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Safe Home Security matches homeowners with security systems that fit their needs. With this company, you can use preexisting security equipment in order to create a custom home security system. It works with various security brands and offers several security services.

    Pros & Cons


    • Customized systems
    • Identity protection option


    • Limited price transparency
    • No online orders

    Bottom Line

    Safe Home Security offers customized home security options with the option to add identity protection through Allstate. Prices are not listed on the company website, so you will need to call Safe Home Security directly for a quote.

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    Reviewed April 9, 2021

    I signed up with this company. Start having issues with smoke detector no supervision tamper low battery. That was two months ago. Still not working. They cancel appts, don't show up for appts and when they do change battery and try to charge 64.99 for a battery in which I have my own. BUYER BEWARE. GO WITH ANYONE ELSE BESIDES THIS COMPANY.

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    Reviewed April 3, 2021

    In 2016 signed contract with Linear Security. In 2017 advised SHS takeover in attempts to cancel contract. I had written to corporate in any attempt due to critical medical emergency in need to cancel. No Luck. As of today I am still attempting to straighten this out. Not only with my credit in jeopardy but four years later still paying for a service that was disconnected four years ago!

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    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2021

    This is the worst company ever. They set up my parent service in July. Since that time they have repeatedly gave us the run around about the camera. The first camera they sent didn't work and they said it was our door bell. Had a new bell installed and they said they would have a tech out to setup the camera, he never showed. I called them again, they stated they would mail out the camera, two weeks later I called back to be told it had not been ordered. Two weeks after this, I called again to be told the same thing.

    I have tried repeatedly to speak with a supervisor and ask several times for them to call me. They are raking my elderly parents over the coals and charging monies for services they can't or aren't providing. I want to cancel this contract, but it's a steep charge to do so. I again called today to again be told they have not sent out a camera for installation. I again asked a supervisor to call me. I am over this company and their terrible service. You should go with Vivint, at least they act like they care about their customers and don't try to take advantage of the elderly!!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2021

    This company is a nightmare. Years ago I tried canceling them only mom's behalf, and instead they talked me into a longer contract in exchange for two new keypads at different entrances. Fine. But then they canceled two appointments to install it. When they finally showed up, they only brought a battery and not the two keypads. They said it wasn't in the order, so they'd have to come back. The person in charge of scheduling all this was "Deja". Long story, they never added the keypads and they missed so many appts that I stopped caring.

    A few years pass, and I try to cancel again. They gave me instructions on mailing a letter to request the cancelation. A week or so passes, and I lost the address, so I called to get it again. Instead of just giving me the address, they again pressured me into not canceling. Years pass, my sister calls to cancel... Same deal. Can't cancel.

    Finally our mom (whose house it is) began hospice in 2020, and I call SHS again to cancel, saying that we'll be selling the house soon. "Keenan" says ok. I ask him if a letter is needed. No later needed. Just one more payment and we're done. But then... wait for it... three months later, my mom has died, and we're still getting charged. I just got off the phone with them. I spoke with "Dana" who told me that I needed to send a letter and buy out the rest of our contract. I asked her why their deceased customers need to continue paying. Apparently it's in the contract. I asked for a copy of the contract. They said no, not until I send them a copy of the death certificate, the cancelation letter, and the buy out payment.

    All the while, Dana was cold. No sympathy. No understanding. No effort to fix the problem. She -- like everyone before her -- made every effort to thwart my needs and just kick the problem down the road. I'm done. I'm done thinking about them, talking to them, dealing with them, and writing about them. They are a horror to deal with. It is a comfort (and no surprise) to see I'm not the only one who has these problems with them. How they got away with this for so long, I'll never know. Do not do business with this company. Just don't.

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    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2021

    The system is effective and easy to use. There are so many home security systems on the market. It took time and research and I am happy with my choice. I would tell anyone to research the products they're considering.

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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2021

    What a terrible experience. Told them in the beginning I was moving when I retired in a couple of years, sales guy, "Oh that won’t be a problem." Canceled this service which I never used back in November of 2020 and sent the paperwork needed yet they continue to charge me and harass me. They said they didn’t receive anything from me. Hum lost in cyber space imagine that. Never told me my contract was for 60 months when I thought it was for 36. They are now telling me it was a 60 month contract and that the buy out is 90 percent of the remaining contract and that they will continue to take money from my account with no services rendered for almost another 3 years. Be very careful. Per the equipment I was supposed to have 3 exterior cameras that were hard wired (which they didn’t have in stock) so they gave me 3 ring battery operated cameras and told me the batteries last 6 months which was a lie.

    In Utah weather they only lasted 2 months and I am not tall enough to change them so they weren’t working most of the time. These cameras have room for 2 batteries but only come with one so you have to spend an additional 30 dollars each for additional batteries to get 3 months out of them. ADT is far better more understanding and actually less money. I am a retired senior now and they continue to take advantage of me by taking 69.99 out of my account for services not rendered and they told me they will continue to do that for 32 more months. And I have nothing to show for it. I hate companies like these that take advantage of people. Don’t sign any contracts. You never know what might change in your life.

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    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2021

    On April 5, 2018 I signed a 3 year contract with Safe Home Security for $69.99 per month. During this time I had very little problems with the security equipment itself however the customer service and technical assistance were atrocious. On July 29, 2020 I was contacted by an agent of the company and informed that there would be a 3 dollar increase to my monthly bill. The agent explained that this increase was due to upgrading the home security systems to 5G. I was sent a link to the DocuSign website where I signed a letter authorizing the monthly increase and upgrade to my system. On Jan 6, 2021 I contacted Safe Home Security to discuss canceling my service at the end of the agreed upon contract.

    The agent informed me that my contract had already been renewed for an additional 60 months in July 2020. I DID NOT authorize this renewal nor did I ever receive a copy of this new contract until I demanded it from the company. I also discovered that to cancel the service now would end up costing me several thousand dollars. The unethical business practices of Safe Home Security should be enough to deter anyone from doing business with them ever again. If you are currently shopping for a home security system and don't believe me go to the Better Business Bureau website and see for yourself. If you are a current Safe Home Security customer, be warned and stay ever vigilant especially when taking calls from their customer service department. DO NOT upgrade or change anything with your service until the end of your contract unless you want to be stuck in it for the next 5 years. BE WARNED!

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    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2020

    When we first approached Safe Home Security we wanted cameras to record with motion. They have not done so. My husband's truck was broken into and we had to pay out of pocket for the repairs since the cameras didn't record. We have made numerous phone calls and talked with a different rep each time and got a different response each time. When the tech installed the one camera on our garage, he drilled holes where he thought that it should go and had to move over so there are holes in brand new siding and into the garage. The customer service is non-existent. My husband had a tech contact him with an appointment for 9 to 12 one day. When no one showed by 11 he called customer care. They told him no one was scheduled to come out. The day before Thanksgiving we had a tech show up at our home without prior notice. If you're considering this company, don't!

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    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2020

    The alarm worked well for awhile, then I started getting “zone malfunction “ errors. I put up with it for a while. The repairman came here on Wednesday, Thursday it started again. When I called service, I was told the repairman didn’t work my area on Monday or Tuesday. Due to other appointments I had to wait till Friday. I made it clear that I was a dissatisfied customer. On Thursday I was called by the serviceman that he couldn’t make it on Friday and I would have to reschedule for next week. I let him know I was an unhappy customer, and hung up. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I know I will not renew my contract.

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    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2020

    I have had Safe Home Security (SHS) for approximately 18 months. I have 18 months left on my contract and I cannot wait until I can get rid of this company. The first 15 months were fine. Never had to call them and deal with their customer service so I didn’t notice the problem with them. In July of this year we began planning for a move.

    I called SHS and I talked with Bill ** extension ** (Claims to be a Manager). I inquired about moving my service and the costs associated with it. He told me that there is a $199 fee to move. I asked what it was for and he stated it was an administrative fee and it covered the uninstall and the reinstall. I asked him if I could save money by doing it myself and he said, "You can do it by yourself but the fee will still be charged." He also told me my contract would have to be renewed for another 36 months on top of what I have remaining. I ended the phone conversation and told him I would get back with them.

    Approximately 1 week later, I called again and I talked with someone that goes by KK, extension **. This gentleman was exceptional and did not lie to me. He told me the $199 was a $99 uninstall fee and a $99 reinstall fee. He further stated there was no admin fee. KK also said that I would not have to extend my contract. I would just have to sign a new contract for the remaining months on the current contract. (Make this guy the Manager.) I signed the new contract and requested the uninstall appointment. 2 -5 days later, Bill ** called me back and wanted to schedule the appointment. He was taking too long due to our move rapidly approaching, so I requested to uninstall myself. He told me the alarm was shut down and I was able to do it. In the meantime he was supposed to schedule the reinstall at the new location and get back with me. I requested 2 September.

    Approximately 5 September rolled around and I still haven’t heard from anyone. I called the customer service number and the lady I talked with told me that Bill had it scheduled but never called me so we missed the appointment. I requested it be rescheduled. I also requested a manager over Bill call me so we can talk about all of these issues. After discussing everything with her. I felt as though she would take care of it, but I was wrong. Finally, approximately 1 week later, Bill called again and said he was scheduling my reinstall. I heard back from him eventually with a date and time about 1 week later. That date and time rolled around and no one showed up, but they did charge my account for the Instal ($99). Again I called Safe Home Security Customer Service and requested they refund the money or set up an appointment that they could ensure.

    Today, it is October 15 and I still don’t have a refund or an install completed. I have tried to request to speak with someone higher up and no one will help. This has been the worst service and organization I have ever dealt with. If someone from the leadership at the corporate office could reach out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Reviewed Oct. 15, 2020

    This company should not be in business!! Bunch of liars. Unprofessional, rude people! My smoke alarm been going on for 2 weeks. Called several times. Could not help me over the phone. First they scheduled me in one week which is crazy given the sound of the smoke alarm, I couldn't sleep. My poor mom just had hip surgery and had to listen to that sound! When the time came for the appointment they called me that the technician car broke down and I have to wait for another week for them to come out!

    When that came they cancelled me again on the same day saying that they couldn't get the part that need it to be replaced. Of course another lie! So right of way I called to cancel my contract, they told me I have to email the request, which I did. No one reached out so I called and they claim they never got it so I sent it 3 more times. It's been going on now 3 weeks, I called several times. Spoke to 4 different people, everyone of them telling me a different story, the system is down, also the email is down. So they make it impossible for you to cancel your contract!! Also they are extremely rude. If you start complaining they put you on hold or transfer you somewhere then disconnect you! So my next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the same time I will contact the attorney general's office! I do not understand how they are allowed to stay in business! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2020

    I want to give Negative grade! Don't do any business with this company, and don't come close to them. Starting Feb 2020 our alarm system was getting insane. Charging itself when we were at home, start alarming for no reason (even when it wasn't on) and so on. We called the company to get it fixed - it took a month, they send someone who said they cannot fix it and they will send replacement. After another month of false alarms we called again and again the same guy came with the same answer! At that point, he disconnect my alarm system completely.

