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Last updated: Nov. 15, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

Used be easy to use. Now very complicated, not accurate or detailed and I am a real estate broker. I feel bad for sellers buyers try to use CBRE site.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

We listed our home with Coldwell Banker Platinum Realty in Savannah, GA. The listing agent, who listed our home, didn't fill out the contact when she came to our home at that time, she had us to sign the forms and then she took the forms to her office to fill them out. We had to contact her to send us a copy of the listing contract before we received one in the mail. She finally sent us a copy by email on Friday, November 3, 2017; 5 months after the listing.

We requested a cancellation of the contract, and Coldwell Banker Platinum Realty's manager told me this morning, November 6, 2017 that they don't and never have give a "MUTUAL" cancellation of a contract, and wasn't going to start now. He said we could go with another agent of theirs or should we decide to go with another "broker" that Coldwell Banker Platinum would still get 25% of that other "broker's" commission. I have never heard of such and very unhappy with them. Is there any "legal" way that we can get out of this listing contract with Coldwell Banker Platinum Realty in Savannah, GA? Help!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Irene is selling the house we are currently living in. We have had a great relationship with our landlord for the past 5 years but in the end she did decide to sell her house. Irene came by and talked to my husband and we thought she was looking out for everyone involved but we were very mistaken. There are some blinds in the house that are broken and Irene said that we didn't have to worry about them and we actually do have to pay for them.

She then came by with a photographer to take pictures of the house and my husband took down some of our photos but was then told that we did not need to take all of them down because they would remove the people from the photos. When we went on the site we saw our children and family members in multiple photos used (with the world today I didn't want). When my husband called to tell her that she did not have permission to put photos of us up she asked if it was really a photo of ours (it was my son and deceased father, you don't forget those) as if we were lying. She then said it would take 45 mins. to take the photos down. We checked on them an hour and a half later and she had only taken one photo down.

My husband called again and she said that she just mixed up the photos and my husband said this wouldn't have happened if she just send the proofs like she said. Then she told my husband that she never said that (which she did). After that my husband said to just take our photos down. She said that now it would take 24 hours. (how did it go from 45 mins to 24 hours)? At this point I get involved and I am pretty upset since my innocent kids are stuck in the middle of two irresponsible adults (the photographer and Irene) and I even asked if she had kids because she would understand if she did. She completely ignored me and tried to say that well lots of people have pictures of their kids up... those aren't my kids and I don't care what other people do.

My husband was working with her about times to have people come look at the house. He was very accommodating but when she started to say that people would be coming to the house on the weekends or after 5 he said no. She then tried to say that it was because of us moving that these people needed to get in and see the house. She just kept trying to bully us into saying yes to everything she wanted and gave no regard whatsoever to the fact that we are a family with children and that we have paid for a full month's rent so we have the final say.

She constantly was texting my husband all day with different times to have people come look at the house and I finally told my husband that I will deal with her from now on. I told her, when I got my first phone call and text in less than 30 mins., that I work until 7 and if she needed to get a hold of me that she can call after that. She ignored me and continued to text me for times to come by on a Sunday. She then said that if she can't get a hold of us that she will just come to the house and post the times people are going to come by.

We ended up having to contact her boss because she was being so ridiculous about how much she was contacting us and the fact she kept changing her story on multiple things. He ended up telling us that we were right and that we did have the final say if the times worked or not and that he would immediately get the pictures down (which they were gone within 10 minutes). He also said that the pictures were on multiple sites so now my kids' photos are on different sites that we never allowed. So we are feeling unsafe with people knowing our address and everything about our family. Irene is just very inconsiderate and is only out for her own pocketbook. She is very disrespectful and does not care about if people have a family or not. She tries to bully everyone to get her way even if you tell her that as a tenant you have rights. I would never recommend her to anyone!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Coldwell Banker Dunwoody GA. Aileen ** was referred to me through the USAA Real Estate Rewards Program. We interviewed her and another agent from Better Home and Garden and decided to go with her to list and sell our home because she seemed like the better choice at the time. I must admit that Aileen did do a good job listing our home, and we received a lot of inquiries because of it, but our issue came afterward.

