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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I connected online to a rep to make sure a specialist would be covered under my plan. I was assured that the practice was covered but that it couldn't be billed in the doctor's name. It had to be in the practice name. Lo and behold I receive $600 in fees from the office because they are not covered by the local plan version of my plan. Apparently she didn't look. I am online again to see what Cigna will do to remedy this. I doubt anything though. Oh and of course they keep no log of chats. I never received the emailed copy I requested either.

Resolution In Progress

The Cigna Website for Participants to manage incentives and goals in an effort to reduce the premiums is misleading. It does not update within a timely manner. It takes over 4 days after an EOB has been processed for the points to appear. The goals and verbiage are not clearly defined. You do not get 25 points for your annual physical and your annual screenings, even though they are displayed as separate goals. If your doctor does not include the preventative care CDT code on your screening labs and procedures, you will not get credit. These incentives equal $1200 reduction in your premium!!! So, yes this is a BIG deal.

Resolution In Progress

I called yesterday to find the name of an affiliated pharmacy near Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN which is out of state. Jezett was the operator. I spent 53 min on the phone and never got an answer. She asked me to spell the name of the antibiotic, 3 times and then wanted the dosing (which I didn't know). She asked me to spell Vanderbilt twice. She asked for my date of birth twice. She asked for my daughter's date of birth twice. All of this and she didn't give the name of a single pharmacy. She just kept putting on hold. She told me that I would need to get prior authorization and that would take me 7-10 days.

She finally supplied me with: "State of Tennessee Bureau of Pharmacy" and the phone number and told me that this was where I should fill the prescription. I asked again to speak to a supervisor. My cell phone finally went dead after >5 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor and over 53 minutes. I paid for the drug out of pocket. I have complained to the allegiance customer service and so far have only gotten confirmation that they have my complaint.

Resolution In Progress

Cigna is by far the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! I had to have a fusion in my back 11 years ago. Now have a problem with the disc above it. Every couple of years my back pain flares up and adds numbness/weakness to my right leg making life unbearable. I cannot stand for long, sit for long or do anything productive. I have tried conservative treatments MANY times in past. They always fail. My spinal doc ends up doing a spinal injection of steroids and within 3 days pain is gone and I am back to a normal way of life.

My company was bought out this year and I had no choice but to switch to them, and then my back flared up again. Went to the provider oral steroids, exercises, nothing working so they ordered an injection on 9/1/16. After at least 10 phone calls I found out Cigna uses a 3rd party company called Evercore for these types of approvals and guess what? To my surprise procedure DENIED. I am unable to stop the pain and they are refusing me the only treatment to ever help.

So I am just supposed to lay here and take it. Well obviously the provider is appealing the decision but in the meantime, me, the one suffering has to take it and endure ongoing pain for absolutely no reason at all. I am considering paying myself for the procedure as I know it will work. I contacted them and Evercore about their decision and they REFUSED to let me speak to the nurse who did the denial or the medical director who runs that department. To say I am angry for them causing me unnecessary pain and suffering is an understatement! I am considering changing jobs after 11 years purely because of the lack of choices I have in insurance providers. This country has to stop insurance companies from directing care and taking it out of the hands of providers. Something has got to change!!!

Ok, they got back to me and said they could do an in home sleep study in which I go get the stuff, take it home, follow directions, and return back to them. The test is scheduled for ~2 months from now. This will be a 4 1/2 month time duration from when the doctors wanted me to have a sleep study to actually having it.

I asked Cigna why they denied my benefits. They told me that I was too healthy for the inhouse testing. I stated to them that my primary care and pulmonary doctors recommended the sleep study. I asked Cigna if they knew better about my health care than did my doctors. It's all about money, not proper health care.

I update my rating from zero stars to one star.

Original Review

When your primary care doctor and your pulmonary doctor tell you that you need to get a sleep study done ASAP, the insurance company should never deny you that care. I found out the day before my test that insurance would not cover this badly needed diagnostic. Cigna, I hope you go bankrupt and that your management stays unemployed for extended periods of time.

