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We recently purchased (and promptly returned) a KitchenAid 1.50 cu.Ft Countertop Convection Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel. We have used Micro/Convection Ovens for over 35 years. We purchased this one based on its advertised "1.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity". The capacity of this oven is not even close to that size. Even "stretched" the measurements only equaled 1.1 Cu.Ft. We are extremely disappointed and not sure how it can be so falsely advertised.

Microwave hood combo, model KHMS1850SSS-0. The plastic filters behind the metal vent screens were ignited by a stove top pan fire. I dropped a lid on the pan immediately. It took me a few seconds to notice the glow under the hood. By then it was too late. The vent fan was on of course, which only increased the intensity of the filter fire. The hood and microwave were totaled by the heat.

I purchased a KitchenAid Microwave in October 2013. The plastic on the bottom of the door handle crumbled leaving a sharp edge and wobbly handle. I contacted Kitchenaid and they told me that they could send someone out for $99 to take a look. This is 20% of the price of the microwave. Materials science has gotten better over the years, but the quality of Kitchenaid appliances has declined sharply. I thought that I was buying a quality product because of the Kitchenaid name. They don't even stand behind their workmanship. The customer service agent did a great job of apologizing to me but not rectifying my concern.

We remodeled our Kitchen and we bought a new oven, microwave, dishwasher, warmer all KitchenAid appliances. First time we heated up the oven to 350 degrees, it heated up to over 500 degree and burnt the bottom of the oven. The temperature settings are very off and wrong, everything we cook we have to use set it very low to get it to cook properly. Dishwasher does not clean correctly and it was leaking, they did come in and adjust it. It kind of works now. The Microwave has been repaired twice in the first year, and this model cost $1000. The warmer works fine.

I will never buy anything KitchenAid ever again. We have had nothing but 3 years of issues, and the customer service repair guy did not have a clue on how to fix any of these appliances so he just keeps ordering parts and wasting our time for this $1000 microwave. Really disappointed in KitchenAid. They are the worst and most terrible customer service team. They never offered to replace any of the appliances and when we unpacked the microwave it had a ding in the front of it.

This part of a two-piece built-in unit with an oven below. (I am concerned that when it needs to be replaced, if I will be able to find something the same size.) The microwave is fine, no problems. The only issue is it is so deep, great for larger items, it is difficult to clean. Being that I am tall with long arms, I can manage but, a smaller individual would have difficulty.

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Very well made microwave. Love that it matches the other appliances. It has so many features! From melting butter to baking a pizza on the pan that is included with the microwave. No problems as of yet in the 3 years we have had the microwave. It is stainless steel and looks pretty. The only slight improvement I would make, is it would be nice to have a flatter looking front. It reminds me of a spaceship with the way it bows out from the door front. But I do like that underneath it is angled up towards the front, so it allows for more working space on the stove top that it sits over. Over all I am really pleased with the purchase.

Works great. Has higher temperature. Holds up to a good cleaning, maintains color, easy to set time and clock. Price was great and has been a reliable kitchen appliance.

I like the fact that the included exhaust fan automatically goes on when the stove generates too much heat. Cooks pretty well. Hard to clean the upper vents.

Bought this particular microwave based on looks and price. Turns out it's been a pretty good purchase and has outlasted all the others I've purchased before it. The mechanical bits are kind of a pain though: The door mechanism is "iffy" sometimes; and the wheels on the ring below the turntable aren't of good quality polymer... One chipped at some point and now it goes 'thunk, thunk, thunk' as my meal/drink/whatever is warming up.

Kitchen Aid stainless steel build in microwave model KBMS1454. I do like the door that opens down rather than swing out. Has a cool down fan that seems to run a long time, although I have never had a microwave with a cool down fan before. Cooks food evenly and quickly.

I had to replace the inside of the door because the material cracked and when I took it apart the glass slide out since it had not been properly secured in the door. Everything went together OK and the cost of material was reasonable.

We purchased a new home with KitchenAid appliances and from day 1, my wall microwave did not work and my stove malfunctioned. I called to register my products and was given a quote for an extended warranty (because apparently I am going to need it with these garbage appliances). I was told that they had to ship me some parts, which were out of stock and that I had to wait. After a month, I received the wrong part and called back. I was told the right part I needed was out of stock and had to wait again. After several weeks, I was told that they no longer made my microwave and that they would be sending me a new one. I was told that I could not get the extended warranty at this time because I would be getting a new microwave and if I bought the warranty now, I would have to pay extra to add my new microwave once it came.

