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    259 Safe Home Security, Inc. Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 21, 2018

    This is the worst security company. They are way overpriced and will not let you transfer service when you are moving. They were not upfront about their terms (payment amount or length of term) until they were installing the system. I will never do business with this company and highly encourage that no one else do business with them either. I would not even give this company 1 star.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 6, 2018

    I was a customer with this company for over 10 years and recently terminated when I realized how sloppy and inferior service they were providing. When I tried to terminate their service, they showed their true colors - lies, deception and coercion. There are many better and cheaper home security systems options. Avoid this company!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 30, 2018

    If anyone would like to join me in a lawsuit please let me know. My parents were approached by a man who was selling this product to my elderly father. My father passed and so my mother called to cancel services. We find out that we either commit to 5 years or pay 90% of the contract which would be about $1K. They told us either we pay or my father's beneficiary would go to collection.

    That is not at all the offer that was presented to my parents when approached. There is no one available to speak to and the customer service rep even tells you the call will only be sent to the manager's voicemail. This is elder abuse, period. I will be suing them if anyone would wish to do something on a larger scale please let me know. I asked the representative to email me a copy of the contract with the signatures and he did not. I asked how is it possible to bill and send someone to collections who did not sign the contract and he said that’s just how they do it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 25, 2018

    ZERO STARS. Their staff and customer service = worst ever. They only call because I cancelled the credit card that was auto-paying for their monthly service & that got their attention. Otherwise I would try to reach them and it would take months for someone to reach back to me. I have been sending letters to the top person in charge and they are still screwing me around. I cancelled my home security & moved it to my office. I found out they cancelled my office & kept it at my home!!! This is still taking forever for someone to get resolve the issue. STAY FAR AWAY! The mother company is Security One, and they sold my contract to this company which is a fraud scheme. Avoid both at all cost.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 24, 2018

    We were approached two years ago by two men who represented themselves as our existing company and were there to update our equipment. They then had us sign some paperwork and they also wrote a letter for us to sign for our existing company to cancel. We tried to cancel because of misrepresentation but we were told we couldn’t. We had a fire and the security system never went off. Come to find out they never installed a detector. They finally after many phone calls put up a smoke alarm.

    We have been in contact with this company to give us the equipment at least equal to what we had originally. Finally we were told they would take care of us for no charge only to find out they charged our checking account for over $900.00. I called several times only to be hung up on and transferred to an unmanned phone. They never return your voice message. So I called my bank and stopped their access to our account. Wow, now I hear from them badgering me but not trying to resolve the issues. I am not going to give them any more money. As far as I am concerned they have violated the contract on multiple counts so I feel the account is cancelled. They deserve a zero star for everything.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 19, 2018

    My mother had this service fail twice. Pendant pressed, no response. She called them and was told "we don't have service over the holiday" (Christmas). Another time, she pressed the pendant and there was no response. After deciding to change companies, they continued to charge her monthly saying she had signed a contract. She is 94. She is unable to understand signing a contract. Communication with them is non-existent - poor follow-up. Beware! Sign with a larger, well-known and respected company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2018

    OMG! Try and leave this company and they keep changing your end-date on your contract. We were given a date and when we were not happy and wanted a different company, they said we had 3 months left on our contract. No, we did not. It was past but we waited three months, like idiots. When we called again to cancel, they said no, we have 3 months left. What?!! So I said that we are canceling and that is that. Then we remove equipment, and a new company (we owned the equipment) but they continued to harass with calls and letters. We blocked their calls but they still mail us. I am not even sure if it's on our credit report but they are awful.

    I am so sorry that I recommended my daughter, when she bought her new house. She wrote this, "No one EVER sign up for Safe Home Security. This company is nothing but a joke. They have the worst customer service experience I have ever dealt with in my life. I have been working with clients and call centers for almost 10 years now and know how things SHOULD work."

    "This company will make you jump through hoops to cancel your service and make it seem like you have NO RIGHTS to do so. No one is ever giving the same information, they are not on the same page, no one can ever see your previous interactions with the company, no one is capable of handling your needs and there is NEVER anyone to escalate to because you are ALWAYS speaking with the highest person there. I apparently can only speak with "my account manager" whom by the way I have never dealt with in the years of service I have had with this company. They are slimy, not forthcoming, rude, incompetent and just out for your money." She finally solved it with them, as she was going to take legal action. Now I see, all over the internet, bad reviews for them and possible legal action against them. UGH. Stay away!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 28, 2018

    I fell for it yes free for 6 months with a 5 year contract! My new home was built and moved in 12/15/2014. By end of December I got the alarm installed. Just 3 months ago (12/19/18) I called to add the doorbell camera which would only cost me additional $10 a month on top of my monthly monitoring fee. I was told by the sales rep name Oliver that he would waive the installation fee. Well on 3/19/18 I checked my bank account there was $390.53 deduction from their company. I was so furious I called and find out why they took out a large amount when my monthly service is only $69.53! The rep told me that it was for the doorbell camera which I was not informed by the sales rep Oliver when I called on 12/18/17! Why three months later they took that $390.53 out of my bank account. When I finally got in touch with Oliver on 3/22/18 he stated it was a billing error and he apologized and said I will get my money credited back to my account in two days.

