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Pulte Homes Reviews

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2022

Disappointing situation where Pulte salespeople promised to refund my money since their Mortgage company has denied my loan and asked me to send an email and when I have sent an email they sent me termination of contract letter instead of my refund.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2022

My vents were not sealed correctly, and were not welded correctly, and did not have proper vent guards on them. My hot water heater was not muddied/puttied from the inside, and my underlayment was slit by the tiles before they laid the tile! Very poor roof quality. The storm hit and water poured into my house! They are refusing to fix it as they said it is a storm issue, however there were lots of issues even before the storm! I am still under warranty and they are not fixing my roof appropriately, doing mold remediation, fixing my ceilings, etc. Very disappointed with this builder -- please use someone else!

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2022

Please heed my best advice about Pulte -- NEVER close on your new Pulte home until the house is absolutely perfect. Don't let them say, "It will be taken care of in the warranty period", because that could take years of frustration, or never get done. Some people in our neighborhood have been waiting nearly 2 years for fixes (items missing that they paid for, or installed improperly or damaged). The warranty people will hold out until you get so frustrated you go and do the fixes yourself. In the warranty period, you have to beg and beg to get anything done, and then when fixes are scheduled, the workers never show, or they show up with the wrong materials, or they "fix" the problem worse than it was before.

My second advice is to be there at the construction site daily, and DO NOT believe your construction supervisor when you point out an issue and he says he will take care of it. You have to keep on them, and continually verify that it is done, or they will just try to cover up the issue -- literally! While it is hard to say to them, "Do not go on to the next phase until this is fixed," because you want your house to be done on time, but that is what you have to do. TAKE HUNDREDS OF PICTURES of every pipe, wire, wall, floor and ceiling from every angle, and at each stage of the process, so you have proof in case something breaks later.

Thirdly, do not assume that Pulte is looking out for your best interests by protecting any of the materials during construction. I could go on and on about this, but they will leave doors, molding, wall board and other materials out in the rain or in the humidity, with no protection. It will get damaged, warped, and moldy (here in the South), but they will install it anyway. You have to protect those materials yourself. Have rolls of plastic to cover up things, and take dated pictures of anything left out in the elements, even in the garage, to show proof that the item's storage was mishandled. Since workers pull off the protection, it often has to be put back on daily.

Finally, get a professional inspector. Don't let Pulte say "It isn't necessary." It absolutely is necessary! Pulte listens to inspectors (your own and from the county, who just checks safety basics). NEVER believe that Pulte's "inspectors" are looking out for your interests. They aren't. Make sure your own inspector is there to check each major stage of construction. This is critical, since the inspector knows what problems to look for, and can document the problem. Our inspector found things like missing outlets, improperly wired switches, an unfinished open vent in the attic (which would have caused us to forever cool the attic space), missing insulation, poorly aligned lights and ceiling vents, warped walls, broken tiles, etc.

So, take care. I have built four homes, and it seems like the subcontractors are getting worse as time goes on, so keep an eye on things, because Pulte won't. It will be extremely frustrating, because most of the Pulte subcontractors don't speak English (or act like they don't), so you cannot communicate with them. They come in for a couple days to do everything on their list at once, and by the time your Pulte supervisor shows up to look at the problem you have found, that crew will be off to another community, so everything will come to a standstill (sometimes for weeks) until someone on that crew can come back to fix the problem. Surely, the Pulte people themselves will do nothing to fix it. So very frustrating!

One of my final pet peeves with Pulte is that they do not keep a clean construction site. They say they do, but don't believe it. Visit some homes under construction. You will see that it is a junkyard throughout the process, and I believe that leads to mistakes and construction being done poorly. But that's just me.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2022

I loved my home with Pulte until I found out that the roof vents that they put on my home did not have vent guards, so all the water from any storm comes in and leaks into the attic. The issue is that all my neighbors have the roof vent guards, but not mine. These are new homes and for some reason, I was given a different roof vent. They have no leaking. So every time there is a storm, I have to tarp my vents. They are stating that it is not required by code so they get out of doing the right thing. So disappointed.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

Here is my experience: Evil tactics by sales and their manager to pressure me to complete the purchase after paying $15000 earnest deposit. They threaten me to lose the deposit if I don't complete the purchase. I sent someone to inspect the property, he was unable to inspect the important parts utilities and AC. This is despite Pulte assured me the property is ready. After I paid for the house on April 29th 2022, I emailed Pulte customer service "5 months documents to send to anyone who wishes to review". Here is why:

Rats find their way to the house through point of entry. Hauls in the frame of the house. Pulte warranty unit is made of people use terms like "made to specifications" "not under warranty" "you left the door open" "my VP will not agree to this" or simply do not respond. I emailed the CEO of Pulte and their top 20 executives. None of them has the decency to understand how it is like to see your own kids frightened of dead rats. Kids and their mother vomit constantly. Kids cry and sleep hungry day in and day out because they are afraid the food got touched by rats.

