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Cronwell, CT

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I was signed a contract with Security One and learn that they are partner with SHS which as known as Safe Home Security. I am now share my worst experience to all of you - Do not sign contract or extended service contract with them, they're only wants your money but not provide the service. If you already did you'll be sooner find out why - when your alarm system goes off or failure. First you will be ask to pay $89 dollars per visit that is not include parts to fix your alarm. If you not happy about the fees you will be offer by pay more money and sign your service 3 more years. If you not agree any of it you should be end up just like me - pay the monthly charge but don't have your alarm working. That is the situation I am encounter now.

I finally managed to scheduled service call 2 month ago, but their technician didn't came for the appointment date. After few more phone calls they offer me to pay $10 more a months to buy their protection plan but needs to sign for 3 more years, by signing new contract they will arrange the service tech visit me as soon as BY the following week! I can't believe what I've heard, I complaint "Why is different between pay the service or buy the protection plan? I'm still your customer." Why I need to wait for one month for the service if I don't want to sign 3 more years to buy their protection plan. I am paying SHS monthly fee without alarm to be working for 2 months now and I know there are 200 & more people were filed dissatisfaction because SHS is NOT trustworthy company. They have no rights to continue collect money from the consumer which they did not provide fair service to their customers.

This is the worse company I've experienced in a long time. I have a motion detector that keeps going off and Safe Home Security sent a technician that was rude, disrespectful and was screaming at me because I didn't know which detector was malfunctioning (because I wasn't home) or what was wrong with it. He couldn't fix it so I ask for another technician to come out and they say they won't send another technician out and that I am refusing service from them. They won't cancel my contract even though the alarm does not work and they won't come fix it. They won't return phone calls and when you talk to them they are so rude. Dazzel, the customer service rep, is so rude, and she lies about everything like she's going to call you back.

This company also set up police, fire and medical service 82 miles away from my house and would not change it at all. If I had a fire at my house it would take the fire department 2 hours to get there. SHS is trying to bully me into letting this guy who is so scary back in my house even though I don't feel safe with him in my house. They don't care about my safety which is why they haven't fixed my alarm. Please stay far away from this company as possible. They are bad news and no one should have to deal with this type of bad customer service.

As of today 2 years have gone by and Safe Home Security sticked a nasty collection agency on my tail. They've called me nonstop for the last 2 years. I ended up blocking their number on my phone. They need to stop the law in new york state says that for 2 years they can call me. It's been over that and they insist on trying to collect on an account from 2013 for about 600$. Why can't they stop the nonsense and just forget it?

I've sent them a copy of the tax deed sale to my house when it was repoed over 2 years ago. They said bull. I said "nope I'm outta my house." They said they want money. I said "nope, don't think so." If anybody reads this, STAY FAR AWAY FROM SAFE HOME SECURITY. Don't sign up with them. They're scam artist. They trick you if you get a rep to your house. They sign you up for another 5 years behind your back, you don't pay. They stick a nasty collection agency on your ass. They wreak havoc on your credit too. Stay Away from these evil people. They're a ripoff. STAY AWAY!!!

We are hooked for 3 yrs contract with a very bad service, it's been 6 months we are not using our alarm due to some wire that trigger to sound in the middle of the night. We called many times for someone to fix it because we already encounter a problem during the installation and a guy promise to come back once it trigger again and exchange to a wireless to avoid the problem. Few months ago my husband called them to fixed the wire and told they will not charge us but we come up with a almost $100 charge for service for the fact that the person who fixed the wires told us no charge, Now our alarm system waking us up in the middle of the night since June and we no longer use the alarm and we keep calling for help... nobody is coming to fix it.

SAFE HOME SECURITY should stop fooling people with their rip off service and we need to complaint to Better Business Bureau (BBB). I was warned before by our neighbor about SAFE that gave them too much of trouble. Anyways, SAFE told my husband they will refund us the money we paid until now we have not receive anything from them. We called again they said the money is already credited to us... credited how? we do not know.

5 years ago signed home security contract with Point Home Security, now known as Safe Home Security. Per original contract I just need to give them 30 days notice of termination before contract end. Safe Home said we didn't give them the 60 days required per their contract. Now they renewed our contract for another two years! Is that legal? I put a stop pay on my checking account. Now they are sending me an invoice. How do I get out of this? Help!

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STAY AWAY... This company doesn't return calls. You can only get through to billing. All customer service representatives do is pass you off to a voice recording if you have a complaint, stating that they will get back to you; they never do! They added erroneous information to my credit report and it took me three months to get it resolved. I will contact my State Attorney General regarding my complaint of misleading sales tactics. Again, "STAY AWAY."