    Today is 3/28/18. I called and asked why my money still not in my account. I was told that the check was mailed to me. At this point I’m so angry and demanded to cancel my service as I am no longer happy with this company! He then proceeded to say that the doorbell camera gave me an additional 5 year contact!! What the hell!!! My contract should be done by next year of Dec 2019! The rep said no it will be 2023!! And if I want to cancel the service I need to write and he gave me an address to send my request. I literally cried my butt off because this was not informed to me about an additional 5 yr contract!! If they don’t cancel my service I will be hiring a lawyer!! Hopefully they did send my check in the mail! I am so furious with this company!! Don’t ever sign anything with this thief company!! They are horrible! Customer service sucks and they all have bad attitude!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 28, 2018

    Don't ever have anything to do with this company, they lowered my credit score by making inquiries and it lowers my score and I never gave them permission to check my credit score. I filed a complaint with the CFCB.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 21, 2018

    These people installed faulty equipment in my home which resulted in false violation tickets from the city. I had to pay $600 towards this and the company told me that they would credit back 2 months of my payments but they never did and I kept asking them for about 1 year. I have email correspondence from 5 different reps at Safe Home Security and neither one of them ever responded to my request. Now I can't even cancel my contract because they will make me pay for 90% of the contract term. I am stuck with this dishonest company and can't get out of it! I will never in my life refer anyone to Safe Home Security or choose them as my servicer. There is a reason why they force people to sign a 3-year term because they know that they will not have any repeat business from anyone so they have to make the most out of it. Pay a little higher in monthly payments to other companies but do not settle for Safe Home Security!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 14, 2018

    Saturday morning 3/10/18 Security panel dead totally black. I called customer service because I have an emergency. My house is not protected. My home is not being monitored and I am paying for my home protection. They told me a technician would be out on 3/20/2018. I have called everyday and no one has responded and my home is still unprotected. My response to them if anything happen, by my home not protected, Safe Home Security will be liable. Something need to be done. I am paying monthly and not receiving service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 7, 2018

    I signed up for what was explained to me as a 1 year contract. So let’s start with what should of been my "RED FLAG". Installers came to install this system. First of all... the unit actually PLUGS INTO A WALL OUTLET -- yes, you read that right... how advanced!! I questioned what would keep someone from just unplugging it when they broke in... After a little giggle from him, he said he could secure it with a screw... A SCREW? Let me tell you, I feel safer already! So they cut a hole in my wall about the size of a light switch panel. After doing this the morons figured out the unit could not be installed there! So what did they do to fix this??? Well they pulled out a little plastic plate, and covered it... ARE YOU SERIOUS? At this point I was so annoyed, I just wanted them out of my house! I called customer service to complain about this New hole in my wall, and my calls were never returned!

    Eventually real life took over, (I was pregnant at the time with our first child, and I just let it go...) So now let’s talk about the Monitoring. On the few occasions that my alarm went off for whatever reason... I got a called approx after the alarm was going off for 20 minutes. YES 20 MINUTES! And they called the house phone, and LEFT A MESSAGE. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Eventually after the alarm was cut off, and about 20 more minutes later I then received a call on my Cell phone. I asked them why they didn’t call the police? She told me she couldn’t do that until someone answered and told her to!!! IT IS INSANITY. So if someone breaks in my house and is robbing/raping/killing me, in order for them to call the authorities, I have to answer and tell her to. It defeats the WHOLE PURPOSE of a system! If I was able to do all that, I could just call myself! What a joke!

    WAIT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. After a few months of paying the bills, I started adding up the amounts, and it didn’t add up right? So I called the customer service and was told that SOMEHOW I was enrolled in a $10 per month Warranty - I explained that I never agreed to that, why would I want a "WARRANTY" from a company that couldn't even install the unit. SO, I ATTEMPTED to Cancel the Service - I was at that time told I was actually in a 3 year contract, and I could not cancel until then. I COULD NOT BELIEVE that we somehow missed that on the contract. I asked for a copy of the original Contract. It arrived by mail, and you could not tell if that box (for the term length and the warranty) was checked before or after my signature... and since I was not given a copy, I had no way to dispute it.