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Resolution In Progress

I don't know if I should be relieved that I am not alone in my horrible experiences with Cigna, or more horrified that so many other people are actually paying, like me, to be treated like this. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago. Cigna has denied every single CT scan and MRI his Oncologist has ordered. While most of them have eventually been approved, it has added an incredible amount of stress and anxiety to what is already an incredibly stressful time. It has also wasted hours of time for the doctors and nurses who are trying to provide care for my husband and others like him.

I work in Healthcare so I can easily research if my husband is receiving the standard of care, which he is, so Cigna has no cause to deny any of these tests, except to be obnoxious and deliberately harmful to the consumers who pay for their coverage. What is worse is that the Healthcare system I work for would choose a company like this to "provide" this kind of care for its employees, with the enormous number of complaints on file. This is proof that the system is broken. Cigna is proud of the horrible way they treat their customers. They only care about money. Taking it, not paying it!

Resolution In Progress

Terrible, terrible customer service! I spoke to Lexae and she sounded sleepy on the phone. She put me on hold for 20 minutes and came back with an answer that I already know. I said I was gonna file an appeal on the claim that was short paid and she argued with me that it's past timely filing. When I asked for a call reference number, she hang up the phone!!! This is not the first time I came across with bad customer service rep. They are lazy and rude!!!

Resolution In Progress

Calling Cigna is even more impossible than dealing with their website which is a Maze of options and misinformation when it is available. Most of the time I try to use it, it is not working or sends me to the wrong department. I called Cigna this eve to try to find out where I could buy Durable Medical Equipment that could be shipped to my APO or where I might buy the same supplies here in Germany. Simple, right? Wrong!!!

I have so far this evening spent over 2 hours on the telephone, mostly on hold waiting for people to verify information or to call one another to see if what I said was true, or to find out the answers to the simple questions I was asking. They do not have answers to anything. Why don't they just say, "Please hold while I Google that." I finally got a hold of a Supervisor who was able to make sense of the BS and get me on the road to actually getting answers. Note to self: "Speak only to Supervisors named Elaine."

Resolution In Progress

Has to go down as one of the worst Insurance Provider ever. I work for an Indian MNC on deputation. When you are here for few years, the least you'd expect is to save some money. But that's what even the Insurance Provider wants for itself, and we end up shelling out more than 60% of the share. That's how brutal and insensitive this company is.

You go to a physician for a health checkup and the insurance provider says that the Lab services which undertook was out-of-service. Really? You expect us to go through these lame terms before going for a checkup? It seems, going to an in-network doctor won't suffice. Utterly disgraceful experience with this company, and I'm forced to stick with it, regardless of my complaints. Do yourself a favor. If you're not forced to be with this company don't bother to look at their schemes, they're as fraudulent as it can get. Their Dental schemes are even worse than the medical. Somebody needs to take some serious action against these guys for trapping their clients and fooling around starving for money.

Resolution In Progress

The high cost of bad health care can be explained by Cigna. Cigna denies claims and procedures that are necessary. They'll make you get 20+ X-rays, 20 physical therapy visits, see 5 doctors and then maybe agree to your MRI which is what you needed to begin with. In my case, I'm paying a high deductible and they still are denying an MRI that I'm paying for. They gladly pay for procedures and services that are inappropriate. They offer wellness coaching and after they have you answer 20 questions, you find their coaches can't coach you on anything specific or anything a fourth grader doesn't already know.

The Cigna coaches actually call customers at home because no customer would ever call them. I guess they need to justify their jobs. Their customer service people know almost nothing. They just say it's not their department. Prepare to be on the phone for hours. They are mostly located off-shore, in my experience. Dominican, Jamaican, Philippines... Their nurse advocates don't even know basic medical terminology but maybe because they are in the Philippines. It could be a language barrier. They can't advocate because they are either ignorant or not really allowed to advise you BUT, after you wait on the phone for 30 minutes they can advise you to go see your doctor or go to the ER - Really, I called a nurse advocate and waited 30 minutes for this advice - scary! Scary! What patient in distress would even use such a service.

Cigna, like many other US companies, is a company that takes a lot of US taxpayer (Medicare/Medicaid) money to employ people overseas. Their 1-800 people can't give you basic info. I was on the phone for 20 minutes today with one person who couldn't find a phone number or email address for a customer complaint! 20 minutes! He handed me off to his supervisor for another 20 minutes. 10 minutes waiting, 10 explaining the problem all over. I actually had an American earlier who spoke with very poor grammar hang up on me because I was insulting Cigna! I guess her idea of a customer complaint was equivalent to insulting Cigna.