    Since then, after dozen call to the call center, we finally got a new system but no one came to install it!!!! It is ridiculous, we are trying to talk to some manager there, but we get nowhere. We are trying to get service and it will be only in a month! And they refuse to pay me for the months I got no service. I really wish I could break in the middle of my contract with them, but afraid it is illegal (if anyone knows different please let me know). I never give such bad critics, but do your self a big favor - don't do anything with that company!!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2020

    The Service was OK in 2015 - at my home - so added my daughter's where they tried to piggyback onto the ADT system which never worked and they were full of excuses to do with a window that was not making the connection. I had a 3 yr. contract for my daughter's home (where she no longer lives) and now they are saying I owe for a 4th yr. because I did not notify them the month prior to the contract being due and they continued to take the money from my checking account which I stopped as soon as I realized what they were doing. This is definitely NOT the company in which anyone wants involvement - by the way we have not used their service in either house for the past 2 yrs. - They are still billing me.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2020

    The first months it worked well and I had no problems with it. After the first months, I called a few times and the operator was helpful. When I called today, the customer service representative immediately became rude when I asked her to look into my account. She said her "system" was down and transferred me without my permission to a "recorded" message asking me to leave my name.

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    Reviewed July 10, 2020

    I had a security system (first time) installed by American Homesecures, Dallas, TX ** back in October 10, 2019. Everything's been fine until I understand Safe Home Security, Middletown, CT ** acquired American Homesecures. It's been a mess since the acquisition. I made my payment in June 2020 (for the month of July) to American Homesecures c/o Cornerstone Billing, Orland Park, IL **. After that I find out about the acquisition. The e-check was processed, Cornerstone said American Homesecures had it, American Homesecures said they needed the bank confirmation number (which I gave them) and they said they would send it to Safe Home Security. As of July 9, 2020 Safe Home Security said they haven't received it. Moreover they said I owe 2 months payment (or something). What? A real mess. In short I want to find another Security company but I did have an agreement with American Homesecures.

    I understand the Attorney General of Connecticut is suing Safe Home Security. Safe Home Security has an email address on their website but they said they didn't get my emails and I haven't received any response. I used to get email invoices from American Homesecures regularly. Safe Home Security said they would send me (something) in the mail USPS but I haven't received anything yet. I don't need to deal with Safe Home Security anymore. I've read nothing but complaints about them. A very bad experience. My agreement was with American Homesecures NOT Safe Home Security. I need to find another Security company. Please.

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    Reviewed June 19, 2020

    This company should lose their license and the owner belongs in jail. Attorney General Maura ** is suing residential security provider Safe Home Security in Middletown, Connecticut and chief executive David **. Her complaint accuses the company of automatically renewing contracts even when customers tried to cancel, charging for services that were never provided, charged unlawful late fees and interest and harassing consumers. Safe Home Security created the fake contract over the phone with my husband for five years. The representative Justin ** emailed the contract for reviewing, I never signed it. Dominque ** on the phone stated that I faked my husband's signature and he needs to file a police report against me! From the beginning, they pretended to be a different company, we had our alarm with (SecurityOne).

    Albert ** came to our door to inform us that Security One changed their name to SHS. He gave us the booklet of Security One, he crossed the name with a pen and wrote his info on it, along with the new name of the company (SHS) and the phone number 800-833-3211 ext. **. When the alarm stopped working we asked few times to fix it but they were not able to do it, blaming it on our new phone system. When I called Security One for help I was informed that it was a scam, they never changed their name, SHS stole our information. We have a small child and we didn't want to risk any longer to live without the working alarm. We installed the new system with ADT. We called SHS many times to ask to cancel the contract we never signed but they refused to do so. Now they are damaging my husband's excellent credit score. We have submitted the claim with the BBB and Attorney General.

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    Reviewed May 7, 2020

    I own a rental property. My renter called me and asked if she can get an alarm system in the house that she is renting from me. I stated she could and I spoke to the salesman over the phone and he stated he needed me to come sign to give permission to put the alarm system in the house. I went over to the house and he had me sign an IPAD stating that I give permission to put the alarm in the home. It was a DocuSign so I never saw any contract on anything on the IPAD. Now I am trying to refinance my house and come to find out that this company put my name on a 3 year contract for this alarm system along with 2 other houses that I don't own that my renter is affiliated with and because the renter has been late paying the bill, there are now 2 lates on my credit report. This company is saying I signed the contract when both me and the renter heard the salesman say I was just signing to give permission.

    The renter has tried calling this company along with me and my wife because it showing on her credit report as well, but we have not gotten anywhere with them. They sent me a copy of the contract in my name, with a different address than the address of the house I own, the renter's email address and phone number and they have a date of birth on the contract for me that isn't even my date of birth.

    I never received any notices at all from them because the bills are mailed to the renter because it's her alarm system. I would never sign a 3 year contract for a rent that has a 1 year lease. I just want my credit and my wife's credit restored back to how it was and have this company removed from it. The renter has tried to tell them that it is her responsibility and she has made a payment plan agreement with them and she is moving out of our rental this month. Their salesman lied to me and my renter to make a sale and this company needs to be reprimanded for this.

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    Reviewed May 5, 2020

    Had this company for 13 years up to November of 2019 when my system had multiple false alarms. I was told no technicians in my area except on Fridays and they were booked several weeks out. I booked the first available Friday appointment and no one came. I called the office and was told that I was not scheduled. I reached again 2 weeks out and once again, no call no show and told that I was not on the schedule. I cancelled my contract, sent back my system as instructed and now the company is still charging me monthly fees for a SERVICE I NO LONGER HAVE. Now today 5/5/2020. I call and they stated that they have no record of my cancellation and I have a signed contract that they refuse to send a copy to me. Don’t do business with this company.

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    Reviewed April 13, 2020

    This company is very unprofessional. I had an agent who harassed and threatened me with phone calls, texts and emails because I decided to cancel within my 3 day rights. I've had to call several times because this company continues to send me bills after being told each time that the account was closed. At this point I must contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. This is the WORST company I've EVER dealt with. The worst decision I've ever made in my life!

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    Reviewed March 20, 2020

    I have been a customer of Safe Home Security for 5 years and 10 months ago the system needed maintenance. After 3 attempts to get a technician to our house we decided to cancel service. We were no longer under contract and they deactivated our control panel but continued to charge us monthly. In January we settled with safe home on a $500 bill for service we did not receive and they quietly continued to charge us and the representative that took our payment stated outright that our bill was a $0 balance. This was a lie and they are currently trying to squeeze another $200 out of us and have no interest in fixing the system unless we sign another 3 year contract. Do not do business with them, they will tell you what you want to hear until you decide to go to another provider.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2020

    A few days after we got this security system, our heat sensor went out. We have called twice now and they still haven't come to give us a new one. They need to give us a refund for the time we've been without it.

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    Reviewed March 7, 2020

    From the first day I signed up with this company I didn't know but was getting scammed into a 66 month contract. Had the service for 16 months and bought out of the contract today. After multiple times being double and sometimes triple charged per month when they would just decide to pull money from my account on file! I recently sold the home with the system in it and called to get it removed so I could take it with me, was told I would be contacted and never was by my closing date. I then had no choice but to buy out my contract for over $1,000. THIS COMPANY IS WORSE THAN THE CROOKS YOU ARE TRYING TO KEEP OUT OF YOUR HOME WITH A SECURITY SYSTEM!

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    Reviewed March 2, 2020

    My friend, who is 95 years old was scammed by this company. They signed her up for a 66 month contract. She was already under contract with someone else, but they did not bother to explain that she may have to pay them too. The print was so small that I had to get my glasses and a magnifying glass to read it. On 1/31/2020 She fell and lay on the floor for over 7.5 hours with her arm broke in 2 places. I discovered her there calling out for help and called an ambulance. She repeatedly pushed the button, but nothing happen. She is now in a nursing home. She is lucky she did not lay there and die, while pushing the button the button that did not work. When my husband arrived on the scene he immediately called for service on the equipment.

    Contacted the company for someone to check the service. No one has contacted us. Called the 1st time and was told that it is the responsibility of the contract holder to check the equipment for working ability. Person on the line reported that they talked to someone on that day and they were told false alarm. No ambulance needed. She was in the hospital for days. Called again to explain that she would no longer need the service, because she is in the nursing home. They said too bad, she will still need to pay for the service. If she does not it will be turned over to collections. Again, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN SERIOUS DANGER.

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    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2020

    My husband signed a tiny print contract based on what the rep said with this company when they purchased the company we were using. We went along with no issues until we sold our house to move. Suddenly, we are reminded of a 66 month contract that would have to be bought out or brought with us. To make a long story short, we ended up allowing them in our new home to “install” their system. They used all of the existing equipment in the house, nothing new. Honestly, we were just hoping to get through until 2021 to get out the contract.

    One of the smoke detectors in our house went bad last night, so I called trying to get the alarm to stop the incessant beeping. They are now trying to force us to extend the contract in order to get the system usable again. They will not schedule a technician to come, will not tell me how much it will cost, or do anything without an extension! Did you know that if you die before this contract expires, they will sue your estate? RUN, RUN FAR AWAY FROM SHS!!!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2020

    To keep this short don't ever sign up for a security system! Our first contract was getting close to explain expire and we were planning on moving, a guy came and Said they had taken over and that we could have our new home in another state set up with the system, and they works have someone come and remove our old system so we signed a new contract for five years!! No one came to take it out but the rep. Said we could and to take it with us so we did. Kept waiting for installation and finally set up an appointment, the installer called and said he was at our door, well he was at our old address in Idaho!

    Sheet many, many calls since the guy we were dealing with was never in his office, he finally tells us the higher ups said they don't service today area and that the new contract was void and we works owe 500 dollars to get out of the contract!! So we're in the first stage of figuring out what we can do!! We feel we signed a contract for a service that they can't provide so it should be cancelled!!! What a nightmare!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2020

    This has been the worst experience I've ever had from a company. They bought out another company and either want us to pay $2k+ to get out of the contract, or $3k+ to get all new cameras so that we can see the video feed from a phone app. The company before them were astute in their services and they were easy to deal with. This company has screwed us as much as possible and refuses to release us from their absolutely abhorrent services.

    The biggest mistake of my business has been a 3 year contract with the company that provided us alarm services, seeing as how much of a ** show Safe Home Security is. They even sent ADT to come help us out. They don't even have their own service people. It took 4.5 months to get anyone to come out and move 2 cameras. We have had issues ever since they took over our contract. We were repeatedly lied to about returned phone calls and assistance with services as this 4.5 month process to get a tech to move 2 cameras. Now the cameras are moved and they want us to spend $3k+ to get cameras that work with their system or spend over $2k to get out of the contract. 0/10 would NOT recommend to my worst enemies.

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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2020

    I will never do business here again. They sweet talked me here. Told me all these good things until I got here. It was hell. Now I am stuck here for 3 more years. I can go on and on but I am not. It will take a book to address all the wrongs about this company. Please don’t come here and from the looks of it I should have read reviews first!!!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2020

    If allowed I would give no stars. I closed my alarm monitoring account on November 11, 2018 after selling my house. All of a sudden on January 16, 2020 my credit monitoring service advises me Safe Home has sent a negative report to TransUnion stating My account is 90 days past due. I check the credit report and sure enough after showing a $0 balance last posted in 9/2018 it shows $1 90 days past due in 12/2019 and 1/2020. Really??? $1???? Where did that come from??? No explanation or apology from Safe Home when I called them.

    One CS agent advised this should not have occurred as my account showed closed November 12, 2018 with no $$ owed and an email stating the problem was fixed would be forthcoming. Also that a request to TransUnion to “scrub” the error would occur. A second call leaving a message with the original CS agent went unanswered. Another call to SHS got me a new CS agent who gave the same response. When the new CS agent verified my email, it was incorrect. I had previously updated it with the first CS agent. I had a stellar credit rating with no negative incidents and now have to spend my time disputing SHS error.