We received an offer in which she did an estimate net sheet that stated we have to bring $973.82 to closing. I wasn't too excited about having to pay that amount and was on the fence, but decided, in the big picture it wasn't worth the back and forth negotiation, especially since this was what I thought was the best offer at the time. She even told me the cash I'd bring at closing will be lower because I'd be making another mortgage payment prior to the closing date. It turns out her estimate was well below the projected amount. The actual cash to closing that I had to pay was $2740.48. While I understand an estimate is just a ballpark figure this was nowhere in the vicinity of the ballpark. Is it still considered an estimate if the actual number is almost 3 times the estimate?

I would think that for someone that's been doing this job for however many years, your numbers would be a lot more accurate. Aileen knew I didn't want to come out of pocket over a certain amount and that's why I've turned down or countered previous offers. I can't help but think that the lower estimate was intentional in an effort to get me to agree to the sale. I had a contingency in the contract for my new home that the current house would have to at least be under contract first before I'd purchase. If the estimate was more accurate I would have negotiated it down before agreeing. The reason I decided to pay the $2740.48 to close is because I already purchased the new home and my back was against the wall.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

We moved to Florida and needed to purchase a home. We met with a Coldwell Banker agent from the Venice FL office who agreed to show us homes. We followed him around to several homes. Very awkward trying to follow someone in a new city. The second tour we insisted he drive us. We found a home we liked, but it was overpriced. The same floor plan, same view, and newer was $35K less. We asked to put in an offer. He refused at first. We insisted and he reluctantly agreed. We didn't get the house. It was a fresh listing, and needed time to adjust its price. We found another home that our offer was accepted on. Every request for information from the agent was met with resistance.

The owners had added a pool and was near a wetlands. We were merely seeking assurances that what we were buying was in compliance with local laws and HOA rules. One thing we found was the square footage was wrong. We asked for an accurate accounting. You wouldn't believe the drama this agent put us through. The title company’s rep the agent recommended wasn't any better. She was rude and uninformative. Very unprofessional in my opinion.

We didn't make it to closing. I have purchased and sold many homes. These are the most unprofessional folks I have ever had the misfortune of working with. I admit I have little patience for incompetence. So many times I was given incorrect or misleading information. Contracts had to be rewritten time after time for spelling or factual mistakes. How hard is it to get your client’s names right? It appears they put more effort into creating drama than forwarding the interest of their clients or that of the transaction. Coldwell Banker’s agent did little to earn a commission. My advice, go straight to the seller’s agent. Negotiate your best price then ask for 1-2% of the commission. The selling agent gets an extra 1% (4 total), give 1% back to the seller, and take 1% for yourself to help with closing costs. Good luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

My family and I rented through Coldwell Banker a condo at 6 Sunset island, OC MD. This was a gated area with private homes & rental homes which were quite nice, and included the condo section in question. The particular unit we stayed in was the problem. Unit 3d was dirty, bed mattress was terribly uncomfortable and substandard, and the mattress covers were stained. Photos forwarded to CB and owner, but no comment was made regarding this except that they "were new"???

The toilets were dirty, even though there was a sanitized strip over it. The main bathroom's door would not shut or lock appropriately, presenting a problem for the young girls there. The guest room also had the same problem with a non-shutting door presenting a problem for the 2 adults two were staying in there. CB stated that subsequent guests did not make any reports, but that does not mean they did not correct it after our complaint or that those guests just did not complain. The balcony tables and chairs and glass door were dirty and sticky. There were ants all over the floor on arrival and sand in all areas. Kids socks were filthy after first day.