I actually don't mind that Cigna gives US jobs to overseas people in distressed countries if they actually could help me or answer a question or reroute me to the correct person. Incompetent or under-trained employees are not saving anyone money. Their "find a doctor" only gives you list of Cigna providers. You end up using Google if you need a good referral. It is next to impossible to file a consumer complaint against a healthcare facility, or provider or even Cigna customer service. I would think this could lead to fraud but Cigna would never know. Most people aren't going to jump through the hoops and search for forms or hang on the line for two hours getting redirected to the same people.

The amount of useless wellness mail and phone calls I get are a pure waste of paper, money and time. Cigna offers these worthless services for marketing purposes. It is to make them look good or meet some government guideline. I am totally irritated that I have this plan and we have one of their best plans. The high premiums we pay cover these worthless unnecessary "only-for-show" programs.

TO Cigna: if you read these reviews - do you care that you have a ONE-STAR RATING? Do your executives and shareholders know how much money is blown on hiring inexpensive offshore people and under-educated Americans who are under-trained? Do they know how abusive Cigna's processes are to their customers and negligent to American taxpayers and investors. You ought to stick to just efficiently finding good providers and paying bills. You need to hire competent CS people and train them and you need to eliminate all of your useless brochures, phone service coaching and wellness. This advice and all the time you have wasted of mine is free to you. You're welcome.

You pay this very "rich" company their premiums and do it in good faith. When something such as liver cancer pops up, and your doctor feels that a particular service (PET Scan) is needed to be able to make the best decisions as to how to treat the cancer, the wealthy CIGNA bean counters turn you down. They want the doctors to scatter bare chicken bones in a circle to be able to see how to treat the problem.

I will never give CIGNA another kind word for the rest of my life. They will always hear of me saying that they are a greedy insurance company and not worth the time to even review them. The bad thing about it is that the company that I work for has chosen CIGNA to make their deals with and there is nothing that I can personally do about it other than pay for personal insurance. I cannot express my full feelings for CIGNA on this venue due to the fact that I would offend them with a great deal of profanity at this time. Stay away, very far away from CIGNA!

I have been dealing with lower back issues for over 3 yrs and finally Cigna approved a MRI (big hoops there) to help determine the source of the pain. After the MRI it was apparent what the issue was. Osteophytes, bulging L4-5 disc and badly narrowing facet in the same area pinching that nerve. I have been through physical therapy and home exercises just as they have suggested and have not seen an improvement. I am not looking for surgery or drugs, so it was decided by the doctor that a steroid shot is the next step. Cigna has turned this down twice reason being that I need a home exercise program! Give me a break!! I'm taking tons of ** daily and it has gotten to where it takes a slight edge off for no more than two hrs for a 800mg dosage. I guess they would rather pay for liver damaged from all the **. I am so sick of jumping through Cigna's hoops only to get a rejection after rejection. This company is terrible!!!

My employer paid into Cigna's STD and LTD policies for me for 15 years and it covered under a written contract. In FACT my employer is paying into Cigna's plan on over 30,000 employees every paycheck. Now if you become disabled while working, Cigna is suppose to pay you the appropriate benefits under said contract. Cigna routinely denies LTD claims almost 99.9% of the time, even with the appropriate medical documents you still get denied. They force you to hire an attorney in the hopes that you won't take it that far, that's what they bank on.

I am a single adult in her late 20's. I pay over 50$ a week to Cigna. That is between 200-250$ a month! Then you have HSA, which is supposed to help you pay for health costs. Except for you have to wait months for them to deposit the money you earn into your account. By the time they deposit it, all you can do is pay yourself back with the money because you've already paid the fees. That being said, I went to the doctor for a basic routine check up which is supposed to be 100% covered by insurance. I am going out of the country so the doctor did a breathing test as preventative measures, due to the length of time I will be in the country.