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    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    I was never told or warned there was a contract with my security system. I told them when they installed the system we would be cancelling after the first trial month due to financial issues. Never once did anyone tell me at any time that I would be contracted in until 2024 with no way to cancel. I was promised a ring installation system. I have yet to receive one. It's been two months. I have never heard from the company to install my ring. I called them and set an appointment. They never showed or called. So I still don't have my ring and I am paying for this equipment. I have called customer service and have been informed that I signed a contract stating I pay for this service until 2024. Even though I told my adviser we would be cancelling. HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING about there being a contract and told me I could still cancel.

    I have now tried to reach out to this adviser and He will not answer my calls. He texted me, saying I can only text him so he can screenshot anything I am saying in case of being used in court. Customer service won't help me and neither will the corporation. I am stuck paying for this and dealing with these people until 2024. That's thousands of dollars I could be using on my newborn. And I have to deal with these people who are "protecting" my home. I feel very unsafe and violated. I should also note when I called my Adviser he would not answer me, but would answer my mom's call, and he told her that my contract would be cancelled.

    My mom does not live with me and only called to see if he would pick up a different number. I cant get a hold of him. and he lied to my mom. I need a way out of this. People need to be warned of getting stuck into a contract they are told they can cancel. and then you never receive the full amount of equipment you are promised. I'm feeling robbed while paying for home security.

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    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    Do not sign an agreement with this company. Once signed, they don't exist. Contacting a "human" at one of their 800 numbers is like passing an act of Congress. My system has been down since July, 2019. After 5 attempts to call, 3 emails, and numerous hours, I was finally able to speak with a company representative who pretended to "have my back". We scheduled a service call for December 19. Waiting home the entire day, no one showed, called, texted or emailed. I called on Dec 20th, and was told that the appointment was canceled. By whom or why she could not say. She promised a call back from the agent who made the appointment.

    On Dec 23, I called again. The person handling my account was not yet in the office, but was expected in 15 minutes and AGAIN I was promised a return call. It only seems logical that since my contract is for "monitoring and service", and I have received neither since July, 2019, I owe nothing, rather, Safe Home owes me 6 months monitoring fee. I'm sure any good judge will agree that Safe Home is in BREACH OF CONTRACT.

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

    I'm a professional who writes this unfortunate review with full candor and it is my intent to warn any customers remotely thinking about this company. Customers want responsive customer service, honesty and professionalism when engaging a home security company. The expectation should be that you feel confident that your home, family and valuables are being protected and monitored in an expeditious fashion.

    This is not the case here. In a word this company fails to perform. There are countless negative reviews on the BBB as well. It is clear that there is deep and very serious issue with customer service. The Connecticut attorney general has even cautioned the public about the customer service (or lack thereof) this company provides.

    I have innumerable phone calls and spent countless hours on the phone trying to get my account monitored and get the reassurance from a technician that the alarm system is working appropriately. I have spoken with at least 6 different individuals at Safe Home Security. None of whom have been able to help me. All I have heard is excuses, misinformation, deception, and lack of communication for 5 weeks now. Even when they say they will service you they make it tentative or say that their dispatch is not responding. It is obvious to anyone that Safe Home Security does not have adequate resources in place to service its customers. I have wasted countless hours trying to be home for service which has been an inordinate waste of time.

    My account has not been monitored by Safe Home since the account was bought on November 6, 2019. Safe Home Security is clearly not a company you can trust to protect and monitor your family and valuables. There are many, many other choices. Do not let this company strong-arm you into thinking that they are competent because a review of this site and the BBB sites would lead you or any honest individual to believe that there are exceptional problems with the company. I only hope that no other family or individual has to endure such lack of professionalism.

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    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

    These guys are hustlers and their alarm is sucks..I had some issues in the front door. It keep bypassing. They send me three technicians and they didn’t figure it out. I kept Paying For no service..I don’t recommend.

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    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2019

    Keep in mind I'm a reasonable, calm person but this company need to be taught a lesson. Just messing over people, how do we stop them? My contract expired after 3 years and I called and sent in letter to cancelled. They rolled over my contracted for another year and said, "After 10 calls if you don't pay you will be sent to collections." I have not have their system for more than 4 months. WHAT? HOW CAN THIS COMPANY BE IN BUSINESS? If you thinking about them please run as fast as you can. They are scammers. Take them to court! Keep letting people know they are not on the up and up. That why you see only one star. Should be zero. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST. SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!

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    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

    Shady billing practices from this company, in 2016 they took an unauthorized payment from my account and didn’t want to give it back, I stopped auto pay and requested quarterly billing and statements at that time, and used my banks stop payment to get my money back, fast foreword to present, my bill 2 quarters ago came in real short, I knew something was wrong so I paid full amount anyway, new statement new shows past balance due, call them to say I already paid this but they say I must pay anyway, obviously I’m not going to do that so I will update this with final results.

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    Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

    This company is the worst. I will be so glad when my contract is up. They are some liars. Don't let them lie to you. When it's time to renew your contract please read it. They lied and told me that my renewal would be from month to month and that I could cancel at any time after being with them for the first contract of 5 years. Come to find out that was a lie when I tried to cancel. I have had more problems with my alarm system than I can count and I always have to contact them. My concern is how is my home being protected if I always have to contact them with issues, they should know if the equipment is not working properly if they are truly monitoring my home. They really need to be shut down and Lawyers contacted about this mess.

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    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2019

    Safe home security is the worst. They do not honor the agreement. We have agreed on 16 sensor on the house and they only install 7 sensors...they just auto renew your contract after it expires...and lie to you that you have another year to it end... Do not give them your business. It a headache.

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    Reviewed Nov. 12, 2019

    I've had the security system and smart thermostat for 2 years of a 3 year contract. My latest problem is resulting in my thermostat which is powered by 4 AA batteries not working while it is in the 20s. Customer service said that it is probably due to a problem with some sort of sensor transmissions on the front and garage doors. Soonest they can get a technician out is 10 days! But they wanted to sell me a maintenance plan for 3 years for $10 more a month.

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    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2019

    We retained Safe Home Security (in the guise of Alliance Security) to provide a security system - maybe not cutting edge, but definitely state of the art. We agreed to maintain a contract for two years. About 8 months into the contract, equipment began malfunctioning - for over 5 weeks the system was in a default mode. We were promised a technician in 48 hours. When that didn't happen we were promised a technician in 24 hours. That didn't happen either. We were promised a couple of more times to get a technician to repair our system but were never contacted by one. We found out that Safe Home Security frequently contracts their work to other security firms: guess where the loyalty was.

    During our 2 month effort to work with them, our home was left unprotected. We had been burglarized twice before and did not want to remain unprotected. We requested and then insisted Safe Home Security terminate our contract. To date, we don't know the outcome. Bottom line: unless the company has technicians of their own in the city you live, don't retain them.

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    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2019

    These people are the worst. Do not do business with them. I had used them for years until about two years ago I think they were bought out. Now they do not honor their service contract. You make appointments and they don't come. You speak to people about a problem and they give you a one about the technician will call, but no one does so. I doubt they are even efficient in monitoring the system since mine has been down for a month and no one has contacted me. As far as I am concerned, these people should be put out of business.

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2019

    I have been trying to reach someone at this business for over 2 weeks about a problem with the system. No response to telephone prompts. Today 10/25/19 I received a bill for the yearly monitoring for services from 10/15/19 til 10/14/20. They sent a bill in August and it was paid in August. I have a copy of my cancelled check. My contract started 10/20/16. The alarm system started going off at 3 o'clock in the AM for about a week, we called the number on the contract for 2 days, finally reached Jessica who told us to only alarm the windows & doors not motion!! This is a horrible company and the only way they get business is to go door to door offering what seems to be a good deal until they hook you in! Please don't fall for the pitch! Yvonne ** Atlantic City, NJ

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    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

    I've been with the this company for about two years, and a a tech repair guy has been out to my house more times than I can count. When the term of my account was up, and I went with another company, I was told that I renew for another five years. This company is a fraud and I had to go the the police station to report it. That someone from the company initial my name. Still waiting for the results, but I'm very happy to say that I'm now with Vivint. Watch out for this fraudulent company!

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    Reviewed Sept. 4, 2019

    For the past 5 months my security system has been down and I have contacted this company dozens of times. A tech was finally sent to my home in August. He did not fix the problem. I was told that a new panel would be shipped. It is now September. Still have not received the new equipment. I called to speak with Jessica the supervisor. Was told I could not speak with her or corporate. Now I’m dealing with a different Rep. and he proceeds to make excuses and says he is not transferring me to a supervisor and he will not give me corporate office information.

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    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

    Shaun ** is a sales rep for this company. He was walking door to door and sold us home alarm system. I tried to cancel my services because I realized something wasn’t adding up. He told us we had 30 days to cancel but the DocuSign documentation state I must cancel within 72hrs from date of installation. I called this company to cancel and they said I wasn’t in their system so I called Shaun to cancel and he asked why and I told him I have a right to cancel within 3 days. He started cussing me out and hung up in my face. HE REFUSE TO CANCEL MY SERVICE. I will not do business with this company!

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    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2019

    They programmed my existing motion detectors from another company to their system. It only lasted four months. One of them stopped working. When I called customer service I was in shock to find out how much it would cost to send a Tech and if equipment needed replacement that would be another extra cost. I was offered a warranty which didn’t make sense to me. The reason I changed my Alarm company was to get a lower monthly rate. My monthly rate would be higher than my first company. That was a big disappointment. I am not impressed with the alarm system. Sometimes they do not respond. I would not recommend this Alarm company to anybody. Unfortunately I am in a contract that I misunderstood and I will be getting out of it as soon as I can.

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    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    We have had this company since 2010. After the initial set up the alarms kept falling off the doors and windows, when we called and complained they came out 4-5 times. Finally we just stopped using the system all together. Police were coming out all the time because a sensor fell. After about 6 years we decided to call to cancel. Well they suckered us into giving them another shot saying the new sensors are stronger and last etc... etc. Yeah, nope. We just called again to cancel and were told we have 2 more years of paying. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? After I explain my frustration with this company's equipment and the issues involved they just continue with, "We can come out and look." What is there to look at? Your sensors are mounted with mounting tape in FL with high humidity. They fall off within a week. Go with another company. This one is a hassle to get rid of. They should be shut down.

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    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2019

    My current bill has a statement date of 07/21/2019, bill is due 07/14/2019. This has been done many times. Sometimes you have to mail it out on the day received in order to make the on-time payment date. If you are gone away from home you will have a late payment.

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    Reviewed July 15, 2019

    I moved and wanted to cancel my contract and was told I had to pay the remaining balance. That was OK. January 2019 I called Safe Homes and spoke with a gentleman about cancelling my service. The gentleman told me my contract expires in May 2019 and my bank account will not be debit unless I renew. Here it is July and they have continue to debit my bank account. I called today and the person told me renewals roll over into a new contract. I ask her, "When did you all send out renewal reminders?" She said, "It's in your contract..." That's all she kept saying. She told me to send in a cancellation letter if I want to terminate the service and my account will be debit up to 60 days. I've had it with this company. I had no idea they would treat customers this way. Very disappointed and upset. I want this to end.

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    Reviewed July 13, 2019

    For the last four months you have given me a runaround on a credit you owe but instead of applying my credit you continue to bill my credit card every month and every time I call you say you will call me. Never do. You reps always have some kind of bs excuse. Today I waited 25 minutes to speak to a supposed assistant manager only to be hung up. This my 4th incident with you.

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    Reviewed July 10, 2019

    On July 1, 2019, my mother had equipment from Safe Home Security installed in her home. I came home on the tail end of the conversation. I get a message from Credit Karma that there was a new credit inquiry. Guess who? Safe Home Security. I NEVER applied or even spoke to anyone regarding an account. Why was my credit ran? How did they even get my credit information? I believe what happened was, they came into my mother's home to install the equipment, they portray to cut the cable wire and request for AT&T to come and install a new phone line while they are getting your info from that wire!! PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company!! I'm still wondering, how they got my credit info to run a credit check on me? I be DID NOT apply for anything!!

