GE Dryer Warranty: Cost, Coverage & Plans 2024

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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GE Appliances, a Haier company, is a home appliances manufacturer that produces dishwashers, ovens, washers, dryers and more. The company includes a one-year limited warranty on the dryers it sells. The warranty gives consumers the right to a remedy, whether that’s a repair or a replacement, for parts that malfunction or break due to a manufacturer’s defect.

Key insights

  • GE Appliances provides a one-year limited warranty on its dryers. This includes 100% of parts and labor costs.
  • Product registration isn’t required for warranty coverage but may help speed up the service claims process.
  • Extended warranties are available through Assurant, a GE Appliances partner.

GE dryer warranty coverage and plans

GE Appliances includes a one-year limited warranty on all of its dryer models. The warranty covers all costs associated with repairing or replacing defective parts, including labor costs. Coverage lasts for one year after the original purchase date.

An extended warranty is available from Assurant, a GE Appliances partner. It covers all parts and labor costs for repairs, and the coverage period starts the day after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Plans range from one year to five years and could vary in price depending on your location.

Limits and exclusions

There are a few instances in which the warranty will not cover the costs of repairs and replacements. You can find a full list of warranty exclusions in the “GE Dryer Warranty” document.

Some items not covered by the warranty are:

  • Lightbulb replacements after the expected useful life has passed
  • Damages caused by improper installation or maintenance
  • Repairs needed as a result of using the dryer in a commercial setting

In addition, be sure to read the owner’s manual before you use your new dryer. It includes important information about the dryer’s installation and operation. Failure to follow these directions may void the warranty.

How to register a GE dryer

GE Appliances recommends registering your new dryer online through the company’s website. Registration gives GE Appliances the information necessary to provide service for in-warranty repairs.

Visit the “Register Your Appliance” page on the company’s website to register. You can create an account with your email address or register as a guest. Creating an account lets you view your registration information later, which may be helpful when scheduling a service call. You can also mail in the registration card that comes with your new dryer.

GE dryer warranty cost

The GE Appliances manufacturer’s warranty cost is incorporated into the price of your new GE dryer, so there’s no additional fee for this purchase protection. However, if you opt for the extended warranty offered by Assurant, you’ll pay a fee depending on the coverage period.

Based on quotes obtained by ConsumerAffairs, the plan pricing does not appear to differ between the gas and electric dryer plans. You can request a free quote directly from Assurant’s website.

How to file a claim for your GE dryer

To schedule in-warranty repairs, you’ll need to call GE Appliances Factory Service Center at 800-432-2737. You can also schedule service online by logging in with the account information you used to register your new dryer.

GE dryer warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

A manufacturer’s warranty is helpful to have for any expensive repairs needed in the first year. However, you’re left with the repair bills after the warranty expires. For reference, the average cost of dryer repairs is between $80 and $500. Your new dryer could last 12 years or longer, which leaves several years without warranty coverage.

A home warranty could come in handy as appliances, like your dryer, age over time. Depending on the home warranty plan, it can cover the cost of repairs and replacements on major appliances and systems, like washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners and more. These plans pay for replacements caused by normal wear and tear.

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Pros and cons of GE dryer warranties

The good news is the GE dryer warranty will cover all labor and parts costs for in-warranty repairs in the first year. In addition, you can schedule repairs either online or by phone with one of GE’s service providers. Lastly, the warranty is transferable from the original purchaser to any succeeding owner.

A drawback is that you may be hit with a service or trip fee if you don’t live near one of GE’s service providers. Also, some customers noted long wait times between scheduling and receiving a service appointment.


  • Coverage for 100% of parts and labor costs for in-warranty repairs and replacements
  • Ability to schedule service online or by phone
  • Transferable from the original purchaser


  • Potential trip fee if you don’t live in an area with a GE Authorized Servicer nearby
  • Some consumers experience long wait times for service call appointments

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What is a GE dryer warranty?

The GE dryer warranty is a one-year limited warranty that provides coverage for any repairs and replacements needed because of a manufacturer’s defect.

How long is a warranty on a GE dryer?

The GE manufacturer’s dryer warranty lasts until one year from the purchase date.

What is GE’s customer service information?

You can contact GE’s customer service by calling 800-626-2005. The company also provides a chat feature on its website you can use to submit questions.

Bottom line

The GE dryer warranty is a limited one-year warranty that covers all parts and labor costs of repairs and replacements while active. You can purchase an extended warranty for an additional cost through Assurant or a home warranty for extra coverage.

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