I paid $650000.00 for a Pulte house that ended up being a nightmare investment. Warranty and customer service is part of the contract but in reality the staff in the warranty department do only what their VP ask them to do. That is to say: to screw new home owners". The AC show reading 73F in some parts of the house and 85F in other areas. Technicians visited the house tell me they know exactly how to fix the AC air flow- their management along with Pulte customer service don't want fix anything.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 23, 2022

If you are thinking about buying a Pulte home, don’t. They will show you all the bells and whistles and promise you everything until the build process starts then it is downhill from there. Their constant excuse for quality and craftsmanship or lack thereof has been the pandemic, we can’t get materials, we can’t get workers, there are delays, you want excuses Pulte has boatloads of them. The finish work in our home was atrocious, horrible cheap watered down garbage paint, the millwork looked like amateurs did it, every mistake was just hidden with caulk, walls had to be cut open to correct god awful drywall mistakes, the so called project managers are even a bigger joke. Most of them have no trades experience whatsoever, we had three of them in the 9 months that it took to build this piece of crap home, because they all quit to find better jobs like working in a bar or selling shoes!!!

There is absolutely no excuse for doing things right the first time, but Pulte's philosophy is we don’t give a ** about quality we care about quantity, put them up as fast as possible and worry about issues later. It truly is disgusting what Pulte is claiming and then what they are actually delivering, a substandard home, lousy building, cheap materials, lack of empathy and truly horrendous customer service. Pulte you should ashamed of yourself as an organization and the product you put out.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2022

Everything was great until closing. After that, you are just a number to Pulte. If you have any warranty issues, expect delays and push back. We are still waiting for our shower to be completed after 11 months since we first reported the problem. They had to completely gut it due to a leak and black mold. This was only three months after we closed. The homeowner is the one who suffers from the poor workmanship for the contractors Pulte hires since most companies will not work for what they are willing to pay. All Pulte cares about is nickel and diming, lining their pockets and hoping they bully you enough for a good survey. I wish Pulte cared about the homeowner as much as they do the survey. They don't even paint their garages since it is an "unlivable space." Some of the photos I took of what I found after I moved in would make you shake your head. If you are wanting to go with a larger builder, look elsewhere and avoid future headaches.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2022

Had terrible experience with builder throughout the build process, warranty process, time keeping process. They pride themselves on best quality but they are far away from that. For e.g. I had asked the builder to fix the subflooring prior to laying the top flooring. They promised but continuously ignored to do that. Finally they did it but messed up the top flooring. So far they have made half a dozen attempts scheduling unskilled labor to do that and the job is not done. They give you dates upon dates but they rush with the work every time. Also on another note they used the wrong kind of glue and had to redo. The floor is still glue less overall, uneven and still needs to be worked on. Their claim of being a quality builder is truly fake with my experience and one needs to ponder over real hard even about the minimum expectations they should have with them.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2022

Very unprofessional, leaving many repairs needed. Holes in my carpet, walls are patched at holes, not painted, disrespectful of time. Take off of work for repairs that are cancelled. Months to complete, late on final product of original build. Rip off from expected results on lifetime investment. Very disappointed.

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Installation & SetupCoveragePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Aug. 26, 2022

I'm currently having a house built with Pulte and am about 30 days from closing. The pandemic labor and material shortages caused many delays, but there were errors by the builder or its contractors during the build that substantially contributed to the delays. As a company, they're not big on apologizing. We've had three different construction managers, and only the last one seemed to be able to get anything done.

