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Safe Home Security matches homeowners with security systems that fit their needs. With this company, you can use preexisting security equipment in order to create a custom home security system. It works with various security brands and offers several security services.

    Pros & Cons

    • Customized systems
    • Identity protection option
    • Limited price transparency
    • No online orders

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Safe Home Security, Inc.?
      • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsTechReliability

      Reviewed Aug. 25, 2022

      I am writing this review to explain the complaint again in regard to my account with Safe Home Security INC, I signed up with SHS since July 2021 and traveled overseas for health reason and trusted in Safe Home Security to protect my house and to provide me the best service as I been promised. The equipments installed in my house is faulty equipments, The Alarm System is defective. The equipment has been provided from independent contractor, I have cameras and alarm pad in the house. All of it is faulty and bad quality, as well misrepresentation mad by your contractor unfairly lock me in long term contract, The Fees not what I been promised. Reached out multiple times to customer service to fix the issues. Didn’t get the right response, please note this is a breaching of trust As well.

      When I reached out to the Billing Department which was very hard to reach, they explained for me that the free six months been promised is actually $4.99 so basically is not free and the monthly charges is $69.99 which this not what I agree on. The billing department informed me that’s on the contract which was not represented to me or sent out, the Safe Home Security installation agents let us signed on a digital Tablet. I hope someone hear my voice and honor the consumer protection act in USA, I would like to cancel the contact which been not represented to me and get refund for all the amounts I been charged since I signed up in July 2021. Note the alarm as well in my house been not alarmed for long time and that leaves my house without protection. Please respond to my letter as soon possible and have the account cancel and the fees refunded.

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed Aug. 24, 2022

      A sleazy door to door sales guy pulled a fast one on us and locked us into a multi year service contract. They want 90% of the total 3 year amount to get out of it, and even if you sell your house they hunt you. They haven't provided me anything for over a year and they still want their monthly payment. They say it's like a contract to buy a car but there is no physical item involved the equipment was "free" and they refused to let me return it.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Aug. 16, 2022

      Horrible Company. I have been trying to cancel their service for over a month. I've called over 5 times and as requested I have sent in several email to cancel. I have yet to get a response and when I call in, they always say they understand and will have someone with some authority get back with me. Of course, they never do. They always have an excuse. In the meantime, they are charging my account each month. Don't sign with this company. They are very unprofessional.

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed Aug. 11, 2022

      Been tried to cancel my monitoring service with SHS for a few months. Sent cancellation letter. They said they got it and I could cancel. That I was month to month. The following month got charged again. They state they never received my cancellation and I was locked in for a year. It’s a scam from the sale to the service to the cancellation. Extremely Dissatisfied!

      MonitoringSales & MarketingOnline & App

      Reviewed July 26, 2022

      I've been trying to cancel the SHS alarm monitoring service for months but have been unsuccessful so far. SHS refuses to acknowledge my cancellation request and letter sent to their e-mail on their website. SHS has been saying that they have saved my letter to my file and someone will get in touch with me in 24 to 48 hrs. No one has contacted me. Does anybody have any recommendations on how how to successfully get out of SHS's scam? DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS WITH Safe Home Security, Inc. or SafeGuard America another of their aliases.

      MonitoringContract & TermsSales & Marketing

      Reviewed July 26, 2022

      I've been trying to cancel the SHS alarm monitoring service for years but have been unsuccessful so far. I'd like to go to other companies for my security system and SHS refuses to acknowledge my cancellation request. SHS has been saying that I failed to send my cancellation letter on time and that the service is on auto-renew. SHS so far has not been able to show me any renewal contract as proof. Does anybody have any recommendations on how how to successfully get out of SHS's scam?