    I asked that the contract be cancelled at the end of the term which was Jan 2018 - We were moving to another house, and would not need the system. I was told that request could not be taken by phone, and to send a letter with the request. This was around August of 2016 - At that time, I wrote a letter and asked the service be cancelled. Approx 1 month later, I get a call from a customer service Rep asking why I wanted to cancel (SO I KNOW THEY GOT MY LETTER). I explained my nightmare and at that time he tried to lower the price! I told him NO! We were moving to another house and would be renting this house, and there was NO WAY I was going to put this nightmare on someone else. At that time I thought I WAS FINALLY done with them...

    WELL < I WAS WRONG... It is February of 2018, and I get a bill in our new home (mail forwarded) stating that I owe 2 months of payments for monitoring. WHAT? So I called customer service and they told me that in fact my account DID NOT cancel and it actually ROLLED OVER for a WHOLE NEW YEAR CONTRACT!!! BOY, I was mad. I asked to speak to a supervisor... and was transferred to a Voicemail. NO one called me back after days. So I called back again, and AGAIN, was sent to a Voicemail. I left ANOTHER voicemail. NO CALL BACK...

    Today I get a letter stating that they have researched my account, and I in fact I am locked into ANOTHER year of service for a house we haven't lived in for 3 months! I called Customer Service again, and was told MY letter was never received (which I know is not true since 2 reps called me after mailing it to save the account) and unless I sent it certified and had a copy of all that, I am stuck? So here I am on the ConsumerAffairs site, and I am reading complaint after complaint after complaint from people and the complaints almost exactly mirror my issues. THIS IS NO ISOLATED ISSUE. This is this company’s MO, and I am hoping that someone starts a Class Action Law Suit against them. DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 7, 2018

    I moved from one state to another. This company would not let me cancel my service and said that the only way was to install another service for an additional 2 years in my new house and that then they would cancel my other service. I am still being billed by mail for both systems AND being charged on my credit card as well (after 5 months). I have called, written and emailed everyone that I can reach with no results. I get voicemail or told they will look into it but then no response. I cannot reach anyone with any ability to do anything about it. Next is my attorney. Fraud!!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 18, 2018

    This company is absolutely horrible, taking advantage of the elderly by knocking on their doors and intimidating them into having Security Systems installed. Having them sign a 5 year contract. My parents cancelled and had the equipment removed within the 3 days and are still being charged for the 5 years of monitoring. Nobody should sign anything with this company. Please don't get ripped off!!!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 16, 2018

    I subscribed to Safe Home Security on August, 2017 when a young man knocked on my door. He had a list of addresses, and he knew my existing security contract had been completed. He said he worked for Quantum Energy, and he represented Safe Home Security. He asked me if my current service charged me when something malfunctioned. I answered "yes". He told me that SHS would replace any malfunctioning piece of equipment for free, and would even replace the batteries -- all for $39.99/mo. When I hesitated, he offered a "Ring" security camera for free. With those conditions, I signed up for their service. I told him I had a malfunctioning TouchPad upstairs, and he said his technician would follow shortly, and determine if it needed replacing. The tech guy showed up 30 minutes later, inspected my existing system, determined that the TouchPad needed replacing, and pulled it off the wall. He said he'd follow through with replacement.

    I waited 1 month with no further communication from SHS, then called customer care. This was September, 2017, and I've been getting the runaround since then. I've called customer care over 10 times, and they keep promising a solution, but never call back. They set up a service call for Jan 4, but never showed up. When I called, the rep stated that he cancelled the service call because SHS will only replace equipment that THEY installed! That was never the agreement. Replacement/repair of existing equipment was the reason I switched companies! It has been 4.5 months with no resolution, and I now expect none. Oh, they also charged me for the "free" Ring camera, by adding $4.00 to the monthly service fee.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

    Man came over to my house to sell me this crap. I fell for it! I was offered six months free and he stated and wrote down on paper. After the six month is over you can call to cancel with NO PENALTIES!!! First the alarm just sucks, keeps going off. Called a few times for someone to come and fix it and In six month no one has came or made an attempt to contact me!!! Called customer service and told them I was unhappy with the services that I was NOT getting first of all and they told me I could not cancel because I was on a five year contract that their employee who she stated is no longer with them and if he was he would be fired cause it's not the first time which I taught hilarious!!! But anywho he told me it was 2 year tops BUT that during my trail period it will not affect me but yet HERE WE ARE!!! I will be taking action against them. They falsely advertise and are extremely rude and arrogant pompous **.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

    The system is extremely faulty and customer service is extremely rude. Customer service won't send someone to fix my system and when I tell them to just cancel my service they got extremely rude and then hung up on me twice.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

    In September 2015 my mother and step-father signed up with this company for a home alarm system. Mind you at the time my mother's age was 89 and my step-fathers age was 91. They were not aware of the fact they were signing up for 5 years, or the most important part that there was no way to cancel this policy until the five years were up. My mother is the most honest person in the world and has numerous health conditions. Nowhere on the contract does it say it is for five years. The little one line for cancellation just says if you cancel before you are liable for 90% of the contract due. My mother was extremely upset when her husband dies and she moved in with me and we found this out.