We are 14 months into the process. The company built the wrong bathroom floor plan including the wrong size window frame; dented a duct and had a shoddy repair job; took two windows from the garage door months ago so that another property could close on time and then surprise, surprise, seem incapable of getting replacements; told us that a missing window had been installed and then we discovered that the wrong size window had been installed and we had to point this out, so someone somewhere was either lying or incompetent; the wrong exterior trim was installed and is taking forever to get replaced and repainted; someone just left footprints and wheel tracks in the wet concrete in the driveway; a ceiling joist was installed in the wrong spot leading to a months-long, inexplicable inability to correct the issue and install a shower drain line; and I'm sure there are things I've either forgotten, or they've successfully hidden from me.

The builder has agreed to cover my rate lock extension penalties, and I believe I'm getting a good deal considering the overall challenges of the 2021-2022 market. This was not meant to be a dream home, but a necessity that I purchased because of a growing family and the need for two home offices. The final product will be adequate, but I have low confidence in the competence and honesty of the construction manager and the contractors that were hired. The construction manager(s), especially the first two, missed opportunities to build trust by failing to meet literally any estimated time frames. At this point, trust cannot be restored, even if we successfully close on the estimated date. I'm not holding my breath, and I'll believe it when I see it.

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Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

While the experience of buying a new home is overwhelming, I want to warn anyone considering Pulte. I entered into an agreement before I was ready because I was warned the price is going up $5000 on Monday. My fault for falling for this true or not. But only after we signed and sent Ernest money did I review others experiences. Oh well shame on me for that. But after research more complaints and people pleading with the consumer don’t buy from Pulte. I now understand after I backed out. The experience Pulte offers is similar to buying a car not really knowing it did not come with tires. The budgets I had quickly were spent. So my advice make sure you fully understand what you are getting into. Don’t let post pandemic stuff influence your decisions. Do your homework before you sign. And don’t fall for sales tactics, even though I don’t have hard feelings for my sales team. They were only doing what they were told. It’s upper management and the Pulte process I fault.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

In April 2021, I closed on a 2400+ square foot Pulte home in Wilmington NC. Neighbors had warned me to pay for a private home inspection before closing. It was very thorough and cost $450. I refused to close until the major items were repaired. Pulte promised an 11 month warranty review which never materialized. Only one piece of tile was repaired while a damaged shower pan completely ignored! You must document everything in writing with pictures. And be prepared to pay a lawyer to fight this deceptive company after closure! I like my Del Webb senior community. I was not mentally prepared to interact with two different construction managers and a young, incompetent warranty employee named Chad who does not follow up on construction issues or complaints! He should be fired for gross negligence.

Do not expect Pulte to repair horrible flat paint marring, cracked tile, dried caulking, or any cosmetic blemishes on walls & ceilings! Paint on the walls is horrible, cheap sprayed on flat paint. The slightest bumps will mar the walls. Be prepared to pay a paint professional to paint your entire house. Best to have it done BEFORE moving in. Also Pulte installs a fan/hood above the gas stove with no exterior ventilation. Cooks beware! All the smoke & fumes just circulate in the kitchen. The fan filter traps some of it but not good ventilation as an exterior vent!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

We are in the process of having my shower redone for the first time. I am the original owner. When the shower installers did the demo, they revealed a serious latent defect in plumbing coming up from the concrete slab. When the home was built, Pulte’s construction crew had chiseled out some of the concrete slab, and then beat the pipes with a hammer and bent the pipes far enough so that they could squeeze the pre made shower pan in place and conceal that had been done.

I had to call in a professional plumbing service to start to repair. They have chiseled down over a foot into the concrete pier and the pipes are so badly damaged from the builders trying to make the shower pan fit, that was given an estimate of almost $6000.00 to correct the concealed defect. I hold you, the builder, Pulte Homes, responsible for the repair. and they told me it was past the 10 yr warranty period so they would not do anything. How could I possibly know what was concealed. They hide the poor construction and I have to pay for it.

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Reviewed July 18, 2022

Went into contract beginning summer of 2021. In framing, there were a lot of things wrong, twisted boards, severe alignment issues! They finally started drywall and I think Stevie wonder can do better. It's worse than their framing ability. I can't wait for the house to be finished, once it's done I'm selling. This has got to be the poorest workmanship I have ever seen. I call it the crooked house. Can't wait to see what else can go wrong with building a house.

