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Pardee Homes

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16 Pardee Homes Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: Dec. 30, 2016

I love the house, however, the first heavy rain our master's room closet roofs start leaking so bad that even water came inside the light shades. Called Pardee and came late, fixed it. Since California barely have rain, we have the house rented. Before the renter completely move, we have another heavy rain and at the same area, water leak again and as usual called Pardee customer service refixed same area where the leak came from. Just over a year we didn't have our renter renewed the contract since my daughter's family decided to move at Beaumont.

Heavy rain came again and as usual same place leaked again and as usual Pardee came and fixed again. Then another rain after another year, roof at the same place leaked again and same as usual called Pardee customer service. This time because of annoying issues Pardee called Australian independent roofer, not to fix but I guess according to my daughter, they just assessed the cause of leak.

I believed, my daughter and her husband saw them (Pardee and Australian roofer) was having meeting quietly far from them. As they understand the independent roofer was suggested to do more repair but seems Pardee customer service didn't agree. Now, we have another almost a week rain and as usual, same place leak again. At this time Pardee claimed our roof 10 years warrant have already. We live at another house just across the lake. Luckily we do not have same problem that our other house have. I believe the house at ** was not built according to specs.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2015

We bought our house when it was a year old in 1994. There were some "issues" in the HOA statements that the previous owner had inquired about drainage on the side of the house. PARDEE sent out their survey people who told us nothing was irregular. Fast forward to about a year ago, when our pool maintenance guy started noticing that the drainage wasn't working properly along the side of the house. When looking into it, we consulted with a rooter/drain company and found that the drainage was not making it all the way to the street outlet. I contracted a drain specialist who dug up my front yard and found that the original drainage had been installed more than 18 inches BELOW that of the foot or so drain to the street which was only about 4 inches!!! WATER and MUD was collecting for years and barely making a trickle to the street!! HOW CAN WATER FLOW UPHILL???

There was another house as I recall that had sued PARDEE for water damage to their house about 15 years ago. I know it's a long time now, but the drain guy said it would take some years for the mud to collect all the way down to he curb. Now I'm looking at thousands of dollars and a sump pump to correct this. A call to a lawyer or class action with my neighbors would be in order!!!

PS - Don't even get me started on the cheap interior/exterior paint, crappy single paned windows (which we had to replace 3 years into the house) and shoddy cabinetry work (the white and off white panels were mismatched on all cabinets). DO NOT BUY A PARDEE HOME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. RUN!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2015

I and my wife first contacted Pardee in December 2014. We were told that in 6 months the house will be ready and we will move in. And in May 15, 2015 we moved in! The sales representant we talked with is **. He is an exceptional man. He helped us from the beginning with we need it. During the construction time, ** sent us pictures and keep us posted with the updates. Pardee Homes recommended us a company for the mortgage process and the recommendation was excellent. It's true, I was very cooperative and I quickly sent all papers the asked for, but the company employees were very kind with us and explained everything we needed to know. I recommend this builder and if you are about to move in Henderson, and think to work with Pardee, you have to ask for **.

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2015

My girlfriend and I purchased a Pardee home in 1994, 6 years after it was built. We lived in the home for 10 years and we found out very soon that many corners were cut and we assumed that the builder of our home like to build them fast and cheap. The first thing we noticed was how cheap the windows were and that many of them had minor leaks or were very inefficient. We then noticed that our sprinklers hitting the front of the home soaked through the stucco, what should have been a moisture barrier, plywood or shear wall and into our living room drywall, causing a very large patch of mold behind our couch.

The list went on from there; two concrete slab pipe leaks, recalled furnace, leaking faucets. The slab leaks caused us to dig up the concrete floor for repairs and eventually we chose to reroute the pipes from the water heater, through the garage and into the first floor plumbing fixtures, it was a beautiful sight. The problem was that when they prepped the soil for the pipes they didn't use any or enough sand to pad the pipes from the concrete and it caused pin hole leaks. At least that’s what the plumber told us. The furnace had to be replaced because it was a fire hazard, we had to open a larger hole in our ceiling to bring in a new unit and at the time it cost us $1600.