There were no brooms or vacuum to assist us in the clean up. We called Coldwell Banker & their response was to "send a cleaning crew and that we should purchase and use ant spray, and they would reimburse us". We did decline the "cleaners", because we had done the work so that the children could use the facilities when arriving after a 5 hr drive, so we could start our vacation. It is also against the law to spray chemicals such as those in a facility, unless certified to do so. They did offer to wave the cleaning fee of $90, which we of course accepted by us as there was no "cleaning" done that was obvious.

They have conveyed in their Better Business Bureau response that there was a broom/vacuum there, but 4 adults could not find any such thing. There was a locked closet, but that was never offered to us or considered by CB as to be inaccessible for us to use. Their defense was that the unit had been empty for a time prior to our contracting it. This only indicates that a thorough cleaning/check was not done prior to our arrival, and, they were willing to interrupt our precious vacation time with 4 adults and 4 kids to do their job.

There were inadequate pots and pans, which may be subjective, but with 8 people, it is nice to have access to prepare meals for 8 people. The refrigerator was not cooling appropriately, as well as the A/C had failed for a day. However, they did address those problems within the day when we called. In addition, when we first complained about ants and dirt, the girl at the desk was rude and said "what do you want me to do, say I'm sorry? well I'm sorry". From our perspective, making any subsequent complaints by us, did not give us much hope that it would not be handled in an appropriate way. We were on vacation, and if we took our time to address everything except those things that were absolutely necessary (ie. ants, cleanliness, A/C and refrigeration), especially after their initial reaction, we would have been on the phone with them every day.

This unit cost $3200 for the entire week. CB declined to pursue via BBB and felt they addressed all issues adequately. They did not. This left us hung out to dry & not compensated for our time, energy, grief & work caused by CB renting a unit out without caring for it or checking its status. We vacation every year and have never filed a complaint... but we will not use Coldwell Banker again!! Buyer and refrigeration, especially beware!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

On May 12th, we contacted our realtor Justa ** so she can show us a property that was being built on Golden Gate Estate. We entered into contract on May 12th, 2017 and the only condition the seller placed for us not to dispute the price, which we didn't. Our closing date was set for July 14th. Of course it never happened, they kept giving us excuses after excuses. They filed an extension for July 30th, which also never happened, A third extension was placed for August 15th, and the last one for tomorrow August 31st. Not only did I have to go myself and speak with the FPL engineer for the lights to be brought to the house to find out that they had received the application payment two days prior to me speaking in person with the engineer. He promised to put the light by Friday that week which he did. That not being enough we have been told lies after lies.

Survey has been delayed, punch list has not been completed, poor paint job. The construction company did a very sloppy job. And the selling agent Ms. Magdevys ** is nowhere to be found and not cooperative at all. In all the closings I have done in my life this is by far the worse. And I will never recommend this company to anybody. I have already filed a complaint against the construction company, the realtor, and the broker. Not to mention the amount of money this has cost me because they have not been able to complete their work on time and for which they don't want to give me credit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

One of their Realtors, Kyle ** hired me to provide post remodeling/pre listing cleaning for an address in Columbus. Because of our past working history, I specifically asked about when and how I would be paid (he has a history of late payment). He told me that I would be paid the next day, or a day after that. When no payment had been received, he then states that in two to three more days I should receive payment. Then he tells me that "either Monday or Tuesday of next week..." Today IS that Tuesday and still no payment!!! Also in our past work history, he has attempted to dispense medical advice to me (he is unqualified and unlicensed for that), has attempted to give me "pot butter" to "cure me", has left his own dwellings (which I had also cleaned in the past) in such a disgusting state that I had left on several occasions without doing the work that he wanted. I have text messages and photos to back up what I state as the truth.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

Laura ** (agent) for Coldwell Banker contacted me on 7/30/2017 requesting to list my house to sell to a perspective buyer. I replied I am not interested in games & only if it is a serious buyer. She utilized an online program (Dotloop) which is difficult to read on a phone, but did not fax any documents. After showing house and making me an offer to buy on 8/08, we signed an extension on 8/10 & 8/11 allowing agent to compile a net to seller statement, signing an offer and I signed accepted offer on contract on 8/11/2017.

