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Consumer Reviews & Complaints

Great customer service because this company is great. It was very easy to set up and understand. I was able to set up and install it very easily. Anyone can do it so that is why I would definitely recommend. Would definitely recommend for monitoring capability. I have tried other brands of home security products and nothing compares to this one especially for monitoring. The value of this brand is awesome. You get great quality for and great price. I would definitely chose this one over any.

The customer service is very reliable, dependable, authentic, responsible, unique, enjoyable, appreciative and accommodating. They attend to you and answer questions to the best of their knowledge. They are well experienced and has good customer relationship. The setup and installation is very easy. They are well experienced. The set up does not takes much time. They know their job well. They are efficient and very nice and has good customer relationship. They are well trained. The monitoring capability is very good. They are accurate and has good images and unique color. They are accurate and are very effective. They are sophisticated and innovative. The perceived value is accurate. It's very good, nice and appreciative. It's well reliable. The price is accurate for the equipments and cost reliable. It's a standard price for the value.

They are nice and very respectful and understand what I wanted as a client. They were genuinely interested in what I had to tell them and made sure I got the safety and protection I needed at an affordable price. They were very easygoing and understanding of my tight schedule and the installers were absolute professionals. Showed up on time when I needed them to be there and it was a greater experience how they stayed out of my way and just handled what they were there for. Didn't leave without making sure I was well taken care of.

The monitoring capability completely blew my mind with great surveillance of my whole property, 24/7 in the palm of my hand, when I'm not home as well as at my house when I leave the motion sensors alarm my phone when someone crosses my property line. Really convenient. Really gives me the security that allows me to relax and rest assured my property will be ok if I can't be home at all hours of the day.

Overall customer service was good. Very easy to use. Had questions on how to install properly. I contacted them on their website. Problem was minimal and they were eager to assist. Overall setup and installation was a very easy. I have minimal knowledge of security and how to install them. I think the average person would find it easy to understand and install. I love how you can monitor everything from your smartphone. And did I mention the app is free. This feature comes in handy when you're out of town or for pets. I think the quality you get for the price is unbeatable. Along with the easy setup you can have a home security system for a fraction of what other people charge.

It was cordial and helpful in providing services. They add touches such as a personal note on the invoice or some little extra service to make a customer feel special. It was easy and relevant to my needs as it had focused positive personalized attention on the customer to a certain need and supply it in a prompt, courteous manner - with follow up. Excellent customer service.

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We had so many questions at first and I called and they were very helpful and polite and explained everything to where I understood and I didn't have to wait on the phone forever. Someone came on right away. I didn't have to wait long for them to come and install and when they were here they were very nice and didn't take long at all. They explain what they put in and where and how it worked and were very friendly and helpful. I was very impressed with the system and how it worked and how I could even do this by myself without help after I had talk to someone explaining more about the system. When I called and got a quote I was shocked at the price. It was very reasonable and for a system like this it was so worth it. We had looked around and we did not find a better price than this.

They are always there and seem like friendly attentive people. They are very understanding when I set the alarm off all by myself. Which happens way too frequently. The setup went quickly and the worker was super polite. He also was very patient in showing us how to work the system. We especially appreciated his helpful hints. We enjoy being able to monitor the front, back and side of our home. We used to just have security lights but this is so much better and meets our needs. The value was pretty good in comparison to others. There are cheaper ones out there but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

They were very friendly and helpful. I felt safe and secure knowing I had them to turn to for any questions, at any time of the day or night. The setup was fine. As timely as any of these companies can be expected. Friendly staff. Kept everything tidy and cleaned any mess that was made. I would and already have recommended the company to family and friends who are interested in purchasing a home security unit. It makes me feel a lot safer. I have not had any problems so far with this product. Staff is friendly. Product works. Reasonable pricing. I feel like I got what I paid for and am happy with it.

You can stay safe in your own house and if you need they just call and they come fast response and they help you in all you need all the time you need some help. They come and make all the work. After that they tell me how I can use the device and teach you in the best way possible how use the device and where is all the camera. Have a great monitoring capability and a quick response. When you need they come to your house in case of emergency and the monitoring have a good image. They stay watch your house all the time and you can feel safe but if you need call they come fast. The call is good for all and can make you feel secure.

When I kept calling them about my installing they replied just fine! It did take some time but they are super friendly over the phone so it was definitely worth the wait instead of waiting for some mean person! It was awesome. They came at the right time and the right place. Nothing went wrong! It was actually pretty fast for security installation so I was happy.

I've caught some guys snooping around my yard. Thanks to this security and got to say if I didn't have it then I wouldn't have a home right now! The price was definitely worth it for the amount of security it provides! It's lockdown secured and the price I don't regret paying a lot for it because my house has been saved from being burglarized.

Whenever the product started malfunctioning or was defective, the customer support were quick to aid me. They would answer my questions with confidence and obvious dedication to their work, which is rare to come by these days. The staff that comes to check up with the equipment have done it on a orderly and neat fashion. They are well-organized and fixing the system only takes 2 hours or less, according to my experience. The monitoring locations are very subtle and hard to identify. It records well and with high quality. It monitors a wide amount of space. For starters, you'd think that security systems are expensive, and that is true. However, for the price I've bought the system, it was like a steal.

Good, friendly, easy to use it. Easy to deal with.Courteous people on the phone. Helps make you feel safe. The set up was good. Two people came out and helped set it up. They showed me how to use it. It would be much better if it showed more on the monitor. I really like being able to set it up and go for it. Wished it was a lot cheaper. I do not like the fact that it cost so much to feel safe in my own my own home. But it is better than buying something like ADT.

