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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2023

I am a type two diabetic and have been for several years. Approximately a year and a half ago I started using the Dexcom G6 glucose monitor. It helped me bring my A1c to 6.9 down from 9.5. I have had no problem getting the device approved until we changed to CIGNA health insurance. They approved the Dexcom G6 during our first month of coverage. When the new monitor Dexcom G7 came out, I switched over to it. This is where the trouble began. They denied the G7 because "they didn't have prior authorization." I contacted my Doctor, who sent them the authorization for it to then fax number, Cigna does not have an email. After several attempts and multiple responses from Cigna saying they did not have the authorization my Doctor logged into their portal.

After two or three times entering the information into the portal we were once again told by Cigna they never received the authorization. So my doctor and my doctor's assistant set up a phone meeting with a representative from CIGNA in April 2023. After this meeting was finalized, Cigna informed my doctor and myself that the authorization was good and that I would not have to go through this anymore for a year. Today, May 27, 2023 I went to pick up my Dexcom G7 and was told by the pharmacist that Cigna had them blocked again. I immediately contacted Cigna and was on the phone with them for over an hour as they told me that I was denied the Dexcom G7 because I was not on insulin. They informed me today, a month later, that the previous authorization in April was a "courtesy authorization" and once they received more information, they decided to deny me. So I was authorized once for 30 days, then denied.

Then after 8 days and multiple attempts to contact them I was authorized for another 30 prescription and then denied again. I was told by CIGNA that I was denied because I am not on an insulin regimen. I am however taking 2000 mg of ** every day, I'm staying away from sugar and carbohydrates, which is what my doctor has recommended for my health. Now they are stating that they need more information and are requesting a face to face with my doctor. But again they are denying me because I am not on insulin. I have to wonder why they are so adamant about me taking insulin?! That seems strange.

I also have an eye issue that I've been trying to take care of and again Cigna has stated the same thing, they "need more information." It seems that Cigna is making up policies so they don't have to pay. I have never known an insurance company to force a person to take a drug before they approve something for their health. This is the fourth insurance I have had over the past 3 years and they are definitely the worst.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 1, 2023

    I contacted Cigna about a wrong package being delivered, they could care less about it or getting the right package delivered to me. This is for Cigna Health Insurance, Tennessee. I wasn't able to see many of the doctors that were in network in the city of Knoxville. When I went online to see the doctors that I got off of My-Cigna, I'd make the appointments and they'd say something to this effect. I just sent the paperwork in for us to be removed from Cigna. I'd also get, "We don't accept," but then I'd call Cigna and they'd say, "They are in contract with us."

    I came to Philly for medical care through another coverage. My coverage with Cigna ended May 1st. I had 2 and a half weeks to get things resolved while still under Cigna. I still had money on my health card and Rewards / Incentives. I decided to use as much as I could before this day May 1 came around. I needed some things and I went to order online. I've ordered a few packages before when I needed something and had no problems with the orders. I tried to order but the website would not allow me to put the order through. I called the OTC number to place the order. I told the person many, many times that they are not to send the package to the mailing address because I'm not there. They said okay and I gave them the address that I am at. I had them call it back to me many times and they agreed that the package would come to Philadelphia and not Tennessee.

    Well everyone, where do you think the package is right now. It's sitting on the porch outside for anyone to get. I contacted Cigna and all they could do is say, "We will resend the package." I said how about contacting Fed-Ex to pick it back up. They said, "We can't," so I'm forced to spend my own money to have the package picked up. You will believe this, they resent out a package to me and it was incorrect. I said never again will I use any coverage with this name. Archie Bunker would say meatheads but what works behind those phones, it's worse! DON'T USE CIGNA.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 27, 2023

    I used to love Cigna Healthcare, but it seem now they take my premiums and just deny everything since I actually need to use my insurance. I have a torn rotator cuff that has caused a cyst in my shoulder and a 50% torn coracohumeral ligament that is split down the middle. Cigna approve my surgery under my secondary Cigna plan as medically necessary, but denied it under my primary. Make this make any kind of sense!

    Furthermore they want me to do 3 months of physical therapy after my physician stated doing so will cause more damage to my shoulder. I can't lift a glass of water and pain medication does not help! I tore my ACL and MCL 2 years ago and they denied treatment 7 times, now I have permanent knee damage. This time I will get my attorney and the media involved. Thank you Cigna!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 16, 2023

    They haven't been able to get my meds right. If I were a stupid person I probably would have OD'd on my antidepressant. There is NO communication. So, you best be highly aware of what you need to take, HOW MUCH you need to take and when you need to take it. Don't try to fill a script that you need right away. Because ALL their meds take between 10 and 14 days. And the fact that they won't issue a 90-day supply unless you go through them, it's freaking ludicrous and effed up. Making you decide between convenience and cost. THEY ARE A CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Stay away from Cigna and Express Scripts if you can.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 3, 2023