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed July 9, 2022

      The keypad and touchpad do not work for several weeks. They said they would not send a repairman until I renew my contract for 3 years. My current contract is not up for eight more months. Why should I sign a new contract when my current equipment doesn't work? I said, "Okay. I will sign contract." The person on the phone said, "Okay. I will email you the contract right now." They emailed the contract. While the salesman was on the phone he began chanting, "Did you sign it yet? Did you sign it yet?," hoping I would not read the contract. I read the contract and it was a 3-year contract in spite of what he told me 5 minutes before that it was a one-year contract. Make sure their servicemen can fix your equipment when it breaks before you sign with them. I paid two service calls for people to work on my equipment. It still doesn't work.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsTech

      Reviewed May 22, 2022

      Had a salesman come to door around 3 years ago and talked us into switching to them, mainly because they were cheaper. Didn't cost them anything since we already had all the equipment. Their customer service has been terrible. Have had problems and called with no results. Say they will send technician but never happens. I canceled their service but now they content I have a 5 year contract and have 2 more years to pay. They charge a ridiculous 90 % to get out of it. I have refused to pay anything and they just keep sending me bills. Have sent letters to Connecticut and NM Attorney General and BBB but can't get anyone to help. Suppose I will just refuse to pay for next 2 years and see what they do.

      Contract & TermsTech

      Reviewed May 9, 2022

      I submitted a written and verbal request to cancel my services within the time allotted after my original contract was up. They refused and signed me up for an additional year that I did not want. They hit my credit when I refused to pay as I had submitted a written request to cancel. Anytime I call to get an update on the status they say they will remove the credit hit if I sign up for more time with the company. Please make sure your installer is not selling to Safe Home. You will regret it.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed April 25, 2022

      We were satisfied with our ADT service when a salesman came to our door from Safe Home Security. They said their company would be cheaper and would include extra services not offered by ADT. We said we had a contract with ADT. "Oh that's s fine, they said, we will cancel your ADT service and buy out your contract." The salesman later told us it had been taken care of, but I noticed ADT was still billing me. I asked our salesman JONNY ** why this was happening and he said he'd look into it. Well, 18 months later they were still billing us! I called ADT and they said our service had never been canceled or bought out. I called Safe Home Security and they said we were still responsible for our 5-year contract which WE WERE ONLY SUPPOSED TO PAY 3.5 YEARS OF DUE TO THE DEAL THAT WE WERE PROMISED BY SALESMAN JONNY **!!

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed March 29, 2022

      I was in a 36 month contract which ended March 21, 2022. Prior to this I've had nothing but issues, if it's not the service it's them trying to scam me into extending my services or getting more money.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 28, 2022

      Let this be a warning to anyone looking for a home security company, Safe Home Security is by far the worst alarm company in the business. From the very start they lie to you, provide awful customer service on top of their equipment being absolutely useless. If you want awful service and shoddy equipment Safe Home Security is the company for you.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed Jan. 23, 2022

      We were satisfied with our ADT service when 2 salesman came to our door from Safe Home Security. They said their company would be cheaper and would include extra services not offered by ADT. We said we had a contract with ADT. "Oh that's s fine, they said, we will cancel your ADT service and buy out your contract." The salesman later told us it had been taken care of, but I noticed ADT was still billing me. I asked our salesman Adam why this was happening and he said he'd look into it. Well, 3 months later they were still billing us! I called ADT and they said our service had never been cancelled or bought out. I called Safe Home Security and they said we were still responsible for our 2-year contract which I refuse to pay because we were signed up under false pretenses. It's been a huge nightmare!!

      Reviewed Jan. 10, 2022

      They trap you. 36 months later, I want to cancel my service. I spoke to a rep and told her my intentions, she said just give 60 day notice. My sales rep never told me it auto renews yearly and since I didn't give the 60 day notice 60 days prior to the date December 13th, I now can't cancel my plan FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. They trap you and are Literally the worst company I have ever spoken to.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsReliability

      Reviewed Oct. 14, 2021

      Worst security company. Equipment stopped working less than 6 months after they installed it and locked us into a 5 year contract. I have set 7 appointments. Only one has had someone show up. He disconnected and reconnected the alarm and told me it was faulty and I needed to pay hundreds of dollars to replace a part in it. I said that should be under warranty and I expected the company to fix it.... He said to work it out with them and left. No matter how many times I leave messages for managers or set appointments to get it fixed, nobody calls me back and nobody shows up to the appointments. They won't even credit me for the 28 MONTHS I haven't had working service. They take $50 a month from my account and refuse to fix it. I am locked until 2024! DO NOT sign anything with this company!!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 27, 2021