After several more weeks, the microwave came in and it was a countertop microwave, not a wall microwave. Obviously, it did not fit in my wall cabinet so the installers had to make modifications for it to fit. This whole process took about 3 months to resolve and I did not have a working microwave. Next, my oven malfunctioned with an error code and it would not turn off. I called customer service again, armed with my extended warranty price quote because clearly these appliances have significant issues. I was told that it is common for the error code to appear on my double wall oven model and that I had to shut my power off and on for it to reset.

When I complained and said that it was unacceptable, I was told that it was an "unfortunate situation" involving these appliances and nothing could be done. I asked about my extended warranty, ready to shell out hundreds more on these appliances so that I could get them replaced when they break (which is clearly going to happen). I was told that the price had now gone up over 100.00 because it had been over a month since I registered my appliances. I told Jasmine, the call taker that I had a faulty microwave and had to wait months for a new one, so that is why I did not get the warranty when I first got the quote. She told me repeatedly that there was nothing that she could do and the quote was computer generated and she could not change the price. I asked for a supervisor and was told that Amber (supervisor) wanted me to know that she could not change the price either.

I have decided not to purchase the extended warranty on these products. I spent over $10,000 on my gourmet kitchen and now I am stuck with these expensive appliances that will no doubt breakdown again and again. For now, I will make sure my flashlight batteries are charged up so I can make the trip to re-set my circuit breaker each time my oven acts up. Thanksgiving should be especially fun.

The oven was set on self clean - something that is a feature on the oven... and it got so hot that it melted the computer panel that sits between the microwave and oven. I was unable to unlock the oven - the latch was completely bent from the heat. The repair company came out with a new latch but when they saw the damage they said the oven is reparable. KitchenAid completely washed their hands and told me there was nothing they would do. Their words "The self cleaning can surpass 500 degrees and can melt this area". So I ask you... then why put that feature into the system if it is going to ruin the oven? Incredible.

In my quest to contact Whirlpool (US), with perseverance, creativity, luck and detective work I received a telephone call from Whirlpool (U.S.) shortly after my initial review. A Whirlpool Executive (Mr. Chastain) was apologetic and took control and personal responsibility of my problem. Mr. Chastain arranged for a technician to service my microwave to my satisfaction and provided me with a full refund for all Whirlpool service charges (parts and labour). While I am grateful to Mr. Chastain for resolving my problem, it would be helpful if Whirlpool included direct telephone #'s (not a call center) and legit email addresses on their website for consumer SOS.

Original Review

I purchased three new KitchenAid Stainless Steel appliances, which were delivered to our new home in late summer 2013. Installed by professionals. Issues surfaced with the microwave about one year later with an error message appearing in the window and the microwave not working as a result. Kitchen Aid technician (house call) advised window likely had grease build up and to clean daily. I complied but suspected this was not the problem, as the error message kept appearing and the microwave stopped working sporadically.

In July 2015 the microwave completely stopped working (now conveniently out of warranty). The technician who came (at my cost) advised computer board needed replacement (this was covered under major parts warranty) and ordered a new one. Two weeks later, technician returned....with wrong part! To add insult to injury, I paid for an incompetent service call!! The technician then indicated the part associated with my microwave is on "back order" from the U.S. and out of stock until August 15. What is the definition of "on back order" from the U.S. if the source comes from the U.S.? This did not make sense.

My attempts to contact KitchenAid led me to a Whirlpool U.S. call center which had no resolve. Surely if Whirlpool wanted to ensure good customer service, they could contact the source and have the part delivered by courier, particularly when their own technician erred. Nope. This is completely unacceptable "service". Whirlpool U.S. call center would not provide me with a department name/email address so I could follow up. Instead I was advised to 'write' my complaint (via Canada Post) and mail to Whirlpool in Mississauga, ON. Are they living in the 1950's?

I asked for my call to be escalated to manager. The call center indicated there was no department manager. Really? No explanation, no apologies, no problem-solving, no customer care. Sadly we depend on our microwave (independence for 2 disabled adults), notwithstanding the inconvenience and additional costs this situation has caused everyone in my household. I would never recommend a KitchenAid/Whirlpool appliance purchase. This company is not helpful or concerned with assisting their customers. Beware of KitchenAid/Whirlpool and save your money and aggravation.