    Been with them for 4 months because of new employer. Horrible company. Customer service is in another country. My daughter is almost 4 years old and was born with a rare condition. Cigna told me incontinence supplies (diapers) were covered because it's medically necessary since my daughter cannot walk. She is also pretty verbally delayed so she is not potty trained. They denied the claim once. I called and was told to get a letter from the pediatrician stating her condition etc. and upload it along with receipts. I did that and both claims were denied again. They've denied her physical, occupational, speech therapies, saying they weren't medically necessary even though my daughter has had 7 surgeries to date and there is medical records miles long. After claims were appealed by therapist, they will pay one , then deny others. Horrible company that I would NEVER recommend to anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 27, 2023

    I submitted two separate covid test claims on the same date of service because my local store only had 2 tests in stock in store so I ordered the other 6 online. I submitted the two separate receipts because they were purchased separately. The first in store purchase for 2 tests $19.98 was processed no problem. The second receipt for $59.94 for the other 6 tests was delayed. Since it was the second time I had a problem with an online receipt, I contacted customer service. 4 different chats later the claims have been combined and the $19.98 was deducted from the $59.94 and the second check has been processed for only $39.96. Instead of adding the two together for my total for 8 tests of $79.92 they deducted one claim from the other. Hours of chatting only to have it be more botched in the end. I chatted for another 1.5 hours this morning only to be told “Visa fees aren’t covered.” They are trying not to cover these tests, a government mandate!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 24, 2023

    I cannot emphasize enough that Cigna should not be your choice for medical insurance. I have been fighting to get a covered reimbursement for nearly 6 months now. I call more than twice a month, and every time I stay on the phone for more than 2 hours, am transferred between 3 different departments, and still no one resolves my case. I have had two different associates submit my claim on my behalf, and I have still not received my reimbursement. Do not choose Cigna--if you ever have to pay out of pocket for a medical procedure, or in my case just a regular check-up, you will never see that money again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 22, 2023

    Our company switched to Cigna last year after being with a very good provider for a number of years. Part of the reason for the switch was based on promises from Cigna that they would be able to meet the level of service that we had with our previous provider (not the case). Ever since the switch it has been an absolute nightmare to work with them.

    Our situation was a bit more challenging and we had to get a special agreement in placed to use our previous 'out-of-network' doctor as in-network. However, every claim that was filed has been processed as out-of-network despite the agreement. In the numerous emails to Cigna through their antiquated 'secure' email portal, they informed us that our doctor was using the incorrect billing codes that were not included on the agreement. After months of this response/excuse, I've come to find out the billing codes listed in the agreement are considered 'master codes' that cover a multitude of other codes. Not only this, but also they were not using the correct billing rates for my region so that they didn't have to pay as much.

    So basically what it comes down to is that the claims processor at Cigna is incompetent and I was required to do their job for them. At least I hope that incompetency is the case and these issues were not intentional to save Cigna money. Luckily my company is leaving Cigna as there has been a multitude of other employees having problems with them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 19, 2023

    We had Cigna during 2022. Every month there was an issue with billing. The first month, they double billed my account the same day, putting our bank account overdrawn. The next month, they turned off our coverage, by their own customer service agents admitting it was a computer mistake, and I had to ask them to turn it back on. Also in Feb their rewards program, which offers points to use towards gift cards you can use to pay your bill were never rewarded, ($75 dollars worth to be exact) were never credited or sent even though multiple customer service agents promised it would be.

    In March I requested multiple times to speak to a supervisor due to the first month billing issue, only for the customer service agent to start yelling and talking over me, calling me a liar and refusing to connect me to a supervisor. He also refused to reimburse me the $32 overdraft fee from Cigna billing twice on the same day. The issue was never resolved and payment issues continued each month, along with rewards program credit issues. I sent Cigna all documents multiple times explaining payment issues, but never once got a response, or I was told it was fixed when it really had not been. Also had issues in July, September, October, and November of 2022. Each time customer service was rude and awful in my opinion.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 8, 2023

    What a joke! I have been dealing with claims from August, after many phone calls and an appeal process NOTHING has been resolved except a collection notice from the provider. I have called more than 5 times since my Appeal approved letter on Nov 8th, to be told everything was being done, hours reading over notes, supposedly resubmitting claims, all to find out the person before did NOTHING. Today, is the 10th day from my last call that the claims were resubmitted and guess what?? I was told that the claim decision was upheld on 12/1. I was never told of this decision in my 5+ calls and do not show anywhere a change in the claim processed date. If a claim has been reversed and resubmitted, wouldn't there be a new claim?

    I was sent to collections in January. This whole collection process could have been avoided if I was told during ANY of my calls to Cigna, that this was decided on 12/1. I would have paid the bills, but I was under the impression, given to me by multiple people at cigna, that everything was still in the process of being resubmited. Such a WASTE OF MY TIME, dealing with this company! I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance!

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    Cigna is a worldwide health insurance organization that covers individuals, families and employers. It has been in business for over 30 years.

    • Well-established company: Cigna is one of the best-known health insurance companies in the United States.

    • Large network of physicians: Cigna has more than 500,000 physicians and more than 8,000 hospitals in its network.

    • Low-cost coverage: Consumers can choose among a variety of plans, including low-cost offerings.

    • Supplemental insurance: While Cigna has dentists and vision specialists in its network, adding coverage for these services is not easy.

    • Plan options: Cigna offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans.

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