    The people there are extremely rude. We couldn't find the single page contract when she moved so we stopped the autopay from her bank. They then contacted her sending a letter to the previous address. This was in March. She moved in with me in October 2016 and paid them through March when we canceled. They then called the neighbor who was on the emergency list to inform her that the bills were not being paid. How dare they do this. I then got a number to call and I called right away after I found out how they had treated my mother. I have only been getting the runaround and they are not nice to deal with in any way shape or form. We did everything that they requested. Sent a letter canceling, sent the death certificate and the sale of the trailer paperwork. You would think this would be enough and they are still billing her monthly for their service.

    I am getting ready to contact an attorney to find out what we can do since she did not know it was a five-year contract and did not know that there was a clause that even in death you still owed the contract. My stepfather was put on hospice care permanently a few months later and died one year after they signed their contract. I would really love to know if others are having this issue also. They are terrible people who prey on the elderly. Why would you sign up a couple knowing what their ages were for the longest contract possible and not explain to them in detail that if one of them passed away the other would be liable for the remaining contract. This is shoddy business practice and very deceitful. My step-father would NEVER have agreed to those terms as well as my mother.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

    I am writing this for my father who in 2015 agreed to a 5 year contract for a home security system. The monthly fee is $ 42.99. Recently, Dad was diagnosed with dementia and it was suggested he required full time care. I live in Los Angeles, he lives in Kingman, AZ. I put my dad in a memory care facility in Kingman and am preparing his home for sale. I called Safe Home Security in an effort to explain our change in life situation and requested termination of my dad's security system service. SHS informed me that Dad had a 5 year contract and, while they understood our situation, they could not cancel his contract unless we paid the balance of the unused contract amount of roughly $1,300.00. They offered to move the service to his new home. I explained that he is now in an assisted living facility and there is no place to move the service to.

    A "customer care" rep suggested that I needed to send a letter from my dad's physician verifying his condition and they would review the case. 3 weeks later, and after SHS had debited my dad's checking account for another $ 42.99, I had heard nothing in response. I did receive a form letter offering to move Dad's service to a new address. I contacted customer care again and was informed that, despite my father's condition and his obvious lack of need for home security, SHS could not cancel his contract unless he paid the $1,300.00. I'm furious and can't believe that any company with any sort of moral or ethical common sense wouldn't just let my dad out of this contract.

    It's bad enough that Dad developed dementia, has to move from his home, can't drive a car and feels he has lost his freedom. Now I'm dealing with these stubborn and insensitive people who insist on taking money that they will never have to provide service for. It is absolutely mind boggling!! The people I have spoken with have all been condescending and unresponsive. I jumped through all of the hoops that they set up to "resolve" this situation, was left in the dark with no follow up on their part and ended up right where I had started 3 weeks ago. No resolution. I am so frustrated and disgusted with Safe Home Security that I had to take the time to write this review. I wish the rating system included negative stars because I feel like 1 star is even too kind to give this company!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    The following information was sent to Safe Home Security & back in May, 2017. who is the monitoring company for Safe Home Security tried to get Safe Home Security to address the stated issues, to NO AVAIL. It is with a high degree of frustration, concern and feelings of “betrayal” that I write this. This is regarding services provided by (a.k.a. Safe Home Security, a.k.a Security Systems, a.k.a. Alliance, a.k.a. ProLink Protection). Back in March, 2015, (3/24/15 late PM) we, as renters, of the property at **, we were solicited by a gentleman by the name of **, Advertising Coordinator from ProLink Protection to “lower” our monthly security/alarm service thru installation of a protection system provided by ProLink Protection, 1910 S Stapley Drive, Suite 119, Mesa AZ 85204.

    Mr. **, was very persuasive regarding the level of services to be provided, service cancellation, provided lots of references and assured us that since we were renters of the property, we would be able to cancel the service, if and when we decided to move, purchase a property, etc. There was never any conversation about a long term contract, a need to move the service if we decided to move, etc.