Apparently, the rocket scientists at Whirlpool have decided we all want the vent fan to push heated or cooled air out of our homes the entire time our microwave runs. So the electronics they're using are so poorly designed they can't tolerate normal operating temperatures. Ovens like this have been sold for more than 30 years without the need to run the vent fan like this. Buyer beware!

Purchased this unit in 2010 with an extended warranty. The unit died in 2012 and was able to get it replaced because of the extended warranty. However an extended warranty was not offered to me on the replacement. The replacement was installed in November 2012 and failed to heat anything in 2015, approximately 2 1/2 years old. I called KitchenAid and spoke with their representative in Tennessee, I explained that this was the second microwave that failed in a two year timeframe. The lady was not very helpful. All she wanted to do was sell me a warranty or I could pay to have a technician come out and look at it. She advised me complaints on defective manufacturing are based on Service Technician calls since they did not have any for this Model then there is nothing wrong with it. I asked her why would 2 of the same units fail during the same time frame and KitchenAid would not recognize that something is wrong with the unit.

I told her I could buy a microwave for less than $100.00 and it would last longer than this model. She told me I should have bought an extended warranty. Apparently I am to blame because I did not get an extended warranty from them for $329.00. At this point she stopped listening to my questions and proceeded in a very loud voice which can be heard clearly from 3 feet away that KitchenAid stands behind their product and there is nothing wrong with that Model microwave because there have not been any complaints. I told her to search the internet. If KitchenAid sold quality products and stand behind their products why would there be a need for an extended warranty. Very, very poor customer service. Therefore if you buy a KitchenAid appliance buy a very long extended warranty because their items are not cheap and the warranty is not cheap also.

In 2007 I spent over 25K on KitchenAid appliances, one of which was a microwave convection oven that cost over $1700. In 2011 that unit failed because the heating element died. I was told by repair that it would be cheaper to replace the unit because even if repaired there was no guarantee it would last. No assistance from KitchenAid.

I purchased a second KitchenAid microwave oven. Three years later it failed...The heating element died. When I contacted KitchenAid after numerous posts on social media and emails, they agreed to pay for the part but I would have to pay for the service call, which I did. Nine months later and the heating element has died again. I contacted KitchenAid and their response after numerous social media post was to offer me the ability to purchase a new microwave at discounted rate. The offer was only good for 48 hours.

I did some research and found out that their discounted rate was the exact same price that the unit is sold at by major retailers. So now the company is being unethical by making me an offer that is supposedly below retail and asking me take a huge leap of faith and purchase a 3rd microwave? I feel like I have been taken advantage as I'm sure many other consumers have felt by KitchenAid's false advertising about the quality and workmanship of their product. My intelligence has been insulted by their feeble attempt to pass off the current retail prices for their units as special discounted rate that are being offered because of the issues I have had with my previous two microwaves.

No one should purchase their products if they are willing to operate in this unethical manner. No one should purchase anything from a company that will not stand behind their products. I guess I will contact the local and national news outlets. Hopefully one of these agency will pick up my story as lesson to other consumers who are in the market for new appliances.

Extremely dissatisfied with the KitchenAid product, warranty and customer service. I contacted them Feb. 5th 2015 to inquire as to the procedure to resolve an issue with the door of my microwave not opening. After a considerable time of answering questions, I was told that my unit was no longer covered under warranty. I then expressed the following info to the KitchenAid representative and offered copies of documentation:

1/31/2014: Ordered 1/31/2014: Deposit $5412.50 4/22/2014: $3252.91 final pay 5/15/2014: Appliances delivered 1/16/2015: Moved in 1/19/2015: Microwave installed by Vassar Electric 2/05/2015: Door would not open

Your representative stated that it did not matter, KitchenAid’s warranty is based on date of purchase (1/31/2014), not date of deliver (May 15, 2014) or the date of installation (1/19/2015). We were told by C&D Appliance that we had a deadline to order or the price would go up. We explained to them that we would not need the appliances for several months as the house was under total remodel. They said no problem as they would store them until we were ready so all the appliances were ordered at the same time and stored at C&D Appliance warehouse.

We get a call one day that they needed to deliver the appliances as they need more room in their warehouse so we stored them in our shop area. Little did we know at the time of purchase that the warranties started on the day we ordered them which was also the date of invoice. It cost me $660.33 to use the microwave for 21 days. I also have no warranty on the KitchenAid dishwasher, the Jenn-Air cook stove and the Jenn-Air refrigerator, all of which are product lines of the Whirlpool Corporation. Adding insult to injury, I filed a product review with KitchenAid that they REFUSED to post!

