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Bought a LG Dryer instead of a Maytag this time and I am so disappointed in myself in doing so. The dryer filter will not completely seat and it has caught clothing on the corner and now looks like I have a little melted corner now also. It has damaged several articles of clothing. I did vacuum it out just in case to no avail. You have but one job and that is to put out a safe and dependable dryer and have failed to do so. For verification my model number is: DLE3170W. S/N: 505KWFNOF771.

DLE1501W - I am getting use to this new dryer but I do have one complaint. It will twist up sheets into a ball. I have to catch it and remove sheets and unwind so they will dry. I have tried a small load as well as a big load and the same thing happens all the time. Otherwise, I'm getting use to this new stuff. It doesn't seem to dry as quickly as my old dryer, maybe that's the new HE.

Dryer failure. No technical support or ability to retain such through customer service. Better advice with Google to get questions answered. As for LG products, never again. Maytag I'm coming back, sorry for straying away.

This dryer has ruined our clothing. I get so upset every time I use it, the damage it does is upsetting and ruins my day. The clothing gets stuck on the stupid lint filter because it will not go in completely, it sticks up on both ends just enough to damage clothing by twisting it until it breaks. I will never buy another LG product again, and I will be sure to spread the word. This dryer was expensive, I bought it because I expected it to dry our clothing without damage. I am so disgusted with the flaw in the lint filter.

My first set I had for 6 years before moving, fantastic machines, no repairs. 6 people in home so lots of washing. Moved and bought a new LG set. At exactly three years the motherboard of the dryer went out. I bought a new dryer and I am happy again (was $535.00 to repair 3 year old one so I bought a new one). I have been extremely pleased with my LG washer and dryer. The only other brand I would buy would be Whirlpool.

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I purchased an LG dryer in March 2015 due to the great ratings and owning a lot of LG products. Within a year I started having trouble with my dryer: no heat. I called several times and customer service said it wasn't their unit. They said it was my venting system or electrical. Had someone come out. Nothing wrong with electrical. Tore dryer apart. No lint nothing plugged from lint basket to outside vent. Finally after 5 months they honored their warranty. Took repair company 3 weeks to fix the dryer. Heater and sensor replaced. Not even 6 loads later same issue. So I called corporate office where I was told they were not going to fix my dryer nor were they replacing it. I am not a happy customer. Save your money and purchase a kenmore. I WILL NEVER own another LG product again. They can't stand behind their products. I gave them a 1 star rating because you cannot give them a -5 star rating.

The front loading washer and dryer have a tendency to pull threads and tatter clothes. Have been unable to find any snags or loose parts in the machines, but it continues to tear up our clothes and linens. The machines are a year old and have just started doing this. May need to switch back to our old brands of machines. Went back to place of purchase and they shrugged their shoulders and said this is a recurring problem. Their suggestion was to call a tech and spend $250 for a service call.

I purchased an LG dryer, model # DELGX7188WM, a few years ago. Recently, I noticed it smoking and quickly unplugged it. After calling LG, their response was they could schedule a repair call but I was responsible for all costs. I replied that I am perfectly capable of scheduling a repair appointment. I found LG to be of no help and I will never purchase another of their products and highly recommend anyone considering any of their products to consider the lack of product and customer support LG provides.

Purchased LG dryer DLEX3250W in 10/14. The lint filter has not fit into the spot for a while - seems to have swelled and pops up. Twists all sheets and clothes. Now, the corner broke off and 10 items (sheets, women's underwear, tanks, camisoles, summer dresses) all are ripped and destroyed!

I purchased a DLEX3250W model LG dryer in December of 2014. I have had problems with lint screen since early on. The screen does not fit its holder and clothes will catch on the corner and twist when drying causing the clothes to wrinkle terribly. During Memorial weekend of the year (2016) when drying towels, the dryer stopped heating. When I contacted the LG technician, I was very disappointed with the fact that I could hardly understand him, and he did not seem to know anything except what he was reading. He said that it may be the electric plug and we probably needed to call an electrician. We tested the plug and it was fine. He also said something about lint buildup and that was untrue. We ended up purchasing a new Maytag dryer since we had family up for the weekend. I am very disappointed in this purchase and will not buy another LG product again.

We are in our 8th year of ownership of an LG model DLG7188WM and it has stopped working for the 8th time. We had 3 repairs in the first 2 years and had no luck getting LG to replace the unit as the problem was always the same, a defective drum and back panel. This happened 4 more times. Luckily the placed where we purchased offered us a free extended warranty due to all the issues. Now the unit has seized and will probably need replacing. Our LG Washer which was bought as a matching set has worked but suffers from moldy smells even though we leave the door open and routinely clean it as recommended.

