GE refrigerator warranty: cost, coverage & plans 2024

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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GE Appliances, a Haier company, produces several lines of refrigerator models under its brands GE, GE Profile and GE Cafe. The company sells French door, top freezer, side-by-side and bottom freezer refrigerator models.

GE Appliances offers a one-year limited warranty on all refrigerator models that covers the labor and parts costs associated with repairs and replacements.

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GE includes a one-year limited warranty on all its refrigerator models. This covers 100% of parts and labor costs for in-warranty repairs.

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The GE Cafe and Profile models also have a five-year warranty on the refrigerating system.

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You can schedule repairs covered in the warranty with GE’s Factory Service Center.

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GE refrigerator warranty coverage and plans

GE provides a limited warranty on all of the refrigerator models it produces. Warranty coverage varies depending on the GE refrigerator model. All models have at least a one-year warranty period that covers all parts and labor costs necessary to repair or replace a defective part.

In addition to the one-year warranty on parts, the company specifically includes a 30-day limited warranty on the water filter. If it malfunctions due to a defect in manufacturing, GE will provide a new water filter cartridge free of charge.

The GE Cafe and GE Profile models have a five-year limited warranty on all parts of the sealed refrigeration system. This warranty includes labor costs as well.

Extended warranties are available through Assurant, an authorized provider of extended service contracts for GE Appliances. Coverage periods range from two to five years and start the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

In addition to covering all parts and labor costs, the Assurant extended warranty also provides compensation for food loss (up to $300) due to unit breakdown. Damages caused by power surges are also covered, which may be helpful in areas that experience severe weather.

Limits and exclusions

Warranty exclusions are circumstances in which the company will not cover the cost of damages. GE Appliances provides a full list of limits and exclusions in the “Refrigerator Warranty” document.

Some exclusions to coverage include damages caused by:

  • Using a non-GE brand water filter cartridge
  • Improper installation or maintenance
  • Commercial use

Before installing your new GE refrigerator, it’s important to read the owners manual and installation instructions. The step-by-step guide in this manual can help you install the unit properly to ensure you don’t cause damages that could void the warranty.

How to register a GE refrigerator

You can register your GE refrigerator online by visiting the GE Appliances product registration page and creating an account or registering as a guest. You need the refrigerator’s model, serial number and installation date. The model and serial number can be found on a tag placed inside the fridge. The tag’s location may depend on which type of refrigerator you own.

While GE Appliances recommends registering online, you can also send in the registration card included with the new unit. GE does not require product registration to schedule in-warranty repairs, but prior registration speeds up the process. For example, you won’t need to search for your installation date or model number each time you call customer service, which may be helpful.

GE refrigerator warranty cost

The warranty cost is built into the price of your new GE refrigerator. If you opt for extended warranty coverage through Assurant, prices vary based on the refrigerator model and ZIP code.

You can request a free quote on Assurant’s website. Cost estimations obtained by the ConsumerAffairs research team show the following:

Pros and cons of GE refrigerator warranties

The GE refrigerator warranty offers similar coverage to other companies’ warranties in the industry. A benefit to this type of limited warranty is extended coverage for up to five years for refrigerating systems on select GE refrigerator models. In addition, the one-year limited warranty provided on all GE refrigerator models includes the labor costs for in-warranty repairs in the first year.

A drawback to the GE warranty is that you must use its service center for repairs. Even if service appointment slots are full, you won’t be able to use your preferred repair professional for faster service. Also, some consumers who reviewed the company on the ConsumerAffairs website say they experience issues with scheduling a prompt service appointment.


  • Covers refrigerating systems for up to five years on select models
  • Labor costs included in the first year


  • Must use GE’s Factory Service Center for repairs
  • Some people report issues with scheduling repairs

How to file a claim for your GE refrigerator

You can schedule in-warranty repairs with GE’s Factory Service Center on the company’s website. Sign in to the account you created at product registration and search for available service appointments.

You can also call 800-432-2737 to reach GE’s appliance service and repairs department.

GE refrigerator warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

A new refrigerator may be one of the most expensive appliances you purchase for your kitchen. Many refrigerators today cost $1,000 or more and have a life span of about 13 years.

The GE limited warranty is helpful to have because it can pay for expensive repairs that may occur in the first year. However, it’s more likely that other parts will break down over time with normal wear and tear. Repairs to fix a broken unit can cost an average of $200 to $400.

You may consider purchasing a home warranty plan to cover these unforeseen repair costs. Refrigerators are often included in home warranty plans as a major appliance. In addition to paying for parts and labor costs, the home warranty may also cover replacement costs if the company’s service team cannot repair the refrigerator.

» LEARN MORE: What is a home warranty?

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What is a GE refrigerator warranty?

The GE refrigerator warranty is a one-year limited warranty covering 100% of all parts and labor costs for in-warranty repairs. For GE Cafe and GE Profile models, the warranty also provides five years of coverage on the sealed refrigerating system as well.

How long is a warranty on a GE refrigerator?

The warranty coverage period for all GE refrigerator models lasts one year after the initial purchase date.

What is GE’s customer service information?

You can call GE’s customer service at 800-626-2005. You can also ask questions in a live chat on the company’s website, which is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern.

Bottom line

The GE refrigerator warranty is a limited warranty that covers all parts and labor costs for one year after the purchase date. Certain GE refrigerator models also have a five-year warranty on the refrigerating system. You must schedule in-warranty repairs with the company’s service center.

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