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About Handicare

Handicare offers accessibility products that help people stay independent as they age in place. Its products include a variety of straight, curved and outdoor stair lifts, providing multiple options for getting up and down the stairs safely. Handicare can install a stair lift in roughly four hours. Financing may be available through your dealer, and all indoor Handicare stair lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty.

    Pros & Cons


    • Straight, curved and outdoor models
    • Multiple seat and color options
    • 3D visualization app


    • Limited weight limits on basic models
    • May be expensive

    Bottom Line

    Handicare has stair lifts for many different staircases and user needs. Although some of the models don't have very high weight limits, a few higher-end models have increased weight capacities.

    Featured Reviews

    Ebensberg, PA

    As I had to have foot surgery and I was non-weight bearing, I pulled my shoulders out from trying to get up and down the steps. I got the straight Handicare stairlift for the back...

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    Ridgely, WV

    I needed a stairlift because I was having back problems and trouble getting up and down the stairs. My friend bought the Handicare stairlift for me and it was installed wonderfull...

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    What is Handicare?

    Handicare is a company that manufactures and sells products that promote users’ mobility and independence, including a wide range of stair lift models.

    Handicare’s global headquarters are in Sweden, and it operates in 20 countries worldwide. Its North American headquarters and factory are located in St. Louis, but the company also has local offices across the U.S. and Canada. You can visit a local office to see a showroom with the company’s full product line, get customer service or receive technical support.

    How does Handicare work?

    Buying from Handicare starts with a free, no-obligation home survey and assessment. This lets the company create a custom quote based on your home and your specific needs.

    Together, you and your Handicare advisor can compare stair lift models to figure out which one makes the most sense for your specific situation and budget. The company’s Vision app can even create a 3D visualization of your new stair lift in your home. Your advisor will also utilize what the company calls its PhotoSurvey system to get measurements for installation. They then use these measurements and your preferred model to create a custom quote.

    If you want to move forward in the process, they’ll work to set up an installation time and date with one of the company’s licensed technicians. Installation takes about four hours, depending on the model and your home’s configuration.

    After installation is complete, your warranty should activate. If you have any issues in this period, one of Handicare’s technicians can come out and assess the situation and help you get the service you need.

    Handicare stair lift models

    Handicare has models ranging from modern-looking stair lifts with lots of features to basic, affordable options. These include straight, curved, indoor and outdoor models.

    • The 1000 Straight Stairlift’s claim to fame is its slim profile, making it a good option for stairwells with less space. The standard version has a weight limit of 350 pounds (300 pounds with the perch seat), but the XXL upgrade allows the chair to hold up to 440 pounds.
    • The 1100 Straight Stairlift is even slimmer than the 1000 model. To save more space, the stair lift’s seat, footrest and armrests can be folded when not in use. This stair lift can hold up to 309 pounds on staircases with a 30- to 45-degree incline. Steeper staircases bring the safe working load (SWL) down to 287 pounds.
    • The Xclusive Stairlift has a more modern appearance, and its continuous charge track means the Xclusive will charge no matter where it is on the track, not just at the top or bottom landing. This model can hold 285 pounds.
    • The 2000 Curved Stairlift is built specifically for curved staircases. Handicare’s Powered Hinge Rail can let you park the seat at the top of the stairs and fold up the track when no one is using the lift. A body harness is available for additional stability and support. Like the 1000 model, this stair lift has a heavy-duty option that brings its weight limit from 255 pounds to 302 pounds.
    • The Freecurve Curved Stairlift is custom-built to fit your staircase. Other features include a key switch, multiple charging points, a manual emergency stop and a retractable seat belt.
    • The 1000 Outdoor Stairlift is similar to the 1000 Straight Stairlift, but with additional features to make it suitable for the great outdoors. This stair lift is waterproof and made with weather-resistant materials to keep it in good condition outside.
    • The 2000 Outdoor Stairlift is the twin of the 2000 Curved Stairlift. Both are great for curved stairwells, but the 2000 Outdoor Stairlift is specially designed to withstand the elements.
    ModelWeight limitStandout feature
    1000 Straight Stairlift350 pounds (or 440 pounds with XXL heavy-duty kit)Slim profile
    1100 Straight Stairlift309 poundsEven slimmer profile
    Xclusive Stairlift285 poundsSleek, modern look
    2000 Curved Stairlift255 pounds (or 302 pounds with XXL heavy-duty kit)Powered Hinge Rail
    Freecurve Curved Stairlift275 poundsCustom-fitted design
    1000 Outdoor Stairlift350 pounds (or 440 pounds with XXL heavy-duty kit)Straight, outdoor-ready design
    2000 Outdoor Stairlift250 pounds (or 300 pounds with XXL heavy-duty kit)Curved, outdoor-ready design

    Handicare stair lift cost

    Handicare doesn’t publish its prices on its website, but you can fill out a form to begin the quote process. Typically, though, straight stair lifts cost between $2,500 and $5,000. A curved stair lift will cost about $8,000 to $15,000. Generally speaking, the simpler the unit, the cheaper it will be. Stairlifts with advanced features will cost more.

