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Kohler Walk-In Bath

What is the difference between Kohler and AmeriGlide?

Kohler and AmeriGlide both offer walk-in tubs for homeowners. However, each company prioritizes different features. Kohler doesn’t sell many models; instead, it focuses on aesthetic appeal and luxury. On the other hand, AmeriGlide prioritizes practicality and offers several models and features geared toward homeowners with limited mobility.

  • Kohler is best for homeowners who want a walk-in tub that offers a spa-like atmosphere. The design options and relaxation features Kohler provides give a sense of luxury so you can feel safe and relaxed.
  • AmeriGlide is best for homeowners who need wheelchair access or other accessibility features. It has two wheelchair options, accessible shower options and other accessibility-focused models.

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

kohler walk-in bath logoameriglide logo
Overall star rating4.81.5
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
kohler walk-in bath logo4.8Read reviews
ameriglide logo1.5Read reviews

Cost and installation

kohler walk-in bath logoameriglide logo
Basic tub starting priceOnly available with quote$2,493
Financing offered
Discounts offered
In-home quotes required
Warranty - LaborLifetimeNot mentioned
Warranty - PartsLifetime5 years for pump and motor
Warranty - TubLifetime10 years
kohler walk-in bath logoOnly available with quoteOnly available with quoteLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
ameriglide logo$2,493Not mentioned5 years for pump and motor10 years

Available walk-in tub types

kohler walk-in bath logoameriglide logo
Soaker tub
Wheelchair-accessible tub
Bariatric tub
Tub/shower combo
Two-seat tubs
kohler walk-in bath logo
ameriglide logo

Tub features

kohler walk-in bath logoameriglide logo
Step-in height3 inches3 inches
Fast drain
Quick filling
Grab bars included
Number of hydro jets1012
Number of air jets1718
Chromotherapy offered
Heated seats option
Heated backrest option
Remote control option
Showerhead options
kohler walk-in bath logo3 inches1017
ameriglide logo3 inches1218

Services included with installation

kohler walk-in bath logoameriglide logo
Bathroom door resizing
Old tub removal
Wall repair and repaint
Electrical wiring
Flooring touch-up
kohler walk-in bath logo
ameriglide logo

All information accurate as of publishing date.

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Kohler offers homeowners the convenience of a walk-in tub with a spa-like atmosphere. While Kohler only provides a single walk-in tub model, it has a variety of choices for design. Homeowners can customize their bath color, wall color and faucet finish. Kohler is a well-known name in the industry, and many homeowners feel confident going with an established brand with a long-standing reputation.

Kohler requires an in-home consultation for its Kohler Walk-In Tub to establish the exact cost of your tub and installation. Safety features of the walk-in tub include:

  • 3-inch step-in threshold
  • Extra-wide entry door
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Easy-to-grip handrails on the interior and exterior
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • Ergonomic, multifunctional showerhead

The Kohler walk-in tub also has a number of features designed for comfort. These features include:

  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets
  • Bubble Massage air jets
  • Heated backrest for back, neck and shoulder comfort
  • Extra-wide seat
  • Fast-drain technology with a convenient lever to activate the drain

Kohler offers homeowners a price promise so you know what you’ll pay down to the penny. Kohler also has financing options through GreenSky Financing and monthly offers to help homeowners save.

What Kohler customers say

Overall, Kohler walk-in tubs have good reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Customers say representatives are very knowledgeable and friendly and help make the process easy from start to finish. Other customers have mentioned some issues with the installation contractors Kohler partners with, and some say the company is more expensive than others. However, customers appreciate the warranty and the comfort of the walk-in tub.

Nice overall walk-in bath. … Ok with bubbling system but would like to have some more on back and side to my body and back on my sitting leg. No water leak so far. I think [it’s] better [than] any other walk-in bath model and brand for [a] better deal especially their multi-years motor and water system warranty.”

Rafael S. of Atlanta, GA


AmeriGlide provides homeowners with several accessibility solutions, including a large selection of walk-in tubs. It focuses on convenience, safety and practicality rather than atmosphere. The website also clearly displays the price of each model (doesn’t include the cost of installation), which isn’t true of many similar companies.

AmeriGlide has 15 models of walk-in tubs, which come in multiple sizes. It also has shower options and tubs with wheelchair access.

  • Sanctuary Full Bather: This basic model costs $2,279. It has a three-inch step threshold with water and air jet options. There are no grab bars.
  • Sanctuary Duratub: This tub comes in medium and large sizes, with prices ranging from $3,245 to $3,707. The step height is about 7 inches, depending on the model. It comes with grab bars, water jet options, air jet options and dual jet options.
  • Sanctuary Shower Enclosure: This model has medium and small options, with prices ranging from $4,279 to $4,850. Depending on the model, the step height is either 6 ½ or 7 inches. The upper enclosure on top of the tub lets you use it as a shower as well. These models include grab bars and all jet options.
  • Sanctuary Wheelchair Access: This style comes in both medium and small sizes. Both models cost $4,850, and both have an outward-swinging door for convenient slide-in access. The medium model has a 6 ½-inch step, and the large has a 13 ½-inch step. Both models have grab bars and all jet options.

What AmeriGlide customers say

Ameriglide receives both good and bad reviews from customers on ConsumerAffairs, and it maintains a 3.5-star average. On the whole, customers feel they got a good product for the price and mention being generally happy with the installation process. Customers who had less favorable things to say mention being unable to get a representative on the phone when they needed help with faulty equipment.

Bottom line: Kohler or AmeriGlide?

Kohler and AmeriGlide both offer walk-in tubs with appealing safety and comfort features, but the two businesses market their products fairly differently. Kohler emphasizes its large selection of designs as well as the accessibility features of its walk-in tub model, with options to make your bathroom feel luxurious. On the other hand, AmeriGlide focuses on accessibility and comfort, offering several different tub models, accessibility features and size options.

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