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Cox Homelife
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    Cox Homelife is a home security provider that offers 24/7 monitoring and smart home technology. The company has optional add-ons, including carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors and flood sensors. Plans start at $29.99 a month.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 9, 2019

      Purchasing a Cox Homelife system... being assured I would be able to cancel during the 6 month trial period... I had high hopes of being able to secure my home when away for half of each year. When I questioned. in advance of signing on the dotted line, of the recording capabilities of the system I was told I have fifty FREE recordings per camera each day.

      However. the 720 mp cameras would never show a clear image of any object... even my stationary car... which appeared someone took a baseball bat to the hood... windshield leaving me freaked out about this sabotage to my nice car. Upon seeing the car firsthand I was relieved to see no damage at all. But the cameras’ images are soo poor one would never be able to identify a possible criminal caught in the act if it were to happen. What good is this for catching a perpetrator.

      When contacting Homelife repeatedly... I should have kept a tally. I could not get any response to the problem with recording long term... by 11:00 am the fifty FREE recordings were used up from slight breezes. Turn down camera sensitivity... get no recordings. I wanted to buy or rent a dvr recording device... not offered during their transition to the cloud storage capabilities... which when ready I was assured I would be notified for getting this feature... NO COMMUNICATION.

      Finally wishing to cancel before my 6 month trial period... I would be told a supervisor will call you in the next day or two... NOPE, no emails... NADA. Again calling back, told the same thing... NOPE. There goes the 6 month threshold for a complete refund for all incurred costs. So I stopped paying the $60.00/month payments for a service which was leaving my property 100% unprotected. THEN my bill for Homelife jumped to 500 dollars.

      Then the following month it went to $871.24 for what? For not paying for an incompetent service from the get go... probably the amount to pay off the two year contract which ONE IS OBLIGATED to deal with without having the opportunity to cancel before the 6 month trial period as promised... because this CORRUPT BUSINESS plays smoke and mirrors with its customers/victims in order to profit on the unsuspecting people who really are POWERLESS against this entity simply by initiating a service sounding great from the sales representative... but the reality over the course of business dealings.. leaves me...OR it could be YOU! But reading this I’m sure you now know better! You are welcome!

      By reading all reviews and getting an overall understanding of just how CRIMINAL this COX HOMELIFE entity is. Literally stealing money from those not aware before signing the contract... will be victimized. The little guy... just trying to protect the most valuable asset... the home... is being legally fleeced/robbed from a business entity... Cox Homelife... without any recourse... except for filing a lawsuit. Maybe someone willing to create a class action suit for this criminal activity of Cox Homelife will then and only then bring justice to the victims having experienced a similar financial loss without any customer support to get what was SUPPOSEDLY paid for... Ugh!

      26 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: March 28, 2019

      I have heart disease and when I got Cox Homelife, I felt more comfortable. My bills are too high though, but otherwise, my experience with them has been good. I would recommend them.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 23, 2019

      We installed our Cameras 2 years ago with COX Homelife because we had already internet and TV from them. Had to purchase the Cameras and sensors and sign up for a 2 years monitoring contract for $52.99 a month. Now after 2 years I like to cancel this contract because there are better cameras and monitoring contracts out there. The Cameras are also not very good. Sometimes too sensitive and if you turn down this sensitivity they don't react at all. Now I'm 1 hour on hold because I told them I like to cancel my contract. This are NOT a GOOD Company at all. Overpriced and slow to react if you have a problem. My advice to you what looks for information, don't use COX Homelife. Use any other company, just not COX. This are criminals when it comes to customer service and response. You have better choices.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 14, 2019

      When I purchased the Cox Homelife product the tech came over and showed me everything on my Desktop. It worked great. Mid contract they took away the CVR feature on the desktop which allowed you to view past events on the large Desktop monitor. Now you can only view with a mobile app on a 2-3 inch screen. Useless. Now they want to charge me a huge early disconnect fee. NO MORE COX FOR ME.

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 1, 2019

      Someone forged my name on a Homelife Contract after I told the Cox Installation person that I did not want the service. I only wanted Cox cable and Internet. I have been paying for this service that I never requested. I have a copy of the signed contract that I printed from my Cox account and the signature isn't mine. I cannot get Cox or Homelife to help. I am in the process of hiring an attorney.

      17 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 30, 2019

      I ordered a Cox HomeLife bundle on January 2nd, 2019, (cable, internet and Homelife Security). I had a technician come to my house and install the camera, a second technician was scheduled to come and install the second camera on Saturday January, 12th between 12-3 pm. No one showed up to my house, no one emailed, no one called, nor text. I placed a call to Cox at 4pm, and they sent two technicians who arrived a few hours later, super rushed, and with attitudes questioning if it was me who placed a "no show call". After this technicians completed the installation, they left, stating he was done, and had to go. My cameras were not working after he left, they were not picking up any motion, nor recording.

      I placed several calls to Homelife support, rebooted the system many times, as advised over the phone. I had to schedule a third technician come in and fix the issue, he removed everything, and re-installed them. He stated they were now working again, and we wouldn't have any more issues. Literally after he left, the system stopped working once again, I placed multiple calls, re-booted the system, and nothing. They wanted for me to wait another three days to have a fourth visit, and get this fixed. I had already taken 12 hours off work, during these visits to my house, and my system was not working. Now I do not have any more PTO, nor the luxury of time to waste.