This is the worst security company ever!! You will regret signing a contract with this company. We are two months into having defective equipment. The motion detectors were not working when the installation guy installed the system. We called a least 10 times to complain about the defective system and still no one has come out to repair it. Meanwhile, they are telling us that we signed a contract and can't get out of it. We are filing a complaint with state attorney general's office and state alarm licensing board.

Please stay far away from safe home security!!! They are a rip off!!! They sold me faulty equipment and then told me it was not covered under the warranty. Stay far far away from them.

Deceptive, unethical business practices. They make trying to terminate service impossible, even after contract term has expired. Meanwhile, I'm 4+ weeks into having defective AND antiquated equipment, and they are keeping me hanging for weeks at a time with rescheduled repairs, no callbacks, etc. Filing complaint with state attorney general's office and state alarm licensing board.

Note that Safe Home Security (at time of this writing) has only a 1 star rating. Any research will show that you can do much better for a home security system - in pricing, contract, and quality of product/service. They have been absolutely awful to work with. 1) They are way overpriced. Not competitive. 2) When we retired, sold our large home, and moved into a rented retirement home SHS would now allow us to cancel our contract. They are unbending! You would regret ever doing business with them. What if you lost your job, were transferred, or otherwise needed to move? You would very much regret having used this company.

This is a bad company through and through. I had a new (upgraded) system installed a few months ago. The alarm has gone off in the middle-of-the-night almost a dozen times since it was installed. I have not been able to get the system serviced. They claim to have no record of any service calls that I made. An imbecile named Princess described herself as a manager and was unbelievably rude and insulting. If nine other customers give glowing reviews compared to my one extremely negative review, just keep in mind that 10% of the sample feels that the company stinks and does not keep their home secure. The worst of the worst.

This is the worse company I have been with. I do not know if they are the same, the installers and the monitor company, but first they come into my house with lies. They pretended to be my old security company, when I signed I figured that was another different company, but they offered me a "GOOD DEAL", so I accepted to change, they made the installation, they did not install it right, they came like three more time to fix the installation, but never worked anyways, and now they want me to pay, for 6 months of service, which service?? I want to cancel, but I have to pay too much money, they promise me to send technicians to fix the system, but nobody shows, I'm so disappointed and angry. Is there something I can do? It is not fair that they treat us like that and take our money for nothing. If somebody find the way, please let me know.

Had the same problem and we were only 2 weeks past their date so I have to wait another year. So at the end of June, well I am sending it in April 2017 to cancel. Meanwhile I had been with them since 2007.

For the past 3 months I have been getting bills from Safe Home Security for service they did not provide because the service was terminated and the fee was paid. After calling 3 times today (their automated system likes to hang up on you) I finally talked to a supervisor named Jerry **. I found out that the company had created TWO accounts for me, and he didn't understand why. I DON'T CARE WHY! When I spoke to this same man last month, he assured me it was taken care of and I would not be billed again. So much for assurances. I told him I wanted confirmation of this action (repairing their mistake) in writing, signed by a real person and was told they don't have to do that, they would send an email. We'll see.

I have been with Safe Home Security for about 3 years. When I called they made me sign a customer appreciation form. When I called back they said I renewed my contract. The representative never told me it was a renewal contract. Now I am stuck with them for another 5 years. Help. How do I get out.

Was offered a free battery and security upgrade in March of 2016 and in June was charged $199 from my bank account sending my account into overdraft. Previously had talked to someone about cancelling my service and once I got the upgrade had to have a new contract in order to keep service once they overdraft my account spoke with a supervisor about the overdraft and they said that they would give me two months credit to my bill which was $89 for the two months but the overdraft was over $130 so I have to take the loss and can't get out of the contract for two maybe three years. I give this I give this company a -10 rating. Signed, unhappy customer.

This company is amazing. I totally love it. Best satisfaction I've ever had with any company in my past life. And best thing is they are very reasonable. Always ready to work with your budget - very affordable. I can proudly say when I am in or away from my home I feel 110% satisfaction and peace of mind. Will never ever try out any other company. Love you guys and thanks for the services.

I have been waiting for my contract to expire. I have called several times to inform Safe Home Security that I will not renew or stay with their company after my contract with them is up. I cannot get a hold of anyone or a return call. I just want out.