Hi. Purchased model number KH HC 2090 SSS - 3 n 2011 along with all the other kitchen appliances. We have been very happy with this powerful and feature packed microwave up until a few weeks ago. It began beeping and the touchpad but display all kinds of different functions. The microwave still worked so we continue to use it until my wife informed me that it had actually turned itself on and started cooking by itself. Unplug the unit and promptly called KitchenAid. Their customer service was great and even though the unit is 3 years out of warranty they offered to fix it free. We will see how the repair goes but so far I am very happy with their product and service.

Bought a new KitchenAid microwave. Had a company technician install it. Everything worked fine. 3 days later it would not heat properly. Called company, technician called told us to do several things. Which we did. Still would not heat properly. Most of our appliances are KitchenAid, and they are great. We have replaced this microwave with another brand. Will never buy another KitchenAid appliance. Real Shame only had the KitchenAid microwave 1 month and the company when contacted offered no replacement.

I bought a new house from a builder in October 2012 which was a new built house. He installed Kitchen Aid Microwave KBMS 1454 SSS-3 which was expensive. Me and my wife are the only 2 members in house and sometimes my niece come to visit us. We were out of the country for total of around 5 months in last 2 1/4 years. We were not using microwave a lot. It means that we did not use microwave for total of two years since we bought the house. The other day I was popping the popcorn and I could not. Microwave was running but it was not popping the popcorn. I searched about this problem online and tried basic things as per the recommendation on web but It was not working.

For expensive microwave like this one, it should work for at least 4-5 years. I called the kitchen aid for my complaints and they offered me extended plan for around $300 for one year warranty. I hope company like kitchen aid should take responsibility of their defective unit and help the customers by fixing it without charging them lot of dollars.

Product was 1 year old in Dec of 2014. Stopped working on Dec.31 2014 with a large party going on. Repair service came out promptly the next week. Continued to come out for the next three weeks. Have replaced just about every part in the thing and it still doesn't work. Two more items left, the main computer boards, that are on backorder. So, one month later and still no working product! Call center takes a minimum of 10 minutes to get through due to "large number of calls". I wonder why!! A $1700 microwave/convection oven should last for more than a year. Kitchen Aid should have offered a replacement after the third service call as all the major parts are being replaced. Should have known products were not of high quality when the double oven needed to be replaced upon arrival.

Handle came off, had sears come out to replace it, 280.00 to fix it. I said rain on that, order it myself online. Had a local GE repair man come out - save dollars. But it broke again. Love the way it works and all my appliance are kitchen Aid so I order a new one - I'm hoping this one is better. I just think it's crazy to have this kind of problems if this doesn't work - my husband is going to leave me!!

We installed all KitchenAid appliances in our new house which we moved into on September 3, 2014. The microwave/convection appliance (model KBHS179BSS00) failed completely after three days. The store where we purchased it RELUCTANTLY replaced it. That unit worked only in microwave mode. In convection mode, it would not finish a cycle and had to be reset over and over to complete a cycle. KitchenAid replaced this one, but it froze up and could not be cleared to use it again. On December 22, they sent a third one and it also froze up. Today they replaced the entire keypad and electronic motherboard, but it would not work at all. They put the old part back and it is working right now, but they are going to order another new keyboard, etc. The vendor has washed his hands of the problem, so we are at the mercy of KitchenAid. They did tell us they would replace the entire unit again if the new part fails.

I'm a building contractor. I've installed many different brands of appliances, from the very expensive to the low end "disposable" ones. About twenty years ago KitchenAid made a good, reliable, and well priced fridge. It was easily installed with well thought-out and user friendly adjustments for installation. For years I felt confident in recommending KitchenAid as a well-balanced alternative to higher end appliances or European appliances. In 2009 I purchased the full KitchenAid kitchen. Everything about my KitchenAid kitchen has been nothing less than disappointing, from the supplier, to the service, to the parts supplier. KitchenAid is now the "disposable" appliance at a rich price. I WILL spend the extra, and buy European and will verify it is NOT made in China/PRC!

After installing a Kitchenaid Microwave Convection oven we found that the door steamed to total fog, remaining this way often for 24-30 hours. After a service call and a recommendation to replace the unit by the service people, the exchange was denied by the product exchange department - who did not even have the grace to call and tell me of the denial. After protesting that 24-30 hours is not acceptable for a door to fog over (never has happened with any other microwave oven I have owned) was not normal, I was told point blank that the product exchange department has the last word and it is final. It is a $500 unit and I cannot believe that they would not just exchange it. I am a designer who specifies products often - I will not work with Kitchenaid again based on this experience.