The buyer gets on contract until 8/15 and simply decides she has decided it may not be the right time in her life to buy a house then decides to cancel the contract and predates a cancellation to terminate by predating the contract 8/12. I inquired about collecting the $500 earnest money for wasting my time and pulling my house from sale status and was given multiple excuses why the buyer should not have to forfeit their earnest money. One of which they actually claimed all buyers could cancel any contract in 10 days without even inspecting the house or FHA inspector review which is clearly spelled out in the contract as next step requirement.

Finally I received a hand written request to cancel contract with a falsified predated buyer's signature requesting me to sign. Then... Finally received a call from midtown Tulsa Broker now claiming that (Dotloop) had my stamped signature from the very beginning claiming I never entered into a contract and at same time accidentally must have stamped Dotloop to cancel the contract at same time. My initial response to this allegation was: in the first place why were we negotiating along and why was I being requested to sign an agreement to cancel the contract. Games... Nothing but hassles and games by all parties at midtown Tulsa OK branch.

Never list with crooked lying people that require you utilize an online program to sign your name on legal documents on behalf of you. The agents and brokers are there for the almighty buck & power trip. Stop... Go elsewhere! Save your time & efforts. This wasted a month of my time! I could not sale or list elsewhere while they toyed with my life and property!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

We bought a vacation home from Coldwell Banker Roscommon Michigan. The entire process was very poorly done. From when we first talked to the real estate agent who was supposed to have three or four homes to look at. And only had one. We drove all the way up to look and she had nothing prepared. This agent also was trying to Force us to use her title company even though we were paying for the title closing and were able to get a discount. We ended up settling on a split closing which ended bad.

Our side signed the papers at 9am and the money was wired. She signed her side with the seller at 1pm and claims the wire didn't go through. This was a Friday and she sent us a text saying it would be a miracle if we could get the keys before Monday. We had two cars full of stuff and 6 people and 2 dogs. We asked if we could "rent" from the seller if the wire transfer really didn't go in. She said no because it was a liability and we might back out of the deal and wreck the place. Never use Nancy or Coldwell Banker in Roscommon Michigan.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

All the services prior to renting and during rental were okay, however it took me two months, three phone calls, several unanswered emails and a mailed letter to get back my hefty $1500 security deposit back. I did not receive the full amount back and never got any notification about the money they're taking out or why they're taking it. I rented the house with younger people so I strongly believe they were trying to rip us off based on our lack of experience and us being teenagers.

Manager and the realtor were both very rude and unhelpful, giving me the same excuse for weeks. I was charged with a garbage removal fee however before leaving the house we cleaned it spotless and took pictures as evidence... such a shame to try to make money off of kids in such a scummy way, really disappointed. The manager said she was "nice enough" to not charge us for carpet cleaning but once again aside from sand (it’s a beach house, helllo!) the carpet was spotless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2017

Put my house up for sale after several conversations with a agent about how I wanted business to be conducted because of my large amount of antiques in the home. He agreed to all of my terms. 3 days later I was hospitalized & remained there for 7 days. When I was released I found out that the showings were a "Free for all" unprofessional, unorganized & was in a constant argument with my agent. My health was still poor so I decided to take my home OFF the market. My agent agreed to sign off, so we both signed the agreement to cancel the agreement. GOOD!!!