    Handicare has slightly different warranties for its indoor and outdoor stair lifts. The company’s indoor stair lifts have a limited lifetime (10-year) warranty on the gearbox and motor, while outdoor models only have a five-year warranty on these components. Both types have a two-year warranty on all other components.

    Handicare FAQ

    How long does it take to install a Handicare stair lift?

    Handicare takes about four hours to install a stair lift, on average. If you have a more complicated staircase, it might take longer, though.

    Can I pay for a Handicare stair lift with Medicare?

    No. Stair lifts are generally considered a home modification, not a medical device. Because of this, Original Medicare doesn’t include coverage for stair lifts, including ones from Handicare. However, you may be eligible to receive a tax deduction.

    Does a Handicare stair lift come with a warranty?

    Yes, Handicare stair lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers things like replacement parts (for 90 days) and workmanship (for up to 10 years).

    The warranty doesn’t cover damage or failure caused by misuse, abuse, damage, normal wear and tear, unauthorized modification to the product or shipping damage, and it’s only eligible on products installed, maintained and serviced by an authorized Handicare dealer or agent. These warranties are not transferable.

    Where are Handicare stair lifts manufactured?

    The company’s North American manufacturing is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

    Do we recommend Handicare stair lifts?

    Handicare is a great option if you’re shopping for a stair lift. The company’s lifts can accommodate a wide range of users, staircases and budgets. Just be sure to speak with your Handicare advisor about your model’s exact weight limit and what an upgrade might cost you.

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    Customer ServiceMaintenance

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2022

    I bought this chair for my dad and started malfunctions since more than 7 months ago. Long story short, no one could find cause of malfunction. Chair is useless and not working. My dad is stock in his room and can not go anywhere. They stopped returning our calls. We are desperate of what to do. My father can not go anywhere without that chair.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Teddy L. increased rating by 2 stars.
    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMaintenanceStaffWarranty
    After a positive interaction with Handicare, Teddy L. increased their star rating on Nov. 7, 2022.

    Updated review: Nov. 7, 2022

    Their VP contacted me after I wrote a review, and we were able to resolve the situation amicably.

    Original Review: Sept. 26, 2022

    We bought a $3,995 home chairlift for our disabled elderly mother from Handcare in Dec 2017 (receipt attached). We have had the chair lift for less than 4.5 years before the motor broke (Dec 2017 purchase, and April 2022 first reported malfunction). Handicare has a very clear warranty policy that is posted on their website that explicitly covers "motor and gearbox will be free from defects...for the lifetime of the product" (see attached official Handicare warranty document from their website; first paragraph is clear). Please verify the official warranty policy at this website: https://www.handicareusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Handicare-Stairlift-Limited-Lifetime-Warranty-2018.pdf

    We had a Handicare authorized reseller come and inspect the broken unit and they confirmed the problem is a broken motor, which is clearly covered in the warranty After several frustrating emails and phone calls, Handicare refuses to repair or replace the broken chairlift. They are saying that the warranty is ONLY valid if we bought an annual maintenance plan. This is NOT at all covered in the the warranty link that I posted above. They said maintenance is required in the fine print of the user manual. This is a complete scam. The true source of warranty info is in the link, not the user manual. They are absolutely taking advantage of elderly customers, not following through on their own warranty guarantee, and I am stuck with a $4,000 useless chair lift that no longer works, causing immense physical and emotional distress. We are reasonable. We don't want our money back. We simply want an operational chair lift.

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      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Jan. 28, 2022

      My husband and I are both handicapped. We had an Acorn stairlift to the second floor but was very unhappy with the company and their service department. We had asked them to come out and look at our cellar stairs but they never showed up. We saw your review on stairlifts and picked Handicare. They came out and viewed the area and in no time they were here to install. Did one heck of a job and before you knew it we were able to use our basement. The lift is superior to Acorn and we know because we have one. The service is great.