Eventually many of us in the neighborhood got together to discuss our problems. I was actually one of the lucky ones, there were so many horror stories out there with water damage and mold. I will never purchase another Pardee home, I am writing this for someone else who may be saved from spending the money you worked so hard for on a very poor product. I was hoping they improved over the years but if you read the recent reviews they don't support any improvement at all.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2013

We purchased our home in December of 2006 from Pardee Homes. Our community is Cordova at Vista Cielo in North Las Vegas, NV. We signed our final documents for escrow, etc. and closed in December of 2006. When we signed the contract to purchase our home in May of 2006, we were told that should the price go down before signing the final documents, the price at time of purchase would be honored. The price sheet given to us in May stated the base price of our home would be $337,950. I went in to the office to pick up something after we closed and noticed the price sheet dated 8/19/06. The base price for our home was now $302,950. This is a $35,000 difference that we were not made aware of.

I asked the sales rep and that is when the runaround started. She referred me to the main office where I spoke with someone named Tony. They referred me to someone else, etc., etc... I sent a fax to Karla at the fax # 702-932-8770. She told me that it was a "typo" and that wasn't an actual price. I asked that if people came in to purchase the home, were they told it was a typo? The price was stated on their company letterhead, so it should be legally binding. I never heard back from her, or anyone else for that matter. The interesting thing is that the "typo" stayed on their price sheet until 2/24/07. This is a 6-month typo?!?!?!!!

On 3/27/07, I sent the fax to Karla with my complaint. I had gone into the office earlier that day and saw the price was still at $302,950 on 3/27/07 and still dated with 2/24/07 date in the upper right corner. I went in the office the next day on the 28th after sending my fax to Karla and speaking with her. The funny thing is there was a new price sheet BACKDATED to 3/26/07 that had the price of $342,950. I believe that Pardee Homes had lowered their price and failed to tell us because of the housing bubble that was about to pop. I do not believe that the home price never went down to $302,950 and that it magically climbed $40,000 withing a month's period of time from 2/47/07 to 3/26/07. I feel that we are entitled to a refund of $35,000 from Pardee as well as an apology from them.

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35 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2013

I was surprised to find reviews of bad experiences with onsite sales staff of Pardee. But my recent experience prompted me to dig a little deeper to confirm that this was not an isolated situation. For some reason this sales agent was behaving so badly I felt sorry for her.Truthfully, you have a handful of onsite sales staff who are good, but those bad ones needed serious attitude adjustment or be fired, period. In this economy where so many people are looking for work, employers have so many choices - they definitely need to do random quality check on their staff - unprofessionalism to the point of catty that made you wonder if you are in a sales office or strip club! So reading the reviews that may at first glance, seem out of this world is arguably, very much valid and still happening - no doubt!! I feel for the person who wrote in about her husband....I wonder if we have an encounter with the same sales agent. If anything else, it sure sounded a whole lot like her from the way she behaved. SHAME on Pardee for not standing up to Service to your customers!!!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 29, 2012

Lexington Plan 2 in San Diego - We purchased a home from Pardee in 2001 and had nothing but issues with water leaking in from the French doors and entire wall. We have had to have the entire wall and 4 French doors replaced and the entire downstairs wood flooring. We estimate 7 months of our time in the house Pardee has spent repairing. Now, the leaks are just as bad or even worse since they have repaired them and Pardee refuses to even respond to us at this point. We have filed a complaint with the BBB but have yet to hear back.

33 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 9, 2012

Pardee Homes is a big company that is shady and irresponsible for the poor quality homes they build. My house has had major problems since the beginning: broken leaking pipes that flooded the house that caused mold problems; clogged drains in 2 of the 3 showers that stained and damaged the drywall; tape seams in drywall coming apart; defective windows that leaked in water from the outside; AC pipe that leaked cold air out; bad exterior construction on existing landscaping that caused floods from one house to another. The list goes on. Basically, they need to tear down walls, dig up tiles, and rip through your house to repair these major problems that arises and it creates a big havoc. There's really no reason that anyone purchasing a new house should experience this. They use the cheapest materials to build their houses and use unskilled laborers to construct the house. Things start falling apart after very little time.

They are in for the profit and there is no customer satisfaction with my experience. It's bad enough I have to deal with all these construction defects one after another. The customer rep is not responsive to new warranty requests to fix the problems. To have something fixed will take several months. The process is painstaking and frustrating. You will have to repeatedly contact them for anything to be done in any way. There's no response until you continue to email or call them. They are unprofessional in every level. I've never experienced anything so upsetting in my life. Their website boasts that they have won countless awards for customer service. It's all bogus, a big lie. I have complained to corporate about my problems dealing with inefficient customer service but nothing has changed - it's still the same. Stay away from buying a house from them. There is nothing but regrets here.