      Nothing but a bunch of security wannabes. No shows on appointments. Shoddy work when they do show up. Takes them weeks and numerous calls to even get one return call. Stay away from these crooks! Don’t put the security of your company or your family in the hands of these idiots!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 8, 2021

      I have been a customer of Safe Home Security for over 25 years. This past year they have gone down the tubes! Their so called, "specialists" lack knowledge, lie and are deceitful. No one cares about the customer. Long story short: A technician came to fix my system on Sept 3, 2021. After he left, my system never worked again. The alarm would go off randomly, police were dispatched etc. Called SHS for assistance. They told me that my account was in "collections" and could not help me. Mind you, my account was paid in FULL in June, 2021. They acknowledged that I was wrongfully put into collections. I had no choice but to unplug the entire system.

      Here is is 5 days later and I'm in the same situation. Spoke to several "specialists" who all made promises to call me back. Did any of them call back NO! I have been lied to and manipulated. I decided to call the CEO, David Roman. To my surprise, his number led me right back to the incompetent "specialists" that work there. Again, I was promised a call back, hmmm still waiting. SHS does not honor their contracts. Where do I go from here? I've hit a wall over and over. Maybe small claims court? Thoroughly disgusted! I will let you know if the CEO answers my e-mail or not. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

      Installation & SetupContract & TermsTech

      Reviewed Aug. 6, 2021

      My elderly husband (with dementia) was sold a package by someone that just came to the door. (I consider this predatory behavior.) I was never consulted, even though I pay the bills, in fact I didn't find out until after it was installed that my husband agreed to it. This was installed (and installed poorly) without my permission or knowledge. Because I worked at the time I didn't have time to chase it down right away, and when I finally did, with a letter revoking permission for the company to withdraw funds was responded to with "we have every right to continue taking funds up until the end of the contract." I am pretty sure they collected an extra years’ worth, but can’t prove it because of spouse’s dementia.

      I informed them that we used the system once and it had caused a great deal of trouble with the local sheriff's dept. because we did not have the proper permits for it. Something that the sales rep failed to mention in the contract, and I assume he failed to tell my spouse, and even if he had, my spouse would not remember it. My husband could not even use the fancy help necklace because he can't remember technical things. On top of that the installer caused damage in our home, and installed the controls in our dining area so that they interfered with the enjoyment of our home. Several years have passed now, and I am still angry about it and feel that folks doing their due diligence might appreciate the heads up.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & Marketing

      Reviewed Aug. 6, 2021

      I've been with this company for years with satisfactory service. Sometimes it's easier to stay with a C+ company than start over. I recently had one of my credit cards compromised and a new one was sent to me. I was on auto withdraw with Safe Home Security and the credit card that was compromised happened to be that one. I have many credit cards and was unaware that credit card was attached to the automatic payment. I never received a call from Safe Home Security nor did I get a letter to inform me my payment did not go through. I was on a month to month/no contract.

      Apparently a few months went by without payments being made but my service was still on. I receive excessive junk mail daily and one day I noticed a letter/bill from SafeGuard America. I never heard of this company so I threw it out. I received the same letter a couple more times and finally called the number on the invoice thinking it was some kind of scam and I was going to get to the bottom of it. When I called they said they were Safe Home Security and I owed a past due amount. I was surprised as the letter did not say Safe Home Security. If it had I would have opened it immediately and rectified the situation.

      I paid it immediately and explained what must have happened with my credit card. I thought that was the end of the misunderstanding until I got an alert on my credit report that said my score dropped 50 points for delinquent payments! I've been working on my credit for 15 + years to get to the 750-800 mark. Never missing a payment on anything. I called and explained the situation to multiple employees and managers and they said they would not do anything about it. It seems this company will expend much effort to call and try to sell you their service to stay with them but as soon as you need some help they are nowhere to be found. 50+ points and late payments showing on your credit report will cost me thousands on large purchases/house/car etc.. This company does not care for its customers and is only loyal to the dollar bill. Find another security company to go with with better ratings. Something I should have researched more carefully.