    The fact that we were never made aware of any company by the name of Alliance, Security Systems, Safe Home Security, involved in this proposed security system/thermostat, etc. makes matters even worse. To all intents and purposes, and, as far as we knew, we were doing business with ProLink Protection of Mesa AZ from 3/24/15 until approximately 4/15/16. The “email” documentation included in this package, hopefully, supports the back and forth with ProLink Protection of Mesa AZ in support of notification of our pending move effective 4/14/16.

    Now, unfortunately, it wasn’t until today, Tuesday, 5/9/17 that I was made aware this service was never disconnected, billing was never stopped, due to receiving an email message indicating there was “failure message” coming from the system; and, now, it appears, as a result of contacting Safe Home Security what we understood to be your basic month-to-month service agreement, because we were renters, is still in service and the only way out of this “agreement” is a buy out.

    We were never notified of any change in name of the company ProLink Protection to Alliance, Security Systems, Safe Home Security,, etc. We have never received any information regarding the system was still in service. We have never, until today, received any messages regarding system failures, or any indication the system was still active.

    The other very unfortunate part of all this is the copy of the agreement written by Mr. ** on March 25, 2015 is so illegible, faded & unclear, it’s virtually impossible to read anything. Additionally, it’s obvious that we were “duped” by Mr. **, as when the agreement was written (what appears now to be fraudulent), it is clear that he chose to indicate that we were the “homeowners”, which is totally untrue. At the time the agreement was written I made it very clear we were NOT the homeowners, and, even suggested to Mr. ** that he contact the homeowners about them undertaking this agreement.

    It is with regret that this situation is just now surfacing; however, based on the circumstances outlined in this documentation, I have no intention of continuing this service; a) in a home I no longer live, b) haven’t lived in for over 12 months, c) have no interest in providing services for people I don’t even know, and, d) believed this was a month-to-month agreement. Letter RE: Service at **.

    My position on this situation is this: I believe, based on never having been notified by ProLink Protection, that now a company by the Alliance, or, Security Systems, or, Safe Home Security/ of any name change/purchase/sale of ProLink Protection, I’m not responsible for this agreement, I believe, based on the documentation provided, the $40.99 per month, from 4/15/16 thru 5/20/27 should be refunded immediately, I believe this agreement was written fraudulently by Mr. ** in an attempt to bolster his “sales numbers”, The automatic debit payment(s) of $40.99 per month will be stopped as of 5/20/17.

    The following information Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated. In an effort to expedite this matter, a copy of this and associated email correspondence with ProLink Protection has been sent via email to: Please provide & reply all communications regarding this matter in writing, either via, USPS or email. Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    I switched from ADT to Safe Home Security based on the reviews they had gathered from themselves on their web-site. I had to move to Asia for work and had to cancel service. I called Security One was told that my contract will only end on December 30, 2017. I was asked to write an official letter and they cannot take my cancellation by phone! I was willing to do that. I told them I was prepared to pay the penalty for early termination. However, the agent said they were not willing to stop the monitoring because she declared that they had to honor their contract! Is there a more illogical service than Security One. When I ask to speak to the manager, she said they are busy with other callers. Then before I could give her my mobile number, she hung up on me. Very very rude unreasonable service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2017

    I have never had a worse experience with a company then I have with Safe Home Security. We signed up July 2012 while building a home and explained that we would be moving in 6 months but we would NOT be selling our current home (family would be renting it). They said "no problem" and we could move the system for free. It all sounded great. We loved the system at first in our home, no complaints. Then we moved. They came and uninstalled our unit and packed it up for us to take with us. 2 weeks after moving we called them to come and install at our new home and they wanted to charge us $180. When they came to uninstall they never mentioned a charge to reinstall and again when we signed up they said it would be free. That was the start of the issues.

    The service tech no showed on 3 different appointments. He finally showed up and installed the equipment but we had to pay. I continued to fight it and after a year they did reimburse our money after the company that installed it originally got involved (honestly I think the 3rd party ended up paying SHS and so SHS just reimbursed us to appease us but I don't know this for sure).

    Well the system after it was installed at our new home never worked right and said disconnected on the main panel. We called back and they said they would send someone out and eventually they did. He said something was broken on the main panel so he ordered some new piece to be mailed to us and he would come back to install. The piece came but he never came back. We called and he never came so we called to try to get out of our contract since we didn't have a working unit due to them. They assured someone would come out and fix it yet no one did and we couldn't get out of our contract.

    Also in this time frame they double billed us March, April and May 2013. They billed us under Safe Home Security and VOS ALARM on the same day in March and one day apart in April and May. I called in June after noticing it and they assured they would refund it. They never did. I kept calling and every time we had a new account rep and they had "no clue" what was going on with our account and would need to "look over the account and call us back". Well we would never get a call. I was calling monthly for a while then started to give up. I realized we were stuck paying for this crap for 5 yrs and had no way out.