The Model was built in 2010 per the tag; we bought it in late 2012. This was the most expensive model in Sears and we assumed it was the highest quality. Within six months the handle broke on the bottom, but the top stayed intact so I put super glue on it to repair it. Now the top vent plate has broken at all the secure points. Replacing this part is $70 with shipping. This is a cultural issue; cheap made in China quality is what you get in the states these days due to corporate and consumer greed, but you would expect something that you pay $700.00 for to last more than three years. We don't abuse this unit; it is junk, and I would never buy Kitchenaid again.

Did you know KitchenAid is owned by Whirlpool which includes Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Kitchen Aid... Pretty much all the heavy hitters from the US fall under the Whirlpool umbrella now. Just keep that in mind as read through all of these disappointing posts about quality, service and general safety. I, like many, replaced my entire kitchen with what I believed was the TOP quality KitchenAid appliances. I bought the KEMS308SSS05 which is a Micro/Convection oven combination. It's failed now 5 times since I purchased new in 2012. I am 4 months outside of the 2 year warranty but the first problems (for which they've never corrected because it continues to happen) started with the first 90 days.

I get sometimes there are lemons at ANY company, we are humans and we're not perfect, but a company when realizing their faults need to step up and cure the deficiencies. That's the difference between an average company and a great company, and sadly whirlpool seems no longer to be or even want to be a great company.

As an Architect I have always specified KitchenAid appliances. No more! I recently renovated my own house and have 100% KitchenAid appliances. The interior (white plastic) has started to develop what appear to be small burn holes about the size of a match head with brown edges. I called the dealer who said to call the manufacturer. I had all of the model numbers and serial numbers. After 1/2 an hour to get through to the snotty customer service woman I was told to call the dealer. She had never heard of burn holes and it must have been caused by me putting metallic parts in it. This woman really ticked me off and wouldn't let me talk to the engineering department nor anyone else! I'll get to the CEO as I had to do with Home Depot to solve a problem and it was corrected within days.

We purchased a KitchenAid stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and over the stove microwave three years ago. All stainless steel (except for the plastic parts that are colored to look like stainless steel). So far the refrigerator and dishwasher have not been a problem. In the case of the stove, I was very disappointed with the quality of the stove, particularly the drawer below the oven. You can't describe it as anything other than flimsy. I should have checked out the drawer in the showroom model, but who would think to do that. However the microwave Model YKHMS 1850SS2 is the biggest problem. Having read the other reviews I realize that my complaints are shared by many other customers and that they have not been successful in resolving their complaints with KitchenAid. The first problem was with the vent grill. As others have found the plastic grill is so poorly made it cracks and snaps when you tighten the screws to hold it in place. In fact I discovered beyond the warranty period that the grill was damaged on delivery.

Within the last month, the door handle, which looks like stainless steel but is in fact plastic literally broke apart under normal use. I was interested to read the reviews and learn that this is not an uncommon problem. I went online to see if I could get a replacement handle. Replacement handles are readily available for most microwaves, including earlier KitchenAid models at around $45. However, KichenAid will not supply a replacement handle for this model. They will gladly supply a new door for $350. This is unacceptable. Based on the many problems reported in the customer reviews it would be stupid of me to invest in a new door and then be faced with some of the other problems consumers have had with a KitchenAid microwave. We will replace it with a new microwave that is not a Whirlpool product. And we will never buy another KitchenAid stove, refrigerator, dishwasher or other Whirlpool appliance.

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KitchenAid invented the heavy-duty stand-mixer in 1919, and since then has dedicated itself to providing consumers with high-quality kitchen appliances and tools. They sell large and small appliances as well as small kitchen tools.

  • Combination ovens: The KitchenAid combination ovens add the traditional convection oven to the microwave for dual-cooking.
  • Built-in: For a sleek, smooth addition to your kitchen, the built-in microwave tucks away perfectly to conserve space.
  • Sensor steam cycle: The steam cycle provides hydrated heating to vegetables and other items. Steamer container is provided.
  • Crispwave: Crisp up bacon, potatoes and other food items with the Crispwave technology and crisper pan.
  • Keep warm: Don't worry about your food getting cold once it's finished cooking with this feature.
  • Best for Commercial kitchens, small families, large families, singles and couples. The high quality product line lets you cook amazing things in a small space.

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