      I was forced to cancel my system, no one was able to figure out what was wrong with it, why it was not working, nor what was going on. The system was active for 11 days, and only worked for 4 days. I explained to them, that I will have to cancel due to system nonworking properly, not only have I used up my PTO and taken time off from work, but I would have to pay for a system that isn't working, and no one has been able to resolve. They cancelled my system as of Friday January, 11th 2019. And now I have a $748.00 early termination fee, even though, I am in the "30 day money back guarantee" since I had a nonworking system for 11 days. I placed multiple calls, spend hours on the phone, was transferred from department to department, without any success.

      I was advised on Monday January 14th, that a form would be submitted, and have the termination fee waived, since I cancelled due to system not working, and none of the technicians were able to resolve the issue. I was given the runaround, advising me to call back another day, or to wait for a supervisor's call. I called again on Monday January 21st, 2019, I was advised, they had to resubmit another form requesting the early termination fee to be waived, and to wait for a supervisor to call me. I called again on the 23rd of January, and was advised to wait and call back another day, since there was no activity in my account regarding the fee being waived, nor a supervisor contacting me.

      As of today, I do not know what is going on with my account, I am being charged for an early termination fee, for a system that worked for 4 days out of the 11 days it was active. NO one was able to fix/resolve the issue with my cameras/Homelife System. NO one has given me a call as I was advised. NO one has been able to assist me in fixing this issue, I do not feel like I have to pay an early termination fee of almost $800.00 for a system that did not work, and they did not fix. I cancelled because the system did not work, I have no more time off work to accommodate another 4 hour technician visit to the house, and I am within the "30 day money back guarantee" that they advertise.

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      Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 18, 2019

      I reported a sudden issue connecting to my in house security camera with my Galaxy S8. I was directed to advanced tech support. They were very nice and told me they were working on a software patch. That was 2 months ago... No fix yet. I have called two more times and have continued to be told fix is in the works. I have given up. Too bad, when it worked it was great but now nothing.

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      Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
      Verified Reviewer
      Resolution response: Jan. 14, 2019

      They called me and resolved it right away.

      Original review: Jan. 14, 2019

      I've been renting a room in a house, which is the only reason I chose the Homelife service that came with a bundle. Renting a room is the only way I've been able to afford the Homelife, cable and internet. I've told COX that I am going to be homeless after the 30th of this month and will no longer be able to use the service and won't be paying for service I won't be able to use and they are still adamant on sticking me with an early termination fee of $400. I have been a loyal customer ever since I've had my service and always paid my bill on time. It appears that COX has no sympathy for anyone who's unfortunate to no longer have a place of residence and is only concerned about receiving as much money as they can, no matter what. After this behavior from COX, they can definitely forget about me ever being a customer with them again. They are very unfair and they don't deserve to have loyal customers who may need their understanding in a time like this.

      8 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 8, 2018

      I had a salesman with Cox tell me about the Cox Homelife security system when he came to fix my cable wires. I had ADT system which I never had a issue with, but he told me they had night vision cameras, fire, security, recording features, etc. plus a phone app. Well needless to say nothing that the salesman told me was what was offered. The cameras or the cheapest ever offered. They go off and on and not night vision. Can't set the alarm system for away if you have pets but was not told until I started complaining of the system. The phone app doesn't work when you leave home or most of the time at home it just stays stuck on downloading. That was the beginning of a nightmare.

      This addition to Cox the Cox Homelife has no one you can talk to at all. When you call they only want to set up maintenance service. They will not discuss anything else. They have a clause that you have 72 hours to cancel if you don't like it. Plus they send you the contract to sign by computer. The reason why is so when you don't sign it, they will say you did to rope you into a two year contract. Then when you complain that is the only thing they say is you signed the contract. They don't care that you were lied to about the services and the equipment. In my opinion it's a big scam. Nothing they said, to get you to get the system or about how it works is what you get. Beware. Just because it has the Cox's name on it doesnt mean it is as the other Cox services.

      I had them come out because of the cameras going off and on and was told by the serviceman just crawl up a ladder and unplug it. Then was told even by the service ppl how bad and cheap the security system was, but because I didnt record the salesperson or the service ppl I was stuck in a two year contract (Really) if a company has to tell you that, they know it is not what they advertise from the beginning.

      I tried to call the Cox Homelife main business office. Guess what. There isn't no one there in charge. Just phone operators. If you call the Cox phone number you just hear you signed a contract or do you need service on it. So where is the protect for consumers when what you are told you get is not what you get? Where is the protect against companies who just want to scam you when you don't even sign anything? I have tried to find anyone to help with this matter but all you get is, "Did you record anything" or they say you signed a contract on the computer even when you didn't. I should have researched more I know, but you really don't think this can be legal to hold you to having to pay for something you were lied to about, misled about, and told you signed something you didn't. Cox Homelife is a nightmare.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 24, 2018

      We have been with Cox for years for phone and internet, so decided to get Home Life when we moved into our new home. Originally, we were told that it would be 250.00 to get 3 cameras installed, along with 15 sensors. When the tech arrived to install it, he said we needed 10 more sensors for the upstairs bedrooms and that it would cost us an additional 50.00. Then the bill comes... 1200.00 for all the equipment! To add insult to injury, NONE of the cameras work. I've had to have techs out to the house 5 times to try and fix it. The whole thing is a disaster. I've spent hours on the phone and hours trying waiting for various techs to come out and try to fix the connectivity issue. Would definitely NOT recommend Cox Home Life to anyone thinking about it for home security.

      31 people found this review helpful
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