    I kept trying to get my refund for the double billing and sent in faxes of my bank statements numerous times to different account reps and still we have not seen a refund. I cancelled our account April 2017 and was told we would stop being billed yet we have continued to be billed. Called back and they said we will be until July. I explained again about the double billing and how if they will just cancel us now and not charge again I'll drop it and they assured me they cannot cancel me as we are in a black and white agreement. I assured them my black and white agreement stated we would have a working system.

    Upon calling this last time we also found that this entire time they never changed our address to our new one even though we have informed them numerous times... Every time we called in fact over the past 4 years... And if we were to have an emergency this entire time emergency personnel would have been dispatched to our old address, 45 min north of us. How that is legal and keeps us safe is beyond me. Thank God we have not had an emergency and needed them. This company should NOT be in business. Not only have they demonstrated extremely poor customer service time and time again but I have paid them monthly for the past 5 years to keep my family safe and my family's safety is the main thing they have put in danger by not keeping proper records or doing their job.

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    18 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    I had a previous home monitoring contract with another company that expired and I fell on a month to month plan. That company no longer offered home monitoring using home phone service so they sold me to this crappy ** company! About 6 months went by when I realized I was being billed for service from a company I never heard of. I called them to see who they were and why was they was trying billing me and I was informed they were a home monitoring company. I immediately told them I wanted to cancel the service and they told me I had to do so by writing.

    I sent a email and a letter! I called back to get the final payment and they said I was under a year contract which I knew I was not. Long story short this went on back & forth for a whole year with them annoyingly calling me telling me my bill is racking up when will I make a payment. I kept telling them I sent in a letter to terminate the service and they will tell me when they receive it but never cancelled the service.

    A year pass and someone called me and finally agreed that I indeed is under a month to month but instructs me to pay the fees & interests on a bill I tried to take care of a year ago but they said I was under contract another year. So they let a whole year go by to gather the info they needed to close it out but they want me to pay for the fees & interest of their negligence!!! This company is not BBB accredited for a reason. They suck and they know it! I'm just waiting on a class action law suit against them!!! Nothing is still resolved and they are still billing me for service after they have confirm all the facts of receiving my letter of cancellation and my service was month to month!

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    16 people found this review helpful
    Original review: April 12, 2017

    I was transferred to Safe Home Security from a different company. Things were ok for a large part of the time until my contract expired. They tried to sell me on a three year contract that could not be cancelled, and if I moved, sold my house or anything related, I would have to pay off the contract to get out of it. I never signed the contract because I was assured I could stay on with them month to month.

    In January 2017 something changed. I suddenly set off my alarm a few times without receiving a phone call at all from the dispatch that would normally call me. So after a few months of noticing that I was not getting any calls (even though the money was being withdrawn from my bank monthly) I reached out to them and they told me the reason for this issue was because the G2 technology which my system was using to communicate was no longer in place. If it wasn't because I noticed that I was not getting called when the alarm was being set off I would have never received a notification of the issue. When I spoke to them, they claimed that they had notified me, but what they kept notifying me about was an attempt to get me to sign a 3 year contract, they never once told me about this technology issue with my system.

    I called and asked them to cancel my account, and they said I had to email them a request to cancel. After emailing, they then sent me a letter telling them I had to call them to discuss my account. When I called again, they said it took 30 days to cancel the account, so I sent them a total of 4 months worth of payments without actually having any sort of security coverage from them. Must be nice to get paid to do NOTHING.

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    29 people found this review helpful
    Original review: March 27, 2017

    Dishonest business practice. For 3.5 years Safe Home Security withdrew $40 a month from my bank account for a service that never worked. Pinnacle Security sold my account to Safe Home. No letters, no phone calls received regarding this transition. In August, 2016 I called my bank to stop payment on future payments because I decided to go with a new security service - One that worked. At that time, I asked them to identify the merchant so I could send an official cancellation letter. The bank was unable to identify.

    As soon as I stopped Automated payments, I heard from Safe Home, by letter, telling me I owed them money. I called and left over a dozen messages that I needed to cancel the service and left my name and phone number. I never received a single phone call back but I continued receiving their billing statements. Finally, I pulled up SHS on the web and called a technical support number. For the first time, I got someone live. It wasn't who I needed to talk to but they transferred me someone in billing who actually picked up the phone. This person said they received my voice mail about cancelling the service in August 2016. When asked why they never returned my phone calls so I could square up financially, they couldn't or wouldn't respond.