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Installation & SetupPrice

Reviewed July 15, 2022

I contracted with Pulte to build my home while living in another State. Unfortunately, I could not inspect the model, nor was I able to see and feel the materials that were going into my home. The community I live in is a mix of retired, semi-retired, and professionals. Most people who purchased in the Loretto Club have owned previous homes. We know the difference between sound quality and cheap.

Let's start with the cabinets. They are cardboard with thin, and I mean thin, maple inserts on the door front which wobble. That's the upgrade to maple cabinets! They did not install soft close hinges, nor did they discuss features that would cost extra. Did I say I upgraded the kitchen and the cabinets! These are cabinets Home Depot would not even sell.

The painting is embarrassing. The painters sealed dirt and sawdust, which I have to fix now. The crawl space door in the garage is sealed shut with paint. The tile they used must have been a 10-cent builder special. It scratches easily and is difficult to clean. Pulte ignored the landscape installation. There is clay in this area. Consequently, landscapers did not prepare the ground adequately for sod or other plants. Installing sod on top of a clay base does not allow for drainage. With water shortages worldwide, it's ridiculous to tell new homeowners to keep watering until they see signs of life.

The one-year inspection is a joke. I have missing screens on my windows and a door. Plus a laundry list of other items which need attention. I haven't heard a word from them. I understand not everything is going to be perfect in a new home. But at the price point of these homes, at the very least, they could have used higher quality cabinets, especially after upgrading them two times. The quality of the painting looks as though they hired teenagers with no experience. The concept of the home is lovely. Once I pay to make right everything they did wrong, it will be a beautiful home.

I purchased new construction because I didn't want to go through another rehab. It ends up I have to do that anyway. You might as well buy a fix-it upper and put what you like into your home. What Pulte has to offer in the way of upgrades is expensive garbage. If you could go out and purchase your materials and tell them to install what you bought, you would have a perfect home. That will never happen. Don't expect much from this builder. Expect to spend over $750K on poor-quality products and craftsmanship.

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Punctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed July 12, 2022

When I first heard of the Pulte company, I really thought this is the one. The first time I got to see the model house and get through all the details I really fell in love with it and I believed that they do a good job. Well, apparently it was all a dream. I choose the same house as the model house, and after my house was completely built, I was expecting to get what I paid for. Before the day of closing, I pointed out many details that needed to be fixed, and even after closing there were still a lot of things that were missing or needed to be fixed/replaced.

I will start by pointing out the paint. The painting was terrible all over the house. There was a part of the ceiling that was not painted at all. The walls all over the house had white patches because the paint was not made correctly. All window corners are made terribly bad, the plaster doesn’t have a smooth finish. Even the walls are not straight, all over the house you can see there are lines that are curved. After only a few months a lot of cracking started to show up around the house, especially around the windows. On the second floor, the carpet is not made correctly. When you walk you can feel “big bubbles” underneath it. Also, there are nails underneath the carpet that hurt our feet every time we’re walking around, especially under the threshold of the doors.

The sink of the guest bathroom has been leaking water since we first started to use it. In the master bathroom, we noticed that the tiles are coming off, they all move and make a cracking sound when we walk. Even the tiles from the shower floor are moving and look like they’re about to come out as well. There were big and ugly holes underneath both bathroom cabinets. All doors were not painted well, some had scratches and some were very damaged, even broken. One of the door frames on the first floor needs to be replaced because it’s completely broken. One of the kitchen cabinets is also broken on the inside and needs to be replaced. The backyard door is also damaged and even if they tried to fix it, it’s still broken and needs to be replaced. They sent us the new cabinet and we’ve been waiting for more than a month and still, nobody shows up to put it. The corner of the stair ledge is also damaged and needs to be replaced.

Even the garage door frame is broken and looks like it will break very soon. We are also missing towel holders in both bathrooms on the second floor. We didn’t even have a dishwasher holder, we had to wait for it for 5 months. I have been writing emails from January until now. I always get an answer-back, but they never do something about fixing the house. They always say that they will send people to get everything done soon, but nobody is coming to fix anything.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 9, 2022

Buyer Beware. In 2009, I bought a home from Pulte, Suncity Peachtree, Griffin, Ga. During 2009, I experienced whole house raw sewage backups. Pulte had their plumbing contractor, Northwest Plumbing, come twice to investigate the issue. Northwest Plumbing lied both times about not finding any issues. I continued to have multiple whole house, raw sewage backups. I continued to reach out to Pulte about the backups but was denied any help based upon what Northwest Plumbing lied, stating no problems.