Sears said it would be an easy conversion from Natural Gas to Propane. Sears ordered the conversion kit and it arrived two days before the LG dryer. The problems began with the single half page instruction page. The details as to how to access the dryer's internal parts don't match up with the dryer I ordered.

When I explained this to LG's customer service rep he replied that "it's a generic dryer and we don't encourage homeowners to do the LP conversion no matter how competent they are as general contractors. Can't help you, but to ask you to take the dryer to Marina, CA to our nearest appliance rep." Why couldn't they just suggest it go there first before delivering it to my home?

My parents' LG dryer had a gas leak from the dryer's faulty valve that almost killed my family. The house smelled of gas. This is very common with the LG dryers according the repairman. LG acknowledged that this has been an issue with many other models but not the DLG2302R, so they won't fix it.

The LG-WM3997HWA washer's drain system is bad and the dryer doesn't dry! I spoke to a couple of LG's support people and the first one sent out a repair person because the machine doesn't dry. The repair person found nothing "wrong". I called again because the machine still didn't dry and LG was again going to send out a "repair" person... I then called the repair person and he said these machines never dry and that if he came again, he would just check the specs and the specs were correct. So I called LG's support people again and this time the lady told me that the machine only dries to 90%. In point of fact, it doesn't really dry. I tried it using half the wash load and I think that after hours of "drying", it was wetter than when it first came out of the wash. I now have to buy a dryer. I have been trying to dispute this with Goedeker's the company that I purchased this machine from, but their policy is once it's delivered, it's yours.

It makes no sense to me at all that they sell a washer/dryer that doesn't dry. I have used these kinds of machines in Japan and they work perfectly. It does take hours, but the wash comes out dry at the end and you don't have to remove half the wash to get it that way. Also your design for the machine's drainage is horrible. To have the water drain out so close to the floor makes no sense. I used a flat tray to catch the water, but it is virtually impossible to control the flow and most of the time, it makes a mess. This is probably the worst appliance that I have ever bought. At this point, I now have to buy a dryer to put on top of the machine because the reason I bought it in the first place is because my laundry room is tiny. The point is that they should not be selling this machine and the public should be warned not to buy it.

My friend and I both purchased LG dryers and we both have the same problem and can't figure it out. Our dryers have a funny musty smell when we dry our clothes. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, my washer is way too rough on my clothes and I don't want to wash everything on a delicate cycle. I haven't contacted LG yet, but just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem before I contact them so I could have some reviews to back me up. Thank you.

Purchasing the matching LG washer and dryer was my first LG appliance purchase - and it will be my last. I have usually purchased appliances by Kenmore or Maytag and would have the appliances for years before they had to be serviced. However, that has not been the case with the LG 7.4 cu. ft. Gas Dryer with Steam in White, Model # DLGX3571W. I purchased the dryer on June 27, 2015 and it was delivered July 2, 2015. About a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the clothes were not drying after a full cycle. The first time, I increased the drying time and made it more dry, still the clothes did not dry. Finally, after the third cycle the clothes were dry. Since that time, it has taken several drying cycles to dry one load of clothes. I can't imagine how this will affect my gas bill.

Because the dryer is only about 6 months, I requested a new dryer. I figure that if I started repairing a dryer that is only 6 months old, I'll be repairing it forever. But I was told by a very condescending executive manager, Cortel, that I would not get a new machine because that is not how it works. I tried to rationalize with him and told him that I was willing to have a service tech check the machine, but if there was a problem I didn't want it fixed, I wanted it replaced with a new machine. That was like talking to a wall. So my next step is to file a complaint with the President of the company. I would caution consumers against purchasing Model #DLGX3571W in particular and in dealing with LG in general because of their unwillingness to be fair to their customers.

We have several LG products and have been pleased, However, our Dryer stopped heating and running after 4 minutes. We cleaned all areas, called customer support and the agent's language was so poor, almost impossible to hear/understand. We told her the code that came up eel and she said it was mostly sensor thermostat. We looked in the manual and nothing to help other than to say if we saw this code to unplug and call someone. We are educated adults and tried to google for help but nothing came up. Finally called repair person, he saw code and said all you needed to do was take back off and reset red button, I am very angry because that cost us 215.00. That info should be in the manual. Shame on you. We should be reimbursed.

