Frontpoint vs. Cove

Frontpoint and Cove compared

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    Frontpoint and Cove

    Frontpoint and Cove compared

    Both Cove and Frontpoint offer home security systems that meet varying budget and equipment requirements. There are a couple of differences between Cove and Frontpoint, however. Frontpoint has month-to-month, one-year and three-year contracts, while Cove has no contracts. Also, Cove doesn’t integrate with other home automation systems as well as Frontpoint does, which could be a deciding factor for some.

    Installation and cost

    frontpoint logocove logo
    Installation typeDIYDIY
    Installation feeNoneNone
    Upfront cost$392.40 to $797.88 upfront; financing availableVaries based on equipment
    Trial period30-day risk-free guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
    Contract terms36 months (if financing)No term contracts
    frontpoint logoDIYNone$392.40 to $797.88 upfront; financing available30-day risk-free guarantee36 months (if financing)
    cove logoDIYNoneVaries based on equipment60-day money-back guaranteeNo term contracts

    Monitoring plans and pricing

    frontpoint logocove logo
    Monitoring price range$50/month$17.99 to $27.99/month
    Monitoring optionsProfessionalProfessional
    Self-monitoringNot offered
    Upgraded self-monitoringNot offered
    24/7 professional monitoring$50/monthStarting at $17.99/month
    Upgraded professional monitoringNot offeredStarting at $27.99/month
    frontpoint logo$50/monthProfessionalNot offeredNot offered$50/monthNot offered
    cove logo$17.99 to $27.99/monthProfessionalStarting at $17.99/monthStarting at $27.99/month

    Security equipment

    frontpoint logocove logo
    Wired or wireless?WirelessWireless
    Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
    Video doorbell
    Control panel
    Motion sensor
    Entry sensor
    Glass break sensor
    Keychain remote
    SirenNot listed
    Panic buttonPanic pendantMedical panic button
    Yard sign
    frontpoint logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasNot listedPanic pendant
    cove logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasMedical panic button

    Smart-home features

    frontpoint logocove logo
    Smart locks
    Smart lights
    Smart thermostat
    Garage door controlNot listed
    Temperature sensorNot listedHeat detector within smoke detector
    Water sensor
    Smoke detector
    CO detector
    frontpoint logoNot listedNot listed
    cove logoHeat detector within smoke detector


    frontpoint logocove logo
    Mobile app
    Mobile app monitoring
    iOS rating4.42.3
    Android rating3.32.5
    Notification/alert optionsEmail, text and pushPhone, email, text and push
    Home automation capabilities
    Voice integration
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
    Other integrationsZ-Wave products
    frontpoint logo4.43.3Email, text and pushZ-Wave products
    cove logo2.32.5Phone, email, text and push

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    frontpoint logocove logo
    Overall star rating3.92.9
    Verified customer reviewsFrontpoint reviewsCove reviews
    frontpoint logo3.9Frontpoint reviews
    cove logo2.9Cove reviews

    All information accurate as of publishing date.


    Frontpoint offers several home security equipment packages to meet varying budgets and needs. It also offers a build-it-yourself package that lets you choose specific equipment and quantities, providing flexibility to suit customer needs and budgeting.

    Frontpoint works with Google Home and Alexa assistants. It also offers several smart devices, like smart thermostats and lights, that integrate with smart-home automation systems.

    Frontpoint packages

    • The Safehouse: The Safehouse package costs $392.40 upfront. It includes the hub, keypad, one motion sensor, two door/window sensors and a doorbell camera.
    • The Bunker: The Bunker package is $633.92 upfront. It includes the hub, one keypad, three door/window sensors, a smoke/heat sensor, one motion sensor, an indoor camera and a doorbell camera.
    • The Fortress: The Fortress has an upfront cost of $797.88. It comes with the hub, one keypad, six door/window sensors, a smoke/heat sensor, two motion sensors, an indoor camera and a doorbell camera.

    All packages include a yard sign, window decals and door stickers.

    What Frontpoint customers say

    While most reviewers were pleased with the service and product they received from Frontpoint, there were a few negative comments. Those with criticisms of the company ran into issues with malfunctioning equipment or incorrect charges. However, most customers felt they received helpful and friendly service and that the product worked as advertised.

    Frontpoint's customer service was top notch. They were extremely patient, extremely informative and always responsive … If I had an issue or a need to walk through something, they would stay on the line with me as I walked through it. So, the initial set up and conversations were great. Any other questions I've had since then, customer service has been top-notch."

    Johnny of Morganton, NC


    Cove has been in operation since 2018. It centers on a DIY approach and lets you choose and order your equipment online and install it yourself. Cove makes it easy to customize a home security system, and you can order everything online with transparent pricing.

    Additionally, Cove offers low monthly monitoring rates that range from 50 cents to 83 cents per day. There are no long-term contracts, and the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Cove packages

    Cove does not have pre-made security equipment packages, so you can customize yours to your specific home needs. You can take a short survey on Cove’s website to build your system and see pricing. Equipment options include a control panel, window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, glass break sensors, key fobs, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and panic or medical pendants.

    What Cove customers say

    According to verified customers, Cove systems are reasonably priced and easy to install. Some reviewers complain about equipment functionality and false alarms. Some also describe connection issues — if you live in an area without good AT&T service, Cove may not be the best option for you.

    I got Cove because it offered me a really cheap subscription and after doing some research online I decided to take the risk on this new company. The customer reviews seemed good, but I've only had it a couple of months. The customer service is fine and the installation was a cinch."

    Patrick of Bradenton, FL

    Bottom line: Frontpoint or Cove?

    Both Frontpoint and Cove offer customized home security systems. Cove’s is based on a completely DIY approach, from package-building to installation. Frontpoint has a build-it-yourself option, but it also offers pre-made packages.

    • Frontpoint is best for customers who want several pre-made options to choose from and would like to integrate several smart devices and equipment.
    • Cove is best for customers who want a completely DIY option, from building a customized equipment package to installation.
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