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    Reviewed July 9, 2019

    This company started out great, 20 years ago. Always prompt responses and great service. That company no longer exists. This company is a sham. We have never willingly or knowingly signed more than a one year agreement. I called to cancel my service due to a change in my financial situation. They said they understood and would take care of closing the account. Then, a month later, I get another bill with a late charge. I called back and they put a new rep on the phone who was extremely unfriendly and claimed I had a 5 year contract of which I was only one year in. They said the only way to cancel was to buy out my contract. I.e pay for 4 years of future service all at once.

    In addition, the service does not even seem to work, anymore. For several years if the alarm went off no one would call and no police would arrive. I called and asked them to check it and they said everything was fine. But, if so, they don’t respond when the alarm goes off. Now they are sending warning letters that they will send notices to credit bureaus if I do not pay. Keep in mind that they initially told me that it would not be a problem to cancel at all and no discussion about having to buy out a five year contract I never agreed to, for a service that does not appear to even work. Awful, awful, awful company. They should be shut down by the authorities.

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    Reviewed July 1, 2019

    This company is horrible. They say they will send someone. No one comes. Alarm beeps day and night. They told me in a letter I have a contract for another year when I cancelled. I called I do not, she said ok she was wrong. They lie. Then she tells me they accidentally took out 2 payments last month instead of one. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE AUTO PAYMENTS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT! Biggest mistake, if you ever cancel they will keep taking money. This was a good system until it started beeping and they don’t fix it. I have talked to 8 or 9 Customer service people that did nothing to help. I finally had to unplug so I could sleep.

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    Reviewed June 27, 2019

    My tenants selected these people for the service and they asked me to sign that I gave permission for them to put the system in (holes in the walls) which I did, but when the tenant neglected to pay their bills these people put it on my credit and never once even bothered to call me as I could have called the tenants and gotten it paid. They call me every time the system goes off but not before they ruin my credit because their clients got behind in the bill. Was paid within 24 hours of them notifying me but it was already too late, was on my credit report and from all I can find out, nothing I can do about it. Worst possible security system company.

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    Reviewed June 7, 2019

    This is a terrible, terrible company and I have no idea how they are still in business. We sold our home over 2.5 years ago which was 5 years after we signed the original contract. They claimed we signed a new contract after we paid full price to replace our control panel rather than signing a new contract and that we were still under contract for another 3 years. We did not pull the equipment out of our house, so they said there was nothing we could do even to stop services! They ACTUALLY claim they have no way of stopping services and refused to cancel the account! So the people that purchased our home have been stuck with this system they cannot control and we have complete control of it! How is that safe?!

    Do NOT EVER do business with this company. They don’t care about keeping families safe, they just want your money. When you ask to speak to a manager because the customer service reps laugh in your face, they conveniently are never in the office. We tried to cancel yet again today and were told it will be ANOTHER year. Our bank has stopped payment. We filed a complaint with the office of the attorney general a year ago but it is a long process. They are actually being sued AGAIN for contempt of failing to change their misleading business practices. Don’t trust them to protect your loved ones, there are so many reputable companies that will make sure you are their priority.

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    Reviewed May 28, 2019

    This company is very deceptive. We were tricked into signing a 5 year contract. Lied to, then when we kept getting false alarms going off. Waking us up, inconveniencing law enforcement. When we call they "reset things on their end" and things are better for couple weeks. Then, back to false alarms. The system will arm itself at random. The back door will sound an alarm at random over and over again!! When I called to cancel, I was told the only way I can get out of their contract was if a new owner signed with them or we moved it to another house Or if we paid off the remaining 2 years of the contract. What a crock!! Not only am I stuck with malfunctioning system, they won’t even turn it off.

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    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    I switched my cellular system to them based on history with their local representative in Columbus, OH. One of the things promised to me by the local representative was remote control from my cell phone at the monthly price he was quoting me. The representative told me on the phone the the installer would set up the remote access while he was putting it in.

    When the installer put the system in, I forgot to check out operating it from my phone. When I realized that I hadn't checked out remotely activating the system a couple of weeks later, I installed SHS's iPhone app. I pulled up my account without a problem, but could not find how to remotely activate the alarm. At that point, I called SHS and found out that they wanted to charge me an extra $5 per month for that access that had been promised when I agreed to switch to their system. In my opinion, they rate 1 star out of 5 for that.

    On the positive side, I was getting ready to go away for an extended overseas trip. I had tested the alarm earlier in the week and it worked. When my ride showed up to take to the airport at 6am on a Sunday, I found the alarm was giving me an error code and would not arm. I called the access number for SHS. They walked me through how to reset the alarm on the phone and error cleared and I was able to active it, even though it was not business hours. When I returned home, I had to unlock the alarm as normal, so it was armed all the time I was away. That raised their rating one star.

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    Reviewed April 26, 2019

    I'll be brief. Sunday we come home to find our system dead. Called SHS to schedule a service call. Called again Monday, and multiple times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each time the call center agent took my information and promised they would get back to me with a service appointment. None ever called back. I spoke with a smooth-talking supervisor who apologized and promised he would get someone to come. Again, nothing. Instead of help I got excuses... The tech's truck broke down; the techs are on jobs and don't answer their phones; still waiting for the tech to call me... all BS. I don't think they even have a local tech; they probably quit this crappy company. I had to hire my own contractor as we are leaving soon on vacation! STAY AWAY FROM THESE UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE!

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    Reviewed April 24, 2019

    We have had Safe Home Security since we built our home in 2012. To begin with it was ok and then the premium kept going up. I called to cancel and the guy kept giving me offers. I agreed to pay a much lower premium and keep the service. Now again, the premium kept going up until I have tried to cancel again and again. They are telling me that I am still under a contract (7 years worth??) and I can’t cancel. You can’t buy out of this so-called contract and they have turned it over to collections. I have a perfect credit record and now this bunch of scammers are destroying what we have worked hard to build. Do not deal with Safe Home Security.

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    Reviewed April 19, 2019

    I received a knock on my door one afternoon, a sales guy selling a security system. I agreed to use Safe Home Security. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Less than a week after installation, the system started to send error messages and sounding off alarms throughout the house. I called for service to fix this problem. Unlike the speed and readiness for a technician to come out for installation, to get a service technician out to repair a problem is impossible. I cannot count the amount of time that I have been on the phone with customer service and all the energy that has been spent. It has been nothing but a tragic mistake to have agreed to do business with this company.

    I have asked repeatedly for them to cancel my contract and come out and remove their equipment. I have been met with refusal of my request and have been reminded that I had three days after installation to cancel and that was all. My problems started after a week of installation. It has been less than a month, still with no resolution and I just want out of this contract. I am viewing that if you are have problems with a company within a month of doing business with them and you are thoroughly dissatisfied with their service within that month because of their errors then they should honor the customer’s requests.

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    Reviewed April 13, 2019

    We have been with Safe Home Security for 5 years. I received our annual premium & wanted to cancel the monitoring services before the renewal date. I called every day for a week & 1/2 & spoke with someone different. Getting different information from every person saying a manager would call me back that day. Never did I get a return call. I was told to email a letter of cancellation & they would cancel services immediately. After speaking with 4 different people after emailing the cancellation they said I’m with them for another full year because they didn’t receive the cancellation letter 60 days prior to the renewal date. They told me if the premium for the year wasn’t paid in full they would turn it into collections.

    This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. They only tell you what you want to hear. I wanted to be speak to a manager & they transferred me to a lady who I knew wasn’t a manager because I had already talked to her & she said she would talk to a manager & call me back in 5 mins. Never got a callback. Safe Home Security is awful! If you are thinking about using them as a monitoring service DO NOT USE them! The monitoring service they provide is ok. If you ever want to cancel monitoring services or change monitoring companies it won’t happen!!

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    Reviewed April 12, 2019

    I signed up in mall for doorbell ringer. They came to house saying I won a full security system. "It’s only 45.99. Don’t tell anyone. We are giving you 6 month free."

    Then they said you have to have the sign in yard for 5 years. We felt uneasy and cancelled it on Saturday. He came back with 36.99. A month. I texted Sun. Told him no. Sent cancellation paperwork. Said would take care of it. Next thing I know my check got ran through. Now waiting for tech to pick it up. If not it’s not cancelled. Do not do business with these people crooks.

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    Reviewed April 4, 2019

    We canceled our account and the rep was argumentative and it took way too long for him to give the us the Email address to send the cancelation notice... Finally we got it and sent the cancellation. While on the phone I asked where they wanted the equipment sent back to... The rep said throw it away. So I did. Now they are sending me invoices with late fees and, get this, warranty on equipment that is in the landfill. This stupid woman keeps calling and leaving messages, to which I returned the call twice, and each time left her a message that as I am no longer a customer, I don't know what we could have to talk about. So she left a message that the calls will continue until our account is resolved.

    Got news for them, it is resolve as I am no longer a customer. They claim I am under contract, but I am not as I have the unsigned, unreturned and unaccepted contract they sent to me months prior to my cancelation. Do not use this company. Their installations are horrible, their customer service is horrible. Never have I been so disgusted with a company.

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    Reviewed April 4, 2019

    This company came to my house to install a security system. I immediately asked what happens if I sell my house before I signed the ridiculously long 5 year contract. They assured me I just transfer the name on the contract. I moved a year later and they are charging the new homeowner and me. They insist they did not ever imply that you could get out of the contract or transfer it. Major scam. Please don't fall for it. Never sign a contract with this abusive company.

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    Reviewed March 29, 2019

    This system has not been monitored and was not used for over two years which we continued to pay for because neither they nor the bank would discontinue the payouts. We contacted them by phone and by email with no response. The contract had expired some years before. We changed banks and after we shut them off from our bank account they started sending invoices which continued to mount even though they had been made aware the service was not in use.

    We then received phone calls from a "collection" agency who was told to do their worst. Then the invoices continued and we sent them a letter, they sent a letter saying that they continued to protect our home, we had dismantled the system so that was a blatant lie. This is NOT a legitimate business and will NOT protect your home or business. I have been told that a legitimate business doesn't continue to bill after it has been sent to collections, this was an obvious attempt to frighten us. Not a legitimate business practice.

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    Reviewed March 27, 2019

    I signed up for service years ago, cancelled. I thought everything was fine; they stopped the auto-draft from my checking account, turned the service off... but they never stopped billing for a service I wasn't receiving. Talked to someone, they said they'd take care of it; didn't. Another rep called and tried to shake me down for more than the "outstanding" balance (hundreds more; about 100% more), then a call for 150% more, then I paid in full to get them to go away, then years later they sent it to collections, with a price tag 5x higher. Ironically, when I was threatened and shaken down by the collection agency I saw on their paperwork that Safe Home Security wasn't even paid as much as what I sent them; the payment that they refused from me. Years of hassling and threats for pennies on the dollar. They are awful. I cannot urge you strongly enough to stay away from this company. Awful.

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    Reviewed March 20, 2019

    This company was referred through a business networking group that supposedly verifies that they are credible. Unfortunately, they are nothing but scammers. They presented a great deal to get us to switch out service to them, but never disclosed that they have massive early termination fees and will try to keep you in a contract even if you move. Months of calls to resolve the issue went unanswered, or in the rare event they did answer, they would say that they were working on a resolution. Lies.