Bought this LG electric dryer model DLEX5101W from Best Buy in Sept. 2010. Still have my receipt which I paid 822.36 with tax. Called an appliance repair service that works on LG appliances on 12-10-15 because Dryers drum has a thumping sound and dryer shuts off after about 30 min of drying with a burning smell. And will not restart until the next day. Thought it was all due to the thumping. And the lint vent needing cleaned. Found out the drum had a crack in it because of a faulty weld. And the burning smell is coming from the electrical board in the controls. I was told it was out of warranty so I have to buy a new dryer. I will never ever buy an LG brand again.

LG Dryer Model DLEX3570W. I purchased this dryer less than 2 years ago. From the beginning it has made noises off and on and the drying times were not long enough to completely dry the clothes. Apparently the sensors don't really work, it is by time only and I have to go to manual dry to finish. My biggest complaint is the lint screen and compartment that it is housed in. The lint screen would stick up just a little on the right side and catch my clothes, some it has damaged. I finally found that the design of the compartment that the lint screen goes in has a design flaw. There are little cross sections that catch lint and build up which doesn't allow the screen to seat correctly. Once this happens the screen will be warped.

I have to totally dismantle the compartment every 2-3 weeks to remove built up lint and force the lint screen down. I refuse to purchase a new lint screen because it will just happen again. However, all that being said, it is not just the damage to my clothes or the work of trying to keep the lint from building up around the design flaw. This is a fire hazard. I spoke with LG and they said they would send out a repair person but I would be responsible for the service. They have not redesigned the part so that is useless. I also have the LG matching washer, not crazy about that either. I will replace both of these and it will not be with an LG product. They don't stand behind their products and have zero customer service. If you have one of these dryers, beware!! They are a major fire hazard!!

I have an LG front loader, and have to run the machine 3 times in the "very dry" mode in order to get the clothes dry, and clean the filter after every cycle which does not catch all the lint. Actually, most of it goes into the chamber that has to be cleaned often with a special vacuum cleaner wand! This is by far the most worst and most expensive dryer that I've ever bought! I've had problems with all the LG appliances that I've bought, and WILL NEVER buy any of their products again! Actually, I hope they go out of business, which will stop them once and for all to give people so much grief by spending more money to have them fixed, not to mention the useless time spent on their so called "Customer Support"!

LG dlex3360v LG Dryer - Loud thumping noise like it is out of balance. I read this blog and found that, like so many others, my drum is cracked at a seam... seems like a recall or class-action type of item - prevalent problem that the company obviously knows about. I, and my family will save them the hassle and buy other manufacturers goods next time. Thank you all.

Purchased the DLE8000V dryer and the WM8000H. A washer in Graphite, great in the store with bright lights, cannot read the front of machines to set the dial, lights around the dial make it harder. Dryer lint filter need to scrape lint off.

After two months the temp control button cracked. The machine will not work at all. I called consumer services. They cannot find a service repair person to look at my dryer. The end? I paid $1200 for a dryer that breaks after two months with no concern from LG.

My LG dryer is leaking gas from somewhere and I had the gas company come out to isolate that the issue isn't with the gas line or connection. He confirmed something is wrong with the dryer, marked it a fire hazard, and unplugged it. Furthermore, we had our dryer duct cleaned to remove the possibility that it was a blocked vent. The gas issue still exists. Was on the phone with LG for at least over an hour trying to come to some resolution. The hallmark response from them was "unfortunately you are outside the 1 year warranty." The issue I'm having has nothing to do with warranty and is a SAFETY and potential recall issue which they obviously didn't want to address, stating that "enough people need to call in and report this issue before we issue a recall."

What makes the issue so dangerous is that GAS is leaking somewhere and LG is unwilling to even send someone out as a courtesy to check. What's worse is that there could be MANY customers out there with this problem who don't even know it or think it's a big deal (we thought it was 'normal' until we had the Gas company check it a few months later on my wife's intuition). If enough gas leaks and something ignites it, that could mean a blow-out of the dryer or worse yet potential injury via explosion or fire.

It's obvious LG cares very little about the safety of their customers, especially when they keep implying these kinds of things are "warranty" related issues. This is major neglect IMHO. If there are ever any incidents in future related to LG and gas leaks, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone and it certainly won't for me. This is the last time I'll be getting a set of LG appliances... that's for sure. I've only had this set for five years too.