But wait now the Broker calls me a few days later & tells me HE WON'T sign off & was going to hold me to the full agreement & would NOT release me from the contract for the remainder of it + A 6 Month penalty period, So now my health is better but I CAN'T list my house till next year without Coldwell Banker getting their 6% + a additional 6% to whatever company I list it with. Please be careful when working with Coldwell Banker. I was told by several Reality Co, that this is very unusual & Rare that a broker would do this, it's just not good PR. Not good business but this is what has happened to be by Coldwell Banker.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2017

Really BAD experience with them, and no more rental with them. Such a bad bad bad customer service and they lie to us about the pets policy before we rent the house. The only reason why I choose them is they told us we can have small dog, but after I moved in they told me NO PETS. I also made sure with them before I sign all the documents about I can have a small dog in the house. Okay, it's also my bad because I didn't read all the things clearly before I signed. They told me I can have a pet but then they trick me with the renting documents. And the deposit fee they charged are much higher. They also concerned too much about the tenant's private room, such as they care about if our kitchen and living room clean or not when they come and check.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2017

We are very seasoned renters, having rented through college and throughout my recent professional career. When we relocated to Ohio we were on a schedule to find a place then move. After viewing numerous houses we settled on one we had viewed with Coldwell Banker under Brett ** in Dayton. We should have known from the start that this was going to be a terrible experience as we were told we were signing a yearly lease up until the moment we were in the office ready to sign. By this time we really had no other options and decided to take the now 8-month lease, due to the owner wanting to sell.

Throughout the 8 months we didn't need assistance fixing most of the issues with the property ourselves. When we moved out, we had the place professionally cleaned and mowed 5 days before the end of the month. When we received our deposit back we have a $200 landscaping fee. Just because they wanted to sell the property at our expense. I have NEVER not received my full deposit in 8 years as I am very meticulous. I will not be following through as I'm sure it will be listed in the lease but I hope others are wary when dealing with this company.

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Original review: June 2, 2017

We just sold our house in Palm City, FL through Coldwell Banker of Stuart, FL. We had a few glitches in the beginning but in the end all worked out very well. Our agent, Arlene **, was very competent and looked after all our needs in the end.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2017

Will never use them again. Very stressful and miserable experience from beginning to end. Having to provide my own photos (agent wouldn't do professional ones and theirs were all bad shots from a cell phone with dark shots or just a glare off of lights), I added to my own listing write up to make it pop. Agent reminded us all the time of how hard she was working for us to show us houses (because we didn't pick the first 3 we saw), she constantly talked about how experienced she was and made us feel bad or sound difficult constantly.

We never received marketing books for our house, even after asking, until 2 weeks into the listing (which is after the majority of showings had happened) when other agents (ours didn't do the first open houses) came to do an open house (then they gave all the books away at the open house and I asked for more and never got them). We were rushed into moving our closing date up, which resulted in us completely losing our ability to have the house professionally cleaned. We had our professional movers moving us out (which had been settled and scheduled a month before), while the new owners had their pod delivered, and I'm trying to sweep myself out the door. It was incredibly stressful, family and friends were shocked at our experience. These are just a few of the examples.

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Original review: April 20, 2017

We listed our small ranch and house up for sale with Coldwell Banker, signed an agreement only to have Coldwell rep Chris ** try to rent our ranch out and when we said no he became verbally abusive and as of yesterday 4/19, Chris called to say he no longer works for Coldwell and so our agreement for 6 months is now no good!! This is poor work ethics from Coldwell. We have sent and called Coldwell and they are doing nothing. We will seek legal action if Coldwell does not return our calls.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

Coldwell Banker manages a triplex in Ca. Although we haven't had their services we have been generally satisfied. Within a few weeks ALL tenants will have been vetted and managed by Coldwell Banker-Road Runner Realty in Yucca Valley, Ca. We have great hope their management will prevent the past horrific losses through nonprofessional management.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2017

I first thought that they were great. I had never sold a home (I was handling my mother's estate). My agent assured me that she would handle everything. The buyers came to us from another real estate company, and asked for additional things to be done to the home before the buyers moved in. No problem. But I was on probation and was in violation for being out of state. I had to go to jail for a month when the home was scheduled to close. When I got out I found that she didn't get an extension, instead she sent a notary to bring me closing paperwork. I was waiting for my p.o. to grant me a travel pass, and return to finish packing. Well the buyers weren't in to waiting for me to pack, they said they would call the sheriff if wasn't out by midnight. I had to leave a lot of things behind. My cat as well. Not cool.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