Eventually, I hired outside plumbing companies, several times. The plumbing companies I hired found that the plumbing attachments were connected backwards to the sewer drain lines. Which causes the raw sewage to flow backwards into the master bathroom bathtub, shower, and toilet, instead of forwards to the outside public, sewer lines. A backfall in the master bathroom was confirmed. The raw sewage whole house, back-ups continued.

In 2020, I had the plumbers I had originally hired to camera the sewer line again. At this time another backfall was found behind the supporting wall which runs along side the dinning/living area. This backfall run for approx. 7 feet and holds approx 1-1/2 inches of water. Pulte Vice President of Construction, Patrick Witzigman was present. He viewed the backfall and the drain line attachments. He offered me $17000.00 to have the work done myself. The estimate to I have received is only for breaking of the concrete that the line is encased in, is over $150,000. Pulte has refused to acknowledge they are responsible for the flawed sewer line even though their original plumbers, Northwest Plumbing, lied, not once but twice. And Pulte, admitted that I had been refused any warranty work because of the lies, Pulte plumbers told.

Then when the Latent Defects were found by the plumbers, I hired in 2018 and 2020, Pulte refused to do anything because they do not know what a Latent Construction Defect is and the stature of limitations does not begin to run until the defect is found. I have all the emails and photos to prove everything I have said and I am happy to share with anyone who would like to read about the raw sewage back-ups, raw sewage in bathtub, shower, etc., sewer flies, sewer gas, etc.. M. Linda **

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Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

Reviewed July 7, 2022

Pulte Mortgage stole $3,644.10 from me by locking me into a rate I did not legally agree to. I dealt with the branch manager at the Dublin office, and he and his team are more than happy to lie, steal, and defend their actions in order to squeeze as much money as possible from whoever they can. Most egregiously of all, they used phone call voice recordings between myself and the loan officer to justify their actions, without my ever agreeing to that method of approval. No fine print, no signed documentation, nothing to indicate this was ever happening. Based on this experience, I would never trust them to handle a single cent of my money, or to step a foot on my property. They have shown themselves to be thieves and swindlers. DO NOT USE PULTE MORTGAGE. Use another lender, who will almost certainly match Pulte's "closing costs" waived fees, and do a better job of defending the rushed construction jobs and unfinished work before you move into your house.

Extra credit: It has been six months since closing, and our yard is still covered in garbage, gutters still hang off the roof, and there is no sod, leveling, cleanup, sod, or weeding on the property. Other properties in the community, which were still empty lots during our closing, have been almost entirely completed compared to our property. This would not have been better by using their mortgage company– actually, they would have been paid the full amount for everything, instead of having some held back in escrow until the work is completed.

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Installation & SetupCoverage

Reviewed July 4, 2022

6/2022 purchased Pulte home at domani in palm desert ca. so far towel racks just fell off wall, toilet paper holder fell out of cabinet, and the screws they used went through the cabinet wall and injured hands reaching into cabinet. The model homes looked large but that is because they use small items not to size of normal ones deceiving. Still missing grates that cover ac vents in ceiling, water pressure so low you can't take showers, purchased with cabinets in laundry room but were not installed when I moved in noting they no longer put them in. Air conditioner did not work. Temp outside was 112. Took 2 days for someone to look at it. CHEAP, workmanship shoddy.

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Reviewed June 24, 2022

Not only do they build the ugliest homes but also don't care about any landscaping. The builders came in and ripped OUT ALL trees. Most all of the neighborhood backs up to trees but when they came in. Ripped them all out and put up cracker box houses that all look alike. Ruins the whole neighborhood. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed June 20, 2022

We purchased our home in 2021 and the refrigerator we upgraded to was on backorder. They gave us a standard fridge until ours came in. We are still waiting. We call each week and get a run around. They say it is Whirlpool but I can walk in Best Buy and order the same refrigerator and get it in 3 months. This is very disappointing especially for the price we paid for our dream home.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 19, 2022

We just bought one of these townhomes (150 Whispering LN NW, specifically). We immediately noticed several issues with the home and reported it to Pulte. Pulte has told us they will not fix any of the issues below:

1. The banisters on the balcony were not bolted to the walls, they were only bolted to the floor. This is a major safety hazard in our opinion. Several of my neighbors have reported this safety issue as well.