DLEX3470W - Steam Fresh stopped working. Called LG - this unit less than two years old. They say no warranty. Called repair service tech. Showed me voltage going from ecb to heater when power switch on, dryer turned off, and panel breaker on, to steam heater and steam heater burnt open. So ecb and heater bad. Major safety issue. Unit off and power going to heater from ecb when off - fire hazard. Cost of repair $461.57. Dryer cost $900.00 hum. Dryer is unsafe. Also serviceman trying to get part price while here got no help from LG. There are no safety circuits to protect unit from failures like I had. Board fails, burns out more devices. Cost of ownership in a little over a year $1500.00, plus not a good value.

I have an LG front load dryer (model DLEX3857W). The original dryer lint filter warped, I guess from the heat of the dryer? It would not sit flat, which caused clothes to get caught on the filter, mostly clothes with thin straps, such as camisoles, etc. However, on one cycle, a sleeveless nightgown was caught, which cracked the corner of the filter, as well as a piece of the filter guide. I purchased a new LG lint filter and replaced the broken one, but it never would sit flat where the corner of the guide was rough. I've had 5 camisoles, 3 nightgowns, and now a fitted sheet destroyed due to being torn when becoming caught and twisting around the raised part of the filter. The material gets wound so tightly that the piece caught just tears off.

I made a complaint on the LG website blog, but my entry was declined because I "failed to meet posting requirements" - I can't figure out what didn't meet, except that the question I asked was based on the fact that I had read several blogs where Kenmore's version of the same dryer has had a recall of the due to the same problem, and I asked if there was an LG plan to recall. I have also emailed LG directly, with no response as of yet. There are MULTIPLE complaints online on different blogs, which is where I found a link recommending replacement of all 3 parts - the lint filter, filter guide, and lint filter cover. I found all the parts on Amazon, with more complaints of the same issue. Why should I have to spend $60 for parts that appear to have been a defect from the beginning.

I purchased 2 sets of LG appliances. Both of the dryers have sensor drying that has never worked properly. I have called people out who tell me it is the vents that need cleared. After having that done, it still takes hours, literally to dry things. Sometimes I just give up and hang things in my bathtub to dry. I do not recommend this brand. Model DLG3744W. Purchased from Home Depot.

A few months ago I purchased an LG dryer model DLE1101W with automatic sensors. However, every time I start a sensing cycle it stops after few minutes. I use mainly small loads. When I called the company they said it is because in small loads the sensor is not being able to detect and therefore shuts down the cycle. When I purchased the unit nowhere did it say that the sensing happens only when using big loads or else I would not have paid more for unit with sensing capability.

We purchased a LG front load dryer (DLGX2651W) two years ago at Best Buy. Within the first year of owning the dryer the motor began making loud clanging noises and we had to have it replaced (professional repair by a serviceman sent by LG). Now it appears the replacement motor has gone out as the dryer will turn on but won't blow air or turn the drum. The Smart Diagnostics have not been helpful at all as they say the dryer is fine. We contacted LG and they denied our warranty claim, stating that we had to call in the same issue three time in order to get coverage. We are most displeased that this dryer has broken twice in the short time that we have owned it and are very upset at the prospect of having to pay for yet another repair on a dryer that is only two years old. This is not the level of quality or customer service we expect from LG and make me think twice about buying another LG appliance.

Our LG Tromm DLE2516W dryer would not start the second time in 6 months. LG is the only source of repairs. They will not sell parts to anyone but their own approved shops. All bookings are through them. I have a 2007 dryer. LG quoted $95 for a technician to look at it. They designated Priority Appliances to do the work. Priority said they would charge $125.00 to visit and do only 15 minutes work for that price. LG would not honour their quoted price. This means a minimum of $125.00 + parts + installation time + taxes -- the price of a replacement machine. Nobody else can buy parts in Canada. This is a racket to overcharge customers as much as possible.

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LG is a South Korean based company employing 82,000 people on a global level. LG is known for its innovative washer and dryer designs and commitment to offering consumers energy-saving options.

  • Gas and electric dryers: LG offers a choice between gas and electric dryers. Approximately 80 percent of dryers sold in the U.S. are run on electric, but gas dryers can offer significant energy savings in comparison.
  • SteamFresh technology: A number of LG dryers offer the SteamFresh option. Simply throw wrinkled clothing in the dryer for 20 minutes, and the wrinkles are quickly removed.
  • Awards: Energy Star has bestowed its "Emerging Technology Award" on LG's EcoHybrid Steam Pump Dryer, which uses less energy through this product's new ventless heat pump technology.
  • Commitment to the environment: LG features a commitment to the environment through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework that outlines the company's dedication to sustainability, environmental protection and products that meet energy efficiency standards.
  • Best for People Who Are Energy Conscious, families, individuals and business owners.

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