    Bottom line, they say they are on the up and up contractually and I have no choice but to abide. But for people who are seeking a good security service, do not select Safe Home Security. They don't answer phone calls probably because they're banking on you getting frustrated and hanging up without ever resolving the issue. Don't know how these people face themselves in the mirror everyday.

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    26 people found this review helpful
    Original review: March 20, 2017

    In May 2016, "Todd" showed up at my home and said my contract with current monitoring company (Monitronics) was about to expire and he was there to upgrade my alarm system and give me 6 months of monitoring service for free. He called a technician, who arrived at my home later that day and replaced a chip in my existing alarm panel and installed a camera on the exterior of my home (which never worked and caused me to miss several important package deliveries, until I removed it a couple of weeks after installation). Todd hand-wrote a cancellation request letter to Monitronics and asked me to sign it.

    In June 2016, I received a response letter from Monitronics saying that my contract with them does not end until June 2019 and refusing to cancel. Immediately, I called the number Todd had given me with the express directions to "only call this number if anything comes up and do not call Safe Home Security directly". There was no recording on the voice mailbox other than a standard robotic voice, no company name, no personal name... nothing. I called that number 3 times over the next week and never received a return call. So, I reached out to Safe Home Security directly. I explained the situation to them and they told me I needed to contact "the dealer directly". I told them I'd tried several times, with no response. They said they would have the dealer contact me. No one ever contacted me.

    I contacted my prior company and had the chip SHS had installed removed and my system reconnected to Monitronics' monitoring service in June 2016. In December 2016, I noticed a charge on my account from SHS. So, I reached out to them again to re-iterate what I reported to them in June and that I still had not received any responses from their "dealer" and that I had not been receiving monitoring services from them for 6 months, as I had my Monitronics service re-connected. SHS told me they couldn't help me because I was still in the first year of my contract and that I had to deal with their dealer instead. I told them to cancel my contract with them, which is under their name and not their "dealer's".

    In February 2017, I noticed yet another charge from SHS on my credit card statement. So, again, I reached out to them via telephone and was once again told they couldn't help me cancel their service because I was in the first year of service. Later that month, I received a copy of the contract with SHS. Again, I called to let them know I am not using their service and need to cancel. They told me they require 60 days notice in writing and gave me an email address to send my notice to, which I promptly did.

    Then, in March, I received another letter from SHS saying that I'm under contract with them through November 2021 and giving me their Customer Care Department's direct telephone number. When I called the number, it was disconnected, with no forwarding number. I found another number for SHS online and called. After 25 minutes on hold, I was transferred to "Maria", in "Dealer Support". She took down the information (that I had already given so many times to various representatives) and said she would contact the dealer on my behalf.

    When I finally spoke with the dealer (Todd's boss), he was very rude and argumentative, hurling accusations and calling me "stupid" and requiring me to send him a copy of my contract with Monitronics. I told him that was confidential information that I didn't want to share with him. He said there was nothing he could do to terminate the contract with SHS without my information from Monitronics. This felt very "off" to me. No vendor has ever required such a thing of me in the past to cancel a service (particularly one I'm not using and was sold under false pretenses). So, I hung up and called Maria at SHS. She told me that I was required to send confirmation that my Monitronics contract was still active in order for my cancellation with SHS to be considered and gave me her email address to send it to directly. I did send the letter from Monitronics I received in June 2016 to the email address Maria gave me.

    The next day, I called her to make sure she'd received my email containing the letter. No return call. So, I called again the following day and left a voicemail message for her. No return call. I called again and left a message. Still no return call. So, I dialed the main SHS number and was told "Maria has left for the day". SHS has cost me a huge amount of time dealing with this ridiculous situation. Why are they so cavalier? At this point, I believe the company to be run by scam artists. I do not wish to deal with them again and will warn anyone willing to listen against using their services.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 16, 2017

    Never sign up for monitoring with this company! I was switched over to them by another carrier. They forced me to sign a 5-year contract, when I objected they said that was the only option. I should have walked away then, but I wasn't aware I had a choice. A few years down the line I did some remodeling. One of the doors with a sensor was being replaced, I called to see what I should do. I followed their instructions but the sensor never worked again. When the new door was in place we reinstalled the sensor and called to see how to activate it. (For almost one year we paid for monitoring that we could not use). The phone support could not find a solution. They said I would need to pay $75 for a technician to come out. When I called back to schedule the technicians visit they said one would call me. I waited one month, no one called. I called back and made a similar request. Again, no response.

    After waiting another month I sent a letter to discontinue the service based on their inability to service my system. I got no response. I called and was told that I had been paying every month for service (14.95) but they had no one in my area to service the system! I then got a lawyer, who was unable to get them to cooperate. It was passed on to the State of Minnesota Attorney General. That only triggered a very rude letter. My bill continues to add up and I have no idea what to do next. I will not pay them another dime.