This company is a total ripoff and takes advantage of senior citizens. They prey on the elderly with their high powered sales tactics that talks people into buying these systems, but fail to make sure they are aware they are signing a 5 year contract that cannot be broken. The system does not work properly either. Alarms going off in the middle of the night is extremely disturbing to the elderly too. My sister-in-law has been in a nightmare with these people for the past 3 yrs and they refuse to cancel the contract when I know the equipment is more than paid for. The "monitoring" part is a joke. The alarms go off and they never call. Please, please beware and DO NOT fall for this scam.

We signed up for SHS years ago... We were happy with them until we called to cancel the service. We had the service for 7-8 years, and we were on a month to month basis. We told them we wanted it cancelled in September and we refused to pay further. They said we signed a contract in August, which was a lie! In October, we switched companies. SHS started calling us 2-3 times per day, as late as 9:00 pm! I told them I had cancelled the service and to stop calling. They tried to tell us that we renewed the contract automatically so we could not cancel and would have to pay 1 year of services to cancel. Then they said we needed to do a letter 60 days in advance of the contract renewing...

I called to cancel the last week of August 2015, we signed up in October 2006 or 2007. When I called today, they threatened to take us to court, and was extremely rude, like the other people we have dealt with! We have filed with the Attorney General and submitted a formal complaint against the company! DO NOT use this company! They are scam artists!!!

In August 2015, I received a series of emails from Safe Home Security Inc, my home security alarm company, to sign up an online document to upgrade my alarm system. I initially ignored these emails till I got a phone call from one of the representative from this company. He told me the signature on the document is for the upgrade of the alarm system. I found time from my busy schedule to connect to the web link and electronically signed the document without completely reading the document. This was supposed to be one of the biggest blunders that I seem to have committed. Somewhere in the document there was 48 month contract was listed.

Ever since I signed that contract and after the system was upgraded, my alarm system does not seem to be monitored by this company. I discovered this a few weeks after that upgrade when there was a false alarm at home, due my kids (there will be frequent false alarms at my residence because of the fact I activate my alarm system before I go to bed at night and my kids run into the sensors without switching them off, in the morning). I did not receive any call from the company's monitoring representative. I called them up to inquire and then they said that they are going to look into it call me back. I never got a call from them.

Ever since then they have not responded to at least 5 false alarms. I have called them several time to complain about this and they have not rectified it till today. They have been charging my credit card every month. Last month, I asked them to stop the service and I issued a stop payment on my credit card. Now they have sent me a letter to refer my case to the collection agency. This company is one of the worst service providers I have come across. I am planning to take this legally with the help of an attorney. I would sincerely suggest others to be extra cautious with such companies. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

On 2/8/2016 I was contacted by a customer service rep. from my home alarm company (Safe Home Security, Safeguard America, Silverline Security, etc. etc.). Apparently this company goes by several different names. Anyway I was told that my alarm system needed to be upgraded and wanted to know a good time for a technician to be at my house to do this upgrade. Of course they never mention anything about trying to sneak a new 60-month contract for me to sign by the technician doing the work, which I refused to sign.

The technician then called the alarm company's main office and he handed me his phone to talk with a supervisor on the other end. The supervisor said that I needed to sign the contract because the upgraded 4G card was a couple hundred dollars, I told him to tell the technician to take it out and I would not be paying for any upgrade equipment on a system that the alarm company is responsible for making sure it works the duration of the contract.

Now I just notice that they ACH debit my bank account an additional $199.00 (assuming this is what covers the cost of the 4G card). I contacted them to find out why they did this and they told me this was the reason and if I didn't sign a new contract (60-month) I would be responsible for the 4G wireless card installed. I'm currently working with my bank to dispute the $199 charge to my account by the alarm company without my authorization. Consumers beware, apparently other alarm companies are doing the same. I can't believe these alarm companies are getting away with deceiving their customers and their trust. I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General and whomever listens, there has got to be something illegal about this.

I contacted Safe Home Security at the beginning of December. They came to upgrade my system, I was suppose to get the service from my cell phone to be able to turn on and off my system from my cell. But the service person didn't have the part in his truck to finish the job. He said he'd be back in two days. Now it's coming up to 5 months, I've been calling and talking to managers over and over so I'm canceling my service. I was on a month-to-month basis but I am sure they will try to bill me for upgrade that I paid for and never got for the five months. I will fight it, I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to go to this company. PS: The 10 to $15 dollars Payment for the upgrade for the last 5 months should be returned to me since I never received the service. "Right" LoL.

You can't blame a company for one bad salesperson especially when they may be independent contractors, but you can judge the company on how they handle the situation when it is brought to their attention. My elderly parents were convinced to switch alarm companies when they still had 6 months of service on their old contract - which was prepaid in full. They didn't understand the terms of the new contract and thought they made it perfectly clear what they wanted and how much they would pay.