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41 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 5, 2009

My sliding glass door shattered, suddenly and shockingly. I had no idea what to do. I called Pardee, I called my insurance company, and I called some glass repair people around the Las Vegas Valley. Every glass repair person I spoke to said it was not out of the ordinary to have that happen, the house may have settled a tiny bit torque-ing the glass just so, or a minute flaw in the glass finally gave out or any number of things could have happened. I was sitting less than 10 feet away from it when this happened and was facing the door. I didn't see any bird crash into it or anything, I was just amazed at how flip everyone was being about this, apparently exploding back doors were normal and I needed to relax a little.

I called Pardee first because I wasn't sure what to do. I had never seen or heard anything like this but I have also never owned a home before and when my AC unit was acting funny I called Pardee and a wonderful young man named Jeremy told me what to do and that he would send someone out immediately. This time when I called Pardee, I was told a rep would have to get in touch with me within 2 hours, and when I called again I was told they were still out to lunch, When the young man finally called me back, he accused me of lying, told me I broke the glass myself and was trying to "work the system" and assured me over and over that there was not one glass expert in the *world* who would ever say that glass could break without some sort of impact. When I tried to explain that the human voice, heat, and cold have all been known to break glass he told me I had no idea what I was talking about and demanded the phone numbers and names of the "idiots" who would tell me that glass can break without impact. To say he was rude and dismissive would be to say the North Pole is sort of chilly. This man was crass and rude from the beginning of the call. I am still not entirely sure how me paying 600 dollars to fix my door is "working the system", I didn't ask for money, labor or goods. I asked what I should do and if it was covered by my warrantee. He asked me if I expected him to fix everything I broke in my house, and I was fairly certain the conversation was not going anywhere productive after that. I am not, in any way, asking Pardee to pay me money, I am not trying to work a system, I was asking for help and trying to learn about my home warrantee. For the record, a quick Google search shows that sliding glass doors do indeed randomly shatter.
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48 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 7, 2009

I have been in my new Pardee home for nearly one year. The only thing I truely regret about my Pardee constructed home was opting for the full interior paint a cost of $8,425. The quality of the job was very bad and I had the painter come back several times to correct problems all over the house. Which included removing wall color paint from the sides of the white gloss framed windows and doors. The painter had the audacity to stay that was normal. I looked at him in disbelief, then set him straight and told him it was sloppy! It also didn’t help that the paint that was used was a flat paint and not egg shell. A year later and now I will probably need to repaint the entire house because of so many marks on the walls. I’m sure I can find a painter to do it for much less too. Pardee hired a sub-class painter and does nothing about that. The painter even told me he didn’t care how many times he had to return to a home, it just meant more billable hours to Pardee for his time. What a jacka** and my husband told him so to his face!

33 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 24, 2009

My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with Pardee Homes. They have courteous and honest employees. It really saddens me to see so many folks take pot shots at this company, which appears to me to always do the right thing. A couple of years ago when there were horrific wind storms and damage, Pardee offered to help the homeowners with the cleanup. They spent quite a bit of money to do so. It was not their responsibility, but they showed a lot of class and character.

23 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 3, 2009

First off, the consultant picked and my husband and i for the amount of funds that we had in our account. When we did what she had asked, we never recieved any calls or emails letting us know what was going on. Then when i complained about the whole situation, she called with this huge attitude basically trying to "put me in my place". THEN, after not recieving anything furthermore, we decided to cancel the whole transaction due to the fact that our deal was never met. We agreed to buy the house as long as it was ready by the time my husband got back from his deployment. Well, he was back for a month already, and still no change. So of course, we cancelled and called it a day. So i thought..A few weeks later, i opened up our phone bill and it had 3 PAGES of text messages sent to my husband from this woman! I had a feeling she had a thing for him, but she's a bit old and not very good looking, so i never wouldve thought that she would actually go after him. Well turns out, she was texting him about the loan at first, and then started talking about how she likes latin men, guys in uniform, etc..Just inappropriate stuff. She even tried to meet him at the tattoo shop that he was at the last few nights he was home. Then when i confronted her about everything, she immediatly blamed everything on him. Well girls, we all know, it takes two to text message. Not to mention, if she had a problem with him then she shouldve called me and told me to handle my husband. But wait, she decided to keep talking to him even after he left again for deployment. I knew the truth, yet she still thought that it would be easier to lie. Long story short, i am currently separated from my husband for even letting this get to the point that it did, and i complained about her to corporate. As of today, she still works with the company due to the fact that this was the first time they ever recieved a complaint about her like this. I'm guessing it has to happen atleast 2 times in order for them to fire her for being unprofessional?So if you ever end up having her as your loan consultant, watch your man, because that cougar is on the prowl. And if your husband is military, definatly RUN!