Their customers service is really kind and helpful. Whenever we had any questions they were quick to get back to us with the answers. They are really personable and care about customer satisfaction. I definitely recommend this home security service. Installation was quick and the technician was polite and very knowledgeable. He took us through the set up process and answered any questions we had. We are able to monitor and view our property whenever we need to on our mobile devices. Being able to do so is comforting and puts our minds at ease. Cox Homelife is a great quality product at a decent price. I'd highly recommend if it was just a little cheaper, but considering all the technology, customer service, and ease of installation, I can see why it's costly.

Every time I have issues or my alarm is having issues I get call or they call me and the problem is resolved quickly. No issues with the system, very good service, would recommended. They came in timely manner, the system was set up quickly with no issues. They walked me thru how use it and how it works. Process was not long and was easy did not take much my time. Every time there was a alarm they always called to see if everything was OK and the fact I can monitor things remotely is an awesome feature. No complaints here. Was a little pricey but it bundle with my other services makes it super easy to pay one person for all my in home needs such as cable, internet, phone and security systems.

I think they are great and I love what they are doing. They are the best in the market and answer any questions that I have for them. I think they are going to grow to become the best and we all need to watch out for them because they are great and I love them to pieces.

Customer service experience was very good in helping pick options and walking me through all stages of buying and installation. I ended up moving into an apartment and no longer needed the service. Installation and set up was very easy. Thankfully to awesome technician and the customer service team. If not for moving I would still use the services. I lived in a pretty safe area so thankfully it was never really needed. But it worked very well when it was tested periodically. I would definitely recommend and or use the services again. What more can you want than a working system and at a good cost. Good customer service and everything else. So I would be a person who would definitely recommend it.

I'm very happy with Cox Homelife. The customer service is on par. It was a very easy installation. They showed up in time and it took them maybe an hour to install the equipment, set it up, and show me how to use it. I haven't had any issues where they have had to call me but it seems to work very well. I haven't had any break ins if that recommends the service any lol. I really like that I was able to bundle it with my other services through Cox which in turn saved me a lot of money rather than going through another company.

If I could give Cox Communications -25 stars I would. I had Cox Communications services for over 12 years. I have had wifi cable and home security. Cox reps are nasty and rude. I was lied to by reps. Had service disconnected after rep told me they were crediting my account and that disconnect resulted in a reconnection fee. Their wifi service is slow and doesn't work 5 out of 7 days of the week and when I called to complain I get hung up on by reps. Cox so called home security system is a joke. The touch screen freezes up and when you disarm system it does a 2 hour upgrade which means you can't leave because the alarm will go off. Cox **. When Cox tells you a service is free don't believe them. They bill you. I have had that done 3 times that I have caught. I hate to think how much that I didn't know about. Cox CEOs are crooks. Cox reps lie. I say ** those rotten **. Don't get Cox Communications services. They are an awful company!!!

Cox Homelife customer service has always been helpful, honest and quick to respond. I never have to wait on hold long. They always know how to help. Was easy to communicate with the installers on what exactly I wanted in regards to which windows we use most often and the weak points in my house I feel are unsafe. Monitoring center is brilliant. They are always respectful of my questions and concerns and they are always on point with making sure my password is given to them before talking to me. Great for the value. It is a little more than most but the level of respect and knowledge from Cox is fantastic. I would definitely recommend bundling.

It was good. They come to your home and do a good job and show you had to work everything. Then they show you how it works from your cell phone. They took me thru every step on this to properly set it up and how to turn it on and off from the phone and when you leave the house. It's a new and fun way to turn on and off. It show you the whole house each room I had it placed in. When I go outside my wife can watch me on the TV even the kids when they go outside just to play and when company come over I see my driveway. I got a good deal on it and I saved a lot from what I would of had to pay if I used another service. And my wife was pleased I didn't spend a lot of money on it and it did the job.

Good customer service. People there answer the call very fast and can answer all my questions. They are very professional. They are also very polite. The technician came in a timely manner. Very professional and helpful. He explained everything there was to know about the system. He was very patient. I am happy with the service. I have someone watching over my house all the time and we feel safe and secure with our alarm system. All doors and windows are being monitored. The price is ok, it is not too expensive or too cheap but I think the value is good especially compared to other companies that have higher prices or less services.

Customer service was polite and adequate, however not overly friendly and eager to help. My call was usually taken in a timely fashion and issues were addressed immediately. Setup and installation was efficient without being intrusive. The rep was polite, informative, and got the job done in a timely fashion. The monitoring is adequate for the cost and easy to use, even for children. I have no complaints so far. More discounts are always a good thing though. This is an adequate value for the cost. It's pretty much average when you compare the many different services available across each company.

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Cox Homelife from Cox Communications is a monitored system that can be bundled with Internet, cable and/or phone service for Cox customers. It offers mobile monitoring, 24/7 monitoring and smart home automation.

  • Bundling option: Cox Homelife can be bundled with Cox Internet, TV and phone for convenience.
  • Text/email alerts: Sign up for text and/or email alerts every time someone opens a door in your home.
  • Home automation and control: You can remotely control your home’s thermostat, lights and small appliances. Lights can be put on a timer so you never have to come home to a dark house again.
  • Locks control: Use your mobile device to lock and unlock your doors remotely.
  • Cox Homelife app: Download the Cox Homelife app before you buy to take a tour and see everything Cox Homelife has to offer. Once you have made your purchase, use the app to remotely monitor and control your home from anywhere.
  • Best for Cox Homelife is best for homeowners who also have Cox cable, Internet and/or phone service.

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