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

      They sold my mom a system in 2018 knowing she already had one and talked her into signing a 66 month contract that she can’t get out of. So she pays $42.99 a month. In June my mom passed away so I spoked with this so called security company and they said that she had to honor the contract she signed even though she is no longer here, they claim she still owes on 32 months which comes to about $1200. Now, they sold a 86 year old woman a contract for 5.5 years, to me they are dishonest, first selling her a security system she didn’t need and then talking her into a 66 month contract. Don’t even consider this company and never sign a contract!

      Installation & SetupContract & TermsReliability

      Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021


      Example 1. The sensors on all 3 of my exterior doors have failed and require repair.
      Example 2. A device that was installed in 2018 which was to last 5 years had a manufacture date of Jan 2015, and a replacement date of Jan 2021. The contract was to run thru mid-2023
      Example 3. The company installed an operating system in 2018 that became obsolete in 2021. To continue to get service for the remainder of my contract I have to buy the upgraded operating system and pay to have it installed.

      Example 4. Even though the company cannot provide service due to a systems upgrade on their part, I am responsible to pay out the remaining contract with no service no matter what.


      Example 1 . This is August 3rd. On July 16th I submitted a service request because my system went completely down. The company is trying to get someone out by August 23. i.e. 38 days without service that I am being billed for.

      Example 2. The company sells contracts for service in areas that the company has no service tech, i.e. the reason for long delays in getting service.


      Customer Service

      Reviewed July 9, 2021

      Tech Jim broke my main panel on purpose and I am getting run around from the company. Everyone says they will call me back and they do not stole 700 dollars from me. Tech Jim was even rude with the company’s manager and she called him on it. Now I have to wait two weeks for another tech.

      Customer ServiceMonitoring

      Reviewed July 5, 2021

      Get a real alarm company! When your alarm is malfunctioning and the police are there twice while you are on the phone with them, they should get the hint. Their solution to the problem was to send a technician in 2 days. Unacceptable.

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed June 25, 2021

      The same as all the reviews about Safe Home Security, they trick you and lie about your contract through Docusign, to be with them for 5 years, and they have a contract which you can not get out of even if you are totally fed up with them, they put you in credit bureau, they affect your credit and they give you the worst service EVER!

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed June 2, 2021

      DO NOT CONSIDER THIS COMPANY... I picked them because of their great price but that was the scam. Once they get you signed up and under contract they provide the worse service possible. While charging you each month while not maintaining your service. Then when you request to be released due to their poor service practices they tell you there is a contract and you have to pay the full amount, this is the scam and fraudulent practice. On top of COVID world issue which there being a national and state mandate for service companies to release customers for burden issues they do not comply with this.

      My various issues with this company include many false alarms where cops come and then because of the volume of alarms you get charged. Then when you call for service they never come out and always cancel and reschedule. If you take days off work that is lost money and they could care less. Again if they can not maintain the service the contract is void and to continue to take money from my bank account is fraud. I am working with the Federal Trade Commission as well as my state's Attorney General's office to be released from this unfair contract. If you are having similar issues please make the needed complaints to these agencies to straighten out this company. Horrible company. Please be warned to not even consider them.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed May 8, 2021

      We signed up with them 5 years ago with a 5 year contract. After the first year, never heard a thing from them. No checks to see if we were ok or needed any upgrades, NOTHING! We moved 2.5 years ago and they never gave us a call about our equipment being uninstalled or to see if everything was OK. In March when the contract was up, they called us. 2 days after the contract was completed and told me I would have to pay for another year. Now I am getting calls because I stopped my auto draft in April so they could not keep getting money. They keep telling me the account cannot be closed until it is paid for in full. I wish I had never signed with this company and kick myself every day because we got caught in their trap.

      Reviewed April 9, 2021

      I signed up with this company. Start having issues with smoke detector no supervision tamper low battery. That was two months ago. Still not working. They cancel appts, don't show up for appts and when they do change battery and try to charge 64.99 for a battery in which I have my own. BUYER BEWARE. GO WITH ANYONE ELSE BESIDES THIS COMPANY.