28 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 10, 2008

I have lived in Moorpark for 8years and purchased my Pardee Moorpark Highlands home October 2006. This is my third new home purchase and purchasing a Pardee home has been the most unpleasant experience imaginable. Two years later I am still awaiting all the amenities Pardee advertised and to make matters worse I was just informed that I could have prepaid the mello-roos prior to the close of escrow which would have saved my family thousands of dollars.

My family and I started our commitment to Pardee January 2005, when we put ourselves on wait list. During the entire purchase process my husband and I asked Pardee Sales Reps and Mortgage Consultants if we could prepay the mello-roos and were specifically told no?. We were told that Pardees Highlands homes reflect the price of the mello-roos and they had to be $100,000 less than William Lyon who was approximately 2 miles away and this cost would be on our property tax bill. Depending on the square footage of the home on average a homeowner pays $5,300/year in addition to property taxes.

Two years later I find out that this was an option. When I asked the Pardees Director of Sales why I wasnt given this option she wrote, At the time you purchased your home in 2006, Pardee Homes (Pardee) was not promoting CFD prepayment in Moorpark Highlands because, for most owners of new homes, it is not feasible to make such a large payment at close of escrow on top of the cash down payment and other expenses typically incurred in connection with purchasing and moving into a new home.?

Who is Pardee to decide whether or not my family had the funds to prepay the mello-roos? Pardee sure didnt take into consideration whether or not my family had the funds when they presented upgrades to us. Perhaps its because Pardees bottom-line would benefit from upgrades and not prepaying the mello-roos. Either way the developer should disclose the information to all home buyers.

Newer home buyers have been given the option of prepaying the mellow roos. Since Pardee decided not to give my family this option it will now cost me thousands of dollars which I could have saved by paying it off or financing it into my loan - - and when I decide to sell my home I have to pass this costs onto the buyer and sell my home for a lower price.

Pardee advertised to Highland home buyers: 2 community pools, park, school and gated community. Two years later all we have is 1 community pool for approximately 300 residents and have been told that there is no need for a school because there is sufficient space in the current schools. While I understand the enrollment decline the mello-roos was created to fund the school site. So why should homeowners be stuck paying for something were not going to receive?

There are many dissatisfied home owners in the Highlands. From false advertising to non-disclosure, what is a home owner to do? People save their whole lives to purchase their dream home and Pardee shattered our dream!

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2008

I am a Moorpark Highland home buyer from 2006. I asked, prior to the close of escrow, if prepaying the mellow roos was an option. I was told no on numerous occassions from Pardee. Two years late I find out from a written letter from a Director of Sales for Pardee that states:At the time you purchased your home in 2006, Pardee Homes (Pardee?) was not promoting CFD prepayment in Moorpark Highlands because, for most owners of new homes, it is not feasible to make such a large payment at close of escrow on top of the cash down payment and other expenses typically incurred in connection with purchasing and moving into a new home.

Shoudn't I, the home buyer, decide on what is feasable? How can Pardee withhold information from buyers based on whether they feel something is too costly to disclose?

Pardee never had one concern for my financial welfare during the home upgrades process. In fact, they made sure I had access to pricing, examples and samples, as well as phone numbers for the flooring and upgrade departments.

Pardee's slogan is, The Way You Want To Live. From my experience this is a contradiction.

Because Pardee has decided where the importance of my home buying budget should be allocated I have been left with the stigma of mellow roos. The newer home buyers have been given the option of prepaying their mellow roos.

This becomes very important in two areas. First, thousands of dollars could have been saved by paying off the mellow roos. Second, in the event home buyers decide to sell their homes the seller has to pass these costs onto the buyer.