2. They do not use primer to paint their interiors and my neighbor suspects the white paint is watered down. Any small brush against the wall (even if you nudge it with your shoulder) leads to the white paint coming off in streaks revealing a dark gray coat underneath, which is likely the color of the sheet rock/dry wall. This would not happen if you used a coat of primer.

3. The two bathrooms' GFI's are wired together so when you trip one with the hair dryer all the outlets are tripped in both bathrooms. I am not an electrician but even my 100 year old home in Rochester had separate lines and breakers for the bathrooms.

4. The rooms have individual thermostats and no centralized thermostat, there is no way to connect a Nest or EcoBee if you are energy conscious.

5. Some of the outlets were faulty, I counted 3.

We talked to the Pulte foreman and onsite managers, all of whom told us that they will not fix these issues, even the banister safety issue; despite being 2 months into the 1 year warranty on the brand new townhouse. We had to pay for all the repairs ourselves. For anyone interested in these homes, we advise you to find a very thorough inspector (ours was obviously not) and go through the home with a fine comb because Pulte will not repair anything after you have paid for it.

A few of our my neighbors have discussed these issues and we agree that it is likely the result of cost cutting and cutting corners. In our combined experiences we have not seen new homes this poorly constructed, or dealt with a more irresponsible construction group. We suspect Pulte is trying to sell these homes fast before the mortgage interest rates skyrocket. I was told they have been denying requests to repair these issues because they have run out of their repair budget already on the first few townhouses they sold.

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Reviewed June 8, 2022

First note their website ask you to be patient due to COVID-19. We have a 92yr old mom so we took our time requesting repairs and now we are being told we are OUT of warranty. We dealt with a global pandemic their website ask us the consumer to be patient. They are aware the repairs were NEVER made yet they are quick to state CAN'T HELP. I would buy Lennar or DR Horton before I dealt with this firm. Our upgrades are far overpriced and just some simple stuff can't be repaired.... GET ANY WORK DONE BEFORE YOU CLOSE ESCROW. IT'S NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE

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Contract & TermsStaff

Reviewed May 27, 2022

Lesson learned, if the Builder asks for $10,000 in earnest money you should be skeptical. My wife and I thought that earnest money amount was high because of the demand in the Del Webb community. What we found during the construction process was a lack of oversight by the construction manager and the on-site team of construction foreman. Subcontractors are not supervised. One subcontractor comes in and damages of the work of another subcontractor who just completed their job.. Once you have given them your money there is no refund when you see the extremely poor quality during the construction process. Beware if you are purchasing an inventory home. Make sure your sales representative gives you a detailed report of exactly what is being purchased. We received a detailed report that was in Pulte code, this document was very difficult to decipher. The end result is although a detailed report coded was provided by sales.

The report says or mentioned a lot of upgrades next to the code, the actual Final delivery was poorly made fixtures and cabinets which were poorly designed.. Make sure sales gives you a detailed report in plain English of what you’re purchasing and shows you what you’re actually purchasing. Every day was be like Christmas. As the home was built we got to see what they called an upgrade was actually cheap substandard products. We are still dealing with property that was not graded or leveled for drainage. The sides of our home as well as the backyard is a swamp land that grows mold. I’ve never seen a water meter box fill up with water when there is no leak from the actual water meter, my neighbors just run their sprinkler system.

After you close on your home you can just about forget that there was a punch list because construction is unresponsive and uncooperative with unreasonable resolutions. They know once they’ve got that $10,000 that you are not gonna to break your earnest money contract when you see their poor construction and workmanship. Once you’ve closed now you’re behind the eight ball. I don’t recommend Pulte, But I’m certain that’s obvious by this review. Since closing we have found there is a huge drainage problem in our backyard is a swamp. Pulte does not Vet its contractors. As far as I can tell the company they are using to make the repairs does not even have a license or insurance.

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Customer Service

Reviewed May 20, 2022

Purchased new build 4/29/22. We noticed during construction lots of water around and in the foundation. We received verbal assurances that the issue was only temporary and wouldn't be an issue after construction was completed. Since we moved in our two sump pumps have been running nearly non stop. Found out later the builders knew about the water issue but continued to assure us there would be no problem. Contacted Pulte customer service and told us it was not their problem. We would never had purchased from Pulte if they would have just been honest with us.