    They eventually sent a letter from their collections department claiming over $800 owed. We paid it to avoid the fraudulent credit reporting tactics other reviewers have mentioned this company uses, but have also begun the process of pursuing them under the MA Consumer Protection Act, of which their abusive and deceptive practices are clearly in violation. If they dare to try to report this to the credit agencies, I will also pursue them under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Hopefully, this appropriate agencies will shut this nest of scammers down.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 19, 2019

    I apparently am stuck with a 5 year contract with a company that SAYS THEY WILL SEND A TECHNICIAN to repair/replace medical button. I fell on March 17th (totally sober...I don’t consume alcohol). I pushed medical button because I could not get back up. I waited 5 minutes and pushed it a second time, waited and no response. I crawled to my chair and attempted for 3-4 minutes to get back upright but could not. I thought I dialed the company I purchased the service from but it was a local appliance repair service. Luckily the man said he’d help me, got the info and called the police for me. The police showed up in 5 minutes time and were able to help me up.

    I got the correct phone number off my contract, called and reported non-functioning medical button. I was told they’d call a technician in the area at 3:52 p.m. No one showed up. On March 18 at 9:49 am I called again. Was told they’d contact a technician. No I forgiven time when technician would arrive after an hour waiting. 10:57 11:06 would not answer my call. 11:06 called again... Did not answer my call. 11:15 again was told they are calling a technician to confirm day and time. March 19. 8:50 am again called for service to repair medical button. Told same thing. It is now noon and still no service. March 19 at 8:50 am called inquiring about technician.

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    Reviewed March 14, 2019

    Scam artists, elderly abusers, and fraudulent business practices. Forging the signature of a terminally ill man on a 5 year contract and expecting, or rather demanding the fulfillment of said contract after being sent copies of death certificate and written notification by family members is absolutely criminal. Jail time should be served by all involved in this business.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2019

    Our house was being repaired in November 2017 and I ordered through one of their telemarketers calling my phone. The agreed monthly fee was $50 and they later increased it to 79.99 if I wanted cameras. I agreed to cameras. Safe Home Security Inc. sent their technicians at 8.30 pm to install the system. I told my husband that cameras were part of the package and the technician said he forgot to bring them but he will make a note and another technician will return the following week.

    I called several times later to have someone come out and they never sent anyone out until March 2018. The camera was installed and it never worked and their tech knew this, I expressed my dissatisfaction with their quality of service. I told them I was not going to pay for something that doesn't work. Within two months they were like, "We are going to send a technician but pay three months service first." I refused and now they are sending my husband to collections for $4500 because according to them it's in the contract and the account will be posted as a charge off, they ought to be shutdown. RIP OFFS AND SCAM ARTIST.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2019

    On Tuesday, February 4, 2019, I called Safe Home Security regarding a faulty front door camera. I spoke to customer representative Jocelyne ** who stated that my camera was out of warranty that I needed to pay $15.00 to get extended warranty to have the camera fixed or replaced. A month later, I checked my bank statement and saw that my safe home monitoring service went from $65.99 to $80.99 a month. When I called the company asking why they was an increase to my monitoring service, the representative stated that when I signed up for extended warranty that Jocelyne ** failed to mentioned in the phone conversation that my monthly payment was going up to $80.99 and that my contract was also going to be extended for additional 5 more years.

    I asked to speak with a supervisor Ayana ** who then stated that she went over the recorded conversation that I had with Jocelyne ** in which I stated I agreed to the terms and agreement of my monthly payments going up additional $15.00 and contract being extended for 5 more years which was a complete lie. I asked her if I could listen to the phone conversation with the rep and she stated it is against company policy to have a customer listen to recorded conversation.

    I explained to the manager Ayana ** if Jocelyne ** had told me about my payments going up and contract being extended for 5 more years I would have never agreed to extending my warranty and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I asked her to cancel my contract and Ms ** stated that I have to pay $3,0000 to cancel the service. I told her what this company is doing to hardworking families are unfair and wrong. Safe Home Security is deceitful and they services sucks! I would not recommend this company. I will be taking them to court.

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed March 6, 2019

    The guy NATE shoved his way into my house. I had been sick and in my PJs. Starts talking and I couldn't get a word in. I hate this system. Cannot hear the doorbell in the house. They sent a thing to plug into the wall which did not fix the problem. Can't get any serviceman out. I had told NATE I was paying $32.99 for a month with Protection I. Says, "No problem, we can match that." NATE said not to tell anyone the amount. My bank shows a charge of $44.99!!! I can't afford that extra $12. I have a very limited income. I'm retired with nothing but Social Security. Nothing but lies! When I called & tried to cancel the guy said, "You can't, it's been past 3 days!!" Nate said nothing about 3 days. Told him I would talk to my bank & stop the charge from going through & he says they will send the account to collections. I am so upset I could cry. My a/c is **. Address is **. HELP ME please!

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    Reviewed March 1, 2019

    Stay away from this company because all they want to do is sell you a security system and that's it. I one of their systems and tried to use it with my former alarm services. SHS would not release the installer codes because they claim proprietary equipment. I stated this was in the house for almost 19 years and was sold to me in the real estate contract as an inclusion. They claimed no and their sales person Stephanie said, "It's $39.95 per month for 3 years, either take it or leave it!" Don't even try talking to them after that because they don't care. GO ELSEWHERE!

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    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2019

    Reading the other reviews makes me realize it’s not just me! I’m on my third week of trying to get a service tech out to the house for a non-functioning monitor panel. Between the appointments that were not really “hard dates” and the no-call/no-show of the service tech when I’ve had an appointment, I don’t know which is more frustrating. This is literally the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. (And I’m a Comcast customer, so I know from bad customer service.)

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    Reviewed Feb. 22, 2019

    My Dad signed up SHS Home Security. Well he broke his leg and was diagnosed with Dementia. He has been living in Convalescent Care since March 2018. I've called several times and and tried to cancel service because my Dad no longer has the home so therefore doesn't use their service. His bill is up to $800.00. There is no way a man of Seventy-eight and living on Social Security can afford to pay this. In my opinion it's another way to scam people out of money. I am aware that he signed up with them but there are life issues that needs to be taken into account. Do not go with this company.

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    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

    I started SAFE in AUG of 2018 and it was the worst mistake I ever made. It was suppose to be a transfer of service and it ended up being hell. They set it up with my grandmother who is 75 years old and gave her a whole bunch of extra stuff that was not needed. They told me my bill would be 39.99 and it never was. It was always more and even when I called to ask about it I was always told different things. I spoke with over 8 people to get issues resolved and ended up having to pay because of their mistake. I spoke with many supervisors and employees who told me they would take care of it and it ended up someone else every time.

    I have spoke with a Leticia, Lurinda, Jerica, Veronica, Sonya and Maria to name a few. I asked for a manager and "Tony **" said he was in meetings all day and he would respond to an email. What kind of customer service team do you guys have? I was calling to ask about the bills and doing the follow up calls to check on the status of things, not SAFE employees. When it was time to collect they sure were in contact then. I will make sure to let everyone I know to NOT go to SAFE. Your slogan or goal does not match what you guys put me through. You guys should be ashamed of all the scamming you guys do on people.

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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2019

    Incredible incompetence! From day one I've had nothing but issues, without resolutions from SHS. They locked me into a 3 year contract then became worthless almost immediately. The odds of having so many employees that can't help, won't help, agree to help then don't, don't follow through, leave the company, avoid responsibility, are sadly unintelligent, is so small and yet SHS has managed a 99% rate. From top to bottom the lack of work ethic and customer service orientation is astounding. Wish I could post with Zero stars!

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    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2019

    I have been trying to get someone to fix my alarm for 3 weeks now. Finally was told someone would be out today on 1/16/19. No one showed up so I called and they said, “Well we don't have a technician for that area but we should by the end of the week.” Needless to say I am not happy about it at all. So if it does not get fixed we will be switching companies.

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    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2019

    I was scammed by Safe Home Security also. This salesperson came to my house trying to sell us a security system. His name was Anthony **. This happened in July, 2017. I made it clear that I was not interested. A couple of months later, I am receiving bills from that company. They sent me a copy of the contract. It was signed but that was not my signature. Someone forged my name on the contract. I tried calling them letting know that I did not sign that contract. They would not close it. Every 3 months I am receiving bills that are multiplying quickly. Every bill I receive, there are multiple charges like finance charges, late fees, etc. The balance is going into hundreds of dollars. Also, this is ruining my credit. I am not going to pay for something that I did not purchase. Can someone please stop these people?

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    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2018

    This company is a SCAM. Sales person said we were signing for our 1 month coverage that we could cancel at anytime. Found out first of all that they had our email wrong and when told about it didn't get it right for 4 days. Also no door chime no smoke detector and 1 cap to a door connection is missing along with the fact the glass brake device is in our dining room not bedroom. When we notified company said they would get someone out here and if my husband is handy he can move the glass brake device himself.

    Called the company to cancel my 1 month coverage and found out the salesman put us into a 5 year contract. He fraudulently put my husband signature and initials on a contract we never saw. When my husband called he said he could get it down to 3 years and that's all he can do. My husband was also told he couldn't touch any of the equipment because it was theirs. I disconnected everything from power and they have not called since Dec. 3, 2018 to see what the problem is. I called the BBB and they want all my info. I even have a cashed check that in the memo I wrote 1 month coverage. These people should be incarcerated for fraud. Do not have these people in your home.

    Names they go under SHS Safeguard security system inc. And even monitoring inc in NY. I am shocked this company is still running. We were given a copy of the contract this salesmen put our name on and found multiple errors on it. Please if you hear of these company names do not have them in your home. We lost time from work and had to change our account. My husband notified the BIG E and they just replied that's how some companies do their business. Being that they know they have scammers they should be liable for all this company has done to people.

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    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2018

    Over a month ago, I had to call Safe Home Security (SHS, phone 800-833-3211) asking to replace a broken wireless key remote for the home security system. A representative got my order and I received a new remote in 5 days. After that, according to SHS representative instruction, I called the company to make an appointment with a technician. The appointment was scheduled in 2.5 weeks! When I asked why I should wait for such a long time, the representative said there is some problem with a technician in my area.

    After 2.5 weeks, nobody came over and I had to call again. A representative had no indication of the appointment being scheduled on this day. She transferred my call to technical support team and another representative tried to activate my new key remotely. Unfortunately, she could not do so and I got a new appointment with a technician in a week, on December 18, 2018. On this day, I have decided to call SHS to make sure the technician is coming over. I got into a new circle of challenges. First, they did not have any appointment for me scheduled again, and then, when I asked to be transferred to a manager, they hung up on me. I called again and asked for a manager. After 5 minutes of waiting, the connection was interrupted again. I called the third time (!) and a new representative, Monica, really tried to help me. From our conversation, I understood there is a problem with a technician in our area and she tried to find another technician for me.

    The technician, Michael, came over at 9:40 pm! He tried to activate the remote, but was not able to do that. The next day, December 19, Monica called me and explained to me all the technical issues. Finally, it’s been over a month and the company still has not activated the remote. Usually, like technician said, it takes several minutes. I still have no idea when my new remote will be activated. Now, when I sent my complain to BBB, I'm receiving two phone calls per day from SHS representative, letting me know about difficulties with equipment, technicians etc. I believe people should know how extremely poor SHS service is. Since SHS provides home security this level of service is completely inappropriate.