Well, I currently owe over $1,500 dollars in bills because my routine health check didn't meet their astronomical deductible. This is a doctor recommended by their network. And this doctor will not so much as answer a call nor will any personnel take the time to explain the costs of anything. They refuse to even send me my chart so I can look at what exactly these charges are even about! And since I don't have the time or patience to sit around making phone calls all day, I asked a Cigna representative if they could help me make payment arrangements since I'm a retail employee and not a millionaire. They said no, that is not their responsibility to make sure I pay my bills.

Even though they were the ones who sent me a bill in the first place asking for me to pay the deductible. And even though preventative health is supposed to be 100% covered. All the doctor did was check my height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, give me the breathing test, and tell me I'm healthy and send me on my way. I'm not sure any of that is worth 1,500$. But I cannot afford a lawyer so I suppose Cigna and the doctor can work together as scam artists and screw me over all they want.

Wow is all I have to say about Cigna, WOW, I said it again. They are completely terrible, they took my money and ran! Paid for my initial insurance cost to sign up, went to use it at the dentist, and it didn't cover what I needed, OK that's fine. I called CIGNA to inquire about upgrading my policy, well the lady went on a rant to purposely confuse me for about 15 minutes (nice practice Cigna) yeah, confuse your clients so they don't ask questions, classy! So anyways she said I would have to wait a YEAR, yes a YEAR in order to upgrade my policy, which I would have to continue to pay and not use! Makes no sense, they are con artists and thieves.

Well, since I didn't even use my insurance I asked for a refund and to cancel policy, she didn't seem to care at all. Transferred me to some guy who refused to refund me my money, but did cancel it. He said my insurance policy had passed the ''free look window'' and I could not receive a refund. So hey CIGNA took my money and ran! THIEVES. Please stay away from these criminals, they don't want to help you, they want to steal your money and waste your time!

My child was born with a CNM and the total cost to us upfront was $4200 and I had to submit the claim myself. After waiting over 4 months for the decision from Cigna, they decided they would only allow $2600. Despite my insurance costing over $400 a month, it is high deductible at $3000 for in network. That means that I have paid a total of $7400 this year with almost none of it being covered by the insurance company. Pathetic service and a waste of money.

Too bad there is not a zero rating or that is what I would rate this insurance. NO PCPs in my hometown, Johnson City, TN. We are a college town with doctors everywhere. Yet I have to go 37 miles away to Kingsport if I want to see a doctor. I had skin cancer last year. They won't let me see the doctor who performed my surgery. I have to see someone I don't know & who does not know anything about my cancer. Thank goodness I have a new job with excellent insurance that starts after my 90 day probationary period.

I hope & pray the painful spot on my left shoulder doesn't develop into anything that can't be removed before November 1. That's the first date I can use my new insurance because Cigna sure won't cover my doctor. I spend all my time on the phone with Cigna or on my site trying to find doctors. So far this year I have not been able to see a doctor. WORST INSURANCE EVER. Not worth the time or effort. Spend a little extra money and get real insurance.

Adopted son has series of mental health issues. 10 years of therapy, 3 psychologists, state of California, therapeutic consultant, psychiatrist, education advocates, and school district say he needs Residential Treatment Facility. Cigna says no. REALLY? Denied and appeal denied processed by insurance advocates. Army of people to help here. Wonder why people are getting their heads blown off in various places (nonterrorist acts) - because we can't get mental health coverage/help from insurance some so desperately need.

I have been a diabetic for 16 years. Two years ago Cigna informed me that my insulin was no longer covered by my health plan. It took a health advocate to get them to change their position. They also told me that I could not use the blood meter that I have been using for years because it was not covered. I had to use one that they approved at double my out pocket cost.

I went to a meter and blood strips from Walmart that they would not cover the cost. It cost me more than 1/2 the cost of test strips using their plan. They want me to use their mail to home pharmacy. I started getting my meds thru the Walmart plan then use their pharmacy. It again, saves more than 1/2 the cost of their plan. Now, I got a $482.00 bill for a recent blood test that my doctor ordered and they are denying covering the blood test. I can't afford any more blood tests, my diabetes is out of control and I feel I need to drop my doctor because I cannot afford treating my disease.

They are trying to charge me for a hearing test that is supposed to be 100% covered as shown on the benefits information. Every time I call to ask why they give me different answers or say they are going to call me back and never do. Unfortunate to deal with them. They sent my bill to collection agency after just 3 months even though bill is in dispute.