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    23 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 13, 2017

    This company focus on taking money but deliver bad services and options. I have been with them for 9 years and wanted to include video monitoring and remote services but they wanted money that was not competitive. I called to cancel my services after 9 years and was told to send a letter which I did. Then the automatic withdrawal from my account did not stop. I called them to stop taking money from my account and was told no. In effect forcing me to continue with a service that I did not need any longer.

    According to them if I don't cancel by January 21st then there is a rolling automatic contract for a year. I sent my cancellation on 13th January so that did not hold water. Then I was told that they need 60 days prior notice so in effect my cancellation prior to January 21st is void and will have the rolling automatic contract for a year. This to me is about the money not the service they provide. Don't ever sign up for their services because it is inferior and they have horrible customer service in effect mafia.

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    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 7, 2017

    They came to my home in 2012 selling their services and equipment. I signed up for a 5 year contract allowing them to autodraft $50 from my account monthly. I have not used the service in 2-3 years. I tried to cancel 2 years ago and I was told they would not allow me out of my contract. Now that my contract has ended, I am told I had to send a request in writing to cancel 60 days prior or I will be AUTOMATICALLY renewed for another year. They are now again refusing to cancel. They are cons who only want to access your account with no plans to ever service the customer. They are only available to service the system during work hours anyway. The service is lacking and the contracts are designed to take your money indefinitely. I am still fighting to get my contract canceled.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 1, 2017

    Safe Home Security an out of state based company hire dishonest installers to represent their company and sell security equipment to the elderly. My parents of 90+ yrs. were approached at their home by two men who informed them that the current security system my parents were contracted with was no longer in business. These men said they were sent to switch the monitoring system to Safe Home Security, the replacement company, and that the monthly fee would be less than they had been paying. My unsuspecting parents let them in the house!

    Upon completing the written contract my mom noticed the monthly monitoring fee was quite a bit higher than they had been paying. When she mentioned this she was immediately accommodated with a lower monthly fee which was written and she initialed it. However, we believe the change was only made on the pink-customer copy not the original copy. At 90 yrs. she did not catch this scam tactic. After two weeks passed it was discovered that their original security company did not go out of business and their contract with the original company was still binding. This company was kind enough to give my parents two months credit and time to work out the issue with Safe Home Security.

    Advocating for my parents I have gotten nowhere over a course of 5 months. Safe Home representatives have done nothing but transfer me to other representatives arguing that there is no upper management to speak to for such issues. They have not returned calls, written communication nor sent a requested copy of the original contract (white-company copy). Plus the monthly fee is not the amount my mom initialed. It is a much larger fee! My parents canceled their credit card in which auto withdraws were authorized and reinstated security monitoring with their original security company. Now they receive hard copy bills from Safe Home Security and have been threatened with collections. I am still trying to resolve this issue for them. Nightmare!

    Safe Home Security and all the other names it goes by is a disreputable security alarm company who employ temporary workers to aggressively canvass neighborhoods selling residential security systems. These workers use unethical and dishonest sales tactics meant to mislead and confuse the homeowner. They target not only people already under contract with other alarm companies, but also the elderly. What is worse is that Safe Home Security looks the other way and allows this to happen! Beware this company!!!

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    20 people found this review helpful

    Safe Home Security, Inc. expert review by Erin Raub

    Safe Home Security (SHS) was established in 1988 and is available in select areas of the United States. SHS has memberships with the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NFBA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

    • Special discounts: The SHS website shows special offers available to new customers, like 15 percent off of new equipment purchases. Interested consumers can also call Safe Home Security to learn about other discounts and offers.

    • Multiple offerings: Safe Home Security offers burglary, fire and medical monitoring services.

    • Monitoring: SHS provides monitoring via landline or cellular signal. The company’s monitoring is certified by the Security Industry Association.

    • Security assessment: Safe Home Security offers a free assessment to help consumers determine which services they need. The company then designs bundle options around those needs.

    • Payment options: Customers can schedule monthly or quarterly payments, or they can pay their premium annually. Automatic payments can be scheduled from a bank account or a credit card.

    • Best for: Homeowners and hands-off consumers.

    Profile picture of Erin Raub
    Erin Raub

    Alarm & Security Systems Contributing Editor

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    Erin Raub is a freelance writer, content marketer and blogger. She writes about home security and family safety, as well as digital marketing and business. Erin is also an experienced travel writer, and knows having a trustworthy security system can make any time away from home even more enjoyable.

    Safe Home Security, Inc. Company Information

    Company Name:
    Safe Home Security, Inc.

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