      Reviewed April 3, 2021

      In 2016 signed contract with Linear Security. In 2017 advised SHS takeover in attempts to cancel contract. I had written to corporate in any attempt due to critical medical emergency in need to cancel. No Luck. As of today I am still attempting to straighten this out. Not only with my credit in jeopardy but four years later still paying for a service that was disconnected four years ago!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & Terms

      Reviewed Feb. 1, 2021

      This is the worst company ever. They set up my parent service in July. Since that time they have repeatedly gave us the run around about the camera. The first camera they sent didn't work and they said it was our door bell. Had a new bell installed and they said they would have a tech out to setup the camera, he never showed. I called them again, they stated they would mail out the camera, two weeks later I called back to be told it had not been ordered. Two weeks after this, I called again to be told the same thing.

      I have tried repeatedly to speak with a supervisor and ask several times for them to call me. They are raking my elderly parents over the coals and charging monies for services they can't or aren't providing. I want to cancel this contract, but it's a steep charge to do so. I again called today to again be told they have not sent out a camera for installation. I again asked a supervisor to call me. I am over this company and their terrible service. You should go with Vivint, at least they act like they care about their customers and don't try to take advantage of the elderly!!!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & Terms

      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2021

      This company is a nightmare. Years ago I tried canceling them only mom's behalf, and instead they talked me into a longer contract in exchange for two new keypads at different entrances. Fine. But then they canceled two appointments to install it. When they finally showed up, they only brought a battery and not the two keypads. They said it wasn't in the order, so they'd have to come back. The person in charge of scheduling all this was "Deja". Long story, they never added the keypads and they missed so many appts that I stopped caring.

      A few years pass, and I try to cancel again. They gave me instructions on mailing a letter to request the cancelation. A week or so passes, and I lost the address, so I called to get it again. Instead of just giving me the address, they again pressured me into not canceling. Years pass, my sister calls to cancel... Same deal. Can't cancel.

      Finally our mom (whose house it is) began hospice in 2020, and I call SHS again to cancel, saying that we'll be selling the house soon. "Keenan" says ok. I ask him if a letter is needed. No later needed. Just one more payment and we're done. But then... wait for it... three months later, my mom has died, and we're still getting charged. I just got off the phone with them. I spoke with "Dana" who told me that I needed to send a letter and buy out the rest of our contract. I asked her why their deceased customers need to continue paying. Apparently it's in the contract. I asked for a copy of the contract. They said no, not until I send them a copy of the death certificate, the cancelation letter, and the buy out payment.

      All the while, Dana was cold. No sympathy. No understanding. No effort to fix the problem. She -- like everyone before her -- made every effort to thwart my needs and just kick the problem down the road. I'm done. I'm done thinking about them, talking to them, dealing with them, and writing about them. They are a horror to deal with. It is a comfort (and no surprise) to see I'm not the only one who has these problems with them. How they got away with this for so long, I'll never know. Do not do business with this company. Just don't.

      Ease of Use

      Reviewed Jan. 21, 2021

      The system is effective and easy to use. There are so many home security systems on the market. It took time and research and I am happy with my choice. I would tell anyone to research the products they're considering.

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed Jan. 20, 2021

      What a terrible experience. Told them in the beginning I was moving when I retired in a couple of years, sales guy, "Oh that won’t be a problem." Canceled this service which I never used back in November of 2020 and sent the paperwork needed yet they continue to charge me and harass me. They said they didn’t receive anything from me. Hum lost in cyber space imagine that. Never told me my contract was for 60 months when I thought it was for 36. They are now telling me it was a 60 month contract and that the buy out is 90 percent of the remaining contract and that they will continue to take money from my account with no services rendered for almost another 3 years. Be very careful. Per the equipment I was supposed to have 3 exterior cameras that were hard wired (which they didn’t have in stock) so they gave me 3 ring battery operated cameras and told me the batteries last 6 months which was a lie.

      In Utah weather they only lasted 2 months and I am not tall enough to change them so they weren’t working most of the time. These cameras have room for 2 batteries but only come with one so you have to spend an additional 30 dollars each for additional batteries to get 3 months out of them. ADT is far better more understanding and actually less money. I am a retired senior now and they continue to take advantage of me by taking 69.99 out of my account for services not rendered and they told me they will continue to do that for 32 more months. And I have nothing to show for it. I hate companies like these that take advantage of people. Don’t sign any contracts. You never know what might change in your life.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed Jan. 6, 2021

      On April 5, 2018 I signed a 3 year contract with Safe Home Security for $69.99 per month. During this time I had very little problems with the security equipment itself however the customer service and technical assistance were atrocious. On July 29, 2020 I was contacted by an agent of the company and informed that there would be a 3 dollar increase to my monthly bill. The agent explained that this increase was due to upgrading the home security systems to 5G. I was sent a link to the DocuSign website where I signed a letter authorizing the monthly increase and upgrade to my system. On Jan 6, 2021 I contacted Safe Home Security to discuss canceling my service at the end of the agreed upon contract.

