, I was told there was no difference in premiums (except a 45.00 dollar a year reduction for replacement cost). How can this be? A masonry sided structure insures the same as a wood sided structure? Even the local fire chief finds this as odd.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

When it was time to renew my homeowners insurance the other day I went online and entered what I was looking for and before I navigated off the web page I received a call from an insurance agent with Liberty Mutual. He was obviously from out of state which set off a couple of warnings. We went over what I was looking for, homeowners only with no autos added. I had just renewed my auto insurance a month before and have no reason to change. Sure enough the agent tried to sell me auto insurance at an inflated rate. After I told him no, only homeowners he took all the information, verified it with public records and then he tried to get me to purchase insurance at 3 times my home's value at $115.00 more than I was already paying.

I asked him why I the insurance was for so much over my home's value. He said it was because I was qualified for their premium service. I could just see me trying to claim that much more than the value of my house if something were to happen. I thought that they were a reputable company with good values but the experience I had with that agent was an astronomical waste of time. Be careful when talking to these people and ask questions, if they try to sell you too much insurance. Do what I did and just say NO.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

I had Liberty Mutual for about 12 years then switched when my agent went to another company. I was with the other company for the last 8 years. My wife and I thought we should check around on pricing to see if we were still getting a decent deal. LM gave me a better price on both my home and auto so we switched, worst idea ever. After 1 month I received a letter stating they could not insure my home due to a set of deck steps without a railing, siding missing on my garage and debris in my yard. I called LM and they stated to fix those items and submit pictures and they could keep the policy in place.

First I contacted the inspection company to find out about the siding and debris. Their report showed approx 6 pieces of siding off my garage wall, and their picture actually showed my ladders set up around the missing siding. The inspector had come just after I had removed the siding to replace it after a woodpecker caused damage. As a matter of fact the new siding was sitting on the trailer behind my truck 20 ft away when he took the picture. The "debris in the yard" was the siding that had been removed sitting next to my ladder. When I received the cancellation letter the siding had already been put back on and the entire garage stained so that was an easy fix, I took a few pictures and went on to the hand rail. The side steps on my deck are 5 steps high and did not have a hand rail so I installed one then took pictures of that as well.

All this was sent in to LM customer service to appeal the cancellation. They said it was submitted to underwriting and I should know in 3 to 5 days. When I called back after a week they told me it could not be reinstated because of the 3 previous issues, even though they were taken care of. I sent in a complaint to their complaint department and received a call saying she would look into the whole matter. She then called me the day after the policy was cancelled to let me know the underwriters were not willing to reinstate it due to the 3 issues even though they were taken care of. Luckily I had already changed back to my previous company and took my auto coverage as well. This whole process was ridiculous and very stressful.

I have a great credit rating and have never filed a homeowners claim so there is no need for all this crap. If this is how it is just to get the policy how will they treat me if I ever need to file a claim. I wouldn't use this company ever and will let everyone I know hear about this. By the way I showed my old agent that I went back to the report, pictures and the pictures I sent back in and he couldn't believe how I was treated. Beware of Liberty Mutual.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

I'm sorry to bash but people need to know. Liberty Mutual sent out an adjuster to see about damage to my roof from a storm we had earlier this year. I decided not to make a claim after the inquiry and never asked for one cent because their estimates were totally unrealistic. I sold my house and am buying a new house. I'm looking into insurance quotes and all of them are super inflated. I then found out that they placed a claim on my record and are refusing to take it off even though I didn't follow through with it. The company policy, and their definition, is that a claim inquiry and claim are the same thing if damage is found to have occurred, whether you use your policy or not. How shady!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2016

No insurance adjuster for 7 days after fire, because it was 4th of July holiday, hired restorative company who did not pull proper permits.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2016

Liberty mutual insurance has all these commercial sites about being the best and all. But I purchased insurance for my cars and home. They clearly told me my deductible on my house was 1000 on everything. I asked the agent three or four times. Then a couple months after a wind storm come by damages my shingles. The adjuster approved for the roof to be replaced. I was going to get 6,900. Then liberty mutual calls me and tell me my deductible is 5%. So instead of 6,900. I get 2,300. Now tell me how in the hell do I replace my roof with that?? This company lies and WOULD NOT recommend to anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2016

I had been a customer of Liberty Mutual for 43 years. Before me, my family was with this company for another 35 years. This year I reluctantly allowed Amica to review my coverage and rates only to find Liberty was double the newly quoted rates. When I inquired, I was told "the rates were the rates." Besides the higher cost, service by Liberty had steadily declined with errors on my account, missed coverage and even now poor follow up after canceling my policies. The young man handling my account did not forward the notice of new coverage since "it was not his responsibility." It is a disappointment. Bigger is not better. I guess loyalty does not have its rewards any more. I recommend anyone with Liberty have the insurance reviewed annually.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2016

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company entraps a homeowner policy owner who mistakenly makes a claim for an excluded loss!! The entrapment happens when the policyholder calls to report a loss and doesn't realize it is excluded from the policy. The "Claims Intake Person/Robot" doesn't bother to ask if you know whether it is excluded or not. I'm not a lawyer or insurance professional and didn't know my policy excluded my loss and didn't think to ask. Once the computer keys are pressed to input a "claim" for something not in your policy, an irrevocable report, like a black mark, is out there for every insurance company in the nation to see, coast-to-coast. In my case, Liberty Mutual made ZERO payout. Doesn't matter--the national "REPORT RECORD" doesn't show that and your property is BLACK-MARKED!!!

Original review: June 16, 2016

I called to get a quote for homeowners insurance on a home we just bought. The agent was sassy to begin with but I can handle that. So they began by asking about the house, garage, and then to the household. She asked how many adults, we said 2. She asked how many children, we said 3. Next she says "how many pets," answer is 1. The next question is "what kind of dog," reply was pitbull. She say "Oh we don't cover that kind of dog at all." I say, "Shouldn't that be discrimination because they were removed from the vicious dog list in Ohio." She says to me "We make the rules, not you..." And then she hangs up on me.

I don't complain about much but I thought to myself I'm more vicious than my dog. I called back to discuss with a supervisor and he tells me, "She was just stating facts." I said, "And what was she saying when she hung up on me?" How unprofessional Liberty Mutual can be... That place is a joke and do whatever they want to. No consequences for their actions.

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Original review: May 18, 2016

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Liberty Mutual in hopes of having cheaper insurance. They quoted a higher insurance premium but we continued on then see what the home insurance would be. The very last question for the home insurance was if I have a family pet such as a dog and I said yes. They asked what type of dog and I said a pit bull. She is 14 years old. The guy told me they are unable to insure my home because I own a pit bull with young children in the house. I let him know they have lost a customer for life with or without having a pit bull.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2016

My home got burned down and I filed a claim with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual dragged it for almost a year and denied it for false lame excuses fabricated by the Liberty Mutual. In my opinion the Liberty Mutual is the biggest fraud insurance company in the world. I will never do any business with them. Liberty Mutual is a dishonest and discredited and a manipulative homeowner insurance business.

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