Recently, our employer decide to change insurance companies. United Healthcare had major issues, and this was the solution that the insurance brokers came up with. Insurance brokers are in it for the sale and commission. It's like selling a car or house. It's the $$$. Currently, I'm waiting for UNUM to issue an HSA Card. My HSA Card has a balance that could be used but, it's dead and I'm waiting for Cigna to get their act together. So, I have money to pay my bills with if I had my new card. I knew that Cigna would be a disaster and they haven't let us down. Next year, I'll bank the premium money, open an HSA type account and pay my own bills.

I was diagnosed with a serious gastrointestinal cancer. My surgery and treatment were covered another insurance with a previous employer. Now that I'm back to work, my oncologist has sent me for follow up CT scans every 6 months. Cigna has deemed follow up scans unnecessary because and has refused to pay for them because there is no sign of my cancer having returned. Can you even imagine??? How can my oncologist determine if my cancer has returned without the scans??? Cigna is a despicable company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I have provided one star only because zero or negative stars were not options. I have been submitting the same claim for reimbursement of self paid out of network services for three months now. The first time it was rejected the stated reason was that the dates of service were not legible even though they are typed on the invoice. I called, held an hour, it was resubmitted. The next rejection was because the providers tax ID form was not provided, even though there is nothing on the claim form to tell you they need that. I got it, called, held an hour, and it was resubmitted again. Next rejection was because they needed the providers license number.

I pointed out (after holding an hour) that it is typed on the form. That time I was assured that it was all set, they had what they needed, it would definitely be processed in 3-5 days. That was 3 weeks ago. I am now on the phone with Cigna again. Hold time so far this call, 42 minutes. Latest excuse for hanging onto my money: they now have decided they need the provider's ACTUAL LICENSE. A supervisor is "investigating" why I was not told that previously in the many calls I have had with Cigna. I honestly don't know what it takes to get them to pay a claim. At this point it feels like a deliberate strategy of trying to retain the funds in their system as long as they possibly can. We don't have a choice of providers. If we did, we'd be gone so fast it would make your head spin.

CIGNA blamed me for spouting off at them. I never did. They initiated it. I reacted. Now, as a result, even though I am on the policy I am not allowed to call in and check for medical issues as I have a very serious condition and CIGNA knows it. They have known since 2006. Here it is 2016. They want someone else to call in and change my doctors, set up new medical treatment, etc and leave me out! I am 56 and I can speak for myself. I have thought about taking them to court as a third party to the employer they work for and suing them. Anyone want to join?

I am so done with contacting them... my former contact told me. Now they are horsing around with and playing with my medical treatments. If I miss 2 treatments I die. They know it. But do they care so I am looking into switching to a more aggressive doctor and possibly suing CIGNA. Never use any kind of CIGNA Insurance. Not even the Medicare they offer. THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE ON THE PPO SIDE AND NOT WORTH A DARN ON THE HMO SIDE.

I give CIGNA ZERO STARS. Cigna - WE pay $1000 per month for 2 adults and 1 teenager. Daughter having migraines for 2 months straight. Primary Care Provider REFERRED us to neurologist. Neurologist recommended an MRI, $780 out of pocket expense. Brain came back normal!! Get $223 bill from neurologist because CIGNA (EOB) Explanation of Benefits says Neurologist is out of network. CIGNA website shows neurologist IN NETWORK - estimated cost $112. File for APPEAL, 60 days later CIGNA denies appeal because we did not consult with primary care physician!!! CIGNA APPEAL recommended I file a claim with the State Medical Board. I plan on finding another provider come November.

I called 800-900-1238, requesting a letter stating my payments that were made from July, 2015 to December 2015. This was for the purpose of reimbursement from the school board from which I am retired. I was asked if I wanted this sent by fax or US mail. I requested it to be mailed. Everything is fine. After I hung up, I called the school board to obtain their fax number, wishing to expedite the process. I called back, and spoke to a young woman who had no idea what I was talking about. She checked with someone who told her I had to speak to the marketplace, not Cigna as they could not send fax or send the letter.