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    Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

    This Co is awful. On 12/10/18 I call to let them know I need my alarm removed from a home I’m selling. A date was set up for 12/11/18 from 1-5pm. No Call. No show. The customer rep called me at 7pm (Omar) to make sure the tech came and he didn’t even know that the tech was a no show. Rep check and said Tech had to leave early due to sick. So I made another appointment for 12/17/18. No call. No show. I spoke with a manager that said tech had a emergency alarm job in Ohio and all PA jobs had to be push back. At this point I’m done with the Co so I call to cancel my minoring service and this Rep name John would not give me the address to where I needed to send a written letter requesting service Discontinued/Do not Renew. This man refused to connect me to a Supr/Manager. This man John Refused to transfer me to someone who could give me an address.

    I don’t owe this company a dime. I’m paid for the full 36 months when I sign my contract back in 2016. I am so disappointed in the way I was treated by this co. Now today the tech was supposed to come at 11-1pm. No show. No Call. I called and a rep said she spoke with the tech and he would be here at 4pm and would give me a call half hour before. I have not heard from this so call tech yet. I have to get this alarm system out of here before my closing date because I’m moving out of the County and I don’t want to interfere with the new owners schedule. I hope someone from Corporate Office see the review.

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    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2018

    We recently cancelled our service with Safe Home Security and were told that our contract was in place for another year. We never signed a contract with them. They said it automatically renews at the end of the contract if you do not provide a letter stating you wish to cancel it. Letter must get to them 60 days prior to the contract end date. The customer service rep we spoke to so much has said he worked there for 8 years and never saw anyone get out of their contract before the end date.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 12, 2018

    Last January a man offered me a security system for $39.95 a month. For the first 3 months it only allowed me to set it while I was home. It always showed yellow as default if I wanted to set it when I left. After contacting the main office in Connecticut, I was told I had a five-year contract. A technician was finally sent in August and discovered that 2 of the sensors were never working correctly. I sent a form to our MN State Attorney General's Office. They received a letter from the company making promises, which were never kept. It is now November, I have just sent a second letter to the Attorney General's Office letting them know. I have also inquired as to what can be done to stop this company.

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    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2018

    Safe Home Security will FALSELY report your original date of delinquency on your account by posting erroneous and false payment dates that you never made for no reason other than to ILLEGALLY re-age the account to hurt your credit after you close the account. They are reporting that I've never missed a payment since 2016 when in fact there has NEVER been a payment sent to them since installing their substandard equipment with a program that was never agreed upon in 2016. They (without proof) show ALL payments have been made but when you call these nitwits they cannot show a record of ANY payments at all.

    It's a spiteful, unprofessional and illegal way to hurt their (prior) consumers when you close their account, stop paying and tell them to fly a kite. BEWARE. DO NOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HOME, ACCOUNTS, OR LIFE! The re-aging of ANY account is illegal and needs to be filed with the FTC first before you too can seek legal remedy; it's worth it. Don't bother calling because if you do, you will not be able to understand the vernacular used by one of their 'account specialists'. Call Transunion/Equifax and they will remedy your account. You have been warned! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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    Reviewed Nov. 7, 2018

    The only reason they are getting 1 star is because there are no zeros. This place is the worse security system I have ever had. On December 2nd 2014 a technician came to my house and installed a security system. What I got was sensors to the front, back and garage door. So when I open the door it goes beep beep and says which door is open. The technician FRANKLIN told me it was a 2 year contract. Showed me a separate paper where he wrote 2 years and gave me to sign. When I called the office they told me its a 5 year contract. BEWARE OF THESE DECEITFUL TACTICS..

    When I called the office they told me that my battery was low and they will be sending out a technician to change out the battery. NO TECHNICIAN SHOWED UP!!! If my alarm is on and my door is open it is supposed to alarm after 30 seconds. It does not. I found it funny that the technician Franklin didn't want to test it so that we can hear just how loud it was. But anyways, we just didn't study it after that.

    2 years passed and we called the company to cancel the system. To our surprise we were told that we were on a 5 year contract and cannot cancel by someone by the name of Kayla **. She said no one is higher than her so don't bother to try asking for anyone else. They also told me my battery was low and they will be sending out someone to replace it. NO TECHNICIAN SHOWED UP!!!

    I have been trying to cancel this service since December 2, 2016. They refuse to give me a payoff so that I can close off my account. I called recently because I had my payment on auto pay and I had to close my bank account due to loss of income. Instead of them sending me a bill they sent me a letter telling me to pay an additional 20.00 and no bill attached to it.

    There is something really fishy about this company. They come to your home to install but never show up to fix any issues that we are having. I called the office again to try and cancel again and I was offered an upgraded system for more money. I SAID NO!!! Also, I was told that my battery is low and a technician will be coming out to replace the battery, but guess what??? NO TECHNICIAN CAME OUT!!!

    I am so sick of dealing with this company. I don't even know if they are a legit company. Also if you don't cancel before 60 days of your contract expiring they automatically renew you for 3 more years. ARE THESE SCAMMERS FOR REAL??? I need help dealing with these scammers. Can anyone refer me to a good lawyer of anyone that can help... PLEASE!!!

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    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2018

    We have had their security system for over a year only to get us through the set up stages for (10.00 monthly charge for 24/7 monitoring). We were going to wait a bit longer but then our story starts. Our panel fried due to power going out. In order to get panel fixed we would have to pay a tech around 90.00 plus an hourly charge. We declined since the app on our phone still was working and we were able to set and disarm through that.

    In the meantime a weather alert came out causing a very annoying beep that we couldn’t get shut off. According to their customer service, the only way to get that beep to stop would be to disconnect the battery from the panel. However, it was not made clear before starting this process that a service technician would have to be sent out in order to restore service to our panel. In the midst of this issue, we were ‘informed’ that because our year contract lapsed we were automatically renewed into another year contract without permission from us. We requested a copy of our signed contract and still have yet to receive it. I am beyond angry with this. It seems like all they want is money, not to help their customers. Do NOT get into business with this company! is the best option, they provide cameras, doorbell cameras, etc to meet all of your needs.

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    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2018

    I called to cancel. Was told I was still under contract until August of 2018. I waited till August 2018 to finish the contract terms. Was then told I had to cancel in October! Spoke to a different rep. Was told I had to submit a 30 day written cancellation request. I did so in September. I was told my service would end Oct. 27th. Called to confirm cancellation status on Oct. 30th. Was told I had to submit a second written cancellation letter for 60 day notice and now my service would end Nov. 27th!

    Ridiculous. Cancelling service is painstaking. This company strings you along. It's not hard to cancel especially when you abide by their own ridiculous guidelines. They change cancellation terms at whim. It wasn't until I told the rep I already sent my 30 day notice and had received a confirmation email from customer service that he magically changed it back to no need to submit a 60 day notice. My service will end Nov. 1st. It took 3 months to process my cancellation! This company is a sham!

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    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2018

    This company is the biggest bunch of tell you one thing and never follow through. Upper level management won’t call back. Make promises and not follow through. Horrible horrible service. Never do business with them if you are smart.

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    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2018

    After 3 year contract I sent 2 cancelation letters and they are still drafting my bank account. Called 3 times and they tell me they haven't received any letters. I find it hard to believe 2 letters got lost or misplaced. Bad business practice. Will not use in the future.

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    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

    I called customer service to cancel my contract and they informed me that my contract was reinstated for another 5 years. They explained to me that I signed a form via email. Which I explained that I did not have that email at the time. I also explained that my daughter worked for them and had my info. They said that there is nothing they can do and that I still have 2 more years that I’m paying for nothing due to we do not use because I would have the police here every other day because my boys and their friends are consistently in out of the house.

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    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

    The rep came to my home for demonstration and promptly gave all reason for their system. This included the facts as follows: the system could be cancelled at any time without penalty, I was very specific in asking this question; discounts from sponsors would offset the cost which is a lie, none of the vendors in the brochure have standard discount code for this product or service so it is a fight every month (my sponsors were ATT, AARP, Spectrum and insurance and the only one of them that was somewhat valid was house insurance that only because of documentation for police); there was no mention of a five year contract but when I called to cancel because of so many issues they said it could not be cancelled or I could pay 3000.00 to get out of it.

    I have records of phone calls dating all the way back to 6/18 with the first issue of a broken wristband on wrist monitor. They set up appointment for tech to come and never showed, then I called again and they said they had emailed the tech to reschedule and again nothing happened, the next called were to voicemail. During all this time there was live chat online with customer service who kept saying they would handle but nothing happened. Finally after 5 weeks Taylor is one of the reps I talked with said she would send a new wrist monitor. Took 10 days to get it then another week to get activated. I was told that the new wrist monitor was under warranty, that it was no charge, that there would be an invoice but just to ignore it, that it is used just to get it ordered and I repeated it back, that this was no charge warranty replacement.

    There was no mention of returning the defective piece at any conversation I had with them...when in August they illegally accessed my bank account and took money for the defective part out without any notice or permission. I had a fraud alert activated at the bank and through their investigation returned the full amount to my account.

    During this time I had called Safe Home and was told that was standard procedure and I told them the fraud stands because they were not given authorization for the access to withdraw funds for this charge. I was also told that they would send a return authorization which they did not do so I called again. Told them I never received return authorization. They said wait another week. I did. Still nothing so I then called billing and was told that they had canceled auto draft for the monthly service fee which I did request because I do not trust in the integrity of this company but they also said I did not need a return authorization, that if I return said defective component with account number name then they would issue credit.

    10 days have passed and nothing still. Being disabled with a tendency for falls was the reason to get this system but I no longer activate it because I have no confidence in the company, its personnel or monitoring ability. The stress of this situation has brought my disease out of remission and I am no longer protected in the event of a fall. Since I live by myself it was a source of security but that is no longer the case.

    So in the end this company has terrible customer service, questionable business practices, bait and switch because they say nothing about it being a five year contract nor did I read that in the one I signed because I wouldn’t. It was important for me to know that it could be canceled at any time without penalty if you no longer wanted it. And the renewal was yearly. Everything you are told from this company is a lie and since they prey on disabled and elderly people they need to be taken off the market. What I seek in justice is the desolation of the contract and hope that they get penalized for their deceptions and that the FCC looks into them because they are using the airwaves for telephone and internet as connect points for equipment.

    Updated on 10/02/2018: I sent a review earlier and the latest insult to especially someone on a fixed income and disability is that now that I have prevented them from auto drafting from my account because of the previous dishonesty I told them to bill me monthly for the service which I do not intend to activate anymore because of the lack of trust, integrity, honesty and truthfulness of the personnel. They never do what they say they are going to do and do not respond with information when requested.

    The latest is they want me to pay 3 month service fee and at no time has anything ever been mentioned that would be happening. Again this is just another reason why I say this is a bait and switch. They are not honest and do not provide the information upfront and you only learn about things when there are problems and they do not fix it.

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    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2018

    Worst customer service I have experienced in my lifetime by far! Called to cancel told me that there is no problem. I could do that if I wanted. Told me all I had to do was do it in writing with an email so I did. Got a letter in the mail that said I signed a five contract lol. I knew that was a lie. I would never in my life sign a five year deal with anyone. So I had to call about five times before they finally emailed me a copy. First one they sent was an old contract which was not even close to my signature. So I called and said this is not a current contract so they sent another one lol with a completely different signature also not even close to my signature. I have had and always used the same signature since high school! Bunch of scam artists. Had to tell bank to stop autopay.

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    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2018

    My contract with SafeGuard/Safe Home Security was due to end 5/18/2018 and as instructed by Evelyn **, I emailed my intent to terminate services 60 days prior, on 3/19/2018. I received a letter in the mail from SafeGuard/Safe Home Security dated 3/21/2018 regarding cancellation of my services. Starting June 1, 2018, I have received invoices with a balance due and on the invoices is the name with whom I spoke with regarding invoice and cancellation and I was told that it would be taken care of. The August invoice I got transferred to 2 different people to try to get the situation resolved.