Today I went through apply online application for a home I'm interest in renting. When it say it cost $40 to run credit check I thought they would look for eviction or something like that. I rent many many place before never have a problem renting a home through management because I never have eviction. Coldwell properties management is a big time SCAM!!! They call me back and say my application is denial due to low credit score. So I told them if I have super good credit I might as well buy a home, why would I want to trash my money away to renting a home for??! I thought as long your income is high plus no eviction background, I'm good to go! Thought wrong!!! It was just a total scam. Period!! Did not show me or approve of my application plus took my money out of my acct in a heartbeat!!!

Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

Horrible real estate experience with the Coldwell Banker offices in Washington, NC & Winterville, NC. Would never recommend them to anyone. We will never use them again. Our review is based on our personal experience. Buyers & sellers beware!

Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

Me and my roommate were looking into rental properties here in Dallas. Initially, I met with manager Keith by myself to view a property. I loved the house and talked my roommate into view the property as well. He was all for showing us the house again the following day. When I left that day, I called to follow up with him and get a specific time for meeting the following day, he didn't respond or return call/text messages for the remainder of the weekend. The following Monday morning I called for a potential appt. time, he very rudely informed me that he was not going to be able to show me this house. My roommate called back later to see if anyone would be available, as we were very interested and simply wanted to get the process started. Again, he was rude and passed the call off to his assistant (?) Kelsey.

Unfortunately, due to timing and availability, we were unable to see the home again this day. We decided in order to get this rental, we would just go ahead with the app without my roommate seeing the property. When calling to confirm if they received the application and our private income statements, again met with attitudes and unprofessional behaviors! A few days later we attempted to see the house again, this time with someone named Kendra. Kendra set the appt time but proceeded to not show up on time. Original appointment time was 4 pm and she called at 4 to say she left late and wouldn't be there for an additional half hour or so. She then called my roommate to inform her that we were not approved for this home, fine, but she then disclosed my very personal information to my roommate without my consent.

With that being said, not one person called to inform me about what was going on with MY portion of the application. They simply disclosed all personal information to my roommate and left it at that! I will say, the house we seen was beautiful, but from the beginning this company lacked professionalism and communication. Do yourself, if you're an owner attempting to sale or rent, don't do business with this company if you are looking to keep your potential buyer or tenant happy! If you plan on renting, save yourself the time and go with someone else! They are the worst! If I could give less than 1 star I definitely would!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

I bought a manufactured home from Clark ** Office in Sonora Coldwell Banker. His agent told me the house was move in ready. Coldwell banker recommended Allstar Construction & Pest Management for the inspection and I was told by my agent and the broker Clark ** how great this company was and they use him, Charlie all the time. Well the day I moved in the master bathroom flooded. I had a plumber come out to find and fix the leak. He found the pipe coming from the toilet was broken at the main water line under the house. He was stoked it was missed. He lifted the pipe out of the floor with no effort. He fixed the pipe but I had to tear up the water soaked arrest, padding and linoleum in the M. Bath. I then had to fight all of the black mold that is in the wood floor and walls in the linen closet. I had Charlie, the inspector back out to look at the damage and he tried to pin the problem on the sellers.