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Reviewed May 14, 2022

Insane drywall cracking. Paint Cracking. Significant material separation. Pulte states it’s totally normal and a part of homeowner maintenance. Wild. Pulte refuses to take ownership. Claims it’s to be expected.

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Reviewed April 27, 2022

We built our home between April-Dec 2021. In the sales/contract phase, we were required to give Pulte Finance our information even though we walked in the door letting them know we already had our own bank and financing. The sales rep assured us it was a 'check box' to get the permits and nothing more would come of it. Our credit was pulled the next day, dinging our credit report. We got a flimsy apology. For the construction phase: this was a difficult year for supplies, labor and timelines, so we gave a fair amount of flexibility in that portion of the build. That said, we had to really scour our Contract and change orders constantly and ask any question not thoroughly spelled out. For instance, the option of adding a third garage did not automatically mean we got a garage door opener. We had to ask about it to find out it wasn't included.

Our 'Celebration Day', which is supposed to be the day you walk through your finished house was not a finished house walk through. They were still finishing the house then and well into the week after we took possession - shutters, corbels, paint and patch, carpet tack downs, etc. We are still waiting on a replacement cabinet that they have ordered and delivered an incorrect part for three times. A BIG issue is the landscaping, which we didn't get installed until 18 weeks later. We knew of the seasonal delay but did NOT know we would have zero input into the landscaping on our property. They offer 'packages' with no options or input from the homeowner. All discretion is left to whatever third party landscaper they choose and the plants they want to give you.

I had to fight and get the boss of my field manager involved to remove the plants that were toxic to my dog and ones I was highly allergic to. They removed them, gave them back to the landscaper, offered no additional remedy or refund though we had spent many thousands on this landscaping. They also were false about what our village and HOA required, which we discovered by contacting those parties on our own.

You will also find that getting any warranty work is extremely difficult. At this point, we have already been through 2 warranty managers and the current one doesn't even know how to interpret warranty details. She has threatened to mark us void of our warranty twice, which we resolved through her management. They apologized for her lack of knowledge. Overall, this is not a bad home in quality of the build. You just have to ask everything in great detail and push them very hard for any communication. Remember, this is YOUR home and just their JOB. Know what is important to you and push for it. Also, retain your own legal counsel as a stand-by and to monitor the process on your behalf.

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Reviewed March 29, 2022

It has been 2.5 years since my house was built with Pulte. It started with the wrong basement floor plan being poured. They refused to fix it, after many complaints we finally received a small reimbursement for lost square footage. This cause the house to be behind schedule. There were many open items when I closed that I was told would be fixed. Due to a great warranty person, she is no longer there, a lot of it was fixed. The drywall was finished terribly, they tried to fix it at the one year warranty but the made it worse and I now I have spots all over my house. I was yelled at for moving tape as they would not fix something that wasn't originally called out, even though it was obviously bad drywall and I did not add or move the tape (to mark the bad spots). I have had to go back and sand many spots that were just painted over.

I am a single woman and almost every contractor including the warranty person has made comments about how women cannot fix/install/work on a house. 2 years after moving in my hardwood floors are coming apart in multiple areas. I attribute this to poor installation. There is a long crack in my foundation but it is not big enough to fix. Yet, with the flooring issue and my cabinets have come off the wall, I feel maybe this crack is the root cause. Pulte is refusing to do anything.

One of the shower pans has had a crack in it since I moved in. This apparently got lost as so many larger issues had to be resolved, replaced damaged furnace, hood stove, stairs, long list. At 1 year warranty they said they would fix it, still not fixed. When I reached back out to warranty they are now saying the homeowner damaged it and refusing to have it fixed. It is disappointing to build a large home with a company and get this kind of treatment. I do not recommend building a house with Pulte and I will never again.

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Reviewed March 17, 2022

Pulte is worst company to deal with post purchase. We bought a new home and had 1 year warranty. They took forever to acknowledge issues and did worst job in fixing them. On one occasion their staff member visited our house to inspect flooring issue, we asked him to wear mask as we had a new born at that time in house during covid outbreak, the staff person became really grumpy and did such a ** job. Their staff came to fix the paint issue and did a wrong paint on our wall, we asked them to fix it the staff member said contract says we will do fix only in 1 visit and there is no guarantee for paint to match. My wall is left with patches. Hate this company, no one should buy from them. Hope they get sued big time

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