    Finally spoke with a John ** whom emailed a Justin ** to let him know my account was canceled and to stop sending invoices and that I owe no money with notes on the transferring from one person to another; On September 3, 2018, I received a letter from SafeGuard/Safe Home Security stating I had a balance and needed to contact them for payment or be sent to collections. When I called, I got transferred to Xolimar **, in the collection department and she claims she forwarded a cancellation form for my account and to disregard all further invoice and letter, which I can’t, it’s my credit on the line.

    On September 14, 2018 I received another invoice in the mail. I put in a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on 9/20/2018. I got notification from my identity security company that on 9/21/2018, they sent me to collections and it’s showing up on my credit report. Called the company today at 11:20am and spoke with James and requested to speak with a supervisor in collections.

    After being on hold for 8 minutes, James came back on to let me know he was told to tell me that to disregard the invoices, cancellation is in process of being completed (4 months and it's still being processed). I told him No, I needed to speak with a collections supervisor due to they contacted the credit bureau with my "delinquent" bill. He said he could email his billing department to send an email to the credit bureau and I asked to be cc'd on the email but he told me it would take 31 days. I told him that I really needed to speak with a supervisor and to please transfer me. He transferred me to Jen-Customer Service Manager and of course I had to leave a voicemail.

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    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2018

    Pretty much the same problem everyone else is having. I sent in writing a cancellation request within the specified time frame of 60 days. I received a letter explaining that I needed to call the office to continue the cancellation process. During our conversation it was confirmed that my alarm service would be canceled in August 2018 and that would be the last payment. I was set up for automatic payments. They charged my account in September.

    I was told that the cancellation was put through but not in time for the September payment not to come out. I was also told I would receive and refund but they couldn’t tell me how long the turnaround would be and that it was going to be a check. Reasons for cancellation; false alarms with no audible alarm at my home. The police have had to come out several times. The smoke detector was not placed well by the technician and will sound often. I was told that there would be a charge to have the technician to come out. Customer Service reps never call back.

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    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2018

    I was a happy customer for 5 years. We decided to cancel as someone is always home so there is no need for our alarm. Our contract was complete in August. I called in July to obtain how to go about canceling service. I sent my email 7/31/18. Received a request for more information 8/3/18. Sent email right back with what they needed. Received a letter 8/10/18 letting me know if I didn't cancel they would put me in another contract. I called in - they let me know that they felt my email was 2 days late and therefore renewed my account for another year. I explained no one told me in my call that it needed to be in by a certain date. They said they would review the call and contact me back.

    They never did. I did a chat window and explained everything. They said they knew who I spoke to and would have him call. He didn't. I called in again and got a new guy. I explained everything and he decided to try to sell me a 3 year contract. I told him no. We just wanted to cancel. He said he would look into it and contact me back. He never did. I called his direct extension and informed him I still wanted to cancel and that I had recently changed banks and the one on file was no longer valid and to please send me a paper bill for anything further. He said he noted the account and it was taken care of and he would help me cancel. He said he would call me back. Guess what... he didn't. I left him several voice mails.

    I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. My old bank let me know that they were kind enough to process another payment on my closed account despite me letting them know well in advance. I did another chat to find out why they told me to call in and speak to another new guy, I asked them if my account was for sure closed since they just overdrafted a closed account... they stopped responding so I rejected their solution to my BBB claim. This company is the worst. I am so disappointed in their total lack of transparency and lack of customer service. I am hoping the complaint with the BBB will help me finally close this account and have them stop overdrafting my closed bank account!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 4, 2018

    If you are shopping for security DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY. The system is so sensitive that if anything hits the floor too hard then the alarm sounds and the police are dispatched. They will not do anything about it and now I get fined when the alarm sounds for no reason. Zero Help. Zero Customer service.

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    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2018

    This company has very shady practices and I would never recommend them to anyone. I have had a home alarm system with them for several years and due to our financial situation I called to cancel and was told we were locked into our contract for 4 more years. I never signed a contract but they are saying it automatically renews if I do not cancel 60 days prior to the old one expiring. This is so shady. I have never been under a contract that was valid without my signature.

    When I inquired I spoke in online chat to an extremely rude and condescending woman. I explained we could not afford it and were cancelling our home phone attached to the system and after her speaking down to me she tried to get me to upgrade. Her exact words were, "I want to help you but not with what you want me to do" and after explaining the financial burden again I was made to feel worse about my situation. I have never dealt with someone in customer service that behaved that way. Do not use this company because I am now stuck with at $45 a month bill for something I cannot even use.

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    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2018

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They send a repair guy out every few years to update your equipment. When the guy leaves he asks you sign the invoice, just like you do with any home repair tech. I thought I was signing a receipt confirming the work, but I was actually signing another three-year contract which was NOT explained to me. When I tried to cancel my service they wouldn't allow me because I "signed another three-year contract." I've talked to managers, supervisors, etc. They all have the same story and will not cancel my contract until the end of the three years. Even when I moved out of my condo they wouldn't allow me to cancel because I technically still own the property. This company is highly unethical and they have their customer service reps drinking the Kool-Aid as well. Biggest scam going, people. BEWARE.

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    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2018

    Unfortunately my review is the same as most I am finding on here, the length of the contract continues to change. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. The hold time to reach them is worse than trying to call the IRS on April 15th. Several months ago there was an issue that resulted in one of the "retention" reps calling me daily. Extremely Rude, condescending and unprofessional. We get error codes on our system frequently, they offered to have a service person come out at no charge to check the system. It took 3 weeks for someone to call to set an appointment, then they were a no-show, no call. Can't get through on the phone to follow up. Complaining is a waste of energy and time. I am still trying to get our service cancelled after several years, do yourself a favor and stay away from this crooked company.

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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2018

    They call me today and, I mention to the lady that I don't want the service anymore after being with them over 7 years now and She just started talking to me like I am NO ONE to the point I had to GO OFF on her and then she mention that I have to give them 60 days for Cancel. So I ask can she email me that Cancel form and now it been hours and still NO EMAIL from them. Try to call them and NOW can't get a hold of anyone to pick up the phone now. Have to leave a voicemail and still NO ONE has CALL ME BACK YET.

    This is very SAD to say and when I decide to go and write a review I see I am not the only one that not happy with them now. It Been over 7 years, I been with this company I not a person that jump around. I getting a tired of company like this, I just drop Spirit and Geico which I was with them both for 15 years and they have there people that work for them seem talk to you like you are NO one. I going to try to call them once again to see if I get a hold of someone and If NOT I will have to call in and action like I want to sign up like a new person so I can talk to someone, About the cancel.

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    Reviewed July 24, 2018

    Ok, I see I'm not the only one having problems with this company. I am so sick of Safehome! Stuck in a 5 year contract, which was suppose to have been 3 years and no one at the company cares that I'm not happy about this. I have been charged twice on my card for $203.82 on the same day in April, but no one at the company can see that. My card company is disputing them on that. They don't seem to be organized to know what you've paid or when, pymts get "lost" somehow. I'm being overcharged. My bill is suppose to be $41.99 a month, as of now I pay every 3 months, but it's coming up at $203.82 with a $10.00 late fee and a $2.86 finance charge with a $190.96 "previous balance' added with that = 203.82 instead of $125.97 but no one knows why that's happening... hmm??? WHERE is the LAWSUIT against these people? I need to be in that!

    When I say, "I'm not happy" they don't care, don't even apologize for you being upset with their bad service. BUT I'll give them this much! On the times the alarm has went off, I got a call immediately, with the caller wanting to know who I was and the password (was me who forgot the system was armed & opened a door). And about a month ago, once again, I had set the alarm that night and forgot next morning, opened the door to go feed the cats, alarm went off, I didn't hear it (turned down low).

    They called, my hun answered, she ask, "Was everything alright" & wanted password, he gave the wrong one, cause we had recently changed it. But she never said anything different to him, bidded him a good day & hung up. Maybe 7 minutes later 2 police cars were at our house, said they were alerted of alarm going off & wrong password was given. After they saw we were the homeowners & found out what had happened, they left. And that's the ONLY good thing I can say about Safehome. I WANT OUT!!!

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    Reviewed July 18, 2018

    This is the most waste of time and money. I got locked into what was supposed to be 24 months ended up 42 months. My price went up. They added a warranty amount to my bill that was not in contract. I have been trying to get help with the accounts receivable & the so called account manager will not call me back. All the while I am getting late fees & additional charges!!! IT'S A SCAM.

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    Reviewed July 16, 2018

    This is the most waste of time and money. My system has not worked for a long time and they will not let me out of my contract. Just plain and simple take it out. They keep wanting to send people out that can't fix it. The service people tell them that and they make me wait longer to take another payment out. So far the customer service says what they can do which is nothing. The last guy tried to give me a lecture. No his money or time wasted. The system goes off in the AM all the time reboots twice a day. Will not arm to keep me safe. And yes they got me on price. I was paying 30.00. Now they have me at 49.99 Bad people!!!

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    Reviewed June 22, 2018

    Safe Home Security is the worse company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I needed service in one of our locations, I called 11 times, spoke to 4 different people who always promised to call you back the next day - NEVER Received one phone call. Just choose another company - this will save you money and aggravation.

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    Reviewed May 21, 2018

    This is the worst security company. They are way overpriced and will not let you transfer service when you are moving. They were not upfront about their terms (payment amount or length of term) until they were installing the system. I will never do business with this company and highly encourage that no one else do business with them either. I would not even give this company 1 star.

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    Reviewed May 6, 2018

    I was a customer with this company for over 10 years and recently terminated when I realized how sloppy and inferior service they were providing. When I tried to terminate their service, they showed their true colors - lies, deception and coercion. There are many better and cheaper home security systems options. Avoid this company!

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    Reviewed April 30, 2018

    If anyone would like to join me in a lawsuit please let me know. My parents were approached by a man who was selling this product to my elderly father. My father passed and so my mother called to cancel services. We find out that we either commit to 5 years or pay 90% of the contract which would be about $1K. They told us either we pay or my father's beneficiary would go to collection.

    That is not at all the offer that was presented to my parents when approached. There is no one available to speak to and the customer service rep even tells you the call will only be sent to the manager's voicemail. This is elder abuse, period. I will be suing them if anyone would wish to do something on a larger scale please let me know. I asked the representative to email me a copy of the contract with the signatures and he did not. I asked how is it possible to bill and send someone to collections who did not sign the contract and he said that’s just how they do it.

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    Reviewed April 25, 2018

    ZERO STARS. Their staff and customer service = worst ever. They only call because I cancelled the credit card that was auto-paying for their monthly service & that got their attention. Otherwise I would try to reach them and it would take months for someone to reach back to me. I have been sending letters to the top person in charge and they are still screwing me around. I cancelled my home security & moved it to my office. I found out they cancelled my office & kept it at my home!!! This is still taking forever for someone to get resolve the issue. STAY FAR AWAY! The mother company is Security One, and they sold my contract to this company which is a fraud scheme. Avoid both at all cost.

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    Reviewed April 24, 2018

    We were approached two years ago by two men who represented themselves as our existing company and were there to update our equipment. They then had us sign some paperwork and they also wrote a letter for us to sign for our existing company to cancel. We tried to cancel because of misrepresentation but we were told we couldn’t. We had a fire and the security system never went off. Come to find out they never installed a detector. They finally after many phone calls put up a smoke alarm.