      The agent informed me that my contract had already been renewed for an additional 60 months in July 2020. I DID NOT authorize this renewal nor did I ever receive a copy of this new contract until I demanded it from the company. I also discovered that to cancel the service now would end up costing me several thousand dollars. The unethical business practices of Safe Home Security should be enough to deter anyone from doing business with them ever again. If you are currently shopping for a home security system and don't believe me go to the Better Business Bureau website and see for yourself. If you are a current Safe Home Security customer, be warned and stay ever vigilant especially when taking calls from their customer service department. DO NOT upgrade or change anything with your service until the end of your contract unless you want to be stuck in it for the next 5 years. BE WARNED!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTech

      Reviewed Dec. 4, 2020

      When we first approached Safe Home Security we wanted cameras to record with motion. They have not done so. My husband's truck was broken into and we had to pay out of pocket for the repairs since the cameras didn't record. We have made numerous phone calls and talked with a different rep each time and got a different response each time. When the tech installed the one camera on our garage, he drilled holes where he thought that it should go and had to move over so there are holes in brand new siding and into the garage. The customer service is non-existent. My husband had a tech contact him with an appointment for 9 to 12 one day. When no one showed by 11 he called customer care. They told him no one was scheduled to come out. The day before Thanksgiving we had a tech show up at our home without prior notice. If you're considering this company, don't!

      Customer ServiceTechReliability

      Reviewed Nov. 5, 2020

      The alarm worked well for awhile, then I started getting “zone malfunction “ errors. I put up with it for a while. The repairman came here on Wednesday, Thursday it started again. When I called service, I was told the repairman didn’t work my area on Monday or Tuesday. Due to other appointments I had to wait till Friday. I made it clear that I was a dissatisfied customer. On Thursday I was called by the serviceman that he couldn’t make it on Friday and I would have to reschedule for next week. I let him know I was an unhappy customer, and hung up. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I know I will not renew my contract.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & Terms

      Reviewed Oct. 16, 2020

      I have had Safe Home Security (SHS) for approximately 18 months. I have 18 months left on my contract and I cannot wait until I can get rid of this company. The first 15 months were fine. Never had to call them and deal with their customer service so I didn’t notice the problem with them. In July of this year we began planning for a move.

      I called SHS and I talked with Bill ** extension ** (Claims to be a Manager). I inquired about moving my service and the costs associated with it. He told me that there is a $199 fee to move. I asked what it was for and he stated it was an administrative fee and it covered the uninstall and the reinstall. I asked him if I could save money by doing it myself and he said, "You can do it by yourself but the fee will still be charged." He also told me my contract would have to be renewed for another 36 months on top of what I have remaining. I ended the phone conversation and told him I would get back with them.

      Approximately 1 week later, I called again and I talked with someone that goes by KK, extension **. This gentleman was exceptional and did not lie to me. He told me the $199 was a $99 uninstall fee and a $99 reinstall fee. He further stated there was no admin fee. KK also said that I would not have to extend my contract. I would just have to sign a new contract for the remaining months on the current contract. (Make this guy the Manager.) I signed the new contract and requested the uninstall appointment. 2 -5 days later, Bill ** called me back and wanted to schedule the appointment. He was taking too long due to our move rapidly approaching, so I requested to uninstall myself. He told me the alarm was shut down and I was able to do it. In the meantime he was supposed to schedule the reinstall at the new location and get back with me. I requested 2 September.