At this point my family and I live in a buiding by Pardee Homes, not a home from an honest and caring builder.

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Original review: July 18, 2008

Hello Pardee homes, I recently bought a home in the Moorpark Highlands, in Cherry Hill about a year and a half. I am so dissapointed at Pardee's unprofessional treatment of our community. I am have been so angry at Pardee for their lack of concern and care, I do not know where to start because there are so many issues on the table.

Do you know what is going on in your department in Ventura in regards to the Moorpark Highland project. Well for one thing I was told about the mello roo's and was not told about an ongoing extra tax for the landscape maintainence, this is an insult to our community, shy are we being double taxed? ...2nd. where is our promised park? has been two years or longer?...3rd. where is our tot lot- that was promised? ...4th. where is our school...I hear now we paid for a mello roo tax for a school and now there won't be one for 10 to 15 years, all the while we paid a steep mello roo tax. And all Pardee can say is its the city not us!...shame on Pardee for rolling over and finding the easy excuse. I am a reeal estate agent here in Moorpark, and I have been doing my best to tell customers how I feel about Pardee builders, and the Moorpark Highland...STAY AWAY!!

took away our school!...not building our park...double taxing us with a mello roo and a landscape tax...took away our tot lot to build more homes, the security gate does not work and is not being fixed in over 6 months!

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16 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 31, 2006

I purchased a new home in the Canyon Hills community of Lake Elsinore, CA. The builder is Pardee Homes. I was told that my house would be ready in mid June. I had my walk thru on 6/20/06. Steve, a Pardee customer service rep did my walk thru. He let me know that the Air Conditioner was broken. Only the fan was working but no cold air was coming through. His assessment was that the Coyle needed to be replaced. He said that it would be replaced that Saturday. I let him know that I had planned to paint that weekend. Steve called on Saturday and said that the part wasn't in and it wouldn't be replaced until Sunday morning. I did not receive a call on Sunday. I went to my house and it still wasn't done. I called that week and received no call back.

I received a call on Monday, July 3 from Brandon stating that Steel-T A/C said that they went by my house on Saturday July 1st and nobody was there. They said they made the appt with either me or my husband. First of all, I don't even have a husband nor does anybody answer my cell phone. Second of all, I would never have made an appointment for July 1st because I was in my best friend's wedding. The date had been set for about a year. I was upset and called Pardee and requested to speak to a manager. They put me in contact with Derek, Customer Service Manager. I let Derek know what was going on. I told him that I was getting the runaround from Pardee as well as Steel-TAC. I let him know that I had to postpone painting and my contractors. I was not able to live in my house because we were in a heat wave and it had been over 100 degrees every day.

I requested to be compensated for the extra costs that I was incurring with extra living expenses. He said that he needed to speak to his boss that can approve such a thing. He called me back and let me know that his boss approved $200 a day reimbursement for every day that the AC had been broken. He said they would just need the receipt of the hotel expense. I let him know that I had extended my rental agreement which was now at a daily rate since my lease ended. He said that was sufficient.

On July 8, Steel-T A/C finally came to the house. I think his name was John. He got there about 0830. He was there until about 2pm and had needed to call another tech to help. He said that it wasn't the coyle at all. He explained that my house has a new type of AC and that Pardee didn't have a 'real' tech look at it. He said Pardee didn't know what they were talking about. It seemed like there was alot of tension between them and Pardee. He said that the AC only needed more pressure. Before he left he said it was fixed. The AC was turned and there was cool air coming out. On July 11th my floor contractor came out because I told him the AC was fixed. The contractor said it was hot and the AC was not working. I went to the house after work and sure enough it was the same problem of no cold air coming out. Only the fan was working. I called Pardee on July 12th and let them know that it was still broken. I made an appt with Steel-T A/C for July 15th at 0830. I checked the door every 5 minutes and nobody showed up at 0830. Then there was a 'sorry we missed you' paper. They didn't even ring the door bell or wait.

No word from them yet and AC is still broken. I did talk to Derek on Monday, 8/28, he said that he heard about the AC and he would look into it. He also said that his boss John said that he needed my rental agreement and voided checks in order to give me my reimbursement. I have already made 2 mortgage payments, HOA payments, and utility payments without being able to live there or do much in the house. The house is over 100 degrees inside with many heat waves going on. I was also paying a daily rate of $220 per day to stay somewhere else.

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