Samsung dishwasher warranty: cost, coverage and plans 2024

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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Samsung provides a one-year warranty with its dishwashers to help cover the cost of any repairs or replacements if the appliance fails. The company also offers an extended warranty with more benefits for an additional cost. You need to know a few key details to get the most out of your warranty, though.

Key insights

  • The manufacturer’s warranty lasts 12 months.
  • The warranty includes many limitations and exclusions.
  • Samsung Care+ can extend the warranty and add features.

Samsung dishwasher warranty coverage and plans

The warranty on your Samsung dishwasher lasts 12 months, which is the standard length for the company’s appliances. When you file a claim, you must get service through Samsung and deliver the appliance to the repair shop. If a repair technician comes to your home, you may need to pay a fee.

Samsung also has an extended warranty plan called Samsung Care+. These plans run for two, three or seven years and cover repairs that the manufacturer doesn’t. Here are some benefits of Samsung Care+:

  • Covers damage caused by power surges (up to $1,000) if you use an Underwriter’s Laboratory-approved surge protector.
  • Fully covers parts and labor
  • Includes 24/7 support, including helpful tips on operating your dishwasher

Limits and exclusions

There are quite a few limitations to Samsung dishwasher’s warranties. It excludes repairs to plastic/glass attachments, the feed valve joint, filters, valves, strainers and any related piping.

The warranty also doesn’t cover accessories included in the box, including flexible hoses, filters, extension pipes and external components like casting control knobs, buttons and cables. Other limitations and exclusions include:

  • Any damage that occurs during shipping is not covered.
  • Repairs for damage not caused by normal wear and tear may not be approved.
  • Your warranty will be void if repairs or reinstallation are done by anyone not authorized by the company or through nonofficial service centers.
  • The warranty doesn’t transfer to the new owner if you sell or give your dishwasher away.

How to register a Samsung dishwasher

You may need to register your machine to file a claim for your Samsung dishwasher. You can do this on the company’s registration page. If you bought your dishwasher at or connected the machine to the SmartThings app, however, your dishwasher is automatically registered.

Samsung dishwasher warranty cost

The manufacturer's warranty is included in the price of a Samsung dishwasher, but the Samsung Care+ package is optional. The cost to purchase Samsung Care+ varies based on your location, the plan terms and the price of your dishwasher.

If you want to see how much adding the extended care plan would cost, add the dishwashers you’re thinking of buying to your online cart to see the Samsung Care+ prices for those models. You can expect to pay around $100 to $550.

How to file a claim for your Samsung dishwasher

Before you file a claim, make sure you’ve registered your dishwasher, have the proof of purchase and know the serial number. Then visit the Repair Services page and click the “Request a Repair” option to get started. Another option is to sign in to your account and click the “Request Service” option.

If you have Samsung Care+, you can start a claim through the Samsung Care+ page.

You can also call the support center at 866-371-9501.

Pros and cons of Samsung dishwasher warranties

The manufacturer’s warranty on a Samsung dishwasher is limited, but the extended warranty can add some extra coverage. Here are some of the features and things to consider when purchasing a Samsung dishwasher.


  • Covers repairs and replacement of defective parts
  • 12 months for defects and workmanship
  • Care+ can add up to 7 years of coverage
  • 24/7 help with Care+


  • Many limitations and exclusions
  • Repairs must be done through Samsung’s service centers
  • You're responsible for transportation to repair shop
  • Proof of purchase required to make claim

Samsung dishwasher warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

Home warranties are similar to extended warranties, but they don’t just cover your dishwasher. They cover many different systems and appliances in your home, like:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Garbage disposals
  • Stoves and ovens
  • HVAC systems
  • Water heaters
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Washers and dryers

There are several other differences between a home warranty and an extended warranty. For example, with a home warranty, you need to pay a deductible for each claim. You also can’t use a home warranty until the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

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What is a Samsung dishwasher warranty?

Samsung dishwashers come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers repairing and replacing defective parts, with some exclusions. You can also purchase an extended warranty through the Samsung Care+ program.

How long is a warranty on a Samsung dishwasher?

Samsung dishwashers come with a 12-month warranty. If you opt for an extended warranty, you can pick a two-, three- or seven-year term.

What is Samsung’s customer service information?

You can contact customer service through phone, chat, text and email:

Bottom line

Though you get a manufacturer’s warranty during the purchase of your Samsung dishwasher, you can’t use it unless your machine is registered and you have proof of purchase. The warranty is limited, though, so it’s a good idea to go with the Samsung Care+ extended warranty or a home warranty if you want to ensure your dishwasher is covered.

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