      Approximately 5 September rolled around and I still haven’t heard from anyone. I called the customer service number and the lady I talked with told me that Bill had it scheduled but never called me so we missed the appointment. I requested it be rescheduled. I also requested a manager over Bill call me so we can talk about all of these issues. After discussing everything with her. I felt as though she would take care of it, but I was wrong. Finally, approximately 1 week later, Bill called again and said he was scheduling my reinstall. I heard back from him eventually with a date and time about 1 week later. That date and time rolled around and no one showed up, but they did charge my account for the Instal ($99). Again I called Safe Home Security Customer Service and requested they refund the money or set up an appointment that they could ensure.

      Today, it is October 15 and I still don’t have a refund or an install completed. I have tried to request to speak with someone higher up and no one will help. This has been the worst service and organization I have ever dealt with. If someone from the leadership at the corporate office could reach out, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsTech

      Reviewed Oct. 15, 2020

      This company should not be in business!! Bunch of liars. Unprofessional, rude people! My smoke alarm been going on for 2 weeks. Called several times. Could not help me over the phone. First they scheduled me in one week which is crazy given the sound of the smoke alarm, I couldn't sleep. My poor mom just had hip surgery and had to listen to that sound! When the time came for the appointment they called me that the technician car broke down and I have to wait for another week for them to come out!

      When that came they cancelled me again on the same day saying that they couldn't get the part that need it to be replaced. Of course another lie! So right of way I called to cancel my contract, they told me I have to email the request, which I did. No one reached out so I called and they claim they never got it so I sent it 3 more times. It's been going on now 3 weeks, I called several times. Spoke to 4 different people, everyone of them telling me a different story, the system is down, also the email is down. So they make it impossible for you to cancel your contract!! Also they are extremely rude. If you start complaining they put you on hold or transfer you somewhere then disconnect you! So my next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the same time I will contact the attorney general's office! I do not understand how they are allowed to stay in business! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & Terms

      Reviewed Sept. 23, 2020

      I want to give Negative grade! Don't do any business with this company, and don't come close to them. Starting Feb 2020 our alarm system was getting insane. Charging itself when we were at home, start alarming for no reason (even when it wasn't on) and so on. We called the company to get it fixed - it took a month, they send someone who said they cannot fix it and they will send replacement. After another month of false alarms we called again and again the same guy came with the same answer! At that point, he disconnect my alarm system completely.

      Since then, after dozen call to the call center, we finally got a new system but no one came to install it!!!! It is ridiculous, we are trying to talk to some manager there, but we get nowhere. We are trying to get service and it will be only in a month! And they refuse to pay me for the months I got no service. I really wish I could break in the middle of my contract with them, but afraid it is illegal (if anyone knows different please let me know). I never give such bad critics, but do your self a big favor - don't do anything with that company!!!!

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed Sept. 22, 2020

      The Service was OK in 2015 - at my home - so added my daughter's where they tried to piggyback onto the ADT system which never worked and they were full of excuses to do with a window that was not making the connection. I had a 3 yr. contract for my daughter's home (where she no longer lives) and now they are saying I owe for a 4th yr. because I did not notify them the month prior to the contract being due and they continued to take the money from my checking account which I stopped as soon as I realized what they were doing. This is definitely NOT the company in which anyone wants involvement - by the way we have not used their service in either house for the past 2 yrs. - They are still billing me.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Aug. 14, 2020

      The first months it worked well and I had no problems with it. After the first months, I called a few times and the operator was helpful. When I called today, the customer service representative immediately became rude when I asked her to look into my account. She said her "system" was down and transferred me without my permission to a "recorded" message asking me to leave my name.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed July 10, 2020

      I had a security system (first time) installed by American Homesecures, Dallas, TX ** back in October 10, 2019. Everything's been fine until I understand Safe Home Security, Middletown, CT ** acquired American Homesecures. It's been a mess since the acquisition. I made my payment in June 2020 (for the month of July) to American Homesecures c/o Cornerstone Billing, Orland Park, IL **. After that I find out about the acquisition. The e-check was processed, Cornerstone said American Homesecures had it, American Homesecures said they needed the bank confirmation number (which I gave them) and they said they would send it to Safe Home Security. As of July 9, 2020 Safe Home Security said they haven't received it. Moreover they said I owe 2 months payment (or something). What? A real mess. In short I want to find another Security company but I did have an agreement with American Homesecures.