I asked for a supervisor, who said his name was Rodis **. He again said I had to speak to the Marketplace. After insisting that the Marketplace would not have any record of my payment to Cigna, he told me this was the only way it could be done. As I was getting nowhere, I did call the Marketplace who said the only thing they could verify was that my tax credit was paid, they do not receive records of my payments to Cigna - no surprise there! I called back a third time, this time to the phone number on the myCigna web page, 866 494-2111. The person who answered not only faxed the information to my school board, but is sending me a copy of my payment record.

This is the second or third time in the past year that Cigna has denied paying for procedures ordered by my Doctor, P.A. or Specialist. They always send a letter telling you they are denying payment of the claim. Cigna is in Tennessee, and their reviewer company is MedSolutions, Inc. doing business as, eviCore. EviCore decides if the procedure was necessary and whether or not Cigna will pay it. Nothing in the letter tells you what city or state eviCore is located in so you can just run by their office.

So Dr. John **, Title, Associate Medical Specialty Director Specialty: Thoracic Surgery, is the guy listed as having reviewed whether or not I need this procedure. Now this Dr. must have magical powers! Why? Because he's never seen me, has no clue as to how or what I'm suffering in pain, yet he can over the internet and looking at the procedure determine I don't need it. Problem is the MRI on my Lumbar Spine, which is the procedure that was denied, is what identified what my problem is, which is three bulging lumbar disc in my lower spine. The letter is signed by Dr. Gregg **, MD, Supervising Medical Director, Diagnostic Utilization Management Programs.

Dr. ** nor Dr. ** wouldn't know me if they passed me in a hallway, let alone ever laid a hand on me to diagnose a problem. This is just one, in a long line of many programs that Cigna puts in place in keep from paying claims. Cigna's mission is to collect premiums and not pay claims. What Cigna really needs to do is to issue a list of procedures that require prior approval and how long that prior approval will take. So you go to the doctor, they pay. The doctor applies for approval of a procedure, then you back to the doctor, so Cigna pays again. Instead of an X-Ray doing the trick, you need an MRI. So back to approval. Now back to the Doctor for the now approved procedure and again Cigna pays. Doesn't sound like a great way to limit trips to the Doctor or limit amounts paid to the Doctors.

I'm learning how to manage the gauntlet and it's causing me to go to Doctor more than I ever have in my life. And then Cigna wants me to have this RN talk to me on the phone, "to help me" live better. Well since I've not been able to walk, ride a bike or exercise it's kinda hard to have an RN over phone help me live better when the Dr's at Cigna don't me to solve whatever problem I have. I'd steer clear of Cigna if you have a choice. There are much better insurance companies out there. My Personal Opinion.

Every time I have called Cigna Healthspring I have been passed around from one rep to another with each giving different answers. I have been told I don't have coverage for medical, only pharmacy, which is ridiculous. The fact is that on the Cigna website only pharmacy info is accessible and for medical info I have call in.

I recently switched jobs and with the switch I changed my health insurance provider to Cigna. In June I used my insurance for the first time to fill a prescription and was charged a 75$ deductible for the first use of the year. When I tried to refill my prescription in July it said I had to pay the 75$ again. I spent about 2 days spoke with a few different representatives in customer service who couldn't figure out why I was being charged for the deductible again. George from the pharmaceutical customer service department took my call today and was finally able to get my issue resolved. George was awesome. He figured out what the problem was and instead of just having the pharmacy reprocess the order he called them, made sure it would work. I was not having the best experience until I spoke w/ George who went above and beyond what he needed to do to make sure I was taken care of.

My issue is a simple one. I called them (unable to access a computer at the time), to find out if a Minute Clinic was covered by my insurance with Cigna. The person I talk to said (and I quote), "Yes, Minute Clinic falls under the same category as a primary care physician, so your co-pay will be (said amount)." So, being very sick, I said, "Thank you" and went to the Minute Clinic. Well now a few weeks later me and my husband are stuck paying a couple hundred dollars because evidently a simple, common strep test isn't covered AND the Minute Clinic ISN'T COVERED. This is my first and only experience with Cigna and I am extremely disappointed in the wrong information that is costing me money.

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Cigna is a worldwide health insurance organization that covers individuals, families and employers. It has been in business for over 30 years.

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