I then called Clark ** and told him. I told both Charlie and Clark I felt they should pay for the repairs. I watched the video inspection and read the written report many times. Nowhere does Charlie see or mention the broken bathroom pipe. There were other things he missed. When I ask Clark and Charlie to cover my expense, ensues blaming the previous homeowner and wouldn't return my calls or emails. I explained to them it would be cheaper to cover my cost than to be sued in court and pay much more. They still continue to ignore me and Clark stands by Charlie the inspector. Coldwell banker's Clark ** out to make money and doesn't care about his clients. Now they will be sued.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

We were on home buying process. Mr Jim **, Caldwell Banker Residential Brokerage was instrumental in home buying process. He was very professional, patient, friendly and always available. Jim was terrific! Very responsive. He gave us great advice and guidance in the process of buying our house. We would recommend working with Jim ** to anyone. He was very easy to work with!!! Can't thank her enough!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

I had the worst experience with Pat ** of CBWS. From the minute she showed me her client's house I felt like I was being scammed. Should have trusted my instincts. When I found out that the house had less bathrooms than advertised, she just shrugged it off. She showed me the house with accessories that were taken before closing. Nothing in the disclosure she originally showed me mentioned that these would not be included in the purchase of the house. One mirror was hiding a huge hole behind it. When I reached out to touch it she nearly freaked! So before the inspection, I asked what was behind the mirror. She THEN admitted that it was hiding a hole.

Not wanting to deal with replacing a whole wall, we went back and forth in negotiations about it. The sellers came down on the price, and she led me to believe that the mirror would stay after purchase. After closing it was gone, and guess what I was left with! (See photos) Needless to say, she was too busy to return my call about it, and even her supervisor was siding with her, simply on the fact that he had worked with her X number of years. I'm still waiting on return phone calls from both of them. I would recommend NEVER WORKING WITH THIS AGENCY.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

Upon meeting Mrs. Susan ** (Coldwell banker Traverse City Mi) we thought she was a kind person, very helpful. However we were wrong. I have never met a woman as heartless and cold as this woman. I currently trying live in a home she is showing to potential buyers. Over the course of about 4 months I have received so much harassment from this woman that I have given up trying to stay in the home. I will be leaving as soon as possible, to where, I don't know. I was 9 months pregnant and she added so much stress to my life, she told the owner of the home lies to have us removed from the property. I have had to block her from calling, texting and emailing and now she is entering my home without approval. I have contacted her manager and her manager stuck up for her even though this woman is trying to ruin my home life. Susan ** of Traverse CITY Mi is the worst realtor/person I have ever met.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

I have a Buyer's agent who has been trying to get together with the agent assigned to a house I want to purchase and that Seller's agent is Mark **. Will not answer voicemails or emails to even try and get a feel for negotiation. Very unprofessional and must feel too important to do his job. I wonder if the Seller even knows about my agent's efforts to speak with him, I doubt it.

Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

Throughout my entire experience with purchasing a home with my realtor and us working with the home I was going to buy though Coldwell Banker, the worse agent, Leslie ** in the Rochester, Mi office was terrible. I was closing finally on a Friday. Traveled all week, got a cold. Ran around on Friday morning to get my closing cashier check as soon as the bank opened. The agent was cold and rude. Then after signing my name and initials 100 times, she came in and said they do not have the deed for the house yet. They will have it by 11. No keys for me, for the house I just signed for and bought. It is now almost 4 pm. No deed, no keys and I am totally upset that we have not received a call from this rude agent. I would never refer anyone to Coldwell Banker. I hope this agent does not sell another house this year.

Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

What a sham of a company. Had 6 different realtors jumping back and forth from my house until the last one just up and leaves. While also leaving the house open to anyone who wanted to walk in. Never had a full commitment to sell. What a joke! DO NOT GO WITH COLDWELL!

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

Avoid this agency. If you want to rent and they feel that you are not ** and born in this country they will tell you that property is rented and lease signed – do not buy this **. Check to see if property is still on websites then sue them. That is what they deserve. They are profiling for race, ethnicity, discrimination all over the place especially Betsy. She will never return a call or email. Worst agent you can have, terrible human but she is claiming that she is available 24X7 and support American cancer in her profile... What a lie!!! AVOID. There is other better real estate agencies. I let this know to CEO of this company - Budge Huskey.

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