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      Reviewed Oct. 27, 2020

      Purchased my Simplicity 950+ 6/2019. 10/05/2020: Unit started making weird, expensive sounding noises. Contact Ability Center in Springfield (seller). Technician ordered parts & rendered unit inoperative. 10/15/2020: Hip replacement surgery. 10/26/2020: New parts installed. More weird noises. Technician said unit belongs in a landfill, gave me a labor bill for $1K+ and strongly suggested I buy another brand.

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      Reviewed Sept. 23, 2020

      I bought a Handicare 1000 xxl stairlift from the Sarasota, Florida distributor. My experience has been a nightmare. Buyer Beware! These stairlifts are junk! The seat is made of cheap plastic. The chair pads are like the cheap garden knee pads that can be bought anywhere for a few bucks. I was charged $4800 just for the equipment. The installation was an additional $425. They claim the stairlift will support 440 pounds. Don’t believe it. When I sat on the chair it tilted forward making me feel I would fall forward and out of the chair. The second time I sat in the chair, a bolt broke and I don’t weigh anywhere near 440 pounds. My installer never could get the automatic swivel chair to work.

      When he talked to their expert technician, he was told it could be a loose wire, a bad fuse or anything. He said he didn’t know what was wrong with it so we were on our own. I packed it up and sent it back. Now they want to deduct $1,000 from my refund because we cut the rail to install it. How would we have known it didn’t work if we hadn’t cut the rail and installed it. It has been over a month since I sent it back and I still don’t have a refund. Don’t make the mistake I did, find someone that stands behind their product. Handicare definitely doesn’t!

      Thanks for your vote! Report

      Reviewed June 6, 2020

      Updated on 11/22/2021: The company replied to my previous review saying that this issue was resolved. The company did contact me but, a year and a half later, the remotes for our stairlift still do not work. Apparently, there is a known fix for this problem but it has not been installed in our device.

      Original review: We had this stairlift installed about one and one half years ago. It gets us up and down the stairs as it should. However, the remotes that came with this product stop working at times. Whenever this happens the only solution is to pay for a technician to come to the house to do a reset of the mechanism. There is no way that we can do it ourselves. It cost $130 per visit! I have never had another product where the remotes stop working other than when the batteries run out. Very frustrating!

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      Response from Handicare

      This issue has been resolved directly with the home owner by Handicare.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed April 21, 2019

      As I had to have foot surgery and I was non-weight bearing, I pulled my shoulders out from trying to get up and down the steps. I got the straight Handicare stairlift for the back stairs and the installers were in and out without a problem. This stairlift keeps me from being confined to the upstairs and if I had a problem, I would feel very free to call the people who sold it to me and installed it for me.

      Thanks for your vote! Report

      Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

      We purchased the stairlift in 2016. It malfunctioned in Sept. 2018. We had difficulty in finding someone at Orlando Tech Services to help. An authorized dealer was assigned to us in Nov. 2018. The remote control arm was replaced 11/29/2018. The chair's computer was replaced the week before Christmas. Remotes were not in the box. We are still waiting for the remotes. The authorized dealer has advised us that the Orlando office called them yesterday, 2/12/2019, to say the remotes were on back order with no estimated delivery date. I had called the Orlando office earlier that day to complain. The Orlando office refused to talk to me. Handicare USA can send me an account statement with a balance on it but the tech services office cannot talk to me. I am frustrated beyond words.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Nov. 29, 2018

      My husband's handicapped so I got a Handicare stairlift. Other stairlifts has weight limitations. They didn't go as high as Handicare. The sales visit from their dealer was fine. It's just that they sent somebody that probably wasn't trained enough to install one. They folded the rail at the edge of my stuff and made a dent the metal stripping that I had across my tile. They made a dent in there from falling. They need to watch who's selling their product because I wasn't real happy about that either. It could give them a bad name because of the experience. It took me close to a year to get it running, and then I've had it approximately four years. But when I was in need of battery, I went to contact them and they were out of business. They put me in contact to one of their authorized repair people, and that's where I got my battery.

      They contracted somebody the third visit. The one guy said, the way they had the wires, he wondered it didn't catch something on fire, which didn't make me very happy. It was just a fiasco, and they would come back and take a look at it and wouldn't have any available parts, so they had to order it. It would be like a month at a time between each visit. But I didn't have to pay anything because it was covered. If I have any more other issues, I will reach out to them because they are authorized by the Handicare to work on these. The stairlift appears to be pretty well made and I don't have any issues on it.

      Thanks for your vote! Report
      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Nov. 20, 2018

      I got Handicare Stairlift for my aging mother. They just seem to be the closest to me and the most likeable. The installation team was fabulous. So I'm also very impressed with the stairlift. It has made my mother's life better by 100%.

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