    We have been in contact with this company to give us the equipment at least equal to what we had originally. Finally we were told they would take care of us for no charge only to find out they charged our checking account for over $900.00. I called several times only to be hung up on and transferred to an unmanned phone. They never return your voice message. So I called my bank and stopped their access to our account. Wow, now I hear from them badgering me but not trying to resolve the issues. I am not going to give them any more money. As far as I am concerned they have violated the contract on multiple counts so I feel the account is cancelled. They deserve a zero star for everything.

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    Reviewed April 19, 2018

    My mother had this service fail twice. Pendant pressed, no response. She called them and was told "we don't have service over the holiday" (Christmas). Another time, she pressed the pendant and there was no response. After deciding to change companies, they continued to charge her monthly saying she had signed a contract. She is 94. She is unable to understand signing a contract. Communication with them is non-existent - poor follow-up. Beware! Sign with a larger, well-known and respected company.

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    Reviewed April 12, 2018

    OMG! Try and leave this company and they keep changing your end-date on your contract. We were given a date and when we were not happy and wanted a different company, they said we had 3 months left on our contract. No, we did not. It was past but we waited three months, like idiots. When we called again to cancel, they said no, we have 3 months left. What?!! So I said that we are canceling and that is that. Then we remove equipment, and a new company (we owned the equipment) but they continued to harass with calls and letters. We blocked their calls but they still mail us. I am not even sure if it's on our credit report but they are awful.

    I am so sorry that I recommended my daughter, when she bought her new house. She wrote this, "No one EVER sign up for Safe Home Security. This company is nothing but a joke. They have the worst customer service experience I have ever dealt with in my life. I have been working with clients and call centers for almost 10 years now and know how things SHOULD work."

    "This company will make you jump through hoops to cancel your service and make it seem like you have NO RIGHTS to do so. No one is ever giving the same information, they are not on the same page, no one can ever see your previous interactions with the company, no one is capable of handling your needs and there is NEVER anyone to escalate to because you are ALWAYS speaking with the highest person there. I apparently can only speak with "my account manager" whom by the way I have never dealt with in the years of service I have had with this company. They are slimy, not forthcoming, rude, incompetent and just out for your money." She finally solved it with them, as she was going to take legal action. Now I see, all over the internet, bad reviews for them and possible legal action against them. UGH. Stay away!

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    Reviewed March 28, 2018

    I fell for it yes free for 6 months with a 5 year contract! My new home was built and moved in 12/15/2014. By end of December I got the alarm installed. Just 3 months ago (12/19/18) I called to add the doorbell camera which would only cost me additional $10 a month on top of my monthly monitoring fee. I was told by the sales rep name Oliver that he would waive the installation fee. Well on 3/19/18 I checked my bank account there was $390.53 deduction from their company. I was so furious I called and find out why they took out a large amount when my monthly service is only $69.53! The rep told me that it was for the doorbell camera which I was not informed by the sales rep Oliver when I called on 12/18/17! Why three months later they took that $390.53 out of my bank account. When I finally got in touch with Oliver on 3/22/18 he stated it was a billing error and he apologized and said I will get my money credited back to my account in two days.

    Today is 3/28/18. I called and asked why my money still not in my account. I was told that the check was mailed to me. At this point I’m so angry and demanded to cancel my service as I am no longer happy with this company! He then proceeded to say that the doorbell camera gave me an additional 5 year contact!! What the hell!!! My contract should be done by next year of Dec 2019! The rep said no it will be 2023!! And if I want to cancel the service I need to write and he gave me an address to send my request. I literally cried my butt off because this was not informed to me about an additional 5 yr contract!! If they don’t cancel my service I will be hiring a lawyer!! Hopefully they did send my check in the mail! I am so furious with this company!! Don’t ever sign anything with this thief company!! They are horrible! Customer service sucks and they all have bad attitude!

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    Reviewed March 28, 2018

    Don't ever have anything to do with this company, they lowered my credit score by making inquiries and it lowers my score and I never gave them permission to check my credit score. I filed a complaint with the CFCB.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 21, 2018

    These people installed faulty equipment in my home which resulted in false violation tickets from the city. I had to pay $600 towards this and the company told me that they would credit back 2 months of my payments but they never did and I kept asking them for about 1 year. I have email correspondence from 5 different reps at Safe Home Security and neither one of them ever responded to my request. Now I can't even cancel my contract because they will make me pay for 90% of the contract term. I am stuck with this dishonest company and can't get out of it! I will never in my life refer anyone to Safe Home Security or choose them as my servicer. There is a reason why they force people to sign a 3-year term because they know that they will not have any repeat business from anyone so they have to make the most out of it. Pay a little higher in monthly payments to other companies but do not settle for Safe Home Security!!!

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    Reviewed March 14, 2018

    Saturday morning 3/10/18 Security panel dead totally black. I called customer service because I have an emergency. My house is not protected. My home is not being monitored and I am paying for my home protection. They told me a technician would be out on 3/20/2018. I have called everyday and no one has responded and my home is still unprotected. My response to them if anything happen, by my home not protected, Safe Home Security will be liable. Something need to be done. I am paying monthly and not receiving service.

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    Reviewed March 7, 2018

    I signed up for what was explained to me as a 1 year contract. So let’s start with what should of been my "RED FLAG". Installers came to install this system. First of all... the unit actually PLUGS INTO A WALL OUTLET -- yes, you read that right... how advanced!! I questioned what would keep someone from just unplugging it when they broke in... After a little giggle from him, he said he could secure it with a screw... A SCREW? Let me tell you, I feel safer already! So they cut a hole in my wall about the size of a light switch panel. After doing this the morons figured out the unit could not be installed there! So what did they do to fix this??? Well they pulled out a little plastic plate, and covered it... ARE YOU SERIOUS? At this point I was so annoyed, I just wanted them out of my house! I called customer service to complain about this New hole in my wall, and my calls were never returned!

    Eventually real life took over, (I was pregnant at the time with our first child, and I just let it go...) So now let’s talk about the Monitoring. On the few occasions that my alarm went off for whatever reason... I got a called approx after the alarm was going off for 20 minutes. YES 20 MINUTES! And they called the house phone, and LEFT A MESSAGE. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Eventually after the alarm was cut off, and about 20 more minutes later I then received a call on my Cell phone. I asked them why they didn’t call the police? She told me she couldn’t do that until someone answered and told her to!!! IT IS INSANITY. So if someone breaks in my house and is robbing/raping/killing me, in order for them to call the authorities, I have to answer and tell her to. It defeats the WHOLE PURPOSE of a system! If I was able to do all that, I could just call myself! What a joke!

    WAIT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. After a few months of paying the bills, I started adding up the amounts, and it didn’t add up right? So I called the customer service and was told that SOMEHOW I was enrolled in a $10 per month Warranty - I explained that I never agreed to that, why would I want a "WARRANTY" from a company that couldn't even install the unit. SO, I ATTEMPTED to Cancel the Service - I was at that time told I was actually in a 3 year contract, and I could not cancel until then. I COULD NOT BELIEVE that we somehow missed that on the contract. I asked for a copy of the original Contract. It arrived by mail, and you could not tell if that box (for the term length and the warranty) was checked before or after my signature... and since I was not given a copy, I had no way to dispute it.

    I asked that the contract be cancelled at the end of the term which was Jan 2018 - We were moving to another house, and would not need the system. I was told that request could not be taken by phone, and to send a letter with the request. This was around August of 2016 - At that time, I wrote a letter and asked the service be cancelled. Approx 1 month later, I get a call from a customer service Rep asking why I wanted to cancel (SO I KNOW THEY GOT MY LETTER). I explained my nightmare and at that time he tried to lower the price! I told him NO! We were moving to another house and would be renting this house, and there was NO WAY I was going to put this nightmare on someone else. At that time I thought I WAS FINALLY done with them...

    WELL < I WAS WRONG... It is February of 2018, and I get a bill in our new home (mail forwarded) stating that I owe 2 months of payments for monitoring. WHAT? So I called customer service and they told me that in fact my account DID NOT cancel and it actually ROLLED OVER for a WHOLE NEW YEAR CONTRACT!!! BOY, I was mad. I asked to speak to a supervisor... and was transferred to a Voicemail. NO one called me back after days. So I called back again, and AGAIN, was sent to a Voicemail. I left ANOTHER voicemail. NO CALL BACK...

    Today I get a letter stating that they have researched my account, and I in fact I am locked into ANOTHER year of service for a house we haven't lived in for 3 months! I called Customer Service again, and was told MY letter was never received (which I know is not true since 2 reps called me after mailing it to save the account) and unless I sent it certified and had a copy of all that, I am stuck? So here I am on the ConsumerAffairs site, and I am reading complaint after complaint after complaint from people and the complaints almost exactly mirror my issues. THIS IS NO ISOLATED ISSUE. This is this company’s MO, and I am hoping that someone starts a Class Action Law Suit against them. DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2018

    I moved from one state to another. This company would not let me cancel my service and said that the only way was to install another service for an additional 2 years in my new house and that then they would cancel my other service. I am still being billed by mail for both systems AND being charged on my credit card as well (after 5 months). I have called, written and emailed everyone that I can reach with no results. I get voicemail or told they will look into it but then no response. I cannot reach anyone with any ability to do anything about it. Next is my attorney. Fraud!!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2018

    This company is absolutely horrible, taking advantage of the elderly by knocking on their doors and intimidating them into having Security Systems installed. Having them sign a 5 year contract. My parents cancelled and had the equipment removed within the 3 days and are still being charged for the 5 years of monitoring. Nobody should sign anything with this company. Please don't get ripped off!!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2018

    I subscribed to Safe Home Security on August, 2017 when a young man knocked on my door. He had a list of addresses, and he knew my existing security contract had been completed. He said he worked for Quantum Energy, and he represented Safe Home Security. He asked me if my current service charged me when something malfunctioned. I answered "yes". He told me that SHS would replace any malfunctioning piece of equipment for free, and would even replace the batteries -- all for $39.99/mo. When I hesitated, he offered a "Ring" security camera for free. With those conditions, I signed up for their service. I told him I had a malfunctioning TouchPad upstairs, and he said his technician would follow shortly, and determine if it needed replacing. The tech guy showed up 30 minutes later, inspected my existing system, determined that the TouchPad needed replacing, and pulled it off the wall. He said he'd follow through with replacement.

    I waited 1 month with no further communication from SHS, then called customer care. This was September, 2017, and I've been getting the runaround since then. I've called customer care over 10 times, and they keep promising a solution, but never call back. They set up a service call for Jan 4, but never showed up. When I called, the rep stated that he cancelled the service call because SHS will only replace equipment that THEY installed! That was never the agreement. Replacement/repair of existing equipment was the reason I switched companies! It has been 4.5 months with no resolution, and I now expect none. Oh, they also charged me for the "free" Ring camera, by adding $4.00 to the monthly service fee.

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    Reviewed Jan. 15, 2018

    Man came over to my house to sell me this crap. I fell for it! I was offered six months free and he stated and wrote down on paper. After the six month is over you can call to cancel with NO PENALTIES!!! First the alarm just sucks, keeps going off. Called a few times for someone to come and fix it and In six month no one has came or made an attempt to contact me!!! Called customer service and told them I was unhappy with the services that I was NOT getting first of all and they told me I could not cancel because I was on a five year contract that their employee who she stated is no longer with them and if he was he would be fired cause it's not the first time which I taught hilarious!!! But anywho he told me it was 2 year tops BUT that during my trail period it will not affect me but yet HERE WE ARE!!! I will be taking action against them. They falsely advertise and are extremely rude and arrogant pompous **.

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2017

    The system is extremely faulty and customer service is extremely rude. Customer service won't send someone to fix my system and when I tell them to just cancel my service they got extremely rude and then hung up on me twice.

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    Verified purchase