I contacted Safe Home Security and spoke to a very nice young lady. She was respectful and wanted to help us. However, she did not have the authorization/power to complete our request. I was referred to a second person, a supervisor. I called for 3 days and left messages for the supervisor but never got a return call. So I climbed the organizational ladder to one of the department directors. I got immediate help from him and I was told to send him a letter explaining my situation and that he would send it to the right person. I sent the letter the same day and one day later I received a call from the local company.

The local company reviewed the situation and was trying to help me. I had requested a full termination of the contract. The representative from the local company - Global Alarm Protection - was again very professional and handled my situation extremely well. After some conversation, I was able to terminate the contract. I am very pleased with these companies willingness to listen to the entire situation and make a decision that is best for all.

The sales personnel are very deceptive. They don't let you know that it's a five-year contract even when you ask. The panel goes down very often because of power outages. We live in rural area so it happens quite often. We sold the home recently and are stuck paying for a service that is useless.

It's been a nightmare since day 1. I cannot even use my phone to activate the alarm because it has no service. They keep coming and then they move the item in the panel then they leave. Still no service. I have to do this manually. I got this service almost right after I bought my home and I wish I can go back and sign with ADT or other company. I was one of the first people in my subdivision and now there are more than 200 homes recently built. Since then all my neighbor been asking me who is the alarm company and how is my service.

I tell them like I said this is a nightmare, every time I called to cancel my account this female says that this is like a USED CAR DEALER, when you buy a USE CAR and it turns out to be a LEMON you can't do anything. In my division there is a community website where more than one thousand homes are communicating with each other. I am working with A COMMUNITY WATCH PROGRAM and I am very involve with the SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Our neighbors can see what we post and they have been reading my post. One lady told me that she almost sign and she cancel the last minute. Thanks to the communication we have. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER REFER THIS COMPANY TO MY WORSE ENEMY.

Don't have a service manual for key panel, remote doesn't work. They want to charge a service fee to program it when it did not work from day one!

After being a customer for probably 10 years, Safe Home Security continued to charge our charge card for 5 months after canceling the account. I allegedly signed a 5 year agreement which they could not provide. Bad business practices.

I was w/ Safe Home Security since 2008. My house was repoed by the city of Syracuse last June. I sent the company a copy of the tax deed sale from the city of Syracuse. They closed my account so I thought I checked Credit Karma. The TransUnion side says the accounts was closed by Safe Home but on Equifax side it's still open w/ a huge balance even though I was kicked outta my house from the city of Syracuse. Now they sicked the collections on me. I've done all they wanted--sent e-info, cancelled my account, everything. They're money hungry people.

I want collections to go away. What a crock of a company. I tell them that I was kicked outta my house. They go and close the account but sick the dogs of collection on you. Is there any reputable company nowadays? This is loony tunes w/ this crackpot company. I need to get this company off my back. They're relentless in collecting the money. They're going thru 2 different collections to collect this money which mind you I have nothing--as I've said I've been kicked outta my house and went bankrupt before I signed w/ the damn what a quack of a company.

I have been dealing with this company for years. Now that I have run into financial problems, like losing my job & my husband, they don't return calls. I have agreed to pay them a certain amount/month, but they keep adding late fees, & processing fees. This will never get paid off. I wrote them a letter to cancel the program telling them of my situation, they did not even have the courtesy to call or write back. I keep leaving messages with the billing & resolution departments but again no one returns phone calls. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am beginning to think that these people that send out the letters with extensions to call back do not exist. I really can not afford this bill in my situation. I have disconnected the whole unit & still no one calls back to see what is wrong. It is amazing. Who is watching my house if the system is disconnected? I wonder.

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Safe Home Security was established in 1988 and is available in select areas of the United States. The company is known for its no-frills but flexible alarm packages, which combine security, fire and medical services.

  • Flexible packages: From ultra basic to comprehensive, SHS offers nine different alarm and security packages.
  • Multiple offerings: Safe Home Security bundles basic anti-burglary services with fire protection and medical plans.
  • No home phone required: Unlike many companies that require landline phone service, at least as a backup, SHS offers plans that do not require any home phone connection.
  • Customer service: SHS customer service works not only to protect from burglary but also includes fire alert systems and medical. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also like the easy payment plan: automatic payments from a bank account or credit card, quarterly invoices, or one simple payment for the year.
  • Home automation: SHS does not currently offer any home automation packages.
  • Best for Homeowners and hands-off consumers.

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